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tv   ABC 7 News  ABC  June 5, 2011 4:00pm-4:30pm PDT

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>> they didn't get very far. as they were driving away, police say two men in hoodies walked up and opened fire. both parents and their baby were shot. the baby, killed. police don't know the motive or if the family and the shooters know each other. but investigators do believe the suspects intended to shoot at the family's car. >> it's apparent that the vehicle that the family was traveling in was the target of the shooting. >> reporter: the family drove their car three miles until the came to a stop. the father in the front seat, the mother, this injured infant and her three-year-old son in the back. police say the mother was shot in her badside, using her body
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as a shield to protect her children. >> the bab was transported to the hospital. they did everything they could for the child but it was a nontreatable injury. >> reporter: police say the suspects ran off through the neighborhood after the shooting. investigators dusted cars for fingerprints. >> it was really loud. like a big -- pretty big size gun, i guess. >> reporter: neighbors heard as many as six shots. american just learn whoad -- learned who had been shot this morning. >> devastating. >> reporter: he saw the shooter run past his house. >> i heard shots and i looked it out the window, and the car was already passing by, but i thought i saw somebody actually like run towards down the street. and still with the gun and stuff. >> reporter: police are not sparing any resource. >> clearly any shooting is a
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tragd, but when at it a child, it strikes at the heart of the community. >> reporter: the police just released a sketch of one of the suspects. he is believed to be in his late teenies, early 20s. a very thin build, weigh 1-g -- weighing 130s pounds. latino. a sect sketch -- second sketch of a suspect is to be released and there's a $25,000 reward and a vigil on the street at 5:00. abc-7 news. >> alan: in oakland, police are investigating the shooting of three men near 12th street and webster. the victims were found in several locations in the area. one of the victims is in critical condition. the other two mens are in
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terrible condition. no arrests have been made. >> the family of missing nursing student michellelyley says the police department is not adequately working on the case and are asking the fbi to take over the case. they say the department does not have enough staff to work the case and the investigation has been flawed. officers did not search her apartment until four days after she disappeared and the evidence they collected is not being priority advertized. >> the attention we have gotten on this case do is to the press and the community. what is frustrating is the local forced aren't listening to the community or the family, and they haven't given us in updates. >> alan: hayward police say they have several leads which they have not made public so as to not jeopardize the investigation, and investigators have been working around the clock and they should have an
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update by tomorrow afternoon. investigators in san jose are asking for help in tracking down a man who attacked an elderly woman during a home invasion. it happened yesterday morning in the 400 block of porter lane in unincorporated san jose. a man posed as a pest exterminator and forced his way into the home. he severely assaulted the 73-year-old woman, took several pieces of jewelry from the home and left in a white cargo van. the victim was taken to the hospital, where she is expected to recover. if you have information, call the santa clara sheriff's department. >> 30 years ago today the centers for disease controlled reported the federal case of h.i.v. aids. the new disease spread fear across the nation and san francisco was considered the epicenter. since that time at it gone -- h.i.v. aids has gone from a fatal disease to treatable.
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there were more than 15,000 san franciscans living with hiv/aids hides -- by 2009. >> what is still happening is if i sit down, like i did recently, and tell somebody they're h.i.v. positive, they're still reacting in the same way they did 30 years ago. i'm going to die. i can't tell anybody. >> alan: today, a new breed of researchers focuses on treating patients earlier with spruce -- send press -- suppression drugs. trials continue but researchers say it could be a long time were a vaccine is developed. after a week of bad economic numbers, politician took to the air wave to discuss the same questions, how to fix the economy. it appears the possible solutions may be more political than economic.
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>> thank you, everybody. thank you. report just as the race for the white house began to heat up -- >> this is now his economy -- >> reporter: so did the bad neck muse. unemployment figures worse than expected. home prices are at a new low, and home sales are down. sunday, one prominent republican charged president obama wants to see gas prices rise. >> this administration's policy has clearly been to drive up the cost of energy so americans use last of it. >> reporter: but how do we fix the economy? the'm yap controlled house has been in power since january. >> they set the agenda. we have say, another day goes by and there isn't a jobs agent or a job bill. >> reporter: if the politicians can't agreeing to move forward -- >> they each believe their way out of this economic difficulty is the right way. >> reporter: it may be as a top white house economy gist suggested sunday, the economy will have to mend on its own.
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>> our effort now as a government should be to get the private sector to help them stand up and lead the recovery. the government is not the central driver of recovery. >> reporter: until that happens, millions of americans will remain out of work. abc news. >> alan: bean sprouts grown in germany are like the outbreak of e.coli that has killed 22 people in europe. they're warping people not to eat the sprouts which are often in mixed saladded. german health officials will warn against eating tomatoes, cucumbers, and lettuce. the health minister is defending the happening -- handling of the outbreak. >> 20 years of work to improve the environment doesn't team to be working. the latest figures about greenhouse gas emissions are a
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serious set back. >> it's not too late to find a new friend at the pet adopt-a-thon. local now shelters are making it easier than over to bring home a new friend. >> leigh: we saw some dry conditions across parts of the pay -- bay area today. live doppler 7hd picking up some thunderstorms to the east. and we take a look at the
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>> alan: large tree limb fell over on some trees this morning shutting down a cross-town route for an hour. you can see emergency crews here removing that limb. service on the 21 hayes line came to a stop as muni cleared the line. muni useed buses to transport passengers. >> green house gasses continue to rise. that's according to gnaw report be international energy agency. it says despite the expansion of renewable energy around the world energy related carbon emissions last year were 5% more than the previous record in
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2008. delegates from 1 # 0 countries will cuss at the -- discuss the problems during two weeks of talks in germany. it was raining cats and dogs this weekend. yes. more than 2,000 animals have been adopted over the last two days as part of the matchmaker adopt-a-thon. the event offers free adoptions to qualified home, and each successful adoption aways the participating animal shelter between 500 and $1,500. that's good news for the oakland animal shelter. >> last year we adopted 133 nails in two -- animals in two days. this year we got that number in one day, and our goal is to exceed that number and get a lot of donations for this coming year. >> alan: the fund has pledged $2 million the adoption program. the organization's goal is to empty east bay shelters.
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46 bay area animal shelters participated in the matchmaker adopt-a-thon. now you're chance to bid on lunch with warren buffet and help san francisco's glide foundation in the process. the bidding is now open for the annual buffet lunch auction. the average winning bid has exceeded $2 million. this year's auction opened today an ebay and runs through friday. bidders have to prequalify with an opening bid of 25,000-dollar. buffet will dine with the winning bidder and up to seven of their friends in new york city. all the agreed to -- proceeds go to glide which has been serving the needy since then 1960 sd. a mat determine day gold rush that focuses on one big nugget. and something old and something new at this year's escape from alcatraz triathlon. and a gray day in the bay area. we'll see how wet it will be on
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>> alan: the fight over the authenticity of a large goal nugget found in san francisco is said to be the largest surviving specimen from the gold country. that claim pushed the price to nearly half a million, dollars, but another prospector is claiming he unearthed it in 1987 and sold it for 50,000-dollar and has pictures. >> the person who bought the nugget has been defrauded. would not be two nuggets in the world that would even be close to similar. >> alan: the auctioneer who sold the nugget says he has serious doubts it was discovered in the
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gold country and is now assembling a team of experts to discover the true origin of the nugget. the man who claims the found the nugget in nevada county is sticking to his story and is also trying to sell the land where he claims the found that gold. >> takes a lot of nerve to jump into the san francisco bay, but today 2,000 people took par in the escape from alcatraz triathlon. the event consists of 1.5-mile swim in those frigid bay waters, an 18-mile bike ride, and an eight-mile foot race. try triathletes took part. the younger, 15 years old, the olders, 78 years old. the winner, andy pots of colorado. he has won four years in a row. the winning female racer is a first-time participant, nicky samuels of new zealand. >> let's go to the weather.
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leigh, turned out the way you said it would, cloudy. >> leigh: some folks still picking up showers, and in the last couple of hours, live doppler 7 hd, look at the moisture band feeding back over the bay area. i want to take you to the north bay between winters and davis. check out this cell here at 3:30 this afternoon. moved through the dixon area. spotters thought they saw a funnel cloud. of course, you can see since it moved through, it has started to decrease in its intensity, but still, quite strong for the bay area. and it is headed toward north woodland. the rain coming down. ben nearby sharks -- benecia, concord, walnut creek, and a strong line off the coast. most of these showers are rotating back towards the west
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where the low pressure system is sitting. scatter showers in the forecast. maybe few brief showers tomorrow morning, then we should see and clearing, bringing us dry and warmer conditions through the rest of the week. there's the low right there as it spins counterclockwise, and it's moving the south, and overnight it's going to push inland. we have moisture to feed in here overnight. the low itself is centered off the coast, and you can see the trajectory of how those moisture bands will feed across the bay area. so as the low actually moves to the south of us, the moisture will start to push towards the south and still continue with some showers overnight. in fact, here's a look at our forecast projection overnight tonight. the rotating bands, just moving back towards the west. by 11:00 tonight we should start to see a pretty fair amount of rainfall move through the east
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bay locations. tomorrow morning, the low is pressuring to the south so the moisture is pushing south as well. so in the morning, few showers, and then the low should push out of the area and we'll start to see clearing in time for tomorrow afternoon's commute. here's a look at the lows for the evening. look for 40's in the north bay, 50s elsewhere. hit and miss scattered showers. highs tomorrow with sun breaks, mid-to-upper 60s. 65, san rafael, 70 tomorrow for livermore. sunshine in morgan hill. 67 for watsonville. the accuweather seven-day forecast. get through the showers tomorrow, tomorrow morning, and then that is it. high pressure builds in and get ready for warmer days, and by thursday and friday, we'll re turning on 80s in the east bay. >> alan: yesterday was the women's french open championship, toy today the
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men's. >> mike: another classic french open. seems like the same two guys eave year. roger federer and rafa nadal with another epic battle. highlights and we hear from the winner next in sports.
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>> mike: it's become one of the best rivalries in men's tennis, roger federer and rafa nadal. roger looking for his second french open title. rafa his sixth.
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nadal puts federerway at the federer away at the net. second set, look at this 'winner. federer would action rallies on set point. nadal owned the fourth. match point, federer goes long and nadal wins the seat and equals borg's record of his tenth major championship. >> very important for my career, just keep working hard, trying to improve my tennis. of this victory with at bit of pressure. >> mike: giants and rockies trying to boat -- beat the rain. this man has a mixture of panda and bieber fever. this one left the building. colorado up 1-0. put that would be the only
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mistake. in the sixth, gets gonzalez swinging. giants were held hitless in the first five in the sixth, freddie san chef -- sanchez ties the game. and then in the eighth, torres, a single of his own. the giants take 2-3 from the rockies with the victory. >> go to boston. a's looking to avoid a six-game losing streak. not looking good in the second. red sox up 3-0. in the third, a gigantic shot. number four for kouz. in the fourth, it's now 3-2. adrian gonzalez, showing some pop. a's now have lost six straight. >> college baseball reg --
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regionals. usf trailing ucla 4-0. loser is out, and stanford can advance with a with tonight. >> most pga tour players tell you they want to win a major and then jack nick nicklaus' tournament. on 9, big bender for birdie. shot a 6 her 0 to drop. but the approach on nine. jobe is 15 enough with five to play. this isn't stricker's first rodeo. from the sand on 12. nearly impossible shot. but yet he puts it to within a foot. 18-under with six holes left, and after the rain delay, try to get highlights at 11:00. >> stay tuned, nba finals on deck. we'll break it down for you and
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see how the heat respond after blowing a 15-point lead in game to two and now they're on the road. >> alan: be nice see jay con -- jason kidd, oakland native. >> mike: chance for them to build up wins. >> alan: that does it here for abc-7 news. thanks for joining us. the nba countdown is next, followed by the game. our next newscast is tonight at 11:00. don't forget the next 24/7 at captioned by closed captioning services inc.
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