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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100AM  ABC  May 26, 2011 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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a los angeles police chief on updating the investigation into bryan stow. he refused to release any information in how the line-up went last my. but there are reports that a witness took ramirez out of the line-up but the chief refused to comment other than to say that he remains the primary suspect. you see the picture of him oat
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left and on the right. what they released to the public. stow remains unconscious in critical but stable condition. he was transferred to san francisco general from los angeles. two men came behind stow and beat him at dodger stadium. for the past two days, his attorney says ramirez was not at the game and as an alibi. >> ramirez is and was and has been our primary suspect on the stow beating. we continue down that road in our of presenting a case to the district attorney in the near future. but we will not present that case until we have looked at a number of things that are still examined. >> his attorney has said several witnesses will testify that his client was baby-sitting and will
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even take a polygraph to prove it. he says he was with his ten-year-old daughter and can prove that. >> bart directors are expected to approve a plan to ensure that every officer has taser of their own. terry mcsweeney joins us live from bart headquarters in oakland. >> reporter: we came down from the bart boardroom where they unanimously approved 130 tasers. this is the meeting talking about the budget, billions of dollars, but this is $140,000 purchase that has been attract ago lot of attention. take a look. the directors voted unanimously to buy 130 more tasers in addition to the 60 that is available to officers that request them. they have been available to them since 2008. january 2009, johannes mehserle shoots and killed oscar grant at
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at fruitvale station. he testified he thought he was reaching for taser which he had just borrowed from another officer a couple hours before. making them carry them everyday will reduce the threat of misuse according to the police chief. >> when you talk about safety equipment like a gun, a night stick or a taser, best practice is for individual officer to be equipped with them so they can have better familiarity with the piece of equipment. >> june of last year, there was more controversy about bart police officers and tasers. a bart cop fired a taser at a 13-year-old boy who was trying to get away from police on his bicycle. that is a violation of policy, tasers were pulled from the force for a while and officers were retrained and now they have been rearmed. it clears the way for all of them to have tasers with them at all times and it passed.
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>> kristen: also happening right now, state regulators gave the green light for a new plan for energy users to pay more so the big energy users can pay less. >> an aye vote. this is going to mean probably about a 10% increase in most people's bills. that is a rough estimate at this point. what is interesting that no one spoke in favor of the changes because we don't use as much energy as kern county. the people need their air-conditioning. to cover the current rate structure those that use a lot of power are subsidizing those that don't. the gap keeps getting wider.
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currently those that use less pay less. that idea behind that was to encourage conservation. those that spoke out against the new rate structure are worried about the environment and those on a fixed income. >> many people at this point are paying for food or medicine. >> we are supposed to be encouraging people to use less energy and to cut carbon emissions. you don't do that by raising the rates for using less you do it by rewarding them for using less. >> based on the vote, those that who use less we'll see a rate increase. the commissioners say you can argue the merits on this but this is how the majority of the country does it. pg&e hasn't commented yet. officials wanted to wait until the vote came down. it came down about five minutes ago and we'll have them later
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this afternoon. live in san francisco, amy hollyfield, "abc 7 news." >> san bruno neighbors are calling for a ban on fireworks near the deadly explosion and fire. it killed 8 people in the glenview neighborhood. some residents it could be fuel for fireworks. san bruno is one of two cities that allows so-called safe and sane fireworks. fire officials say no ban is needed because it's already illegal to use them on vacant lots and open spaces. u.s. supreme court voted 5-3 to uphold an arizona law that imposes sanctions on illegal immigrants. it passed in 2007 and requires employers to verify the eligibility of new workers from a federal database.
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it does not reempty arizona from row veok go licenses in businesses. business interests and civil liberty groups and obama administration all oppose the law. >> very bad news for a san francisco giant fans. medical exams star catcher player buster posey had a bad medical exam after yesterday. wayne freedman has the latest. >> we're just getting word of the injury. we're told of a fracture of a bone in his left leg. buster bosey is likely to be out for the rest of the season. not only that they lost the game last night. if you haven't seen the hit, this is the play at home plate that knocked posey out on to the injury list and out of the science.
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a collision with one of players of the is florida marlins. it's all the fans were talking about. was it clean hit? was it not a clean hit? we found a husband and wife that don't even agree. was eight good hit? >> no, i don't think so. they could have done something different. >> what do you think? >> well, i think it's baseball. at that point he made the decision to go through him. it's unfortunate but it's baseball. >> i think should should be able to go in like that. >> so it's her birthday, i don't want to create a stir. [ laughter ] >> reporter: but there is a scare at this point. the question is should baseball players be allowed to barge head irs or shoulder first or should
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they be only be required to go in feet first. there seems to be more injuries with famous collisions about players coming in head first. and n.f.l. has barred hammer hits, why shouldn't baseball do something similar. clearly the giants are making some moves after 12:00 today. posey will not be behind the plate today or any time in the foreseeable future. still ahead, the drug maker about to cut hundreds of jobs in the east bay. plus, a private meeting between president obama and russia's president to get over mistrust issues. >> it's not from tiffany's but
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. destructive storms in the midwest, we're getting word that the first person on the missing list from joplin, missouri is alive. a 70-year-old woman but the missing people, 232 people were listed as missing. they are encouraging people to check in. some more not dead but may be at a friends just like the lady
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today. at least 125 people have died from the storms. >> in oklahoma, authorities say a three-year-old boy listed as missing after a tornado hit his home is the state's 10th storm related death. storms killed at least 16 people in oklahoma, kansas and arkansas this week. >> president obama laid it on his missile defense plan to dmitry medvedev today. but it appears that they 0 a long way to go to trust the motives of the u.s. the white house says they don't believe us. the plan would place missile intercepteders in middle and eastern europe. it designed to shield the u.s. from terrorist groups but rush an leaders called it very complex. >> my interacts with dmitry medvedev has always been excellent. >> kristen: they are working to
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shore up relations between the u.s. and russia. they melt at the g-8 summit in france. >> bayer is cutting 540 jobs in emeryville fulfill facility. the company plans to shift production to drugs to an outside manufacturer. workers will receive severance pay and help in finding new jobs. bayer says some of the workers could be relocated to other company sites where there are job openings. we'll talk to mike about the rain next. >> very quickly, possibly tomorrow morning. these clouds, fair weather cumulus clouds. we need cold front coming in and creating that. and if it will have an effect on the weekend forecast. >> small fuel efficient cars, how safe are you in them? the latest government crash tests, next. >> and seeing double.
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a graduation ceremony may have had a lot of people turning their heads.x@ñ@ñ@ñ
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today special graduation ceremony at a san francisco middle school had the audience seeing doubles, six sets of twins donned their caps and gowns. they will be moving on to high school this fall. this is the most sets of twins they've ever had. they have been able to keep track of them because each has unique personality. >> that would be fun. >> you can see the rain is creeping back here. >> maybe midnight to tomorrow morning, we have a lost sunshine in the forecast. take you outside and show you some of the fair weather cumulus clouds as the sun warms the ground and rehad leases the moisture back in the atmosphere but it will makes eight beautiful sunset and as we look
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northwest from sutro tower. we'll head over to emeryville and you see a lot of green but how it gets green after a little rain. if you are leaving right now, look at this, upper 50s to low 60s, 64 in fairfield. first highlights is dry and warmer this afternoon but scattered showers are possible tomorrow morning. once that moves through, breezy and dry conditions all the way through the holiday weekend. let's start down in the south bay, even though we're warmer today, still not quite as warm as we should be. upper 50s to low 70s. 69 cupertino. mid to upper 60s on the upper peninsula. coast, mid to upper 50s for you, low 60s downtown san francisco. kind of breezy along the north
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bay beaches. calmer and warmer, mid to upper 60s in the valleys. 56 degrees and a little warmer in the east bay valleys. low to mid-70s around morgan hill and hollister. cooler near 62 at monterey. cloudy at 55 could get up 10-15 degrees warmer if you are sitting in the sun. all the showers will stay up around eureka and high elevation snow around mount shasta. that will push clouds our neighborhood tonight and low to mid-50s. here is a look at satellite and you can see the zonal flow, a little bit of a break in the action but here is a dip right here. this is the one that is going november in tonight and bring us the showers after a partly cloudy and mild day today. that is the system heading up to the north.
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here we are at midnight, see some of them moving into the north bay and move across the entire bay through tomorrow morning's commute. by noon, sunshine and temperatures that will be slightly cooler today. we gain those back saturday. part of the warmest day will be on sunday and then another cooling trend begins monday and wednesday. if you think you do enough physical activity to keep you healthy, researchers say only 50% of adults meet the guidelines. majority of them are hispanic men and men with less than a high school education. earlier studies somewhere between 45-65% of adults say they exercise enough outside of work to meet the recommendations for physical activity. >> the latest government crash test shows smaller cars are
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getting a lot of safer. none of cars tested were rated poor. but the huge turnaround from a few years ago. six of small cars were given top safety pick award for your a complete list of the top rated cars go to our website at lindsay lohan is serving her house arrest sentence today rather than go to jail. actress was fitted for an ankle monitor this morning. she was sentenced in april to 120 days in jail for violating her probation in a 2007 drunken driving case by taking a necklace without permission. they say lohan is expected to serve about 35 days of her sentence. >> memorial day weekend started eseú
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today at 3:00, top travel gadgets for summer female getaways. then at 4:00 and 5:00, sarah palin's big purchase in arizona fuels speculation about her plans to run for president. and a chem tri-teacher in hot water having students ingesting a dangerous drug that had them pass out. remember your hollywood icon and blue men take the stage. don sanchez has what's hot. ♪
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>> chaos and craziness. a totally outrageous night at golden gate theater. >> remember, legend are a blues guitarist at slim's. >> broad bay smash about life in the '60s, experience atop mount tam and an adventure on sunday. ♪ >> multiculture come alive at the carnaval grand parade and lavish costumes this sunday in the mission. ♪ >> they are wipenproof. a college legend and rare appearance at marin memorial theater. remembering elizabeth taylor.
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fighting hiv and aids at the castro theater. ♪ >> anthony brown's american arts place john coltrane saturday afternoon. ♪ check out the family fun at mushroom mardi gras festival and mushroom is the star. >> new on blu-ray, romeo and juliet from elton john. i gave it three-quarters of a bucket. all right. giants trying to win one from the marlins without posey. >> it sounds good. "who wants to be a millionaire" is next. have a great day. bye-bye. @ @
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