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tv   ABC 7 News at 5PM  ABC  May 26, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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ejections. >> the terrain is so treacherous. four wheel drive vehicles got stuck trying to reach the crash site. a number of rescue personnel hiked in and three helicopters airlifted the victims out. two most severely injured were flown to stanford high school . the three others back to the command center and taken by ambulance to the want no names were released and one person was killed and a vehicle accident that involved seven people in the remote region. reporting near alpine road and highway 35. abc sevennews. >> a chinatown construction magnet was in the courtroom to be sentenced for cheating immigrant workers out of their paychecks. the judge suddenly postponed
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the sentencing . abc 7 vick lee is live from the courthouse to tell us why? >> carolyn, like most disputes in life, the hang up here is over money. the judge wants to make sure the financial restitution that was agreed on in this case will go to the right people and it is the right amount. >> can you talk to us? >> monica um was the owner of the general contracting company . admitted to cheating her employees out of millions of dollars and defrauded the state as well >> very low pay . long hours. i am happy of what is done. and the electrician believes that he was cheated out of tens of thousands of dollars over the two years he worked for her. unions say she ripped off several hundred workers over
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the years. most vulnerable immigrants. >> they are immigrant chinese workers thoo that knew little english. >> she had public work contracts with city and most in the east bay. she grossly underpaid employees and showed fraudulent pay roll accounts to the clients. >> they were paid 60 hours and paid 16 hours. >> she was arrest charged with 48 felony counts and perjury and insurance fraud. she pled guilty and no contest to two felonies change for a four year suspended prison and restitution of 1.2 million. workers will get $350,000 . the state compensation and insurance fund will get the rest. the judge said the case needs more scutiny. >> it is a amount of clapes
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and money and restitution that your clients has? >> yes. that's what it deals with. >> and that was fred weimer one of her lawyers. the other was former mayor willie brown. i asked him for a comment and his reply was you got to be kidding me. they will be back in court next month. >> vick, thank you. >> a major company is leaving emeryville and taking 500 jobs with it. bayer medical is outsourcing jobs in germany and austria. emeryville is optmistic that another company will take over the plant. >> we have a lot of companies that are focused on biologics and looking for manufacturing and this may be an opportunity to keep manufacturing in the bay area with an existing
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facility. and despite the decision, bayer is speping 100 million to upgrade the large manufacturing plant in west berkeley. >> oakland police hope that surveillance video released today will help them catch the four men who killed a local garden. 42 year old antoinio torres was working in front of a home when four men approached him. they argued and one of the men shot and killed torres. they may have robbed him as well he was shot in the back. the four men are persons was interest. >> castlemont high school officials tried to comfort students an a graduating senior was shot to death on the way home yesterday. >> this tragedy affects us all . especially affects all of our students who knew him. >> 17 year old franklin junior was known as tang.
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he was set to graduate in three weeks from castle mont leadership prepatory high school. someone shot him while he was riding his bike. he was targeted just blocks from his home. >> he was a quiet person and popular and unassuming way . he was a dependable and unusually responsible person for a kid of his age. >> now officers don't think it was gang related but admit they don't know the motive here. so far, there are no suspects in the case. >> san francisco police chief charlie beck is confident that the right person was arrested in the beating of a san francisco giant's fan bryan stow on opening day. no charges were filed against go - givanny ramirez. ramirez said he was not at the
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game. but the chief said the line up adds to the evidence against the known gang member. giovanni ramirez is and has been and a suspect. we continue down that road in our prep operation of presenting a case to the district attorney in the near future. >> i think he is the wrong guy. i think we told them our alibi and invite them to check it out. >> he was with his daughter at the time . other pime will - people will be able to testify that he was not -- and certainly not at the game. >> as you might know, police are searching for two others in the attack on stow. he remains in critical condition in the sp-- sf general hospital. >> the law requires employers to verify immigration status
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of potential workers through a federal program called everify. it is a defeat for the obama administration and chamber of commerce. both -- oppose the law. you havelet u.s. chamber of commerce fighting the law. they are trying to again say it is not an appropriate place for an employer to be a federal officer . >> when it come to everify, all we are making sure is jobs go to american workers. >> today's ruling does not affect another arizona law that allows the police to check the immigration status of people in certain situations . >> a bay area atm repair man pled guilty of not switching out cash with counterfeit bills. he was caught on surveillance video taking 200,000 from banc
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of america atm's in dally city and pran fran - san francisco last july. phoenix police pulled him over for a routine traffic stop and noticed there was a warrant for his arrest. bail was increased to five million dollars for the southern california grandma accused of kidnapping her grand daughter out of her bay area home. the four month old was reported missing over the weekend. police found the baby with her paternal grandmother. she was hundreds of miles away in el monte. she faces kidnapping and burglary charges. >> a central california chemistry teachers is jail on charges of storing explosives in the classroom. her bail is set at $500,000 . 1100 students were evacuated from livingston high school
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after she led authorities to the classroom where the explosives were found. investigators detonated it in a field behind the schools. excited students and worried parents and teachers watched. >> it is cause for concern. i feel the has mat and school authorities had it under control. >> it is the second arrest this week. she was charged on monday of suspicion of child endangerment for allegedly helping three students ingest chloroform. >> each officer will carry their own stun gun. transit agency has 60 tasers and not enough for everybody. b.a.r.t. officers said it will increase familiarity and confident in the weapon. it is needed as a less than lethal option. b.a.r.t. has a troubled
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history with the taser. a former officer shot and killed an unarmed passenger oscar grant. he mistook the taser for a gun and he did not have proper training. >> leaders in the g-8 summit in france are paying attention to the anti-government protest in africa and middle east. they want to stave off collapse in the countries. the fear is that faltering economies might undermine democratic reform. president obama tried to bolster relationship between the united states and russia. he and the russian president focused on security and trade issues for the countries. >> he has ran outstanding relationship and as a consequence we have been able to have great relations between the united states and
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russia that is good for the security in the prosperity of both. >> and later in the evening. french president nicholas sarkozy and his wife hosted a dinner. >> the u.s. government feels it shouldn't have to pay a congestion fee for president obama's limo. you can see the limo right there after getting stuck on a curve . the automatic scanners captured the president's license plate as they would for any other car. they believe that it is a tax that foreign governments are exempt from paying. london's mayor disagreed. >> pg&e's new platfee that awards energy guzzlers at the expense of average users >> amount of water found on the
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moon. so much it rivals that of the earth. >> when you thought you might put the umbrellas away. not yet. we have couple of threats of showers coming in. i will have detailsing up. >> and bay area school with six sets of twins in one graduating clalalalalalalalalala
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. amazing discovery by nasa. water trap indeed lunar soil samples brought book 40 years ago by apollo 17 astronauts. the lunar science institute announced the discovery today. the team said there may be more water in moon soil and rocks as in earth. >> it is exciting confirming that not only is there water
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on the surface of the moon. but there is reservoir of water in the interior of the moon. >> in december 1972, apolo 17 astronauts. the last man to walk on the moon found a patch of orange soil and brought it back . a brown university student made the discovery. >> and california public utility commission approved a rate structure for pg&e that will lower electrical rates for big users. it divides residential customer in fourties and award customers who conserve . fourth tier customers will pay less, but you will not need to use as much power to enter the third tier and customers may be hit with surcharges. >> and how safe are you in a
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small car? >> a new report said full efficient cars are safer than ever. >> that is according to the latest crash test. >> a lot safer. that is a good thing. 14 years ago none of the maul cars earned a safety rating and this year, a much better outcome. this video by the insurance institute shows crash tests on small cars with side impacts at 31 miles per hour. six out of 13 cars were rated top safety picks. none received a poor rating. that is a big change since 19nen when they rated unsafe. small cars now are better equipped with side impact air bags and electronic control . ford focus and honda civic and lexus ct hybrid and nissan and
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toyota prious. >> we are trying to use less gasoline. are we drinking less coffee, too? >> dauvy - coffee prices are rising faster than gasoline. one pound is 5.10 in april. that is according to the department of labor statistics that. is 40 percent more than the same time last year. gasoline prices rose thren percent . skimping on gas, we are not giving up on our cup of jo. the u.s. consumed 1.6 percent more coffee last year . coffee houses are among the fastest growing restaurants. >> a new report shows that quarter of all homes sold in the first few monthses of this year were foreclosures. they accounted for nearly half of all sales. 45 percent according to realty trac. the latest report said
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foreclosures had drin down home prices and bank owned homes sold for 33 percent less than nonforeclosured home. >> and they are in the neighborhood good thing if you are buying watch out if you are selling. >> not one, not two, but six sets of twins graduated this morning from the san francisco if those in the audience thought they were seeing double. they were. school officials said they never had this many twins before . besides the duos, there were two sets of adopted siblings graduating together. in case you are wondering, they were not all going to the same high school. >> i am sure they are happy about that. >> and something samuel would know about. >> mine are only two. i have a long way to see them graduate. i got you nice weather today.
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i can't do the same tomorrow. i will not let you down, but there is showers threat tomorrow morning . sunny skies today and look at another live picture. golden gate bridge, few clouds out there, but really they are harmless. you can see the clouds here on the satellite picture from this afternoon in the north bay right now and most of the bay area enjoying plenty of sun . temperatures in the 50s on the beaches and 60s in most of the other areas. it is warmer today. increasing clouds tonight and a chance of showers friday morning, best chance in the north bay, breezy and unsettled conditions for the weekend. i know it is a long weekend but things are changing rapidly. we have an active pattern in the pacific unusually active for spring and why we continue
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to see showers moving through the bay area every couple of days, we are heading into june and looking at wet weather possibilities. we'll show you where the next system is going. it is aiming farther to the north and bring in a possibility of showers to the north bay. tonight at 7:00. mainly clear skies and then the rain line start to move in to the north bay and isolated shower in the east bay and front falls apart, and behind the front mostly sunny skies for tomorrow afternoon. as you look at overnight. temperatures ranging from the 40s to the 50s and so a mild night. clouds will keep you insulated a bit it is a nice day in the south bay with partly cloudy conditions. 60 in the bay . cupertino and 65 in redwood city and mid-to upper 50s on
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the coast and breezy again like it is right now. downtown san francisco, 60 degrees, still running unusually cool for this time of year. dally city 56 and breezy. in the north bay, clearing first and elsewhere. 69 in santa rosa and napa . mid60 in oakland and union city . inland areas, you should be close to 80 degrees. not quite tomorrow. danville and 69 for concord and around the monterey bay. here's the 7-day forecast. chance of showers and mainly in the north bay tomorrow. another possibility of seeing wet weather saturday night and sunday. it is going to be a breezy weekend. but on memorial day we are looking at dry conditions for all of the back yard barbecue . >> what time do you want us over? >> two orly o'clock. >> coming up.
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break heard around the world in baseball. buster posey's youngest fans deliver well wishes >> and a pot of money opens up for california schools that
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bad news for giants fans . buster posey teams all-star catcher broke his leg and out for the year. posey was trying to prevent the go ahead. scott cousins slammed in the catcher and bent posey acwardly over his left leg . we asked fans about the play. >> was it a good hit? >> i don't think so. the way he dropped his shoulder he could have done
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something different. >> what do you think it some >> is it s baseball. he could have around him. he made the decision to go through him. it is unfortunate and baseball. >> giants won the first world series since 1954 and in no small measure to efforts of posey. >> bay area students haven't wasted time to send buster posey their wishes. >> and when you broke your ankle. what is your fave ryth thing to do. go giants . get well soon. >> so cute. it is a first grade class of the sacret heart convent. they are on the way to posey. >> what a nice guy and what a shame it happened. coming up next. bay area seniors kick up their heels. >> they go to the
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>> i am carolyn johnson. from 7 on your side. bay area homeowners having a hard time making the house payments. >> this is a burden that i carry every day. >> why they claim loan companies have little incentive to help them out. >> east bay university that offers a student a chance to see the world and make a contribution to it. back to dan and carolyn. >> thank you, car lin. >> san francisco held the annual senior, senior prom this afternoon. ♪ >> this is the 31st year for the rec and park department put on a dance. >> for many coming from other countries, it is the first time they attended a prom. age did not


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