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tv   America This Morning  ABC  May 27, 2011 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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making news in america this morning -- >> breaking news overnight. hillary clinton's secret trip to pakistan. in an attempt to improve icy relations. as the cia finally gets access to search osama bin laden's home. storm survivors. the boy who walked a mile barefoot searching for his mother. the injured pet who found his way home. and also, video of the nine minutes that changed everything. good morning, everyone. i'm stephanie sy, in for peggy bunker today. >> and i'm rob nelson. we begin with that breaking news. secretary of state hillary clinton visiting pakistan this morning.
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it is the highest level effort yet to improve relations with pakistan since the raid to kill osama bin laden. >> clinton is making the trip with admiral mike mullen. while they are there to smooth things out with the pakistanis, they are also making some demands. >> both are pushing for more cooperation in fighting terrorism. and they're passing along a message. that if more help does not happen, it could affect the billions of dollars of u.s. support that pakistan receives every year. one sign of cooperation in all of this, pakistan is allowing the cia into bin laden's compound for the first time. when agents are there, they will be seeking any intelligence materials that may still there. among the tools are high-tech imaging equipment that can recover damaged or even burned documents. for the first time ever, president obama used the auto pen to extend important parts of the patriot act. mr. obama is at the g-8 summit in france. so, he used the signing technology to beat a midnight deadline. the extension means
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authorities can continue to search records and use roving wiretaps for another seven years. we learned overnight that the taliban is taking credit for an explosion that killed seven u.s. troops in afghanistan on thursday. they died when a powerful bomb exploded in a field they were patrolling on foot. the incident comes on the same day that the house of representatives narrowly defeated a bill to demand the administration, provide firm plans to end the war. switching gears this morning. in missouri this morning, some relative calm. there were no major storms overnight for the first time since last sunday's devastating tornado. that will make the search for the hundreds missing easier today. matt gutman is there. >> reporter: this is new video, captured on home security camera. and that ef-5 tornado, winds of 200 miles per hour, tore through his home, as the family of five cowered inside. they survived. what is left of this area is
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this apocalyptic mash of damaged homes and businesses. the list is 200 names long. people like 12-year-old zachary williams. >> one way or another, i can't stand the thought of him laying there cold in those trailers that they're storing everybody in. let him be put to rest. >> reporter: so, they cling to this picture and wait. hours later they got the dreaded call. zach williams died. the state used reports from family members, hospital records and phone logs to compile the list. whole families are on it, like the five members of the merritt family. and the four members of the erra sherricks family. have you guys seen the sherricks? >> they're right over there. >> reporter: apparently, all you had to do was ask. >> we're looking for tommy sherrick. how are you doing? you're not missing? >> no, i'm not. we're fine. >> reporter: as were many others on that list.
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>> i'm glad you ain't listed. >> reporter: but there are others separated from their families that don't appear on any list. pets. we found 300 of them. dogs, brought to this aspca center. and over the past 24 hours, 70 dogs have been picked up by their owners. there's other good news. we've seen telephone poles and electrical wires go up. the city is slowly starting to get back to life. matt, gutman, abc news. and the other side of missouri, now. a story of heroism and heartbreak. 11-year-old parker freeman and his mother, hid under a couch when the tornado hit their house. he was thrown 50 yards. but in the pitch darwalked ford pounding rain, he walked for a mile, barefoot, to get help. >> and i came through there, over through here. and got on. crawled over like the lines and trees over there.
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i just thinking about my mom. >> your heart bleeds for that boy. sadly, parker's mother did not survive. but his heroic efforts did save his stepfather. we have a happier tale of determination, from alabama. meet mason who disappeared when the twister destroyed his family's home. three weeks later, he returned, after having to claw a long way back home. he returned home three weeks later. after surgery, he is expected to make a full recovery and cheer up his family, who has lost so much. some remarkable stories from the disaster zone. we'll have, of course, more continuing coverage of the race to find the missing there in joplin, missouri. stay tuned later today for "good morning america." overseas, now, where one of the most deadly villains in the world is behind bars after 16 years on the run. ratko mladic was the top
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commander of the bosnian serbs in the '90s. and he is accused of engineering the slaughter of some 8,000 men and boys during the bosnian war. our christiane amanpour interviewed him years ago. >> he would deny with a smiling face, the appalling atrocities that we were witnessing throughout the '90s in sarajevo and elsewhere. in the era of never again, he turned this town in europe into one of the worst killing grounds since world war ii.nternationali >> the international criminal tribunal has charged him with genocide. mladic is due back in court today. a major milestone for 2 "endeavour" astronauts are stepping out this morning, hitting 1,000 hours of spacewalking since construction of the space station got under way. they are using the final walk of the mission to attach an extension pole to the station, officially ending construction. all future spacewalks will be performed by space station residents. now, for a look at the weather around the country. stormy from atlanta to pittsburgh, and northern new england, with thunderstorms, gusty winds and hail and flash
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flooding. wet from jacksonville to miami. and showers from oklahoma city to des moines, minneapolis, fargo and billings. showers from seattle to northern california. and up to six inches of snow in the idaho rockies. >> 74 in sacramento. 90 in albuquerque. and phoenix hovers near 100. 60 in chicago. 71 in kansas city. 89 in dallas. mostly 80s from new orleans, all the way up to boston. and coming up after the break, two more republicans say they are ready to take on president obama. but what about sarah palin? she hits the highway this weekend in her new bus. is this the start of her run for the white house? we'll have details and a live report. and is expensive sunscreen better? the results are in.
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gas prices are lower, as we head into the big memorial day weekend. usually, they're headed the other way this time of year. but aaa says the national average for regular right now is $3.81. that is more than a nickel less than a month ago. you can save more money this weekend by slowing down. parking your car, rather than waiting at a drive-through. and unloading some of the junk you've been keeping in your car. the added weight uses gas. most overseas markets are up, thanks to strong earnings on wall street. hong kong's hang seng is in
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positive territory. in london, the ftse opened up, as well. the nasdaq was up a fraction. that seafood you're buying at a supermarket or a restaurant may not be what you think. researchers using gene sequencers found that one-fourth of all seafood products are misidentified with cheap fish passed off as the expensive types. google is unveiling a way to make purchases at a store, by waving your cell phone. it will get a limited test, at first this summer, with only a few cards and phones. then, of course, eventually, expand. and if you're headed to the beach this weekend, here's some good news. almost half the sunscreens tested by "consumer reports" earned its recommended of best buy rating. they found that expensive isn't always better. and advises reapplying sunscreens every two hours or so and ever swimming.
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tiny american flags are flying at cemeteries across the country, as we embark on the memorial day weekend. volunteers like these in boston common, are planting flags in memory of all of the soldiers who have given their lives in the line of duty since world war i. wet on i-78, from upstate new york to the canadian border. and i-95 from d.c. to miami. a rain-slicked ride on i-35, from minneapolis to billings. icy on i-90 and 84 in the rockies.
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>> if you're flying, airport delays are possible in atlanta, charlotte, philadelphia and boston. all of a sudden, it seems like the field of republican candidates who want to challenge president obama is getting pretty crowded. >> and there's new word from two more candidates. but sara pail season not among them so far. or is she? >> joining us from washington to sort all of this out is john hendren. good morning, john. >> reporter: good morning, rob. good morning, stephanie. a source close to mitt romney tells us he will announce from new hampshire this week he is running. michele bachmann is expected to announce from another campaign state, iowa. but the buzz candidate is the one from alaska or could it be arizona. sarah palin shows all of the signs of a second coming. there's the bus. just don't call it a campaign bus, making stops at historic sites. there's the house, a $1.7 million resort in arizona.
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there's the upcoming movie. >> not a single drop of oil. >> reporter: and there's this. >> the fire in the belly, it's there. >> reporter: but the signs can be deceiving. another candidate from reality tv, donald trump, insisted, he was leaning towards a run. but he republ republican voters seem to want new candidates. polls show nearly half are unhappy with their current 2012 field. abc news has learned that this week michele bachmann and romney w romney will announce they're in. >> we picked a fine time to pick a president who had no experience in business. pretty no leadership experience, to be president of the united states. >> reporter: they will join a field that, so far, includes newt gingrich, attacked by his own party. minnesota governor, tim pawlenty. >> you have to do well or win one of the early states. >> reporter: and jon huntsman. just as intriguing, who is not running. mike huckabee and mitch daniels, who says he loves his country. he just loves his family more. republican leaders are so
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unhappy with the current field, they're considering drafting gop standard bearers, like rick perry, chris cristy. even former florida governor, jeb bush. >> john, in washington. thanks a lot. as abc was first to reported, john edwards has met with one of the top donors to his presidential campaign. they had lunch at her virginia estate yesterday. she reportedly gave hundreds of thousands of dollars to keep edwards' mistresses in hiding during the campaign. that money is the focus of the justice department's current investigation. a washington state man had to be air-lifted to the hospital after getting shot with an arrow by his teenage daughter. police say the 15-year-old girl used a hunting bow to shoot her dad when he grounded her and took away her cell phone.
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then, she refused to let him call for help. so, he had to drive to a neighbor's house, with the arrow in his side. >> it was straight sideways. parallel to his arm. said he was in his house. and all of a sudden, he felt something. and he was shot inside the chest. it was his daughter. >> the girl was later arrested when police found her hiding in the woods. >> unbelievable. all right. lighting things up a little bit. the miami heat are the nba eastern conference champs. now, lebron james and his teammates are heading to the nba finals. mike yam at espn tells us how they got it done. >> good morning. we start with the matchup in the eastern conference finals. the potential cloutout game for the miami heat. they had to get it done in chicago. lebron james, back-to-back mvp. matching up against this year's mvp in derrick rose. the third quarter, there's d. rose finishing. 25 points and 8 assists. chicago in control. heat down by 11. lebron james driving.
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gets taken down hard by carlos boozer. lebron james, trying to attack the basket. he would knock down a couple free throws. boozer called for the flagrant. take it to the fourth. heat down by eight. lebron getting blocked. that huge, suffocating defense from chicago all season long. kurt thomas had the block. he had himself two points on the ensuing possession. bulls up by ten after the bucket. heat trailing by eight here. this is where lebron starts going off. the triple for the 90 seconds to play. heat down by seven. there's d. wade, finishing off the four-point play. he had 21 points on the night, 6 of 13 from the floor. the tip from chicago, finishing strong. he had nine turnovers, though. lebron again, ties it at 79-79. he had 28. just over 30 seconds of play. he does it again. heat up by two after the bucket.
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they trailed by 12 with 3 minutes to play. ten seconds to go. derrick rose, the hometown kid cannot play the role of hero, as the heat end the game on an 18-3 run. they will take on the mavericks in game one of the finals starting on tuesday. an performance frove performan the heat. that will do it for sport. >> what a validation for lebron. >> even i was riveted. her show may be over. but that's not stopping her from still reaching out to her many fans. >> you know who we're talking about. oprah winfrey tweeted thursday, she's staying in her pjs on thursday. getting her hair braided and reading e-mails. he thanked viewers, accepting her invitation to write her directly. she will visit her mother, find some sun and get some rest. >> a well-deserved rest for sure. coming up next, we'll update the breaking stories from overnight. later, a "gma" concert
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osama bin laden. today, the cia is inspecting the walls and floors of that compound, after being granted access for the first time. the g-8 meeting concludes today, with the world's richest nations expected to pledge millions of dollars to support democracy movements in the arab world. today, we're expecting to learn exactly what caused the crash of air france flight 447. results of a two-year investigation are due out today. speculation has focused on the crew's reaction to heavy icing. 228 people died on that flight from brazil to paris. the search for the missing in the rubble of last sunday's tornado resumes in joplin, massachusetts. residents are preparing for a memorial of the victims and for president obama's visit on sunday. now that the miami heat are heading to the nba finals, the fans get a chance to buy the tickets today. game one of the championship series against the dallas mavericks is set for tuesday night. should be a good one. for some of you, your local.
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ask your doctor about lyrica today. next on abc7 news at 4:30 -- ditching drug cases. the growing number of felony crimes being dropped this morning as new surveillance video surfaces that seems to raise more questions about police searches. and the frightening circumstances that forced a person with no experience to grab the controls of a plane. meteorologist mike nicco has the holiday forecast. >> look at the bay bridge this morning. trying to clear. oh, it is on. the countdown is on to this morning's huge concert event.
4:28 am
>> "gma's" summer concert series starts in just a few hours. so, probably the biggest act on the planet. yep. the one and only lady gaga. >> some of her fans have lined up since tuesday. here's kara lee, of wabc new york. >> reporter: central park is home tonight for dozens of die-hard lady gaga fans. the little monsters are camping out. >> it's going to start with a bang. >> reporter: it's a dash of daring. a sprinkle of skimpy. and a pinch of body paint. >> she identifies with the insane. she's intelligently insane. her music is intelligently insane. >> i've been here since about 3:30 tuesday afternoon. >> reporter: you heard right. three nights of sleeping on the pavement for chelsea. but she says it's worth it. >> she has an amazing voice.
4:29 am
when she sings, you get goosebumps. and it's the best feeling ever. ♪ >> reporter: inspiration, through song and dance. fans call it modern art. ♪ >> gaga rules the world. and madonna is yesterday. >> i love her fashion. it's amazing. amazing. breathtaking. >> reporter: and the littlest little monsters are feeling and hearing that inspiration, loud and clear. >> yeah, right. >> yeah. >> reporter: and lady gaga takes the stage at 7:00 in the morning. everyone here excited. and wondering what is she going to sing? and more importantly, what is she going to wear? >> whoa. >> that baby had fake blood on her. >> you like that, didn't you?w t a motley crew out there getting ready for the concert this morning. "gma" kicks off lady gaga. and the little


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