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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  May 24, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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no "you're not rich enough fees." no "fee of the month fees." because we don't like fees. better ? better. hit in oklahoma. >> as more homes and lives are destroyed. the death toll from the latest violent weather is now up to seven. >> at least a dozen people were injured and hundreds lost their homes, especially hard hit are the communities of piedmont and chicata. >> unbelievable. it is right here. it is it is a killer tornado. >> this is one of several tornados that touched down in oklahoma near canton, oklahoma. this frightening sight a red-shipped -- shaped twister and several neighborhoods wiped on ut and reduced to a
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pile of lumber. >> it is totally, tote he gone. >> we had a house here and a two-story garage and apartment. my wife's new car was in the garage. it is in the tree. >> you visualize where it has gone. now you can't find it and it is pounded into the ground. >> you can see the twister's path etched into the ground and destruction left in its wake. >> we are following the damage path here to the northeast. it is a massive, massive damage path through here. you can see houses are leveled. >> a news helicopter captured the exact moment the tornado formed and touched down. abc news crews were with discovery storm channel chasers while the hail storms and the funnel storms formed. >> it is large and in charge right now. >> sandhya patel is tracking these storms for us on radar. >> and it doesn't seem like things have calmed down too much for us. >> no, dan, the activity has shifted to the east.
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we have tornado wach boxes and still parts of oklahoma and strong thunderstorms rumble through the neighborhood. they have been reported in arkansas and things have not quieted down. so far 28 and still counting. it is shifting to the east as the night goes on and into tomorrow. we still have the threat of severe weather. we will have a full look at the forecast coming up. tonight the los angeles dodgers are promising to defend themselves against a lawsuit stemming from the vicious beating of bryan stow. earlier today they filed a negligent suit that could be worth millions. john is here with the case that could impact security from other ballparks. >> the paramedic from santa cruz is still unconscious with
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brain damage. but his family has gone ahead and hired an l.a. attorney who is taking on the dodgers and owner frank mccourt. at at&t park, giants fans who are already pulling for bryan stow to get better are now getting behind their family in a lawsuit against the dodgers. >> they should win millions of dollars. i hope they are compensated for their tragic loss. >> with 42-year-old bryan stow in critical condition at san francisco general hospital, his family filed a 31-page lawsuit against the dodgers. they claim the financially troubled team was negligent, failing to provide enough security the night stow was kicked and beaten. >> and what we have seen happened at dodger stadium, they decided to cut on security. theying nod the security budget, eliminated all of these people that used to be out there doing security. so what do you think is going to happen? >> the attorney claims it took 10 to 15 minutes for help to
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arrive while stow was being attacked. this former fbi agent rick smith says while trouble can break out no matter how many officers are there, the key to the case is whether the team skim pd on security. >> the verbal altercation and the physical altercation might be 30 seconds to a minute. it is how quickly the response occurs from lawen ars force meant and -- law enforcement and security. >> they are asking for an unspecified amount of money. dean johnson says the suit could have an impact on other public venues if there is a big verdict in this case where shall land lowers are going to be much more aware of their obligation. >> an attorney for the dodgers released a statement saying, quote, mr. mccourt and the dodgers have not wavered. mr. mccourt and the dodgers
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will defend themselves against the allegations. if the stows do win they want to reimburse everyone who contributed to the relief fund except barry bonds who gave college scholarships to both of stow's children. >> thanks, johnal stone -- john alston president aring. >> and one man arrested for the attack says his client did not9áu game. they say he resembles this sketch distributed after the attack. ramirez's attorney says his client is willing to take a polygraph test to prove his ingnaw is sense. he says ramirez was at his aunt's house when the attack happened. the city council postponed declaring a fiscal state of emergency. and that sets up an ultimate showdown with its unions next month over soaring peption costs of the -- pension costs. they are facing a $115 million deficit, half of which goes to covering payouts. the city council voted to explore options from reducing future benefits to slowly
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increasing the retirement age. the union leaders say the city's proposals are illegal. they try to make their case by flying in a wisconsin state senator known for his fiery pro labor rhetoric. >> if the mayor and the city council, if they do the right thing, i would say recall every one of them. >> we are cutting services and laying off employees. people are losing their jobs and services are being reduced. he is not aware of that. >> if the city council declares a fiscal state of emergency next month, san jose's pension proposals will be on the november ballot. firefighters say an outdated design and lack of sprinklers contributed to the wrath of the fire in san leandro today. it broke out after 3:00 at the sat toe manor. -- chateua manor. no one was hurt thanks to the quick actions of residents. >> i grabbed my fire
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distinguisher and hustle and bustle out the house. started knocking on the neighbors' doors. i got down to the bottom floor and no fire alarms, nothing. >> this apartment building was constructed before sprinklers were required in the units. they don't yet know how the fire started. the solano county detectives are turning to surveillance video to help solve a double murder. they released this video of two men they considered persons of interest. it was taken in an oakland restaurant on the night of the murder two weeks ago. about an hour after this video was talken, the two men -- was taken, the two men they were with were shot near vallejo. the man was either a mole -- has either a mole or tatoo near his right eye. the el dorado county board of supervisors today voted to replace 36 head stones marking gold rush era gravesen scribed with the "n"-word. it holds the remains of 49ers
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from what they called negro hill. they moved the bodies to make way for a dam. and in the process they erected new concrete head stones with the racial slur. the groups including the african-american community will help design new grave stones. the unem play meant rate -- unemployment rate in silicon valley is 10.1% and that means tens of thousands of people are without work. but companies are hiring. lisa amin gulezian reports from a job fair in the south bay. >> i have been working for ibm for 13 years. >> 470 jobs are up for grabs, but the longest line at this job fair is here. >> this is my resume. >> people needing a resume revamp at this higher event -- at this hire event. everybody is looking for something, a new be jo, a new employee a new opportunity. >> i know it is so difficult right now to be looking for work. >> right now silicon valley's unemployment rate is 10.1%.
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last month the most jobs were added in information technology and manufacturing. he doesn't buy it. >> right now most of the jobs are manufacturing and oversees. >> most of these attendees are in their mid30s with midlevel jobs like add minutes and business analysts. there are some exceptions. >> when did you graduate from college? >> i just graduated this sunday. >> jim is 63. he thought things would turn out differently with his real estate business. >> my business would be taken off. >> what is the reality? >> it has come to the edge. >> competition for every job is fierce. one of the few places with entry level positions, the over qualified are applying. >> i have had engineers. i have had folks with mba's i have had a lot of college grads. >> because the companies can get so many applicants and hr
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can get overwhelmed according to pro match .org, 80% of jobs are landed through networking. in san jose, lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. -- gite next hire event will be june 28th. up next, the former presidential candidate facing prosecution for covering up an affair. >> and a man who is hoping this sign will guilt a thief into returning his bicycle. >> san francisco social gamer z ny ga may be the next wall street darling. >> and the new cos -- cosmetic treatment that helps you look younger. stay with us.
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>> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to a castro valley man who had his bike stolen yesterday is trying to guilt the thief into giving it back. he posted this sign in his yard to remind the crook about karma. it wasn't just any bike. he was planning to use it in a cancer fundraising ride. >> it is to try to guilt him into leaving the bike back here.
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i just want the bike back. >> he still hopes to participate in the live strong ride this july in davis. he is raising money on behalf of his 24-year-old friend who is battling testicular cancer. if you would like to help dennis get another bike, you will find a link on look under see it on tv. former presidential candidate john edwards could find himself underfed rail prosecution stemming from an -- under federal prosecution steming from an affair with his videographer. the department of justice okayed a prosecution based on campaign finance law regulations. prosecutors looked into whether donations that went to his mistress were illegal. a north carolina democrat fathered a daughter with hunter before the 2008 presidential campaign. a newly refined cosmetic procedure is allowing patients to benefit from something they are glad to get rid of, fat from their own bodies. they are now able to transfer it to the face with the promise of filling in wrinkles
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with longer lasting results. >> debbie who asked us not to use her last name says she has always had energy for work and exercise. but that's not how it looked to everyone. >> i was constantly told i looked tired. and no matter how much sleep you get, if you are continually being told you are tired, you will want to try to figure out a way to deal with it. >> hi, debbie. >> what she did was decide on cosmetic work and an increasingly popular area. -- popular technique. >> they get the fat in here and it stayed nicely. >> he says the technique known as fat transfer has advantages over artificial fillers which stay in the body temporarily. >> the techniques have evolved such that the way the fat is placed, the way the fat is harvested, we are able to have more of the fat stay. first the fat is collected from the patient's stomach.
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>> there is almost no one who does not have enough fat for a fat transfer. >> and then a technician separates the fat cells. he says a key is reducing the fat into smaller and smaller syringes because newer strategies require placing it into multiple targeted areas around the face where it is most likely to be integrated into the body. >> the fat becomes vascular rised. the blood vessels will grow into the fat and it will become part of you again in a new spot. >> he makes a series of injections building layers of fat along the natural scaffolding. the fat transfer can be used to augment lips or fill smile lines. it can still take several months to learn what the permanent affects will be. >> i would say conservative figures, usually 30 to 40% of the fat will stay. >> the fat injections combined with a separate procedure to smooth her jaw line gave her the rejuvenated look she was hoping for. >> i think the way i look fits
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the way or the lifestyle i have. >> and since the fat comes from the patient's own body, they say there is little chance of rejection. a typical facial procedure runs 2500 to 3500 and often not covered by insurance. we talked about the tornados a little earlier, but now we want to focus on our weather here. >> sandhya patel is here with a look at that. >> i hope you had a chance to enjoy the sunshine today. there was plenty of it. changes are coming tomorrow. you will need the um 3wre8 laws -- umbrellas. here is a photo that was submitted to you report powered by youtube. it is the ring around the sun in petaluma. it is a beautiful shot there. give you an idea what it looked like today. we have high, thin, whispy clouds and generally above 18,000 feet. that's why you get the halo affect around the sun. and certainly you can see the high clouds from the high definition emeryville camera. sunset at 8:20. just saw the higher clouds moving in. but by morning you will certainly see the clouds thickening up and the rain
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arriving. the rain has been around crescent city and eureka. a few sprinkles have been reported as far south as ukiah. and it will get here to the bay area later on in the morning. the temperatures right now are mainly 50s. 46 in half moon bay. turning cloudy overnight. rain tomorrow. primarily in the north bay. partial clearing and milder conditions on thursday. here is the satellite and the radar. this storm system here looks a lot more like a winter-like system. late season rain is arriving and beginning in the morning. and this is going to be responsible for snow in the sierra nevada. the winter weather advisory goes into affect tomorrow morning at 11:00 and continues until 6:00 a.m. on thursday. we are expecting 7 to 10 inches of new snow at the highest elevations. the snow level will eventually come down to 5,000 feet. so two inches expected there. chain controls are possible on inner it state 80 and highway 50. i know it is late in the season, but if you have travel
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plans keep this in mind. tomorrow at 5:00 rain begins in the north bay during that commute. and it spreads, but it starts to break up a bit. it is not real widespread at 9:00. a cold front approaches. it starts to weaken a bit. the showers will continue to fall apart into the early afternoon. and then a little wave comes through later on in the nighttime hours. although we'll get sunny breaks in the afternoon, late at night we could see a few showers redeveloping for your wednesday. rainfall totals, about .05 to a quarter of an inch in the north bay. east bay and south bay could get anywhere from nothing to .05. some of you may remain dry, but grab the umbrella in the morning just in us ka. temperatures in the 40s, 50s to nightht. unseasonably cool for this time of year. that's nothing out of the ordinary. mid50s to the upper 60s. around the monterey bay, temperatures in the 60s. a little on the breezy side as well. here is your accu-weather
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seven-day forecast -- light rain for wednesday. a chance in the north bay thursday night and into friday. we will notice the temperatures starting to become a little milder on thursday. we will keep it in the low to mid70s range and dry for memorial day weeks weekend. coastal areas in the mid to low 50s. still nowhere near where we should be in the spring. >> thanks, sandhya. coming up next, there are 12 firefighters in the new nation's bravest calendar. >> one is from san francisco. we'll show you more of the man who made it.?ñ?ñ?ñ?ñ?ñ?ñ?ñ?ñ?ñ?t
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on-line game maker zenga could be the next tech company from the bay area to go public. they could file their initial papers with the securities and exchange commission next week. that's according to the blog, all things digital. representatives are not commenting. zenga is behind the popular farmville and mofia games. zenga has 250 million users who play their games on facebook. a san francisco firefighter is one of only a dozen chosen for a calendar featuring his colleagues nationwide. he posed for photographs city wide including alamo square.
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the nation's bravest calendar will go to the san francisco firefighters' toy drive. and larry tells us kevin's physique is remarkably similar to his own. >> you were gushing over. my goodness. >> i am not sure he is in channel 7 sportscaster shape. >> i don't need to stand there. >> come on. >> you can sit at a desk for hours. >> so close, yet so far. the sharks season comes down to a matter of seconds in regulation. a freak goal in double over time. the highlights and post games and the last of my
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the sharks were 15 seconds away from forcing game six. they were wondering what happened after a freak goal in double over time. it ends their season in
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vancouver. joe thorton injured in game four. the playoff series was back on the ice. the sharks down 1-0. dan boyle just trying to get it on the net. deflected by patrick marlow. a nice hand-eye coordination right there. the start of the third period. a loose puck here. 54 saves and he comes out of the net. he passes to setoguchi. just 15 seconds left in regulation and still 2-1. ryan kessler in front gets a stick on it, and it slides by him. so instead of game six, we are going on to overtime. a fluke goal would decide it in the second ot. the puck finds its way out front. only way to see this thing is on the replay. the puck went off and everybody was wondering where is the puck and fire itself past him and he never saw it. game over 3-2. the series over 4-1. the canucks out of the final. and the season epdz for san jose. -- and the season ends for san
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jose. >> it is hard to find passengers today. we felt good as the game wore on. we felt we had some control of the game. but we obviously didn't get the win and that's what we came here for. >> the giants were able to find wins without much offense. but you can't win with a zero. that's the story as they put their five-game win streak on the line against florida. matt cain in trouble in the third. the bases loaded and this is deep to center field and over the head of torres. and it clears the bases. that's all the marlins would need. 5-1 fish the final at at&t park. the a's and angels and one thing about david de jesus, when he hits homeruns, he does it in pairs. it is his third of the year and here it comes and there it goes again. he hit his first two of the season exactly 20 days ago against chief lend. a's with a victory 6-1. the warriors introduce their newest member of the management team. lakers' legend jerry west will
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serve in an advisor ship role. and he is eager to help. >> i am no shrinking violet. i am not. if you don't want my opinion, don't ask. ultimately at the end of the day, winning is what should drive everyone in this organization. >> the eastern conference finals and to the rack. with authority. 23 for the mvp. they go to ot and lebron, he had 35. heat by four. dwyane wade and this is why they call him flash. miami 101-93 and taking a 3-1 series lead. the former super bowl mvp and the coveted mirror ball is a champion on dancing with the stars. >> good finish. >> i am going to go do some sit ups. >> "nightline" is next. >> for larry beil and sandhya patel, good night.
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