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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100AM  ABC  May 25, 2011 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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right now searchers are combing a large area around the golden gate bridge hoping today they might find a missing danville girl, allison bayliss disappeared and her bike was found in crissy field yesterday. amy hollyfield has the latest. >> reporter: they have been searching all morning and plans to give us an update at 11:30 this morning for a status update. there is a new picture this morning, this one surfaced on
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facebook, it shows her getting out of the embarcadero bart station on monday morning. this is exactly what her friends and family that she had planned and then they believe she headed to the golden gate bridge. today four different public agencies have been searching for allison bayliss along the waterfront on foot, all of them watching the shoreline and watching the golden gate bridge looking for any signs of 15-year-old girl. she was last seen monday morning at her high school. she had been feeling upset and isolated. her bike was found near the golden gate bridge yesterday morning. even though sources say she left a status on her facebook page indicating she may take her own life. >> we are hopeful we will find
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her. we generally will search very thoroughly to find a missing person. >> a couple of volunteers from danville showed up trying to figure out how to help, even in the rain. they say they feel like they have to do something. >> we care about family, and they are neighbors and part of our community. >> there is a huge volunteer effort yesterday, many people from the danville community showed up at chrissie field-golden gate bridge area. on the search on her facebook page it had more than 11,000 hits and communities really turned out in the golden gate bridge area. there is a vigil scheduled tonight at the danville congressional church. anyone is allowed to come and that is scheduled for 7:00
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tonight. live in san francisco, amy hollyfield, "abc 7 news". >> reporter: now to the deadly storms across the south and midwest. 13 people were killed when overnight storms and tornadoes cut through three states. >> storm chasers caught an incredible video of some the twisters as they touched down around oklahoma state. at least eight people have died in that state. golf ball-sized hail damaged countless other homes and they are blamed for killing two people in kansas and three in arkansas. new twisters come days after massive tornado killed 122 people in joplin, missouri. city leaders are refusing of abandoning home to find more survivors. 1500 people are still missing and they are reexamining areas
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that have already been searched as many as three times. they have been training search dogs for over a decade and she is not giving up. >> newly released video shows how quickly it hit joplin on sunday. take a look. customers spotted a tornado out of a window and rushed to take cover. moments later the twister blew out the shops windows and sent debris flying. moments later, sunday's tornado packed winds up to 200 miles an hour. here is the bay area we have scattered showers still. meteorologist mike nicco is tracking the system. >> let's check out the rain. still up in the north bay but starting to coming down into san
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pablo rain and started raining 20 minutes ago. it's been around 2/10s in santa rosa to tenth in mill valley and it looks as we'll measure this around to a tenth and less. i expect this line to slowly sink to the southeast to about 3:00. to loose a lot of its strength, about a quarter of an inch in the north bay and tenth of an inch around the bay and couple hundredths in south bay. we'll talk about how this moves out a dry and cool weekend coming up in the forecast. >> memorial day, thanks a lot. >> a man was rushed to the hospital this morning after being hit by a car while he was walking. the intersection happened around monterey road and the san jose driver didn't stop. they don't believe he was drinking. the german was in his 40s. no word on whether the driver will face any charges. >> new technology that could
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revolutionize the lives of people in wheelchairs is being unveiled this morning. imagine, an intelligent device that allows patients to stand up and walk again. terry mcsweeney does not have to imagine it, he saw firsthand at the medical center. >> truly amazing. from very medical center, certainly one of hope for people in wheelchairs, the second one from the woman who was in a wheelchair and trying to walk around today. her message don't text and drive, that is how she got into the wheelchair in the first place. first, the message of hope. take a look at 24-year-old woman from salinas she is getting around with the use of e-legs. a miracle of sorts. >> this is a device developed by berkeley but on ix and it's operated by her physical therapist.
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as time goes by the hope is she will be operating it herself. they take measured steps lift and lowering her her legs. >> i did really well for not knowing and not having any previous training, i think because my injury is fairly new. my body still remembers. i'm shifting my weight and keeping my balance. >> this set of e-legs one of two in existence from berkeley bionics is being tested at ten hospitals nationwide. the only public hospital and the only hospital in the state testing it. if all goes as planned, they would be mass produced in 2013.
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stephanie's message in addition to hope, do not text and drive. that is what she was doing in january of this year, not wearing her seat belt. she was thrown from a car, she is now paralyzed. do not text and drive and for those in a wheelchair, hope may be on the way. a lot of testing still to be done. it may be mass produced by 2013. still ahead, what parents can do today for free to try to cheap their children safe and a federal investigation looking into whether john edwards' ♪ [ male announcer ] if you're ready to get more from your tv service
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. have. today is national missing children's day and volunteers are taking steps to identify kids that are involved in emergency situations. several agencies are holding a fingerprinting at the walt disney child museum in san francisco. current and retired law enforcement officers were taking the prints as well as the description and dental records. former presidential
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candidate john edwards is under an investigation for political financing all triggered by an affair with a photographer that resulted in a love child. >> the relationship with real hunter begin in 2007. in august of 2008 he incidentally did admit of the affair but denied pa tewt of the child now three years old. >> i know it's not possible this child could be mine because of the timing of the sleents. so i know it's not possible. >> last year, edwards did finally admit the child was his. the government's case claims that campaign donations were used to cover up the affair while he ran for president. the star witness will be andrew young who initially claimed that hunter's child was his.
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young claims that he masterminded the plot to keep the affair secret. it finally headed the marriage. elizabeth filed for separation and died of cancer this past december. they say edwards can either fight the charges or make a plea deal. who he says if it goes to trial and he goes to jail, he won't be able to practice law again. ♪ >> westminster hall in london as president obama addressed the parliament today. he sent a message that american and european influence remains as dominant at ever even though china and india asserted themselves. >> of what they are or who they believe, we are the nations most willing to stand up for the values of self-determination
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that lead the peace and dignity. >> earlier he and the first lady joined david cameron and his wife at a barbecue to honor troops from both countries. the two first ladies served side dishes while mr. obama and cameron flipped burgers. see they had a nice burger flipping weather. >> let's take a look outside and show you what is going on. you are can definitely see some rain and problems we had in emeryville. we'll tell you how long the light rain will last and if it will affect your weekend. >> a local boy gets national attention for his mapping skills and the national's biggest banks will make it easier if anybody with a cellphone to transfer
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25 years and i'm still saying thank you america, thank you so much. there are no words to match this moment. >> today marks the end of an era oprah's final show. the queen of talk appears alone on stage as she told the audience what they meant to her. she didn't say goodbye, instead, until we meet again and then she hugged and kissed her long time partner and shaked hands with audience members before walking off with her staff. you can watch it today at 4:00 p.m. and starting tomorrow, please join us for an hour long newscast with carolyn johnson and larry beil. >> the answer is san carlos. the top student. >> the final round talked place
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in washington d.c. a 13-year-old infections correctly identified ecuador as where a volcano is located and he won a $25,000 and a trip to the galapagos island. and fourth grader at hillsborough took eighth place and his dad tweeted we are so proud of them. watch the finals on june 13th on pbs. >> speaking of mapping. where are we not seeing rain right now? >> pretty much south of san francisco but really close to those areas and continues to fall in the north bay. here is the golden gate bridge, where it is raining right now, a nice steady light rain. at one point in time it will come in sideways as the cancelled front nears our neighborhoods.
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here is a look at downtown neighborhoods. north from south beach. let's move on show you what is going on. i want to show you the big picture. in case you are traveling i want to let you know most of the central valley is going to be wet. as you head into the higher elevation, there is a winter advisory until 6:00 tomorrow morning, we could have a couple of inches of snow develop as pass level so chains may be required. still highlights, light rain is what we're dealing with. once we get past that, showers will develop. all of us will be cool today. scattered showers reinforce the cool holiday weekend so it will be breezy and at least dry. it won't feel like the unofficial kickoff to summer. this will be late afternoon once the sky starts to clear. east bay valleys, low to mid-50s
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here. south bay, in mid to upper 60s as you move up into the peninsula, mid-50s along the coast today. 61 in downtown san francisco. we'll be in mid to upper 50s around the north bay beaches all the way down to sausalito, low to mid-50s. you'll see the sunshine first, low to mid-60s around monterey bay. you see the rain quickly tapers as you head south from sacramento and temperatures warm to 93 in palm springs. if you are going to the giants game tonight, playing the marlins, a stray shower is possible, it's going to be dry. 55 degrees is when the game temperature is, that is what you need to do deal with is the cool temperatures there. here is the cold front as we drop down and take a look. north bay, right through the heart of the bay and on the pen coast, this is slowly moving through and it kind of falls apart by 4:00 rolls around.
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evening commute should be dry. left over scattered showers as the upper-level low brings us scattered showers. once we get to midnight we wake up to at partly cloudy conditions tomorrow. most of us will get to tenth to .05 in the south bay. >> temperatures will warm up five to ten degrees but those highs are still well below average. it won't be the official kickoff to the summer yet. >> thanks, mike. >> minor problems for one of the shuttle astronauts walking out of space. one had to almost retreat back in the international space station when he got soap in his eye. he managed to rub his eye
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against a strap in his helmet. one more spacewalk is planned. endeavour is expected back on earth june 1st. >> three of the largest banks is making it easier to transfer money. bank of america and wells fargo and j.p. morgan chase, it will let people transfer money transfer from accounts using a cell number. it puts pressure on ebay and paypal that dominate for online electronic payments. >> what kind of men are most women attracted to.
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coming up at 5:00, google times up with a banking giant blowing millions to the wind and bay area memories of oprah from those that benefited the most from the favorite things episode. those stories and more at 5:00. finally, new proof that good girls like bad boys. a study shows women find smug, gloomy bad boys more attractive
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than nice guys. they respond differently to guys that smile. and conceited can be taken as confidence but less attracted to those that those that were incompetent. >> i've been acting nice all the time for nothing? >> you love your wife and so keep up with mr. nice guy. >> what is the weather going to be? >> rain until about 4:00. >> have a great day. bye-bye. after we me dqa diyoú floor look brand new,
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