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tv   ABC 7 Morning News at 430AM  ABC  May 24, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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watching have a great tuesday, everybody, see you right back here again, tomorrow. news this tuesday morning, a baby snatched from her east bay home is back safe in her mother's arms. the infant's grandmother is accused of kidnapping her and claiming the baby as her own. >> bart says it's considering spending more than $100,000 to buy a lot more tasers to ensure every one of the officers has one. >> a live look downtown san francisco. still looking at the embarcadero. the winds are kind of breezy once again. sunny today, but they change this time tomorrow. it should be rainy for the next few. i have details. >> this is the second day of no service for the alameda harbor bay ferry. will there be a day three? we'll let you know. it could mean more traffic on the bay bridge. right now, a good ride across the span. >> the search continues for
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the survivors of a tornado that devastated joplin, missouri. the white house says this morning that president obama will travel to the storm-ravaged area this weekend. >> 4:31 on tuesday morning. thank you so much for joining us. i'm eric thomas. >> i'm kristen sze. topping the news, this morning a 4-month-old baby girl is back home with her parents in east contra costa county. after the baby's grandmother is now accused and facing kidnapping charges. little ramy gallego vanished on sunday morning. when her parents woke up and found her bassinet empty. that prompted an all-out search of the neighborhood. but sheriffs investigators got a tip it was the paternal grandmother ericka gallego who kidnapped ramy. the baby's mom is glad to have her back safe and sound. >> undescribable. just the happiest moment of my life. yesterday was the worst moment of my life and today is the best moment of my life. >> she made entry into the house. apparently she had familiarity with the home
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and it was not a difficult task for her. and took the baby. while the parents were sleeping. >> according to acquaintances, the grandmother ericka gallego told people she was pregnant and even threw herself a baby shower. she told friends ramy was her baby when she brought the girl the her home. bart is thinking about buying 130 new tasers. one for each officer. the bart board hopes the purchase and training will make sure there is no more incidents like the fatal shoot of oscar grant by an officer at the fruitvale station. fruitvale is where abc7's terry mcsweeney is with the latest information. terry? >> reporter: i'm at the lake merritt station. the bart owns 60 tasers not enough for every officer on the force. they're going to consider buying 130 more. look at the incident that prompted this january 1, 2009 shooting at the fruitvale station by bart cop johannes mehserle who
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thought he said, who thought he was using his taser. a bart consultant recommended giving each officer a taser to increase the familiarity with the non-lethal device. consultant said not buying the tasers would leave bart police with fewer non-lethal options dealing with the violent suspects. mehserle was convicted of involuntary manslaughter. all tasers were pulled last year from the bart police department after an officer used one to shoot at a 13-year-old who was fleeing police on his bicycle. that's against the police department policy. the boy was not hit. now retrained, all officers may be rearmed with tasers. come thursday, the bart board is going to consider spending about $141,000 so that every officer can have one. live in oakland, terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. >> thank you. bart plans to ask voters in contra costa, alameda and san francisco counties to approve a parcel tax to raise up to $1 billion to
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replace the aging train cars. the bart board says the tax measure could be on the ballot as early as november as next year. the media partner, the "contra costa times" report that bart estimates it would cost $3 billion to purchase up to 1,000 new train cars. officials say some of the 659 cars now in operation are up to 40 years old. without replacements they will be more difficult to maintain. 7:30 this morning. parents in redwood city will join other parents around the state in an effort to keep political pressure on state lawmakers to fund education. wake up california school rallies will be held in 20 cities. school districts are being told they may get the same level of funding next year they got this year and that is a big relief from what they were told in january when cuts appeared to be worse. but organizers of the rallies today say they will keep pressuring sacramento until a budget is signed. >> thousands of marin county water users may have to pay a whopping rate increase starting next week.
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north marrin water district officials will meet today and consider a 33% rate increase over three years. 11% each year. that means residential users would see the bill rise $5 a month starting june. then again next year and then again next year. rates already went up the last two years. water officials say they have to make up for the revenues they lost since the customers have been using less water to save money and the environment. the mother of the man arrested in the beating of giants' fan bryan stow say police have the wrong man. police arrested giovanni ramirez at his hollywood apartment sunday morning. police say he resembles a sketch of one of two men who attacked stow in the dodger stadium parking lot march 31. ramirez's mother says her son is on probation and he doesn't leave home very often. >> i'm sorry for the family but it's not the person you are looking for. >> police are searching for
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a second attacker and the woman who drove them from the stadium. stow remains in critical condition at san francisco general hospital. 4:36. forecasters say another tornado outbreak is possible in the plain states today. president obama will tour tornado devastation in missouri on sunday. and meet with people affected by the tornadoes. in joplin, missouri, more than 100 people were killed. and rescuers are racing to find survivors. abc's john hendrin reports. >> reporter: now comes the long search for survivors. >> horrible. i'm 34 years old. i've been this guy's friend since i was 15. >> it's the same all over joplin, missouri, which wreaked a twister that ravaged most of the town. >> that is the first time i've been in a tornado. look at the roof blow off and the walls blow off, it was enough for me. >> for some, it was
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miraculous. this man sent a text message to a friend that saved his life. >> my friend. my best friend. >> maxine harris was rescued from the hospital after the tornado ripped off the roof like a soup can. >> took me in a wheelchair and just took me down seven flights. >> the funnel wrapped in rain that ravaged most of joplin was just one of 70 weekend twisters. >> this year has been the perfect year for tornadoes. >> anything they need we'll be there. >> at the home depot, rescue workers found eight people, seven of them alive. gary england believes his brother is still inside. his truck is in the parking lot. >> we haven't found him yet. we'll keep looking or be out here until we find him. >> then there are the lost. swept up in winds over 190 miles per hour. well over 100 in joplin alone and counting. john hendren, abc news. well, 4:37 now.
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>> that was just bothering me. i had to get rid of that bad boy. check in with mike for a look at the forecast now. hey, mike. what is going on? >> not much here, but as mention mentioned there is a severe weather threat again and a high risk just to the west of joplin. that is the most serious threat of severe weather when you get risk. slight, moderate and high. the folks in joplin not getting a break today. back here at home, it will be breezy again. they did subside overnight as we talk about. they will pick up a little bit this afternoon. you can see the clouds along the coast. some could spill over to the bay. mainly high clouds for the afternoon hours. winds down to 15 miles per hour in s.f.o. 12 in oakland and half moon bay. six in livermore. not too bad. we talk about the lack of clouds to allow the temperatures to be cooler. anywhere from one to five degrees cooler. exception is fremont and antioch. you're exactly the same as
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yesterday. the temperatures are 50 and 53. the rest of us in the upper 40s to near 50 degrees. slightly cooler in napa and santa rosa. mid-40s for you along with los gatos. this afternoon, it will be breezy. upper 50s along the coast. low 60s in downtown san francisco. from san rafael all the way to fremont, palo alto. mid-to-upper 60s. we have low 70s inland with high clouds and sunshine. around the monterey bay, breezy and 61 in monterey. then we hit the mid-60s in salinas. 70 at santa cruz. heading farther inland, low to mid-70s for hollister, morgan hill. accuweather seven-day forecast -- this time tomorrow we'll be watching rain on the live doppler 7 h.d. moving in the north bay. most of lus get light rain in the morning and afternoon hours. once that passes, it's dry. cooler than average all the way through the end of the holiday weekend. good morning, frances. >> all right. we'll expect a wet ride tomorrow possibly. and also, you will need to find alternative means if you normally take the alameda harbor bay ferry.
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this is the second day that service has been canceled due to damage to the barge or the dock. they hope to have it fixed by tomorrow. but in the meantime, you need to consider the alameda-oakland ferry as possible alternate or bart. so far, bart and other mass transit systems report nothing delays. we still have major roadwork going on once again eastbound 4 closed loveridge to summersville. until 5:30 with a detour in place. westbound traffic is still looking good. no major accidents right now. eric, kristen? >> frances, thank you very much. 4:40. >> still ahead -- social networking for your car? it's a new way to meet the driver next to you. "7 on your side's" michael finney shows us how it works in action. >> also, the controversial asian delicacy that is now a step closer to being illegal in california.
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good tuesday morning. take a live look outside. 4:42. san francisco and the bay
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and beyond. what do you know? [ inaudible ] >> it is not. it's calmer for us. is it warmer, cooler? >> hey, wait minute. nobody said there would be a quiz. i didn't even study. >> that's why it's called a pop quiz. >> oh, man. >> check in with frances, too, and talk about the traffic. >> there is a bill to ban the sale, trade and possession of shark fins. supporters say the sharks are mutilated by the fishermen who amputate their fin and toss live sharks back in the ocean. the coauthor says the shark population is on the decline for two decades. opponents of the measure says it singles out a chinese cultural tradition. they also say it goes too far in dictating what californians can eat. >> social networking moves to the fast lane with a new smart phone app. "7 on your side's" michael finney shows us to service
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that lets you send a message to any car. yeah. any car in america. >> i'm using are you? >> she bopped that pick-up truck. sent the truck a voice-activated e-mail message. danielle is using a social network to connect drivers to each other through the license plate. is set up e-mail and voice mailboxes for every license plate in america. yours, too! but to see your messages you have to claim your plate. that is register with bump. >> we have connected 250 million registered vehicles with a voice mail inbox. and an e-mail inbox. you can now send a message to any car in the country. >> mitch thrower, founder of hopes to break the barrier between you and the world outside your car and create the next big thing in social media. >> it's the time frontier of
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connectivity. >> he says it's a way for her chants to send coupons and discounts to drivers spotted nearby. bump has high-speed cameras that can capture license plate data for marketing. daniel 2006 toyota now has an online persona. facebook style profile complete with photo and yes, she says, bump may be a new way to meet the guy in the next car. >> i'm waiting for that person, someone to bump me back. i think it would be very exciting. >> you might be able to tie that back to where the person lives. and stalk them. >> debra pierce, privacy activism, however, sees bump as the newest way for stranger to reach in to someone's life. >> how do we prevent people from claiming your license plate and pretending to be you? >> so what is your car's e-mail address? it's your state.plate you may want to reed their privacy policies and terms before you decide to get
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your car involved in social media. now posted the link to the bump site. go to i'm michael finney. "7 on your side." >> gives new meaning to "bumper cars." >> yes, it does. it's not that sort of meaning you want. you just want the virtual bump, not the literal bump. 4:46. coming up, the legal advice the woman at the center of the arnold schwarzenegger love child scandal is now seeking. >> also, how a bay area radio preacher's failed doomsday prediction led to another. >> plus, the new target that the makers of a popular weight loss device are now aiming for. >> nato airstrikes light up the night sky in libya. next, the target allied warplanes have in their sight.
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welcome back. 4:48. travel forecast for the lower 48. check out the temperatures, warm and humid from 93 in dallas, 93 in atlanta and 83
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in st. louis. 89 in phoenix. mid-to-upper 60s around seattle and portland. yesterday, we had 11 tornados in the area shaded in yellow. today, i expect a lot more. especially in oklahoma, kansas and near joplin, moss. it will be a bumpy ride through there. the only delays right now are in new york. check out the flight tracker for specific flights. kristen? >> thanks. 4:49. 13 people are recovering from injuries they suffered in tour bus crash in fairfield. the bus exited interstate 80 at lion road when it veered off frontage road. the police on the scene said injuries are minor and they are trying to determine how the accident happened. they say there were no other vehicles involved. the world did not end on saturday, as predicted by an oakland religious leader. now harold camping calls at it miscalculation and he took no responsibility for people who gave away everything in anticipation
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of the rapture. camping answered reporters questions on the gospel radio show yesterday and he says he wasn't entirely wrong because may 21 was actually a spiritual reckoning and now we are under five month judgment phase until october which is now the official end of days. >> the whole world is under judgment day. this will continue right up until october 21, 2011. at that time, the whole world will be destroyed. >> yeah. that's the new calculation. camping says he will not give back the money used to promote the expensive campaign because it still had a purpose in spreading the gospel. but he says he will not promote the october 21 date over the next five months and will not be giving any more interviews with the media. >> the crew aboard the international space station installing a new filter inside an oxygen generation
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system today. tuesday, astronauts from space shuttle "endeavor" will review procedures for tomorrow's second spacewalk of the mission. endeavor docked with space station high above earth. abc7's dan ashley spoke by satellite with two of the crew members. >> are you planning anything special because this is the final mission for "endeavor"? >> right now, we are enjoying and embracing the adventure of the time flight of "endeavor." we still have things to do on the timeline. and when we get back home, we will probably have celebration. >> that is chad on the left there from bay area. nice to see his smiling face up there. the crew delivered a telescope to space station. the astronauts are performing experiments involving recycling that will help researchers back on earth. >> 4:51 now. take a look at the local forecast. here is mike. >> it's dry this morning.
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>> not tomorrow. >> right. >> you got your cold cheerleader on this morning. >> i guess so. you need it on tuesday morning. most people hate monday. we hate tuesdays. we can get through mondays. 4:52. looking down on the embarcadero. you can see the breezes blowing there. not nearly as aggressive as they were yesterday. take a look at the temperatures outside. and we're running in the mid40s around santa rosa and napa, los gatos, upper 40s to low 50s the rest of us. antioch around 53 degrees. as far as the monterey bay goes. monterey and salinas, low 50s for you. mid-to-low 40s to santa cruz, watsonville and gilroy. the highlights dry. cool. and breezy this afternoon. rain tomorrow. heaviest in the north bay. cool and breezy all the way through the holiday weekend. right now we are keeping it dry. low to mid-70s. east bay valley. warmest weather in your neighborhood. mid-to-upper 60s in the east
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bay shore. oakland, union city, hercules, 67. 69 in milpitas. everybody else in the low 70s in the south bay. we have mid-to-upper 60s throughout the peninsula. 70 as you head to south bay around at los altos. coast, 50s for you. low 60s around south san francisco and downtown san francisco. mid-to-upper 60s, saucelito, san francisco, vallejo. low to mid-70s in north bay valley. in your beaches, mid-to-upper 50s. around the monterey bay, plenty of sunshine. near 60 for monterey and carmel. near 70 for santa cruz. low to mid-70s inland. for tonight, you can see the rain starting to fall up in the north bay. temperatures will be warmer this morning because of the cloud cover and increase in the moisture will be mainly in the upper 40 to low 50s. we will have 53 at oakland. it could be as cool as 46 in cloverdale. take a look and see what is going on. why the unusual wet chance of weather again in may.
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it's a very vigorous looking system moving through the gulf of alaska. right now, high pressure is holding on. mainly sunny today. then rain likely tomorrow. so let's jump ahead to 5:00 tomorrow morning. just about 24 hours from now. let me get out of the way to see the full picture there. the light rain starting to move in the north bay. then by 7:00, the north bay should be dealing with light rain, some light rain starting to move along the peninsula coast. by the end of the morning commute, in to noon. everybody is dealing with a little light rain. notice how it loses intensity rather quickly as we head to the noon hours. meaning, the least amount of rain will fall in south bay, as usual. by the afternoon hours, we clear out and a few scattered showers are possible in the early evening hours before the sun sets. still looking at few hundredths of an inch in south bay to a quarter of an inch in north bay. tomorrow will be the coldest day in the forecast. everybody in the 50s and 60s. then we will see the 70s return inland on thursday. we may even see a few 70s
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around the bay friday and sunday. have a great day. here is frances with an update. >> all right, mike. go back to the earlier pictures that sky7-hd took of the alameda ferry loading barge. notice the post to anchor the barge. those were damaged. that is why there is no service again today. this is the second day. authorities say they hope to have it fixed by tomorrow. so again, we will keep you posted on this. in the meantime, if you normally take that ferry, you are going to need to consider another way to get to the city. like the alameda-oakland ferry or bart. a live shot at golden gate bridge. we are hearing that the c.h.p. is intermittently blocking lanes southbound approaching the span. we are trying to find out why. but they want the drivers to reduce their speed. as soon as we know more. we will let you know more. we post it on the website you will find it under the bay area traffic link.
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>> thanks. 4:55. in libya, nato forces conducted the heaviest airstrike yet on capital of tripoli since the start of the 2-month-old bombing campaign. 15 targets were hit this morning with thunderous explosions that lit up the night sky. nato warplanes focussed on the area around libyan leader muammar gaddafi's commander compound. government officials say three people were killed and dozens wounded in the airstrike. nato says the strike hit vehicle force strike. the operator of japan crippled nuclear power plant say it's likely that all three reactors experienced a meltdown in the day after the march 11 earthquake and tsunami. now that the tokyo electric power company has seen melted fuel rods in one damaged reactor, they expect to find melted fuel rods in the other damaged reactors as well. a spokeswoman says that's unlikely to worsen the nuclear crisis because the
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fuel rods have since been covered with water to cool them down. popular weight loss device is targeting younger customers. we are talking teenagers. sales of the lap band have been declining to the maker asked the government to approve lap band surgery for those as young as 14. the silicon ring fits around the stomach and reduces food intake. the maker says it's proven safe for adults and is doing clinical trials on teens. many doctors say there is not enough data yet on the lap band safety and effectiveness pointing out many patients need additional surgeries to replace or remove the device. next on abc7 news at 5:00 a.m. -- the looming layoff have that have people in one county worried about increase in blight. why opponents say it doesn't have to be that way. >> southern california grandmother faked a pregnancy before heading to the bay area to kidnap a child. those are just some of the allegations that surfaced this morning.
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we'll have more for you up next. [ female announcer ] we all want cleaner laundry.
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