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tv   ABC 7 Morning News at 430AM  ABC  May 26, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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think only one of her. >> good luck to the queen. she'll be all right. that's what is making news in i'm terry mcsweeney live at san francisco general hospital. prosecutors in los angeles say they have new evidence against the man who they say beat san francisco giants' fan bryan stow. that is coming up in a live report. >> also this morning, an amazing sight in northern california. at least three tornadoes sighted near chico. no report of injury or damage. >> our weather, rather quiet. you can see the stars as the clouds are away for a while. they will return. i'll tell you when we have scattered somehowers before the holiday forecast. >> alameda harbor bay ferry runs today. no major accidents. but there is roadwork going through parts of bay area. live shot of 680 in walnut
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creek. >> frightening scene at at&t park, as buster posey is injured in a home plate collision. giants are waiting to hear how seriously he's hurt. we were just talking about that a couple minutes ago. >> we're all waiting to hear. c'mon, buster. all right. >> 4:31 on thursday morning. thank you for joining us. i'm eric thomas. >> i'm kristen sze. topping news, los angeles prosecutors are on track to file charges against a man arrested in the beating of giants' fan bryan stow after new word that a witness did in fact pick the suspect out of a police line-up. abc7's terry mcsweeney is live in san francisco general hospital with the latest. terry? >> reporter: yeah, bryan stow is still here at san francisco general in critical, but stable condition. the case against his alleged attacker seems to have moved forward yesterday when giovanni ramirez was picked out of a police line-up in los angeles. but ramirez's attorney says he has a witness who can clear ramirez. that witness is ten years old. take a look at the first
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picture that we have of suspect ramirez. right next to the sketch of the suspect in the case. ramirez was arrested sunday at an east hollywood apartment on charges of assault with a deadly weapon but he says he was not even at dodger stadium march 31 when stow was beaten. ramirez's attorney says the client with was his 10-year-old daughter. >> the girl remembers this because she doesn't get to spend many days with her dad. this is a day she got to spend with her dad. her uncle picked up she and her father and took them to her aunt's house where they spent the entire day. >> attorney matthews says there are other witnesses and that includes the child's mother who actually did go to the giants-dodgers game only march 31 and she says she is ready to testify to that fact. ramirez is offering to take a polygraph exam to prove his innocence. ramirez, a two-time felon is being held on a parole
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violation. prosecutors say they will file additional charges at the appropriate time. now there are two other suspects in this case. a man and a woman. the woman allegedly drove the get-away car. those people are still on the loose. live in san francisco general, terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. >> thank you. 4:33 now. there are no reports of any daniel or injuries after -- damage or injuries after at least three twisters reported north of sacramento. unfortunately the -- fortunately, they hit in sparsely populated area. one touched down in a rural community five miles south of chico. leslie brinkley has more. >> reporter: hail, lightning and dramatic funnel clouds formations. tornadoes spun out of storm clouds over butte, glenn and calusa counties north of sacramento. san francisco state meteorologist dave dempsey grew up in chicoo and said he has never seen anything like it.
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>> it's a classic shape from a good thunderstorm. reaches the ground. you can see the debris kicked up by the tornado. not anything like the devastating ones that hit alabama and missouri recently in joplin, the wind speeds were measured close to 200 miles per hour. the ones in california never get anywhere near that strong. they might be in the 70 to 80, 90 miles per hour. >> reporter: each year, only six to 12 tornadoes form in the whole state of california. march is the peak month. tornadoes in april are rare. but butte is closest thing to tornado alley. >> after the cold front has gone through. the way the winds are organized, the blow around the butte tends to be what it takes to gate tornado to spin up underneath a thunderstorm. >> butte county supervisors kim yamaguchi was driving home through sacramento through the worst of it.
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>> minor damage. everybody is okay. >> leslie brinkley, abc7 news. meantime this morning, more tornado watches are in effect in the nation's heartland. after powerful storms swept the region for the third time in four days. yesterday evening, dozens of people were hurt when twisters and thunderstorms hit indiana, illinois, and missouri. roofs were torn off houses and several mobile homes were flipped over. it follows tuesday's tornado that killed at least 15 people in arkansas, oklahoma, kansas, and sunday's twister that killed 125 people in joplin, missour missouri. counselors are expected to be on the campus of oakland leadership high school to help the students cope with murder of 17-year-old senior. detectives are investigating the circumstances of the shooting but say two teens were firing at each other. there were 50 people on the scene as the officers
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arrived, but most of them left without talking to investigators. police are urging witnesses to come forward. the cool district spokesman says franklin was due to graduate in a few weeks. 4:36. the grandmother accused of kidnapping her granddaughter from the home in knightsen is expected to be transported in the coming days. a judge raised bail on 58-year-old ericka gallego, fearing she would be a flight risk. she kidnapped the baby from her son and daughter-in-law's home while the baby was sleeping in the bassinet next to her home. the infant was found safe. california prison officials are coming under fire for freeing more than 50 high- -- 450 high-risk
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prisoners. it was designed to cut cost. they blamed a glitch in computer software designed to predict which offenders could be safely released without having to report to parole officers. auditors found the program was wrong with an error rate of more than 20-year-old. some lawmakers wonder if the prison officials can comply with the u.s. supreme court order to reduce the severely overcrowded prisons in california by 30,000 inmates. >> a department of corrections can't safely figure out how to identify felon they want to release on parole. i don't see how they can safe live identify 33,000 prisoners they want to release. >> correction department says the program's error rate has improved and that all 450 of the high-risk offenders released are on supervised parole. the state assembly moved to restore more than $440 million in state subsidized child care that was slashed in march. they offered subsidized
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child care to low-income families, those in work training programs and people transitions off welfare. democrats want to use the funds from $744 million increase in unexpected tax revenues. that is in governor brown's revised budget. the governor wants to use the money to repay past borrowing. some lawmakers want half of it to go to restoring the child care cuts and the other half to go to community colleges and k-12 schools. this morning, the giants are holding their breaths and fans have their fingers crossed and waiting word on severity of the injury that buster posey sustained in last night's extra-inning loss. top of the 12th, the marlin scott cousins tagged up on third from a shallow pop fly to right, and cousined barrelled in to posey after the throw reached home plate. cousins was safe. that was the game-winning run. giants say posey injured his left ankle in the collision. there were x-rays taken after the game but the results have not been released. the giants' star catcher will also have an mri this morning. that is not the sight you want to see if you are a
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giants' fan. >> right. your rookie of the year last year, bring something much excitement to the game. oh! >> right throwing arm. you don't want to see that. >> sending good wishes. 4:39 is our time. this morning, unlike yesterday, no word of a damp commute. >> not this morning. but what about tomorrow? i think i said that this week. >> yeah, like movie "groundhog day," you come which every day and even though it's may there is still a chance of rain in the forecast. there is the super cell thunderstorm that rolled through the central valley. i have seen seven to eight reports of possible tornadoes out of it. it will be interesting to see how many they confirm. how strong they were. they were pretty weak thankfully. that's all gone. all right. look at the zonal flow. because we have a west to east flow. we have the flow coming off the ocean, which is going to keep us cooler than average this afternoon. but we'll be dry if you have outdoor activities besides the commute today. we have mid-to-upper 40s in the north bay valley. concord, redwood city, half
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moon bay, san jose and los gatos. low 50s elsewhere. by the afternoon hours, sunshine. a few high clouds and low clouds. mainly sunny out there. 58 at half moon bay. it will be breezy. along the coast. low to mid-60s along san francisco, richmond, san rafael, oakland, san mateo. we hit upper 60s in north bay and south bay. 60s to low 70s. down around the monterey bay, 62 here. monterey. upper 60s elsewhere. low 70s as you move inland. the accuweather seven-day forecast -- a few scattered showers tomorrow morning as one more chunk of energy rolls through the atmosphere. once it passes, a breezy weekend on tap. it will be dry and temperatures will be cooler than average. getting cooler early next week. good morning, frances. >> good morning, mike, good morning, everyone. a couple of areas you need to know about where there is major roadwork going on now. one of them in the north bay on highway 37. we have both directions closed between 121 and highway 29. that is for the next 20
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minutes. it should be reopened by 5:00. so if you have to head through the area, just hold off a little bit. you should be okay. because the detour is probably going to take you as long. also, eastbound 4, once again, full freeway closure. from loveridge to summersville, with a pretty easy detour in place. that is scheduled until 5:30. pick it up early. great news for the alameda harbor bay ferry riders. service is supposed to resume today after three days where we didn't have it monday, tuesday, wednesday due to the dock damage. but everything should be fine this morning. >> they got it up quickly. >> yeah. >> all right, frances. thanks a lot. good news. 4:41. >> got the dock doctors out there and fixed it right up. 4:41. still ahead, the government unveil new showroom labels for fuel efficiency. find out what to look for when you are ready to go green. >> getting your children vaccinations up to speed. bay area county makes it easier for parents to do that. next. how you can get the shots your kids need for free.
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welcome back. just about 4:44. today, health officials in contra costa county will begin offering free whooping cough vaccinations to meet immunization requirements. it requires all private and public school 7 through 12 grade to receive the shot before beginning class. whooping cough is a serious respiratory disease that can be fatal in infants. california has had 1,100 cases this year vaccine has other vaccines in it. for more information, go to click on see it on tv. comparison shopping for a car is about to get easier. they will have the fuel efficiency on new cars that
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simplify the environmental and the financial impact for drivers. heather ishimaru has details. >> reporter: soaring gasoline prices provide a backdrop for the first look at the fuel economy and environmental impact labels. current california labels show only fuel economy and environmental rating for the car they're on. now labels will compare the car against an average new vehicle. it helped simplify comparisons across the many classes. glass, hybrid, plug-in, electric. for instance, this gas-guzzler at average of $11 a gallon shows you spend $14,400 more in fuel in five years than with an average new vehicle. while the all-electric label at 99 miles per gallon equivalent shows a fuel saving of $9,600. the figures are all based on the national averages but are extremely useful for comparison sake. >> it took a lot of discussion, there was people who thought we should have a
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grade. wouldn't it be great if you knew "a" through "f"? we came out to a common sense approach to move us in the right direction toward more efficiency. >> palo alto-based tesla motors is among those who prefer a later grade. it sold 1600 of the $100,000 electric roadsters but is hoping to tap a larger market next year with the practical model "s" sedan at half the price. the labels will be required on 2013 models hitting showrooms next year or voluntarily before there. heather ishimaru, abc7 news. 4:46 now. coming up, the worry that has some san bruno residents calling for ban on firework in the neighborhood ravaged by last fall pg&e explosion. >> some of the bay area innovators look in the high-tech crystal ball. what they say will be the hot trends next. plus, president obama gets down to business in europe. the message he will be
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delivering to the u.s. economic allies. >> and if you are already dreaming of hitting the beach this summer, beware of the sun screen you'll be using. new report claims some may be hazardous to your health.
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welcome back. look at the high temperatures around the country. 50s in seattle, portland, great falls and possibly chicago. 62 in st. louis. look at that 90 in d.c. that cannot be good news when off temperature change like that. sure enough. look at the area in yellow. moving up and down the spine of the appalachian mountains. that is where we will find severe weather today. watch out for delays right now in chicago. any delays that develop. the flight tracker will have it. you can, too. kristen? >> thanks a lot. 4:49 now. president obama and world leaders are opening two days of talks on security and economic issues in northern france this morning.
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the g-8 summit is held in the chic seaside resort town of doville. the president greeted crowds outside. this morning, president obama says the u.s. and russia are committed to finding an approach to build a european-based missile defense system. other issues expected on the summit agenda are the situation in afghanistan. the nato mission in libya. and the global economy. silicon valley annual top ten tech trends for 2011 released and as usual, some hit the mark and others according to high-tech experts that really missed it. abc7's lisa amin gulezian has the story from santa clara. >> reporter: technology top-trend and predictors hashed it out to establish this year's top-ten trends to watch. a third party research and development firm formed the list. >> we want to be really provocative this year. >> the predictions include developing more artificial intelligence like 3d virtual
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reality animation. countries like india and china surpassing silicon valley when it comes to new innovation. and robots becoming a part of our lives. >> there will be robots that are basically embedded in the different places you go to help you do things. so it's not just the kind of stick figure robot that most people think about. >> in other words, think rosie in the "jetsons." >> the next big thing is consumer robots. >> panelist paul saffo agrees with some of the predictions but not all. >> there was one on the list i am still scratching my head about that. was the idea that we'd fight cyber security with simple applications. >> these experts are not shy. >> if you look at the trend, it has completely missed the point. >> at the churchill club event, the audience also has a voice. with the press of a button they can give an idea, green light or red. >> i am on board. >> since this room is filled with entrepreneurs and
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investors, then organizers hope they will take at least one idea from this list and run with it. one day take it to market. in santa clara, lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. >> talking hot trends in silicon valley, but not talking any hot trends in the weather department. >> no. >> what is going on, mike? >> if anybody can change that, why isn't it them? >> i know. that could make someone money right now. >> absolutely. take the burden off me. thank you! let's go outside to show what is going on. right in your assessment. cooler than average today. it will remain so through the holiday weekend. good morning, everybody. we made it to thursday. wow! already thursday. all right. looking down on the clouds lingering across the bay area. we look to the east from mount sutro. no worries about those. they're not going to drop any rain on us. at least not today. possibly tomorrow at this time. let's talk temperatures. stepping out, we still have mid-to-upper 40s around half moon bay. san jose, los gatos.
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concord, all the north bay valleys. everybody else, low to mid-50s. around the monterey bay, we have the temperatures in the mid-to-upper 40s. inland, we get extremes from 54 in salinas to 41 in gilroy. so it will be dry and warmer this afternoon. scattered showers possible tomorrow morning. and then breezy and dry for the holiday weekend. it will not feel like the kickoff to summer. with the temperatures that are five to ten degrees below average again. what we're seeing today, and through the holiday weekend. upper 60s to low 70s in the south bay. we have 69 in cupertino. also in san jose. you head up the peninsula, the low to mid-60s for millbrae. san mateo, upper 60s as you head southbound. over on the coast, the mid-to-upper 50s. breezes are fastest here today. low 60s downtown south san francisco and saucelito. mid-to-upper 50s through the north bay beaches. heading inland, ten degrees warmer. 70 in calistoga. breezy on the east bay shore. temperatures in a tight range from 63 in richmond to
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66 in fremont. we'll see upper 50s in san ramon valley. out to livermore. highway 4 from concord to brentwood. low 70s for you. near 60 for monterey and carmel. low to mid-70s for hollister. tough series with the marlins, now that we lost posey. two games. we wrap it up. 12:45 today. partly cloudy. 55 jumping up to 60 degrees. around the state, if you are traveling, more showers up in the northern section. we don't have the same set-up as yesterday for severe weather. 58 in eureka. 52 in tahoe. we'll be in upper 60s to low 70s in chico and mid-70s in sacramento and los angeles. the accuweather seven-day forecast -- it looks like we're cloudy tonight with the temperatures in the 50s. chance of scattered showers tomorrow. scattered means most of us will bypass them. once they move on, temperatures in the mid-to-upper 50s around the bay. upper 60s to near 70. i should say around the bay.
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low to mid-70s inland. good morning. >> good morning, everyone. we are keeping a close eye on roadwork to the golden gate bridge. it caused a mess yesterday. today, it's scheduled until about 5:00 this morning. so really, it should be clearing very soon. yesterday, out there until 6:00. all lanes were temporarily blocked. that caused a traffic jam heading through saucelito. we will let you know if it doesn't clear. there is roadwork eastbound heading toward the tunnel on the bay bridge. that is scheduled until 6:00. usually not causing a problem. we check out a live camera shot for you. you see cars heading southbound. still fine and light this morning. at the bay bridge toll plaza, no delays right now in to san francisco. get traffic when you want by going to our website. you'll find it under the bay area traffic link. eric? >> thank you very much. 4:55. in san bruno, some neighbors are calling for a ban on fireworks near the glen view subdivision, the scene of last fall deadly natural gas explosion and fire.
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the gas fire killed eight people and burned down 38 homes. now all that is left of the glen view neighborhood is a windy grass land which could be ignited by errant fireworks. san bruno is one of two cities in san mateo county that allows so-called "safe and sane fireworks." fire officials say it's already illegal to use the safe and sane variety. vacant lot areas. they're more worried about the illegal variety. with summer around the corner, new warning about sun screen. researchers say more than half of the products on store shelves don't protect your skin from cancer-causing ultraviolet rays. watchdog group, environmental working group say many of the sun block contain hazardous ingredie ingredients. avoid the sun screen with ultrahigh spf because they offer false sense of protection. previous studies show many sun screen don't protect chemicals that protect against uva rays. for the recommended screens there is a link on the website, click on tv it on
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tv. 4:56. prosecutors say the cure was more dangerous than the illness. next on abc7 news at 5:00 a.m. -- the san francisco healer now facing charges of poisoning his patients. >> the drug maker that is about to cut more than 500 jobs in the east bay.
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