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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  May 29, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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>> a controversial memorial to the jones town massacre will be unveiled. judge ruled against a pastor who wanted to block the presentation and take james jones name off the memorial. >> 42 in napa, 51 in oakland. the rain moved out. the rest of the holiday forecast coming up. >> good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm carolyn tyler. this morning the search continues for a nursing student who has been missing sense she left the medical center friday night. 26-year-old michelle lee disappeared shortly after 7:00 when she took a break from her
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hospital rounds. friends and witnesses told police she took her car and cellphone with her. police located her car a few blocks from the hospital all locked up with the valuables inside. last night they weren't sure a crime occurred but they were trying to locate lee because friends say it is unusual for her to disappear without telling anyone where she's going. >> it could be that she just wants to be alone and has, you know, secluded herself somewhere. of course, it could go all the way up to an unfortunate resolution and we are hoping that's not the case. >> police say lee made plans to go to reno for this holiday weekend with a friend but her friend said she never showed up. concerns about a suspicious bag forced street closers for nearly 3 hours last night until a police bomb squad determined the bag was safe. police sealed off the intersection shortly after 10:00
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p.m. when the bag was first noticed near the bank of america building. people who live in that area were told to stay inside. police stopped all traffic for a square block area. a police bomb squad determined the bag was safe and the streets reopened again around 12:45 this morning. in san jose police are investigating whether there's a connection between a fatal shooting of a 35-year-old woman last night and a man who showed up at a hospital with gunshot wounds just a short time later. that woman was found in the driver's seat of a black mercedes around 10:30:00 p.m. investigators say it appears she was shot in that car. a 20-year-old man showed up at santa clair medical center 30 minutes later with nonlife-threatening gunshot wounds. he told hospital employees he was shot in the same area where police found that woman. the family of a man killed during an officer-involved shooting in oakland earlier this month is demanding answers.
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we spoke with family members who are now threatening to sue the city. >> the only thing i know is my brother is dead. >> brandy johnson misses her younger brother, john sloan. the 23-year-old was shot and killed on may 18th in east oakland. that night he, an tone jackson and a third unidentified man were stopped by oakland police. in a press release police explained they received a tip that a, quote, violent crime was going to tapes along the 3,000 block of current avenue. police insist when they stopped these men they were armed and confrontational. moments later police shot an tone -- antone jackson and another man and the third man arrested. >> they killed two guys and they don't even know the reason for it. usually cops have an answer for what they are doing.
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if there were guns like they say they are going to leave the guns on the ground. >> when they do it, there's any repercussion. how can you have a family out here, you are not going to say nothing to the family about how you murdered their child? >> two people are killed under very questionable circumstances. >> attorney john burriss is representing antawn jackson's family and may take the sloan case, as well. burriss said there's no evidence either man were armed although two guns were found on a roof stop nearby. >> when you have a situation two people are shot, a sort of oblique story is being given about one man being armed and another man may or may not be armed, even though you don't get to shoot them. >> both men had a criminal past. oakland police would not return our phone calls or request for an update or comment. in oakland, abc7 news. >> a bay area man has been arrested accused of scamming nearly 1,000 recently-released
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inmates. 24-year-old michael monahan is accused of posing as a bales bonds man. he calls the newly released inmates, tells them their bail amount has been increased and they will be rearrested if they don't pay up. he denies the allegations. the sheriff detectives say they have several recorded phone conversations proving he posed as an officer. >> he's contacted agencies and jails within 42 states that we know of at this point. >> he is in custody in a sacramento county jail awaiting charges. cal tran just reopened one eastbound lane of the bay bridge that was closed overnight. cal tran is reconfiguring the lane as part of efforts to rebuild the span and make it more seismically safe. it will be closed from 8:00 tonight to 5:00 a.m. again tomorrow. they said drivers should not expect any significant delays.
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if you are paying bart from the east bay to san francisco this afternoon you can expect up to 40-minute delays. bart will be shutting down one of the two tracks in the transbay tube to perform maintenance and repair work again today and also next weekend. work will resume at 2:30 this afternoon. while that work is being performed, passengers who are traveling from stations in san francisco and the peninsula toward dublin or free mont will need to transfer at the twelfth street station in oakland. thousands of scouts and other volunteers continue the memorial day weekend tradition that dates all the way back more than 50 years. they spent yesterday morning placing american flags at each of the 138,000 graves at san bruno's golden gate national cemetery. golden gate is one of america's largest national cemeteries. it's the final resting place for several medal of honor winners along with slain congressman leo
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ryan, a world war ii hero admiral chester emmits. >> it's a nice way to honor people who fought for our country. they are heroes to but don't get recognized as much. >> members of the military took part in this year's flag day on thursday, or they will at arlington national cemetery outside washington d.c. a ceremony for a controversial victims to the 1978 jones town massacre is scheduled to take place at oakland's evergreen cemetery this morning at 11:00. last thursday a superior court judge denied a legal challenge seeking to block the unveiling of 4 plaques bearing the names of 918 people who died at jones town. a southern california pastor who lost 27 relatives in the incident wanted to block the dedication and take gym jones' name off the memorial. that memorial was installed at evergreen cemetery earlier this
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month. jones, as you know, found the people's temple in san francisco and then moved it to guyana, who he forced hundreds of followers to commit suicide. coming up, now officially the deadliest year for tornadoes in more than half a century. and hugs and good-byes. crewmembers aboard the international space center say farewell this morning as the endeavor astronauts prepare to return to earth.x@x@x@x@x@x@x@x
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>> today president obama will travel to joplin, missouri to survey the damage from last week's devastating tornado. death toll now stands at 142. in all, 520 people have been killed this year by tornadoes, making 2011 the deadliest years for twisters since 1950. according to the national weather service. missouri says the number of people still unaccounted for since the joplin tornado stands at 105. 600 volunteers and 50 dog teams continue to search through debris for bodies and for survivors. >> everybody onboard a delta airline flight, they managed to escape yesterday afternoon when it caught fire after landing in atlanta. you can see the smoke coming from the underbelly of the plane. seconds later passengers started jumping out of the macdonald douglas md-88 on evacuation
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slides. firefighters dationed the plane with foam and the fire was out within minutes. the faa beliefs either a tire blew out, the brakes locked up or a combination of the two triggered the fire. >> the flight took off as normal and when we landed it felt like there was a flat tire. it felt just like you were in a car and there was a flat tire. we went a while like that before the plane actually got stopped. when the plane -- by the time the plane got stopped, there was smoke in the cabin. >> forty nine passengers took delta flight 2284 from pittsburgh to atlanta. four people were treated and released at the airport for minor injuries. the crew of space shuttle endeavor has said farewell to the astronauts aboard the international spacestation as the shuttle prepares to depart tonight for the trip back to earth. just past 4:00 this morning our time the crews separated and the hatch was sealed shut in preparation for tonight's
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undock. shuttle pilot gregory johnson plans to guide endeavor with a victory lap around the spacestation before heading home. they are hoping to get great photos of endeavor's final joyiage which concludes with a scheduled predawn landing in florida on wednesday. and we wish them well. back here on earth on our little corner, anyway, rain. >> did you see any yesterday? >> yes, absolutely. how could you avoid it. >> much of the south bay and the east bay, not as much in the north bay, but it's out of here. live shots here. numbers in the 40s and its definitely cool. winds are going to pick up today. and there is more rain in the extend outlook. stay tuned. >> oh, boy. also ahead, more two-out magic for the a's. oakland strings together three rallies with clutch hitting to
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>> two dozen teenagers are getting paid not to go to college. abc7 louie reports on two of them and why college is not for them. >> james proud, wearing the hooddy, and dale stevens have a lot in common. they are both 19. they have just been given one hundred thousand dollars a piece from a foundation to foster the next generation of tech
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innovators. two of seven recipients from seven countries. stevens is working on sites that will give ambitious young people a way to validate life experience rather than academics when dealing with employers. he sites research critical of college learning. >> 4 years of college, 36% college student show no improvement in critical reading, complex reasoning or analytical thinking. basically learning is not happening at the undergraduate level. >> james proud, who has moved to palo alto from london, became a self taught programmer at age 9. eats working on a website that will alert fans when their favorite artists are performing live. instead of attending college he wants to create a useful service. >> you get to the point you decide i'm not going to make money from this maybe ever and that's completely fine and you work on building something that you enjoy and you want others to
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enjoy, as well. >> while skipping college is a bold idea, could they be missing something? >> think you would miss out a lot on the experience that you get with collaborating with your peers. >> that's where they build a foundation of how to become leaders, how to market, again, going into accounting or operations, and they need that. >> this is the first year for the fellowship program. often draw entrepreneur ship carries with it some risk. we will see overtime whether the fellows are smart enough to beat the odds. abc7 news. well, it is almost june and yet we continue to get what the british call spitting precipitation. >> it's a little more than yesterday. but we have another opportunity. what else is new? we will talk about that. that may have to wait until june, which is next week. we still have a couple more days
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of may. so as we get started this morning, we are looking at partly cloudy skies with breezy winds in the east bay. temperatures have really bottomed out in parts of the north bay where we have 42 degrees in napa. 49 redwood city with are 50 mountain view and san jose. so our highlights with a few clouds around will dominate the clouds with sunshine today. the winds will be picking up, though. so it will feel a little cool out there but clouds will return for parts ever the bay area tomorrow, the holiday monday, and then another area of low pressure will bring us some rain. here's a look at the temperature spread today. another cool one with 50s at our coast, 60s mainly around the bay. you have to get really out into the central valley to reach the 70s. so the setup is this. we have high pressure in the eastern pacific. that will allow for that system to stay to the north for the time being. and with it some very breezy winds out of the northwest today. it could be gusting to over
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30 miles an hour as low pressure departs and high pressure builds on in behind it. the pretty tight pressure gradient. in terms of temperatures we are still look at a few leftover snow showers. no advisories left for the sierra nevada. snow as far south as the southern sierra. 71 los angeles with 64 in big sur. notice the cooler air mass taking over much of the golden state. back homed to breezy winds out of the northwest in the mid-to upper 60s today. 67. breezy northwest winds again, gusty over the waters, the coastal gap. 68 in palo alto. downtown look for highs in the low 60s. not much in the way of clouds, but temperatures hard-pressed to make it to where they should be for this time of year. 68 in napa. getting used to that. 70 santa rosa.
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near east bay a pretty nice afternoon but it will be windy, 68 in fremont with 65 berkeley. out over the hills maybe a few 70s here. but it still will be a bit on the gusty side, especially here. and 71 livermore. it will be dry here, we don't have to worry about rain today. tomorrow, the holiday, starting out with partly cloudy conditions. we will see increasing clouds in the north bay. san francisco should eek out a mostly sunny day. and with increasing clouds it leads to a chance of showers tuesday, into wednesday. so this shower chance could be similar to what we saw, which is a wet system. that would be, you know, finishing out april -- or may. it feels like april. >> if we could just have a dry barbeque tomorrow? >> yes.
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yes, we can. >> thank you for that. let's check out sports. we are just a few hours from the start of the indianapolis .500. 33 drivers will be at the brickyard. you can watch the race live here on abc7. coverage begins at 8:00. last night the a's tried to motor past the baltimore orioles at the coliseum. here's mike sue man with the highlights in this morning's sports. >> good morning. the a's hosting the orioles. they are on a role. the a's love the two-out rally. 8 of their 10 runs in this virus have been with two outs. this is why you bring a glove to the game. i got it. i had it. i got it. i had it. come on. bottom of three tied at 1. they continue clutch hitting with two out. the sharp single. plays crow coco crisp. 1-2, oakland. and coco crisp delivers. here comes cliff pennington. he beats the throw home. 8 two-out rbi hits in the last two nights. 3-2, a's.
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this time nobody out. a good result. mark ellis smokes one to left. that's gone. his first of the year. the a's win their third straight, 4-2, the final. and brewers in milwaukee. sausage races. jonathan sanchez gave up two hits. including this grounder that sneaks under the glove. that's trouble. gomez can run. sprints home. home run. 1-0, brewers. and pat burrell finds a hole on the left side. aaron rowand beats the throw home. same score, bases loaded. the brewers pull over the suicide squeeze. they lay down the perfect bunt and braun scores. they are at a game a piece with the 3-2 victory. and the best of three super regional serious in lexington against kentucky. winner heads to the college world series. they are looking for their first super regional win since 2006.
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bottom of the inning, scoreless. and 1-0, bears here. that was all the support jolene henderson needed. the sophomore allowed one hit, strikes out 4 in a complete game shutout. cal is a win away from the world series after a 1-0 victory. game 2 set for today. back in berkeley, big game double-header between stanford and cal. top three, cardinal austin wilson grounds one into the hole on the right side. field at second, throw home but not in time. the cardinals end their regular season with 4-2 victory. game two called after rain. and the earthquake seems to have found their way hoping for a win. and second half tied at 1. anthony centers, and they head it into the corner of the net. the sixth goal of the season for him. san jose up 2-1. but in the 80th minute, corey gibbs lay out foran a -- for a
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header of his own. it's a 2-2 draw. and meanwhile the superbowl of european soccer, barcelona and manchester united. the give-and-go, burriss one in the back of the net. match tied at 1 in the 34th minute. 54th minute, a gorgeous strike from well beyond the box, breaks the tie and barcelona wins their third championship league title in the last three years with the 3-1 victory. and the hottest dennis player on the planet continues. facing juan. pounding the stroke. he takes the third set. in the fourth, match point. jokavitch. the gorgeous backhand drop shot. you don't see this much. novak moves into the fourth round and extends his winning
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streak to 42 matches. 30 wins this year. third round of the pga championship in louisville. shot of the day comes from mark parry second on the par 4-17. watch this. backs it up. drops it in the cup for eagle. he is 7-over for the tournament. he will remember that one. on 16, 66 year older win drops it in. but 18 misses. epidemic finishes 9-under. he is tied for the lead with mira pie. the indy .500 set for today. we will have the winner at five. i'm mike shumann see you then. >> higher fuel prices will lost you even if you don't drive this holiday weekend. look how much more we are paying for the typical cookout feast. and the government unveils new showroom labels for fuel efficiency. find out what to look for when you are readadadadadadadadadadad
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maybe it's in the honey clusters. [ male announcer ] fiber one. cardboard no, delicious yes.
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>> welcome back, everyone. higher gas prices are forcing some people to spend memorial day closer to home. but even a simple backyard cookout is costing us more this holiday weekend. 29% more, to be exact. just about every staple of a
5:30 am
memorial day meal costs more than it did last year. the u.s. bureau of labor and statistics said ground beef up 12%, sausage 6%. tomatoes will cost 86% more. some people say they have noticed the price increase and they say it has changed their shopping habits. >> definitely if you are -- like meets and veggies, up in the local market. >> even a modest barbeque for a dozen people or so costs about $45 more than compared to last year. if you plan to drive this weekend, gas prices are on the decline. the average price for a gallon of regular gas in california is $4.05. in san francisco, $4.16. however, according to triple a, the price for a gallon of gas is still about a dollar more than compared to this time last year. comparison shopping for a new car is about to get easier.
5:31 am
the epa has unveiled redesigned fuel economy labels that will be displayed on all new cars. both labels simplify the financial and environmental impacts for drivers. here's transportation reporter heather with the details. >> soaring gasoline prices provide the perfect backdrop for a first look at new federal fuel economy and environmental impact labels. >> we need to show the american consumers how they can save money. this label does that. >> current california labels show only fuel economy and an environmental rating for the car they are on. now labels will compare the car against an average new vehicle. it also helps simplify comparisons across the many different classes. gas hybrid, plug-in hybrid, electric. so, for instance, this gas guzzler label at an average of 11 miles an hour shows you would spend $14,400 more in fuel over
5:32 am
five years than with an average new vehicle. while the all-electric new label at 99 miles an hour equivalent shows a fuel saves of $9,600. the figures are based on national averages but are extremely useful for comparison's sake. >> it took a lot of discussion. people thought we should have a grade. wouldn't it be great if you knew a through f. but what we came out with i think is a common sense approach that moves us in the right direction towards more efficiency. >> palo alto based tesla motors prefers a letter grade. it sold 1600 of it's $100,000 roadsters but it's hoping to tap a larger market next year with the model s design at half the price. >> we would love to get an a. we did like the other label. who wouldn't want to get an a. but we believe the comparative
5:33 am
consumption metric that's being introduced here is going to be very useful. >> the labels will be required on 2013 models hitting show rooms next year or voluntarily before then. abc7 news. well, the rain just will not go away. >> for a couple days it will. >> okay. >> pretty good out there now. sun coming up in about 20 minutes or less. so we are looking at some nice conditions although the winds will be picking up today. it will feel cool. we do have some more unsettled weather headed our way. your forecast including the first part of june coming up next. >> thank you, lisa. also coming up, the exploding population of wild horses throughout the west. what's likely to happen if they continue
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>> welcome back, everyone. it's 5:36. this is a live look from our emeryville hd camera, showing you just a beautiful shot there. things look nice and calm. this is the last sunday of may. thank you for waking up and spending part of it with us. >> my friend, lisa, our meteorologist is here now to talk more about the weather u say we are going to get a bit of a respite from the rain, but it's unusual, isn't it, that it's been holding on this long? >> well, not so much. we do see some rain in may. but looking back, most memorial
5:37 am
days are cool. they really are. last year was cool and we would like to think it's warmer than it is. >> okay, all right. >> we will see a nice day with sunshine and wind. look outside it's partly cloudy. the winds are gusty in parts of the bay but wait until later. we will have the winds out of the northwest sometimes over 30 miles an hour. so this camera showing that, yes, things are nice and quiet now. temperatures with the clear sky overnight really cool. lower 40s in napa. so our north bay valley really feeling the effects of the clear skies. 47 livermore, 50 san jose. the coast 50. 49 redwood city and san francisco coming in at 48 this morning. partly cloudy skies. we will see a mostly sunny day today and windy conditions. the clouds will be returning in advance of a next weather system that will be headed our way. this last day of may. then perhaps some rain tuesday into the first day of june. so as we look at our temperature
5:38 am
profile today, notice once again 50s and 60s for the most part overtaking the pay with the stronger west to northwest winds. even the central valley just in the 70s today. and the reason being, you know, we had that area of low pressure, that cold front that moved on through yesterday. so the pressure gradient tight as low pressure heads to our east. a ridge of high pressure builds into the eastern pacific and that's bringing us the dry northwestly winds today. so we will feel the effects of that. especially along the coast to the coastal gaps and the water this afternoon. the breeziest conditions. low to mid-to upper 40s in the mountains. a few snow showers left over. but all the advisories have been lifted. upper 70s in palm springs. feeling cool in the desert today. 69 in vegas with the coast in the mid-60s. back home we will be look at the mid-upper 60s, perhaps, the 70 degrees. and 69 in campbell. windy condition from half moon
5:39 am
bay to pacifica with san mateo coming in at 65 today. 67 mountain view. shy of probably 5 could 7 degrees where we should be this time of year. 63 downtown. partly cloudy. 58 in the sunset. plenty of sunshine there. if you are headed out on your bike today you will notice the very windy conditions. 68. 65 berkeley. 67 union city. plans today, outdoor activities today and tomorrow, you should be fine. temperatures will even warm a little more tomorrow. today the warming offset by the windy conditions. dublin to 68 with 60 in monterey and the rain out of the picture today. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. memorial day holiday looks nice. we will see sunshine around the bay with some increasing clouds in the north bay. our next system wants to move in midday on tuesday into wednesday. that will give us the chance of showers and then a little bit warmer by the end of next week. no big heat waves.
5:40 am
>> all right. thank you, lisa. the population of wild horses is exploding. their history traces back to the spanish explorers who first settled the west. the country's largest heard roams some 800 acres north of reno. the government said their numbers need to be controlled. but as dan ashley reports in this morning's assignment 7 report, others are fight to go allow them to roam free. >> this government helicopter is rounding up wild horses near reno. across the country 10,000 animals a year are chased into pension by the bureau of land management, who shot this video. the bureau estimates there are 433,000 burrows, mules and horses roaming in nevada. the government says if they don't round up the horses, the
5:41 am
population would explode, doubling every four years. these horses are are taken about an hour and a half west of reno. >> the we've was build on these horses back. >> denise is with the american wild horse preservation campaign. she believes the horses are miss treated, mishandled and rounded up so the bureau can lease more land to cattle ranchers. >> what we have is competition between the livestock industry and other commercial interests. >> he says it's not about the land but keeping the animals from starving and destroys the habitat of other species. >> we work to maintain sustainable, thriving populations but we have to control the population so they don't overuse the resources. water is limited and so is forage. >> a recent independent review by the interior department found the roundups ares in and justified to maintain the natural ecological balance of the land.
5:42 am
city twin peaks corral in litchfield the horse are cared for in large pens. government officials estimate the death right here is 6%. but left in the wild it can go as high as 20%. we bring them in and give them their first round of innoculations, all their different vaccines and then we place them into pens. >> the bureau admits there are risks associated with rounding up horses and putting them into pens. forks, in 2010 they rounded up 1900 horses in the cal comountains in nevada. at least 115 died or were euthanized and at least 40 pregnant harris. mares lost their colts. and this video upload today u report was shot by animal activists at a facility in utah last month. there they found horses in a mix of mud and feces so deep that it prevented the animals from lying down and made it difficult for them to stand up.
5:43 am
the bureau of land management maintains the horses were not abused but did move more than one hundred from the facility after the video was made public. sandy janssen grew up in the area. she doesn't want to see the horses go but believes the population needs to be controlled. >> i believe in maintaining a herd, not letting it overrun the place because then they start look really thin and they don't have enough water or feed. >> she came to the corral to adopt one of the horses. it will be her second. napa ranch owners nancy and mike kersin are advocates of adoption. they have three wild horse and two burrows. they offer advice to potential owners on how to care for the animals. >> you can adopt them for $125 remember people do that and figure $125 horse, i can train this horse. people need to get the help they need to be able to succeed. >> while adoptions may be part of the answer to controlling the wild horse population, only 30% will be taken home.
5:44 am
some may be released to the wild after they are given birth control. the rest will be shipped to other facilities around the country. dan ashley, abc7 news. and the wild horse advocates won a victory recently when a federal judge allowed a case to move forward that could make the roundups illegal. don't go away. 7 on your side is next. >> do banks have an incentive to save your home from
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>> homeowners facing foreclosure are holding out hopes of getting their loan modified. new statistics show foreclosures are down almost 30% from last year in california but still amount for a quarter of all sales. getting your loan modified is no easy task. here's 7 on your side michael finney to explain why. >> we first met gary robinson when he applied for a home loan modification two years ago. the antioch father of two is still wait to go get one. >> it adds a lot of stress. you don't know where you are going to end up, you don't know whether to plan to move. >> lillian of oakland also applied for a modification two years ago, and like gary, the stress is taking its follow. >> this is the burden that i carry everyday on my back. everyday, everyday, all the paperwork they send me.
5:48 am
>> the more time passes for both of them, the more they get into debt. gary's mortgage went from 690,000 two years ago to $800,000 today. lillian's figures shot up from $562,000 to $620,000. catrina is senior housing counselor with the community housing development corporation. >> the longer it takes for them to review your file and come up with the decision, the more arearages you are incurring. >> a recent study from a nonprofit national consumer le centre concluded that loan servicers had little incentives to work out modifications. >> with a modification all the staffing costs, all of the costs, time and effort that goes into modifying a lone does not get reimbursed and the servicers have to bear that cost. >> she also said the fees can add up quickly. lynette has been working for a modification for nearly 2 years.
5:49 am
>> it bothers me on so many levels that the banks make it on the way up, on the way down. they get covered in every which way. >> she's paying foreclosure fees, the attorneys fees. she's paying property inspection fees. >> the legal fees alone will cost her almost $2,000. but the mortgage bankers association says in many cases those fees are justified. >> attorneys fees, recording fees, collection fees. those are third party charges that have to directly offset the costs associated with them. >> in 2008 a federal lawsuit accused country wide home loans of chanling business toss its sub cidaris through the foreclosure process and marking up the price of the services, often by 100% or more. the case settled for $108 million. the le centre study found the more people up, the more servicers get paid. >> services have this large
5:50 am
incentive to keep loans in the pool, to not foreclose them so they keep getting the money and also to keep the balances high. >> a trade organization of many mortgage servicers say that's not true. >> servicers are paid to service performing loans. when a lone is not performing, in other words, when a person is delinquent, they are not paid. at the end of the day there is absolutely no economic argument to say it's in a servicer's or bank's best interest financially in any way, shape or form to have a buyer go to default. >> lillian is facing a foreclosure sale date of june 18th. she wants to continue to raise her children there. >> when i got divorced, it was important for me to raise my kids under one roof. >> gary has reapplied for a modification four different times and now wonders if it's been worth it. >> when you sit down and add all the fees that you accrue, you come to think was it a good
5:51 am
thing? >> but ultimately he hopes to get the news lynette got. she received a permanent modification last month. >> i feel like i'm one of the lucky ones. i feel like i was able to gather all my friends and my neighbors and my work companions to help me fight, and i didn't stop. >> both trade organizations we talked with say more than 4 million loan modify takingings have been granted since 2007. realty track tells us there's been 5 million foreclosures during that same period. i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. up next "on the isle" a sequel to a runaway hit comedy. the hangover, part 2. don sanchez finds out whether
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>> check out the winning numbers from last night's super lotto. the meganumber 20. since no one correctly picked all six numbers, the jackpot for wednesday's game is guaranteed to be worth at least $22 million. >> older women who enjoy the company of younger men came together for what they called the cougar convention in south san francisco last month. several 20-something guys showed up to meet women who are in their 40s and beyond.
5:55 am
organizers say relationships between older women and younger men are breaking century's old stereotype. >> these relationships, older women and younger men are coming together from choice and independence and not dependency. so an adversarial model, it's a met afor that doesn't apply. >> it featured advice on dating and keeping your mate happy. and the younger ones, cubs, got a chance to vote on miss cougar california. the hangover part 2, the follow-up to the biggest r-rated success in history. how do you make it funny? arts and entertainment reporter don sanchez has some answers "on the isle." >> you did it, buddy. >> sure did. >> cheers! >> let's give it a second go. bachelor party for stu, drinks,
5:56 am
followed by a night no one can remember except now stu has a tattoo and his future brother-in-law is missing. >> i can't believe this is happening again! >> his little brother is lost. >> we can't believe it's happening again either. stop me if you have seen this before like in the first film. in that one what happened in vegas should have stayed in vegas. same plot game mick but the local is more exotic. >> where are you? >> we are in bangkok. >> location shooting adds a sense of alure to the story. it involves gangs, pay off, a monkey who does things i can't talk about on tv. he smokes, too. there are car chases, gunfire. >> stu got shot. >> am i going to be okay, doctor? >> he's a dentist who must not be used to it. he gets crass and gross. you expect that. cheap thrills cover lack of invasion. [laughter] >> i was waiting for the big laugh, and it never came.
5:57 am
this is like hangover as conceivedly a travel agent. it's rated a hard r because of the language, drug use and body parts of all types of people. funniest moments during the credits. they show photos of what happened that night. some of them a bit eyebrow raising. i must say hangover 2 can sober you up. i give it just a quarter of a bucket. i'm don sanchez, abc7 news. we will see you "on the isle.." >> coming up next at six. a nursing student goes on break during class and never returns. the investigation into her disappearance. also why one family is threatening to sue the oakland police department if they don't get answers about their son's death.
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