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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  May 26, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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i'm terry mcsweeney live in san francisco general hospital where bryan stowry mains in critical condition after being beaten two months ago at dodger stadium. the man arrested for the attack has now been picked out of a police line-up. more on that coming up in a live report. i'm amy hollyfield live in san francisco with a proposal that would likely mean your pg&e bill will be going up. the story coming up. a live look from sutro tower looking east. lingering clouds and left-over moisture from yesterday's rain. it's not reaching the ground and probably won't until tomorrow morning. i'll give you an idea how heavy that will be and if it will linger through the holiday weekend. >> service resumed for the alameda harbor bay ferry. that's great news. no trouble here across the bay bridge. we're keeping an eye on roadwork heading toward the
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golden gate bridge. it looks libe it's just cleared. i have a live shot up next. >> nice thursday so far. 5:00. good morning. thank you for starting your day with us. i'm kristen sze. >> i'm eric thomas. >> in the news, los angeles prosecutors are a step closer to file charges in the prime suspect of the beating of giants' fan bryan stow outside dodger stadium. that's after a suspect was identified in a police line-up. terry mcsweeney is live outside san francisco general hospital where the victim is right now. terry? >> reporter: yeah, the news from southern california is just what prosecutors and police were hoping for. giovanni ramirez picked out of a police line-up yesterday. the attorney for ramirez says that his client has an alibi witness. that would be his 10-year-old daughter. take a look at picture of ramirez. this is the first picture we have of him. it's right next to the sketch of the suspect that led to his arrest. he was arrested sunday at a west hollywood apartment on suspicion of assault with a
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deadly weapon. that weapon, his foot. he allegedly used to kick stow in the head down at dodger stadium on march 31. but ramirez's attorney says he didn't do it. he was with his daughter. she will testify. plus, ramirez is offering to take a polygraph exam. that is not admissible in court but something police can utilize. >> get the suspect to sit down and start answering questions. once he answers questions you can find out about his involvement or lack thereof in the crime. >> ramirez, two-time felon is not yet charged in the attack on stow. he is held on a parole violation. the 42-year-old stow is in critical but stable condition under sedation to prevent seizures caused by traumatic brain injury he suffered in los angeles. live in san francisco, terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. >> thanks a lot. 5:02. the california public utilities commission is meeting today set to rule on pg&e's controversial rate hike plan for energy
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customers. critics say it amounts to use less, pay more. abc7's amy hollyfield is live in san francisco with how much more we can expect to pay. amy? >> reporter: this is a real head-scratcher for you this morning over your coffee. if you use less, should you pay more? the current rate give those who use a little energy a break. idea to encourage people to conserve. but those who use the most energy are actually charged more than the service actually costs. pg&e says this is an unfair burden. the proposal will increase rate for customers who use the smallest amount of energy. if this passes it would be the most radical changes in the last decade. critics say it is robbing paul to pay peter and doesn't encourage conservation. pg&e says those who use a lot of energy aren't necessarily the rich.
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a viewer told me on the facebook she would appreciate closing the gap. she is a stay-at-home mom and has three kids and says they use a lot of energy on a limited budget. their bill is a tough one to pay. interesting issue. tell us what you think. i'd love to hear from you on the facebook page and twitter account. this will be voted on this morning by the p.u.c. in san francisco. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> thank you. drug maker bayer says it is cutting 540 jobs at the emeryville facility. the "san francisco business times" report the cuts are happening because pharmaceutical shipped production of the multiple sclerosis drug to outside manufacturer. workers at the emeryville plant will receive severance pay and help finding new jobs. bayer says the workers could be relocated to other company locations. >> this morning, no report of injury or damage after at least three tornadoes reported in northern california yesterday. the twisters hit sparsely populated areas in glenn and
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butte counties north of sacramento. one touched down near durham, a rural community five miles south of chico. meteorologist dave dempsey grew up in chico and said he has never seen anything like this. >> shaped at a classic funnel shape. good healthy thunderstorm. it reaches the ground. you can see the debris kicked up by the tornado and spun around. it's just magnificent. fortunately not anything like the devastating one that hit alabama and missouri recently. >> each year, only six to 12 tornadoes form in california. the bart board is expected to vote today on a plan to arm every bart police officer with their own taser. bart directors will decide whether to purchase 130 tasers, enough to outfit every officer on a permanent basis. making them more familiar with the non-lethal weapons. the $140,000 measure needs
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two-third majority to pass. they share 60 tasers. this issue came to light following the 2009 shooting death of bart passenger oscar grant by officer johannes mehserle. mehserle claimed he meant to pull the borrowed taser but pulled the handgun instead. a healer in san francisco is scheduled to appear in court tomorrow on charges of selling toxic pills. 79-year-old fang owns the healing center on utah street. the u.s. attorney office says he sold six god tablets or six spirit pills and it contains arsenic and other controlled substances. he claims if you take pills as described they have no ill-effect. >> the drugs have poison, yes. but the poison is too small for poison to make other poisons go away. >> the food and drug
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administration investigated after a patient got sick after taking the pills. he is free on bond. the controversial sit lie law has not been effective to keep homeless people from loitering in the haight ashbury neighborhood. it made it illegal to lie on public sidewalks during a certain time but police say it has not changed behavior in the area. they notice the homeless get up when they see the patrol cars drive by and returning after the officers leave. the department is gearing up for summer months when they expect to see influx of homeless people. >> they cannot postpone the deadline to start construction of the california $43 billion high-speed rail project. u.s. transportation officials are providing more than $3 billion for the project initial leg. they say the 2012 deadline is required by federal law. the first leg of the bullet train is planned to start in rural central valley. the officials say the project plans are changed it could jeopardize all federal funds. state legislative am lists
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concluded in -- analysts concluded in a recent report, the project faced potential long-term funding problems. they called on the rail authority to push back the construction deadline and begin the project in an urban area. >> all right. 5:08. don't expect the temperatures to go up anywhere fast. it's just not happening in the near future. >> it's not. you can put the umbrella aside today. not away. aside. >> check in with mike for the forecast. >> how about that rain? interesting. made you feel like winter and you had to snap back and remember it's may. we have showers linkering in the mid-morning hours. so eric says just put it aside. the winds are calm in santa rosa, novato, half moon bay. mountain view and livermore. the rest of us are less than ten miles per hour. the winds are still coming in from the ocean. that is why we're going to be cooler today. around the bay shore, some of the clouds kept the temperatures one degree warmer than yesterday. two in livermore. the rest of us are one to
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two or three degrees cooler. mid-to-upper 40s throughout the north bay valleys stretching to concord. down in south bay. with san jose and los gatos. also on the peninsula around redwood city and out to half moon bay. everybody else in the low to mid-50s. all right. for this afternoon, we'll see the sunshine. a lot of it. clouds passing through from time to time. whether they be high clouds or small clouds developing from the moisture that is in the ground that will get lifted by the warming of the sun. 58 at half moon bay. 62 in san francisco. mid-to-upper 60s along the bay shore. upper 60s in the south bay and north bay. 70s in concord, antioch, fairfield. we'll see the same kind of conditions dominate the monterey bay. monterey is 62. mid-to-upper 70s elsewhere. the accuweather seven-day forecast -- remains cooler than average and breezy throughout the weekend. holiday monday. temperatures are cooler tuesday and wednesday. good morning, frances. somehow the traffic? >> all right, mike. it's looking good.
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that is good news. especially for people normally taking the golden gate bridge which was a mess yesterday morning when they shut down all southbound lanes for ten minutes. right now, we see traffic is flowing well southbound. they have the usual four-lane southbound configuration now. everything looks like it's aum back to normal. we'll check out interstate 80 in berkeley. the headlights move westbound. 18 minutes as the drive-time from the carquinez bridge. no trouble right now out of vallejo. that highway 37 should be reopened now between vallejo and highway 121. it was shut down in both directions for overnight roadwork. it's also a good ride across the san mateo bridge. westbound traffic is on the right. eastbound across the dumbarton bridge, of course there is a lane for that retrofiting work. still scheduled to be blocked until 6:00. but the left lane is open. no trouble at all in the south bay. a live shot of the 280 and 17 interchange. eric, kristen? >> good deal. thanks a lot. now 5:10. >> still ahead the twitter buy-out that has silicon
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valley tweeting. >> mark zuckerberg gives his opinion on the westside freedom movement in egypt. >> a twist. teenagers getting paid not to go to college. find out what they are doing with their lives instead. at progressive, you can bundle your home and auto policies and save. don't worry, tiny people. flo is a gentle giant. bundle home and auto at
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. 5:14. homes in foreclosure made up 35% of homes sold in california in the first three months of this year. new numbers out from realty track showed foreclosed home accounted for 28% of all home sales in the u.s. between january and march of this year. nevada had the highest number of foreclosure sales at 54%. california tying with arizona for number two. at 45%. buyers purchased more than 44,000 foreclosed homes in california. there is growing political pressure on apple and google to protect your privacy while using iphones, ipads and droids. minnesota senator al franken sent letters to the two bay area tech giant asking them to require all developers making apps for mobile devices to adopt formal
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privacy policies. the policies would tell users the personal information that the app collects and how it's stored or shared. facebook founder mark zuckerberg says his company played a minor role in the arab spring uprising. >> i think that facebook was neither necessary nor sufficient for any of those things to happen. the thing that was both necessary and sufficient was population of people who felt strongly that change needed to happen. >> zuckerberg was speaking at a conference in paris. many of the arab spring protests were organized on facebook and other social networking sites. but zuckerberg says the movement would have spread even without social networking. another social networking site credited in playing a role in the arab spring uprising made a huge purchase. twitter bought tweet deck, a third-party app developer that serves the twitter power users that allows brands, marketers and
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celebrities and other users to track, read, write, and organize the short messages posted on twitter. monitor their facebook, linked in and other media accounts, kind of all in one. reports say twitter likely paid $40 million for london-based tweet deck. >> this is not your grandfather's university education. two dozen teenagers are getting paid not to go to college. a silicon valley pioneer is giving them money to create a tech venture instead. james wearing the hoodie and dale stevens are 19. they each have $100,000 from the teal foundation to foster the next generation of tech innovators. proud moved to palo alto from london became a self-taught programmer at the age of nine. he is working on a website that will alert fans when the favorite artists are performing live. >> you get to a point where you decide cool, i'm not going to make money from this. maybe ever. that's completely fine. you just work on building something which you enjoy and you want others to enjoy
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as well. >> skipping college is a bold idea that as you know carries a certain amount of risk. counselors say they may not work as much on how to collaborate with the peers or how to market or work with building a team, as they would in college. it's worth mentioning that bill gates dropped out of college and he seemed to do okay. >> it's not for everyone. you have to be both brilliant and entrepreneurial, right? >> ouch. >> self-motivated. for the rest of us, stay in school. >> for the other 99% of us. >> yeah. >> check in with mike for check of the forecast. >> go outside to show what is going on. it's quiet this morning. good morning. a look at the cloud cover. hovering over the bay. as we look eastbound from mount sutro this morning. all right. let's talk about the temperatures. 5:17. still in the mid-to-upper 40s in the north bay valley. half moon bay. redwood city, san jose, los gatos. and concord. everybody else in the low to mid-50s. around the monterey bay. the mid-to-upper 40s. 41 in gilroy. 54 in salinas.
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heading inland. the highlights are straightforward. dry and warmer this afternoon. scattered showers possible this time tomorrow. breezy and dry through the holiday weekend. of course, there will be a lot of ups and downs in between the highlights. we will start with the temperatures today where we have 70 in saratoga and campbell. everybody around there from the upper 60s to low 70s in the south bay. good morning on the peninsula. mid-to-upper 60 today. not pool weather yet. but we are getting closer. mid-to-upper 50s along the coast where it's breezy. low 60 for downtown san francisco and saucelito. mid-to-upper 60s through the north bay valley. 70 in calistoga, with the mid-to-upper 50s at your beaches. we'll start 63 in richmond. warm through the 64 to 65 and end up in 66 degree range in fremont. over in the east bay valley. walnut creek, down to dublin. take the right turn. head out to livermore. we have upper 60s. highway 4, concord to brentwood and fairfield. in the low 70s. 62 at monterey. the upper 60s in santa cruz and watsonville.
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low to mid-70s in morgan hill, gilroy and hollister. got a game with marlins. the third game of the set. 12:45. get out there and enjoy the sunshine. partly cloudy at at&t park. 55, warming up to comfortable 60. especially in the sunshine. tonight, look at the cloud cover come back. temperatures in the low to mid-50s in most neighborhoods. we have 40s around fairfield and livermore. in the deepest valleys in the north bay also. here is what we are seeing. yesterday's cold front rolled through. we had a tornadic thunderstorm in the northern section of the central valley. up around chico. notice the jetstream, west to east flow with minor dips here and there. that is the active jetstream that will bring us a slight chance of a shower tomorrow morning. after a partly cloudy and mild day today. see the bulk of the energy going to go to the north. what it does is reinforces the cooler than average weather for friday. and saturday. probably the warmest day will be sunday. with the temperatures getting close to average,
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but as soon as we get close to average. mother nature pulls the rug out of under us. or lucy pulls the football out from under us. monday, tuesday, wednesday, temperatures cooler than average. >> still waiting for the spring weather. you can also expect a nice ride this morning. with warmer temperatures, it's quiet. 101 through millbrae. heading northbound for headlights to s.f.o. and in to san francisco. and we'll also check out the 101 ride. in the north bay. here is southbound traffic on the right. moving well through san rafael. no trouble this morning. heading down to the golden gate bridge. unlike yesterday's commute. we'll also check out 101 in the south bay this time. so, here is headlights moving northbound. fine out of morgan hill. that is 880 across your screen. all is well in the east bay with the live shot in contra costa county. southbound traffic flowing right there through walnut creek. probably past north main
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toward highway 24. get traffic when you want by going to our website eric, kristen? >> all right, frances. thanks a lot. 5:21. >> next the tribute paid to two victim of a deadly shooting in san jose. >> also, the silver tsunami hitting the road as baby-boomers come of age. >> career, life and love. the advice first lady michelle obama offered english college students and what she says first attracted her to her husband. cccccccccccccccccccccc
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good morning. 5:24 on thursday morning. you are looking live at san francisco international airport where the day is getting underway. you can see the trucks moving there. delivering food, snacks, or -- wait, you don't get food or snacks anymore. never mind. you may feel haze there. a little overcast. mike will tell us more about that coming up. >> more news right now. san jose state university is setting up two new scholarship funds in memory of the victims of this month's deadly shooting on campus. cindy and thomas were kill ed by an esstranged husband in a parking garage. the gunman shot himself. the honor students will be awarded posthumously with the bachelor degree at the weekend commencement. you can donate to the fund
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on the accounting and finance school. we have a link on the website under see it on tv. the d.m.v. is asking californians to begin preparing for what is called the silver tsunami, the wave of aging baby boomers who plan to keep driving despite diminishing skills. in 20 years, one in five california drivers will be over the age of 65. the d.m.v. is asking close relatives to help make sure they still belong behind the wheel. >> establish some dialogue within the family unit. talk openly to raise the comfort level of not just the senior parent or grandparent but of those that would be broaching that subject as well. >> the d.m.v. officials say seniors are statistically among the safest drivers. first lady michelle obama took time-out from her england visit to mentor young girls there. mrs. obama opened up to a group of girls at a poor high school invited to see her at prestigious oxford university.
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she told her the secrets of succeeding at the dating game and choosing the right husband. >> do not bring people in your life who weigh you down. and trust your instincts. you know, good relationships feel good. they feel right. they don't hurt. >> the first lady and mr. obama met 20 years ago at a law firm where she worked as summer associate. it's nice that they were brought to oxford. she wanted to show what is possible. inspiring. >> very. hundreds of dangerous criminals are released to the streets. next at 5:30, the computer glitch that got them out of prison by mistake. >> also, the suspect gets a face, first look at the man under arrest in the beating of giants' fan bryan stow outside dodger stadium. >> bad news for buster and giants fans. the play at the plate that could leave a giants star sidelined. check out the temperatures across the country.
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notice the cool push in the midwest and the upper midwest. the warm humid weather over on the east coast. that is where we could have severe weather today. if you are heading to seattle and portland, upper 50s for you. we have flight arrival delays in chicago o'hare airport. more could develop along the east coast. make sure you utilize that flight tracker at
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i'm amy hollyfield live in san francisco. that pg&e bill of yours could soon be going up. and the idea behind it is a controversial one. the story straight ahead. >> also this morning, an amazing sight in northern california. at least three tornadoes touched down near chico. no reports of any injuries or damage. >> there is a live look at the weather right now. it's cool, breezy around the beaches and bay shore today.
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but no rain in the forecast. not today. there is some in tomorrow's. i'll tell you if it lingers to the holiday weekend. >> all right. i got good news. no delays at the bay bridge toll plaza. and the alameda harbor bay ferry has restored their service today. a shooting leaves an oakland teen dead blocks from his high school. police are looking for some of the -- appealing for some of the dozens of witnesses on the scene to come forward. 5:30 on thursday. good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm kristen sze. >> i'm eric thomas. in the news this half hour, state regulators are set to vote on a pg&e plan to could raise your electric bill and lower the bills of people who use the most power. abc7's amy hollyfield is live at san francisco. are you confused? amy, take it away. >> reporter: brace yourself, eric. your pg&e bill could be going up as much as 20%. the majority of people probably see 10% increase. some people will see a 20% increase.
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here is the debate. if you use less, should you pay lower rate than those who use more? should you get a break? that is how it's set up. idea is to encourage conservation. now, pg&e says it's time to close the gap. the utility says the big customers are carrying an unfair burden and they are ready to increase rates of those who use the least amount. this will be significant. the most significant change in design in the last decade. that's how it's described to the p.u.c. the commissioners will vote on it this morning. stay tuned, because this decision will impact your bottom line. i'd love to hear what you think about this. check out the abc7 facebook page. send me a message on twitter. chime in, let me know. reporting live in san francisco, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> thanks a lot. this morning, detectives in los angeles say they are satisfied after witnesses to the beating of giants' fan bryan stow saw a police line-up yesterday that included a suspect in the
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brutal attack. swat team arrested this man, giovanni ramirez on sunday. ramirez's parole officer told the lapd he resembled one of the two men shown in a sketch that appeared on billboards all across l.a. you can compare these two images here. a picture of ramirez appears on the left. alongside of the sketch. stow remains unconscious. in critical condition at san francisco general hospital. counselors are expected to be on hand on the campus of oakland's leadership preparatory high school this morning to help students cope with the murder of a 17-year-old senior. police say 17-year-old franklin was shot near the corner of alab and richie street yesterday afternoon. detectives are investigating the circumstances of the shooting but say two teens were firing at each other. there were 50 people at the scene as officers arrived, but most left without talking to police. investigators are urging witnesses to come forward. school district spokesman
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says franklin was due to graduate in a few weeks. >> the southern california grandmother accused of kidnapping her own 4-month-old granddaughter from her parents' home in knightsen is expected to be transported to the contra costa county jail in the coming days. yesterday, a judge raised bail on 58-year-old ericka gallego. from $150,000 to $5 million. after family members raised concerns that she would disappear if she was let out on bail. investigators say ericka gallego kidnapped her granddaughter from her son and daughter-in-law's home from contra costa county last weekend. the infant was eventually found in southern california late sunday night. california prison officials are coming under fire for accidently freeing more than 450 high-risk criminals last year without supervision. the inmate release was part of a controversial program designed to reduce prison populations and cut costs. prison officials are blaming a glitch in computer software designed to predict which offenders could be safely released. state auditors found the
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program was wrong, error rate of 20%. the correction department says the error rate has improved and that all 450 of the high-risk offenders are now on supervised parole. this morning, the giants are holding their breath and fans have their fingers crossed awaiting word of severity of the injury that buster posey sustained in last night's extra inning loss. top of the 12th, the marlins' scott cousins tagged up from third, shallow shot to right field and barrelled into catcher buster posey. cousins was safe. that was game-winner. the giants say posey injured his left ankle in the collision. there were x-rays taken after the game. the results are not known. he will take an mri later this morning. >> we'll keep following that for you. no report of damage or injuries after three twisters were reported north of sacramento. fortunately the storms hit sparsely populated area. the tornadoes blew through glenn and butte counties.
5:35 am
one touched down near durham. rural community, five miles south of chico. abc7's leslie brinkley shows us more. >> reporter: dramatic hail, and thunderstorm activity. san francisco state meteorologist dave dempsey grew up in chico and said he has never seen anything like this. >> the shape is a classic funnel shape. coming down from good healthy thunderstorm. reaches the ground. you can see the debris kicked up by the tornado. spun around. it's magnificent. fortunately not anything like the devastating ones that hit alabama and missouri recently, in joplin. the wind speeds were measured close to 200 miles per hour. the ones in california never get anywhere near that strong. they might be in the 70 to 80, 90-mile-per-hour.
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>> each year, only six to 12 tornadoes form in the whole state of california. march is the peak month. tornados in may are rare. but he says the butte in the region are the closest we have to tornado alley. >> after a cold front has gone through, the way that the winds get organized they blow around the butte, it tends to be what it takes to get a tornado to spin up underneath one of those thunderstorms. >> supervisor kim yamaguchi was driving through the worst of it. >> minor damage, everybody is okay. >> reporter: leslie brinkley, abc7 news. 5:36. didn't mean to scare you. >> you're an hour late. don't worry about it. >> you know what it is? there are still so many clouds out there. we're not going to shake them all day today. not completely. >> not all day today. but tomorrow, rain again. i have feel like bill murray in "groundhog day." >> like sonny and cher. let's go back in time. right there, the one cell
5:37 am
that developed a couple of tornadoes. so far, the latest report from the weather service increased it to seven. so they will go out there and check it out. make sure. then we will get a time tally. seven reports of tornadoes. that could be the yearly average out of one storm. there in the central valley. all right, since last night, look at what has happened. the flows become zonal. the winds are coming off the ocean. that means it is cooler than average this afternoon. stepping out right now, within one to three degrees of where we were yesterday. most of us cooler as the sky was mainly clear during most of the overnight hours. we have a few clouds lingering through the morning hours. most of us in the mid-to-upper 40s. inland, upper 40s to mid-50s around the bay shore. by noon, we will call it partly cloudy. temperatures in the mid-to-upper 50s along the coast, san francisco, oakland and santa rosa. low to mid-60s for the rest of us. by 4:00, this afternoon, look for sunshine and clouds in the sky. it will be dry. we will have upper 50s to near 60, half moon bay at san francisco.
5:38 am
low to mid-60s throughout the bay shore and south bay and north bay valley. mid-to-upper 60s east bay. the accuweather seven-day forecast -- one more chunk of energy will rise through on the west to east flow and squeeze out the scattered showers tomorrow. mainly during the morning hours. once it passes, the breezy and cooler than average through the weekend. in to early next week. good morning, frances. >> well, mike, the ride has been a breeze as well. no major accidents to slow you down. so we'll show you live shot around the bay area. very different story this morning for the golden gate bridge. no roadwork heading southbound. that has been cleared already toward the span. traffic is flowing well in to san francisco. also if you are thinking about heading to the san mateo bridge, looking good on 880 through hayward. 101 is fine on the other side of the san mateo bridge. westbound traffic on the right here. also, we will check out interstate 80 in berkeley. and it's quiet commute on westbound 80 out of fairfield to the bay bridge toll plaza.
5:39 am
eric, kristen? >> thank you very much. it's 5:38. almost 5:39. >> some of the most popular small cars on the market are put to the crash test. still ahead, models which researchers say are the safest. >> and the government unveils new showroom labels for fuel efficiency. find out what to look for when you are ready to go green.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. welcome back. 5:42. a new study finds smaller fuel efficient cars are getting safer. six of 13 small cars tested won the top safety award and none of them earned a poor rating. that is a big turn-around from a few years ago. ten of the mini-car models were awarded the top safety pick that gets 40 miles to the gallon. the top picks are the 2012 ford focus, honda civic, from the year 2011. the hyundai elantra, the nissan juke and toyota prius. comparison shopping for a new car is about to get easier. e.p.a. unveiled the redesigned fuel economy labels to be displayed on all new cars.
5:43 am
it will simplify the environment environmental impact for drivers. transportation reporter heather ishimaru has details. >> reporter: soars gasoline prices provide a perfect backdrop for a first look at the fuel economy and environmental impact label. current california labels show only fuel economy and an environmental rating for the car there they're on. now labels will compare the car against an average new vehicle. it also helps simplify comparisons across many different classes. >> gas hybrid, plug-in hybrid, electric. for instance, this gas-guzzlers label an average of 11 miles per gallon shows you spend $14,400 more in fuel over five years than with an average new vehicle. while this all electric label at 99 miles per gallon equivalent shows a fuel saving of $9,600. the figures are all based on national averages, but are extremely useful for comparison sake. >> it took a lot of discussion. there was people who thought
5:44 am
we should have a grade. wouldn't it be great if you knew "a" through "f"? what we came out with a common sense approach to move us in the right direction toward more efficiency. >> palo alto based tesla motors is among those who prefer a letter grade. it sold 1600 of the $100,000 electric roadsters but is hoping to tap a larger market next year with the more practical model-s sedan at half the price. tesla helped develop the new federal label. the labels will be required on 2013 models hitting showrooms next year. or voluntarily before then. heather ishimaru, abc7 news. 5:44 now. upscale clothing makers are seeing green in red, white and blue. the bloomberg business report is coming up. >> also, the worry that has some san bruno residents calling for a ban on fireworks in the neighborhood ravaged by the pg&e natural gas explosion. >> plus, getting your children's vaccinations up to speed. bay area county makes it
5:45 am
easier for parents to do that. next, how you can get the shots your kids need for free. >> if you are already dreaming of hitting the beach this summer. think about the sun screen you will be using. a new report claims some may be hazardous to your health.
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welcome back. look at live doppler7 h.d. notice how quiet it is across the country. across the state, i should say. we have showers possible around eureka and higher elevation snow on the mountain around chico. 70 in sacramento. 76 in fresno. look at the sunshine and 94 in palm springs today. 73 in los angeles. sunshine and 69 in san diego. if you are heading to tahoe, the winter weather advisory expired. kristen, eric? >> all right, mike. thank you. 5:48. the state assembly moved to restore more than $440 million in state subsidized child care that was slashed in march. california offers subsidized child care to low-income families, those in work training programs and people transitioning off welfare. democrats want to use the funds from a $744 million increase in unexpected revenues that is in governor's brown revised budget. the governor wants to use the money to repay past
5:49 am
borrowing. some lawmakers want half of it to go to restoring the child care cuts and other half to go to community colleges and k-12 schools. today, health officials in contra costa county will begin offering free whooping cough vaccinations to help students meet new immunization requirements. it requires all entering 7 through 12 grade to receive a t-dap shot before beginning classes. whooping cough is a serious disease that can be fatal for infants. california had 1100 cases. it has vaccination for diphtheria and pertussis. for more information go to click it on see it on tv. 5:49 now. president obama and world leaders are opening two days of talks on security and economic issues in northern france this morning. the g-8 summit is being held in the chic seaside resort
5:50 am
town of doville. the president greeted the crowd as he arrived on the third stop of four-country, six-day european tour. this morning, president obama says the u.s. and russia are committed to finding an approach to build a european based missile defense system that is something russia strongly opposed. other issues expected on the summit agenda, are situation in afghanistan. the nato mission in libya and the global economy. see after the whooping cough story, there was a demonstration you probably heard. >> i was going to say it's ironic that the tickle came on as i was reading that story. >> isn't it contagious? >> i don't have it, guys. >> i'll be over here. >> we'll be away from both of you guys. >> i got choked up over the weather. >> mr. mike nicco, how about the forecast? >> in and out of the picture here. >> getting choked up over the cool memorial day
5:51 am
forecast. >> is that what it is? you're saddened by that. i know you like to go to the pool. >> barbecue, all the things that we associate with memorial day. >> huddle around the barbecue. let's move on. am i a germaphobe? no. we've all been battling illnesses for the last month. something to do with sleep depravation, i'm sure. look at the clouds. no foul, no harm. beautiful sunrise in a couple of minutes. rain in the forecast, mainly tomorrow morning. just scattered showers. let's talk about how the clouds are going to continue to hang around during the afternoon hours as you take a look at the accuweather seven-day forecast. not sure why the computer started with that. go back to what is going on right now. all right. we have low to mid-50s around san francisco. oakland, fremont. mountain view, livermore, antioch. everybody else in the mid-to-upper 40s. salinas, 54. it seems odd when you look at gilroy, 41.
5:52 am
most of the monterey bay around the mid-to-upper 40s. all right. let's get straight in the highlights. dry and warmer this afternoon. scattered showers again tomorrow morning. then breezy and dry for the holiday weekend. take a look at the temperatures. 70 in campbell, saratoga. los gatos. everybody else in mid-to-upper 60s. mid-to-upper 60s on the peninsula. breezy, mid-50s. even with the sunshine it's a little raw on the beaches, downtown san francisco. saucelito, low 60s. north bay beaches, rather cool. sunshine and mid-to-upper 50s for you. mid-to-upper 60s. not as breezy inland. mid-60s. rain is small on the east bay shore. 63 in richmond. east bay valley, upper 60s to low 70s. low to mid-70s, morgan hill, hollister. upper 60s for santa cruz, watsonville and 62 in monterey and 60 around carmel and pacific grove. at&t park today, got an afternoon game.
5:53 am
enjoy the sunshine. 12:45. partly cloudy with 55 degrees. but warming up to 60. it will feel 10 degrees warmer than that if you are in the sun the entire game. clouds that come back tonight. look at how they keep temperatures up in the low to mid-50s. except for the deepest valleys inland. where we will be in the mid-to-upper 40s. what we're seeing is the cold front move through over the last ten hours. that upper level low, which gave enough twisting in the atmosphere and instability for the seven reports of tornadoes yesterday. in the northern central valley. this active storm track will push this front through tonight and tomorrow morning. it's a very weak front. today we have partly cloudy a mild conditions. with this system we have a chance of scattered showers. mainly tomorrow morning. today's commute is going to be dry. so, it looks like it will be easy hopefully to get around. we'll talk to frances here in about 20 seconds. friday, that chance of showers best in the north bay again. saturday and sunday, breezy. actually, warming to close to average temperatures by
5:54 am
sunday. then they drop back off monday, tuesday, wednesday. here she is. >> it's definitely been easier without many accidents to slow you down. it's much easier for ferry commuters. the alameda harbor bay ferry back in service today. looks like the dock has been repaired. out of service for three days but everything back to normal with other mass transit systems. there are a couple of slow spots. they are usual suspects. westbound 4, lone tree to 242. slowing to antioch. slightly under the speed limit in pockets of the altamont pass, but overall not horrible. 21 minutes is the drive-time from westbound 580 to 205 to 680. go outside and show how good it looks. 680 in walnut creek. where the traffic flows southbound on the right. toward highway 24. get traffic when you want by going to our website. eric, kristen? >> all right. frances, thanks a lot. 5:54.
5:55 am
>> you may be if line for a pay raise this year. >> me? maybe you. or maybe you. here is jane king with the bloomberg business report. >> good morning. made in america used to be a blue collar thing. now the clothing maker is cashing in on the growing popularity of the theme. take the men's wear maker. their banner on the suit-maker website advertising the massachusetts factory that makes them. olson twins also getting in on the wave of patriotism. an american express survey says more than 75% of customers like brands made in america. good news about the paycheck. staffing agencies starting to charge more for the part-time temp they place in companies. analysts say that is a sign wages for full-time permanent workers may go up. today's workers burning fewer calories a day. a study shows dramatic drop in manufacturering and farming and the increase in sit on your you-know-what office jobs are to blame. the new york stock exchange,
5:56 am
i'm jane king with the bloomberg business report. 5:55 now. in san bruno, some neighbors are calling for a ban on fireworks near the glenn view subdivision, the scene of last fall deadly natural gas explosion and fire. eight people died and 38 homes were destroyed. now all that is levitt is a windy grass land -- all that is left is a windy grass land that could be ignited by fireworks. fire officials respond it's already illegal to use safe and sane fireworks in vacant lots and they're more worried about the illegal variety. with summer around the corner a new warning about sun screen. researchers say more than half of products on the store shelves don't protect your skin from the cancer-causing ultraviolet rays. the watchdog group says many of the sun bloc contain hazardous ingredients. they recommend avoiding high
5:57 am
s.p.f. sun screens because they offer false sense of protection. for a link of the good sun screens go to and click on see it on tv. 5:57 now. just ahead on abc7 news at 6:00 a.m. -- the east bay employer that is about to cut more than 500 jobs. >> plus, was the cure more dangerous than the illness? the bay area holistic healer that is facing charges of poisoning his patients. >> i'm terry mcsweeney life at san francisco general hospital. new developments this morning in the stir of bryan stow. he is still here in critical condition. the prosecutors down in l.a. have new evidence against the suspect in his beating. the story coming up in a live report.
5:58 am
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