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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100AM  ABC  May 27, 2011 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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east bay authorities are searching a man behind a violent home invasion robbery in the oakland hills. it happened in the 6800 blocks of wilton drive near redwood regional park. >> it's very remote up here. it's very quiet. check out the narrow uphill road the house is located on and the sign at the entrance of the block warning people are being watched but none of this deterred this criminal. >> word spread quickly that an
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armed man broke into one of the homes in the middle of the night and assaulted one of the family members inside. >> it's very lovely family, boy and girl. it's so sad, they just fixed up the house really well. >> they are trying to figure out exactly what was stolen. officers are being very protective of the family asking not saying who about the victims. >> as far as we can tell there was one person in the home. one in the home was assaulted and the occupant was later treated at a local hospital. >> i am armed and i have a doberman so i am prepared for the worst. >> this man did not want to show his face. he wasn't surprised by the attack pointing out there were a number of burglaries recently. >> we are still oakland.
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so mile down the road, people thinking that we are living in the balboas is probably not right. >> police have made some arrests in the burglary cases. that has given some insight why this neighborhood is attracts i have to criminals. >> we have caught suspects in the past. some have mentioned it's easy for them to gain entry into the homes because it's less secure, sometimes people forget to lock their doors or lock their windows. >> police haven't said how he got in. they are assuming he got here by call. it's difficult to get up here. they don't know for sure but a neighbor says she heard a car speeding down the road just before 3:00 this morning. amy hollyfield, "abc 7 news." campbell police are searching for a father wanted for abusing his ex-girlfriend's
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three-year-old daughter. the child was found rolled up in a carpet. his 15-year-old son found the little girl in the garage three weeks ago. she was bruised and beaten rolled up in a carpet but alive. her mother, jane marin faces felony child endangerment charges. not only did the teen save the little girl's life he is cooperating in the investigation against his own father. >> the first of four northern murdering four women pleaded not guilty. he is acting as his own attorney. this is previous video. he says she is innocent of all four counts of murder with special circumstances. they found hundreds of photographs of women in various sexual poses in his home. naso says all of the women posed
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willingly and they are all alive. police have now identified a dead man as paul lome. he was one of three people critically injured in the blast. investigators have said the explosion has not identified the suspect cause. san francisco prosecutors are about to dismiss dozens more criminal cases stemming from the latest videos released by the public defender alleging police misconduct and more footage is about to come nut a couple of hours. terry mcsweeney is live at the hall of justice with what this means. >> we heard from jeff adachi and he is wondering how many cases are going to be thrown out and how many cops could be involved and what he considers illegal activity. take a look at some surveillance video. this is from the julian hotel. undercover cops walking out with items, items that according to
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adachi were never booked into evidence. those cops from mission station. the video me is employing at 1:00 this afternoon, show officers from the same station to record a drug bust he has pictures that the drug buy never happened. they were caught on doing things illegal and hundred cases thrown out in the southern california. they are investigating the internal affairs but he wants more help from the public. >> we are going to be asking for the public's help to come forward with other cases. we're looking for situations where evidence was taken or property was taken. we're also looking for situations where the officers said they made arrests and there were different circumstances. there are 6900 cases under review right now and that the
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coming from the southern station and it could double as it proceeds from mission station. how could that be? it took a handful of cops from each station, five to eight officers that they were making three to five arrests per day over the course of a year to five years, he it adds up. he is going to look back at all of those cases. >> take bart or the bay bridge, if you are taking that over the weekend, expect delays. the next two weekends, up to 40 minutes. one of two tracks in the transbay tube will be closed for repairs. work will begin after the last train friday, saturday and sunday night. >> it's actually an emergency repair contract. we the to have fix some cabling on the third rail. we should have a failure in that cabling it would mean no service through the transbay tube when
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we are trying to carry hundreds of thousands of riders. >> and caltrans is making changes to the eastbound lanes of the bay bridge. they are being moved slightly to the south. some eastbound lanes will be closed and westbound traffic will not be affected. if you are one of the estimated 35 million people hitting the road this memorial day weekend, expect relief at the top. the daily fuel gauge says the national average is 3.81. that is nine cents less than it was a week ago. price for diesel here in california, prices are hire at 4.07 and in oakland, drivers are paying 4.06 and in san francisco gas prices averaged 4.18. >> and history in space today. but first, to fit or not to fit.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. miracle on the hudson aircraft is preparing for one final trip. passengers and crew of flight 1549 will reunite in charlotte, north carolina the same city where it was scheduled to land back in 2009. sully sullenberger was forced to make an emergency landing in
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manhattan after a flock of geese damaged engines. the plane will begin a five-day trip for display. passengers and crew will be honored on saturday. sanitary standards on bart are under the microscope, literally. after a recent lab report out of san francisco state university. a random swab showed that nine bacteria strains including drug resistant mrsa. elizabeth wants to see if it's a problem nationwide. >> it begins with a single swab of a car in washington, d.c. here it goes. >> and ends 3,000 miles away in san francisco. along the route. we swabbed every seat we came in contact with. the seats in a car, in a taxi, airplanes, rental car, restaurants, hotel lobbies, hotel rooms, movie theater and
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yes, a toilet seat and then finally bart itself. >> do you avoid sitting on the seat? >> i do would one be the dirty dozen? we started our samples here at microbiology department. >> there was so many organize niosms these seats i would say they were never cleaned or rarely cleaned. >> nearly one-third of the seats contain traces of e. coli, more than half showed indications of fecal matter. but bart wasn't one of them. the agency sanitizes and swabs them down overnight. >> back to my seat. [ laughter ] zblir put it on first. >> other not so bad seats.
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also the hotels and the toilet seats. now for the douzy. >> a rent al car with 714 miles had thousands of e. coli. even more e. coli on this bench in union square. there was staph on a movie seat but also the airport lounge was worst, the worst. >> it had so many organisms that you really can't count them. >> so somebody says please have a seat, keep your hands to yourself. all right. yeah, exactly. one word. >> and we have a forecast coming up, mike. >> definitely will. have a few showers for another
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hour or so and how cool it's going to be over the holiday. we'll try to find some summer but it's going to be difficult. pool safety, the new government recall enough to close your pools this weekend. >> and 75th anniversary celebration. rrrrrrrçcxxx? you can see
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you missed it. lady gaga kicked off "good morning america"'s summer concert series and camped out before her performance in new york's central park. she made her grand entrance. she sang several songs changing her wardrobe every time. another signature move. what about the weather?
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>> videotape summer like there. temperatures in the 80s and lots of humidity, very severe weather. as you head through the holidays. not us, we don't have any rain to deal with, as we look at heavenly. there is snow showers but those o for tomorrow. breaks developing and clouds as we look back to the west. from emeryville, east bay hills about three-hundredths, petaluma over a quarter of an inch. it can hatch with the mountains and valleys. look at the winds blowing on visible satellite. see the clouds right here. these are roll clouds. that is how fast the winds are. when they are moving so fast they roll when they go up, they create clouds, when they go back down, they sink they create the clearing. that is why you have the finger like clouds. we're going show you how the
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clearing is starting to move through. it's a matter of time the showers will be out and we'll see more sunshine this afternoon. temperatures running around mid 50s and low to mid-50s also. so its mild push of air from the west. 59 in santa cruz. low to mid-50s foremonterey bay. fading showers and clouds. cool breezes and i haven't seen any summer heat in the extended forecast either. over in the east bay valleys, mid to upper 50s in the north bay valleys. we'll have low to mid 50s along the east bay shore, down in the south bay, mid to upper 50s in the most part. few clouds hanging around the coast and mid to upper 50s for you. near 50 in downtown san francisco and also sausalito with mid to upper 50s at your coast. 50 in monterey. upper 60s to low 70s for the receipts of bay and inland. driving to the coliseum, it will
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be sunny at 7:00 and temperature will drop down to 57. 50 in san francisco tonight and everybody else cooler to mid to upper 50s. here is a look at the weak cold front. it's diving down with the fast jetstream behind it. so this unusually active pattern will give us a chance of a shower this morning for the next hour, hour and a half and then over the weekend out on the coast. we're going to miss out on most of the action. by 7:00 gone tonight and then tomorrow, look at the system pass along the coast and then it's gone. if you are heading to tahoe we do have showers tomorrow and temperature running from upper 40s to say mid-50s by monday. accu-weather seven-day forecast, it's going to be breezy this weekend. temperatures all seven days of the forecast will be well below
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average. >> government is encouraging thousands of public swimming pools to stay close this had memorial day weekend because of concerns over potentially deadly drain covers. they are recalling about 1 million pool and spa drain covers saying they could pose a possible entrapment risk. here is what one of drains look like. bought proper covers they can act like super charged vacuum cleaners and they can trap people under water. they should be closed until they are fixed. eight manufacturers are involved in the recall. we have a full list of the models at under see it on tv. two astronauts on the shuttle made history this morning completing the final spacewalk of the nasa space program. they installed a 50-foot boom marking the completion of the
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space station assembly. the space station has logged in 1,000 hours of spacewalks. all future will be made by full time space station residents. shuttle is due back on earth on wednesday and atlantis will embark on the final mission this summer. celebration is marking the 75th anniversary of the golden gate bridge, will be a party with a purpose. three agencies are working together on a big bash to raise funds for a welcoming center. they announced plans this morning for a full year of events that will culminate on memorial day weekend next year. the bridge officially 74 years ago today. >> friday's perfect pet. double your pleasure, mike nicco will drew us to juno and q
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today at 3:00, on 7live son pruning. >> and men memorial day signals the start of summer but open season for crooks. michael finney says what police say that makes burglars' jobs easier. >> these stories and more later today. and what you get is with today's perfect pet. >> absolutely. we got couple friends they brought along and double the pleasure today. >> good morning. >> who do we have here?
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>> this is dino, miniature pincher but he loves toys and plays with the ball. good boy. he is only two years old. she ready for adoption. this is tami, a little girl and she is chihuahua mix. some chihuahua have a different look. she is a great little girl and she has a special. it's called pound for pound, chihuahua mixes which would be tamoi, we're charging only a dollar a pound for the adoption pound so she would be around six dollars. it's normally hundred dollars. >> we are open all weekend, seven days a week. come on down. because we have a lot of dogs right now. >> okay. >> we're at clarity point, san mateo and burlingame right by
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the airport. >> all right. do you have a lot of chihuahuas. >> we have about 42, more than that. we have all different varieties. people don't realize how many different looks chihuahuas have. so check them out. >> we have to give you the number on our screen. a chihuahua and chihuahua mixes you pay by the pound. thanks for coming in. >> good to see you. >> really adorable. >> from all of us here, thanks for joining us. "who wants to be a millionaire" and have a great day and wonderful memorial day weekend.ñ
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