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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  June 2, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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good morning, i'm terry mcsweeney live in the newsroom. the bay area couple who was kidnapped and raped joy see dugard will be there for sfeng but will dugard be there to face her attackers. i'm amy hollyfield live in san jose where big layoffs are coming to the police department. after contract talks with the city break down. >> live look from emeryville this morning, we have the low clouds, may have some sprinkles for your morning commute. a wet weekend is in store. dry and warmer weather is in the forecast. >> we will be looking forward to that and quiet ride at the bay bridge toll plaza.
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so far no hot spots. >> thanks so much for joining us. i'm kristen sze. >> i'm eric thomas. >> in the news. antioch couple who kidnapped jaycee dugard and held her for 18 years. philip and nancy garrido could spend the rest of their lives in prison. terry, everybody wants to know will jaycee be there. >> reporter: that is the question. the sentencing, will jaycee dugard, raped by garrido be there to confront her attacker. take a look as dugard as an adult. she was kidnapped at age 11 by philip and nancy garido 20 years ago this month. they raped her and forced her to have his children and nancy was an accomplice. philip will get 400 years in prison and nancy will get 40
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years to life. dugard's side will be told whether she appears or not. she has a book coming out next month called "a stolen life," some are calling raw and powerful. we may have drama by an appearance by jaycee dugard but there will be plenty when her book comes out. the san jose police department may now lose hundreds more officers after contract talks broke down with the financially strapped city missing a budget deadline. amy hollyfield is live at city hall with details. >> this could mean 278 officers will lose their jobs. this is a tough time to do this? san jose. murders are on the rise. there have been 22 this year and compared to all of last year, there were 20 murders.
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but the city has a budget deficit to address. the city was hoping to reach a deal with the police union that would shrink officers' pensions. the deal would still mean layoffs, 122 officers but now they are looking at 278 layoffs. both sides expressed disappointment they couldn't reach a deal. yesterday was the deadline to make it into the budget which they have to have in place by the end of this month. there is still a ray of hope. city officials could still order both sides back to the table to try again before the layoffs go into play, but talks have broken down and 1278 officers could be losing their jobs. amy hollyfield, "abc 7 news." the budget proposal submitted by san francisco mayor contains no massive layoffs. it takes advantage of nearly $47 million in unexpected tax revenues to help the city close
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a $306 million deficit. he says his plan is balanced and reflects the values of san francisco without jeopardizing the city's future. the mayor's plans contains cuts in services to the homeless. he is still fighting nurses and firefighters for pay raises. he has not included funding for the pay hikes even though the unions have not agreed to give them up. a last minute reprieve for an elementary school set to close. west contra costa school board voted to keep shannon elementary open this fall. parents have been siding for it. district officials say they discovered it would cost more to close the school and redistribute the students than keep it open, they reversed the decision two years ago because it now under state control. illegal immigrants are a
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step close in filing a bill. supporters say everyone benefits from a bigger pool of educated job seekers but critics say it would encourage more illegal immigration and reduce the amount of education money available for american citizens. the bill now heads to the senate for debate. >> pg&e says it will miss a few deadlines to handle documents related to weld problems in the pipelines. they were supposed to turn over the records in mid-march. they pushed the deadline back to june 20th when the company missed the one date. pg&e now says it will miss the june deadline because finding the records is proving difficult. the utility says the records might not be turned over until the end of 2012. the calendar says it's june
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but look outside, you'd never know it by the weather. it's cutting into profits for businesses in san francisco's north beach which depend on tourists especially restaurants with the sidewalk tables. this should be the busiest time of year but it's been very slow the last few days. >> like yesterday, we had five tables all day long. >> i thought it one warmer. i it was expecting it to be warmer in california. >> it's not as nice as north dakota? >> the union street fair and more rain is expected. >> the wet has forced caltrans to delay work highway 4. they cancelled the plan to close all westbound lanes between
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summersville. farmers are blaming the rain damaging crops. it caused trees to topple over. colder than usual weather is also affecting the peach crop. talking about the cold, still getting snow in the sierra. >> mike, how does it feel to be in california rather than north dakota. >> i would have to say, i'm pretty happy right now. >> show you what is going on, picking up radar returns in the north bay. a few scattered sprinkles for your morning commute, still looking for ground wetness to making sure it is making toilet ground. this is the best area for any wet weather as we're trying to get a break between storm systems. you can see a chunk of energy sliding down into the north bay. that will continue rotating to the east-southeast and best cans will be during the morning hours
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and tapering as we head into the afternoon. right now, fremont, redwood city temperatures mid to upper 40s. everywhere else low to mid 50s. best chance of a shower this morning and maybe one or two lingering in the north bay. upper 50s to low 60s along the coast and mid to upper 60s for the rest of us. rain moves into saturday and then a warming trend on tuesday and wednesday. >> good ride on the freeways. live shot in millbrae, headlights moving northbound, no problems southbound. check out the san mateo bridge for you, traffic is flowing well. that is on the right. as you are heading across the eastbound dumbarton bridge, right lane is scheduled to be block for the usual road work
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until 6:00 this morning. 80 in berkeley, so far so good. we'll also head over one more shot, golden gate bridge, you see very few problems. >> thank you, it's 5:0 9. >> have you gotten your tax refund yet? your money may be someone else's bank account. >> and the video police hope will lead them to dangerous robbery suspect. >> and food stamps, why people are all fired up. >> and chances are you are a smart phone. now comes a smart car. groundbreaking auto technology coming up next. my contacts are so annoying. i can't wait to take 'em out.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. good morning, topping america's money, new concerns that the recovery is stalling. 280 point loss in the dow jones, more than 2%. that was biggest drop in a year and worst percentage drop in 10 months. >> top bank regulator is giving timothy geithner an earful today. they are not doing enough to curb huge bonuses to executives.
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>> and american airlines is posting flights on website orbit. they pulled the listing months ago in a dispute over booking fees. american will comply with the ruling. buyers have been snapping up fuel efficient cars and japanese vehicles are in short supply after the earthquake. police are hoping someone will recognize the man who robbed a subway sandwich shop at gunpoint. take a look at had video detectives provided us from the shopping center. robber pointed a semiautomatic mated handgun and he demanded cash and the woman gave it to him. if you haven't received your tax refund, be aware that somebody may have already cashed it. irs says there have been
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five-fold increase in taxpayer identity theft. grown from 51,000 to 250,000 in 2010. they submit early in the season while legitimate taxpayers file later when they learn two returns were filed using the same social security. hackers got into e-mail accounts including government officials and political activists. they believe hackers tricked people in tricked people into showing passwords. the state capital, democrats and republicans are fighting whether food stamp riches should be fingerprinted.
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california requires food stamp applicants to be fingerprinted. they say it's one of the major reason the state has the lowest food stamp participation rate in the country, 50%, getting rid of it would bring in more matching funds, opponents say it would invite fraud. >> by increasing participation in eligible benefits, it could serve as a massive stimulus package to basis. >> we're going to open the floodgates, this is one firewall that presents abuse of this system. >> if it remains the fingerprinting system will cost taxpayers $17 million to maintain. meanwhile, the state senate has approved a bill in oversight of the high speed rail authority and change the way the members are appointed. they are facing increasing criticism as they are using $6
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billion to begin construction by september of next year. the senate measure aims 11 current board members in january. the governor would appoint five new members which must have knowledge in transportation and finance and environmental protection. some of the cars of the future are paying a visit to san francisco right now. >> intelligent cars, they can alert the driver if there is a darren of collision. it uses advanced technology to send critical information to each other. >> they would send out information every ten seconds, here is my speed, here is where i'm going. >> the technology may soon be available on new cars. it can be adapted cheaply to
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work in existing automobiles. >> we're still awaiting the driverless car so we can keep on snoozing. >> it feels like we were in driverless cars at this time in the morning. >> what is going on this morning. see any other challenges for your morning commute. i am working on watching to see if the sprinkles are making it to the ground. you can see the multilayer of clouds that is moving across. that is one last chunk of energy rolls through the unstable air mass and could pop up a shower or two. we have been watching them on live doppler 7-hd and so far just a few sprinkles. let's talk about temperatures. when you step out be prepared for 49 in santa rosa.
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livermore, fremont, half moon bay, that is where the clouds moved in last and temperatures are cooler, mid to upper 40s. around the monterey bay, mid 40s. 39 in gilroy to 50 right now in salinas. best chance of that reaching the ground will be in the north bay. rain tomorrow evening and then that will hang around for record setting rain on saturday. showers possible sunday and monday and wednesday will be dry. for today, partly sunny, most of us in the upper 60s, upper 50s to low 60s along the coast. you can see a few radar returns up around clearlake, but most of it is dry. around the monterey, 52. nationwide upper 50s around the rest of the bay. tonight you can see the clouds hanging around. drizzle may be. temperatures in the mid to upper
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40s until you get to san francisco, oakland, concord and antioch, low 50s there. there is yesterday's weathermaker and tornado maker in the northern part of the state. here is the next one, here is the line. that is going to slide in the back side of this cool and unstable air mass and bring a chance of an isolated shower. that will be quiet until any evening when the next larger system coming barreling down from the gulf of alaska. you can watch the radar returns they disappear from noon to 5:00. if you have any plans tonight they should be fine. overnight it looks like clear and cool. 7:00 tomorrow morning, nothing but clouds on the increase until we get 7:00 you can see the rain move into the north bay going into the morning hours on saturday and becoming more scattered saturday afternoon as it pulls farther out to-shot shore. so the coastal communities will get most of the rain out of this system. by saturday it's going to be very cold 50s and 60s and 10 to
5:20 am
15 degrees warmer by wednesday. >> i wanted to check out the golden gate bridge again. couple minutes we didn't see any cars southbound so a little concerned right after 5:12 i saw a bunch of cars coming through, there might have been road work southbound as you make your way golden gate bridge. if you run into trouble, send me a tweet, frances@abc7. >> this is northbound 280, highway 17 coming out of the santa cruz mountains but it's light here and on the peninsula. if you want to take mass transit reporting no delays but keep in mind, those cable cars aren't running in san francisco. they have bus shuttles in place until sunday for improvement work. get the latest traffic information any time by going to our website at
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>> remember balloon boy? his parents are back in the news. they are planned for the width balloon that was part of a hoax. and major baseball team is forced plane is forced to make an emergency landing. >> and the new residents at the san francisco zoo.
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good morning, it's 5:23. we have a live picture out of springfield, massachusetts, where you can see the damage left after yesterday's tornadoes 19 communities that were hit. today rescuers will be taking a look to get a better handle on what is happening. the death toll right now is at least 4. they are going door to door to
5:24 am
check on residents. >> tense moments for the los angeles angels baseball team. charter plane had to make an emergency landing last night. the pilot of the delta airlines jet reported a possible hydraulic problem with the boeing 737 as the team flew back from kansas city. they usually land at john wayne airport but it diverted to lax because it has longer runways. it landed safely and no one was hurt. >> remember the helium balloon everyone thought there was boy inside? the balloon is going you were to auction. the couple posted this video on the website. they wanted to auction off the balloon now to raise money for japanese earthquake and tsunami relief. their son was not inside when it floated away, it was all a big
5:25 am
hoax and the parents served jail time. they can't profit from the story until 2013. >> san francisco zoo is getting several new additions. this is video of one of the penguin chick that has hatched yesterday. the zoo's annual march of the penguins will be sometime in july or august. san francisco zoo has the largest breeding colony of south american penguins of any zoo in the world. >> he has a nice tuxedo there. >> next, at 5:30, defense attorney offers hints about the results of two polygraph tests given to the primary suspect in the beating of bryan stow. >> and big questions still loom as nancy and philip garido prepare to hear that sentences. >> and new concern for people
5:26 am
about a rock slide in the santa cruz mountains. how the june rains are adding to a three-month old problem. >> and 59 in boston today. heat is still on the south where record highs are possible again today. in great falls, seattle and portland, all flirting around 60 degrees. most of the airports are quiet. baltimore still reporting flight departure delays. go to and find flight tracker. ♪ [ female announcer ] we all want cleaner laundry. we all want a world with fewer chemicals. we all want the best of both worlds. introducing all free clear oxi-active. a powerful new detergent without dyes or perfumes that helps get out your toughest dirt and stains. its added natural cleaning boosters help get your whole family's wash incredibly clean. tough on stains. gentle on skin.
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new all free clear oxi-active.
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♪imy mom makes any day sunny.he sun♪ sunnyd does, too. with 40% fewer calories than most regular soda brands. ♪ good morning, i'm amy hollyfield live in san jose where the police department is about to get smaller, a lot smaller, all because contract talks broke down. the story is coming up. also this morning, the couple that kidnapping jaycee
5:29 am
dugard will be sentenced this morning. the question -- will she make appearance to confront them? >> and they will be looking for any damage from a tornado that hit north of sacramento. >> and we are tracking rain on live doppler 7-hd and record rain. at least the light rain isn't causing any problems yet. live look at the bay bridge toll plaza, pretty much delay free all around the bay area. >> good thursday morning. i'm kristen sze. >> i'm eric thomas. >> city of san jose maybe looking at a worst case scenario when it comes to police protection. a breakdown in contract talks means hundreds of officers could be laid off while they deal with a frightening spike in murder amy hollyfield is live with more.
5:30 am
>> reporter: the number of murders is going up. this is the number of police officers on the street is going down. without a contract, city leaders say expect to see about 278 officers laid off. contract talks broke down yesterday which was the deadline to get into the city's budget. both sides say they are disappointed that a deal couldn't be reached. they are trying to close a $115 million deficit. so layoffs were going to happen no matter what, but with a deal the city was looking at 122 layoffs, but now there is going to be 278 at the police department. the city can still order both sides to come back to the table and try again before they make the layoffs official. as of right now there is no deal which is terrible timing. the city has had 22 murders this year compared to 20 in all of
5:31 am
last year. it's now 5:30. philip and nancy garido is expected to appear in court for their sentencing in the jaycee dugard kidnapping case. dugard was 11 years old when she was kidnapped a held captive for 18 years, raped by philip garido and had two of his children. philip is expected to be sentenced to 400 years in prison. >> more details are emerging in the disappearance of a bay area nursing student. she is one time friend of 26-year-old michelle le. gizelle esteban lives in union city. neighbors say police spent several hours searching esteban car, apartment and even the trash.
5:32 am
>> until sunday morning, we noticed the activity in the garage and doing fingerprinting. >> we know she is a former friend of michelle's. i know there has been some, they've been disgruntled with each other in the past. >> le was last seen during a mentoring round at kaiser hospital friday night. she told colleagues she had to go to her car but never came back. her car was found the next day a few blocks away from the hospital. the suspect in the beating of bryan stow has taken two lie detector tests to try to prove his innocence. he says he was nowhere near dodger stadium the night he was attacked. he took a polygraph tuesday night and another yesterday but the results won't be made public. >> even when we find out the results from lapd our agreement, i'm sure this is going to
5:33 am
disappoint everybody but this is our agreement with lapd and the district attorney's office is not going to announce them. >> according to the san francisco examiner, a polygraph expert that testified for the defense said that he had passed. the district attorney's office has yet to file charges against him in the stow case. >> growing support for governor's brown's proposal for a special election to determine to extend current taxes to balance the budget. they find 62% of likely voters favor a special election, that is up 6% from april's poll. but while it appears the majority want to vote on the tax extension, only 46% say they support the taxes, 48% say they oppose them. governor brown calls the poll a little hard to interpret. this morning the national weather is service is sending out a team to determine the strength of a tornado that struck yesterday evening north of yuba city.
5:34 am
there were clouds swirling on one side of the house and hail started coming. i told my wife, let's get out of here. >> that twister touched down five miles from yuba city around 5:30 p.m. no reports of damage. it struck the same area where three twisters destroyed hundreds of acres of almonds last week. in the santa cruz mountains, late season rain is causing problems for road crews. they had hoped to have hillsides stabilized by now. here is lisa amin gulezian with details. >> reporter: water is still pouring out of this hillside. the heavy rains in march caused this hill to slide. two months later, the street is still closed and the soil is still saturated. they had hoped to have one lane open by friday. >> this weekend and coming
5:35 am
weekend with all the rain, it's delayed that project. >> the project is on hold at least one week. that means a major corridor connecting residents in correlitos to highway 17 to silicon valley will remain closed. she used to have a straight shot to work. >> now i'm going all the way around. i'm doing down to highway 1 to freedom boulevard and then highway 1 and back up to the summit. >> those had a live off mel -- nelson road knows what it's like to be isolated. a bypass is in place, the rain is stopping geologists from figure is out what to do with all of these rocks. >> they don't think the rocks would slide but they don't want to take any chances because
5:36 am
they'll be on top of the slide. they do plan to take a look at things july 1st. that is a major example of plans being changed because of unusual weather. >> if you have plans to plant something, might have been disrupted. >> or baseball. >> any other activity could be disrupted friday evening or saturday. a little bit of a nuisance in the north bay as light rain is falling. you can see on live doppler, santa rosa reporting light rain and napa reporting cloudy conditions. we have cooler weather compared to yesterday that would be fremont, hatch moon bay southward. the clouds have capped the northern half of the bay, a little warmer than yesterday. let's break down this day. 8:00 this morning, you can still see scattered light rains up across the north bay, temperatures in the 40s and 50s
5:37 am
still under a mostly cloudy sky. by noon, mostly cloudy but notice the showers start to taper as they head to the south and east, mainly to the east rather than south. then we'll see a break out of the sunshine from the clouds and most of rain gone by the afternoon hours. we'll be in the low to mid-50s out to the bay shore mid to upper 50s from the inland valleys. accu-weather seven-day forecast, most of the day will be dry and tomorrow late in the afternoon, rain starts to move in into the north bay. it will hang around through saturday afternoon. scattered showers sunday and monday and drying trend tuesday and wednesday. >> couple problems out of the altamont pass but they should be cleared quickly. grant line and one is at airway but traffic is still flowing well.
5:38 am
also check out interstate 80 in berkeley, one of more crowded spots right now but it's still flowing well, westbound toward the bay bridge toll plaza which is delay free and good ride across san mateo bridge, 14 minutes is drive time from 880 to 101. >> thank you so much, frances. >> san francisco bomb squad is called in to an explosive situation. the challenge they face in removing some military devices. >> hear from a bay area man whose stolen laptop has police captured the suspect accused of taking it.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. welcome back. san francisco bomb squad was called in last night to deal with a potentially dangerous situation. >> the bomb squad detonated some old explosives at ocean beach. the owner of the rental property discovered them near christopher drive. members of the bomb squad decided the beach was the safest place to destroy them. police temporarily stopped traffic until they were blown up.
5:42 am
some pictures taken with a laptop computer got a suspected thief in trouble by a hidden piece of software that documented every move that police ended up with a pile of evidence. jonathan blum e talked to him. >> when he tweeted a photo of an oakland police officer handing him back the stolen laptop it was the end of a game that had gone on for three months. >> the security software is running in the background is undetectible and he doesn't know it's there. >> that's right. photographs like this one of the man police arrested sleeping in front of the computer and this photo of the same man using the computer without his shirt off. the pictures were taken by a security program called hidden that tracks stolen laptops and sends back photos from the built in camera along with shots on the screen and the computer's location. the man invented it told us he came up with the idea when his
5:43 am
own computer disappeared. >> it was stolen years ago in london. there was nothing they could do to recover it. >> they had all this information including photographs and triangulated using the software where the computer was. >> it didn't track down to track down the 27-year-old man admitted that he bought the laptop knowing it was stolen. >> and within two hours we were able to locate the suspect. >> he is a limo driver and lured him to meet them in his car. >> toke nothing is helping solve cases. >> hundreds of g-mail accounts come under hackers in china. >> and rare tornado touches down in massachusetts. next the damage and death it's
5:44 am
caused. >> and new information about whether lance armstrong doped up. >> and giants go to bat against of oats, raisin medley.
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you gotta try new honey bunches of oats raisin medley. i get to sleep faster, stay asleep and wake refreshed. melt to sleep fast. unisom sleep melts. welcome back. live doppler showing a few valley rains and mountain snows north of 80 this morning. as we head into the afternoon showers, same area to get showers. 45 in tahoe, mid to upper 50s sacramento and big sur.
5:47 am
all is pretty quiet. 74 around l.a. and 91 in palm springs. a look at the stories we're following this morning. philip and nancy garido are expected to appear in court to be sentenced in the jaycee dugard kidnapping case. philip is expected to be sentenced to more than 400 years in prison. >> city of san jose may have to lay off 156 more police officers than initially expected after talks broke down between city negotiators. yesterday was the deadline for getting a deal before the city council but the dispute was over pension reform. >> the national weather service is sending out a team to try determine the strength of tornado that struck north of yuba city. it touched down five miles from yuba city around 5:30 p.m. no damage reports. we'll have the latest on all
5:48 am
these stores coming up at 6:00. >> good news for procrastinated go voters. state senate has passed a bill to register and vote on the same day. right now the cut off is 15 days before the election. lawmakers say the change should help voter turnout. california ranked 41st at turnout at the polls. massachusetts former governor mitt romney is expected to announce his presidential candidacy the morning. he is the front-runner. she hoping that persistent questions about health care and abortions is swamped by anxiety over the current economy. he came up short of his bid in 2008 and he is attacking president obama for not being able to improve the job situation for millions of americans. operations are underway in
5:49 am
been massachusetts after a spree of tornadoes swept through the state. a twister was captured on video as it formed yesterday over the connecticut river and made landfall. at least four people were killed. massachusetts governor has declared a state of emergency and called up 100 national guard troops -- look at that video. witnesses say the funnel cloud went through the downtown area, flipping cars and destroying buildings. the state has opened shelters to people on whose homes why damaged. a lot more coming up on gma. >> frontal cloud. >> frontal cloud hasn't reached to the ground, but wants it reaches at ground it's called a
5:50 am
tornado so the frontal cloud can't cause that damage because it's still up in the air. >> it's damp and dreary rain. some of the words we've been hearing. >> but there is a form of some sunshine and warmer weather. >> we still have a storm to go through tomorrow and saturday before we get to the rainbow. good morning, 5:50. looking at multilayers of clouds definitely a sprinkle or two for your morning zmuit. best chance is reaching up in the north bay. notice over the last three hours radar returns are shrinking as will our chance of wet weather throughout the afternoon. let's talk about temperatures. 49 in santa rosa. livermore fremont, redwood city, mid to upper 40s. everybody else in the low to mid-50s. monterey bay, mid 40s and clear conditions, look at gilroy, 39
5:51 am
degrees. today an isolated shower and probably best this morning. rain moves into our neighborhood and begins tomorrow evening and hangs around through saturday and then showers linger for sunday and monday and then tuesday and wednesday is when we start to see the drying trend. for today, the temperatures are big story, below average about 5-15 degrees. 59 at half moon bay, 52 in san francisco and richmond, everybody else to the mid to upper 60s and 70 around antioch. monterey bay, low to mid 50s around most of the bay, 68 in santa cruz to 71 in gilroy. for to tonight decreasing clouds few mid 40s around livermore. rest of us to near 50 degrees. yesterday's tornado producer, gone, our wet weathermaker in between and now we have this
5:52 am
sliding through. right now it's gaining strength but it's missed most of moisture. this may have a few showers this morning but i think we'll dry out and then turn our attention to the big cold front. the larger storm especially for this time of the year. thursday morning, the rain dissipates leaves us dry during the evening and overnight hours. here we are friday morning, partly cloudy conditions, increasing clouds on friday with rain moving in around 7:00 and waves of light rain continuing through the overnight hours. by the afternoon, low may retrograde and spin it's a way backwards over the ocean but it will come back sunday and monday in the form of showers. once it passes, look for a warming trend. by wednesday, temperatures are getting closer to average. here is frances. >> couple stalls no accidents. here is a look at 680 in walnut
5:53 am
creek and traffic is flowing well. southbound as you come off the benicia bridge all the way through the sunol grade. north bay commute, 9 minutes from 37 to 580. so no delays at all right now. on the peninsula, 101 looking good through millbrae headed northbound toward sfo. in the south bay, also very easy ride right now on highway 87, that is northbound traffic heading towards the downtown area. get the latest information whenever you want by going to our website at >> thanks a lot. it's now 5:53. >> delta airlines is accused of trying to obstruct union organizing. good morning, delta airlines facing an investigation, federal mediators looking into allegations, there y they
5:54 am
interfered with employees trying to unionize. they are non-union and acquired northwest back in 2008. >> you may soon get good deals on orbit. a judge ordering them allowing them to sell american tickets. >> google says hackers in china trying to steal passwords of hundreds of government officials in the u.s. and asia. it appears to a spy on officials but a chinese official say blaming them on the attack says unacceptable. >> and tomorrow is national donut day, promoting products, offering a free donut for anyone who buys a beverage and krispy kreme will give a donut to anybody that asks for it. this morning, new evidence that appears to suggest that
5:55 am
lance armstrong may have taken performance enhancing drugs. the director of a swiss anti-doping laboratory told federal authorities last september that armstrong had suspicious results from taking during a tour. it was consistent with the use of epo, a blood performance enhancing drug. the problem is statements contradict recent reports that the same lab said they had no evidence that he testified any false for any performance enhancing drugs. >> the san francisco giants is the first team in professional sports to release an "it gets better," video for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender young people. >> we all know how difficult life can be for a teenager. >> zito and cain and romo, and torres and batting coach appear
5:56 am
in the video. it comes after an online drive by lifelong giants fan sean chapin. it was launched after the suicides of several gay teens last year. >> a dozen of the nation's brightest kids will begin the scripps national spelling bee. it was whittled down to 41. contestants went through words like -- but stumbled on zingers. and genus of a plant. the competition included two bay area girls. an eighth grader in alameda school and also a fifth grader
5:57 am
from the challenger school in san jose. despite their efforts, they didn't move to the finals. it will air on friday night on espn. >> and mountain lion sightings. >> new decision to revoke a plan to contra costa schools. why they are changing their mind on closing a school. >> the san jose police department is about to shrink significantly. stay with us, i'll have details ñ$>i>i>ú>ú>ú>ú>ú>ú>ú>ú>p
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