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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  May 25, 2011 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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good morning, america. breaking news overnight. a new line of deadly tornadoes rips through the heartland. at least 11 dead. the storm still going strong as our reporter comes face to face with a twister. >> look at that. >> that tornado is picking up everything in that field. leaves, pieces of trees, branches. >> and the rescues don't stop even as tornado sirens sound again in joplin. sam is there. casey anthony courtroom bombshell. explosive accusations by lawyers against her family members. nancy grace weighs in. oprah exclusive. on her last day, she talks one on one only with abc. what's kept her going, what she'll most and the big interview she dreamed of getting. and -- >> this morning, "good morning
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america" turns broadway into a ballroom of dancing stars. champion hines ward is here with kirstie alley and chelsea kane to strut their stuff. and now, live from times square, this is "dancing with the stars," the afterparty. >> they're here! it was a show-stopping finale. on "dancing with the stars." right up until last minute, every couple, all three are here. they had perfect scores, all three of them. >> couldn't have been any closer or any better. everybody here in times square excited. all dancing. that is coming up in just a bit. but we do begin with latest on the tornados in joplin, right in the cross-hairs again last night. sam and david muir are both standing by. >> let's get to matt gutman in oklahoma right now, where a fresh round of deadly twisters slammed the state overnight. you got up close and personal.
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>> reporter: that's right, we were just a few hundred yards from that tornado, close enough to smell the splintered trees and grass. but this is what it's like to be in the middle of it. this was a one-story home and there was a person killed in this house, seemingly exploded, debris stretching from miles across this field. that field we're told by officials could be as far as away as 20 miles away. all part of that massive tornado system that terrorized this part of the country yesterday. >> it is large and in charge right now, yes. >> reporter: in cashion, oklahoma, the tornados were unyielding. this has flung debris in every direction across i-40. at least 13 people were killed in the same storm system that caused at least 36 tornados in seven states. that tornado is picking up everything in that field. leave, pieces of trees, branches. it is so powerful. you can see a second vortex forming right to the side of it.
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oklahoma city suburbs reduced to splinters. storms popped open this natural gas well. sirens sounding through dallas' travelers at lovefield airport removed to a basement for safety and in arlington -- >> look what has blown in here. >> reporter: golf ball-sized hail forced evacuations at the rangers game and in arkansas, total destruction. the town of denning flattened, leaving three people dead. back in oklahoma, helicopters catch one of the twisters in the air. we're just feet away from it on the ground. >> ground circles in the field. right there. spinning there right now. the discovery channel storm chasers showed us exactly how they zero in on a tornado. is that the one forming? >> second one forming right next to it. multi-vortices on the ground.
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this is beautiful. >> reporter: the storm chasers barrel down country roads 80 miles an hour through baseball-sized hail and this, a chevy turned into a tank which they call the dominator. all that wind is bringing hail and it is just raining down and continuing get -- got to get -- with that warning another twister churning above our heads. >> you guys are now members of the zero meters club. that now means that you have been zero meters from a tornado. >> reporter: the storm chasers so enthusiastic because we were in rural areas but where the storms hit populated areas yesterday, rescue teams, search and rescue teams are back at it today, trying to find the missing as the storm continues to move eastward. robin, george. >> thank you, matt. we'll go back to the shattered city of joplin. search and rescue efforts continue there, as the death toll reached 122 with 750 people injured and many more still missing.
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the national weather service the national weather service has now determined that joplin was hit by the strongest possible tornado with winds over 200 miles per hour and they got hit again overnight. sam is tracking the latest. good morning, sam. >> reporter: good morning, george. as you said just days after the top of the tornado scale blew through this town the pictures are still astounding everywhere you look. we're walking through what was a store and pharmacy and of course there are no walls but plenty of prescriptions and pill bottles. last night sirens went off twice more. we found shelter but for some in joplin, tornado warnings and sirens, the last thing they needed to hear. for the second time in three days, sirens blared overnight, warning joplin residents of severe weather heading their way. a powerful line of storms barreling toward a town that's already endured one of the worst tornadoes in history. this morning, survivors continue canvassing what is left of their
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homes, some hoping to locate a loved one but in joplin a painful reality, many are still missing, some have estimated hundreds but still, no one knows an official number. >> get in the hallway, cover your head. i heard her scream and right after she screamed that's when the whole thing collapsed on us. >> hot water tank hit me the first time and then the refrigerator is what i had to pull off my baby. >> felt this pulling. >> reporter: on tuesday this 73-year-old recognized his ravaged home on the news. he shocked rescue workers looking for his body as he walked on to the property. they had been combing through mounds of debris looking for him. >> so worried about you from day one. >> no way to communicate. that i was safe. >> reporter: we were with the rescue team using dogs in their search, pinpointing areas where to focus. even though the dogs have a hit inside the building.
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they have cut through the rubble and taken microphones to see what they can hear. they're asking everybody around to be as quiet as possible, they'll listen for any sign of life or any sign of movement and we just wait. search and rescue worker missy epperson has been training search dogs over an decade. in that time, she's recovered over 700 bodies. about how long do you think you'll stay here in joplin? >> i'm not leaving until everybody's found. >> reporter: it is heartbreaking to watch people dig through the rubble because they think a loved one might be below it but that's exaclty what will happen over the next few days here. and the weather in this area, robin, is going to be scattered showers and maybe even another thunder shower that they won't help folks get through this. >> no, it is not. we'll get back to you. so many stories of struggle and survival emerging underneath that rubble in joplin. tales of incredible heartbreak and loss and also stories of unbelievable bravery against all odds.
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and david muir is there as well with the latest on that. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning, robin. great to hear your voice. as you point out the strength of the human spirit. i wanted to show you, it is everywhere you look in joplin. every neighborhood, the homes sheared, everywhere you look but also, what we found were these stories of incredible survival instinct, with just seconds to spare, so many families saved. this is one of the hardest parts of the job, isn't it? this team of firefighters works its way through this eerily quiet neighborhood, mark the homes, this one with an x, a signal they found no one. yesterday bailey shared her story with "gma," working inside that walmart, telling us they were huddled in the middle of the store when that twister hit. >> they called code black and we had to go to the back of the store. i thought about my mom. >> reporter: a glass wall had collapsed on her in the store but she got out. we made the trip back with her to the walmart. she was stunned at what it looks like now.
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she remembers escaping debris. >> i was by myself. and i was walking down the streets and i was just trying to get to them and trying to say calm. i jusst had to know in my heart that my mom would be okay. >> reporter: she would learn her mother and fiancee were okay even though their homes were both gone, destroyed. there were tears as she visited with the mother she'd been so worried about. >> you're my everything. >> reporter: and the mother who told "gma" about her son just 9 years old whose instincts kicked in, putting on his bike helmet before the family got in the tub. the toilet hit him in the head. moments later they found the helmet. just the strap from the helmet underneath his chin. moments later, we found that helmet. really incredible, george. just the strap from the helmet underneath his chin. just the strap from the helmet
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the top of it had blown off and we found it at the home when went back. >> just amazing. thank you very much. we'll turn to the breaking news overnight on the case against john edwards. abc news learned justice department is prepared to indict the former presidential candidate. bob woodruff has been on this story from the start. good morning, bob. >> reporter: you know the justice department has been investigating this for two years now. questioning more than a dozen witnesses. it was unclear whether they had a strong enough case to push for indictment, now they believe that they do. the relationship with video journalist rielle hunter began in 2007 in the midst of john edwards' campaign for president. in august 2008 he admitted the affair but denied paternity of hunter's child frances quinn hunter, now 3 years old. >> i know it's not possible that this child could be mine because of the timing of events. i know it's not possible. happy to take a paternity test. and woul love to see it happen.
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>> reporter: last year, he admitted that the child was his. they claim campaign donations covered up the affair while he ran for president. the star witness, andrew young, former aide to edwards who initially claimed hunter's child was his. young claims that edwards masterminded that plot to keep the affair a secret. this affair finally ended his marriage. elizabeth edwards filed for a legal separation and died of cancer this past december. >> now john edwards and his team, do they fight in it court or reach some kind of plea bargain? >> they go after a plea bargain and a chance he might go to trial and maybe go to jail but if he does, then he could be found to be, this could be a felony, and if that happens he cannot be a lawyer ever again. >> that's really the choice, if he goes for the plea bargain he won't be able to practice law again but he won't go to jail. so, that's where has to figure whether to take his chances in
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court? >> we know he won't get a misdemeanor, a felony if he does go with this. we don't know how much time it would be if he does go to jail but could be significant. if he wants to get out of that go for it, otherwise, just roll the dice. >> we'll see what happens. and now josh elliott back from joplin with the news. good to see you back. >> good to see you george and robin and all of you. we begin with a seismic event in the political world, democrats pulled off a shocking upset, winning a special election in a staunchly republican congressional district in upstate new york. the gop candidate lost after backing that republican plan to cut billions from medicare. it's a seat formerly held by chris lee who resigned after shirtless photos such as that one sent to a woman surfaced online. meanwhile, president obama is addressing british parliament today after beginning the visit with awkward moments. jake tapper is traveling with the president. jake? >> reporter: president obama this morning took a trip to the fabled prime minister's
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residence at 10 downing street where he and david cameron talked about afghanistan, libya and the global economic recovery. at last night's state dinner hosted by queen elizabeth, the usual pomp and pageantry. then, in the middle of the president's toast -- >> to her majesty the queen -- the vitality -- ♪ >> reporter: the orchestra mistakenly played the british national anthem "god save the queen" before the president was done. he forged on undeterred by the unexpected musical accompaniment. it was the end of a very long day that began with a stately arrival ceremony at buckingham palace. followed by a short visit with newlyweds prince william and kate just back from their royal honeymoon. according to british newspapers
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william talked with the president about his work as search and rescue pilot, kate talked to the first lady about their wedding. president obama and prime minister also headed off to a local school. teaming up for a competitive game of ping pong again two young students. >> we'll play a couple more -- you okay? do we have a medic here? >> reporter: the two men eventually rallied. >> oh! >> reporter: but they lost the game. >> it happens. and finally, speeding ticket fit for a nascar king. a sheriff's deputy in north carolina got nascar driver kyle busch going 128 miles an hour in a 45 zone near charlotte. just do the math. busch says he was test driving a new lexus, and how. got a little carried away. he apologized for his lack of judgment. if anyone could be forgiven for a lead foot, i suppose it is kyle busch. >> just practicing. >> good to have you back.
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back now to sam who is in joplin with a check of the weather. good morning, let's get to pictures and we have the storms in oklahoma last night roaring through the country today. tornado watch outside of chicago by the way, 452 reports storms since last night. 47 tornadoes since then. moderate risk in memphis, st. louis. nebraska and arkansas have flood watches because of the heavy rain. we'll talk about the rest of america's weather in the next half hour.
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>> and folks in joplin waking up to cloudy skies after last night, two more rounds of tornado sirens. >> tense times still there.
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it is the end of an era today when oprah's final show airs. no reporters were allowed inside the final taping but our bianna golodryga was outside there tracking down clues to the big farewell, joining us from chicago this morning. >> reporter: good morning. we hear that there were 400 audience members there at the taping yesterday. it was standing room only. very emotional. very raw, we hear. may 25th, 2011, will go down as a bittersweet day in history for millions of oprah fans around the world but none more than the fans here in chicago. maya angelou said it best when she said oprah made chicago great and chicago helped make oprah great. and as a small token of the town's appreciation, they renamed the street in front of harpo studios, oprah winfrey way. there is only one show left for oprah to out-oprah herself but in an exclusive interview with cheryl burton, oprah remembered how it all started.
7:18 am
>> when i applied for the job here in chicago, dennis swanson who i will cherish for the rest of my life, had the courage to hire me, a black woman, he didn't think thy twice about putting me on the air. jeri curl and all. said to me, we know you're not going to beat donahue, that's not the goal, just be yourself. that gave me the freedom to not have the pressure. >> reporter: the finale was a secret, it was taped in the studio filled with devoted fans that had never been to a show. oprah spoke and made her way through the hauls of studios. audience members talked to us about what it was like. >> just her kind of homage to her career and things that we gave her, and things she gave us and it was beautiful. >> reporter: also spotted leaving, oprah's fourth grade teacher, escorted by stedman. >> i'm so proud of her.
7:19 am
she's really a teacher of the world, because she reaches so many over tv. >> reporter: celebrity surprises kept coming in part ii of the spectacular. ♪ isn't she lovely >> reporter: her best friends were there and oprah offered her support to maria shriver like only a girlfriend can. >> for more than 30 years, 30 years you have been bestowed the most amazing friendship on me, you have given me love, support, wisdom and most of all, the truth. and i know -- [ cheers and applause ] >> to the truth! >> reporter: as kristen chenoweth sang her rendition of "for good" from "wicked" oprah teared up. ♪ because we knew you ♪ for good
7:20 am
>> reporter: and speaking of tears, how about this for a factoid? it is approximated she handed out 250,000 tissues to some of her weepiest guests over the past 25 years. i have come prepared back to new york. i'm bringing back all of these tissue boxes. >> you beat me to it. i pulled out mine. this will come in mighty handy today. >> all of the reports are -- looking forward to that. >> we'll have more of cheryl burton's exclusive interview and her special connection to "gma." >> that's coming up. also, the stunning twist in the casey anthony death penalty trial. explosive allegations leveled at casey anthony's father. lara backstage with the "dancing with the stars" group. >> come here, i'm at the dressing rooms of chelsea, kym and one more, all of the men,
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today the man suspected of beating giant fan bryan stow will be part after police line-up. prosecutors say they don't have the evidence they need to charge 31-year-old man for the march 31
7:25 am
attack. his lawyer says his client want at dodger stadium last night. he was at a relatives home, they say. >> we have a couple accidents in walnut creek. one at the truck scales that is a little lighter past north main but slowed down around highway 24 where we had another accident this morning. check out the bay bridge toll plaza, almost backed up to the overcrossing. >> when we come back, mike will look
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welcome back. here is a look at some of the clouds as we look from sutro tower. they are dropping rain. santa rosa is reporting rain. scattered showers all the way up to fairfield but it's very light but through the morning hours, i think it will stay in the north bay. and it should exist out of the north bay by 3:00 and cooler
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twizzlers. the twist you can't resist.
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♪ all right. the stars of "dancing with the stars" are here. double decker bus arrived moments ago. they flew all night. they are tired but ready to dance. right here, the men's dressing room. well, hello. are you ready? >> i am. >> are you tired? >> no. i love that. robin did you hear that? maks is ready to dance, to dish. congratulations. >> thank you. >> we're going to talk about it all coming up. >> with a reception like this, nobody's a loser. >> aw. he always has the right thing to say. >> oh. >> don't make me come back there. >> robin -- >> i will fight you for maks. you know that, lara. >> i know. >> thank you for that. coming up.
7:31 am
>> >> maks is wearing his shirt. >> i know. unusual for him. >> it certainly is. we'll get to that. that bombshell opening statement delivered by casey anthony's lawyers yesterday. they promised a big surprise and they delivered with shocking news about why caylee died and how. ashleigh banfield was in the courtroom yesterday. >> reporter: good morning. for the first time hearing casey version of what happened to her daughter three years ago. she says she was never murdered. that she was never missing that she, in fact, drowned in the family's swimming pool, and, george, the allegations did not stop there. >> this is a tragedy that snowballed out of control. and they didn't care. >> reporter: a shocking defense on day one of this sensational death penalty trial. casey anthony, unleashing emotional hell on her family. saying her father, george anthony, was present when caylee drowned, that he disposed of caylee's remains and
7:32 am
that he sexually abused casey into a web of lies. >> casey was raised to lie and it all began when casey was 8 years old and her father came into her room and began to touch her inappropriately. >> reporter: casey still has to explain these damning party photos, taken after what the defense has called a tragic accident. >> no one knows where caylee is and casey anthony is galavanting around orlando. >> reporter: tougher was the computer. >> searches were conducted for the words, inhalants, chlorophyll, peroxide, and death. >> reporter: if casey's allegations against her father are true, it's not evident in these jailhouse tapes. >> good morning. >> good morning, beautiful. i love you. >> hi, i love you too. report nor is it obvious during our interview last year.
7:33 am
>> did what she said about me and her brother bother me? yes. it still bothers me today. >> have you ever sexually molested your daughter? >> no, sir. >> were you present in your home when caylee anthony died? >> no. when i heard that today, it hurt really bad. >> did you dispose of the body of your granddaughter? >> no, i did not. >> did you obtain duct tape from your shed or garage and place it over the nose and mouth of caylee anthony? >> no, i did not. >> reporter: a big question, will casey take the stand or maintain her right to remain silent? and still to come in this case, some cutting-edge forensic smell evidence, something the defense says is experimental, never validated and, george, never tested. >> okay. forensic smell evidence. okay, ashleigh, thanks very much. let's get more with nancy grace, host of hln's "nancy grace" and our own legal analyst dan abrams. thank you both for being here.
7:34 am
>> nancy, i know you were in the courtroom yesterday and i know that casey's parents must have been at some level prepared for this but how did they react when they heard these incredible claims? >> well, i was -- i was watching them very carefully. george, anthony throughout would clutch a bible and leaf through it. his face turned red and looked down and clenched. his wife, cindy, caylee's grandmother was holding a teddy bear i believe belonged to caylee, somehow having a piece of caylee with her during the trial. but the judge had ordered them, george, no emotion, no outbursts, no nothing because the defense wanted them thrown out of court and since they are the victims in this case, the judge insisted they be allowed in. they were not allowed to show any emotion at all. >> nancy, the parents did have to stay there so they had to be prepared for this at some level and the prosecution certainly was. >> well, you know, yeah. you know that someday bad things
7:35 am
are going to happen to you but when they really happen, it's like a cement block to the head. they were upset. george anthony cried. and out of all of the people in this case, i have found him to be the most upstanding and this theory that he molested her, why would she leave her little 2-year-old child alone with a man that molested her at 8? and if he knew caylee was dead all this time, why go through all of the motions of trying to find her? >> those are some of the questions that will come up continually in this trial, dan. i've never seen you so hopped up coming in this morning. you think this defense strategy makes absolutely no sense. >> i think the defense had an opportunity here. right? i think the defense could have made a legitimate argument that she wasn't murdered, and the prosecution won't be able to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that she was murdered and that after that, casey kind of lost it in that 30-day-plus period there, and that's a defense
7:36 am
that, "a," kind of makes sense. you don't necessarily need to call casey to the stand to testify about it and you don't start pointing fingers all around the courtroom. i think that would have been an easier defense for the jurors, because, remember, the first witness called was george anthony. >> cross-examination. >> and cross-examination fell flat. so they're cross-examining him to suggest -- remember, if the defense is after it, right, this is the guy who has been molesting the woman who is sitting there at his client's table. this is the guy who disposed of her child's body. this has got to be the great villain in the case and as a result the cross-examination has got to be amazing, and it wasn't. >> he didn't crack. dan brings up another important point. given this defense right now, casey anthony, to make it effective, will have to take the stand, right? >> well, she absolutely will. and under our constitution, nobody has to take the stand. you have a right to remain
7:37 am
silent and not incriminate yourself, but now that they have introduced the theory that she was molested, how else are they going to get that to the jury? they don't want her to be evaluated psychologically or psychiatrically because then the state shrink can interview her. they can't get it in through a doctor so she will have to take the stand or baez will not be able to deliver his promise in the opening statement. >> cross-examination of her will be very tough. >> they'll go day by day to ask her. so day one after you claim your child died, you were going here, why? you were partying here, why? you took this picture, why? what were you thinking here then? that's a really tough cross-examination for her to endure, but i agree with nancy that if they're going to deliver on this promise, how else do you demonstrate that george anthony did this apart from having casey anthony testify?
7:38 am
>> dan and nancy, thank you both very much. and now back to joplin and sam with the weather. >> hey, george. only 57 ef-5 tornadoes have ever been reported since 1950, since we were keeping records. it's a very rare list and joplin is now on it. let's get to the boards and show you exactly what is going on. start with how this storm system moves through the country and create more severe storms today right in the middle of the country. there is a risk zone from the area and louisville is involved. heavy rain. 2 to 3 inches and, by the way, some hot temperatures
7:39 am
all that weather was brought to you by discover. when we come back with weather next half hour, we'll talk about the western flooding that could be some of the worst in years. >> just keeps getting worse. also when we come back, more from oprah's only interview after she says good-bye to her show. what she says she miss the most. an abc news exclusive. i'm good about washing my face.
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coming up on 7:43. more from our exclusive interview with oprah, her final show airs today. remarkable 25-year run. as she gets ready to say good-bye, he gave her only exit interview to cheryl burton in oprah's beloved chicago. >> i often say nobody but jesus could have made this happen for me. i had no stylist. i had no publicist. i had no marketing savvy. i was the most naive in terms of how things operated, how the business operated. >> the queen of talk spoke candiddley to cheryl about the early years and early dreams of being on a certain morning show. >> i asked who they please just send my tape to "good morning america" so that i could substitute for joan lunden when she went on vacation.
7:44 am
and my agent at the time said, no, that's not going to happen. everybody told me when i moved to chicago when i was in the process of moving, there is no w way you'll succeed. gayle is the only person who said i think you can beat donahue. i thought that was ridiculous. the intern who started same day i did i did my audition, that intern ended up being a publicist for me because when i was getting mail and i couldn't handle all of the mail, i said alice i'll pay you a dollar a letter. after a couple hundred letters a week, i was saying i can't pay you a dollar anymore. i'm not kidding. i would get asked to do things, alice, what do you think? "good housekeeping?" "ladies home journal," and she would say, let me call my mom. she would call her mom and say do "good housekeeping" they have the seal of approval. >> anybody dead or alive that you wanted to interview but you
7:45 am
didn't? >> i wanted to interview jackie onassis. i remember her calling me years ago about doing a book when she was working as an editor. i said i would do a book if you'll do an interview. and she just sort of laughed and i sort of laughed and didn't do a book and she didn't do an interview. >> reporter: from the beginning she says it was all about connect with the audience. >> we wanted to create a show that let people know they were not alone. wanted to tell the story of people like ourselves so that i could see my story in you and i could feel your struggle and my own through you. >> reporter: oprah says after 25 years, she has no regrets. and the things she will miss the most is the city of chicago and the viewers that believed in her. >> i will miss the connection to a community that really embraced me in such a way that allowed
7:46 am
this national platform of the oprah winfrey show to become what it is. so, i'm grateful for the fact that we were right here at that particular time and it was these people and this audience that made this happen. >> cheryl did a terrific job on that interview. the impact. you just cannot underestimate and understate the impact she's had on so many. our staff members, their entire lives they had oprah. >> 25 years, every single afternoon. >> she will be missed after never be another oprah. are you the ultimate oprah fan? head to the website, test your knowledge with the ultimate oprah trivia quiz. you ready to get this party started? >> backstage with the stars. cash back with my credit card? love the idea.
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7:50 am
the excitement is building for the after party and lara is
7:51 am
backstage right now. >> hey, you gieshgs behind the scenes backstage and show you something. over here in the green room, look who it is. chelsea and mark. oh, look, just a little conversation. what does hines have in his hand? just something he found last night. hi, kirstie. where is your partner? >> he's over there getting powder. >> of course, maks in the makeup chair. we have secrets. we'll dish. good clean hands. even if it's not your child's birthday how could singing happy birthday in the bathroom help birthday how could singing happy birthday in the bathroom help your kids clean, germ use the hand towel analyzer at and find out what could be on your cloth hand towel. [ ribbits ] upgrade to kleenex hand towels for a clean, fresh towel every time.
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7:56 am
and 680 approaching geary an
7:57 am
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7:58 am
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flo is a gentle giant. bundle home and auto at this morning, "good morning america" turns broadway into a ballroom of dancing stars. last night, the pressure was on kirstie, hines and chelsea. a grand finale of style, stamina and showmanship. but in the end it was hines who danced his heart out and won it all. champion hines ward is here, with kirstie alley and chelsea kane to strut their stuff. and now, live from times square, this is "dancing with the stars," the after party! >> you heard the man! it's the after party and here they come. joining us here in times square. led by the champion hines ward. his partner, kym johnson.
8:01 am
you can tell they had a night last night. they lumber in here. >> they flew all night long to be with us here at times square. >> after a perfect night. everyone perfect scores last night. >> i think hines' shirt says it best "happy," very happy. tired. >> come on up. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> so happy for you. congratulations. >> we will stand, we will dish. >> you know, you and i are -- i will arm wrestle you for him. >> you guys have a lot of competition for that. >> we have a lot to get to. a lot of your questions to ask them and so much more. the after party is officially under way. >> that's right. right here in times square. but we do have some news this
8:02 am
morning and we want to go back up to josh elliott who has the news right now. and we're going to begin once again in the ravaged midwest where at least 13 people are now confirmed dead after new line of tornadoes ripped across oklahoma and kansas and arkansas. this is the damage from the town of denning, arkansas, that the tornado just laid waste to. our matt gutman is further west, in cashion, oklahoma, and joins us with the very latest. matt, good morning. >> reporter: morning, josh. this is the site of one of the spots where those nearly 40 tornadoes hit overnight across seven states. this was a one-story brick home obliterated, one person died. i'll take you to see the debris field. stretches across 20 miles across these fields. so far, say officials. now yesterday we got to see one of these tornadoes up close and personal. we were traveling with the storm chasers and we watched at one point as a swirling tornado began to form ahead of us then dropped down and we watched as it created this trail of destruction across parts of oklahoma.
8:03 am
now, these storm chasers do it partly for the adrenaline but for the science. they want to figure better warning systems. we had some towns with no warning systems and they're worried this could cause death and destruction and hopefully their science can prove beneficial to folks in the midwest. >> some stunning images. matt gutman again live with the latest. and president obama is address the british parliament at this hour. the president also said any middle east peace deal would need wrenching compromise by both the israelis and palestinians. and abc news has learned that the justice department is prepared to indict former presidential candidate john edwards for allegedly violating campaign laws while trying to cover up his extramarital affair. edwards could make a plea
8:04 am
bargain or face a potentially costly trial. and elizabeth smart will face her kidnapper for perhaps the final time today. the confrontation takes place in a salt lake city courtroom where she'll confront him about the brutal ordeal that began with her kidnapping nearly nine years ago. sharyn alfonsi with a preview. >> reporter: she'll get final word, facing the man who kidnapped her from her home and then held her captive nine long months. we all remember her story, just 14 years old when she was kidnapped from the bedroom she shared with her little sister. today, elizabeth is 23, poised and holds her head high as she relives the horror she survived. elizabeth smart says that she hopes to deliver a message of hope to other victims of today's sentencing. >> i'm not exactly sure what i'm going to say yet. and so i guess we'll just see when the time comes. >> reporter: her attorneys and
8:05 am
family have no doubt she's up to the task. her detailed testimony against the kidnapper helped convict him. she told the jury that after he kidnapped her from her bedroom he held her captive, drugged her, threatened to killed her and repeatedly sexually assaulted her. she told oprah about he ordeal. >> there was a knife at my back. he threatened with either killing me or my family or someone i love. >> reporter: smart's kidnapping captivated the country. nine months after she was taken, she was rescued, spotted on the side of the road walking with her kidnapper in brought daylight just miles from her salt lake city home. still, the case took years to go question because of question over mitchell, a self-proclaimed prophet's, mental health. >> she's spent eight years of her life being traumatized and working through the healing process. >> reporter: that little girl that 14-year-old victim is an adult advocate with plans to
8:06 am
help other victims with her message today. >> i have seen so much potential i have to help another child, another girl, another boy, making a difference in their life. >> reporter: and smart just completed a mormon missionary trip to paris where she talked about her survival. she's expected to deliver frank words directly to her kidnapper. she says she would like to see him put in jail for life. mitchell's wife was sentenced to 15 years in prison for her role in the kidnapping. to washington, d.c., two police officers have been suspended after this video posted online. it shows them pulling a homeless man out of a wheelchair, slamming him to the ground face first. they accused him of resisting arrest after drinking in public but those charges have now been dropped. you might want to put down that cup of joe in your hand and take a look at coffee prices. the company that sells folger's
8:07 am
dunkin' donuts and millstone bagged coffee announced a 11% price increase, fourth price hike in a year. prices overall are up some 40% in the last year because of shortages, bad weather. that's a steeper increase than gas prices over the same period. a quick look at the headlines. now to a place i found very hard to leave yesterday, the ravaged town of joplin, missouri, where our sam champion remains. sam? hey, josh, good morning. you can see the landscape is still brutal behind us as far as you can see here in joplin. some of those long-form tornadoes on the ground in oklahoma and denning, arkansas, and 50, 60 miles of tornadoes. western flooding, could be the worst flooding in years for montana, utah, colorado, arizona, california, all from melting a record snow pack in the mountain. in some places 200% normal snow
8:08 am
and more rain from the west coast today. here what is the storms will fire up. look at all this. strong storms will fire up today in the pink zone, could be additional tornadoes, this is a moderate risk zone. quick look at the big board. talk about the warm, summer-like weather in the northeast today. aom new york, d.c. to maine, >> and we are live in joplin, missouri, but now to times square in new york and our lara spencer. good morning, lara.
8:09 am
>> good morning. great job out there. behind me, there he is, the winner of "dancing with the stars" and the finalists, you can see i've got the prize and we're going to dish. we'll find out what really happened on the dance floor. we'll dance and we have a few surprises. all that and more, coming up on "good morning america." come on now! [ sniffs ] bacon?! gotta get that bacon! bacon?! bacon! smokey bacon, meaty bacon, tasty bacon! bacon? ohh, la, la... oh, i say, is that bacon?! oh, good heavens! bacon! bacon! bacon! bacon! who wants a beggin' strip? meee! i'd get it myself but i don't have thumbs! yum, yum, yum, yum, yum... it's bacon!!! mmmmm...i love you. i love bacon. i love you. i love bacon. i love you. [ male announcer ] beggin' strips! made with real bacon. there's no time like beggin' time.
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8:13 am
8:14 am
>> good morning! "dancing with the stars." kym johnson and hines ward! kirstie alley and maks chmerkovskiy. chelsea kane and mark ballas! >> nice touch with that. all right. so, this is going to happen every day for the rest of your lives. every morning will be like this. congratulations to you all. >> thank you. >> thank you for taking the trip. you got a little bit right here. i'll take it off your head.
8:15 am
you want to take a look at the winning moment from last night? shall we? here's another look. >> the winners and new champions of "dancing with the stars" are -- hines and kym! >> big smile this morning. hines you have that visualization thing all season long, seeing that mirror ball trophy, how did it feel to finally hold it? >> felt amazing. for me when i signed up for "dancing with the stars," i never danced in my whole life. i was so scared. didn't go to my prom. i had a big fear of dancing. it was exciting. >> are you going to take some moves back to the football field? >> actually i am. i'm going to use my dance moves,
8:16 am
if i happen to get a touchdown, a move for kym, a cha cha in the end zone. >> kirstie! fell in love with you all over again and number thing people are asking and you've said it, you got to go back to the big screen. back to movies, right? >> i am. it's time. yeah. >> why do you say that? why do you feel that way now? >> my kids, i couldn't really travel with my kids for various reasons, i couldn't and now i can and now they're of a certain age. and also, it inspired me -- i good gotten complacent anne work yo your -- off in this. i see how good i have it, honestly. >> everybody says that this is the hardest they've ever worked. >> it's the hardest physically that i've ever worked in my life. i'm not lazy at all, i'm sure
8:17 am
you're not lazy. sure you're not lazy. it's insane. it's brutal. >> chelsea, you are already a superstar with the disney channel, i have a request to bring two autographs home. how does it feel to have millions and millions of more new fans? >> it's really surreal and amazing. to be in the finals with these guys was such an honor and we had such a blast. i'm so grateful to everyone who got me here and thank you for inviting me into your home and making this experience so wonderful. >> you've been wonderful. kirstie, be a girlfriend and taking those pieces of confetti out of chelsea's hair. >> i thought they looked pretty. >> oh, thank you. >> sparkles now -- >> all right, kym. how you feeling? because you know you really put a scare into all of us. >> i had a big scare myself. but yeah, i felt fine. i feel fine now. obviously straight off there it was pretty scary.
8:18 am
hines got me through. there was a moment where i didn't know if i would be able to continue with competition and the semifinals and then made the finals, all hines getting me through that. >> and the emotion we saw from you hines. >> for me, i'm involved in that type of environment each and every sunday. so, looking down at her and that could have easily went the other way. i don't know how i could have lived with myself. just tears of joy three days after that we nailed our performance and here we are dancing again. just amazing. after being with each other for so long for 10, 13 weeks, five hours a day, six, searchen hours a day we grew a relationship. it's like family. you see your family get carted off into the ambulance it's not a great feeling. i was happy she's dancing again. >> so great to see you guys come back like that. you said you're like family right now. kym taught you so much about dancing.
8:19 am
but taught her a lot. we want to show just a little bit. >> you know what i'm saying? that was tight. >> oh, that was tight. hines has been teaching me some of his slang. i know what's up, playa? what's up shorty? let's slide. i think? i think that's-i think the slide line. >> you say crunk this joint? it's cranking? >> no. >> no more lingo. let's get crunk. >> we had fun. that's what made it fun. i woke up in the morning, i looked forward to going to practice. she made it fun for me just to go out there. not only just learn the dance e routine but learn each other. we spoke english but didn't understand each other half the time. >> you all had fun, including
8:20 am
kirstie and maks. maks, people have said before that you were the bad boy of the ball room. but we saw a different side of you. did kirstie bring out something? you're still bad, you're still bad. >> i don't even know what bad boy ball room means, actually. but yeah, i was just focused on kirstie and she came in, put her trust in me and just like everybody else here we just do our best. i think a compilation of the best pros of the show. >> the joy you had. >> uh, yeah. i think culminating moment of the week's work is every monday when they do what they do and we're just proud of them and their accomplishments. >> not bad. >> not bad at all. it. >> was joyous. don't get me wrong, i loved it, every second of the way. amazing journey, amazing experience. sounds cliche but no way of saying it. i was looking forward to coming
8:21 am
to practice just like hines and he's a cry baby, cries every day. every day. >> seemed like everybody, you set goals for yourself. you were very vocal about a particular goal, this thing that you set for yourself. >> making my ass smaller? >> that's the condensed version. let's take another look. >> not that i'm counting, but i am, i figure every week with the dancing is about five pounds. i have 40 more pounds to lose so honestly, i do have to make the finals if i want to reach my goal. >> you wore the same dress that you wore at the opening night. >> yeah, taken in a little. >> in fact, they -- wardrobe said 38 inches, all throughout the dress. you can see the difference here. did you meet your goal?
8:22 am
>> there's mini me. i'm not quite done but yeah, i did really well. i'm not quite finished but i'm happy. shut up! >> what did he say? >> so, maks, special request from every lady on staff, they wanted to see this moment again from the season. >> you know what's coming. >> i'm not cocky, i know what i'm doing. [ bleep ] is not cocky, i have very good vision. i see myself, go who is that sex? it's like sex on a stick. like i'm a stick that's been dipped in a boiling pot of sex. [ laughter ] and it like -- i just ate it. and that's what i am. >> what does that mean? >> i have common sense. >> i don't think so.
8:23 am
>> i've never seen you blush. >> i -- >> mark is loving it. >> i got to say, i think this is the many hours of practice. you get a little delusional. that's what it was. >> must have been. mark and chelsea, you brought it as well. you certainly did. >> thank you. >> i understand behind the scenes you were pranksters with water gun fights? >> we just -- we were at rehearsal so long every day. like maks said, delirium, delusion kicked in. i thought it would be fun to throw water on her. >> it was a blast. >> she got me back. she got me good. here it comes. watch the gun. >> chelsea always taking it a step too far, right now. >> didn't you -- "price is right" didn't you sneak on that set? >> apparently you're not allowed
8:24 am
to spin the "price is right" wheel unless you are on the show. i decided to spin it. you see it sitting there, that's what anyone would do. unfor the fatly, there is a picture. 30 seconds before security started chasing me. mark filmed the whole hysterica. not like hard for security to figure what show we were with, in the hot pink cha cha dress. that would give it away. >> mark, you took so many chances with the dances. >> choreography. >> where did the ideas come from? >> i don't know. we would sit together and kind of brainstorm them out. i wanted every dance to have a story dlienl and theme. it would be more than just dance steps on a wooden floor. i wanted it take the audience and fans on a journey. we did it together. it was a blast. >> eye makeup -- >> anything to wear guy-liner. >> as always, we have special messages from family and friends and we have -- you play for the steelers, isn't that right?
8:25 am
something with the steeler nation all around. i think we have a few hall of famers, too. >> oh, yeah? >> a little shout-out. >> hines, congratulations, we're dancing with the street in pittsburgh and now known as the city of dancing champions. >> and hines you have proven once again that the true artists on and off the field is a wide receiver. >> congratulations, hines. you know, all those touchdown dances did not prepare you for this incredible feat that you have done. congratulations. [ cheers and applause ] >> the towels are out again. >> for -- i think it speaks volume about our organization. we're top class organization. >> sure are. >> we have the best fans in all of sports. this competition was so close, throughout the whole season, we knew it would come down to fan voting and steeler nation, heineken nation, bulldog nation, everybody showed their support. you know, for us, i'm so
8:26 am
thankful, so grateful to be here today. >> i think we have a special presentation. lara, are you somewhat? >> that's awesome. >> we at "good morning america" thought it would be great, first dave next season to wear this. we think the guys would like it. >> i like that. thank you so much. >> do this delicately. >> thank you so much. >> and lucky socks. >> lucky socks. >> they say "eat, sleep, dance." >> that's all we did all of the time.
8:27 am
volunteers and crews resuming their search in san francisco this morning for a missing teenager. allison baylor has not been seen since monday morning. the bike she was riding near golden gate bridge yesterday morning and police and volunteers scoured the shoreline and volunteers will hand out flyers in the city today. a vigil is planned at 7:00 at danville congressional church. traffic is not looking very good in san leandro because an overturned crash at davis. but the flatbed tow truck is at the scene. there is very heavy traffic in
8:28 am
the northbound direction, as well. we'll check out the bay bridge toll plaza this morning. it's going quite physical in hisly. backed up to the west grand. >>
8:29 am
a ear look at live doppler 7 hd. radar returns up in the north bay and scattered radar returns moving into the east bay valleys. our rain is going to be rather light and probably out of here
8:30 am
by 3:00. less than 10th of an inch. after today, temperatures will still be belo ♪ >> you know -- >> you can't hold back. >> move just a little bit. just a little bit. we're getting under way with the "dancing with the stars" party, after party, all three finalists are here, including the champion, hines ward. he winked at me. did you see that? >> you did get it. >> we have your questions, so many of you sent in questions, we'll get to that and so much more. >> vote on the song they'll cha cha to later in the show. is it "dynamite" by taio cruz or "more" but usher or "on the floor" by jennifer lopez. use "gma" app on your phone or on our website. stay tuned and find out who
8:31 am
everyone picked. >> we have on friday of course, kick off our summer concert series is lady gaga. all of this getting us set for this. we've been asking you to send in your videos to kind of channel lady gaga and you have done just that. we have a mom with her daughter, "born this way" from roe and her daughters chloe and jessica here in new york. ♪ baby i was born this way ♪ baby i was born this way ♪ born this way ♪ baby i was born this way ♪ reich track baby i was born this way ♪ >> a little family affair. send in your videos right now. big convert friday, we hope it's day like today. beautiful day in new york. go back to joplin and sam champion with the weather. hey, sam. >> good morning, gang. let's get to some weather. we have a lot to talk about. start about with what is going
8:32 am
on in the northeast. gorgeous summer-like weather and temperatures near the 80s in a lot of location. washington wall street, go north to new york and philly in the middle and boston and into maine. temperatures in the 70s in the extreme northern location but you are hanging right there at the 80 degree mark in new york city and washington, d.c. 90 as you get a bit south of that. here is where storms will be rolling today. a lot of that action, that stalled system that had just been pouring rain and storms over this area in joplin, missouri. and shifted east. showed line from chicagoland with big storms around the area to all points south. atlanta, 91 and those storms will move in the following 24-hour period and more toward
8:33 am
>> all that weather was brought to you by choice and we're live in joplin, missouri, this morning. back to times square. >> i couldn't hear but we're back with our dancing finalists, hines and kym, kirstie and maks, chelsea and mark, they'll take your questions. put them on the hot seat, coming in on twitter, e-mail and people in times square. as we begin, hines wasn't the only one with special message. we also have one for kirstie. >> i love you. i'm so proud of you. you made it into the final three. you're amazing. unstoppable, unbeatable. i miss you. i can't wait to sigh more often now that you're not dancing so much with maks. bye. >> kirstie, you are phenomenal. i think you did an amazing job. you're fab louse dancer.
8:34 am
everyone got to see your personality. and you're a sexy mama and you're a huge inspiration for everyone. congratulations. >> all right, sexy mama. wasn't that very sweet? >> very sweet. >> we have questions. e-mail questions. first one from hines from joanne of washington, d.c. she wants to know where will you park your mirror ball trophy? >> right beside my super bowl mvp trophy. the two go hand in hand. >> all right. this is one to kirstie and maks, comes from sharmaine. will you and maix will -- maks will stay friends after all this is over? >> no. >> actually, we're not done dancing, so on june 5, new york hotel, we're dancing together. so, everybody can come. >> june 5. >> june 5.
8:35 am
>> look forward to that. some audience questions. there. >> this is ralph from new york. what is your question for hines? >> compare "dancing with the stars" training to nfl camp. >> a great question. it's a little different. not as physical on the football field but getting in the ballroom, dancing five, six hours a day it definitely, i think we all lost weight. so we all got in shape. i'm ready for the season to start. i feel good about myself now. >> joshgs we have a twitter question? >> some twitter, celebrity tweet of sorts, my old partner at espn, old partner of yours, maks, erin andrews, congrats to an inspiring season. so special to see how life-changing it was for you both. couple of tweets from a couple of guys you know well. hines, mike wallace, congrats on winning and max starks, 78,
8:36 am
congrats, you did it homie, pittsburgh still the city of champions. a question from josh elliott here in times square. we have to know, my old day job, they want to know at espn, will you have a day job this fall? will we have football? >> i'm optimistic about the football season. i know things don't look good right now, but something will get done before preseason starts and you'll see football. we all want to watch football this year. >> there are millions and millions of people who want to watch some football. >> we want to play. >> chelsea, a video message for you. a good friend who was a finalist too, last season. take a look. >> i'm extremely, extremely proud of you. to me, you're still a winner. you danced your heart out. you had a phenomenal partner and phenomenal run on this show. i love you to death and congratulations. >> kyle massey. >> a question for you guys as well chelsea and mark from mary
8:37 am
in muncie, indiana, do you wish you could keep any of your costumes? if so, which ones? >> i may have stolen some of my pants, but though american pants -- >> i stole my wizard hat. >> you have a question for maks? >> yes, maks. my name is mary and this is my daughter maddie, she's 13. she's been studying ballroom for six years now and i was wondering when did you start and how long did you study ballroom before you decided that you were going to become a professional? >> when did you start, maks and when did you know would you make it your career? >> oh, i started when i was 4. unfortunately, my parents made that choice for me. i wanted to be a swimmer. >> it worked out okay. it worked out. >> i'm not regretting it. >> i think everything worked out
8:38 am
for you. >> thank you. >> good question. >> a tweet for the pros. and kym, let's start with you. will all three of you be back next season? >> i can't wrap my head around next season now. getting the mirror ball is amazing. maybe. we never find out until just before. >> maks, you want back in? >> it's going to take -- the show is an opportunity. >> maybe we could dip another stick. >> we don't find out until the last minute. still getting over this one. if we're asked i'm sure we'll be back. >> so great to have all of you here. we'll come back with the dances in just a bit. but let's turn back the clock. the day before the dancing, we caught up with the stars for a special "your three words," the
8:39 am
song is "turn it up." ♪ ♪ can you feel the heat is rising ♪ ♪ you can see the lightning flashing ♪ ♪ from where i live i hear the voices joining ♪ ♪ the feeling is keep us in ♪ we don't care what you say ♪ we don't care what you say ♪ we don't care what you say ♪ we're coming up, we're coming ♪ ♪ if you're afraid fear will only break your heart ♪ ♪ if you're afraid
8:40 am
the wall will keep them away ♪ ♪ we don't care what you say ♪ we're coming up we're coming up ♪ we don't care what you say ♪ ♪ we turn it up, we turn it up we don't care what you say ♪ ♪ we're coming up, we turn it up we don't care what you say ♪ ♪ we turn it up we don't care what you say ♪ ♪ we turn it up we don't care what you say ♪ >> and when we come back, all of the finalist dancing live right near in times square. ♪
8:41 am
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>> mom, we're very sorry to hear you didn't win the trophy but we're still unbelievably proud of you for making the finals. >> we're so proud of us and to us you did win and you made it so far and from the beginning you've been doing such great job. we're thrilled you were able do this. i'm so proud of you. >> kirstie alley's beautiful children. now it is time for the finalists
8:44 am
to strut their stuff. here is our announcer with the first couple. >> dancing the samba, chelsea kane and her partner, mark ballas. ♪ ♪ without rhythm your heart wouldn't beat ♪ ♪ direction without mood without shape ♪ so tonight we say ♪ hip hip chin chin hip hip chin chin ♪ ♪ the beat ♪ the beat
8:45 am
♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> dancing the cha cha, kirstie alley and her partner maksim chmerkovskiy. >> louder. ♪ see you cloung round town with the girl i love and i'm like forget you ♪
8:46 am
♪ i guess that change in my pocket wasn't enough ♪ ♪ i'm like forget you and forget her too ♪ ♪ sorry can't afford a ferrari ♪ that don't mean i can't get thr threw -- threw ♪ he's x xbox and i'm more atari, ♪ i pity the poor fool who falls in love with you ♪ ♪ well ♪ whoo, i got some news for you ♪ ♪ yeah tell your little boyfriend ♪ i see your clowning around town with a girl i love ♪ i'm like forget you on forget her too ♪ ♪ if i was richer i would still be with ya ♪ ♪ ♪ the pain in my chest i still
8:47 am
wish you the best ♪ >> more when we come back. a
8:48 am
8:49 am
hey, remember at the beginning when you just wanted to make it past the third show? you were in the finals. i'm so proud. congratulations. >> you bring so much joy and i'm so proud of you. this has been so much fun. love you. >> kiddo i'm super proud, too. you did great. i think you're a winner. >> special message from chelsea from her family.
8:50 am
and now, they had grace, they had grit, they had fun and the season 12 champs are here for their final dance. >> dancing the samba, hines ward and his partner, kym johnson. >> ready? ♪ ♪ ♪ every man has a place in his heart there's a place and the world can't release his fantasy ♪ take a ride in the sky ♪ on the ship in the sky ♪ all your dreams will come true right away ♪ and we will live together ♪ ♪ until the 12th of never
8:51 am
♪ our voices will ring forever as one ♪ ♪ come and see ♪ in a land called fantasy ♪ you and me, to behold your soul in ec taes ♪ ♪ you will find ♪ of the kind that has been search in of you ♪ ♪ many lives with you too ♪ ♪ >> good job. >> yeah. >> when we come back, the final dance that you chose. we'll reveal the winner after the break. ngngngngngngngngngngnx
8:52 am
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8:54 am
good morning again to the "dancing with the stars" crew. kirstie, maks, kym, hines,
8:55 am
chelsea, mark, congratulations. and thank you so much. as always, we're online at abc and the latest tonight with diane sawyer on "world news." >> you got to choose the song for the last dance. the three finalists "dynamite" "more" by usher and "on the floor." and who is the winner? "on the floor" jennifer lopez. now for the last dance, thank you for an unforgettable morning here at "good morning america." ♪ >> george! ♪ >> whoo!
8:56 am
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
looks like 669 air code may only apply to new members. supervisors have voted the area code for existing numbers. and traffic flow and let's talk to about mike about the weather. >> here you go with the best radar returns up in the north bay but scattered radar returns for rest of us. that is way it will be, scattered, light rain less to an tenth of an inch and you could get up to a quarter of an inch. >> and southbound 101 slows through san rafael to madera where there is a stall and stall in the northba


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