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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  June 7, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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should have as they watched a man drown in citi beach. good morning to you weatherwise. cloudy this morning and sunshine. we'll start the warming trend and we'll tell you how long it is going to be warm in the forecast. >> tuesday commute this morning, no accidents at all that slowed anyone down. here is a live shot at the toll plasa where traffic is light. >> thank you for joining us; >> topping our news this half hour. the missing person's case involving a missing person's case is over and a homicide investigation is launched. but michelle le's family is not giving up. thigh have more. amy, they believe she is alive. >> they don't want to believe it. police are searching remote areas of the county for her body. they are spending a lot of attention on giselle estaban.
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they searched her apartment last night. they searched it after her disappearance. they arrested and interrogate released her. estaban told abc news that she hates michelle for stealing her former husband but innocent of anything associated with her disappearance. michelle le vanished two weeks ago and police believe she was murdered. >> forensic examination of michelle's car and the area of the parking structure where it was parked, information gleaned from multiple interviews, including those of interviews and friend and family and persons of interest. le was last seen in the kaiser hospital garage. she was making round in the the hospital and told friends she needed to get something out of her car and she never
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returned. her car was found half a mile away. investigators believe she was targeted and don't think it was a random attack. michelle le's brother said the family believed she is still alive and asked people not to give up hope. amy hollyfield, abc news. >> and the coroner is working to identify a woman whose remains were discovered in a trash bag. they found the bag near palm avenue yesterday. the coroner conducted an autopsy and said the woman was hispanic and had head trauma. they hope to use dental record and dna to figure out who she was and how she got there. >> east palo alto police said mistaken identity led to the taking of the life of a three month old boy.
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isaiah died. the 17 year old teen matches the suspect's sketch on the left. the other sketch depicts a 16 year old accomplice that is also charged. the mother tearfully offered a warning for other parents. >> pay attention to them and give them love. if they don't know they will find it on the streets and they hang out with the wrong people and they end up being killers. destroying families. the weekend shooting was in response to a beating the 15 year old teen received back in may in a fight against rival street gangs. >> there is stunning new questions in a drowning in the beach. firefighters standing by just
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watching. accusations that the fire department didn't do everything it could have. nick has the latest developments. >> kristen, just moments after a man drowned off of the memorial state beach questions were asked if more could have been done to safe - save them. tonight they will meet to ask for details. first responders and 75 witnesses stood on shore as 53 year old raymond zack lost consciousness and drowned. the coast guard boat was hampered by shallow water and the helicopter was delayed by another callment firefighter said they followed department policy by staying out of the water. new questions are raised as to whether discontinuing the water rescue program in 2009 was meant to be temporary while the department underwent
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rescue reorganization. they had contacted a number of agencies for assistance including oakland fire department and alameda fire department. both of whom have equipment for shallow water rescue said they were never asked to provide assistance. tonight the city council will address the questions and attempt to assauge concerns from the community. but they don't encourage people to go in the water, because it will take time for staff to get trained proper in alameda, nick smith, abc seven news. >> oakland police and firefighters are using a more stable radio system this morning. the city made the switch from an log to digital this morning. oakland is playinged by dead zone areas. they showed off the new system
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in the hospital. mayor jean quan said the 8 million dollar system will make it safer to do the job. >> three unions received letters to proposed dates for pension reforms. they want to negotiate before the city council declares a fiscal emergency and approves a ballot measure on pension reform. >> we'll be set off 24-7 . any time the city comes down we'll be here ready to talk. >> san jose is facing a $115 million budget deficit. >> we are facing a temperature surplus for the first time in a while it is cool and will warm up a bit. >> it depends on where you live. >> the farther away you are from water the more you will warm up. right now temperatures, they
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are calm this morning. out west at 12 miles per hour. calm in concord and napa and. we will see fog develop if in the north bay. visibility is around half a mile. napa and fairfield and rest of us have low 50s under a mostly cloudy sky. we'll peel away the clouds away as the afternoon unfolds. 70s in san jose and mid-70s in the east bay . midcents and mud to upper 60s on the bay shore and 60s out in the coast where the clouds will linger the longest. rest of the bay, mid-to upper 60s and warmest low to mid-70s. accu-weather 7-day forecast. warming trend continues tomorrow . warmest afternoons thursday and friday and saturday and sunday. good morning, francis. >> good morning, mike. nicer weather is putting
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driver in good moods. there are not many problems reported at all . looking at westbound traffic moving well past the tollplasa and delay free in the golden gate bridge for marin county commuters head negligent san francisco. we'll check out the south bay. no problems and no slowing in the 280 and seveninterchange. that is highway 17 coming out of the mountains. >> thank you very much. it is 6:08 now. talking about treasure. the vote that could decide the future of a toiny bay area land. >> setting speed limits. new proposal to protect whales in the bay area. >> no experience. big buzz unusual choice golden big buzz unusual choice golden state warriors had to big buzz unusual choice golden state warriors had to ♪ ♪
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♪ first date finest: $33. ♪ having time on your side: priceless. mastercard paypass. bringing you the most convenient ways to pay. learn more at >> good morning, everyone. this morning, rise rez in st. louis are waking up with a rattled nerves after a earthquake struck at 3:00 a.m. local time. it was centered 52 miles southwest of the st. louis. early respects say no serious damage was reported. >> back here san francisco board of supervisor will consider an appeal to transform treasure island. the commission narrowly
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approved a plan to redevelop the island last april. it would add up to 8000 residential units and office space. environmental groups say the commission did not consider impacts of the project including traffic congestion on the bay bridge >> environmental groups want to lower the speed limits passing through the marine sanctuaries for ships. they are hoping to top the deadly collisions with whales. four whales were hit in 2007 alone. four groups asked the government to establish a 10 knots speed limit for large commercial vessels in the bay and cordle bank. >> 6:13 right now. still gray with plenty of clouds and later we'll have sunshine. >> mike? >> warmer temperatures and not back to average yet, but that
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is what happens in the weekend. sunshine breaking through the cloud and lower marine level clouds trying to develop this morning. taking a look at temperatures. they are mild just about everywhere. we have low to 50s. fair fold and napa at 53 degrees. and especially napa. visibility around a mile or quarter of a mile . around the monterey bay we have a full house. monterey 55 and santa cruz and salinas 56. increasing warmth and sunshine and loves our highlights and patchy drizzle is possible on the coast and higher elevations like the east bay hills and around the peninsula. warmer afternoons begin today and they hang around through the weekend. temperatures while warmer one-12 degrees are well cooler than average in many areas.
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napa, san francisco, oakland, and look at that 3-five degrees cooler and san jose and redwood city five degrees choler and sunset at 8:30 . santa rosa and redwood city first five-days of june, your average high coldest it has ever been, ever. ever. >> and upper 60s to low 70s around the south bay. cupertino and san jose and cent degrees. mostly sunny and mid-to upper 60s . redwood city 67 degrees . most of the north bay valleys in the low to mid-70s . heading out to the ocean. our beach in the mid-to upper 50s . east bay shore with caster valley and fremont. low 70 in the east bay valley . 75 in concord and 73 in
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livermore and monterey bay. 60 . mid-to upper 60s elsewhere. salinas mid-to upper 60s. heading to the giants game will not be as late at last night. coland breezy and 60 dropping down to pen . clouds, brizle possible on the coast here and also the peninsula in east bay and temperatures are mild again most of us in the low to 50s. an area of low pressure sliding down the coast and once it moves away. smaller and high pressure will fake take over. low 60s on the coast and low cents around the bay and low 80s inland and it extends to sunday. here's franis. >> a new crash reported in antioch 4th and eighth street. elsewhere it is quiet. north 101 looking good in san jose in the 880 interchange
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and 101 on the peninsula and the traffic moves well northbound in san francisco and we'll check out 101 in the north bay for you. through san rafael and easy drive in nevado down to the golden gate bridge. the toll plasa is delay free and westbound traffic you will notice is probably one of the more congested spots in the morning but over all at or above the speed limits in the car tinas bridge . 680 and walnut creek looks great. traffic is zooming down in the valley. here's the drive time on the westbound. it has increased to half an hour to 242 and getting crowded in the pass. but 101 looking good in san francisco and mass transit systems reporting no delays. get the latest one by going to
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abc seven news. >> he's never coached basketball at any level. but the warriors head coach knows the game. mark jackson has been a point guard with the new york knicks and pacers. he is an analyst and covering the nba finals for abc. the warriors offered jackson a three year six million dollar deal . warrior's general manager said jackson's thoughtful study of the game has prepared him to be an effective head coach. >> u2 fans are preparing for the big show. hundreds of the fans got their tickets by doing sole searching. they gave away 116 pairs of tickets to the show. all fans had to do to donate new or gentry used shoes to
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the organization soles for souls. >> instead of free selling them on the sites which we don't do. we get to the program to give to charitable giving. >> i bought a pair of shoes and came by and i knew i would get the last pair of tickets. >> the big give away didn't start until thry o'clock a.m.. they lined up at 7:00 outside of the hard rock cafe . by the way, those shoes will go to people in 125 different countries. >> 6:19. the bay area teen who is ready to start the ph.d program. >> is it good practice or tourism suicide. the pop band that is considered in europe's nation. >> we'll take you live to washington d.c. . you can see there in the white house where german prime minister merkel is visiting today. there will be a reception .
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she just arrived there and she and the president obama will talk about a wide range of issue including nato operations in afghanistan and libya and world peace and the world economy, we'll bring you the latest from the meeting of the minds coming up later on stay with us. is
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on drug tourism. the famous marijuana shots will be off limits to foreign visitors. happens of those shot a.>> amsterdam will be private clubs open to adult dutch citizens with id. they called the ban tourism suicide for the liberal policy on pot. >> speaking of college students. likely 18 years old this month. morgan hunter is getting ready for graduation from school but there is a twist. on saturday she will graduate from the university. she began taking college class at an eighth grade are and majoring in latten and greek and studying french, german, and japanese and arabic. she went to her former middle school to teach latin. she thinks skipping high
6:25 am
school for her is a good move. >> i didn't miscellaneous out on much. college is easier than high school. you don't have to worry about getting in a good college. i have had more free time than any of the people going to high school. >> and yet she is not done. she is going to graduate school in uc berkeley and study for the ph.d in hebrews. pick the toughest languages and do that. >> she can tackle any challenge . not done yet. more news at 6:30. the vote to give the east bay disadvantaged cities highest sales tax rates in the bay area. >> east bay city or bay city area that is improving the neighborhood. and tribute for two san
6:26 am
francisco firefighters that were killed in the line of duty. hayward police believe they know what happened to missing nursing student michelle le. i am amy hollyfield. i will have the details coming up. >> cloudy conditions led to flight delays on sfo. flight tracker is waiting for you at [ female announcer ] father's day is not for celebrating dads. come on dad! [ female announcer ] it's for celebrating all our dads are. our fellow explorers... can i touch him? yeah. ow! [ female announcer ] ...personal doctors... and that's why we wear shoes. [ female announcer ] ...and our oldest, closest buds. ♪ father's day is for us to say, "i'm so glad you're mine." come here... oh. happy father's day, daddy. [ female announcer ] now, select cards come postage paid. the kincaids live here. across the street, the padillas. ben and his family live here, too.
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on wall street looking at the wall street exchac where ford is opening the bell. traders awaiting remarks from fed chairman ben bernanke who is expected to discuss whether the fed will continue the loose money policiless and we'll take you back to the new york stock exchange in 15 minutes. >> hayward police are expected to give a statement after declaring the case of a missing student in hayward is now a murder investigation. they have exclusive video of the apartment of one person of interest. amy hollyfield is live in the hayward police department. >> yeah, kristen, they are paying a lot of attention to a former close friend of michelle le. police investigators searched the home of giselle estaban
6:31 am
yesterday and visited her apartment the day after le's disappearance. estaban said she hates michelle for stealing her husband but had nothing to do the disappearance. estaban went to her parent's home in san diego. police have not named her or anyone as a suspect. but they do think it is a murder case. >> we realize it is the worst possible news that michelle's family and friends and everyone who has been looking for her would want to hear. >> le was last seen a little over two weeks ago in kaiser hospital where she was working as a nursing student. she was going to her garage to get things out of the car and never seen again. her car was found half a moil away. police don't think it was a random attack. they are now searching remote areas for her body. her family didn't is want to
6:32 am
believe it and her brother said the family believes she is still alive and they're not giving up hope. live in hayward amy hollyfield abc news. >> city's cash strapped police department is turning to crime cameras in hopes of keeping a lid on prostitution and violence. the remote controlled cam ras are equipped with lens and night vision and they're also wireless so they can be easily moved. police can stream the video from the station or police cars. merchants like the idea. >> i continuing is a good thing. anything to help us downtown to stop the crime, because of the police force is cut back, we need something. several business owners donated mon tow buy the two cam ras and a third is on the way. >> organizers expect 400 people to take part in a peace
6:33 am
march this afternoon in a violent neighborhood in east oakland. there were five separate shootings in thuary of 90th avenue and 59th street and webster avenue and one of them, a 50 year old man was killed, this happened over the weekend. students and teachers from green leaf elementary school and saint binard church will begin the march. they will meet with anthony bats who demanded increase police because of the gun fight area. >> there will be a memorial to the two fallen fall fights. mayor will throw out the first pitch. both firefighters worked out of station 26 when condollences continue to pour in and on thursday a vigil held in their memory on gulf
6:34 am
street in san francisco. funeral services are set 12 : 30 friday afternoon. >> and abc's tower will be lit in red as a tribute to perez and valerio. it will remain in red through friday night. >> south san francisco residents may smell natural gas as pg&e crews test the lines. they will test them in south city today. customers were sent letters explaining the state ordered safety checks and tomorrow, thed had of the transportation bord is investigated to visit the site of the san bruno explosion. they will tour the area with a congresswoman and meet with pg&e officials. they are looking into what caused the pipe line to explode, killing eight people and destroying 38 homes.
6:35 am
>> voters in the city of richmond go to the poll it is - polls today to see if the city will get the highest tax rate in the city of east bay. city city put two measures on today's approximate election ballot it would tie richmond for the highest tax rate in the east bay. it would funnel six million from the new tax rate to school and city services for the poor. city of hercules is holding a recall today. recall supporters blame officials for the city's current financial crisis and supporting questionable development deals. >> 6:35 and no rain in today's forecast. there is more than a warm up, though. >> a warm up today and
6:36 am
tomorrow, mike? >> temperatures are jumping 12 degrees over yesterday and we keep building on that and we head on the weekend. look at an area of low pressure on the coast. ahead of that flow we had on shore for us . once you get on top, it will be falling off shore and that will help to get rid of the clouds in the afternoon hours. temperatures right now close to yesterday . three-four degrees cooler . they are the same in antioch one degrees warmer. as far as what is happening at 8:00. temperatures are hanging in the low to mid-50s as they are right now . temperature in fairfield at fren degrees . look for an incres in sunshine. temperatures in the mid50s and all to the coast x. -- napa could be in the upper 60s. mostly sunny conditions at 4:00 .
6:37 am
low conditions mid-to upper 60s in the south bay and lows in the inland valleys. warming tomorrow and warmest afternoons will be thursday, friday and saturday and sunday. dry all 7-days was your forecast. francis, good morning. >> bay bridge toll plasa metering lights were turned on. it is a back up for fast track lanes and cash paying lanes shorter back up there and interstate 80. westbound approaching karleson . the drive time is 21 minutes from the car tinas bridge . it is a san mateo bridge. no trouble through san mateo at this point. it has been a nice commute through the south bay for these guys moving northbound out of the downtown san jose
6:38 am
area. if you are commuting in the north bay, you will also find a pretty ride still in the golden gate bridge and again no accidents to slow you down in murray county. >> and thank you very much. 6:38 now. trading on wall street . we have a live report straight ahead. live look at the big board. dow is up 62 points. >> we hear more from the women
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6:42 and live doppler hd quiet in the entire state . we do see something pop up in the sierras and scattered showers . sphen . look at sunshine at near 80 in central valley and we have san diego scen . warm toasty 92 in palm springs. eric. all right mike. 6:42 . a bill to ban the open carrier of unloaded guns gets a senate test. the assembly approved it . a similar bill has both houses in the legislature and never made it to the governor's desk. law-abiding citizens can carry
6:43 am
unconcealed unloaded guns in most buildings. they would prevent that but from law enforcement and hunters. >> the female college student said she has an x-rated picture of weiner. she will send it if the democrats attempt prical. one of the women is speaking out. abc john hen dron is speaking out. >> it took weiner to go from this. >> this is a twitter, hoax and prank. i am a victim. >> to this. it is clear the picture was me and i sent it. >> the new york congressman gave an apology >> once i
6:44 am
realized i posted to twitter i panicked. i took it down and said i was hack. >> i have exchanged messages and photos with six women over the last three years >> among those was meganard in texas who traded the messages. >> i like to see someone who stood for something. >> she received risque photos and pictures. she sent these in return. >> she was eager to hear if i wanted him or thought he was attractive. >> many constitients willing to forgive. >> i think he will get through it. >> it can't help the congressional campaign or leading candidate for mayor. >> i wouldn't vote for him. >> weiner said despite the controversy, he will not
6:45 am
resign. >> he doesn't believe government resources were used to send messages. that may be a key point in what congressmen call weiner gate. >> our time 6:25. california's fair and practice commission rejected a request to investigate whether former governor schwarzenegger violated state laws while hiding an affair. schwarzenegger admitted it occurred a decade ago . resulted in fathering a child with the woman. they wanted the ethic's agency to determine if campaign money was used to cover up the affair. the commission is denying that . didn't offer specific evidence of possible wrongdoing. >> problems at skype, and a price cut on the iphone. tell us where to get it jane king is here from the new york
6:46 am
stock exchange to tell us where to get it, jane? >> good morning, if you are trying to disguise and it is not working be patient. the company which microsoft is in the process of buying said users have been disconnected from the internet. better news if you are picking up an iphone four. there is a price to 147 bucks . that is 50 dollars off . at&t and walmart, and as for trading. little bit of a recovery this morning and you know, yesterday they had the lowest level of the year. bank stock bounced back today after taking a hit today. they are concerned about europe's debt problems and ford is wrapping up things here. global sales are wrapping up by 2015 . dow is down 40 or so points and the silicon valley index
6:47 am
is lower at the moment . we have a new work out this morning. it is like the ancestors might have exercised. philosophy inspired by move nat. short for move naturally. you run outside . branches are pull up bars . like the new york stock exchange. >> where do you hire the lions to chase you? [laughing] >> and what do you do about the rainy days and work out. >> oh, well. some things to work out. have a great day. >> and 6:47. more than 4800 firefighters are heading to arizona to help battle an enormous wildfires burning out of control. blaze has grown to 360 quar - square miles. windy conditions and dry lightning are expected to make
6:48 am
things worse. high winds forced the evacuation of the town. the residents have already left. there is a smoky haze for states as far away as iowa. >> no weather change ahead for them all. >> and it will remain dry and windy here. you can look at the picture and see the clouds moving in. that is kansas right in the middle and above that nebraska and oklahoma and texas. jet stream is going to push the smoke in the great lakes today and could end up in the northeast in the next couple of days. how are they? 360 miles. incredible. >> wow, that is amazing. that is a high resolution satellite picture of the smoke. thankfully our fire season is delayed because of the record rain and we are seeing the clouds clear early this morning and we'll check out the flight tracker at abc 7
6:49 am nog in napa and 51. low to mid-50s. mountain view at pen . monterey bay 55 or 56 as you head inland. incrising warmth and sunshine today. cloudy again tonight and patchy drizzle possible and especially in the higher elevations and warm afternoons, all the way through the weekend. 24 hour temperature change. that is three degrees cooler in san jose . four in oakland and five degrees warmer. inland will see a biggest jump. concord 11 degrees warmer. here is a look at east bay low to mid-70s and they are five or six degrees cooler than average. mid-to upper 60s and oakland at 66 . down south bay upper 60 to low 70s under a mostly sunny sky .
6:50 am
same type of a sky in the peninsula . cent in los alto . low to mid-60s . mid-to upper 60s around the bay shore from san rafael . breezy upper 50s in the beaches . salinas at 65 . morgan hill in the low to mid-70s . heading to the giant's game. cool at 56 degrees . breezy dropping down to 57 . going over to the colsiem it is going to be 62 by the timelet concert is over. most of the inland valleys in the 40s. drizzle on the higher elevations in the peninsula coast and east bay hills. everybody else is dry and it will dry quickly, tomorrow it
6:51 am
will help aid the warming trend. top side of that, the winds start to blow off shore. we'll see clearing this afternoon. temperatures thursday, friday and saturday and sunday. low to mid-60s on the bay and coast and where we should be. dry all 7-days of the forecast. >> we have a nice 7-day forecast ahead and a mellow commute this morning. could be the people were up watching the giant's game. there haven't been many problems at all. bay plasa toll placa -- is backed up. lone tree way to 242 29 mints and car tunas bridge 23 minutes and sluggish traffic in the pass. but mass transit systems reporting no major delays. we'll check out the peninsula commute for you. if you are heading northbound
6:52 am
on 101 traffic looks great and mountain view and san francisco . southbound delay free in san mateo and palo alto. northbound for headlights . looks great . hope it stays that way. we'll post it on abc >> and electronic devices become small yer offer more features. controlling the power consumption is a huge priority. it -- they have developed a new technology to make microchips more energy efficient. >> this is a chip with a lot of transiters and you can see the differences on them. using our technology on the same thing, you see a tighter distribution. it is important because a chip
6:53 am
is like a chain, only as good as the worst transiter and weakest link. by making them tighter and uniform, you are getting rid of the bad transiters. >> technology that cuts power in half and you get the same performance. you can put it on the mobile phone and have the same battery life. >> it will redouse chip power consumption 50 percent. inteleannounced a new transitors that cuts consumps 37 percent. >> a new study shows how dangerous it is for baby to get sun. heavy sun exposure may trigger mela noma and other forms of skin cancer decades later. baby's skin hasn't developed much protection.
6:54 am
>> recapping the top stories. alameda city council will tackle new questions over a fire department response to a man's drowning. they are live with new information, nick. >> and chris and eric. first responders and about 75 witnesses stood on shore as 53 year old raymond zack lost consciousness and drowned 150 yards out. the coast guard boat was hampered by shallow water and delaid by another call. they followed department policy by staying out of the water. new questions are raised as to whether discontinuing the rescue program in 2009 was meant to be temporary . according to the alameda patch, almedia issued a press release saying it contacted a number of agencies for assistance including oakland and alameda fire department.
6:55 am
neither oakland or alameda say they were ever asked to provide assistance. tonight, the city council will meet and attempt to assauge the concerns and answer questions from the community. they have imentplemented funds to retrain rescuers for water rescue, but it takes time before those people are trained properly. we will go live to amy hole field in hayward for the other top story. >> good morning, nick. police here in hayward think they know what happened to missing nursing student michelle le. based on forendsic evidence and cell phone records and interviews they believe she was murder paying a lot of attention to former close friend giselle estaban and searched her home for evidence and at her home the day after
6:56 am
le disappeared. estaban told abc news that she hates michelle for stealing her former husband but had nothing to do with the disappearance of michelle le. police have not named estaban or anyone as a suspect. le, disappeared two weeks ago and they will search remote areas for her body. they don't think it was a random attack. they think she was killed by someone who knows her. her family doesn't want to believe she was murdered and her brother postod facebook page saying we believe she is still alive. we are not giving up hope. reporting live in hayward. amy hollyfield, abc sevennews. >> she is ready for the sunshine that comes later this afternoon. >> mike, tell us more. we are seeing breaks in the cloud cover and 40 minutes, to check out the flight tracker at abc 7
6:57 am
temperatures jump one-12 degrees today . 60s in the coast and low to mid-70s inland and wait, there is more. more warming in store. temperatures jump another 6 degrees from thursday through sunday. francis. >> that was worth the wait. >> bay plasa . backed up to grand . sallano. area. westbound thren past roger street . san mateo bridge has been fine . so folks are enjoying the nice 7 day forecast or sleeping in from watching the giant's game. >> thank you for joining us for the abc sevenmorning news. >> worth every moment of
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