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tv   America This Morning  ABC  May 26, 2011 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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making news in america this morning -- >> nature is not done yet. new tornado warnings overnight and more of the unbelievable. a tractor-trailer obliterated in oklahoma while joplin plans for a city-wide memorial. house arrest gets better for the iff chief. a new manhattan mansion. if the layers lady's latest looks and even dating advice. good morning. the threat is not over yet. powerful storms are once again threatening the nation's heartland. here's the latest. more than 80 tornadoes touched
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down in the past 24 hours. at least 15 people have been killed in the latest series of storms which hit oklahoma, kansas and arkansas. meanwhile, crews in joplin prepare for a fifth sweep through the rubble, though there have been no new rescues yet. new images tr joplin, you see the left to right track that the city took through the city's heart. all of the damage and debris looks brown from this height. >> closer up, st. john's hospital as it looks today and joplin high school, parts of it literally flattened. >> joplin is not alone. more severe weather overnight. here is john hendren. >> reporter: the twisters just keep coming. >> oh, my god. >> that's my truck. >> reporter: dozens of tornadoes swept the midwest and south, raking the landscape and leaving a state by state tally of devastation. in oklahoma, this cyclone was caught on tape shredding jeremiahn's truck. morrison's t. he was in the cab.
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he survived with just a broken arm. >> closed my eyes, pull mied hands over the face, felt bouncing around and pretty sure i went out the passage side window and land on the ground. >> reporter: in arkansas at least four died in a twister that struck with little warning. >> this is my living room. >> reporter: in kansas, a tornado lifted dan's truck like a plastic bag in the wind. >> it felt like i was in a sardine can being crushed. >> reporter: the state trooper watched, amazed. >> i'm not sure what happens. he said, i am, i watched it. a tornado flipped your truck over. i go, that's what it felt like. >> reporter: in missouri, recent dents found massive structural damage but little else. >> no major injuries at this time, no fatalities reported at ought rrl in joplin, days after a nearly mile-wide twister wiped out most of town, residents still managed to find the occasional treasure. >> whoo! i've been worried about that. mickey mantle autographed baseball. >> reporter: it's a small
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victory in a town that will take them where it can find them. john hendren, abc news. >> we are also getting a look inside st. john's hospital in joplin that took a direct hit from sunday's tornado. just look at the lobby. the entrance here covered in a sea of glass and debris. also the door from one of the hospital rooms slammed up against a patient's bed. five of the patient whose died here lost their lives because of their ventilators, they lost power and patients couldn't breathe. abc news has a team of reporters tracking the latest storms. we'll have reports from newly hit cities, that is coming up later this morning on "good morning america." overseas now, the u.s. is out with an urgent safety warning to americans in yemen. political violence in the persian gulf nation has killed dozens of people this week. most of the u.s. embassy staff has now been ordered out. and all americans are being told now to leave immediately. and here in new york, the former head of the international monetary fund is now serving his house arrest in a new home this morning. while dominique strauss-kahn
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fights sexual assault charges he's staying in one of manhattan's most exclusive neighborhoods. jim dolan of wabc has details. >> reporter: he's cleared the way for sexual predator -- accused sexual predator dominique strauss-kahn kun see why he would smile being taken away from the ped treen home to the latch luxury. a guilded cage of a townhouse, nearly 7,000 square feet complete with a gym, heated floors, a state of the art theater room with reclining leather chairs. a skylit living room and rooftop deck tore sunshine. it was a quiet little tribeca street unless strauss-kahn showed up and the media of the world followed. >> i mean, hope that all these guys aren't permanent residents. >> reporter: neighbors were curious. dominique strauss-kahn is the former head of the international monetary fund charged with a sexual assault of a maid in his
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$3,000 a night hotel room. he was released on a $6 million bail package that requires home confinement. his billionaire wife, anne sinclair who provided bail also provided the townhouse. >> besides family members, strauss-kahn can receive up to four visitors at the time while under house arrest. john edwards is ready to to fight any charge, looming over whether edwards misused campaign money to cover up his affair. edwards' attorney denies any lou was broken and accused the government of continuing pursue edwards after finding no campaign money was involved. president obama travels to france for high level meetings, before leaving london, mr. obama spoke to parliament m the continuing leadership of the u.s. and european allies. he marvelled before he stood before lawmakers, as grandson of a kenyan who served as a cook
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into the british army. the first lady told the women at oxford when it comes to choosing a date, throw out that checklist. >> a lot of women have the boxes, did he go to the right school, what is his nick. >> that's right and first lady continues to wow with her wardrobe choices. at the black tie dinner she wore an off the shoulder gown by ralph lauren and serious bling at the neck and left wrist. she looked good. take a look at your weather around the country this morning. severe weather shifts east, bringing gusty winds, flash flooding and hail and showers and thunderstorms along the gulf coast from new orleans to tallahassee and up to a foot of snow in the utah and montana rockies. rain from seattle to redding, california. 88 in albuquerque and shy of 100 in phoenix. 5 in chicago, 65 in the twin cities and 70 in omaha.
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80 frs dallas to atlanta. 90 in baltimore and 83 here in new york. coming up after the break, does the credit card company know first that a marriage is bound to fail? >> how about that? new crash test results also released overnight. which cars with good fuel economy are also the safest? also, nine years after her kidnapping, elizabeth smart confronts the man who took her. what she told him in her own words.
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there have been a flurry of foreclosure this is year. realty trak sense 1 in 4 homes sold in the first quarter of this year were foreclosures and since they usually sell at a discount that drives down prices for other homes. and overseas markets are rebounding on higher oil prices. tokyo's nikkei average was up 1.5% today. hong kong's hang seng was on upswing and ftse opened higher. on wall street, dow rose a fraction yesterday thanks to increase in oil prices, meanwhile the nasdaq index was also up. the latest area to benefit from general motors' expansion is detroit itself. gm is adding 2500 jobs at an assembly plant that already makes the chevy volt and a $69 million upgrade it will produce a new malibu and revamed impala. the insurance city says five of the 13 small cars it test wrd top safety pick and got 40 miles per gallon or more. two of the five, lexus ct 200 h
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and toyota prius were hybrids, others were folks cus-- focus, civic and elantra. latest results are a big turnaround from a few years ago. a scary thought, credit card companies say they know two years in advance that a customer will get divorced. that's because cheating on a spouse often leaves telltale signs on credit cart statements such as restaurant tabs, jewelry purchases or perhaps flower. >> hotel bills, large cash withdrawals, all that kind of stuff. could be for you, so don't lose faith that someone is running around. sxwlt cell phone. that's what i've read. >> speak from experience. >> make that clear. coming up next, possible new troubles for schwarzenegger as he temporarily leaves california. >> and the effort to reunite an alaska polar bear cub separated from mom.
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cashback bonus at home improvement stores it pays to switch, it pays to discover. time for peggy's favorite story. it is crawling with sailors here in the big apple now that fleet week is under way. the parade of ships made its way into new york harbor yesterday carrying 3,000 servicemen and women and among them "the uss new york" that has a hull forged with steel from the wrinkorld t cent center. >> another way to celebrate living in manhattan. morning road conditions, wet on i-40 from asheville to nashville. and i-77 from cleveland to charleston, west virginia. slick on i-10 and 20 in the southeast and i-90 from chicago to cleveland. wet on i-5 in the pacific northwest. flight delays possible in chicago, detroit, atlanta and new orleans.
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elizabeth smart is looking forward to a new beginning after delivering a clear message to the man who took away her childhood. >> brian david mitchell was sentenced yesterday to life in prison for abducts smart from her salt lake city and raping her for nine months when she was just 14 years old. mitchell sang hymns in court just as he did during the trial but smart, now 23 years old shot down his insanity defense when she got a chance to confront him face to face. >> as i said during court, and i'll say it again now, i absolutely, 100% believe that brian david mitchell knew exactly what he was doing when he kidnapped me and all of the events that followed. today is the ending of a very long chapter and the beginning of a very beautiful chapter for me. so, in regards to closure, yes, absolutely. i think i was so excited to have
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this day finally here, to be able to continue my efforts in child advocacy, making a difference in other children's lives, that there wasn't a feeling of nervousness or fear that could have prevented me from saying what i felt i needed to say. i think one of the biggest ways to overcome any trial in life, to heal from any kind of experien experience, is by helping those around you. because by lifting those around you up, you end up lifting yourself up as well. i heard enough during those nine months and i never have to hear anything else from him again. >> lifting herself up. smart attends brigham young university and plans to work as a child advocate to help missing kids. now that he's been ruled
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incompetent to strand trial, jared loughner, his case is put on hold indefinitely. during the hearing, he made an unexpected outburst interrupting the judge. he said quote, thank you for the freak show. she died in front of me, loughner's competency will be considered in court again in late september. the astronaut husband of shooting victim gabrielle giffords is on the space station and overnight, mark kelly talked to our tucson affiliate saying space science can help ease the violence we face on earth. >> there are technical things that we learn up in space that can be used to make better for people and when things are better for them they're less likely to be in conflict. >> kelly said he also discussed that idea with the pope just a few days xwoo. and some other news, arnold schwarzenegger could face legal trouble stemming from his did tra marital fair. reports say that california attorney general is investigating whether schwarzenegger used california highway patrol officer to help cover up his relationship.
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reports also say that schwarzenegger has temporarily moved to the family's home in idaho. some sports now as we start with the longest major league baseball game of the season. a sacrifice fly was enough for the phillys to outlast the reds, ended at 1:19 a.m. this morning after 19 innings. the 5-4 phils win and as for last night's playoff action we turn to espnnews. >> good morning. i'm steve bunin with the espnews update. dallas mavericks back in the nba finals for the first time in five years and just second time in franchise history. the mavericks trailed by four after kevin durant nailed the baseline jumper. buck and a half left, dirk nowitzki took only two three-point attempts all night. that was the first. this is the second. top of the key, bottom of the net. dirk has 26 points. back come the thunder, go to eric maynor, you got durant, you
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got westbrook, harden and you go to eric maynor? turns into a marion dunk. can't get the loose ball. dallas does and closes out the thunder in five games. the final score is game five 100-96. dirk gets another shot at a title. might be against wade and the heat one more time. in hockey, bruins and tampa bay lightning, game six in the eastern conference finals. beginning the game just 30 seconds in, chris kelly off the face-off. lightning on top at home, trying to send the series back to boston for game seven. 30 seconds into third period. a power play. lightning up two goals. bruins close to within one goal but two goals on the night for st. louis. >> i'm steve bunin.
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wild life experts in alaska have decided against trying to reunite a polar bear cub with her mother, instead its getting used to new surrounding at the anchorage zoo. >> the odds of happy family reunion were low since mother wak you had 30 miles way, clear sign of abandonment. the cub was rescued by oil field workers. >> i wonder why mom strolled off? >> sometimes that happens when conditions are tough on the mom and they choose one cub over the other. >> really? >> yeah. we'll take her. >> little guys all right. up next, stories we'll be following later today. stay with us. deep pain. i didn't understand it. i found out that connected to our muscles are nerves that send messages through the body. my doctor diagnosed it as fibromyalgia -- thought to be the result of overactive nerves that cause chronic, widespread pain. lyrica is believed to calm these nerves. i learned lyrica can provide significant relief from fibromyalgia pain.
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a look ahead to stories watching on this thursday -- severe weather threatens more states in the midwest as crews in joplin plan another sweep of that devastated city. they're holding out hope they'll find more survivors even though there have been no new rescues in last day. officials plan to release a list this morning of people still considered missing. president obama continues his european trip with a two day visit to france. mr. obama will hold high-level meetings with other world leaders including the president of russia and attend the g8 summit. the patriot act is under considerations, pro visions, one allowing law enforcement to use roving wire taps. senators will act on the measure first and then quick approval is
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expected from the house. former international monetary fund chief dominique strauss-kahn starts getting pretty comfortable in a new luxury townhouse in new york. strauss-kahn was allowed to move in the palatial digs as he fights sexual assault charges while under house arrest. former illinois governor rod blagojevich could testify in his own defense as early as today, retired on charges he tried to sell president obama's old senate seat. defense opened yesterday by calling jesse jackson and chicago mayor ram emmanuel to the stand. coming up later on "good morning america," would you pay $500,000 to see shrimp on a treadmill? guess what, did you already, your tax dollars at work. the scientists say it's important research. we'll have more on a new report that says it's actually a waste of time and money. >> it's got to be one tired shrimp. >> all right. for some, local news up next. >> for everyone else, we ask barbara walters who could fill oprah's shoes.
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next on abc7 news -- bad news for buster. the play at the plate that could leave a giants' star sidelined. the suspect gets a face. first look at the man police call the primary aggressor in the beating of giants' fan bryan stow. >> we got a funnel. >> a storm brings northern california much more than just rain. meteorologist mike nicco has the forecast. >> it looks dry this morning and cool. we have more showers in the we have more showers in the forecast before the holiday oprah winfrey said she was inspired to go into television by our very own barbara walters. >> we asked barbara who is most
4:28 am
likely to carry on oprah's message? >> her final program just oprah. on her own set, saying thank you. >> from you whose names i will never know, i learned what love is. you and this show have been the great love of my life. ♪ 25 years have come and gone >> 4,551 shows later. the program that in many ways redefined the talk show. >> she laughs, screams, emotes, she's a great performer. >> reporter: we thought who better to analyze the phenomenon that is oprah than the woman she said she wanted to grow up to be, barbara walters. in fact, oprah wasn't like anyone else. consider what she told barbara in their first interview in 1988. >> somewhere i've always known that i was born for greats in in
4:29 am
my life. i've always felt it. >> that's quite a statement, i was born to do great things, but she really feels that. and she has. >> reporter: who does walters think will carry forward oprah's message of self-accepts and? >> lady gaga reminds me a little bit of oprah. ♪ right track baby i was born this way ♪ >> reporter: you know when she talks about her little monsters, she says to them be yourself, i was nobody, i was nothing, nobody believed in me but you can make it. this is lady gaga, it is a different time but the same message. >> i thank you for being as much of a sweet inspiration for me as i've tried to be for you. i won't say good-bye. i'll just say until we meet again. >> interesting comparison, oprah, gaga. >> oprah, many have tried but i


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