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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  June 2, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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good morning, i'm terry mcsweeney live in the newsroom. the bay area couple who kidnapped jaycee dugard will be sentenced. we'll have the story in just a minute. >> and big layoffs are coming to the police department all because contract talks with the city broke down. that story is coming up. >> and new warnings from the north bay, how the june bloom could affect wine grapes. >> and live doppler 7-hd, big
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storm coming for the weekend, but i do see some warmer weather in the back of the forecast. >> and at least it's not gloomy on the road. >> thank you so much for joining us. i'm kristen sze. >> the antioch couple that kidnapped jaycee dugard will be sentenced today. they could literally spend the rest of their lives in prison. terry mcsweeney is live in the newsroom and terry, question number one -- will jaycee be there? >> that is question. philip will spend the rest of his life in prison and nancy garido may. both appeared in court. media will be there. if jaycee does make an appearance it would be one dramatic moment. releasing video of dugard who was raped by garido and forced to have his children. she was kidnapped at the age of
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11 by the garridos. it was 20 years ago this month. part of that time she spent at antioch home. philip will get more than 400 years in prison, his wife will get 36 years to life. her attorney says he does not believe philip will make any statement and his client is too afraid to speak in court. will dugard show up in court, but we soon may know many of the darkest details of her years as a sex slave. she has a book coming on out. it's called "a stolen life," and they say it's raw and powerful but all eyes today will be on the courtroom to see if jaycee dugard wants to come face to face with the people that imprisoned her and the man that raped her.
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a last minute reprieve for a pinole elementary school said set to closed. they voted last night to keep shannon elementary open this fall. district officials have said even though they discovered it would cost more to close the school and reassign students, they couldn't reverse the decision made two years ago because the district is under state control. state could reverse the decision again. the board expects the discussions to continue. >> public safety may be taking an even bigger hit than expected in san jose. there is word that budget talks have completely broken down between the san jose city council and the police officer's union and forcing the prospect of more layoffs anticipated at a time whether homicides are on the rise. amy hollyfield joins us live from city hall. >> this could mean 278 police officers will be laid off. it is a tough time to be doing
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this in san jose. city has had 22 murders so far this year compare that to 20 in all of last year. but the city has a budget deficit to address. city was hoping to reach a deal with the police union that would shrink the officer's pensions. deal still would have meant layoffs, 122 officers but now they are looking at 278 layoffs. both sides expressed disappointment they couldn't reach a deal yesterday. that was the deadline to make it into the city's budget. they have to have it in place by the end of the month. there is still a ray of hope. city officials still could order both sides to the table to try again before the layoffs are issued but as of right now, talks have broken down and 278 officers are looking at losing their job. live in san jose, amy hollyfield "abc 7 news." neighbors are raising concerns after a mountain lion
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was spotted on a campus around middle school in marinewood this week. the big gad was spotted. school officials say they haven't heard about the sighting but they avoid people jogging or walking pets around dawn or dusk when the cats are most active. >> pg&e says it will miss a few deadlines related to weld problems. they were supposed to turn over records by june 20th but the san francisco chronicle reports the utility has announced they will not be able to meet the deadline because the job is far more difficult. those records might not be turned over until the end of next year. >> the wet weotdz has forced caltrans to delay work to widen
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highway 4 until next week and that cancelled the plan to close westbound lanes tonight. in the north bay, grape growers say the late season rains are threatening to devastate the crop. they say that the potential record june rain could koos cost them tens of millions of dollars in lost revenues but farmers say the combination of rain and high wind is toppling almond trees. the unusual weather is preventing the peach crop from maturing. >> peaches, don't say that. >> tornadoes, rain in june? what is going on out there? >> it's going to be cool again. we are tracking a few light rain showers out across the north bay and they continue to shrink in coverage. over next couple of hours, looks like we could have a drying trend for the afternoon hours as
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the chunk of energy pulls through and we are in between systems. we'll see more sunshine today. right now we did have clearing in the south bay, but now you are starting to see clouds but before that you drop down into the mid to upper 40s. same thing around santa rosa. everybody else in the low to mid 50s. this afternoon, well cooler than average, 70 in antioch to 59 in half moon bay. low 60s around san francisco and richmond with the rest of us in the mid to upper 60s. radar returns is well to the north of our neighborhoods during the afternoon hours. as far as the seven-day forecast rain rolls in tomorrow evening and hangs around through saturday afternoon. once that passes, scattered showers sunday and monday and then the warming and drying trend for tuesday and wednesday. thursday of next week, temperatures should be back to average. new delay? >> "h" train number one getting back to the south bay, "h" train
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3 is on time. other mass transit systems are reporting no delays. what a nice ride it's been all morning long. san mateo bridge, westbound traffic on the right looking good out of hayward and also the golden gate bridge has been fine. traffic is light out of marin county heading into san francisco. let's check out the south bay for you and no problems at all 280 and 17 interchange. the drive on 280 looking good from downtown san jose all the way up to downtown san francisco. you have a quiet ride across highway 17. they are coming out of santa cruz mountains. just ahead, a real performance, unexpected issue the giants had to face in a bitter battle with the cardinals last night. >> and have i gotten your tax
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refund yet? you may want to check your credit report, your money may be
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check out this live picture up on i-80. look at all the snow that has been falling up there. frances says you don't need chain controls but another several inches fell and more is on the way for the weekend.
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>> can you believe that? >> san rafael police hope that surveillance video will identify a man that robbed a subway sandwich shop. it happened friday afternoon. the robber pointed a handgun at subway cashier as she rang up the order. he demanded cash and she gave it to him. the man is either white or light-skinned hispanic and he chewed on a toothpick during the holdup. >> if you haven't received your tax refund, may be someone else has it. there has been increase in identity theft. it's grown from 51,000 in 2008 to 250,000 in 2010. government officials say, smut returns early in the filing season but legitimate taxpayers file late that is when they learn, irs two returns were
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filed using the same social security number. >> illegal immigrants enrolled in california colleges are step closer to qualify state financial aid this morning. state assembly approved the california dream act. on a party line vote yesterday, they say everyone benefits from educated job seekers. critics say it would encourage more illegal immigration and reduce the amount of education funding available for american citizens. taking a look outside. kind of cloudy and is it touching the ground. >> up around santa rosa and napa to a lesser extent. that is about it. here is another picture from what is going on. now, you can see why we'll be skiing through july the 4th. a few resorts are open. look at all that snow up on heavenly. let's talk about what is going
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on live doppler 7-hd. you can see a drying trend which is good news especially in the north bay. the later you wait to head out, the more likely you'll head into dry weather. let's talk temperatures. we have 49 in santa rosa. livermore, redwood city, half moon bay, san jose, los gatos, mid to upper 40s for you everybody else in the low to mid-50s. monterey bay, mid to upper 40s. 39 in gilroy to 50 in salinas. isolated showers best this morning. rain moves back into the forecast tomorrow afternoon and hangs around through saturday. i still think we could see record rainfall amounts. showers are possible sunday and monday and then we get past this wet pattern to some dry weather, tuesday, wednesday and thursday. temperatures mid to upper 50s, may hit 70 in antioch and as low as 59 in half moon bay.
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around the monterey bay, temperatures 62 in monterey. santa cruz, hollister, mid to upper 50s. i think we'll see more sunshine in your neighborhoods. a few clouds hang around. temperatures in the mid to upper 40s once again. san francisco, oakland, concord and antioch, you drop into the low to mid-50s. yesterday's storm moving away, big tornado rain make mayer is gone but the trough of low pressure which is a strong area of energy that will interact to bring us the scattered showers. once it passes, we get a bit of a lull and turn our attention to this cold front, this larger storm that is going to move in this weekend. we'll start with this morning, watch the radar returns, they kind of diminish right after the lunch hour. evening commute ought to be dry. few hanging around and increase
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in clouds and just when you are heading out to evening plans, light rain will move into the north bay and spread slowly during the evening. overnight hours and into saturday morning. by saturday afternoon, the low actually right behind me starts to rotate back a little to the west. meaning a tapering in the rain at least saturday evening and into sunday morning. then the low comes back and scattered showers through the forecast sunday afternoon into monday. once it moves on, there is the warming trend and drier weather for tuesday and wednesday. >> let's start off at the bay bridge toll plaza, it's backed up almost to west grand but fastrak lanes are moving along very quickly. check out interstate 80 in berkeley, it's been a problem free ride, not that many accidents reported at all. westbound looking good as you make your way out of vallejo all
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the way down to the maze. 680 in walnut creek, traffic is slowing well southbound here. that looks great through the san ramon valley. in the north bay, we've had pretty good commute. this time southbound traffic is on the left-hand side as you make your way towards 580 and richmond-san rafael bridge. san mateo bridge, overall it's still an easy commute as you make payer way out of hayward and san mateo. the slow spot this morning is just the usual spots, web 4, lone tree way, 22 minutes and sluggish through the altamont pass westbound on 580. get traffic conditions whenever you want by going to our website at
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to an escape to alcatraz, don sanchez has it in today's what's hot. >> ethnic dance festival brings more than 750 northern california dancers and musicians to explore their heritage, at yerba buena center at zellerbach hall. >> the world premiere of classic tales of city, a.c.t. brings the characters to the stage. ♪ >> last week i gave you an exclusive look inside bob weir's studio. he joins phil lesh at shoreline. >> get inspired at the garden expo at marin county fair grounds. ♪ >> a rare intimate performance
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of tony lindsay, santana's front man in san rafael. >> charles lloyd heads the health brgs jazz festival, entertainment everywhere. ♪ >> the world es best athletes, escape from alcatraz triathalon. >> more than 2500 custom cars at 18th get together at alameda fairgrounds. santa clara opens up in a sea of voices, award winning group presents its series of concerts. ♪ >> and looking ahead, u-2 plays the coliseum in oakland. and giants season continued, bank of lights went out behind
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home plate. >> very appropriate. >> after the 16 minute delay, he returned to the mound and needed one more pitch. had he this won the game 7-5. >> coming up, new google e-mail attack that appears. and one very young talented child being crowned the nation's
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good morning, it's 6:23, live picture of the embarcadero in san francisco, you can see the gray skies and few light sprinkles. no major deal. but sunlight may be they are only getting in oakland right now because a burglar may be blamed for a blackout that affected customers overnight. the remaining outages affect
6:24 am
customers 45th street and 50th street and san leandro. no word on when those customers will get their lights turned back on. >> microsoft is showing off the next version of the windows operating system. touch screen interface is customizable and looks like the smart phones. search screen replaces the search button. they have not whether set the date it will be will be released. >> hackers in china broke into government officials and political activists. they tricked people into sharing their passwords in phishing scams. according to google victims have been notified and accounts have been secured. attacks are not to be tied to a more sophisticated attack originating in china over the last two years. >> a few of brightest kids will
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begin the scripps national spelling bee. it was whittled down to 41 contestants. they stumbled on a few zingers. >> competition had two local girls, kate anoufrieva and ten-year-old varsha senthil, a fifth grader at challenger school in san jose. neither girl received another points to move on to today's semifinals. it will air friday night on espn >> penguin -- volunteers named
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the new swan swimming in the lagoon. her parents are keeping protective watch oversee hour and the hatched eggs. assuming the eggs are fertile they should hatch in the next few days. still ahead, new information police have now released about a person of interest in the disappearance of a bay area student. >> also a defense attorney offers hints on the results of two polygraph it is given to the primary suspect arrested in the beating of bryan stow. >> and a little taste of tornado alley, a look at the twister that touched down during yesterday's storm. >> the number of murders here in san jose is going up, but the number of police on the streets is going down. i'm amy hollyfield live in san jose, i'll tell you what is
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happening coming up next. >> here is a look at airport delays, there aren't any right now. all the airports are running on time. severe weather is possible around minneapolis and charlottp after we me dqa diyoú floor look brand new, it's not uncommon for the term "hero" to be bandied about.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. in just a couple of seconds,
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opening bell will ringing wall street. [ bell ringing ] >> see, told you. despite early trading, one day after dow had the largest drop in nearly a year. today the labor department says although fewer people applied for unemployment benefits, total number seems to indicate weak job growth. we'll take you back to the new york stock exchange in 15 minutes for an update. >> speaking of jobs, san jose police department may lose hundreds more officers after contract talks broke down with the financially strapped city missing a deadline. the threat looms even though they have a spike in the murder rate. amy hollyfield has the latest. >> reporter: the number of murders is going up just as the number of police officers on the streets is going down significantly, without a contract. city leaders expect to see 278
6:31 am
police officers laid off, contract talks broke down yesterday which was the deadline to get in the city's budget. both sides were disappointed a deal could be reached. they couldn't agree on pension reform. the city is trying to close $115 million deficit so layoffs were going to happen at the police department no matter what. but the deal, they were looking at 122 layoffs now there will be 278. the city can still order both sides to try again before they make the layoffs official but as of right now there is no deal because terrible timing. here in san jose there has been 11 murders compared to last year there was 20 for the entire year. this morning we're learning more of a person of interest in
6:32 am
the disappearance of michelle le. she disappeared friday night where she was attending a nurse's mentoring person. it's a former friend of le. giselle esteban lives in this apartment complex. esteban and le attended high school in san diego and at one point had the same boyfriend. residents who did not want to be identified said police spent several hours searched esteban's car and even her trash. they questioned her for several hours but they still say they have mono hard evidence or suspects. >> they are knocking on every day until sunday morning when we noticed the activity in the garage. there had been fingerprinting. >> we know he is a former friend of michelle's. i know there has been some, they've been disgruntled with each other in the past. >> detectives hope surveillance
6:33 am
video from the kaiser's parking garage will show if le got into her car or somebody else drove it away. the suspect in the beating of san francisco giants fan bryan stow has now taken two lie detector tests to try to prove his innocence. he says he was nowhere neither dodger stadium on the night stow was attacked and nearly killed. ramirez and family members say he was baby-sitting his daughter at the time. he took a polygraph test. >> even when we find out results from lapd, our agreement, i'm sure it's going to disappoint everybody, but this is our agreement with lapd and the district attorney's offices are not going to announce them. >> despite the non-committal answers about the test, they are reporting that an expert that testified for the defense has
6:34 am
hint that he passed. district attorney's office has yet to file charges against ramirez. explosions could be heard in the area around ocean beach as the bomb squad detonated some recently discovered explosives. >> the blast was the detonation of world war ii era explosives. the owner of a rental property discovered them inside a home on christopher drive around 3:00 yesterday afternoon. bomb squad chose ocean beach as the safest area to detonate the old explosives. >> a new survey shows growing support of governor brown's for a special election to determine whether to extend current taxes to balance california's budget deficit. public policy statute poll finds 62% of likely voters favor a special election, that is up 6% from april's poll, but now it
6:35 am
appears the majority want to vote on the tax extension, only 46% say they support the taxes. 48% say they oppose them. >> residents of two dozen massachusetts communities are sifting through heavy damage this morning after a series of tornadoes. now there is word some of the damaged homes were looted. one of the twisters was captured on video as it first formed over the river and made landfall in the town of springfield. in total four people were killed and 33 were injured by the tornado swarm. massachusetts governor has declared a state of emergency and called up a thousand national guardsmen. the damage is extensive. live pictures from aerial pictures from springfield, massachusetts. as you can see, homes have been damaged, trees uprooted, cars flipped over. buildings and homes have been
6:36 am
leveled. at least 55,000 people are said to be without power. no where near the same level of damage but national weather service is sechkd out a team to determine a strength of a tornado that struck north of yuba city. >> there were clouds swirling and then clouds swirling on the other and hail started coming. i told my wife, let's get out of here. >> the twister touched down about five miles from union ga ba city at about 5:30 p.m. no reports of damage. it struck the same area where three twisters destroyed almond acres last week. there was a report over davis. >> it doesn't matter where you live, plains in the midwest you have tornadoes but midwest, east coast. >> and not as much rain do we
6:37 am
usually see in the bay area. >> and radar beam gets less and less. so a few light sprinkles in the north bay for your morning commute. temperatures dropped below yesterday's readings around the bay shore into the south bay and half moon by. a little bit warmer than yesterday. you won't feel much of a difference when you step outside. look at the best radar returns, they stay in the north bay at 9:00. temperatures in the upper 40s to low 50s. by noon, we'll watch this area shrink a little bit and still head through the north bay. rest of us, mostly cloudy and mid to upper 50s. by the afternoon hours, our threat of showers really diminishes as the energy needed moves off to the east. you can see a lot of clearing by 4:00. 59 in half moon bay to mid to upper 60s inland. temperatures today, about 5-15 degrees cooler than average. tomorrow most of the day is dry
6:38 am
until the latter parts of evening hours when the rain rolls in and hangs around through saturday. >> new crash with injuries possibly reported, that is going to slow things down through the sunol grade on southbound 680 at hespirian and we have chp and possibly an ambulance, as well. we'll keep you posted. where things are backed up, at the bay bridge toll plaza, metering lights are on backed up to 880 overcrossing. golden gate bridge is still looking very pretty. no problems out of marin county into san francisco. good ride all morning across the san mateo bridge and westbound traffic flows well out of hayward just past the toll plaza also check out the south bay and
6:39 am
here we have some sunshine, northbound 280 still delay free. highway 17 that turns goes from the santa cruz mountains, looks good. >> and we have a live report from the new york stock exchange. live look at the big board, dow is down about 9 points now. >> and setbacks for local homeowners that have pinning their hopes on warmer weather. >> and a computer user and a hidden software that ultimately led led to a laptop thief. >> i'm terry mcsweeney live in the newsroom. bay area couple who kidnapped jaycee dugard and held her as a sex slave will be sentenced in a courtroom today. but will dugard speak to her
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i-80. big sur in the upper 50s. 75 and sunshine in fresno. l.a. coming in at 74. warm spot, palm springs, 91. it's 6:43. the san francisco giants is the first team in professional sports to release "its get better," video for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender young people. >> we all know how difficult live can be as a teenager. >> pitchers barry zito, romo and others appear in the video. it comes after a petition drive by sean chapin. >> i'm very proud. to the entire community.
6:44 am
it's absolutely wonderful. >> the campaign was launched after the suicides of several gay teens last year. good news for procrastinating california voters. they have passed a bill to register and vote on the same day. right now the cutoff for registering is 15 days before the election. if you bit miss the boat, you don't vote. california ranks 41th in turnout at the polls. mitt romney is in new hampshire and set to formally announce his candidacy later this morning. he is seen as the republican nomination front-runner. she hoping that persistent questions from party conservatives surrounding past positions on health care and abortion are swamped by overwhelming anxiety about the economy. he came up short of his bid back
6:45 am
in 2008. she attacking president obama for not being able to improve the job situation for millions of americans. delta airlines is accused of trying to obstruct union organizing. >> jane king with live at the new york stock exchange. how is the dow doing this morning. >> good morning to you. we're a little lower. we tried to make a run at a higher start. delta airlines facing an investigation. they are looking into allegations that did he live interfered with employees to try to unionize. a little drama after a market drop yesterday. markets are not exactly recover. goldman sachs has been subpoenaed by manhattan's district attorney over a report
6:46 am
that singled out goldman they misrepresented facts about the mortgage crisis. but other things they are adding to the negative sentiment and bloomberg index is trading down slightly, as well. if you use a iphone, it makes you vulnerable to hackers to get data that you store on the cellphone. the mountain based company, apple said they are boosting security systems. >> and if you are having trouble sleeping. a think called lark. you put on a wristband. so you specify what time you want to get up. wristband wakes you up. it takes you how long you fell
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asleep and tells you how many times you woke up. >> more news for you. >> the late season rain is causing more problems for road crews. heavy rains in march caused a hill to slide on holland way. more than two months later the soil remains saturated. its major corridor that connects people to san jose. they hope to have one lane open by tomorrow. >> this coming weekend and coming weekend with all the rain it's delayed that project. >> the project is on hold for at least a week. >> let's talk about dry times and when are we going see some of that dry times. >> next week.
6:48 am
it really looks like next week. we'll see warmer weather. as far as what is going on outside, multilayer, cloud deck over the top of us as the unstable air mass is hanging around our neighborhoods. it's going to be there for the better part of today. in that respect, we will warm a little bit compared to yesterday but not where we should be. some of the showers showing up are starting to dissipate. looks like sprinkles through the north bay, live doppler 7-hd over the next couple of hours. then it should be over. we'll see some clearing and drying later this afternoon. as far as our temperatures, here we go with upper 40s to mid-50s. some exceptions we do have 43 in los gatos. check out how cool in gilroy. mid to upper 40s around the monterey bay. isolated shower and best chance
6:49 am
seeing in the north bay and maybe this morning. big story remains the rain tomorrow evening and the record rain saturday. showers are possible sunday and monday. then it's over for now. upper 50s to low 60s around half moon bay, san francisco and richmond. mid to upper 50s to even a 70 out in antioch. 52 in monterey. inland, salinas and hollister, may touch 70 in gilroy. few clouds hanging around tonight. should be mainly dry. temperatures in the mid to upper 40s, san francisco, concord and antioch, low 50s for you. yesterday's tornado maker gone, hail maker also. in between during the overnight hours, this chunk of rain will be rolling in bringing us the showers. it hits the cool and unstable air, it will produce it for the next couple of hours. then i think it's over. then we turn our attention to the cold front, it's a much
6:50 am
bigger storm. here we are at 7:00 this morning watch the radar returns shrink as we head through the noon hour and then completely gone by afternoon and evening hours. few clouds hanging around. clouds will be on the increase tomorrow and by the evening rush hour, you see the rain spreading across the rest of hour neighborhoods during the evening and overnight hours. waking up to rain on saturday morning and then tapering as the storm pulls back over the ocean as we head into saturday night. then we'll have showers sunday and monday after the coolest weather on saturday. tuesday and wednesday, we'll have temperatures back to normal. i just found this, this is the picture of the frontal cloud yesterday in davis. there is some proof right there. good morning. traffic is slowing down, southbound 680 because of an accident at sheridan that may be blocking two left lanes.
6:51 am
they are trying to get crews to clear that crash. that is yellow and moving under 40 miles an hour as you make your way towards fremont. also, capital corridor, train number 521 is delayed between richmond and berkeley due to train traffic. other mass transit systems, reporting no dlians, but "h" train 5 is reporting one minute delay. bay bridge toll plaza backed up to the 880 overcrossing. berkeley, on 8 it's much more crowded. traffic is slowing as you make your way through richmond and into berkeley on westbound 80. in the north bay, no problems at all heading southbound on 101 through sarn and no major problems for the peninsula or the south bay, but, of course, if any changes will be posted on our website.
6:52 am
listen to this one. thinking outside the box, they found on way to track down a stolen laptop. a hidden piece of software documented the they've's every move that bought the laptop from the thief. police ended up with a pile of evidence. he. when joshua kaufman tweeted a picture of a laptop back, it was the end of a game that had gone on for three months. >> the security software running in the background is undetectible and he doesn't know its there. >> that is right. photographs like this one, the man police arrested sleeping in front of the computer and this photo of the same man using the computer without his shirt on. >> the pictures were taken by a security program called hidden, that tracks stolen laptops and
6:53 am
sends back photos from the built in camera along with shots on the screen and the computer's location. the man that invented he came up with the idea when his own computer disappeared. >> mine was stolen years ago in london. police said there was nothing they could do to recover it. >> to have all this information, including photographs and triangulated where he believed the computer was. >> it didn't track down the man who admitted he bought the laptop knowing it was stolen. >> we conducted an undercover operation and within two hours we were able to arrest the suspect. >> police say all he a limo driver and lured them to meet him in his town car. he left in a squad car. recapping our top story, antioch couple charged with
6:54 am
kidnapping jaycee dugard. >> terry mcsweeney is live in the newsroom. >> we're sxpg them to be sentenced today but will the woman that they held for a sex slave be there, too? take a look at dugard as an adult. they kidnapped her 20 years ago this month. they imprisoned her and raped her. he is will be getting more than 400 years. she will get 36 years. it will be a riveting moment if dugard chooses to address the court and tell all back from dugard. the dark details are reportedly klugs included in that book. let's go down to san jose and amy hollyfield. >> reporter: good morning. here in san jose they are facing big layoffs because contract talks at city hall broke down last night. they are now looking at 278
6:55 am
layoffs at the police department and this is terrible timing. murders or the rise. they have had 22 this year in san jose compared to 20 in all of last year. city has a budget deficit to address. city is hoping a recent reaching a deal with the officers. but the deal would have meant layoffs, 122 layoffs but now they are looking at 278 layoffs. both sides expressed disappointment they couldn't reach a deal. yesterday was the deadline to make it into the city's budget. they'll have to have it in place by the end of the month. there is still a little bit of hope that city officials could order everyone back to the table to try again but right now, no deals, 278 layoffs coming to the police department. amy hollyfield, "abc 7 news." checking other top stories this morning. >> national weather service is sending out a team to determine a strength of a tornado that
6:56 am
struck last night north of yuba city. twister touched down five miles from the city at about 5:30 p.m. no reports of damage. >> final check of weather and traffic. >> live doppler 7-hd. you can see the radar returns shrinking. that will be the case today as we they had through the afternoon hours. a scattered sprinkle at best. temperatures are in the 40s and 50s. this afternoon we'll be a few degrees warmer than yesterday. we're still 5-15 degrees cooler than average. 59 at half moon bay, to about 70 in antioch. most of us in the mid to upper 50s. accu-weather seven-day forecast. check out tomorrow. dry most of day but during the evening hours, rain rolls in and does not stop and daily record rainfall totals, friday and saturday. showers, sunday and monday and drier and warmer tuesday and wednesday. >> if you are heading out the
6:57 am
door, especially in the south bay, two new accidents, one is northbound 101 broaching 880 blocking the middle lane. this one also just reported, northbound 8 a 5 north of winchester -- 85. chp is en route to both of these accidents. it's backed up to the 880 overcrossing and also this crash on southbound 680 at sunol grade is still blocking a lane or two. they just opened all lanes. >> it's like magic. she was waving her hands and it's open. >> we'll be back with a local update at 7:24. have a great day. bye-bye.
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