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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  June 3, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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get an extra 20% off apparel, shoes & accessories with your jcpenney rewards credit card! save on all regular, sale and clearance items! no exclusions! go to to see everything on sale. we make style affordable. you make it yours. jcpenney. good morning. i'm amy hollyfield. live in san francisco general hospital where a firefighter is in critical condition. his colleagues are here with him, as they remember a firefighter who was killed. i'll have that story coming up. >> i'm terry mcsweeney live up here on diamond heights. this is where the fire took place. investigators still don't know what started the fire
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but they feel confident about the scenario that took that firefighter's life and injuried his fellow firefighter. that is coming up in a live report. >> bay area man known for his work with thousands of children is arrested on child pornography charges. we're looking at cloudy conditions this morning. even sun breaking through. but the record rain are on the way. if you have plans, find an alternate. it will be wet. traffic could slow down on north 101 approaching s.f.o. where an ambulance is sent to the new accident. elsewhere, friday light traffic. you can see interstate 80 through berkeley. >> friday at 6:01. thank you for joining us. i'm kristen sze. >> i'm eric thomas. firefighters are holding a vigil near hospital bed of a san francisco firefighter mourning the loss of another. meantime, fire investigators are trying to figure out what could have gone so terribly wrong.
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>> we have live team coverage beginning with amy hollyfield live at the san francisco general hospital where the injured firefighter is. his friends and colleagues are around. >> reporter: they have been here all night. the firefighter burned over 12% of his body. he is on a ventilator and they worry if he will ever breathe again on his own. >> there is nothing new to say. so we're just waiting. because i just, we are in shifts and i came on duty. so they are giving us updates that he is doing okay as far as i know. so, we're just kind of waiting. >> he says it's very quiet inside that waiting room. they're here pulling for 53-year-old anthony valerio, who is in critical condition suffering from severe burns. he was found on the ground inside the burning house next to 48-year-old lieutenant vincent perez. who was pronounced dead at the hospital. san francisco's fire chief says the department has a heavy heart right now. san francisco's mayor ed lee says this is a reminder of
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the dangers firefighters face every day. firefighters tell us perez was a great firefighter and warm-hearted person. >> they had a good sense of humor. just, i mean, as a firefighter, he was always kind of the first guy in the fire and the last guy out. he was a real firefighter's firefighter. >> his whole life, his whole adult firefighter protecting the community. >> another firefighter was hurt and she was able to walk out of fire and treated and released. the last firefighter to die on the job was in 2003 when a firefighter fell off of a truck. the last firefighter to die in a fire was in 1995. that was in san francisco's diamond heights neighborhood, the same neighborhood where yesterday's fire happened. and terry mcsweeney will give us an update and explain more about the fire and what happened.
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>> up here on berkeley way, amy, they have a crime scene. the crime scene tape is up. san francisco p.d. making sure that nobody wonders in the scene. and as we zoom in, up here, i couldn't help but notice a fire hose lying on the sidewalk as in a tribute to the fallen firefighter. his injured fellow firefighter. up here, fire truck is still directly in front of the house. that burns. take a look at pictures we have, what the firefighters were up against yesterday morning at 11:00 a.m. pictures of the four-story home burning. what happened inside the house, they don't know what started the fire but they know what took the life of the firefighter. they say it was a flashover. they can occur in the first few minutes of a fire. it happens when smoke rises to the ceiling. you can see a dark layer of combustible gases form and ignites. extremely hot. thousands of degrees. it can kill firefighters even with the best protective gear on. menlo park fire chief trains
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firefighters in a simulator that was purchased by menlo park after two firefighters in contra costa county died in 2007 in a flashover. >> i want them to be exposed to the heat and see the smoke conditions and be as real as possible. >> what you want to do when you are fighting a fire, we are told, is you want to get the ventilation going. that is why you see firefighters on roof, chopping hole and get ventlation going to avoid a flashover. that did not happen yesterday. good news here, such as it is, the residents of the house did get out uninjured. but we have a dead firefighter and another in critical condition. live in san francisco, terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. >> thank you so much. the flag above lieutenant perez's home firehouse station 26 flies at half staff in his honor right now. in addition, mayor ed lee ordered flags on all city
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buildings to fly at half staff. following yesterday's tragedy. perez's name will eventually appear alongside those of other fallen firefighters on this memorial wall inside fire department headquarters on second street. the director of a local non-profit that works with children is free on bail after being arrested on child pornography charges. 46-year-old anthony norris of san francisco turned himself in to the f.b.i. yesterday. authorities say they found more than 7,000 pornographic images of children on his home computer during a search in april. norris is the founder and director of kids serve, an organization that offers art instruction to children. he faces maximum sentence of ten years in prison if convicted. developing news. abc news learned criminal charges will be filed today against former presidential candidate john edwards. for the past two years federal officials have been investigating whether hundreds of thousands of campaign cash were illegally
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used to hide extramarital affair between edwards and campaign employee that ultimately led to a child that edwards initially claimed was fathered by one of his top campaign advisors. abc news says the decision to file charges came after overnight negotiations with edwards' attorney broke down. edwards' attorney is now headed for north carolina. pg&e has issued published apology for the san bruno pipeline explosion last fall. full-page ad appeared in several bay area newspapers that reads, "there are no excuses when it comes to safety." the published apology comes as pg&e admitted it cannot meet a june 20 deadline for documenting the welds in its underground gas pipelines. the company says the records are located in local offices around the state. the utility may not find them until the end of next year. we have sun and a few clouds. we can expect the clouds to
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build. >> it will rain later on. >> look how impressive the system is as it slides down the coast. we will get moisture in there and that is something to keep an eye on. this is a trough that brought us cool weather. north bay valley, east bay shore and east bay valley. cooler than 24 hours ago. los gatos is one to two degrees warmer. at 8:00, we're cloudy and we will see the clouds increase. sunshine moving through. everybody dry. we have low 40s to napa and fairfield. mid-to-upper 40s for most of us. steadiest rain there. sprinkles moving in the bay. upper 50s to low 60s. by 4:00, everybody is seeing a steady rain except for the east bay valley. and south bay. you are in the mid-60s. everybody else is upper 50s
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to low 60s. the accuweather seven-day forecast, record rain today, tomorrow showers sunday and monday. frances? >> all right. better news now on the peninsula. earlier injury crash northbound 101 just past sfo has been cleared. a live shot of traffic moving northbound on 101. past millbrae. so you can see it's flowing well. the accident really didn't cause much slowing. this was an earlier charge south 101 on the paul avenue off-ramp. the san francisco area. that is being cleared as well. we will check out the south bay and show you the 280 and 17 interchange. even though we had quite a few accidents for friday morning, traffic is light. no problems here on northbound 280 under 17. eric, kristen? >> thank you very much. 6:09. >> just ahead, the death of the man most of the world knows as doctor death. >> here we go again. computer hackers hit sony for the third time in two months. >> the budget battle that
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good morning. 6:13 on friday. let's take a live look outside. at the bay bridge. traffic moving along fine there. what do you notice there? we have sun right now and no rain. however, we do have clouds and later today, we will be seeing some rain. with more to come this weekend. and mike will tell us more about that. >> the man some people respectfully refer to as "dr. death" or "suicide
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doctor" died. dr. jack kevorkian rose to fame after becoming assisted suicide advocate. he claimed to have helped at least 130 people take their own lives. he was released from michigan prison in 2007 after serving eight years for second degree murder in connection with an assisted suicide. he said he was helping people who were very, very sick or had a terminal illness. jack kevorkian dead at the age of 84. hackers hit the sony network system again. for the second time since april, hackers broke in a sony data base. this time the one for accessing unencrypted passwords for a million customers. in april, hackers got in the playstation network accessing 77 million accounts. group of oakland residents is asking everyone to join them for a very unusual funeral tonight. it's being held to protest the possible closure of 14 branchs of the oakland library. organizers say demonstrators will gather at 7:00 at 20
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and broadway, wearing black and carrying library books. oakland mayor jean kwon proposing cutting 14 of the 18 branch libraries to help balance the budget. if approved the group says as many as 92 jobs will be cut as well. >> curling up with a book, spending time in the library might not be a bad idea for this weekend. >> bring firewood in and keep warm. >> curl up with your kindle or whatever you've got. >> exactly. something to keep you warm. good idea. find alternate plans if you are supposed to be outside this weekend. it doesn't happen very often. 1967, researching is the last time we had a storm like this come through during this time of the year. it has been a long, long time. see the clouds there developing over san francisco. northbound from san francisco. look at the temperatures. mid-to-upper 40s inland. more of the mid-to-upper 40s in the peninsula and los
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gatos and half moon bay. san francisco to east bay shore and san jose in low to mid-50s. monterey bay and inland, we have the mid-to-upper 40s. gilroy, though, even cooler at 42 degrees. so the highlights, the cloudy conditions this morning. but the rain this afternoon. the record rain that falls and again tomorrow. showers for sunday and monday. finally dry. and warmer tuesday, wednesday, thursday. for today, mid-to-upper 60s in most neighborhood. antioch one of the first area the see the rain. richmond and san rafael. we have the mid-60s around monterey bay. upper 60s to 70 inland. in the daylight hours you will be mostly cloudy. all of us will see rain tonight. mid-to-upper 40s in north bay. low to mid-50s for the rest of us. look at this very impressive system. diving toward the bay area. all the bright white clouds out of it. wider the clouds, deeper the moisture. because the storm is developing, we will have to tweak the forecast but it
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look like a record rain-maker. when will it finally stop? that's the key. by noon, see light rain in the north bay. sprinkles along the coast. by 5:00 to 7:00, evening commute. all of us receiving light rain. sprinkles in the east bay and south bay. in valleys there. then overnight, look at the wall of water move in. it hangs around for hours. it tries to make a jog inland saturday atch and overnight hours but it will return back to the coast sunday morning. in the afternoon hours in form of scattered showers. the south bay will have the least amount. temperatures in 50s and 60s monday. you see the 70s return away from the coast. wednesday and thursday. frances? >> even though we had earlier problems, this is looking good on the roadways and mass transit system reporting no delays.
6:18 am
you may want to consider caltrain or bart, heading to the giants game tonight. it could get crowded. check out a live shot next on 80 in berkeley. the drive time though it's crowded at university, only 19 minutes from the carquinez bridge to the maze. and at the bay bridge toll plaza, friday light traffic. no delays right now. it's been a good ride across the golden gate bridge. the roadwork was cleared. head to peninsula where we had earlier problems reported. right now, you won't find delays northbound op 101 from millbrae up to san francisco. southbound is great to mountain view. we have a live shot as well in san jose showing delay-free ride on northbound 280 from the downtown area. 17 fine out of the santa cruz mountains. you can always get traffic conditions for your route to work whenever you want going
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to the website >> thank you very much. it's just about 6:19. >> giants first baseman aubrey huff gave his wife quite a birthday gift last night. huff hit three home runs in the team's 12-7 victory over the st. louis cardinals. the first time in his career that he accomplished the feat. huff says his wife asked for a home run for her as a gift, so he called the extra two brownie points. the win puts them in first place, half game ahead of arizona. >> all right. do it again. >> 6:19. coming up, two tech announcements that have given wall street a growing fevering this morning. >> can anyone give a grammy award winner a lift? the rock 'n' roll star who had these sweehoney clustery things have fiber?
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welcome back. 6:23. it appears two more bay area start-ups are planning the go public. megacoupon site groupon filed papers for initial public offering and pandora set the opening share price. pandora, the internet radio companies hope to raise $125 million in the ipo and expects to sell stock in $7 to $9 range. groupon took the first step yesterday toward selling stock on wall street filing papers with the securities and exchange commission. groupon grew 22,000% last year. it's matched that growth rate in the first quarter of this year. customers of apple itunes store could be moving
6:24 am
to the cloud. "l.a. times" report apple could have contract with four major record labels in play today to allow them to push itune users to the new i-cloud service. users will be able to push the songs to apple servers and retrieve them using any compatible device. times says the service will be free at first and later apple could charge up to $25 a year. a star hockey player and his girlfriend picked up a most unlikely hitchhiker this week. bono. the ed monthton oiler and his girlfriend spotted bono hitch hiking after they got stuck in a rain walking in west vancouver british columbia road. >> i said, no, we are not picking up a hitchhiker. >> we kept driving. i'm like turn around. she finally turned around. i yelled at the window and he waved and said it was him. >> the u-2 legend appreciated the lift and
6:25 am
invited the cup to be back staim with the band wednesday night concert. the couple especially sold their ticket to game one of the nhl stanley cup finals to be there. bono told the crowd the story in the concert and the irish rocker named each of the band member after a player on the oilers for the night. bono called himself brulee. u2 will be at the oakland coliseum tuesday june 7. >> which friend would believe you if you told them that? i picked up bono hitch hiking. >> right. >> no deals. new word indictment against former presidential candidate will come down today. >> word of warning. the viruses that may have compromised personal data for 100,000 bay area utility customers. >> unravelling 18-year nightmare. newly released grand jury transcript to uncover mystery about kidnapping and two-decade imprisonment of
6:26 am
jaycee dugard. >> i'm terry mcsweeney in san francisco at the scene of a tragedy. house fire that took the life of a san francisco firefighter left another in critical condition. we will have the latest on the cause and what killed the firefighter. coming up in a live report. >> flight departure delays reported out of houston and laguardia. everybody else flying on time.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld.
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6:29. wall street is starting trading with the ripping of the opening bell on friday. sad news -- bad news for wall street this morning. labor department announced in the last half hour that employers added just 54,000 jobs last month, the lowest number of new jobs in eight months. the national unemployment rate went up a little to 9.1%. we will get more on the may unemployment report live in 15 minutes. >> we begin the news with san francisco firefighters mourning the loss of one of their own and keeping vigil for a second firefighter who is still battling to survive. >> a solemn procession as the body of firefighter vincent perez was wheeled out of san francisco general hospital last night. >> he lost his life battling a ferocious fire in the city's diamond heights neighborhood. fellow firefighter, 53-year-old anthony valerio continues to fight for his life. after being horribly burned while battling the same blaze.
6:31 am
>> as the vigil continues outside s.f. general for him, the firefighters are expected to learn more. terry mcsweeney has more. >> i'm up on berkeley way. this is a crime scene. police tape out here. you can see a couple of san francisco police officers talking to a firefighter. the truck parked in front of the house where the fire burned yesterday. they know what happened inside. a flashover. look at the pictures of the fire on berkeley way. up here in the diamond heights area. four-story home on a hillside makes it tougher for the firefighters to handle. then came the flashover. you have pictures to simulate one. the smoke in the room rises to the ceiling creating a thick dark layer. it's a combustible cloud that could ignite the room in a sudden explosion. thus the name "flashover." we talked to a fire and
6:32 am
combustion expert. >> it gets hot quickly. you are talk about thousands of degrees fahrenheit. firefighters, persons with protective equipment can help save them but only briefly. >> the next time you see pictures like this, firefighters chopping holes in roofs. you will understand what they're trying to do. get ventilation going. trying to avoid a flashover. firefighters as you see there cutting holes in the roof. another thing is flashovers can occur in five minutes of a fire. when they get a scene, the fire has been burning for a while and it can happen here anytime. back here live looking at the firefighters against the truck. the investigation will continue in the cause of the fire. residents of the house did get out safely. >> 6:32 now. oakland police say they have a man in custody following
6:33 am
an overnight search for a custody that may have take an shot at an office. the officer fired back in response and police say the man ran down bancroft avenue and in to nearby yards. authorities closed the area off. told neighbors to stay inside. they found the 19-year-old suspect and took him in to custody. family and friends of missing nursing students michele le will gather in hayward tonight a week after she vanished. le disappeared last friday when she left a mentoring program at kaiser hospital in hayward. she went to get something from the car in the garage and never returned. le's white honda was found on a street not far away. vic lee spoke to her brother and their cousin krystine dinh who are somber and hopeful. >> maybe she is somewhere healthy. that's what we wish for. >> like every other family we just want to spend another holiday with her. >> police questioned a
6:34 am
person of interest in the case. they searched apartment of estebanest in union city last -- giselle esteban in union city last weekend. investigators seized her cell phone and computer and briefly took her in custody before releasing her. disturbing detail of kidnapping victim jaycee dugard's ordeal are revealed after judge unsealed transcript of her grand jury testimony. the documents were released after phillip garrido was given 431-year sentence and his wife nancy was sentenced for 35 years to life in prison. dugard's testimony from last september describes how phillip garrido stunned her with a taser after abducting her from south lake tahoe in 1991 when she was 11. dugard remembers garrido laughing and telling his wife he couldn't believe they got away with it. what followed was years of weekly rains that only ended after dugard became pregnant with garrido's second child. those who attended yesterday's sentencing say the story is unimaginable. >> being a mother, i couldn't hold back my emotion on that.
6:35 am
it was appalling what she went through. >> testimony revealed that garridos often videotaped children at nearby parks. dugard said she didn't try to run fearing that the garridos would kidnap another child. you can read the entire testimony on look under see it on tv. >> within the last three hours, abc news learn ed that criminal charges will be levied today against john edwards. they claim campaign cash was used to hide extramarital affair between edwards and campaign employee that ultimately led to a child that edwards initially claimed was fathered by a top campaign advisor. abc news says the decision to file charges today came after overnight negotiations with edwards' attorney broke down. personal information on 200,000 water customers in
6:36 am
san francisco may have been hacked. technicians at san francisco's public utilities commission say a hacker apparently loaded numerous viruses on to a p.u.c. server through unsecure port that gave outsiders access to a file to names, addresses and phone numbers but no financial information. p.u.c. says there is no evidence that any information was stolen but the agency has been notifying customers by mail, that information was at risk in case. >> watering your lawn? something you don't need to do in the bay area this weekend. >> free donation of water for your lawn starting at noon today. >> noon in the north bay. spreading across the bay. during the afternoon and in the evening hours. good morning. here is a look at the next system. strong system, system we haven't seen since 1967. same system to bring us record rain today and tomorrow. here is how it shapes up. increasing clouds by 8:00.
6:37 am
most of us in the 40s to near 50. by noon, watch the radar returns move in the north bay. light rain there. sprinkles around the bay. and peninsula coast. temperatures in the upper 50s to low 60s. by 4:00, most of the bay under light rain. there will be sprinkles in the east bay and south bay valleys. wait until 7:00 or 8:00 to get to steadier rain. mid-to-upper 50s in san rafael. low to mid-60s for the rest of us. the accuweather seven-day forecast -- have a plan "b" if you plan to be outside because we have rain tomorrow. drier monday, tuesday, wednesday. see how traffic is going now. >> it's better now. we have had accidents this morning. right now, nothing out there to slow you down. it's friday light at the bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights are on, no backup at the toll. check out the bridge are
6:38 am
ride on 880 getting there is looking great. across the span no, problems westbound. 101 is fine on peninsula making your way through san mateo. 101, in north bay. checks in. looking good. here is a southbound traffic on left. that is the lucas valley exit. drive time from novato, 37, down to 580 is only 9 minutes. we'll head to the south bay and show you a live shot. this is 101. headlights moving northbound. that is 880 across your screen. so no major problems at all around the bay area. we'll show you interstate 80 in berkeley where it's just a little crowded westbound near university. as the rain moves in and you turn your windshield wipers on later today, don't forget to turn on headlights as well. >> frances, what is the average speed on 880 that you just showed us? >> it was 79 miles an hour. >> it was 81 before that. thanks a lot. coming up -- why it's now likely it will soon cost more the park in
6:39 am
the bay area biggest city. >> trading is underway on wall street. we have a live report from the new york stock exchange ahead. you see the dow reacting to the unemployment news this morning. it's off already. 125 points. >> h-o-u-s. >> the young men and women who memorized the dictionary. we'll introduce you to the amazing child who has now spelled her way to up with of the nation's most prestigious honors. >> the new threat that could be the incentive state legislators need to break a budget stalemate.
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quiet across the state. you can see the rain gathering up around eureka a crescent city. it will move inland getting wet weather to eureka an chico and sacramento on the evening hours. south, sunshine and 77 in fresno. 94 in palm springs. if you are heading to tahoe this weekend, we have valley rain and mountain snow. temperatures at the lake level in low to mid-40s. eric? >> mike, thank you. 6:43. state controller john chung now says legislators will lose their salary and per diem on june 16 unless they approve a balanced budget before then. he plans to implement a
6:44 am
volter approved initiative to dock them until they pass bill to government. they will get no retroactive pay. building on the success of linked in more internet start-ups ready to go public. >> but not today. bloomberg reporter jane king joins us from the new york stock exchange. this is not the day for your i.p.o. >> no. definitely. that is not a good day to have it. we're seeing a selloff on wall street. to get a disappointing report about jobs. the unemployment rate rising to 9.1%. job growth way weaker than expected. looks like the job market seems to be losing some momentum. traders telling me that is the japanese earthquake, high gas prices have something to do with this. if we see more months of this, they will get seriously worried about the city. here is how we react with
6:45 am
the market. a slower day. nasdaq, s&p, down 1% at the moment. the bloomberg silicon valley index. losses aren't as steep but they are lower there as well. the internet stock move continues for linked in. now groupon filing to raise $750 million in the initial public offering. coupon site has been drawing interest from wall street after shunning a takeover bid from google last year. oakland based pandora also looking to go public. the music site looking to raise $123 million for its ipo. how does $145,000 for bottle of champagne sound? it bet ber a big celebration. that's how much the oldest champagne may go for after discovered in a ship wreck at bottom of the ocean. two bottles found and believed to be 170 years old. they will be sold on an auction on finnish island where discovered. they say they are well preserved and they raised horizontally in the dark, under pressure in cold temperatures.
6:46 am
they also discovered west felez as the oldest beer. jane king. >> would you drink 17 0-year-old shame pain from bottom of the ocean? >> i'd smell it first. then make a decision. >> all right. thanks, jane. we just want to know what the dive site is. maybe there is more down there. >> i don't know. 170 years old might be too fine for my taste buds. >> trust that more than the beer that old. speaking of old, last time we had this time of rain -- >> whew! he was looking at us. >> i know. "speaking of old --" >> oh. >> no, my wife got mad at me for this one. >> talking about something that happened since 1967. >> so long ago. i'm going to get in big trouble. >> you are in big trouble already. >> i know. it's friday. i'm already in trouble. so long ago, way back when in 1967, we had a storm like we are going to experience this weekend. i love you, honey.
6:47 am
all right. 6:47. we are looking at the clouds gathering eastbound -- or westbound from emeryville this morning. temperatures, they are all over the scale from mid-to-upper 40s inland. along the peninsula, the coast, los gatos. low to mid-50s. san francisco and east bay shore. mid-to-upper 40s around monterey bay. 42 in gilroy. cloudy morning and rainy afternoon. record rain this evening and tomorrow. showers sunday and monday. dry. finally and warmer tuesday, wednesday, thursday. low 60s along the coast in san francisco, richmond, san rafael. possibly 70 in antioch. monterey bay, i don't think you will see rain this afternoon. low 70s inland. the rain is falling, heavier tonight. low to mid-40s until you get to north bay. mid-to-upper 40s. watch the system dive from gulf of alaska. jetstream carrying it.
6:48 am
on the back side of the jetstream, it will spin up and increase in intensity and grab moisture. you can see how bright white they were? it's a record-setting rain. through noon hour, we will see clouds increase. light rain possible at noon in north bay. sprinkles around i would say peninsula and the coast. by 7:00, everybody receiving the light rain. sprinkles in the east bay and south bay. you will get the rain tonight. through tomorrow. heavy rain at time. heavier tomorrow. shower by sunday afternoon. we will get a little break before more showers monday. check out the rain totals. anywhere you see green, inch. so south bay, up to three-quarters of an inch. that is still very impressive. accuweather seven-day forecast -- chilly this weekend with 50s and 60s. the 70s return everywhere but the coast on wednesday. have a great weekend. be safe outside. frances? >> be safe out there. so far doing a good job now. not too many problems. a live shot of the bay
6:49 am
bridge toll plaza. where with the metering lights on, we're still seeing minor backup for the fasttrack lanes. also, we will check out the ride in contra costa county. you have usual slowing on westbound 4 in antioch. look at how well traffic is flowing here. as you make your way southbound toward 24. and no problems from the benicia bridge through the san ramon valley. we will head back to peninsula where we had a few earlier accidents this morning. but never caused any slowing. so, right now, it's 20-minute drive from highway 92 in san mateo. up toward san francisco. no delays southbound. 280 looking good. ace train number one getting in to south bay, 11 minutes late. ace train number three is running a couple minute late. other mass transit systems reporting no delays. that would be a great way to head to the giants game tonight. you can always get the latest traffic whenever you want going to the website
6:50 am you will find it under the bay area traffic link. kristen? >> frances, thanks a lot. probably going to cost more to park in downtown san jose starting in july. the city council is expected to approve a rate increase for the city's five public garages on june 14. city transportation officials are recommending a 33% rate hike to help pay off redevelopment agency debt. our media partner, the "san jose mercury news" reports the city may extend the parking validation program beyond the two hours of free parking that they currently get to soften the rate hike. after a very late night, this morning america has a new scripps spelling bee champion. >> cymotrichous. c-y-m-o-t-r-i-c-h-o-u-s. [ applause ]
6:51 am
>> 14-year-old sukanya roy from pennsylvania spelled cymotrichous correctly. she will take home more than 40 grand in cash and prizes and the precitious title of scripps national spelling bee winner. roy's championship comes after she tied for 20th last year and 12th place two years ago. by the way, the word cymotrichous is an adjective that means having wavy hair. >> british intelligence reportedly pulled off a sweet hacking job. british newspaper "telegraph" reports that hackers got in al-qaeda online magazine and replaced kitchen bomb making with cupcake baking instructions. british intelligence removed articles by osama bin laden and ayad allawi. the recipes were from ellen degeneres show that included mojito cupcake with white rum cake and vanilla butter cream and rocky road cupcake with the warning sugar rush ahead. have you ever wondered how many words you type on your cell phone?
6:52 am
researchers with the computer group which say those who send out ten texts a day will type equivalent of "war and peace" every five-and-a-half years. how many people send that many texts per day? of 8,000 users surveyed 18% said they sent at least 18 texts per day. the regulator found no sipe of texting slowing down with the number of text messages sent by mobile users growing by one-third to 104 billion in 2009. recapping the top stories of the morning. friends and family are holding a vigil this morning for a critically injuried san francisco firefighter while mourning the loss of another. >> amy hollyfield is live at san francisco general hospital with the latest. >> reporter: firefighters were here at the hospital all night long pulling for 53-year-old anthony valerio who is suffering from burns over 12% of his body. he is on a ventilator. it's quiet inside the hospital. he is in critical condition.
6:53 am
they're also mourning the loss of 48-year-old vincent perez. firefighters say he was a good-hearted man and a great firefighter. both men were found on the ground inside a burning home yesterday morning in san francisco's diamond heights neighborhood. perez was declared dead at the hospital. san francisco fire chief says the department has a heavy heart right now. san francisco's mayor ed lee says this is a reminder of the dangers that firefighters face every day. he has asked the city to fly all of the flags at half staff right now. abc7's terry mcsweeney is in san francisco's diamond heights neighborhood. he has more information on the fire. terry? >> reporter: the investigation going on. the street berkeley way blocked off for 100 yards. you can see the san francisco police talking to firefighters. leaning against the front of the fire truck in front of where the house burned
6:54 am
yesterday. take a look at the fire. at the four-story house burning at 11:00 yesterday morning. sky7 also with pictures of a firefighter treated with less severe injuries. firefighters inside that house reported a flashover. you get an idea of what it is in this training video. smoke building up, forming the cloud combustible gases at the ceiling. then it ignites sending temperatures in the thousands of degrees. that is what apparently killed the one firefighter critically injured. the other. residents were long gone by the time flashover happened and they are okay. up on berkeley way right now, the investigation continues in to what started the fire in the first place. live in san francisco, terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. >> thank you. checking out the top stories this morning. the disturbing details of kidnapped victim -- you are looking at john edwards. of course. let's go to that one. john edwards will be indicted today according to abc news.
6:55 am
for -- >> charges of illegal campaign money being used funneled illegally to cover up an affair. abc news is reporting that indictment should come today. >> our apologies for that. >> after a federal investigation. also -- >> jack kevorkian, the man many knew as "dr. death" died at the age of 84. kevorkian once boasted he assisted in at least 130 suicides. going to prison for eight years on charges of second-degree murder after helping one terminally ill person end their own life. kevorkian had been hospitalized since last month with pneumonia and kidney problems. 6:55. last check of weather and traffic. >> the clouds are gathering. 40s and 50s for the most part. rain moving in the north bay, rather light around noon. sprinkles around the peninsula coast at that time. by 5:00, about all of us dealing with light rain except for the east bay valleys and south bay. you will get yours around 7:00 or 8:00. temperatures for the most part in mid-to-upper 60s.
6:56 am
closer you get to the coast, cooler it will be. low 60s around half moon bay, san francisco, san rafael and richmond. record-setting rain possible this evening and tomorrow. as we can get nearly an inch around the bay area. three-quarters in south bay. up to three inches in the north bay mountains. scattered showers are possible sunday and monday. dry and warmer next week. frances? >> all right. well, enjoy the nice friday light commute. we are looking at the bay bridge toll plaza. from emeryville. different angle for you. only backed up toward the end of the parking lot. metering lights are on. mass transit, looking good. ace train number one getting in the south bay lane. ace train number three has had a couple minute delays. it's been delayed a couple of minutes all week. bart and caltrain, great way to go to the giants game tonight. muni as well. the cable cars aren't running, they have bus shuttles running. but you probably don't want to take a cable car with the
6:57 am
rain coming this weekend. in addition, if you are driving with your windshield wipers on, remember to turn on your headlights. i have been seeing folks forgetting to do it in the daytime. >> it's the law. >> it is. >> it's not just a good advice. it's the law. frances, thank you very much. thank goodness it's friday folks. thank you for joining us for the abc7 morning news. >> hey, the giants are putting out word they are going to try to play the game even with the rain, mike? >> voice mail out to their season ticket holders that they are trying to get a game in. raining in the 7:00 game and the rain will taper to drizzle because it's afternoon game tomorrow. if they were playing at 7:00 tomorrow they'd have a better chance to get it in. >> all right. thanks a lot. finger crossed, everybody. join us for midday news at 11:00. stay connected 24/7 at have a great weekend. bye-bye.
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