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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  June 1, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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good morning. i'm amy hollyfield live in oakland where highway 880 is still shut down. they hope to open it soon. i'll have the latest information up next. >> we're keeping our fingers crossed, amy. in the meantime, traffic is still being detoured to 980 and 580. i still have alternates for you in the meantime. hopefully soon it will be reopened. >> i'm terry mcsweeney live with a story that has tragedy written all over it and ended with tears of joy as a missing 1-month-old was found. i tell you what happened yesterday afternoon. the investigation going on right now in a live report. >> may be june 1. a lot to talk about. scattered thunderstorms. two dry days in the forecast. yesterday's record rain, we could see it repeated this weekend. >> the first day of june. welcome. 6:00. thank you for joining us today. i'm kristen sze. >> hit-and-run driver
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created a traffic nightmare on northbound 880 in oakland. all northbound lanes are closed. but hopefully for not too much longer. amy hollyfield has more. >> reporter: it looks ready. they cleaned up the 200 gallons of diesel fuel that spilled out here. all the debris from the accident is gone. the street-sweeper isn't even out here anymore. you may see the cars pass through here while we're on the air. it should be opening any minute. but they did have quite a mess to clean up. a three-vehicle accident that happened around midnight. look at the cars involved. it's a surprise there were no major injuries. four people suffered minor injuries but they're all expected to be fine. this happened on northbound 880 around 7th street in oakland. reckless driver was speeding through here. he rear-ended a car. shoving it in a big rig. the big rig then ran into the guardrail, which ripped open the fuel tank.
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>> the big rig hilt, went off on the shoulder. hit the guardrail there. went across the lanes of the freeway and hit the guardrail on other side rupturing the other fuel tank. >> that's why they had 200 gallons of diesel fuel to clean up. that is what took so long. then they had a street sweeper here, it broke the street sweeper and took an hour to get another one out here. it's been a long night for crews but they think they will get it open soon. the driver of car who started this escaped. he left his car here, though. another car picked him up. they think they will trace him because of the information they will get out of his car. they are treating this as a hit-and-run. we're standing here on the freeway looking for the first car to pass through here. it look like it could happen any minute now. the detour information, might not needed if you haven't left the house. just in case, we have
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frances dinglasan standing by in the traffic center to give you information on how to avoid this area. frances? >> amy, i was hoping to see cars behind you move through any minute now. officer john short told us they moved up the opening time to 6:00 from 7:00. however, it's not quite open yet. here is the map. traffic is being detoured on 980 so you have to take 980 to 580. never caused a big backup on 880 or 580. if you are thinking of heading in that direction, speed sensor in the area. big rig allowed on 580. once they reopen the 880 stretch, big rigs will no longer be allowed. we'll keep you posted on that. we expect it to reopen any minute. we may not even take a detour if you are headed out the door shortly? >> sounds good. thank you. 6:03. police in the east bay step up a search for missing nursing school student who disappeared from kaiser hospital in hayward. michele le was last seen
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friday night. she went on a break and never returned. police handed out four search warrants and interviewed friends of le including a woman with whom she had a fallen out. le's family is offering $20,000 reward in her case. mother has been reunited with her 1-month-old baby girl. the infant was in the backseat of the car when someone stole the vehicle in morgan hill. baby is safe, but the search is on for who took the vehicle. abc7's terry mcsweeney is live in the south bay bureau with more. terry? >> police in morgan hill are going over the evidence found inside the stolen car. but the parents of 1-month-old mariana corona, the only thing they care about is their little infant is back home and safe. take a look at the reunion from the pictures of last evening. the baby is safe and sound. mother and grandparents hugging each other and the child. the child was missing for four hours yesterday
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afternoon. ordeal for the family. you can see the joy and relief at the return of the infant. the mother mirabel corona telling police it went when she went to the st. kathryn church to inquire about a food bank and left the infant in the car, with the engine running. she comes back out and the '91 infinity is gone and so is the baby. authorities issued amber alert. 5:30, the car was located, called in by someone who spotted it. don't know if the amber alert prompted the call it was found abandoned six miles from st. kathryn's. the mother tried to put the entire thing into words. > >> [ inaudible ] leaving a baby and finding her again. thank god i have her back. >> reporter: don't know if anything was going to happen to the child. the child was checked out and she is just fine. police believe the person who stole the car had no idea the baby was in that
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car. imagine what happened to the person who stole the car. he is driving along, looks in the rear-view mirror or hears sounds from the backseat. and there is this 1-month-old child. the car was found six miles from the scene. police have no suspects yet. live in the south bay bureau, terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. >> terry, thank you so much. 6:06. in alameda, officials have now reinstated a training program for firefighters in land-based water rescue after huge community outrage following the drowning death earlier in week. last night, the city decided it will spend 20 to $40,000 to certify 16 firefighters in land-based water rescues. it follows monday's drowning of a 52-year-old suicidal man who died in the cold bay water while firefighters and police stood and watched from the shore. fire and police officials say they couldn't go in after him because they're not certified in that type of rescue. and if something went wrong, the city would be open to liability. the certification program
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was previously cut due to budget constraints. last night, angry community complained to the alameda city council. >> this just strikes me as not just a problem with funding but a problem with the culture of what is going to go on in the city that no one would take the time to help this drowning man. >> could we have done more when the gentleman became unconscious? certainly, there is that opportunity for us to go out and do more. we're looking at that. >> fire officials say it will take several weeks to retrain the firefighters. the only suspect arrested in connection with the brutal beating of giants fan bryan stow so far may also be connected to another crime in las vegas. las vegas tv station reports giovanni ramirez is a suspect in an attempted murder investigation in henderson. that shooting happened two months before the beating at dodger stadium. ramirez is scheduled to take a lie detector test today. he claims he was baby-sitting his 10-year-old
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daughter when stow was attacked on march 31. police continue to search for two other suspects in stow's attack. stow remains in critical condition at san francisco general hospital. overnight, the space shuttle "endeavor" returned to earth for the final time landing at florida's kennedy space center. >> touchdown. >> it was spectacular touch down on a nearly pitch-black runway. "endeavor" touched down after 11:30 our time. following 15-day mission to international space station. next-to-last mission in nasa 30-year space shuttle program. atlantis is scheduled to launch for the program final shuttle mission july 8. "endeavor" will head to a museum. 6:08. well, mike, i think the only thing that will be landing on our heads could be interesting rain drops for june. maybe even some, what do you think, hail possible? >> pea-size hail is possible
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out of the system. the system will be moving over warmer air once the sun comes up. that's when you get the thunderstorm. we have scattered light sprinkles on the live doppler7 h.d. most of us are going to be dry through the morning hours. offshore, look at the lows churning and kicking up some of the showers and once the sun comes up and heat the ground. it will be become more aggressive. we have thunderstorms and small hail in the forecast from mid-morning to mid-afternoon. right now, it's calm everywhere. the fastest wind in fairfield. 8 miles per hour. blowing in from the west. no need to worry about the winds so far this morning. temperatures are running cooler than yesterday. with mid-to-upper 40s in north bay valley. livermore and los gatos. rest of us in the low to mid-50s, including concord and antioch. by the afternoon hours, temperatures stop 8 to 15 degrees short of our average warm june temperatures. we'll be in the low to mid-60s everywhere. mid-to-upper 50s along the coast at san francisco. monterey at 59. rest of the bay and inland, mid-to-upper 60s.
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tough threat of thunderstorms with small hail. two dry days in the forecast. thursday, and tuesday. more record possible friday through saturday. find out if 880 is open. frances? >> it's almost open. we are just waiting for the first cars to make their way through downtown oakland on northbound 880 near 7th street. where the full freeway has been shut down from midnight until now. the cars should be coming through any second. that is just past 980. traffic is detoured to 980. they have cleared away a lot of the caltrans and clean-up crews. and so, traffic should be flowing very shortly heading to the bay bridge toll plaza. they have been detoured to 980 and 580. a live shot once you get to the bay bridge toll plaza. still, fairly delay-free for the most part. even though we had a few other minor accidents around the bay area. they haven't caused any big slowdowns.
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kristen? >> thanks a lot. we'll keep watching that. good news, should be opening shortly. 6:10. just ahead, trouble. the harrowing story a san francisco man now has -- one redwood city man now has after being stuck on the side of a northern california mountain for nearly 24 hours. a very blunt reminder why california drivers are told to keep their hands off their cell phones while driving. amy, you're gonna love college. best seven years of my life. i know, dad. your comforter. okay.
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welcome back. i'm frances dinglasan in the abc7 traffic center. take a look for yourself. northbound 880 completely reopened in downtown oakland now. this is just past 980. and this is courtsy of amy hollyfield, live camera at the scene. we just saw car go by for the first time since midnight. it happened just a couple minutes ago. so, no detours in place. big rigs no longer allowed on 580. we'll have another full report coming up.
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kristen? >> all right. opening about an hour ahead of schedule. love that. thank you so much. more news now. 6:15. the days of tax-free internet shopping in california one step closer to ending this morning. the assembly passed a bill which would require online retailers like amazon to collect sales taxes for purchases made by californians. the bill sponsor believes it will level the playing field for brick and mortar companies. the measure moves to the senate. bay area man is safe after spending an entire night lost in glen county. they spotted 40-year-old jeffrey stadler around 1:00 yesterday on the side of st. john mountain. he sent several text messages to his girlfriend monday night saying he was lost somewhere on the 6,700-foot mountain and needed help. bad weather delayed an aerial search for several hours but once the skies cleared they spotted him sitting on a rock. we're told he was tired and
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a bit dehydrated but overall in pretty good shape. nice that they had the window in the break in the weather. usually this time of year you don't expect snow or inclement weather. >> exactly. you expect to be sliding in to summer with morning fog giving way to afternoon sunshine. cool in san francisco. hot inland. cool everywhere. >> not happening for us now. >> no. we keep piling on the rain. i have no part of it. mother nature does. >> i'm not in production. >> yes. i just keep forecasting it. good morning. welcome to wednesday. we're looking at the clouds. they have once in a while that may open up a drop of sprinkle on the commute. mid-morning i expect rumble of thunder to develop and small hail out of thicker clouds building offshore. let's talk about temperatures. it's cooler this morning. did your heater kick on last night? mine did. mid-to-upper 40s inland, fremont. redwood city. los gatos. we have low to mid-50s
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around concord. san rafael, and parts of the bay shore and out to the coast. around monterey bay and inland, we have temperatures in the upper 40s to mid-50s around salinas. the number one highlight is that threat of shower, thunder and small hail today. now only two dry days in a june forecast? really? yeah. thursday and tuesday. record rain. we had some yesterday. in santa rosa and oakland at the airport. and more are likely to be set this weekend. south bay, thunderstorms are possible. low to mid-60s. the same temperatures on the peninsula. even cooler, mid-50s along the coast. upper 50s in downtown, south san francisco and saucelito. north bay coast will be in the mid-50s. low to mid-60s inland. most likely area for the thunderstorms will be in the north bay. scattered around the east bay shore. low to mid-60s for you. mid-60s throughout the east bay valleys. even showers possible around monterey bay and small hail. upper 50s and monterey, carmel. mid-60s for the rest of the
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bay and inland. mid-to-upper 60s. for tonight, it will become partly cloudy again. stray shower is possible. for the most part, dry by tomorrow morning and cooler than this morning. mid-to-upper 40s in the north bay valley. mid-to-upper 40s for all of us until you get to san francisco, oakland, antioch where you could be around 50 tomorrow morning. yesterday's cold front and record rain-maker moving away. now the low, this area of cool in the unstable area moving over warmer ground once the sun comes up. that is a recipe for showers to develop. and thunderstorms with small hail. the strongest ones moving through the bay at noon. by 5:00 or 6:00 they're out of here. we have could see a stray shower tomorrow night. tomorrow morning quiet, tomorrow afternoon quiet with sunshine. slightly warmer weather. friday morning, the clouds gather. then the rain moves in from the west.
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it doesn't stop all the way through saturday morning. that is why we could see record rainfall totals fall. sunday we'll have scattered showers that will linger to monday. there is tuesday, your second dry day of the forecast. have a great day. find out about 880. frances? >> traffic is quickly recovering northbound through oakland on 880. a live shot of the scene. where amy hollyfield is reporting. and it is a little sluggish, as you make your way from 980. that was right as they are trying to get the traffic through. and that was right when they reopen the northbound 880 stretch. so, elsewhere, luckily it's been pretty good. we show you another live shot. this is the oakland maze. you notice traffic from northbound 880 starting to flow again. we barely saw any cars earlier. westbound 80 traffic toward the bay bridge, where it's still just a very quiet. at the toll plaza. not much of a wait at all for any of the cars. and there you see more cars coming off northbound 880. everything is flowing well
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through oakland now. no problems southbound through the san ramon valley and sunol grade. south bay, check out 280 and 17 interchange. no major problems there. and in the north bay, things are still flowing well. through san rafael. there is a crash south 101 at rollin but that is on the shoulder. you can find out about traffic whenever you want going to the website click on the bay area traffic link. kristen? >> thanks a lot. call it an accidental public safety announcement. a driver captured horrifying footage of an accident he says was caused by a teen who was texting while driving. in the youtube clip you can see the car swerving in and out of traffic before finally boom, coming up right there, hitting a guardrail and oncoming cars. amazingly, no one was hurt. the swerving driver ended up in a grassy field. the person who shot the video said he followed from a safe distance after alerting police. 6:20 now.
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coming up, one of google's cofounders admits to what he calls a huge screw-up. actually, this was them toer ceo. the big mistake he says he let his company make. it will be world's third largest country, facebook's friends help the social network hit a new milestone. ñ/ñq
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you can see welcome back. 6:24. former google ceo eric schmidt says one of his biggest mistakes was not focussing on challenging facebook while he was running the mountain view based internet giant. yesterday, schmidt spoke at a tech conference in southern california. he ended the decade-long run two months ago and became the company executive chairman. schmidt said he started
6:25 am
writing memos four years ago about the need for google to develop more ways to connect friends and family online. like facebook does. larry page, one of the co-founder, replaced schmidt as google's ceo. speaking of facebook, new evidence of its power. the social networking site were a country, it would be the third largest in the world. right behind india and china. data collected shows there are nearly 700 million facebook users. the strongest growth is in brazil, indonesia, philippines and mexico. the u.s. still has the most members. nearly 150 million. though interestingly, the number dipped 4% in the past month. facebook is still privately held but the latest estimated value is between 50 to $70 billion. speaking of money, lady gaga is making plenty more of it, thanks largely to the big amazon deal. the singer sold more than 1.1 million of her new album "born the way" last week. billboard this morning announced the album captured
6:26 am
the highest sales in one week since 2005. 60% of sales were digital, thanks to a big bush by amazon. it sold downloads for 99 cents last tuesday and thursday. slowing down the retailer's website with all the traffic from little monsters. 6:26 now. still ahead at 6:30 -- rough tactics. the unusual move being made in san jose to balance the city's ailing budget. also, the new neighbor that san jose residents are being warned to watch out for. major setback in san bruno. the homeowners left high and dry by the pg&e recommended contractor who is rebuilding their homes after last fall's explosion. check it out. it's open. after a six-hour long shut down, i'm amy hollyfield. i'm live in oakland. i'll tell you where it is happening and explain it all coming up. >> good news, if you are flying in to baltimore. it's running on time right now. the airport is. but boston, logan
6:27 am
international airport now reporting flight arrival delays. check out the flflflflflflflflfl
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. good morning. 6:30 on wednesday. trading getting underway on wall street. stock futures pointing to lower open amid worries about the job market. new report by a payroll company shows private employers added just 38,000 jobs in may. down from 177,000 jobs in april. that was well below economist expectations. we go live to the new york stock exchange to see what it is doing to trading in 15 minutes. right now, the hunt is on for a hit-and-run driver whose reckless driving literally closed one of the busiest stretch of freeways for six hours overnight. amy hollyfield joins us live from 880 to show us what happened and what the c.h.p. is looking for and the good
6:31 am
news behind you is the lanes are all open now. >> kristen, you gave me a long list of things you need me to tell you. start with the highway. it's open. opened up at 6:13. look at it. flowing just fine. this is northbound 880 in oakland. this happened right around 7th street. they had to clean this up. a three-vehicle accident. there were no major injuries in this crash. but four people suffered minor aches and pains. they will be okay. this started at midnight. it was because of a reckless driver. he was speeding through here and he rear-ended a car, pushing it in a big rig. the big rig hit the guardrail. cut across all lanes of traffic. hit the other guardrail. ruptured both of the fuel tanks spilling 200 gallons of diesel fuel in the highway. that took so long to clean up. the driver who started this fled the scene. they are still looking for him. if you know anything, c.h.p. is asking that you please get them a call. he left his car here so they feel pretty confident
6:32 am
they'll trace him. and someone picked him up at the scene. so somebody knows where he is. the clean-up is over and the highway is flowing just fine. live in oakland, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> thanks a lot. >> this morning, police will hand out flyers in west san jose neighborhood to alert people to presence of a high-risk sex offender. police say 61-year-old wayne allen page was released from parole in february on a rape and kidnapping conviction. he hasn't been supervised since. police say page has the potential to reoffend but they aren't saying specifically why. police already alerted school about page. officers will hand out fliers around payne avenue and santa moss expressway alerting them that page is living in the area. this morning, we have new developments in the investigation of missing 26-year-old nursing student michele le. friends and relatives continue to put fliers up around neighborhoods. and now we're learning
6:33 am
hayward police have executed at least four search warrants. interviewed more than a dozen friends of lee. including a woman with whom she had a falling out. the woman told abc7 news that police seized her computer, cell phone and other items. >> she is a person of interest. we did serve a search warrant on her house. we brought her in for questioning and ultimately released her. >> abc7 news also learned police went to this fremont neighborhood to speak with a male friend of the missing woman. le was last seen friday night at kaiser hospital in hayward. she left on what was supposed to be a short break and never returned. le's family is offering $20,000 reward in the case. >> the city of san jose is imposing pay cuts on four groups of unionized city workers. the council voted 8-3 yesterday to impose the 10% cut in pay and benefits. the city faces a $115 million budget shortfall. six other unions have already agreed to the cuts. city leaders say the reductions will help avoid
6:34 am
more layoffs. but the threat of job losses still looms in the police department. the city can't impose a contract on police or firefighters. the police union is still negotiating with the city. san francisco mayor ed lee is sent to present a balanced budget to the board of supervisors today. the spending plan for the new fiscal year beginning july 1 is expected to close a $306 million deficit without major layoffs. mayor lee is still negotiating with police, firefighters and nurses to defer upcoming pay raises to help save the city $23 million. the "san francisco examiner" reports mayor lee has not included funding for pay hike in the budget, even though union officials have not agreed to give them up. meanwhile, the management of san francisco's muni and the transit workers union reached a tentative contract agreement that would save the city $21 million over the next three years. the deal freezes raises for
6:35 am
operators. the rank and file still needs to ratify the agreement. if they reject it, independent arbitrator will have to set contract terms. 6:35. there is a major setback this morning for san bruno residents trying to rebuild from a pg&e pipeline explosion last fall. residents are getting report that general contractor vanderbilt construction has gone out of business. woman at their office told abc7 news the owners are extending their vacation. but unconfirmed reports indica indicate vanderbilt had problems paying subcontractors. >> i'd be shocked, yes. shocked if they're closed. >> because? >> there is plenty of work out here. this is the lead guy out here. this is who the insurance company were telling them to accept contractors. >> vanderbilt was the only contractor on official pg&e list. they completed six of 11
6:36 am
houses they have been working to rebuild. in a statement, pg&e said we are troubled by the development and will do everything we can to help everyone affected by the terrible tragedy rebuild. right now, getting breaking news out of chile, where the usgs is reporting a 6.4-magnitude earthquake. it's hit off the west coast. that is major. reports it's felt as far away as the capital of santiago. 329 miles from the epicenter. no immediate word on damage or injuries. we'll continue to monitor the story and bring more as we get it. crew of the chase shuttle "endeavor" is back on earth and wrap up the final mission. >> a spectacular sight to see. "endeavor" touched down after 11:30 our time
6:37 am
following a 16-day mission. it's the next to last mission in nasa 30-year space shuttle program. atlantis is on the launch pad this morning scheduled to launch the final shuttle mission on july 8. welcome back, astronauts. we can welcome a little more rain in the forecast and more interesting activity as well. >> thunderstorm information june. rare, but they happen. today is one of the days. we what ror rainfall. as we head deeper in the forecast we could try again on friday and saturday. today, mainly dry. the big deal is lurking offshore in the form of the area of low pressure here in the cold air bringing with it. you can see the showers are starting to develop. once the sun comes up, we will add energy to the storm. they could produce thunder,
6:38 am
hail. because we had a break in the clouds. the temperatures are cooler from 1 in oakland to 8 in fairfield and livermore. same in mountain view and los gatos. 1 to 2 degrees warmer in half moon and san jose. the 8:00 hour, heavier storms moving in the north bay. by noon, thunderstorms up and down the bay area. least likely is south bay. you get your scattered thunderstorms after the noon hour. temperatures will hold by 4:00. tomorrow will be one of the two dry days in the forecast. rain, friday, saturday. showers sunday and monday. now 880 is open so find out how it's flowing. >> flowing well. we have more cars at the bay bridge toll plaza.
6:39 am
with the live shot, northbound 880 getting through toward toll. traffic is backed up to the west grand. with metering lights on. we check out interstate 80 in berkeley getting there. you'll find the usual crowding. as you make your way westbound through richmond and berkeley at university. no major trouble. golden gate bridge looks nice out of marin county. check out 101 in millbrae. if you are driving along the peninsula -- we don't have the shot. mike said no flight delays yet. 101 in san rafael yet to show how the traffic flows well. southbound. there was an earlier accident at rollin but it's on the shoulder for a while. ace train number three is running eight minute late. the cable cars in san francisco aren't running today. bus shuttles in place
6:40 am
through sunday to do improvement work. kristen? >> all right. >> thank you. 6:40. trading is underway on wall street. we have a live report from the new york stock exchange ahead. a live look at the big board showing dow is down 43 points. also, pulling the plug. the bay area electric car company that is ready to part ways with the first creation. pizza with palin. the casual dinner date that has political world buzzing this morning. >> i'm terry mcsweeney live in the south bay bureau with a great story for you out of morgan hill. although it did not start out that way. a car stolen with a baby in the backseat. we will show you the reunion coming up in a few minutes. sure, pulling the mold, miew, and grime from
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out of the porous caverns of grout takes the right tools, but it also takes a gentle, caring touch. before you can deep clean, you learn to get a feel for its trouble spots. and hey, if you can't listen to grout, you can't truly know its wants...its needs...its dreams. ♪call 1-800-steemer. welcome back. coming up on 6:44. you can see the storms developing across the northern half of california. it looks like that is where
6:44 am
they are going to stay, from about big sur, all the way to yosemite. we'll have valley rain and mountain snow. heading to the south, sunshine in l.a. 71. palm springs, 89 for the cool spot. tahoe, 49 at lake level. above that, especially 5,000 feet and above, up to five inches of new snow between noon today and midnight. chain controls, you will probably need those once the sun sets. kristen? >> all right, mike. thanks a lot. 6:44. new questions this morning about lewd picture sent out on twitter. new york congressman anthony weiner got combative with reporter when they tried to get a straight answer if he sent the photograph to the girl. >> you want to do -->> answer the question. >> sir. sir. >> was it from you or not? >> sir -- do you want me to finish my answer? >> to think question. >> the back and foth for other reporters went on for minutes and he never
6:45 am
answered the questionment instead the democrat called the issue a distraction. previously, weiner said his twitter account was hacked and a hacker sent the photo as a prank. he now says he has hired an attorney to advise him on what civil actions can be taken. sarah palin and donald trump had political circles buzzing last night as they shared pizza and political conversations in midtown manhattan. trump announced recently he won't speak the republican nomination for president next year. palin hasn't revealed if she will try to get on the g.o.p. ticket. trump said he would love for palin to run. palin said they share plenty in common, including, "a desire to see our economy put back on the right track." palo alto based tesla motor is pulling the plug on the electric sports car at the end of the year. tesla unveiled a roadster and sold 1600 of them at a cost of $109,000. the sports car can travel more than 200 miles on a single charge. tesla now plans to focus on
6:46 am
producing a sedan. and a crossover vehicle. watch for that. all right. listen to this. internet traffic may be about to get a lot heavier. bloomberg reporter jane king joins us live from the new york stock exchange. how much heavier, jane? >> internet traffic could quadruple. that's what they are predicting. they should know. they say more than 40% of the global population will be online by then contributing to a zetabyte of traffic. that's a trillion bytes if you are wondering. a big legal settlement between individuals harmed by the violation of americans with disabilities act. the bank agreed to pay $16 billion to resolve the claims that the bank wouldn't do business with the deaf and hearing-impaired people trying to contact the bank. check that number. it might be 16 million. the hearing-impaired callers
6:47 am
were referred to phone line for the deaf but the calls were never answered. the bank said some call centers stopped accepting the call because of the fraud concern. it's 16 million by the way. 16 million. the dow and s&p, nasdaq, trafding lower this morning. we got news about the jobs here today. the private payroll process adp says 38,000 jobs added in may. we are expecting five times that many. we are seeing lower market. silicon valley index trading slightly higher here. the war strategy game from zengas. this is the new one. this company gave us farm vail and ungaled empires and allies in 12 languages. so instead of running a farm, you build an island nation. you arm yourself against enemy forces and prepare for battle. you can recruit friends and fight your way across enemy territory. this is as the investors wait to see if it's true, like the forces have been telling bloomberg that they plan to file to go public
6:48 am
the end of the month. live at the new york stock exchange, jane king, bloomberg news. >> thank you so much. 6:47. the preliminary round of the nation's most prestigious spelling bee is underway outside of washington, d.c. round two. two bay area girls are among the 275 children still competing in this year's scripps national spelling bee. one is an eighth grader at walnut creek. the other bay area contestant on the right, 10-year-old varsha at challenger school in san jose. now yesterday they had easy words and a written test like drowsy. we know that one, right? but tougher ones like asoterious. and hookelaw, which is a type of fishing invented by hawaiians. no one was eliminated in yesterday's written test. today they have had harder words like pritalectoin.
6:49 am
calvidis. not cavities. we have to look system of those up. yeah. deceptious. ineraticable. we don't know how to eradicate the rain in june. what is going on with that? >> tough, isn't it? if you had plan for the weekend, record rains fall in the forecast again. >> i know. >> a look at the golden gate bridge. limited sunshine on it this morning as the sun has been up for an hour now. hard to see with the leftover clouds. and clouds building off the coast. where the showers are just about to move on shore in north bay. the sooner you can get out and get to work or school in the north bay, the drier you will be. right now, no lightning. the sun will warm the ground and the added energy will come from there. then you can see the lightning and thunder develop. even small hail.
6:50 am
the rainfall was record-setting in santa rosa at the airport. .17. at the oakland airport,.3. the rest of us fell short. we will probably fall short today. friday to saturday i think we'd see more record rainfall. called the daily maximum record rainfall technically. upper 40s to inland and fremont and los gatos. low to mid-50s around the coast. temperatures are the same around the monterey bay and inland. showers with the thunder and hail leads the highlights. we only have two dry days in the forecast. tomorrow and tuesday. the record rain is likely this weekend. start in east bay valleys where temperatures are 8 to 15 degrees cooler than average. mid-60s for you. we have low to mid-60s along the bay shore. except for castro valley and fremont around 63. low the mid-60s in the south bay today.
6:51 am
same on the peninsula. the coast is cooler in mid-50s. upper 50s in south san francisco. low to mid-60s through north bay. the likely area to see the thunderstorms with the small hail. 59 in monterey. low to mid-60s for the rest of the monterey. a's game, showers. saw lightning there. 12:35 first pitch with the yankees. hope they get the game in. it may be delayed. temperatures in the 40s to near 50 around san francisco, oakland, antioch. a low is moving through. with that, it brings unstable air mass over the warm ground. you can see moving through at noon. then exiting. by 5:00. wake up tomorrow with decreasing clouds. temperatures are warmer. 8:00, the rain will roll in and hangs around.
6:52 am
showers sunday and monday. >> bay bridge toll plaza, almost like a normal backup. northbound 880 stretch through oakland reopened. toll plaza, backed up to west grand. not even that far for the cash-paying lanes. we will check out the san mateo bridge. problem-free all morning. westbound traffic on the right. the drive-time is 14 minutes from 880 to 101. we head to 101 if millbrae. no major slowdowns making your way northbound from san mateo to millbrae up to san francisco. southbound traffic flows well. you drive along the peninsula on 101 and 280. check out 101 in south bay at the 880 interchange. this is northbound 101. looking good. 880 is delay-free through san jose area. south bay, ace train number three is running nine minutes late. ace train number five on time. no delays reported for other
6:53 am
mass transit system. find out the latest conditions by going to website >> all right. thanks a lot. starting this morning, all three of san francisco cable car lines will be shut down for maintenance work. the first time they have all been closed to the public in 27 years. the california street line has been out of service since january for repairs. the powell-mason and powell-hyde line connecting tourists from downtown to fisherman's wharf and ghirardelli square is shut down until sunday. muni says it's needed to keep them reliable and efficient. shuttle buss will run for five days to replace cable cars. recapping the top stories wednesday. south bay infant is back home safely after a car thief managed to kidnap her while stealing the vehicle she was riding in. abc7's terry mcsweeney live in the south bay bureau with the latest. >> the entire story took four hours. those were terrifying hours for the mother of 1-month-old mariana carona.
6:54 am
look at the reunion. how it ended. mother, grandparents, baby, joy and relief at the return of the tiny girl. the mother tells police it began when she went to st. kathryn church at morgan hill. she left the infant in the car with the engine running. she comes out a few minutes later and the '91 infinity is gone, so is the baby. authorities issued an amber alert. 5:30 the car was located in salinas. mariana checked out at the hospital and she is doing fine. they had no idea that the child was in the backseat. he just wanted the car. investigation continues in the stolen car. no arrests last time we checked. live in the south bay bureau, terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. >> thanks a lot. the other top story, authorities look for driver of white acura who left the scene of a multi-vehicle accident on 880 this morning. it caused a six-hour shutdown as the northbound lane in oakland this
6:55 am
morning. highway patrol says it caused a big rig to crash in a guardrail after midnight, spilling 200 gallons of diesel fuel. the roadway was opened 45 minutes ago after crews spent six hours cleaning up the mess. police in east bay are stepping up the search for a missing nursing student who disappeared from kaiser hospital hayward. michele le was last seen friday night. police handed out four search warrants and interviewed more than a dozen friends of le, including a woman with whom she had a falling out. alameda, officials reinstated a training program for firefighters in land-based water rescue tactics. yesterday, the city agreed to spend $20 to $40,000 to recertify 16 firefighters. it follows monday's drowning of a 52-year-old suicidal man who died in cold bay waters while firefighters and police stood and watched from the shore. 6:55. not too much sunshine out there. mike, looking at the seven-day. a lot of rain. >> yeah. for today, lesser amount of
6:56 am
sunshine we get the better off we are. the more sunshine we get, the more the ground heats and the more energy it adds to showers and the more likely we will see thunder, lightning or hear up thisseder and see lightning and feel small hail. right now, it doesn't contain any of that. just light showers over the bay area. more rotating toward us. from mid-morning to mid-afternoon, that is when i think the threat is best for us. if you have evening plans most of it moved off by then. temperatures running in the 40s and 50s. not much warming. today we're five to 15 degrees cooler than average. low to mid-60s in most neighborhoods. mid-to-upper 50s along the coast to san francisco. tomorrow is dry and warmer. friday night through saturday, record rainfall. sunday and monday, more showers. frances? >> a new crash just reported in oakland. northbound 880. at fifth avenue in left lane. c.h.p. is en route right now. this could cause slowing though northbound 880 at 980 was reopened.
6:57 am
as kristen mentioned, 45 minutes ago. a live shot of the bay bridge toll plaza. where you see all the traffic getting through and all freeways. backed up toward west grand for most of the lanes right now. ace train number three is running eight minutes late. ace train number five so far report nothing delays. of course, if you have friends and tourists in town you can't take cable cars until sunday. >> all three lines down right now. all right. one of the days that just make you want to stay at home. >> yeah. >> stay out of the rain. >> i know. >> all right. well, two more days to wait until the weekend. that's it for the weekend. that's it for the abc7 morning news. thank you very much. we'll be back with a local update at 7:24. join us for midday news at 11:00. i know, you're just the messeneneneneneneneneneneneneneq
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