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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  May 24, 2011 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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good morning, america. this morning, direct hit. stunning stories of survival from a city, ripped in two. overnight, search crews battle powerful winds and lightning, gas leaks and downed power lines as they struggle to pull people from the rubble in joplin. new extraordinary footage of the moment the tornado struck and the aftermath. >> oh, my gosh look at that. >> diane sawyer anchors coverage on the ground with those first images up close from those inside the stricken hospital in the path of the monster tornado. and this morning, stories of hope and survival from those who had no place to hide. >> announcer: from abc news live in times square, this is a special edition of "good morning america." direct hit, an american tragedy in joplin, with robin roberts and george stephanopoulos.
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and good morning, everyone. such a critical situation on the ground in joplin, missouri. president obama said moments ago in london that the devastation there could exceed what we saw in alabama last month. "world news" anchor diane sawyer is leading our coverage. diane, you have some exclusive stories and new pictures from inside the medical center behind you. >> i do. good morning, george, good morning, robin. what a day it was yesterday. and there's a high risk of tornadoes coming in and we are going to be in the middle of them this afternoon if they do come as you're here in joplin. as you said, startling new images. this is the hospital, st. johns which was hit so hard by that tornado. a doctor inside took picture, he is going to tell us what is happening there. the sight, sounds, the race to save the patients, even those on ventilators and hooked up to iv polls. this tornado may have had inside
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it two cyclones spinning even faster than the whole mass of the tornado itself. it's called multiple vortex. i know that sam will tell us about that later. we have full team coverage this morning. the entire abc news team out in force in joplin, also sharing the stories of survival and hope as well. robin. >> that's right. diane, in a moment, we'll hear from those who survived the deadly twister, including the woman who was inside that big walmart that was right in the path of the tornado when the roof suddenly clapped right there in joplin. but, diane, what happened in the hospital right behind you. we just cannot get that out of our minds. >> it is a drama we cannot imagine, and as we said earlier, here is the hospital. you can see the wreckage, we've all seen the wreckage. we had no idea until this morning that the tale of what was happening inside st. john's regional medical center, at least six people died inside there. even as the twister was ripping through the nine-story building
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and the brave doctors were trying to stop everything, from happening and to save those lives. >> big, strong tornado. >> reporter: it was once the place people would come in search of a healing hand. >> you can see this wall of black coming toward the hospital. >> reporter: but as the tornado bore down, st. john's hospital was transformed, a frenzy of fear. sue hall was the nurse on call that evening. >> we just ducked underneath the desk in the er. the pediatric crash cart we found outside. we believe it was swept outside. the pressure in your ears was unbelievable. >> reporter: hundreds of patients were inside the nine-story hospital when gurney, wheelchairs at times flying hundreds of yards. >> we tried to hold the door closed. >> reporter: rob pace held on to a door trying desperately to keep it shut, against the tornadoes' suction.
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>> i heard people talk about a building and how it breathes when it's on fire. it felt like that building was breathing and that door would move in and out. >> reporter: did you feel the suction? did it pull on you? >> oh, yeah. >> reporter: what happened? >> we just moved in and out with the door. the door never came open. >> reporter: holding on to it? >> it's an automatic locking door. essentially i was leaning into that door, and one of the pilots was basically holding on to me. >> reporter: and when it was over, medical personnel loaded patients on the back of pickup trucks, rushing them to other hospitals or triage centers, some holding their iv poles. maxine harris had suffered a heart attack, was being treated at st. john's when the tornado struck. >> nice people, took me in the wheelchair and took me down all seven flights. >> reporter: though st. johns is in tatter, the injured still came. >> bloody folks, people carrying
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small children, small dog, were swarming in the ambulance doors. >> reporter: and even in the middle of devastation, they were still, doctors, nurses, trying to help. >> frustrating that you can't do more to prevent this from happening to folks. >> reporter: even here, even then, a healing hand. and earlier, i had a chance to speak to two of the doctors who work here at the hospital which was devastated by the tornado. dr. ronny smalling was inside the hospital when the tornado struck. and dr. jim risco is heading up the triage center, dr. smalling told me, he looked out the window and he saw that tornado coming. >> i went over to the window, the clouds were black, everything was blowing, wind was blowing and trees were blowing, then i saw things fall out of the sky, like a roof top fell out of the sky.
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i screamed at the staff to get out of the windows and into the interior. and they got back into the interior until the windows began to pop and sound explode and lights begin to go off. it began to sound like a freight train and just a sucking sound. >> could you experience it in your lungs in breathing? >> it is almost like a drop in barometric pressure, if you dive 30 feet in water your ears are hurting. it was just one of those things that i really thought that i may die. this may be my time. and we just prayed. and we -- after it lasted probably 90 seconds, that we heard the hail. >> i'm trying to imagine. you're looking around and you've got patients in critical condition, patients on iv poles, patient on respirators? >> right. >> what can you do? >> it's like you go into a mode that probably, you just go into. and, when we came out of the
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interior, i got out my flashlight that i carry with me, and all of the lights were out, i said let's get to all of the patients, the ventilators, let's find out who -- because we had no power, we had to start ventilating those patients by hand. >> doctor, nurses came in injured, doctors came in injured. pregnant nurses came in. >> yes, anybody that was on duty got to the memorial hall any way they could. within a matter of hour we got most of the patients from the hospital that needed to be stabilized. >> when you looked at the hospital, and looked around you, we've seen the photos that you took. when you looked around you what did you think? >> it looked like an atomic bomb had gone off. >> nagasaki? >> yeah, before there were
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these beautiful 100-year-old oak frees in an established neighborhood. as far as i could see to the west and as far as i could see to the east, at least a mile wide, there was nothing but dirt, mangled trees and cars and the fire trucks begin to roll in. and it just looked like an area where an atomic bomb had been dropped. >> final word from you. how much it hurt your heart to see what's happened to your hospital. >> well, it's aching, because every single floor was completely destroyed, and all of the windows were blown out, and the hospital, which has been so wonderful to serve this community, has been for 100 years, has been here. we have no hospital right now. and our patients, we just can't even imagine the ones that have suffered, and the surrounding neighborhoods have died and perished and lost everything. >> are you ever going to get the sound out of your head of the people screaming, of the race to
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the hall? >> no, you don't ever forget anything like that that's so graphic, vivid and buried in your head. the howling, the freight train, the popping, the screaming. and then afterward, the beeping and water running and everything turned over. it was just -- it was like a war zone inside the hospital as well as outside the hospital. >> so many brave doctors and nurses trying to save lives. so many rescue crews working all night to dig through what's left of homes. at least 17 people we know about rescued as well. josh elliott is live in joplin, and we know you were with the rescue team. what can you tell us this morning? >> yes, in fact, we were with them yesterday beyond that ridge line where some of the commercial buildings were. they were also making their way through neighborhoods like this, neighborhoods that cease to exist.
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i want you to listen, a single smoke alarm going off here in the distance. as we were investigating that, we saw this, a child's stuffed toy. it's not all we found. i want to show you this, a suitcase that is not packed with clothes but rather, mementos, including what is an inscription of the lord's prayer, we can't tell you what happened to the owner. that's what happens with these rescue teams as they make their way now house by battered house. among the survivors, this man, saved by of all things a cell phone text message. >> yeah, he's my friend, my best friend. yeah, i just -- i got a message from him, he said i'm stuck. >> reporter: overnight rescue workers continue scouring for any signs of life. >> i've seen bombed out cities. it's no comparison to this. >> reporter: it's become a battle against time and the elements, heavy rain, wind and cold.
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>> we want to support the men and women that are on the ground out there literally going foot by foot searching for folks. >> it's mother nature, we don't control it. we just react to it. and do the best we can. >> reporter: this man's team worked through the night searching through buildings like this destroyed walmart and its parking lot. . >> workers have to move car to car. when they search the car and decide it is in fact empty they mark it with an x. >> reporter: john and sharon hoke went back to the car her daughter was driving, keys still in it. she and a friend survived. >> i didn't think she would make it. because i know how light it is. >> reporter: there are cars lining every street in the flattened neighborhood. many have been searched. but there is still so much more left to uncover. this man is searching for his best friend. >> it's horrible. i'm 34 year old. i've been this guy's friend since i was 15.
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i just hope they got out before, you know -- i just hope they got out. >> reporter: now, the storm made it tough yesterday for rescue workers, in fact, we can tell you two rescue workers were struck by lightning overnight. one had to be hospitalized. as sam will tell you in just a moment. there's more severe weather in the forecast for today, diane. >> right, josh. thank you. i want to put up if we can the image that we saw after the tornado and the storm watch yesterday as well. there was a double rainbow, and every one of those rescuers is holding that hope in their heart. david muir is with me now. you are out all day yesterday. most potent image? >> well, as you know, so many people went to the internal room. bathroom of their home to survive. one woman said she huddled to the house praying, and she knocked on the wall. there was another woman in the adjacent townhouse. that was there signal. >> keep praying. >> and tonight on "world news,"
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you'll tell us about the amazing places people hit. >> in addition to the bathrooms and businesses, they would go into these walk-in freezers, they had walls 7 inches to 10 inches thick. that's why we hear the harrowing screams, they survived. we found them in the room that's in the center of that business and they rode out the twister. >> so many amazing things. of course tonight we will have the storm watchers because tornadoes expected in this region again. george and robin will be back tonight. it will be another tough day in joplin. thanks very much. now president obama, before his meeting with queen elizabeth in london. he said he's heart broken by the devastation in joplin and that he would visit on sunday. >> i know a lot of people are wondering how they will get through the coming days, or months, or even years. i want everybody in joplin, everybody in missouri, everybody in minnesota, everybody across the midwest to know that we are
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here for you, the american people are by your side. we are going to stay there until every home is repaired, until every neighborhood is rebuilt, until every business is back on its feet. and we are learning more this morning about the sheer strength of this tornado. sham has more on that. sam. >> hey, george, good morning. we've heard the story about that three quarter mile wide massive cloud coming up over the hill. powerful enough to take two by fours to snap them. there that was a gas station. there's nothing there to let you know it was a gas station. but look at this. what kind of massive storm does this kind of destruction. take this, hundreds of these wrapped in a steel cord. bring in a telephone pole, a tree and everything else all wrapped together in a ball? what kind of storm does that? to get a real sense this destruction, all you have to do is look at it from above. this massive twister showed no mercy, streets once lined with
7:15 am
homes are now just slabs and foundations, that used to be a walmart just now a pile of debris. here's a view of the high school before the storm hit. now, take a look. that was the roof. now it's gone. on the ground, we retrace the twister's deadly round step by step with the city's mayor. >> the high school sustained extensive damage. the gym is over there. that's the only structure still standing, everything else, classrooms and they are demolished. >> monday the officials named it an ef-4 with 190-mile-an-hour winds. only 1% of tornadoes in history ever gotten to that level. the tornado tore a six-mile path from one end of the city to the other, completely destroying the south side of joplin. >> now you can look from one end of the town to the other. that's how complete destruction it is. >> you can just see shattered trees, and sky? >> shattered trees, sky. rubble, everything. >> reporter: and this real
7:16 am
estate agency once a thriving business, now a shambled doll house. this was a day care center and across the street a large apartment complex. the damage in this part of town, complete. notice this, there are no basements here, there is no place to hide from an ef-4 tornado. destruction like this is the reason texas tech university is developing new technology that could prevent tornado damage in the future. this device simulates a 100-mile-an-hour tornadic wind, sending a wood blank straight through brick. >> the test proves that even wood can shear brick at extreme speeds. and it's this mixed mess, robin that really freaks us out every time we see these storms. a tree limb wedged up into a wheel of a car, completely broken, tree, metal. car, wheel all together. every time you see it, it's an unusual thing. we'll be back to talk about this line of storms that develop today that could be pretty intense. robin. >> so odd.
7:17 am
back to you in a hot second. many remarkable stories of survival in the middle of that destruction that sam was showing us. one of those survivors was about to join us. natalie gonzalez sheltered her 9-year-old son, augie while lying in a bathtub. i know that you suffered injuries yourself. how is everything going for you this morning? >> i'm good. i'm a little sore. it gets better every day. my boyfriend is still in the hospital, getting surgery, because he actually shielded us, and flew off of us. but i'm getting better. >> tell us about what happened? how did you know to go in the bathtub like that? >> you always hear to jump in the bathtub or go in the center of the house. we saw the tornado warning, we could the hear the sirens, i looked outside and saw the dark cloud. we made a split second decision
7:18 am
to take a blanket. pillow and our puppy. and i threw these things over my son. i told him to put the bicycle helmet on at the last minute. if you're worried about falling debris, put a bicycle helmet on. at one point the toilet came up out of the ground and hit my son in the head and hit me in the back. and the bicycle helmet saved his life. >> quick thinking like that. i'm glad you heard to do something like that and had it handy. how did you know it was safe to get from where you were? >> what happened was i had no walls, and when the eye of it hit, it got a little calm, and there was nothing but sky. and the bathtub, and i looked down to see my boyfriend wedged up against the side of the bathtub, and i looked up and saw it, if it keeps hitting, we can't survive. so we jumped out of the house and ran into the ditch. >> but you did survive, you, your boyfriend, your son augie. >> we did. >> please, i hope you know the
7:19 am
nation is sending such good energy and prayers your way and to everyone there in joplin, please take care, natalie, and thanks for being with us this morning. >> thanks. >> let's go back to sam who has the weather right now there in joplin. sam. >> robin, we'll have plenty of time for the national weather this morning. there's one thing i want to show you that's critical. let's get to the maps. this is where the thunderstorms will roll today. there's one zone, hot red zone is where it's flashing, it's likely to see strong track long tornadoes today. that's the weather this morning. first the tuesday trivia.
7:20 am
>> and we are live in joplin, missouri, all morning long. robin, george. >> all right, sam. thank you, we are going to have more terrifying moments inside the tornado shoppers trapped together. buildings turning around around them. and now we'll turn to the latest on casey anthony. the trial set to begin this
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reported in the south bay, approaching highway 17 and approaching 380 because of an earlier accident, traffic should be recovering and alameda ferry due to a damaged barge. >> thanks very much. >> >> oprah's surprise farewell spectacular, part two. >> ladies and gentlemen, jerry seinfeld! oprah: mj's in the house! >> be there for the second-to-last oprah winfrey show ever!
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here is a look at a few of clouds. it will dominate our forecast. it will be breezy, most of us in the mid to upper 40s. half moon bay around 50. upper 50s to low 60s and low to mid-70s inland with high cloud and sunshine. this time tomorrow it will be rainy. >> the
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7:30 am
incredible stories we're hearing out of the disaster zone. shoppers caught right in the middle of the tornado, trapped inside those huge stores as chaos hit. buildings that seemed so safe, just don't match with a twister. >> that's right. one person said the ceiling tiles flew away like a flock of birds. we'll have a lot more from joplin. also ahead the death trial for casey anthony begins. they'll decide the fate whether she's accused of murdering her 2-year-old daughter caylee. >> and so many stars have turned out for oprah's final show. her plans for tomorrow's very last show have been kept highly under wraps. we'll look at the clues to oprah's big good-bye. >> we cannot wait for that. that's coming up tomorrow.
7:31 am
but let's get right to the latest in joplin, missouri, where they are trying to pick up the pieces. and erin hayes. in one of the biggest stores in town. >> reporter: good morning, the extraordinary power and size of this, there's no match for it. and where this tornado hit, it created chaos inside those buildings. this was a home depot store. it was filled with customers when the tornado shattered the building. gary england believes his brother was inside here. the family found his pickup truck parked outside. >> we haven't found him yet. we'll keep looking or be out here until we find him. >> reporter: search crews told us we expect to find more bodies inside here. how many more?
7:32 am
they aren't sure. only certain there's more mangled places left to search. >> all of this stuff is piled in on top. people felt they had a sense of security in a store that was massive and big and strong, and yet those walls kept crashing down. >> reporter: it has been dangerous, because the building imploded in the storm, it's unstable. the search had to be called off time and again the past two days because of danger to search and rescue teams from gas leaks, lightning storms. it is a similar story across this city. >> seen total devastation. >> reporter: painstakingly searching what is left of homes, of businesses where people may have been trapped. at the walmart store just across the street from home depot, damage was less severe and most in that store got out safely. rescuers are still holding on to a slim hope that they may yet find people alive in this rubble. they say they will continue searching until they found everyone who was trapped by this storm. george. >> erin, thanks. joining us live is bailey
7:33 am
knight, she was working inside that walmart. she's back live on scene. thank you for joining us this morning. bailey. >> thank you for having me. >> take us back to the terrible moment. you knew the severe weather was coming. everyone crowded towards the middle of the story. what happened next? >> everyone crowded inside the store. they called it code black. which means that we need to go to the inside of the store. and they essentially got in all of the customers, got in all of the associates and they told us, this is severe weather, we need to take shelter. we were trying to keep everybody calm, trying to say, it will be fine. everything will be okay. and then not even a few minutes later, everybody started crowding in and it got confined in this small area. and they told everybody to get down and we have to get down. and you want to tuck your head in school, and we try to get down and everybody held it together, and there's this glass wall behind me that fell on top of us, and trapped us behind
7:34 am
this counter, and we just tried to stay down and they didn't want us to keep moving, so we could be still so we could make it through this storm. you can just hear the thunder, you can hear the walls coming in. i could hear the rain. you could feel the rain at this point. it was complete scariness. everybody was praying, everybody was screaming, everybody was crying, and we're going to say, we will make it through this. we will get through this. everybody needs to stay calm, and it will be okay. >> i can only imagine how terrifying that must have been. and you actually had -- you described yourself being pinned down by that glass wall. one of you co-workers tried to pull it off you all? >> yes, there were several co-workers that were holding the glass piece, myself, cheryl, david and chris, we were all trying to hold the glass wall from initially crushing us, we didn't want it to fall.
7:35 am
because it was pinned on the counter and pinned on top of us. we didn't want it to fall completely off the counter on to us. we had to stay in the same position. there was women around me. there was a schoolteacher that used to work at the high school. i believe that her ankle was broken. there was a woman behind me, i believe that her ankle was broken. there were so many people around that were injured already and we weren't even over with it. it was still happening. >> and when you finally got outside and still see so much destruction there, so much was gone that it looked like a different world. >> when i -- whenever i was able to make it out, there was people helping us -- pulling us out of the rubble, out of the store, and you just walk out, and you just see nothing, no matter which direction you went, there was nothing of my town of my home. and immediately i thought about my mom, i thought about my fiance, my sister and her kids, i thought about my brother, you just want to get to your family.
7:36 am
i wanted to leave walmart parking lot and start walking to my family. >> and you lost your home, your mom's home was also destroyed -- >> my mom's home was destroyed completely. my mom is okay. she's staying with my aunt right now. my sister is there as well. and my mom lost everything, my fiance and his parents who i stay with, we lost everything. our cars are gone, my car was on the walmart parking lot and i never even saw it again. >> we are so story for your loss, we are happy you're okay right now. and we want you to know that we're praying for you. >> i thank you, we really need your prayers right now. >> okay, bailey, thanks very much. and it's time now for the weather with sam in joplin. >> hey, george, this is why there is the concern over a major tornado outbreak again today. let's get to the maps. we're going to show you the hot doan. we've got a very powerful area
7:37 am
of low pressure dropping out with cold mountain air. it's going to interact with very warm moist air from the south and it's getting fueled by the jet stream. which means we are going to get incredible lift of the storms that develop today. i tell you the hot spot. greatest list of the long runnings, very powerful tornados will be from oklahoma city to wichita. it is slightly west of the joplin, miss@b >> all that weather was brought to you by mercedes-benz. robin and george, the big concern here, if there was a tornado in this area today. there is no place, zero, no place for anyone to go. there's so much debris already. it will shred everything that's around us.
7:38 am
that's a major concern today for the zone that's already had a tornado. >> what are people going to do, sam? >> the only thing you can do, robin, is get as low as you can and try to bury yourself in the ground. we were standing here looking at a gully that was right over there. i would tell my people to run into the gully and get into the ground and hold yourself as much as you could. you can't take refuge in a building. >> please stay safe there, sam. thank you. also this morning, opening statements are under way in the murder trial of casey anthony. she is accused of killing her 2-year-old daughter. ashleigh banfield has the latest on that case. >> reporter: it is the media case in the making. the trial of casey anthony is finally set to begin. >> i have covered many, many trials in my career. and this one, there has never been a feel like this one has. it's believed that it could be the trial of the century. >> reporter: jury selection alone took twice as long as
7:39 am
expected. >> do you watch "good morning america," "larry king," nancy grace"? >> reporter: casey anthony sat stone faced just feet from jurors who didn't hold back. >> i feel like she's guilty. >> reporter: it was the latest in a string of problems that didn't sit well with the defense. >> over vigorous objection, your honor. >> are you satisfied with your input into this process? >> with our objections, yes. >> reporter: the defense has the life of casey anthony in their hands. this is the jury, they can't do anything about it. the prosecution promised a cutting-edge case. including air samples from the trunk where they say the body of caylee was decomposing. the child's grandmother called 911 when she noticed the smell. her lead attorney jose baez
7:40 am
has promised a bombshell in opening statements which are hours away. >> we're already hearing legal analysts saying, perhaps that bombshell is this is a tragic accident and perhaps casey was afraid to say so. but we will find out soon enough. >> yes, we will. finally. >> all right. ashleigh. thank you very much. coming up -- where will you be when oprah says good-bye? lara is checking out the clues to oprah's final show. lara is checking out the clues to oprah's final show. professional driver on a closed course. ♪ do not attempt at home. always wear your seat belt. ♪ and please drive responsibly. [ male announcer ] it's the most fun you can legally have. see your authorized mercedes-benz dealer for exceptional offers on the c-class.
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millions, counting down to the end of an era. oprah winfrey's final two shows airing today and tomorrow. there will be plenty of big-named stars, part one of the farewell if surprise spectacular yesterday. the big question, what is her final show. lara spencer, you know my girl's been looking into it. ♪ >> reporter: it was a show worthy of the name "oprah." a parade of celebrity friends. >> get out! >> all wishing her well. >> we love you, oprah. >> a show-stopping version of "over the rainbow" sung by josh groban and a surprise guest. >> ladies and gentlemen, miss patti labelle. >> but it was personal stories
7:45 am
from young girls that brought oprah to tears. >> i'm 13, and i lost 20 pounds. >> you helped me lift the shame of being abused. >> what on earth do we do with all of these books? >> and there were surprise charity give-aways. >> hi, oprah! >> which left even oprah speechless. >> we are going to plant 25,000 oak trees for oprah. >> the surprise farewell spectacular was taped last week at the united center in chicago. 154,000 loyal fans wrote in to get tickets but only 13,000 from randomly picked the lottery. this ontario man travelled to chicago with his wife but allegedly faked a robbery and beating to say they were not among the lucky. the last show is scheduled for witness day. bro mows are now running
7:46 am
comparing it to other famous last shows. it is expected to be one of the most daytime broadcasts in tv history. >> i just finished my last in-studio show with guests. >> reporter: and a possible clue about her last show -- >> we've been hearing things like will and jada smith, maybe she'll have the obamas back, will she have the first interview with gabrielle giffords. there's also a theory it could be oprah herself. >> reporter: on her twitter account she wrote, she had been working on the final show all day. this is a giant secret. here's what we know. made some calls and we understand that the farewell show which airs tomorrow is actually being taped today at 1:00 p.m. in chicago. and it is expected to be a record juggernaut, which is why the advertisers are willing to pay $1 million for a 30-second spot. >> you made some calls, today
7:47 am
it's taping. >> that's what we're hearing, but oprah wants it kept quiet. >> yes, she deserves that. have the dvr set. we'll be right back. [ female announcer ] nutri-grain -- one good decision... ♪ ...can lead to another. ♪ ♪ with real fruit, more of the whole grains your body needs, and a good source of fiber. nutri-grain can help you eat better all day. but when she got asthma, all i could do was worry ! specialists, lots of doctors, lots of advice... and my hands were full. i couldn't sort through it all. with unitedhealthcare, it's different. we have access to great specialists, and our pediatrician gets all the information. everyone works as a team. and i only need to talk to one person about her care. we're more than 78,000 people
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♪ >> announcer: from abc nows, live in times square, tuesday, may 24th, 2011 this is "good morning america" with robin roberts and george stephanopoulos. and last night on "dancing with the stars," hines and kim wowed the judges, so did chelsea and mark. both got 59 out of 60 last night. it's a dead heat going into the final night of "dancing with the stars". don't count out kirstie and maks either. they are the crowd favorites. big night, who is going to win the mirrorball trophy? >> the king of the freestyle. drew lachey, champion himself is going to be here for his take on who the
8:01 am
winners will be. hello, drew. looking forward to seeing you. all three couples will be here tomorrow morning. >> it is an extravaganza tomorrow morning. but today we're finally getting real with you, out in denver hitting the road with the great foot truck race. she finds out which trucker serves the best meals on wheels. >> gourmet restaurants on wheels. amazing. that's coming up. also mellody hobson sets up shop at the pump. tips to keep high gas prices from tanking your holiday memorial day road trip. >> it all helps. but right now, george, let's head back to joplin where rescue crews are working in rain and strong winds, josh elliott is joining us live again from there. good morning, josh. >> reporter: good morning to you, robin and to you, george. you mentioned that weather that was so brutal through the day and into the night last night. however, you can see a rare break in the weather.
8:02 am
oh, this is a snapshot of the utter destruction of joplin, missouri, today. you can see behind me there are some homes still in tact on the ridgeline, but for miles in any direction now, it is an absolute wasteland. this is what we can tell you, the rescue teams found 17 people in the wreckage of this town. two responders last night were struck by lightning, one had to be hospitalized. it was especially painful as many of the responders are home-state missourians, looking for their brothers and sisters. robin, it is a grisly outbreak. but a rare break in the weather. >> yes, it is. the sky isn't too promising behind you. >> we heard the incredible story of bailey. and david muir joins us with more. hey, david. >> reporter: as you know we spent the last 24 hours here
8:03 am
retracing the path. you saw behind josh in another part of town, completely destroyed here. you have got to wonder how so many of the families here actually survived this. going to the bathroom in the middle of their house, the bathtub and in that convenience store, the harrowing piece of video, they walk into that freezer and they survived. even with a 20-minute warning a twister wrapped with so much rain is impossible to see come. the wind so deafening many say they couldn't hear the alarms. those workers who hid in convenience store freezer. we retraced the twister's deadly route. >> it's eerily quiet. did you see that? 7,000 homes damaged or destroyed. and janet stevens' home was among them.
8:04 am
she showed us the bathroom where she sat in the dark huddled and praying and the woman in the townhouse next door knocked on the wall to let each other know they were alive. >> you were saying prayers? >> you bet, many prayers. >> reporter: you can see the roof completely gone from the top of the house. the missing walls and roof that ripped off revealed the devastation as far as we can see. entire neighborhoods have been wiped off the map. you can see this truck behind me flipped on to its head. look at all of these homes, completely sheared by the twister in every direction. no matter where you look. in fact, behind us here, much more of the same. on the radio, desperate relatives calling in searching for loved ones. >> don't give up. don't give up. there's a lot of case, 50 out there somewhere, you will be able to find them. hopefully good news. >> reporter: this morning, there's still hope. one thing still standing this american flag, someone tieing it
8:05 am
to the rubble, all that's left. really something when we saw that flag, driving around joplin, and, george, as we toss it back you to, you can sort of see off the distance the blazing sun sort of lighting us here this morning, but you can't be fooled by that. i was talking to sam a moment ago who said the building heat from the sun, even though it's hot during the day. ma makeing conditions ripe for another tornado. folks brace for another round of tornadoes as these folks have not gotten the break. >> no, sun and dark clouds behind you. thanks very much. let's go to bianna with the news. good morning, everyone. we've learn president obama will tour missouri this weekend. he met prince william along with his new bride. jake tapper is there. good morning, jake. >> reporter: good morning, from buckingham palace, where just a few moments ago, president obama and first lady obama were greeted by queen and prince phillip.
8:06 am
prince charles and william and kate, they watched the royal guard of honor, there were bagpipes, later today president obama will be meeting with prime minister cameron and opposition leader. tomorrow he will give a major address on the u.s./uk relationship to parliament. president obama took a moment to talk about the tornados in missouri to talk about how he will be there sunday to make sure the people understand the federal government is behind them and the government will do everything they can to help them. >> all right, jake, our thanks to you. we turn to libya where that country is pounded with the heaviest bombing since the air campaign. rebels haven't been able to break gadhafi's hold on tripoli. the prison is looking to reduce the overcrowding by
8:07 am
30,000. new figures from the fbi show that violent crime dropped more than 5% last year. that's baffling experts who predicted a rise in crime because of the tough economy. and physical evidence now linked the former head of the international monetary fund, dominique strauss-kahn to his accuser. his dna matches material found on the uniform of the hotel maid who said he sexually assaulted her. the defense argues that the encounter was consensual. and there's a change in the cooking department. changing the cooking of pork and beef to 145 degrees. thanks to new production methods. saying lit taste better. and finally, george w. bush god up close and personal with a foul ball at the rangers/white sox game. he barely flinched as it came into his box. as you see, he had a good chuckle. later the catcher said, he told president bush --
8:08 am
>> incoming -- >> the catcher told him later on, just because you're president doesn't mean i wouldn't jump on top of you, that's my job. >> mrs. bush right there next to him. >> i would have been a lot more scared by that woman in the red. >> he now has had a ball and shoe thrown at him. he's used to it. all right. bianna, thank you. let's go back to sam in joplin this morning. good morning, sam. >> hey, good morning, bianna, george, nice to hear you guys, we're going to talk about severe weather. this could be a real outbreak of tornadoes. we'll show you where. let's get to the boards. there's a long line of storms that goes from new york city to okay. in this highlighted zone, right there around oklahoma city. if you take it from oklahoma city and go up into kansas a little bit. kansas city, wichita, joplin is right on the edge of it. tulsa is in it, oklahoma city in it as well. that's where it's likely we will get the big tornadoes to develop. that will be long-running tornadoes.
8:09 am
that's why this is a high-risk zone for an outbreak today. everybody stay up with your abc stations. >> we had severe storms in joplin last night. if you were watching, if you saw a big hail storm before "world news" went on the air, we got 2 inches of rain here, but 10 inches of rain just west of here, in one day of storms, robin and george. >> thanks, let's go to lara with the "morning menu."
8:10 am
here's a look at what is coming up. robin gets a taste of the great food truck race. the reality hit giving a whole new meaning to fast food. plus, who will go home tonight with the mirrorball trophy? predictions from dancing with the star king drew lachey, and do not let gas prices tank your memorial day road trip. we have money saving tips at the pump from mellody hobson, that and so much more when we come back. tips at the pump from melody hopson, that and so much more when we come back. my whole body hurt. it was an ongoing, deep pain.
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8:15 am
and it now robin's turn on reality week. you saw me on porn stars -- >> you said porn stars. >> did i? >> and douglas on 19 and counting. i'll be very careful and say robin, take it away. >> this was a very difficult assignment. >> what do you get when you get tense come petition and get the great food truck race. >> i wasn't a contestant, boy, did they make me feel like a winner? >> i wish we had smell these. >> this is in a truck. >> it's fast food, meets gourmet kitchen and the flavors are enough to make you faint. >> i love it. >> when i got a chance to go
8:16 am
behind the scenes to the hit network reality show "the great food truck race," how could i say no? >> for almost two months, the truck raised across the country, competing for the most customers and also face aid series of cooking challenges. >> welcome to the race. >> hosted by superstar chef tyler florence, these trucks are competing to be the best in the country. >> all of our trucks are incredibly talented and in the top of the game in their particular city. >> and met up with the team where my big cameo will be filmed. first i got to meet the chef to do a little cooking. >> what are you going to make? >> you have to help us. >> i love it. >> you have to marinade the meat. >> get in there and put some love in there. >> yes. >> actually do it. >> you're going to rock out some breakfast. >> that's right, i'm going to do it. >> they're making me work, i
8:17 am
like this, i like this. >> reporter: and a lot of eating. >> this is delicious. >> with hardly any space, these guys are serving up everything from -- >> beer battered avocado talk coast. >> reporter: to -- >> you want to teach me how to make mussels? >> we have a flavorful liquid to steam them. you have beer in there. >> i like you guys. i'm going to start cry. >> got a little chilly there, wait a minute. >> fried pickles. i love my job. >> shut up. >> all right. >> shut up. >> it's like a party in my mouth right now. >> this is a tough assignment. you might think it's easy. it's not easy. my, gosh, i'm going to have to hit the gym. >> reporter: but, before i do
8:18 am
that, cameras roll and tyler and i announce the day's cooking challenge. >> tyler to the right. robin to this side. >> all right. everybody, let's go, let's lock it up. >> hey, guy, welcome to colorado! the whole food truck scene has gone to a whole new level, attracting national attention. >> yeah! >> that's where my good friend, robin roberts comes in. give a round of applause. [ applause ] >> she hosts a little show seen by 5 million people each week called "good morning america." maybe you've heard of it. >> thank you, tyler. i'm a foodie, i love a good competition, so bring it on. my friends, bring it on, looking forward to it. >> today each team creates a original dish using more el mushrooms you find yourself. >> and they were off. the team had 15 minutes to
8:19 am
forage the stills for their own mushrooms and make a dish for the judges. >> the teams have to spread out. >> beautiful porcini mushrooms, look at that. >> nice, i never saw someone so excited to find a push room. >> it has to be really, really tasty. >> now they are in their truck and they're preparing. >> reporter: i couldn't interrupt while they cooked. this was a hard core competition and everybody is counting on the food. >> my heart is pounding so fast. i don't know if it's because i'm nervous for everyone. >> reporter: roxy's was whipping up a bacon burger. and lime truck making scallops wrapped in seared beef and trustle oil. >> with the clock ticking, the guys at korilla aren't happy
8:20 am
with their pork situation. >> take the pork out. >> reporter: but cafe con leche is wild about their cuban sandwich. with 15 minutes left. korilla was struggling. >> if it tastes bad i don't want to put it on the plate. >> reporter: things get hot in the cafe truck, have they added too much spice? the show producer said it was up to me to give the ten-minute warning. >> have to rehearse. >> ten minute, no, ten minutes, be authoritative. ten minute, guy, fen minutes. >> 10, nine, 8, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one! wrap it up. guys. the mushroom competition is over. >> out here? >> let's go, bring your plates
8:21 am
out. >> which one of these mouth watering, stomach growling, culinary creations is the winner. >> it has been wonderful hanging out with you guys, you're amazing, frank is judging it and i'm not. >> good luck, man. >> you have to watch "the great food truck race" to find out. >> i needed to run off all that food. that's why i'm running off. but you have to wait until august to find out -- but, this, oh, my goodness. this is out of the vegan truck, beer battered avocado. there's a special ingredient in the sauce, i wish i could share it with you. but i can share this with you. do you know the perfect way to scoop an av dodd co? >> i tried to tell you in the break and you schooled me. >> just like that. >> get as close to the skin as you can. >> hello. >> look at that. >> beautiful. why are you showing off? >> right, and i'm flexing at the same time. >> showing the perfect avocado,
8:22 am
arm and leg. the try fek kacht. >> can i really, in all seriousness, when you have a food truck that's really becoming nationwide, because usually it's in big city, excellent todfood and a lot of times, it's a test to see if they can open up restaurants, because they're mini restaurants on wheels. tyler, -- >> it's not about the gyros. >> no, it's not. i ran right offer to the gym after that. and this is the end of the "dancing with the stars" competition. here's how they performed last night. ♪ >> there's no hesitation for music. there was no limiting movement at all. >> i felt really good. i felt so much movement. felt so much better.
8:23 am
i felt really safe in hines' arms. he wasn't going to drop me. >> i felt like i had control. ♪ >> you completely let go. >> you learn about trust. ♪ >> let's talk about the judge's reaction. do you think it was fair? >> i didn't agree, the audience didn't agree. that's why they got booed sort of loudly. i sort of liked that. >> chelsea and mark were wired, literally. >> my battery pack. >> you look like the terminator. >> what viewers never saw was a lighting choreographer, using the computer to change the colors of their gloves and shoes. >> you can do what we want, like make it -- >> that's awesome. ♪
8:24 am
>> cameron mathison brings us all of the highlights from last night. who better from bring the highlights than the king of the freestyle himself. drew lachey, winner of season two. how are you doing this morning? >> good, how are you doing? >> doing great seeing you. it was great to see you on the dance floor. that's your home h base. you feel back at home when you're out there doing the freestyle, aren't you? >> i do. cheryl and i have done that so many times, we got a great response. every time we've do it it's like coming home. >> people have voted it their favorite dance of all times with "dancing with the stars." handicap last night's freestyles, drew. >> obviously, i think hines and kym came out with the most impact. the great lifts, he was very
8:25 am
athletic and had control of the situation. i think mark and chelsea had the great job. she had to dance alongside mark and do the same steps. i think the one that came up short was kirstie and maks. she couldn't do the same lifts. if you can't really do a cartwheel, you shouldn't try on own national tv. >> it seemed she had the crowd on her side. >> yes, but gravity wasn't. if you can't do a cartwheel, you can't do a cartwheel. >> so you would have given her less than a 9? >> i probably would have gone with an 8. i think the judges knew that she really put herself out there. i commend her for that. bruno said the best. respect goes to her for putting her out there and trying things nobody expected her to do. i think the big winner last night was hines and kym. >> so they go all the way? >> if i had to put my money on somebody, as much as it pains
8:26 am
me, as a cincinnati bengals fan, i would have to say pittsburgh steeler hines ward is going to win. >> that really hurt you to say that. >> it did. i just got a chest pain from saying that. >> drew, thanks a lot. we really appreciate you weighing in. we'll find out what happens tonight. i would not count kirstie out. >> it's something she pulled off. >> the finale kicks off tonight at 8:00, 7:00 central on abc. of course, every single one of the finals, all three live right here in types square tomorrow morning. our huge dancing with the stars after party. >> you know why we're smiling also? brad paisley is here live. in our times square studio and he'll be performing live in our next half hour.
8:27 am
a kidnapped four-month-old girl is back home in a contra costa county house and grandmother is facing a kidnapping charge. they say erica gallego took the girl early sunday. she took her to los angeles county where she said the baby was her own. a tip from stubborn california helped crack the case. >> let's goat an update on the commute. >> you don't want to get stuck in the back-up. it looks like parking lot all the way to hayward because of an accident that happened an hour ago. blocking the left lane of the incline section.
8:28 am
bay bridge banged you up to west grand. frances, very much. mike nicco and the bay area
8:29 am
twizzlers. the twist you can't resist. welcome back. look at the clear sky over downtown san francisco where the temperature is 51 agrees right now. fremont, redwood city and san rafael still in the upper 40s. below average. low to mid-80s inland and upper
8:30 am
50s along the coast. by this time tomorrow, raining in the north bay and rest of us will ♪ [ cheers and applause ] he play ace mean guitar. good morning, america. tuesday morning, country superstar, brad paisley, feature all-star lineup. everyone from alabama to clint eastwood. we cannot wait to hear more from brad paisley this hour. >> country music! >> also, mellody hobson will be
8:31 am
here this half hour with great tips how to beat high gas prices. she set up advice booth. we'll get tips coming up. i don't know if you heard this. lady gaga is opening the concert series. we're excited about that and little monsters, taking central park by storm. you learn a little about the little monsters, her fans. >> also get the best videos. telephone one of the big hits, check out what these three people from pennsylvania did in an open mike night. those are not guys right there. ♪ >> so keep sending them in, you little monsters, let us see what you can do to lady gaga's video and music. >> we get some more tomorrow. now let's go to sam champion and
8:32 am
the weather down in joplin. >> hey, good morning, george and robin. i'm start on this. it's an odd shot. take a look at damage. right across the street. every time you look around another unusual picture. look at the water pouring out on top of that damage on the pipe. there's lots of places in town there's bad water pressure because of situations like that where water is sprague out everywhere. then you get the 2 inches of rain yesterday. 10 inches rain west of here, the storms that will break out today. you've got an entire mess of wet debris everywhere. by the way, they're still searching for survivor, let's get to the boards and show you where the outbreaks will happen today. a lon line of storms that go from new york to oklahoma. there's a smaller section we're concerned about. if you're in the red zone, make sure you're staying up for the local abc stations. they will get you throughtout the storm zone. if you're in the hot pink
8:33 am
it's a very unusual situation we find ourselves in today. normally when you got a tornado that moves through an area, you have dry skies behind it. it's the storm that has gone and you get a chance to clean up. now we've got storm after storm after storm and these folks haven't had a chance to really clean up yet. robin. >> they have not caught a break at all. sam. thanks so much. now to america's money. the first sign of summer, memorial day weekend is a few days away. even though gas prices have been going up and all of that. how can you save money? our financial contributor, mellody hobson taking polls from people who are feeling the pain at the pump.
8:34 am
♪ >> reporter: mellody is taking her money tips all over the country. >> hi, i'm mellody. >> reporter: so we decided to send her to tucson, arizona, and she got an earful about how people are struggling to make ends meet. >> what does it cost you to fill up your car? >> it used to cost me about $30. i'm looking at probably $53 now. >> seeing i drive almost 40 miles round trip a day, possibly looking for a part-time job. >> so you're looking for a part-time job to pay for gas? >> yes. >> people are driving less because of the prices and that helps. >> correct. i think everybody is doing that. that's one of the things that you -- you give up your trips, give up your quick trip to the grocery store, put them all together and go to one place. >> you find yourself economi economizing. >> absolutely. i drive to and from work. >> are you worried? >> i don't buy as much as the
8:35 am
market anymore. i don't go out and buy clothes. except for sock, other than that, you don't buy shirts and clothes like you used to. >> you all want some tips how to save gas?
8:36 am
8:37 am
as promised, mellody hobson is back with us, with suctions from memorial day weekend. what's the easiest way to save on gas?
8:38 am
>> the best thing you can possibly do is slow down. the name of the game is miles per gallon. you want to get as many miles per gallon is as you possibly can. slowing down saves you an inordinate amount of money. for every five miles you drive over a 60-mile-an-hour limit, you spend 24 cents. you have a road trip, that's ten bucks. this is real money. one from the things you can do to make yourself slow down, leave earlier. so you're not rushing. also avoiding traffic, the traffic is starting and stopping, accelerating and stopping. it actually costs you 33% more when you drive that way. making sure your engine is fine-tuned is really important. >> a lot of people hear about a grass station way across down or another town that has a great price. comparison shopping, does that really help? >> there's an app for that. there's a couple and really good. aaa has one called trip
8:39 am it's also reb based. you can download a free application, you don't have to be an aaa member to download it. compare prices at 150,000 gas stations. that's super, gas is another. 5 million members, type in the price at their gas station and it's time stamped. so you get a sense what the cost is in real time. the gas price can change at a station throughout the day. >> sure can. >> and very can vary bigtime between stations. >> sometimes we had a report, even during -- george and i were h talking about this. is there really a difference between the type of gas? there's three levels of premium now. >> we've been raised to think premium is better. it does cost more. about 27 cents a gallon more on average. but, a lot of car, if you go to your manual, it will say premium recommended, but not required. feel free, in that situation, to use the regular. now, if your manual says premium
8:40 am
required, you definitely don't want to trade down to the lower-grade gas because it can put a lot of wear and tear on your engine and that of course costs you more money. >> that adds up in the end. a lot of people can't afford a car. sharing a car, there's that kind of situation you can do that. but you're not completely -- >> no, these are great. the average person is spending $5500 a year. this car, somewhere in the neighborhood of $7 a day. with gas and insurance, easy to get to. it's a great service. >> you see them around the city and around the country now even more. >> that's right. >> all right. mellody, thank you for having us in. hope you have a good holiday weekend. it's tuesday and we're thinking about the holiday weekend. >> i'm feeling better about not buying that premium. now to the blockbuster concert with lady gaga. little monsters shut down amazon as they clicked on for cut-rate
8:41 am
copies of "born this way." one example how hoyle they are. you have more. >> i do. to the little monsters she's a cheerleader, an icon, a sister. that means something to gaga. it made her popular with her fans, what that means, she's really means it. for the millions going gaga. it's much more than pop music, it's a movement of little monsters as her fans called all proudly pledging allegiance. ♪ you love me ♪ paparazzi >> follow her they do. 9.5 million of them on twitter and 33 million likes on facebook. but despite the soaring stats, the relationship between mother monster and legion of little monsters is remarkably personal. >> everyone wants to help. >> it is a real devotion that has so many thinking that they
8:42 am
are the ultimate super fan. >> i'm lady gaga's biggest fan. >> i'm lady gaga's biggest little monster. >> i've been to four monster balls all together. i've waited probably over 20 hours. i've been there hours and hours before, just to get to see her. and -- >> i actually admit, i cry when i listen to her music sometimes. >> 18-year-old eric henderson thinks he's the biggest m span, and looking at his gaga check, he might be. 23 magazines, 11 posters, 9 tea cups he made himself. one autographed pair of sunglasses, one lady gaga dollar bill and hundreds of lady gaga drawings. >> this is algebra. >> and it doesn't stop there. like fan maria eair era aragon
8:43 am
who caught her eye on youtube. eric also taught himself how to play her songs and he made countless costumes all inspired by the lady. >> she's just a real deal. her music, her fashion and her message. love that she puts all of that together. >> reporter: while we don't doubt the devotion, there's many other brave monsters that stand out like this guy. >> i feel great to wear these costumes when nobody else is wearing the costumes. it doesn't bother me. >> reporter: and that is the common thread, these fans say. ♪ baby i was born this way . >> reporter: it's all okay, as the song say, you were born this way. >> she's my idol, my inspiration. >> reporter: masses wear the devotion on their sleeve and millions more embrace it, and, just dance. >> i got the chance to tell her
8:44 am
you have the power to change the world. and she looked at me and she said, do you too. ♪ >> there you are, passionate. >> how popular is she? gaga knocked oprah out of the number one spot on the "forbes" list as one of the most popular celebrities. gaga calls herself herself. she refers to herself as a show without an intermission. you can see that show right here friday. this little monster, george -- come on, do it with me, george. do it with me. >> claws up. there's a big surprise coming at the beginning of this concert. i'm not going to give it away. but it is going to be really something. >> you know all of the secrets. >> right now, we've got brad paisley coming back. he'll be live. ♪ >> oprah's surprise farewell spectacular, part two. >> ladies and gentlemen, jerry seinfeld!
8:45 am
oprah: mj's in the house! >> be there for the second-to-last oprah winfrey show ever!
8:46 am
8:47 am
right here, brad paisley, the reigning cma entertainer of the year, this morning we are fortunate to have him here to entertain us. he released a new album. do not walk, do not run. get there as fast as you can. this is country music and bff, good to have you back. >> good to be back. >> i don't know what to tell you, but alabama is around us too. >> i know. >> the legendary alabama. brad, this music is so important to you, i know from talking to you over the years, just explain a little about this latest music. >> well, i just love country music. i love being a part of it. we wrote this as sort of our way of saying, this is how we see it. really simple as that. i made this album for the people that already love this style of music, you know. >> and it's wonderful what you,
8:48 am
randy and the guys from alabama, it's fitting you're doing this today, what we saw in joplin, missouri and others. we're thinking of them. we can't forget what happened down south last month. over 300 people lost their lives. i know you'll all do a benefit to help the tornado victims of alabama mass. >> when i recruited these guy, jeff said, well, payback's coming. i didn't have any idea it would be for a good cause. i just figured i'd have to cook you dinner or something. these guys live right in the middle of that. these guys were right around it. at least we can do is help out. >> you all have big hearts. brad will be back with us july 15th for the summer concert series. right now, this is new music. it's brad paisley and alabama singing "old alabama." >> one, two, three, four -- here
8:49 am
we go! ♪ ♪ she'd rather wear a pair of cut-off jeans than a fancy evening dress, with the window rolled down her hair blowing around. she'll drink beer over white wine ♪ ♪ campfire over candlelight ♪ and when it comes to love ♪ her idea of a romantic night ♪ is listening to old alabama ♪ driving through tennessee ♪ a little dixieland at the
8:50 am
right time of the night ♪ ♪ and she can't keep her hands off mimi me ♪ ♪ we're rolling down old back road ♪ ♪ i got a little one ♪ by the highway ♪ she and i can play ♪ now we're listening to old alabama ♪ ♪ when we're in tennessee ♪ a little dixieland and feeling so right ♪ it's love in the first degr degree ♪
8:51 am
♪ forget about the cold stream ♪ even berry wine ants going to work tonight ♪ ♪ if you really want to turn her on ♪ ♪ back home come on music ♪ that comes from the heart ♪ play something with lots of feeling ♪ ♪ because that's where music has been strong ♪ ♪ now we're listening to old alabama ♪ ♪ driving to tennessee ♪ a little dixieland light at the right time of the night ♪ ♪ and she can't keep her hands off me me me
8:52 am
♪ ♪ oh play me some old alabama ♪ play me some old alabama ♪ play me some old alabama ♪ oh play play [ cheers and applause ]
8:53 am
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grime from out of the porous caverns of grout takes the right tools, but it also takes a gentle, caring touch. before you can deep clean, you learn to get a feel
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for its trouble spots. and hey, if you can't listen to grout, you can't truly know its wants...its needs...its dreams. ♪call 1-800-steemer. what a great treat this has
8:56 am
been. jeff, tedy, randy. boys of alabama. you, too, brad and the boys in the band. thank you very much. >> don't mind me. >> they're going to do one more song for us. tomorrow you'll hear from oprah on her last day, three finalist from "dancing with the stars," they will be here live, big extravaganza, have a good day. [ cherie ] i always had a job, ever since i was fourteen. i could not make working and going to school work. it was not until the university of phoenix that i was able to work full-time, be a mom, and go to school. the opportunities that i had at the university of phoenix, dealing with professionals
8:57 am
teaching things that they were doing everyday, got me to where i am today. i'm mayor cherie wood, i'm responsible for the largest urban renewal project in utah, and i am a phoenix. [ male announcer ] find your program at
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the jury in the chauncey bailey murder trial begins the first day of deliberations. they have pleaded not guilty to charges involving murders of bailey and two other men. prosecution witness brousard testified that he killed bailey but on orders from bey. michael is ordering some sunshine. >> hazy sunshine. upper 50s to low 60s and mid to upper 60s a around the bay and low to mid-70s and cooler than average in the holiday weekend. >> and across the san mateo bridge, 30-minute delays, kale train has had mechanical problems so they are you were 20-minut


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