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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  June 1, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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good morning. i'm amy hollyfield live in oakland where crews are making progress in the attempt to clean up highway 880 and get it reopened if in time for the morning commute. i have the latest information ahead. >> okay. with the closure in place on northbound 880, traffic is being detoured to 980. i'll have more detours and alternate routes for the morning commute. >> the same system that brought us yesterday's record rainfall will scatter showers, thunder and small hail today. we have a more potent storm with record rainfall this weekend. >> oh, boy. 5:00. a lot going on. thank you for joining us. i'm kristen sze. get the latest on the
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massive crash overnight that has northbound 880 shut down through downtown oakland. caltrans crews are racing to finish cleaning up the diesel that was spilled when a big rig and two cars collided in a hit-and-run. abc7's amy hollyfield is live at the scene near 7th street. amy? >> reporter: i have good news for commuters. bad news for us reporters. they want all of to us get off of this highway. as soon as i finish the report, we have to get off the highway. they still want to clean our leap that we're taking up -- clean our lane that we're taking up. but the good news for commuters this is the last lane they have to clean and then they can reopen the highway. they're make progress gress and will probably get it open before the original expectation of 7:00. they had quite an accident to clean up. look at the vehicles involved. it's surprising no one was seriously hurt. four people suffered minor injuries from aches and pains to a broken ankle. one reckless drive around midnight caused all of this. he was speeding. he rear-ended a car. that car hit a big rig, which slammed in to two guardrails and ruptured both
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of the fuel tanks. 200 gallons of diesel fuel spilled on the highway. cleaning it up is what is taking so long. >> they will dust the diesel with absorbent material and they'll turn around and run the sweeper truck over it for multiple times until it's cleaned up. they will go back and clean up debris with the sweeper truck from the collision. >> the section that is closed is northbound 880 in oakland at 7th street. the driver who caused all of this fled the scene. he left his car here. but police say someone picked him up. they do think he is hurt. because his car is here, they feel like they have good information on who he is. and they feel confident they will find him. they're treating this as a hit-and-run. at this point, the goal was to get it open by 7:00 a.m. that was the prediction. now they're thinking they may beat that prediction. stay with us. we'll keep you posted on that. if you are about to leave the house, though, you need to know how to get around
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this right now. our abc7's frances dinglasan in the traffic center will help with that. >> thank you. great news. it might be open before 7:00 this morning. in the meantime, let me show you the map. show you exactly where amy is and what is close. >> it's this stretch that is blocked right here on northbound 880 from 980 to 7th street where amy is. traffic is detoured from 980. then from there you connect to westbound 580 head toward the maze or the bay bridge or out toward berkeley. it does look like the speed sensors are picking up a little bit of red there. so far, no major delays on 880 yet. 580 is a great alternate for you. big rigs are allowed at 580 at this point. >> thanks a lot. we'll keep checking back with you. another big story this morning. a mother is counting her blessings after being reunited with her baby who is abducted. along with her car in morgan hill. the search continues for whomever stole the car with
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the helpless baby inside. here is abc7's lisa amin gulezian in salinas. >> reporter: worry quickly washed away from the carona family, after morgan hill police told them this. >> the baby has been located. >> police found 1-month-old mariana corona the backseat of her mother's stolen 1991 infinity q-45. southwest of salinas at monterey-sals highway and terero drive. tip lead officers to the abandoned car three-and-a-half hours after they issued an amber alert. >> they have been working very hard. thank you very much. we're thankful for helping us find the baby. >> i'm happy. >> all along, police went on the assumption that whoever stole the car had no idea an infant was in the backseat. and that this was likely a crime of opportunity. mariana's mother left her and the keys in the car
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while she got information about st. kathryn's church food bank program. >> she was parked in front. she can see the car. i don't know how it happened. she says she turned around. maybe that's when they took the car. >> police from all over were on the lookout for the car and the little girl. now that they found the abandoned car, investigators will try to identify the suspect or suspects through dna or anything else left in the car. >> they will work with the salinas p.d. and highway pa to to see if they have other information. >> lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. police in the east bay are stepping up their search for missing nursing school student who disappeared from kaiser hospital in hayward. michele le was last seen friday night at kaiser hospital hayward. police have handed out at least four search warrants and interviewed a doesp friends of le, including a
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woman whom she had a falling out. they went to a fremont neighborhood to speak with a male friend of the missing woman. le's family is offering $20,000 reward in her case. in alameda, officials reintated the training program for firefighters in land-base water rescue tactics. yesterday, the city decided it will send $20,000 to $40,000 to certify firefighters. . i follows monday's drowning of a 52-year-old suicidal man who died in the cold bay water while firefighters and police stood and watched from the shore. officials said they were not trained for a water rescue because the water rescue training and certification program was cut because of budget problems two year ago. yesterday an angry community complained to the alameda city council. >> this just strikes me as not just a problem with funding. but a problem with the culture of what is going on in the city that no one would take the time to help the drowning man. >> could we have done more when the gentleman became
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unconscious? certainly, there is that opportunity for us to go out and do more. we are looking at that. >> fire officials say it will take several weeks to retrain firefighters. the days of tax-free in the shopping in california maybe be a step closer to ending this morning. the assembly passed a bill that will require online retailers like amson to collect sales -- amazon to collect sales taxes for purchases made by californiaps. the bill sponsor believes it will level the playing field for stores with brick and mortar in the state. they have the sales tax they charge to customers. the measure will move to the senate. tomorrow, caltrain board is expected to approve a budget to establish new spending for the agency. it follows claims by the caltrain board it needed money to avoid cutting service. closing half of the station because of a major budget crisis. our media partner the "san jose mercury news" reports spending in the coming fiscal year budget would
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increase by 16%. and includes a $333,000 increase in compensation for caltrain managers. there would be no changes to the current train schedule. the metropolitan transportation commission recently agreed to give caltrain an extra $3.5 million to help it with the budget crisis. whether it's caltrain or taking other form of transit may not be a bad idea. looking through driving through sprinkles. >> that is the key this morning. sprinkles and a light shower here or there. you can see how widespread they are on live doppler7 h.d. from north bay to east bay and one or two lingering around the bay shore. as we look offshore and up north and west. this is the area of low pressure. you can see it's scattering showers already. once the sun comes up. this low and the showers moving in will be energized by the sun. with the cold air, warm air at the surface, we'll see the thunderstorms develop and small air fall out of these in the afternoon
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hours. a look at how it will come across the bay area today. that's why i will see an increase in the showers. ride home, maybe not as easy as the ride to work this morning. mid-to-upper 30s, north bay valley. low to mid-50s for the rest of us. by the afternoon hours, temperatures below average again from mid-to-upper 50s along the coast to san francisco, low to mid-60s for the rest of us. monterey bay, you will also get in on the scattered showers and small hail. the temperatures around 59 in monterey. mid-to-upper 60s for the rest of the bay inland. the accuweather seven-day forecast -- how often have you heard this? two dry days out of the seven in june. heavy rain possible again. more records friday night and saturday. frances with an 880 update. >> yeah, mike, we are still there northbound with the full freeway closure in effect past 980. so you can see the live shot from amy hollyfield's camera. sweeper crews are at the scene. they hope to have it reopened before 7:00 this morning.
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we'll keep you posted on that. for the folks driving through the area, here is the map and what you can expect. this is the portion that is closed. north 880 from 980 toward 7th street. right now, traffic is being detoured on to 980. you can take 580 to the bay bridge. not a big backup on 880 right now. however, if you can avoid that stretch altogether. you may want to consider 580 as a detour. so far, the traffic is flowing well out of san leandro. we're still waiting for a crash to clear in palo alto. southbound 101. university. where the two right lanes have been blocked. so far not causing a big delay. but we will keep an eye on that as well for you. >> thanks a lot. 5:15 now. still ahead, the major milestone palo alto facebook is about to hit globally. also, the big misstep the former ceo of google now admits he made. also -- >> almost a decade worth of house price depreciation vanished.
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when they saw how much more beautiful their skin looked they had only one question... ♪ new dove visible care creme body wash. >> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. welcome back. google ceo eric schmidt said one of his biggest mistakes
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was not focussing on challenging facebook. he spoke at a tech conference in southern california and he ended the decade-long run as google ceo two months ago and became the executive chairman. schmidt said he started to write four years ago the way for google to connect friends and family online like facebook does. larry page replaced schmidt as google ceo. larry, the founder, of course. new evidence of power of facebook. if it was a country, it'd be the third largest in the world. data collected by the social show there are 700 million facebook users. the strongest growth is in brazil, indonesia, philippines, mexico. the u.s. still has the most members nearly 150 million. so interestingly, that number has dipped 4% in the past month. facebook is still privately held. latest estimated value is between $50 to $70 billion.
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bay area homes are now worth 5% less than a year ago. home prices nationwide are back to where they were in mid-2002. abc7's david lily looks at the situation in the south bay. >> this is prime selling season but the buyers aren't confident real estate have bottomed out. some would rather risk than see it lose value. >> i'm afraid we're in for a fairly prolonged period of sluggish growth. that combined with the fact that people no longer take it as a given that house prices will continue to appreciate made people look again at the alternative of renting. >> silicon valley may be the exception as tech company ramp up hiring. in the past year, sale prices increased in campbell, gilroy. they fall in san jose. another issue dampening houses is inventory of foreclosed home selling at below-market prices. to give an idea how it could impact homes in neighborhood. house behind me is
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bank-owned property up for sale for $519,000. six years ago it sold for $767,000. that is a difference of a quarter million dollars. by some estimates it could take years to clear the inventory of bank-owned homes known as r.e.o.s. however, there are signs that the process could be speeding up. >> for the last three weeks, i sold a lot of the r.e.o.s, in this area, and yes, i think it starts to come back on the market. >> however, damage has been done. in san jose, david louie abc7 news. speaking of money. lady gaga is making plenty of it thanks largely to the amazon deal. she sold more than $1.1 million on her new album "born this way" last week. billboard this morning announced the album captured highest sales in one week since 2005.
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60% were digital. it slowed down their retailer website with all the traffic from little monsters. hoping to see gaga in the video but since we didn't you have to reenact the act. >> you're more suited for that. >> i'll take on the challenge. >> i'd be a background dancer. >> stay in the background with the forecast you have. >> hiding out. 5:17. good morning. roof cam to the east. you can see the vertically developing storm out there. we'll see more as the afternoon unfolds, especially as the sun comes up and starts to heat the ground. we start to get a lift in the atmosphere. this is why we have showers. thunderstorm and small hail is possible today. look at what is going on as far as the temperatures. because we have breaks in
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the clouds, we're in the mid-to-upper 40s in the inland valley. around the bay shore and out to the coast. low to mid-50s. we have exceptions. concord and antioch are on the low 50s. showers and thunder and small hail possible today. seven-day forecast of june, you expect every day to be dry. that has two. tomorrow and tuesday. record rain this weekend. focus in on today, wednesday. scattered storms in the south bay. storm clouds in the peninsula. low to mid-60s there. storms possible on the coast, mid-to-upper 50s in south san francisco. one of the better area to see thunderstorms in the north bay. low to mid-60s in the valley. upper 60s on the coast and saucelito. we have scattered storms along the east bay shore
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with the low 60s for you. mid-60s with the same thunderstorms available in east bay valleys. monterey bay could see the storms with the monterey, carmel. everybody else mid-to-upper #0s. temperatures are cool. mid-to-upper 40s in north bay. rest of us in upper 40 to near 50. cool weather behind the cool front. also the low, which is the center of the colder air. the energy needed to create thunderstorm. when you have cold air on top of warm air, you have an explosion of storms develop in the mid-morning to the mid-afternoon hours. don't expect anything severe. small hail, could see some. if you get some, send pictures to you report at look at what is going to happen in sierra, too. if you are heading that way. winter weather advisory starts at noon and goes through midnight. up to five inches of new snow above 6,500 feet. that means all the passes
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will be snow-covered tonight. probably going to need chains up there. we talk to frances about that. she is busy with another crash right now. first, thursday, looking dry and warmer. then that stellar rain starts friday. records again. showers sunday and monday and dry tuesday. have a great day. frances has the 880 closure. >> still shut down right now northbound frommed 980 to 7th street. so we have a shot here. you can see the emergency crews and the clean-up crews at the scene. they hope to have it reopened by 7:00. go to the map to show where it is. this is a stretch that is shut down. traffic detoured from 980. from there get on 580 to bay bridge. in the meantime, not a huge backup. 580 is a good alternate. big rigs are allowed on 580 at this point. elsewhere on the peninsula rather, southbound 101 at university. still an accident. may block a couple of lanes. if you want to take mass
5:21 am
transit, good way to go. there are no delays. cable car line in san francisco, today through sunday, they are going to be using bus shuttles in place to do some improvement work. you can always get the latest traffic information on that 880 closure by going to the website you can find out if there are chain controls in the sierra later on due to the winter weather advisory mike was telling us about. >> isn't it amazing we're talking about that in june? >> thank you, frances. 5:21. hike turns in a dangerous ordeal for redwood city man. next, break in the weather that saved his life. also caught on video, unforgettable example of why you should never ever text and drive. dad really drops the ball. literally. when he chooses a foul ball over his daughter. oh!
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welcome back. 5:24. san francisco man is safe today after being lost in glen county. authorities spotted 40-year-old jeffrey stadler yesterday afternoon on side of st. john mountain. he sent several text messages to his girlfriend monday night saying he was lost somewhere on the 6700-foot mountain and needed help but he didn't -- or couldn't get his location.
5:25 am
bad weather delayed ariel search for a few hours. after the skies cleared they spotted him sitting on a rock. he was tired and dehydrated but overall in good shape. earlier we said he was redwood city and now we are saying san francisco. we'll double check on that for you. he's doing fine. driver caught horrifying footal of an accident he says caused by a teen texting while driving. in the youtube clip you can see the car swerving in and out of traffic before hitting a guardrail and hitting oncoming cars. luckily, no one was hurt. the swerving driver ended up in a grassy field. the person who shot the video says he followed from a safe distance after alerting police. the tv announcers for saturday dodger game turned attention to the stand for one of the game's most memorable moments. take a look. >> we have a father and child. saying i want a foul ball. dad -- there comes the foul
5:26 am
ball. what happened to the kid? oh, my goodness. >> oh, my goodness is right. not only does the dodger fan drop his daughter but he also drops the ball. afterwards, the security guard went over to talk to the family. camera's caught everyone smiling. a few minutes later. 5:26. next at 5:30 -- the new neighbor that san jose residents are being warned to watch out for. also a happy ending after baby and a car she was riding in was taken from morgan hill. what police are saying about the crime and suspect. they're still looking for. also next at 5:30, the unusual move being made in san jose to try to balance the city's ailing budget. >> coolest weather continues on the west coast. portland, 63. seattle, 59. look at the east. it looks like the heart of summer with heat and humidity and thunderstorms possible. the most severe weather will be around denver, possibly to kansas city. right now, we have flight departure delays out of
5:27 am
baltimore. that's it as far as the major airport. anything else changes? we'll have it. you can, too. flight tracker ♪it's the way you bring out the sun♪ my mom makes any day sunny. sunnyd does, too. with 40% fewer calories than most regular soda brands. ♪
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i'm terry mcsweeney live in the south bay bureau. a car stolen in morgan hill with a 1-month-old girl in the backseat. but this story has a very happy ending. i'm going to show you it coming up in a live report. >> a major traffic accident in oakland has northbound 880 completely shut down from 980 up to 7th street. we have live coverage of the scene. i'll tell you about details coming up. yesterday's record rainfall moved on but unstable rain form gives way to hail and rain.
5:30 am
shuttle "endeavor" has flown the last mission. it made a spectacular late-night landing in florida. 5:30 on wednesday. we have interesting weather coming our way. thank you for joining us. i'm kristen sze. >> we continue to follow developing news in east bay where an overnight hit-and-run accident shut down stretch of northbound 880 in downtown oakland. caltrans crews are racing to finish cleaning up a ceasal fuel spill. frances, you have been following the latest from the traffic center. >> we're still hoping that they clear the accident by 7:00 this morning. but apparently the hit-and-run, there is a picture of the car that was actually involved in the accident. then that caused a chain reaction of a big rig. crashing in to another car. and other vehicles were involved as well. northbound 880 has been closed since midnight. it's expected to be reopened at 7:00 this morning. possibly earlier.
5:31 am
a live shot right now. clean-up continues on northbound 880 shut down north of 980. you see having no impact on southbound traffic. that's been getting by through all morning. but i'll taig you to the map to show you what they're doing now with traffic. north 880 shut down here along this stretch. traffic is being detoured to 980. from there you can get from 580 to the bay bridge. another detour is considering 580 altogether. so far, traffic is flowing well. that way you avoid the detour and that 880 stretch. where things could possibly get backed up later. >> before you go, if lanes reopen at 7:00 as currently scheduled, based on what you see of normal traffic patterns how bad of a gridlock situation will it create? >> backup on 980 to 580. a live shot right now. so if you are heading toward the maze, and the macarthur maze. i think you will start to see slowing through that
5:32 am
area. this is where things could start to slow down along the stretch. if we see more cars on 580 here, we could see a little bit of an early backup on 580 as well. but we are hoping they clear up before 7:00. if that is the case, we may be able to get around this mess altogether without any big delays. kristen? >> all right. so frances, thank you so much for that information. amy hollyfield is also at the scene so we'll go to here live in a little bit for more information. 5:32. another major story, mother has been reunited with her 1-month-old baby. the girl was left alone in a car when someone stole the vehicle in morgan hill. now the search is on for the person who took the vehicle. abc7's terry mcsweeney is live in the san jose bureau with the latest. terry? >> well, this entire ordeal took four hours. it probably felt like four weeks or longer. to the family of 1-month-old mariana carona. look at how it all wrapped up. great pictures to show you. the baby is safe and sound.
5:33 am
back with her mom and grand parents. it was an ordeal for the family. you can see the joy and relief at the return of mariana. the mother mirabell carona tells police it began in the early afternoon when she went to the church in morgan hill to inquire about his food bank. she says she left the child in the car, engine running. when she came out a few minute later, the 1991 infinity was gone. so was mariana. authorities issued an amber alert at 5:30. the car was located and abandoned at monterey-salinas highway and terara drive six miles from st. kathryn's. the mother's aunt spoke for the family. >> they have been working very hard. thank you very much. we are thankful with them for helping us find the baby. >> mariana was checked out at a hospital and she is fine. police believe the person who stole the car had no idea the baby was in the backseat. investigators have gone over the car for evidence. there have been no arrests.
5:34 am
but really, the bottom line here is 1-month-old girl is safe and sound and doing just fine this morning. live at the south bay bureau, terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. >> thanks a lot. well, there are new developments in the investigation of missing 26-year-old nursing student michele le. friends and relatives continue to put fliers up around the neighborhood. and now we're learning that hayward police executed at least four search warrants and interviewed more than a dozen friends of le. including a woman with whom she had a falling out. >> the woman told abc7 news the police have seized her computer, cell phone and other items. >> she is a person of interest. we did serve a search warrant on her house. we brought her in for questioning and ultimately released her. >> abc7 news learned they went to this fremont neighborhood to speak with a male friend of the missing woman. le was last seen friday night at kaiser hospital in hayward. she left on what was supposed to be a short break and never returned.
5:35 am
le's family is offering $20,000 reward in the case. police will hand out fliers today in west san jose in a neighborhood there alerting people to presence of high-risk sex offender. police say 61-year-old wayne allen page was released in parole on february on a rape and kidnapping condition. he hasn't been supervised sense. page has the potential to reoffend but they aren't saying why. they alerted schools about page. officers will be handing out fliers to neighbors around payne avenue and santa moss expressway. alerting them that page is now living in the area. san francisco mayor ed lee set to show balanced budget to the board of supervisors today. the spending plan for the fiscal year is expected to close at $306 million deficit without major layoffs. mayor lee is negotiating with the police, firefighters and nurses to defer upcoming pay raises to help save the city $23 million. the "san francisco examiner"
5:36 am
reports that mayor lee has not included funding for pay hikes in the budget, though union officials had not agreed yet to give them up. meanwhile, the management of san francisco's muni and the transit workers union reached tentative contract deal to save the city $21 million over the next three years. the deal freezes wages for operators and limits overtime. the unions rank and file still needs to ratify the agreement. if they reject it, an independent arbitrator will have to set contract terms. the city of san jose is imposing pay cuts on four groups of unionized city workers. the council voted 8-3 to impose the 10% cut in pay and benefit. the city faces $115 million budget shortfall. six other unions have agreed to the cuts. city leaders say the reduction will help avoid more layoffs. but the threat of job losses still looms in the police department. the city can't impose a contract on police or on
5:37 am
firefighters. the police union is still negotiating with the city. this morning the crew of the space shuttle "endeavor" is back on earth and wrapped up the final mission. >> touchdown. >> it was spectacular sight to see late last night at florida's kennedy space center. "endeavor" touched down after 11:30 our time following a 16-day mission. it's the next-to-last mission in nasa's 30-year space shuttle program. atlantis is scheduled to launch the program's final shuttle mission on july 8. so just really absorb that moment. just one more left. 5:37. all right. mike, what is going on? we are talking june and i'm looking at the seven-day and i'm seeing more wet days than dry. >> isn't that amazing? five wet days. only two. looks reminiscent of winter time. thank la nina for that. the abnormally cold water shifted pattern. farther west. that's why we are seeing the
5:38 am
wet weather. good morning. a look at the live doppler7 h.d. all of the reporting stations are going mostly cloudy. you can see a few pockets of light showers. look off the coast and more is developing and will move in the north bay from mid-morning and that will spread southward through mid-afternoon. we're not out of the woods yet. we won't have record rain like yesterday, we'll have thunderstorms with small hail as the upper level low moves across the bay area today. only san jose and los gatos warmer than yesterday. everybody else same. like at half moon bay. 1 to 10 degrees cooler because the clouds have broken a little bit. here you go with scattered sprinkles in the 8:00 hour. most of us will be dry for the morning commute. the temperatures holding in the 40s to low 50s. by noon, look for more of those storms to develop. some of them getting aggressive with small hail. you can see the green, that is the representation of the rain moving across the bay area to the mid-to-upper 50s. head to 4:00 hour, we see tapering as they move off. still scattered showers
5:39 am
around with upper 50s to low 60s. tomorrow, dry. next tuesday is dry. the next chance of record rain is friday and saturday. frances? >> clean-up continues of the accident that happened overnight. northbound 880 shut down. no cars getting through north of 980 to 7th street. southbound traffic has been opened the entire time. they hope to reopen by 7:00 if not earlier. take you to the map to show the stretch is closed. traffic is detoured to 980. take 580 to the bridge. interesting live shot for you. oakland maze. normally we see a lot of cars off north 880. there are only a few cars heading toward the maze. you can get on northbound 880 after 7th street. if you are heading toward the toll plaza, the traffic is light there. you notice there won't be cars off the north 880 stretch as well.
5:40 am
heading toward the bay bridge. >> thank you. we check back shortly. 5:39. still ahead, the new setback in san bruno. homeowners left stranded by a contractor who has been rebuilding the houses after a massive pipeline explosion last fall. project to restore a south bay wetland takes a big step forward. next, the water that will begin flowing for the first time in decades.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld.
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good morning again. 5:42. some san bruno residents trying to rebuild from the pg&e pipeline explosion are facing a new set-back. the "san jose mercury news" reports residents have been getting e-mails telling them a contractor they hired may go out of business. the message says vanderbilt construction of castro valley is shutting down until june 6 and may close for good. families who have already paid vanderbilt for rebuilding work say they don't have the money to pay another contractor to finish. >> i'd be shocked, yes. shocked if they're closed? because? >> because there is mrep plenty of work out here. they were the lead guys out here and this is who the insurance companies were telling them to accept as contractors. >> vanderbilt completed six of the 11 houses they have been working on. the company was the only general contractor on an official pg&e list of
5:44 am
recommended companies. pg&e says we are deeply troubled by the development. and we will continue to do everything we can to help everyone affected by this terrible tragedy rebuild. starting this morning, the south bay grand opening of new water controlgate set to open for later this morning at the former industrial pond. it will reconnect the water of san francisco bay with san jose guadalupe river in ways not seen since the 1920s. the event is part of the ongoing effort to return 15,000 acres of former salt evaporation ponds back to wetlands. it will create habitat for fish, birds and other wildlife. crews started to cut a concrete notch in the levee last year as part of the $2.5 million project. 5:44. tired of firing birds or pigs on the ifen or ipad? you can do it on a bigger sweep. talking angry birds. the bloomberg business report is coming up. >> sarah palin and donald
5:45 am
trump meet for pizza. is she in? i'm john hendren in washington. i have more coming up. >> state law requires california students to get a certain amount of p.e., right? next, surprising finding on the amount of exercise most students actually get. stress gone. mind sharp. because unisom gave you deep restful sleep all night. morning early birds. unisom. good night. good morning.
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5:48 am
border. in fact, we'll have valley rain and mountain snow all the way down to big sir and yosemite today. 45 in tahoe. 59 in chico. 56 in eureka. we have sunshine and warmth around fresno, 74. l.a., 71. palm spring, the warm spot at 89 degrees. if you are heading to sierra, snow falls heaviest from noon until midnight. it could mean that some of the passes could be snow-bound and chains could be needed. kristen? >> you got a lot of explaining to do there, mike. thanks a lot. 5:48. former vice presidential candidate sarah palin takes her tour bus to new york ellis island today. she is flirting with the possibility of a presidential run. a meeting with donald trump drew all the attention last night. frustrating the rest of the republican field. abc's john hendren reports. >> reporter: call it the pizza summit. donald and the mama grizzlies, both millionaires, both reality tv stars and unlikely dinner of pepperoni pie.
5:49 am
the donald took himself out of the running for now. but sarah palin with her campaign-style tour bus, call her 2012 curious. >> i think there is a lot of time. >> looking likely to run against palin, fellow tea party favorite michele bachmann. with supporters of both asking will she or won't she declare candidate tim pawlenty and mitt romney expected to announce tomorrow are having a hard time getting attention. republican leaders are so dissatisfied with the 2012 field, a group of g.o.p. donors arrived with a dinner for new jersey governor chris christie with a plan to save the day. >> we are just going to encourage him to think about getting in the race. we have think his message would go over well. >> one way to hold the public interest, keep them guessing. that's what texas governor rick perry, utah governor huntsman and former mayor rudy giuliani are doing. john hendren, abc news, washington. 5:49. yeah. you have didn't want to make your way over to the seat, huh? >> no, not as hot as normal. >> yeah, compared to me asking you what is going on?
5:50 am
we want to know! >> la nina? rain and hail in june. possibly? >> thunderstorms in june. record rainfall again. like we had yesterday. it will be an interesting next seven days. >> can you even show your face at baseball practice? just wondering. >> yeah, we have one today. why don't you show your face. i bet the kids would like that. >> we may have to move the party indoors. >> really? >> just because of the possibility of rain. >> i wouldn't. unless you are in the north bay. that's where the best chance is. everywhere else, you have to dodge rain today from time to time wouldn't cancel anything until the hail comes down. then you might want to run inside. 5:50 from sutro tower to the east. you can see the vertically stacked clouds moving away from us. most of those are quiet. sprinkle here and there. yesterday afternoon, look at santa rosa. record rainfall. daily record rainfall. .17. same at the airport in oakland with .3 of an inch. trace in san jose, lesser
5:51 am
amount. it doesn't take much for all of to us get the record rainfall this time of year. we have a couple more chances in the forecast. if you are heading out right now, look at the bay shore. concord, antioch and toward half moon bay. that's where we have the temperatures in the low to mid-50s. rest of us in the mid-to-upper 40s around the monterey bay. inland, upper 40s to mid-50s for wattsonville. the number one highlight, shower, thunder and hail possible today. now, in january, february, maybe even march, only two dry days in the forecast. not as uncommon as it is in june. that is thursday and tuesday. record rain likely again this weekend. all right, talk about the temperatures today. as you are dodging the raindrops. we will hit mid-60s in the east bay valleys. 15 degrees cooler than average. low to mid-50s on east bay shore. castro valley and fremont. temperatures there are 63 degrees. as we head to south bay, we have the low to mid-60s. same thing on the peninsula. even cooler at the coast. a little faster breeze. mid-to-upper 50s for you.
5:52 am
upper 50s likely around downtown, south san francisco, saucelito and mid-50s at your beaches. low to mid-60s inland. around the monterey bay, we have the upper 50s for monterey, carmel, pacific grove. mid-to-upper 60s for the rest of the bay inland. mid-to-upper 40s in north bay valley. coolest there. 50 around antioch, oakland and san francisco. everybody else in the 40s. here is a look at the area of the low pressure. the cool unstable air mass that will give way to scattered showers. thunderstorms. even some small hail today. you can see it developing around 10:00 and moving ashore. right in the heart of the lunch hour with the strongest storms going through the north bay. 5:00 or 6:00, they're out of here. lingering light showers in overnight hours. but for tomorrow's morning commute. looks quiet and looks quiet through most of thursday and friday morning. pretty nice there. but as we head in the evening hours, look at 5:00 or 6:00. look at the wall of water coming our way. if you have plans, especially in the morning, they may get rained out. sunday we'll have showers. they will linger to monday. there is the dry day on
5:53 am
tuesday. slightly warmer temperatures. good morning, frances. >> good morning, mike. back to oakland, northbound 880 shut down north of 980. a live shot of the scene. what you will notice is there is fewer crews out there right now. caltrans crews are getting ready to leave. in fact, i just smoke with c.h.p. officer john short. he was telling me they actually think it might all be open by 6:00 this morning. instead of 7:00. you can see with the live shot, it may be the case. there was some absomewhere bapt on the roadway -- absorbent on the roadway. that's been cleaned up. it happened an hour ago. with more of the crews leaving, i think we'll see the northbound 880 stretch open shortly as you make your way through the downtown oakland area. that is good news. big rigs are still allowed op 580 but that will change once they get 880 reopened. also, southbound 101 at 37. we have a new accident reported in novato.
5:54 am
of course; you can stay updated on the accidents by going to the website anytime. >> thanks a lot. 5:53. angry birds are attacking your television. here is jane king with the morning's bloomberg business report. >> good morning. mechanical problems with the prius. toyota recalling more than 50,000 priui in the u.s. because of a power steering problem. good news for iphone fans. japanese website showing the iphone 5 could come out earlier than expected. august or late july instead of september. tech blogs saying that the website says the new iphone will have a better camera and built-in antenna to support both at&t and verizon. angry birds coming to television. starting later this year, the top iphone app will be available on your tv. you do need to buy a new player this year as they move the web-enabled tv game market dominated by sony, nintendo and microsoft. a huge amount of eco data,
5:55 am
including auto sales. rally mode in wall street yesterday that optimism that greece would get another bail-out. at the new york stock exchange, i'm jane king with the bloomberg business report. several medical experts are criticizing a move by the world health organization to list cell phones as possible cancer causers. the world health organization is taking action based on a new study that suggests repeated cell phone use can increase a person's risk of developing cancer. researchers say the study found some evidence of a link to two type of brain tumors. >> we're not against cell phones. we're fundamentally against how they're used. keeping then against your head and body is madness once you understand it's madness. >> in the typical scientific cautious tone, they mislead people to think there is a significant threat in cell phones when there isn't. >> critics are questioning the way the study was conducted. they say cancer patients will have to recollect their
5:56 am
cell phone use. doctors say people worried about a cancer link can use headset using the cell phone. new study finds more than a million teens enrolled in public school are not participating in physical education. ucla study might shed light on the childhood obesity problem in the country. california requires middle and high school students to get 400 minutes of p.e. every ten days but nearly 40% of them do not get that. high school students can exempt out of p.e. for certain reasons. researchers largely blame the state budget cut for lack of school-based exercise program. >> we don't have p.e. at the school. i think it's ridiculous, because kids need physical education or they will get fat. >> with the obesity epidemic happening we need to make sure the kids have good health habits and part of that is physical activity. >> if the state expiring tax hikes are not extended schools could see billions more in cuts. just ahead on the abc7 news at 6:00, the test coming
5:57 am
today that could prove to be critical in determining whether police have the right suspect. this man. in the bryan stow beating investigation. >> a huge accident overnight caused the shutdown of highway 880 in oakland. i'm amy hollyfield. i'll have a live report on when the section of the road will reopen. coming up next. =x=x=x=x=x=x=x=xx
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