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tv   ABC 7 News at 5PM  ABC  May 24, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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galvanized the town. >> u.s. park service police received a call that 15 year old alicon bayliss was miss may be at golden gate bridge. >> we found directions to bart and dublin and then to the golden gate bridge. >> they found it in the parking lot. the day wore on. the moran coastline and helicopters were called in to assist. they are covering the trails and beachs and path ways and bluffs. >> we are going to go start walking up down. scores of volunteers joined the search and all came from danville. family friend and students and many didn't know the young girl. >> i don't know her. we are all one big family from the school and neighborhood. many heard about the missing girl from the facebook page
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that was quickly set up by her friends. find ally bayliss. they helped tod mobilize the volunteers. >> i heard she was miss logged on to facebook and invited 500 friends. >> organizers said the pages had 8000 visitors and a source close to the investigation said bayliss left a note on the facebook page that leads police to believe that she may have meant to take her own life. >> she was upset in a general sort of way and maybe feeling isolated. they are reviewing the video and starting with cameras closest from the sidewalk that lead to the golden gate. >> there are many, many cameras on the golden gate bridge and they will have to review them phase by phase from the san francisco side
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all the way to the marin side. we are told 150 volunteers joined the eight police agencies circulating. vick lee abc 7 news. >> look at this fire in san leandro apartment building. it is over and fortunately no one was hurt. the blaze broke out off of interstate 8 80. you can see the firefighters on the roof. four apartments were destroyed and fortunately we have not heard of injuries. so far they haven't determined how it started. >> the massive tornado that hit joplin, missouri was upgraded to the most colorful category. ef 5 with winds greater than 200 miles per hour . that makes that tornado the deadliest in the united states
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in six decades with at least 122 dead and 7000 buildings destroid. they spent another day looking for survivors but didn't have luck. president obama plans to visit the area on sunday when he gets back home. >> our thoughts and prayers are with the family who are suffering at this moment. >> all we can do is let them know that all of america cares about them. we will do everything we can to make sure they recover. >> fema officials were on the ground to asiss the damage of the nation's deadliest tornado in 60 years. >> oh, my gosh. get out of here. massive tornado in peidmont. get out of the way. >> frightening moments in oklahoma city this afternoon. live coverage from tv station
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kfor as a tornado half mile wide blew through the region. it was on the ground an hour and killed two people. it forced the closer of interstate 40. they are tracking those tornados on doppler radar. you will see a large part of the plains dealing with stronger thunderstorms. they moved through oklahoma city and currently moving through that area. we have tornado watch boxos posted for ken kansas and texas and heading in over the next 24 hours or so. we'll see the line ofs andist shoulding off to the lower tennessee and mississippi valley. the threat of powerful tornados in the southern plains for the next couple of hours. we'll look at rain coming
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through the bay area tomorrow. cheryl. >> thank you . parents and students wore pajamas in california as they leady a protest. pajoma protest in lafayette. wake up, california and fix the education crisis. lafayette has fewer problems than other communities. but the parents and teachers and students are concerned. >> give awareness that our schools need help. we don't need -- >> and the state budget is due june 15th. the state could lose 20,000 teaching positions. they had will be trying to close a school to save little
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money. >> cheryl, the school board here in contra costa voted to close the school in 2009 as part of a larger cost-cutting effort. >> the board members have new information and want to reverse the decision and they are finding that they can't. >> it is irresponsible decision. >> that's how charles ramsey characterized the decision. >> two years ago. when we voted to do we believed we would save $300,000 . immediately we will find it will not accrue until five years it is irresponsible and shouldn't happen. >> in february. 2009, shannon was one of the schools that voted to close in the years. cwest contra costa saved three
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million so far. but the other campuses have to absorb the schools. >> that's not the case for shannon. it will cost 1.5 million up front to buy or build portables and retrofit the other schools to accommodate the 300 students. >> it will take three, five or eight years dependog what the numbers play out to, to recoup the costs. >> why doesn't the school board reverse the decision? west conta cost rahas been under the control when it took a loan to avoid bankruptcy. current trustey rejected all efforts to reopen the discussion on the shannon closure. cthe board doesn't have absolute authority to take action. >> i don't understand it. they will have to put
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portables on the school to accommodate the schools. where does the value of the kid's education go. >> we tried to reach the state trustee to get response to the claims that she will not consider the decision of closing the shannon school. so far, no response. laura anthony, abc 7 news. >> governor brown said the fate of the calstate university system may depend on the republicans extending tax increases. facing budget cuts, would lose $500 million unless the vote to continue the sales tax and vehicle licensing fees. they are considering drastic contingency plans including increasing tuition and trimming state and cutting enrollment. >> there is a debate over the san jose budget crisis. they addressed the union
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supporters outside of city hall today they are trying to get concessions to help balance the $115 million deficit. inside. city council debated dramatic change tots pension reforms. >> we're in a emergency andis . so that will not change. we don't have to make the declaration. more staff work needs to be done. >> the council moved forward to see more options. one option would be to raise the worker retirement age. >> ed lee announced his pension reform man today . investor warren helman. it would cap pension benefits and raise retirement ages . this is expected to go to the votes in november.
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and he faces a battle from the public defender who wants an alternative pension reform on the bail -- ballot. it is fair and protect city services and insures that our workers can retire in dignity. >> i will continue with the gathering of signatures . so far they have not endorsed the plan. >> the family of bryan stow who was severely beaten in the dodger stadium is suing the dodger's organization. stow is in critical condition in san francisco general hospital. his family filed a 31 page lawsuit this afternoon and blames the incident on inadequate security in the stadium. without the implementation of security measures in the
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stadiumm and parking lot and inadequate conditions such as poor lighting. stow was inappropriately exposed to aggressive acts of third parties. the dodger's organization is not commenting saying it is a legal matter. >> pg&e crews are looking inside of the segment of a pipe line. this is one of the first looks inside of the line in south san francisco since the pipe line was installed in 1948. crews are exampling it for problems with welding and corocean . look for information to verify with safety records. they will begin high pressure water testing. >> coming up. santa clara county and how to do the 408 area code in the south bay. >> one thing i really needed. >> and a thief leaves a bay
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area man without his wheels as she -- he was preparing for a charitable ride for a friend with cancer. >> and legins, claims to help you burn off
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. search and rescue were mobilized after a surfer was spotted on the rocky waves. they were able to spot the man dragging his surfboard alongg as he battled the waves in the red rock beach. the man made it back to the shore line near where the rescue crews were congreigated. no word if he required medical treatment but he is at leastt safe. >> there are unconfirmed reports that a professor was
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released from jail today. . he had taken a leave of absence . after he lostt he went to court claiming that the election was rigged. he was lateril canned in an ambush in what the police call an attempted robbery. >> it was a area code that may only aplyy to new numbers. that's what the supervisors hope today. they have approved the plan and using the overlay method and instead of a geographic's split. a man suffered a major set back. he was training for a bike fundraiser. he is not going to give up on charitable missions.
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they have story of historic determination . he had just finished a walk athon called san leandro relay for life. he was getting ready to train for the life strong bike event in davis. i came back and i leaned the bike up against the car and went to get a drink of water and used the rest room and changed the clothes and when i came back out the bike was missing. >> he was riding in honor of his friend nick patelo. >> he is a remarkable youngg man. throughout the whole thing he is the one fighting cancer and he wore everybody out. more than himself. >> he knows that the chances of recoverying the bike are slimm. >> it is not a high crime area. there are certain people in areas that will go and steal
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things. when people are not looking. >> dennis' wife suggested putting up poster. >> how about a big sign. >> and if you go past their home. you will see this. to the person that rode off on my bike monday may 23rd. i was training to do a ride with life strong that benefits cancer patients. do you know what karma is? >> it was started by lance armstrong and 7-time winner of the tour de france who battled with cancer. dennis said there is no giving up. >> i will try to borrow a bike. i have to do the ride. he will be there with or without his good karma. this is abc7 news. >> if you can help dennis get his bike or help him get another bike there is a linkk
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on the website. >> get dennis back on his wheels . we'll talk about the weather. it is still breezy out there but not like yesterday. >> beautiful and breezy and gusts are 20 or 30 miles per hour . we are going to trade debrae for slingg. >> getting a free carwash out for you. >> there is a high definition roof camera that shows sunny skis and trees are blowwing and flags are blowwing and still on the breezy side but not as windy as what we saw yesterday. we'll show you another life picture. this is what it lookks like in san jose . they are enjoyying the sun rightt now. it is a nice sunny day in the bay area. things are changing dramatically . 50s on the coast and we have 60 in the most areas except the far inlandd locationns in the 70s. becoming clouddy overnight . lightt rainn tomorrow . best chance of being in the
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bay and milder conditions expected for thursday. looking at satellite and radar. it is impressive storm and late in the season and going to bringg us rainn and lookks more like a winter storm than what we are seeing in the spring time. there is a mix of rainn and snow to the sierra nevada . winter weather advisory through 6:00 a.m. thursday. check out the snow. seven-10 inches of new snow in the highest elivationns. two inches expected and chained controls are possible. if you have possible there, 80 and 50 will be impacted as the snow comes down in the area. rain begins first at 5:00 a.m. in the north bay and cold front starts to fall apart a bit. by 9:00 we'll see wet pavement in the east bay and santa cruz and frontt falls apart and doesn't hold together well. the moisture falls apart.
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some of you end up dry. the afternoon will feature sunny breaks and at night time scattered showers aroundd 11:00 wednesday night. so totals varying a bit. zero to 500 . peninsula to 500ths to a 10th of an inch . north bay a quarter of an inch. that is where the rain and moisture will be focused in the north bay. look for temperature 40s and 50s and with the cloudds increasing in the night ahead of the storm system. tomorrow, you will get the rain. 66 in san jose and 66 in sarah toga. a cooler day on the peninsula . palo alto and mountain view . not as windy as we have dealt with.
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dally city a cool 55. in the north bay you will need umbrellas . east bay 64 and oakland and cost roww valley temperatures are hovering well below average. it is 66 in santa cruz. here is your accu-weather 7-day forecast. lightt rain for wednesday and a chance of rain in the north bay thursday night and friday. you will notice milder readings there . heading in the memorial day weekend. low to midcents inland . dry forecast for now and cooler than normal for spring >> getting a free carwash. >> that is a good way to spin things. >> still ahead. the caffeine laced legginses. >> and the future of battlefield medicine. see how lives can be saved and hundreds and thousands of
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miles away. cheryl and i will sure, pulling the mold, miew, and grime from out of the porous caverns of grout takes the right tools, but it also takes a gentle, caring touch. before you can deep clean, you learn to get a feel
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for its trouble spots. and hey, if you can't listen to grout, you can't truly know its wants...its needs...its dreams. ♪call 1-800-steemer.
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c>> sales of the lapp band have been declining and so the maker is asking the government to approve lap band surgeries for obese children. the band is a ring that sets around and reduces food intake. it is proven to be safe and beginning clinical trials. many patients need additional surgeries to release. some clothes tryy to make you look thinner but the leggins can make you lose weight.
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they line it with caffeine patches and shea butter. caffeine increases metab blimpp and that could lead to weight loss. the federal regulations, they don't have to prove the compounds in weight loss patches are absorbed in the body. at 69.95. they are sold out. >> i was going to order a pair. too bad. >> oh, well. >> coming up next. striking a pose. >> the painted lady for a good cause.
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c>> coming up at six o'clockk. a survey for the most dangerous accident and why so many victims are people of
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color. 7 on your side michael finney shows how people are winning. that and more coming up tonight at 6:00. >> all right. carolyn thank you. >> a fran frann fighter was selected to be in the calendar called beef cake fire men. they were photographed in front of the painted ladies. the publisher of the nationwide calendar got the idea after a firefighter saved her life. >> i in a car accident and extraicated in an accident by the firefighter. >> the nation's greatest calendar will go on sale in august. >> say that -- see that again. >> world


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