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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  June 7, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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>> reporter: i'm amy hollyfield live, the case of missing loved one is now being treated as a murder investigation. >> reporter: live in alameda where the city council will meet tonight to answer questions about water rescue and the protocol. >> and good morning to you. mostly cloudy right now but increasing sunshine this afternoon. starts our warming trend. we'll talk how much we'll jump today and when temperatures will get back to average. >> things are flowing well on the roadway this morning.
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on. the family still believes she is alive but they are searching remote areas for her body. they are paying close attention to the home of gizelle esteban, a former close friend of michelle le's. they searched her apartment again, they first searched it a day after le's i peews. they have interrogated her. she said, she quote, openly hates michelle for stealing her former husband but she says she is innocent of anything associated with the disappearance. michelle le is missing more than two weeks and police say she was murdered. >> the examination of the car in the area of the parking structure where it was parked.
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information gleaned from multiple interviews including those of friends, family and of persons of interest. >> le was last seen in the kaiser hospital garage. she told her friends she was going to go out to her car to get something. of her car was found half a mile away. investigators say they do think she was targeted. they don't think this was a random attack. michelle le's brother, michael posted on facebook page the family thinks she is alive and asked people to please not give up hope. >> kristen: the alameda city council will talk respond to questions over a man drowning at a beach. aelgsz accusations that the department did not do everything it could have. nick smith is live at alameda city hall with the latest developments. good morning. moments after a man drowned off
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of rontd crown memorial state beach questions are being asked as to whether or not more could have been done to save him. tonight the alameda city council will meet to review the incident and ask for details about the protocols that first responders cited. those are questions what could have been done by first responders to save a suicidal man who drowned in alameda. first responders are upset about 75 witnesses stood on shore as he lost consciousness and drowned. coastguard was hampered by shallow water and coastguard was delayed by another car. they say they followed policy by staying out of the water. new questions are being raised whether discontinuing the water rescue program in 2009 was meant to be temporary while the department underwent rescue recertification. >> i wanted to reassure the
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public we are taking steps to address this. >> reporter: and according to the alameda patch, alameda issued a press release it had contacted a number of agencies for assistance in the water rescue including oakland fire department, alameda county fire department and oakland and alameda county fire department both of whom that have equipment for shallow water rescue say they were never asked to provide assistance. the city council will address those questions. they also say do not rush into the water because even though they want to reinstate the program it takes a while everyone up to speed. >> eric: east palo alto police say a case of mistaken identity led to a triple shooting over the weekend that took the life of a three-month-old boy. he died in sunday's shooting after his parents car was shot
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up. police arrested a 17-year-old they say matches the suspect sketch on the left. investigators believe the other sketch depicts his 16-year-old accomplice who is in custody on a weapons charge. baby's parents were wounded and mother shot in the leg while trying to shield the two children. she offered a warning to other parents. >> give them the love because they don't find it on the streets and end up being killed and destroy families. >> the shooting was in response to the beating the 17-year-old teen received back in may in a fight between rival street gangs. >> kristen: santa clara coroner saying a body had was found is that of a hispanic woman. they found the bag between bushes on sunday.
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coroner conducted an autopsy. police say the still unidentified woman suffered some sort of head trauma. they hope to dues dental records to figure out who she was and how she got there. >> eric: san jose city manager's office sent dates to the office for pension reform. one union has agreed to it. members of the union have been there since yesterday morning. we're going to be set up here 24/7. any time the city comes down, we'll be here ready to talk. >> eric: san jose is facing $115 million budget deficit. >> kristen: oakland police and firefighters are using a new radio system this morning. city has made the switch from analog to digital system. oakland has been plagued by dead zone locations where dispatchers
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can't read first responders. they showed it off at highland hospital yesterday. the mayor says the system will make emergency workers safer on the job and speed up response time to emergencies. >> the san francisco board of supervisors will consider an appeal by opponents of a $1.5 billion plan to transform treasury island. they narrowly approved the plan to develop the land last april. it would add up to 8,000 residential units and 240,000 square feet of office space. they say they did not consider various impacts of the project, including increased traffic congestion on the already congested bay bridge. >> you can leave your car and leave the congestion behind because inviting weather to take a bike ride and get outdoors and
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walk or something like that. >> this vein over. we have a little bit possible this morning and tomorrow morning, but the marine layer will pass a little moisture. here is an area of low pressure. counterclockwise flow and pushes the clouds over our neighborhoods. i think we'll see a rapid return to sunshine this afternoon. winds are pretty calm at sfo, 12 mile-per-hour winds. santa rosa, novato, napa and concord and 8 in san jose. the wind is not going to be big deal except the coast. low to mid-50s until you hit san jose, 57 degrees. mid to upper 50s around the richmond, violence, san rafael all the neighborhoods in the low to mid-80s and 60 at half moon
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bay. clouds around monterey bay, 50. low to mid-70s, morgan hill gilroy and hollister. this is the just the beginning. temperatures jump 1-12 degrees today and another 4 over the next couple of days with the warmest weather thursday all the way through the weekend. good morning. we're looking forward to that. quiet ride across san mateo bridge. no accidents to report. just past the toll plaza in hayward, moving well. and san rafael, traffic is still light down to the golden gate bridge. in fact we'll show you 101 all the way into the south bay, up to 880 interchange in san jose, northbound traffic is at or above the speed limit all the way into san francisco. road work going on highway 17. in the santa cruz at summit road. some lanes may be blocked in both directions just about until 6:00 this morning but not
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causing a big delay at this point. >> kristen: still ahead, no experience but a lot of fun. the unusual choice golden state warriors have made for their new coach. >> and larger than life event, u-2 concert in oakland and why massive is an understatement. >> and steve jobs makes a cameo as they send music into the clouds and turns your desktop computer into an ipad.
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>> closed captioning brought to
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you by mancini sleepworld. this is a familiar name. he's never coached in the league but the warriors new head coach definitely knows the game. mark jackson is best known as the former pointed gun with the new york knicks and indiana pacers. the warriors will reportedly pay jackson $6 million over a three years. yesterday's announcement, larry riley study of the game has prepared him to be a effective head coach. >> kristen: u-2 performs in oakland on biggest date to tour. crews are setting up a massive set. don sanchez got inside the coliseum for a close-up look. >> reporter: they call it the
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claw, it looks like a spaceship. four massive steel legs above the world's largest tourlg stage. more than a thousand people assembling it. >> never seen anything quite like it. >> in order to have the u-2 tour we needed something to support the large amount of sound, video and lighting. >> three times the average tour. >> this is video screen, 54-ton, goes 87 foot that expands, it's the biggest video screen ever taken. >> it's surrounded by audience. >> as of four shows, it was the largest tour of all time. we still have 16 shows to go. >> reporter: more than $550 million and counting.
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>> world tour is late after bono had back surgery. this is big business, as many as 550 people travel with the tour. >> locally we have over 1500 people in every city. >> helping the local economy. tickets here range in prices. it's a concert for 65,000 fans. >> eric: line of tractor-trailers. more than 100 u-2 fans will be enjoying free concerts thanks to their shoes. they gave away 116 pairs of tickets and all fans had to do was donate new or genuinely used shoes, soles for souls. people lined up 7:00 outside the hard rock cafe in san francisco
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for a chance. apple says they have the answer for anybody that is tired of all their mobile devices. jobs says i-clouds will allow users to describe them to store on remote servers. they can be sent to various devices, it will cost about $25 a year. >> meantime, an unauthorized biography is best-seller for steve jobs. hard cover copies of i, steve are listed at $30 but amazon is offering it for 16.50. >> eric: time for a check on the forecast and finally you could say it's starting to look like just a little like summer. >> a little i-sunshine. >> looking outside, but respect
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the morning clouds to give away to afternoon sunshine. good morning to you, 5:subpoena on the button and we are looking southeast from san francisco and clouds are hanging around. drizzle is possible this morning especially some of the higher elevations and along the coast. let's talk temperatures, haven't moved much, upper 40s for fairfield and los gatos. san jose still holding out at 57. low to mid-50s inland. increasing warmth along with the sunshine today. cloudy tonight, patchy drizzle possible, not really a big deal. warm inches will extend all the way through the weekend. san jose, be about 1 degree cooler. fremont one degree warmer. oakland, 4. san francisco 5 and concord and santa rosa, 11 and 12 degrees warmer than yesterday. we'll get 14 hours and 42 minutes of sunshine today. down in the south bay, mostly
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sunny conditions and 70 in san jose will be cupertino, everybody else in the upper 50s to low 70s. 58 in pacifica. heading over to the bay side downtown of south san francisco, low to mid 50s. mid to upper 60s sausalito, vallejo. warmest weather in the north bay under a sunny sky, low to mid-70s. east bay shore, mostly sunny conditions. mid to upper 50s with castro valley and fremont the warm spot at 67. low to mid-70s around the east bay valleys, dublin at 71. antioch and brentwood, 76 degrees. 58 a carmel, breezy here. farther inland you head, hollister, morgan hill, low to mid-70s. it will be breezy at the game tonight.
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7:15 at the park 60 dropping down to 57 degrees. here is what we're looking at as far as temperatures tonight. upper 40s to mid-50s pretty much everywhere. we'll have some drizzle again and few clouds, but area of low pressure, one we just talked about sliding down to the south. once it passes overlook to the west. high pressure moves in and that is why temperatures be back to average thursday, friday, saturday and sunday. low 70s around the bay and loy 80s inland. great news. more good news on the roads. still no accidents to slow you down. take you around the bay area. this is interstate 80 in berkeley, as you make your way out to sacramento, look out for a wind advisory on the yolo causeway but westbound traffic looking good down to the maze. nice ride across the golden gate
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bridge, traffic is flowing well out of north bay. south bay, no problems, live shot at 280 and 17 interchange, light traffic this morning and mass transit systems reporting no delays. you are good to go if you are taking "h", muni or cal trains. go to our website at >> kristen: it's now 5:20. >> eric: next soon to be a college graduate after completely skipping high school. >> and big welcome, in less than an hour for one of america's strongest allies in europe. >> plus, action environmentalists want washington to take to protect whales off the coast from cargo ships. >> and spectacular sight in hawaii, a volcano and new lava flow from. nininininininininining
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at progressive, you can bundle your home and auto policies and save. don't worry, tiny people. flo is a gentle giant. bundle home and auto at >> eric: 5:23. a live look at san francisco interest national airport. no word on any airport delays across the country. usually check in after convict to see if there are any potential problems and mike is doing that and he'll let you know coming up. >> kristen: president obama will host a state dinner for german
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chancellor angela merkel. they are working on issues from nato operations in afghanistan and libya to the world economy. merkel's visit comes at a time when she is losing popularity at home. tonight mr. obama will award his ally the presidential medal of freedom. >> they want to lower the speed limit for ships passing through california's marine sanctuaries. they want to reduce the deadly collisions with whales. four whales were killed in 2007 alone. they are asking the government to establish a ten did not speed limit for large commercial vessels going through the channel islands, farallones and cordel bank. >> spectacular new video of the volcano.
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they have released new pictures showing recent activity on the volcano of the big island of hawaii. here it is. they are watching lava growing at the site. latest activity is activity that started in 1983. >> it's always amazing to watch that. >> an 18-year-old will graduate from school but morgan hunter is a bit dead. she will graduate from the university at 18. she began taking college classes as an eighth grader, mailing go in latin and greek but also studied french, arabic and san skrit. >> i often say that college is easier than high school. you don't have to worry so much
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about getting into a good college. i've had more free time consistently than going to high school. >> eric: ouch! she will go to u.c. berkeley next fall studying for her ph.d. in hebrew. she is into languages? >> i wanted to talk to her parents and get parenting tips. beg test facing california's open carry law in sacramento today. >> reporter: hayward police think they know what happened to missing nursing student michelle le. i'll have a live report coming up next. >> she was like everything. >> eric: a mother's heartache over the murder of her baby. next the case of mistaken identity that police say has led to crime that enraged a
5:27 am
community. >> weather mountain midwest and south, temperatures in the mid to upper 90s. it is tough going there. new york 89 today, mid 90s in minimum april. all is clear on -- minneapolis. >> no delays. flight tracker will have more at at the bottom of the front page.
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>> reporter: amy hollyfield live where police are searching for the body of missing nursing student michelle le two weeks after she disappeared. also this morning, the city of san francisco and the giants prepare to pay a heartfelt tribute to the two firefighters that died during a house fire.
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and cloudy, you sigh some of the marine layer clouds, upper level clouds will be hanging around. warming trend begins. how warm it will get over the weekend will be coming up. it's been a great morning commute. really no accidents at all around the bay area freeways to slow you down. still light at bay area toll plaza. >> voters go to the polls to decide if they want to raise the city's sale tax to the highest in the bay area. 5:30 on this tuesday morning. thank you soap for joining us. finally it appears that summer is in the offing. i'm eric thomas. >> i'm kristen sze. >> hayward police are expected to give a statement after declaring the case now a murder investigation. we have exclusive video of another police search last night of the apartment of one person of interest. i'm aim is live at the hayward
5:31 am
police department. >> reporter: they are paying a lot of attention to a close former friend of michelle le's. they search gizelle esteban's house yesterday afternoon and they visited her home after le's disappearance. esteban said that she openly hates michelle for stealing her husband but she says she had nothing to do with her disappearance. she has moved out saying she is going to her parents' home in san diego. they have not named her or anyone as a suspect but investigators now think its murder case. >> we realize this the worst possible news that michelle's family and friends and everyone that is looking for her would want to had a hear. >> she was last seen two weeks ago at kaiser hospital. she said she was going out to the garage to get things out of her car and she was never seen again.
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her car was found half a mile away. police say they don't think this was a random attack. they believe she was killed by someone she knows. they are searching remote areas of the county for her body. her family doesn't want to believe it. her brother posted a message on his facebook page saying the family believes that she is still alive and asked people to please not give up hope. in east palo alto police say a triple shooting that took the life of a baby weekend was apparently the resulted of mistaken identity. isaac lopez died yesterday morning. the shooters opened occupy a car. they arrested a 17-year-old teen that matches the suspect sketch on the left. investigators believe the other sketch depicts the 16-year-old accomplice who is in custody on a weapons charge. both of baby's parents were wounded.
5:33 am
mother was shot in the leg while trying to shield her children. >> they destroyed my family. they killed my baby. >> kristen: police say the prime suspect made statements implicating himself. they say the shooting was apparently in response to a beating that the 17-year-old teen received back in may. n a fight between rival street gangs. >> eric: tonight's game at at&t park will be dedicated to the memory of two fallen firefighters. the mayor will throw out the first of in their honor. anthony valerio and vincent perez died in fighting a house fire in the diamond heights neighborhood last thursday. they worked out of station 26. a vigil for their memory will be held on st. mary's.
5:34 am
funeral services are set for friday afternoon at 12:30. >> beginning tonight coit tower will be lit in red as a tribute to firefighters perez and valerio. it was built at a tribute to firefighters will remain bathed in right turn until friday night. >> a bill to ban carrying open guns goes for a vote. a similar passed both houses last year but never made it to the governor's desk. currently law abiding citizens can carry an unconcealed and unloaded gun on most streets and most buildings the proposed ban would prevent that for everyone except law enforcement or hunters. >> voters in the city of richmond go to the polls to decide to approve the bill that would be the highest sales tax rate to help schools and services for the poor. city council put two measures on the special election ballot.
5:35 am
one would increase the sales tax to 10.25%. it would tie two other cities with the highest in the hoo east bear. other measure would funnel $6 million from the new tax rate to schools and city services for the poor. opponents say the second measure only advises the city on how to use the money and there is not legally binding. meantime, the city of hercules is holding a recall election today. voters will decide the fate of mayor joanne ward and city councilman. they blame the officials for the current financial crisis and supporting questionable development deals involving no bid contracts. >> and change for the warmer today. going up one degree, 12 degrees. >> it's a matter of degree but it's a matter of no rain. >> a rain free seven-day
5:36 am
forecast. let's show you why we have clouds. upper-level low we talked about yesterday. it will bring us clouds and possible drizzle this morning. hacking off of san francisco coast. with it, counterclockwise flow, pushed a lot of clouds overour neighborhoods. same thing for the south, push those clouds right back out into the ocean. that is why we'll see sunshine in the warmist weather. biggest jump will be inland valleys. 8:00 this morning, mostly cloudy still hanging out, low to mid 40s. -- 50s. as we head towards noon, partly sunny sky. temperatures in the mid to upper 50s around the bay shore and out to the coast with low nationwide 50s inland and upper 50s around napa and antioch. by 4:00 we're mostly sunny, low to mid-50s around half moon bay into san francisco. mid to upper 50s to the south bay. you can see 70s developing in the north bay and east bay valleys.
5:37 am
temperatures will be about one to 12 degrees warmer than yesterday and add about another 6:00 degrees the warmth happenings around for thursday through sunday. good morning. check out pretty view i have of the golden gate bridge. traffic has been really wonderful this morning while the road work clears. no accidents to slow you down. check out another bridge for you. san mateo bridge where traffic on the right is flowing well westbound out of hayward into foster city. in the south bay, there is a couple problems lawrence expressway. things look good at 280 and 17 interchange. >> eric: it's 5:37 right now. >> and testing that could have bay area neighbors smelling natural. >> was and new attention the san bruno pipeline explosion is getting from washington. >> and cameras on the crime
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. >> eric: it's 5:40 now. south san francisco residents may smell natural gas as pg&e crews continue to pressure test gas lines. crowds will be working along chestnut and antoine '9lane.
5:41 am
commerce have been sent letters and then the head of the safety board is scheduled to visit the site of the explosion. n.t.s.b. chairman will tour the area with jackie speier and meet with pg&e officials. n.t.s.b. investigators are looking into what caused the pipeline to explode last september killing eight people and destroying 38 homes. final report is due out later this year. >> kristen: criminals in vallejo have another set of eyes watching them. they are turning to the next generation of crime cameras in hoping to keep a lid on prostitution and violence. remote cameras like this one, is equipped with a telephoto lens and night vision. it's wireless so they can be easily moved. they can stream the video from the station or their patrol cars. i think it's a good thing. it seems to help us downtown to stop some of the crime because the police force is already cut
5:42 am
back. we need something. >> kristen: several business owners donated the money. >> eric: walmart cuts the price on the iphone 4. >> big hand california is lend to go arizona firefighters battling a relentless wildfire. >> we hear from a woman that received messages from congressman anthony wiener. >> and why state officials say they won't be opening an investigation into arnold schwarzenegger love child scandal.
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look at live doppler 7-hd. look how quiet it is across the state. scattered showers that may develop over the sierra. 58 in tahoe. 70 in yosemite. upper 70s in fresno. 57 in san diego. 72 in l.a. but 92 in palm springs. >> kristen: it's 5:45. >> eric: hayward police say the search for a missing nursing student is now a murder investigation. they believe she was killed shortly after she vanishes from
5:46 am
kaiser hospital in hayward. police have seized evidence from an a-that belonged to a former close friend of le. >> kristen: they have arrested a teenage suspect for the shooting death of a baby boy. investigators say tips from the public led them to 17-year-old who resembled a police sketch. shooting also wounded both of baby's parents. police say the shooting appears to be a case of mistaken identity. >> eric: voters in the city of richmond decide whether to approve a bill that would give the city the highest sales tax to help services for the poor. if approved it would raise sales tax rates to 10.25%. new york's democratic congressman anthony wiener says he won't quit his job but he has admitted to inappropriate relationships. we hear from one of the woman
5:47 am
that admitted to sexting to the man that could have been the next mayor of new york city. >> reporter: it took just a week to go from anthony wiener to go from this. >> this what a twitter prank. >> to be clear the picture was me. >> he delivered an apology to his wife and constituents and to the media in striking lie blunt language. >> once i posted the twitter i panicked. >> i took it downed and said i had been hacked. >> reporter: and on. >> i exchanged photos in explicit nature with six women over the last three years. >> one was from texas, she called one of speeches hot on facebook. >> i like to see something that he is passionate about something. >> she received photos of the
5:48 am
bare chested shot and she sent these in return. >> i thought who was attractive. >> many of his constituents seem willing to forgive. >> hopefully he'll move on. i think he is great guy. >> reporter: he is a leading candidate for new york city mayor. >> reporter: wiener insists that he will not resign. >> he doesn't believe that any government resources were used to send the messages. that may be a key point as congress opts to pursue an investigation in what they are calling wiener-gate. >> eric: california fair political practices commission has rejected a request to investigate whether arnold schwarzenegger violated any state laws while hiding an affair. it became public within few
5:49 am
weeks with schwarzenegger admitting it occurred more than a decade ago and resulted n his fathering a child with the woman. democratic party filed the request saying they want the ethics agency to determine if any campaign money was used to cover up the affair. they are denying the request because the group filing it didn't offer any specific evidence of wrongdoing. >> more than 400 firefighters are heading to arizona to help battle an enormous wildfire battling out of control. it has grown to 360 square piles. windy conditions and lightning are expected to make things worse. the evacuation of a town and 200 residents have already left. it has cast a smoky haze over the state. >> eric: let's check in with mike for the weather conditions. >> i don't think anything is going to change down there.
5:50 am
they have an exceptional drought and will get worse over the next couple of months. for us, things are dry and not a bad thing here. we have plenty of moisture. things are green. advertise still on hold for now. looking westbound from emeryville, we see a few breaks in the clouds as we look out to the west. those breaks will become more numerous this afternoon. right now, if you step outside, we are running in the upper 40s fairfield and los gatos. low to mid-50s around the rest of the bay. a little fog is being reported around napa. visibility could decrease down to half a mile. highlights, increasing warmth and sunshine go hand in hand this time of year. cloudy tonight and patchy drizzle is possible but mostly dry for tomorrow morning's commute. warm afternoon all the way through the weekend.
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>> good morning being, i am amy hollyfield live in hayward where the family received the worst news. the case of a missing loved one is now a murder investigation. and did they really do all they could? new accusations that alameda fire and police didn't make all o


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