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tv   ABC 7 News at 5PM  ABC  May 25, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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grass and weed pollen. >> i am heped by the shots and not miserable anymore in the spring season. just slightly uncomfortable. >> a report said allergies are on the rise because of global climmate change. the doctor with the lerga ledge lerge alergeys and asthma associates. >> we have had dry weather and a lot of patients that have not been seen in years. >> they cite a study from quest diagnostics. there is a six percent increase in overall lerge -- allergies and a 12 percent increase in mold allergies. the evidence indicates a increase in co2 levels is to we spoke via skype to the
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center for help and global environment. >> we have done experiments with poison ivy. it gets stronger when brought under higher levels of co2. but climate change increased the allergy season two-four weeks depending on location. kathleen is not the only one having trouble breathing. >> he's 45 and for the first time, he's suffering. the study found that men suffer from allergins more than women and no surprise children are more vulnerable than adults. abc sevennews. >> and no let up in the violent weather terrorizing the midwest and south. tornados killed 14 people in the last two days.
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they searched outside of the oklahoma city. several tornados tore a path of destruction late yesterday and killing eight people. a twister tears apart a big rig. amazingly the driver escaped alive. others rode out the storm some in their bath tube. >> you could hear the popping and air sucking out of your ears and then it was gone. >> and tornados killed six others in kansas and arkansas. since last weekend, more than 140 people have been killed. 345 in joplin -- 125 in job lin missouri alone. >> there was a crash that hurt four people. the one car flipped on its side and another on to its roof. three of the injuries are serious. the crash backed up traffic
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for a couple of hours this afternoon. >> there it was. opening up the umbrellas and maybe put on the rain gar. sandhya has what is on doppler radar. >> care linn, - carolyn, we are seeing lightt showers that are developing and still a chance was a few more showers as the trop comes through. then you can put the umbrellas away for a day. 4100ths in santa rosa and half an inch in st. helena . san jose in the south bay 100ths of an inch and san francisco 1900ths . also in oakland. you will get a break tomorrow but we have a possibility of more rain friday morning. we'll have more on that in a few minutes, dan? >> thank you, sandhya. the alameda bay will be back
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after work is done to shore up the damaged dock. you can see the crane working on the floating dock. the ferry suspended service on monday because powerful winds damaged the pilings that held the dock in place. crews installed new pilings to replace the damaged one. >> new developments in the bryan stow case. the suspect arrested said he has an alibi. >> witnesses to the dodger stadium attack will see if they can pull out the suspect from a police line up. vick lee is following the case. >> hello, this line up is a critical piece for prosecutors. they postponed an arainnment for giovanniramirez because they needed more evidence. >> la's top cop seemed
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confident that ramirez would stand trial for the brutal beating of bryan stow. he was arrested in the east hollywood apartment on sunday and now the 30 year old identified gang member said he was not at the stadium in the march. ramirez' attorney said the client was with a 10 year old daughter. >> the girl doesn't get to spend many days with her dad. her uncle picked up she and her father and took them over to her aunt's house where they spent the entire day. >> attorney matthews said the girlfriend went to the game with two other friends. all of them will support ramirez' alibi. but the prosecution said they saw the attack and presumably they will be in the line up where police hope they identify ramirez. abc7 legal analyst said it is
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a credibility contest now. >> what both sides are looking for is a physical evidence to corobrate the eyewitness or alibi witness. >> the lawyer said his client will take a polygraph test to prove his innocence. but police may want to take him up on the offer. >> to get the suspect to sit down and start answering questions . once he starts answers questions, you can find out about his involvement or lack thereof in the crime. >> dean adds that the dcan hold ramirez even though he is not identified in the line up tonight. because he's in custody for a parole violation. ramirez is a felon with a record and held on one million dollar bail. back to you, dan. >> thanks a lot. vick lee reporting. authorities suspended the search for a missing danville teenager after determining she
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took her own life. allyson bayliss was not seen since monday. sources say surveillance video showed her walking on to the golden gate bridge but doesn't show her leaving. search dogs lost her scent on the span. danville residents who joined the search efforts say they are overwhelmed and heart sick for the family. >> i walk by their house all of the time with their little dog and it is so heart felt and unreel and very saddened. >> family friends said allyson was feeling upset and isolate left a status update saying she might take her own life. a vigil for her is scheduled in the danville congregational church tonight. >> california prison officials are coming under fire for improperrly freeing more than 450 dangerous criminals
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without supervision. that is according to the prison's independent inspector general. the inmate release was part of a controversial program designed to cut costs. but inspectors say a faulty computer system gave bad results. the correction's department disputes the finding saying they are outdated. >> the project to use social media to be a citizen naturalist. >> and bay area company helps a young lady to get back on her feet again. 25 years ago, i got unrestricted back stage acess to oprampt we'll take you on the tour. yeah, that's me in one minininin
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld.
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john edwards may face federal criminal charges stemming that he used campaign money to cover up an extra marital affair. a person close to the case said an indictment could come within days unless edwards reaches a plea deal. they are focusing on whether campaign funds were used to keep his mistress and child in hiding in 2007 and 2008ment edwards quit the democratic race for the white house months before the affair that he first denied was reported. >> three of the country's four largest banks will let customers transfer money from bank account using an e-mail address. clear exchange will make it less costly to make payments. this effort is an attempt to keep customers who are switching to palestinian or
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prepaid debit cards. >> and a new technology could make it possible for people who have wheelchairs stand up again. elegs is being tested in santa clara valley medical center. the 24 year old stephanie crashed her car back in january. today she strapped on elegs and help from the robotic device she walked. >> my first steps were incredible. they said i did well for not knowing and having previous training. >> her therapist operated the device today. but hopefully stephanie in time will do it herself. elegs were delivered by berkeley bionics. we showed you the graduate wearing them. eleggs are tested by 10 hospitals nationwide f. it goes well they would be mass
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produced by 2013. >> a 22 year old man is holife support after being hit by a car earlier today. the accident happened in the intersection of lombard and pierce streets. the driver was heading east and did not see the victim in the street. the investigation continues. but they don't believe that the driver was intoxicated and the victim is not expected to survive. >> in san jose a man was taken to the hospital after being hit by a car. police did not say how seriously the man was hurt in that case. drinkking doesn't seem to be a factor here. the investigation continues as well. >> uc berkeley launched a social networking project that asked about several thousand species of ampibians. about 2000 ampibian species face extension. the blitz will help researchers that are
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monitoring a disturbing decrease in their number. >> up until now all of the work that is done documenting the decline of ampibians and why they are disappearing all over the world is done by scientist . turns out we could use a lot of help for all of the people interested in biology and they don't have to be professional scientist. >> you snap a picture of a frog or other ampibian and upload it. they will use gps data to map the areas where different species live. >> as you know, 25 years on the air and ophrah winfrey signed off one last time. she touched so many lifes and influenced and made a lot of careers. abc7 melina melendez caught up with those in the bay area whop ophrah touched. >> i am ophrah winfrey. >> and she was making a name
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for herself when she and poet friend came to glide memorial to listen to reverend cessle williams. >> she was so glad to be here on a sunday morning especially with people who came from the street . people who were hurt people who were displayed and drugged out. wuliams was so moved by the words, he forgot the church offering. >> she went in her purse and took out a checkbook and wrote a check it was much more than what we would have had. >> if she was not handing out money, ophrah was helping others make it. in 2002 and over the years, she mentioned the croissant from galaxy desserts in richmond. >> we were on in 2003 . 2004 may have been a diet year and we were on 2005 .
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then ophrah's favorite breakfast show and we were on in 2010. since that first year of the business. the business grew 800 percent. but it was not just about helping people. senior dogs in san francisco have been successfully adopted after the fowner and volunteer went on the show. they were part of ophrah's favorite things get away. >> we came back and channel 7 covered it. we got 40 dogings adopted. >> and most of the what they were begin was auctioned to benefit a nonprofit. ophrah gave the commencement speech at stanford and left them with a message that guided her in the years. in order to be truly happy. you must live along with . stand for something larger
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than yourself. ophrah will put all of that energy in her cable network. if you want to try her treats and we have a bunch in the news room and link to galaxy desserts and recipes on the website. i reminized about the time i spent with her in chicago two decades in chicago as she transitioned from a local program to a national hit. ophrah gave me and the abc sevennews crew lots of acess in the daily routine from the gym to the hair dresser and inintroduced me to stead man graham who had been her boyfriend for a few months. >> it is like the best thing that happened to you since sliced bread. one of my oldest boyfriends. to hear you talk you think it
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is the best thing that happened to you in your entire life. >> it is. stead man is sharing in ophrah's newest adventure. we'll have more tonight at 6:00. >> we'll look forward to that. >> and now that ophrah signed off. we hope you will join us with our new englands cast at abc at 4:00. tune in for that and we are excited about the new program. >> definitely . we are excited about sandhya patel with the forecast. >> we hope it will be warmer. >> we will give you dry weather tomorrow. >> and warmer and so you take advantage of it because you will need the umbrellas in the north bay on friday. >> it is a never ending story. the rain will not go away. it is all good. as you look at a high definition picture. panning around the bay and see
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the few clouds from the rain we received earlier in the day . we are not done from the showers just yet. you are looking at lake tahoe. it does not look like a spring-time phenom nan . it is not that usual to get the snow isn't sierra, nevada in may it is late in the season and just coming down and will continue. there is a winter weather advisory for tonight and tomorrow morning. as you look at live doppler hd . few showers reported and very light and this continues in and around the area. chain controls on interstate 80 and 88. you can see the snow that is moving through and starting to taper off in the south lake tahoe area . seeing decreasing snow showers and definitely going to slow you down. numbers in the 50s and 60s and a cooler day today .
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showers ending this evening and partly cloudy for thursday . chance of showers on friday morning and best possibility in the north bay. here is a cold front that came through and brought the rain and now we are watching a trough. active storm trek and the jet stream is driving one system after another through the bay area pretty late in the season. tonight, the trough goes through . thursday, partly cloudy and mild . then on friday, look at the system, it is healthy to bring us a chance of wet weather on friday morning. overnight tonight, look for temperatures in the 40s and 50s and not a chill night and tomorrow afternoon, numbers will rise . 59 in san jose and on the peninsula partly cloudy and 64 . scen in palo alto . mid-to upper 50s on the coast where it will be breezy again . downtown in san francisco 52
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degrees . 58 in the sunset district . temperatures are running cooler in the north bay. upper 60s and santa rosa and sonoma and east bay, number in the 60s. 65 in oakland . caster valley. inland communities a milder day 70 in concord and fairfield . 68 in livermore . 62 in monterey and 62 degreess for carmel. it is dry tomorrow and milder. i know you wanted to hear that. upper 50s to low 70s and a chance of wet weather friday morning and then we have a dry memorial day weekend with 50s on the beachs and 70s inland and don't get rid of the umbrellas over memorial day weekend. middle of next week we could have talked about more rain. >> we are talking it all the way to june. >> just ahead. the silver tsunami hitting the road as baby boomers of age.
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>> san francisco police are getting access to high crime hotels. something they could not pull off in the fairmont and ritz.
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the count on chevy event is here. your ticket to a cruze eco. 42 mpg and over 500 highway miles a tank. one of our 9 models over 30 mpg highway. fuel up, rock on. very well qualified lessees can get a low mileage lease on a chevy cruze eco for around $159 a month.
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or qualified buyers can get no monthly payments for 3 months. fuel economy based on epa estimates. deferred payments offer ends may 31st. >> the dmv is asking californians to prepare for the silver tsunami. wave of aging baby boomers who plan to keep on driving. one in five california drivers will be over the age of 25. dmv is asking close relatives to make sure they still belongg behind the wheel. >> establish the dialogue. not justt the senior parent or
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grandparent but those broaching that subject as well. >> dmv said seniors are statisticerally the best drivers in the road. >> the answer san carlos. the question. what city can boast of having a top 10 finisher. final round took place in washington d.c. this morning. first place a 13 year old from texas who correctly identified equadorwhere the volcano was located . in eighth place. a fourth grader in hillsborough. you can watch the finals on pbs. >> good for them. coming up next. the prestigious award. >> why cheryl jennings is not here tonight.
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>> new at six, she blew the whistle on her boss. also the government unveils new show room labeling for new car fuel efficiency. find out what to do when you are ready to go green. two dozen teens are getting paid not to go to college. what they will be doing instead. back to dan and carolyn. >> finally we hear at abc sevenwould like to congratulate cheryl jennings on the gracey award. >> they are presented by alliance for women in the med yampt cheryl accepted the award. the special report focused on jing chow


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