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tv   ABC 7 Morning News at 430AM  ABC  June 8, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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america this morning. >> have a great wednesday. we'll see you again tomorrow. in the news this wednesday morning, san francisco police shoot a man after he tries to hit officers with a vehicle. police say she was a bank robbery suspect from southern california. >> and in alameda they call an independent investigation. >> dan: and transportation board visits the san bruno pipeline explosion n.t.s.b. investigates the deadly blast. >> the marine layer, clouds are back and that means some of us will miss out on the warming tornado. we'll show you where the temperatures will rise. good morning. its wednesday, 4:30. we thank you so much for joining us. >> i'm kristen sze. >> we're also following a major
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sig alert on southbound. this is at oregon expressway. we'll have more on that in a moment. >> top news story, san francisco investigators are trying on determine in a suspected bank robber shot and killed in a confrontation last week had a gun. they believe he was from southern california, serial robber that the f.b.i. had been looking for. john alstorn explains how they are tracking him down. >> officers from the san francisco pd robbery unit have been staking the car out after getting a call from the f.b.i. the suspect got in the car at 5:40 about half a dozen plainclothes officers approached the vehicle. >> the officers moved in to make a traffic stop. when they exited the vehicle. driver positioned his vehicle and drove at the officers from what i understand endangering their life putting them in
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danger. they discharged their weapons in an attempt to stop the suspect. >> multiple shots killed the suspect. the bmw was stm from pasadena on may 15. they believe it was used in a pair of bank robberies in irvine that took place 20 minutes apart. the suspect there was dubbed the gen x-bandit a man in his late 20s that threatened the teller with a gun. it's unknown if the man some the surveillance video is the same man that was shot to death. >> police said were there was any evidence in the car of previous bank jobs. they went door to door if residents saw anything or they may have known the suspect. >> eric: 17-year-old charged in
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the shooting death of a three-month-old boy in east palo alto is expected to make his first court appearance today. investigators say the teechb was one of two young men opened fire on a car early sunday morning the bullet hit the baby in the head. the infant's parents were wounded. according to the san francisco examiner, prosecutors are expected to decide today whether to charge the teenager as an adult. his name mass not been released because he is a juvenile. >> the mayor of ly is calling into an investigation into police officers and firefighters who watched a suicidal man drown on memorial day. >> nearly two dozen residents accused the public safety agency of incompetence. firefighters say they have not been recertified because of budget cuts. >> public confidence in the fire
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department and police department has been shatd zblerd there was no communication with the victim. no perimeter set. no negotiating with the victim. >> the independent investigation conducted by law enforcement, not by you. >> kristen: city officials did not indicate who would review the incident or when it might occur. many of the residents say they walked out of the meeting still frustrated zbleeshg voters in richmond have rejected an effort to raise the sales tax, 57% of voters rejected measure "d" which would have raised the sales tax to 10.25%. 57% voters passed measure "c" to spend any revenues on schools and social services, but since it failed there will be no tax money to spend in those areas. >> in hercules, residents voted in favor to recall two elected officials. results show 87% of voters want
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to oust the mayor and 80% was to oust donald toomey, the lone candidate to replace him admitted to lying on his resume. he said he would wait until after the election to decide on his future. >> the family of missing student michelle le is refusing to accept a police conclusion that she is dead they are pleading with the community to keep searching. police are searching for the body now. investigators say they found blood evidence in le's car and more than one person may be involved with the murder. 26-year-old was last seen on may 27th at kaiser permanente in hayward. the family has been critical of
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the police investigation. early this morning, the head of the ntsb is going to visit the site of the deadly san bruno pipeline explosion. officials are expected to give an update of the pipeline rupture. n.t.s.b. investigators are looking into what caused the pipeline to explode last september. the report is due out later this year. >> the highway patrol is investigating how a big rig driver plunged off an on-ramp off of i-80. the truck fell 30 feet. the driver suffered a broken arm. nobody else was hurt in the accident. >> the bay area toll authority
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want to catch cheaters that use the toll lanes. more toll cheaters are using the lanes without paying. the 14 mile stretch is free to carpoolers but open to single drivers who have to pay a fee based on traffic congestion at the time. the tolls is automatically fastrak account. cameras would be used to identify drivers that enter the lanes in illegal spots. >> they are approving a plan to transform treasure island. it brings apartments and new homes and the downtown to the small island. opponents of the project claim would it harm the environment and make traffic problems even worse. the city has been trying to redevelop the island since the
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navy closed its base 14 years ago. a second vote is expected next week and developers hope to break ground on the project early next year. >> it's 4:38. finally we are getting a warmup we've been waiting for. it was very nice to be out in the sunshine and warm weather. most have us will deal with it today. we do have clouds in the forecast showing signs, late spring, early summer has returned to the bay area. storm track well to the north. we'll get a northwesterly wind so most of us will see sunshine and few clouds lingering around the coast. you can tell the marine layer is back. fairfield is 15 and concord at 24. they are shooting up the san ramon valley and then out to fairfield. southwest wind 12 sfo and 9 in oakland. everybody in the low to mid-50s thanks to that blanket of clouds
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this morning. you can see the quicker it moves the faster the temperatures will rise and we'll hit 80 in antioch one of the first days to see sunshine. a lot of mid to upper 70s in inland valleys. fremont and palo alto, throw mid-70s with mid to upper 50s around the bay shore. low 50s out to the coast. around the monterey bay, sunshine, except for monterey, temperatures in the upper 50s around the bay, 70s inland. accu-weather seven-day forecast, look how steady this is. no rain and temperatures are within a few degrees of today all throughout the forecast. weather looking good but we can't say the same for traffic right now at 4:39. two fatal accidents to tell you about. first one is a pedestrian fatality on southbound 101 south of oregon expressway embarcadero exit. this happened about 3:00. right now three out of four lanes are closed.
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better news is the coroner is there now and we understand they are giving an estimated reopening time of 5:00 a.m. hopefully that it will early enough that won't cause a big traffic back-up. >> another accident, this one is in millbrae on 101, our apologies. you can see what is going on there but it appears to be a fatal accident. north of there traffic looks good in both directions. we're following these and we will keep track of these both for you. get the latest traffic information and weather as well by going to our website, look under bay area traffic. >> it's 4:40. campaign for ballot initiative with a lot of controversy. >> still ahead, why members of jewish community the tactics are going too far. >> and why a restaurant is now
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banned by selling one of the most popular specialties, grasshopper tacos, anybody?
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you can see
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good morning, wednesday morning, 4:43. live look outside, embarcadero in san francisco. clear and mike says we're going to warm up nicely. maybe even reaching 80 inland but get ready for more in the next couple of days that mike will tell you about. >> eric: if you are a fan, grasshopper tacos are off the menu of the popular restaurant in san francisco's mission district. little critters have been a big hit at the restaurant, attracting customers from all over the city and country. the health department forced the
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owner to take them off the menu because they are not fda approved and not raised in the u.s. >> they are selling on the market and they have been doing it for decades. >> they are known for carrying high levels of lead. he is disappointed and trying to work out a deal with the health department. he may start raising his own grasshoppers. in november, san francisco voters will be the first in the nation to decide whether to outlaw circumcision for young boys. they tactics is generating outrage in the jewish community. >> it's an internet comic strip featuring a blonde hero battling mario. he a jewish person that performs circumcision.
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>> it's deeply alarming. >> the director of the jewish relations council and showed side by side images of the comic character along with one that nazis used. >> to prevent from practicing our religion. this is fundamental. >> the comic's creator wrote the left-hand side for the ballot measure. he came from san diego in april to join this group of men who turned in enough signatures to put a ban on the ballot. they say the character is doing what it's designed to do, unquote. shine a spotlight on gentle tal mutilation without their consent >> they believe the comic book goes too far. >> it's inflammatory, 180 degrees different from the direction ree we wanted to go
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in. i could understand why people would be offended. that is why we never use them on our website. >> he said he would like them to remove the cartoon. he says he has no intention of doing that. carolyn tyler, "abc 7 news." coming up, why neighbors on the peninsula are being warned to make sure the car doors are unlocked. >> and plan to withdraw congressional districts that could cause a bay area lawmaker her job. >> i'm john hendron, more coming up. >> and a new detail we're learning about the warnings from twitter followers anthony
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welcome back. check out the unbearable heat. it continues east of the rockies and east of minneapolis.
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97 in phoenix. mid to upper 50s around seattle and portland. all the major airports are running on time this morning. if it changing to flight tracker at >> kristen: we're learning this morning that a small conservative group is warning women about anthony wiener's, he admitted on monday he sent inappropriate photos to women online. a group called born free say they monitoring twitter three months ago and urged women to stay away from him. i know congressman wiener. i wish there was some way i can defend him but i can't. >> i think it's unto congressman wiener and constituents to make decision. i think he should resign. >> house democratic leader nancy
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pelosi is questioning an ethics or questioning an ethics investigation. the leader of the born free crew discovered the photo and help expose it. >> arizona firefighters worked overnight to get an upper hand on the wildfire. they ordered another 2,000 residents in the town of eager to evacuate. a total of 7,000 residents evacuated. the blaze has burned almost 460 square miles which is twice the size of chicago. authorities believe it was started by an unattended campfire. >> it's not officially summer yet but parts of the east coast are on alert for unseasonable high temperatures. parts of midwest to kentucky are already battling historic heat. >> it's an unseasonably road buckling car baking heat.
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in the northeast it's about to get worse. it isn't even summer yet. watches and advisories are posted all over the northeast as well as some areas of the midwest. >> it's so hot that the devil stopped me and asked me for a ride. >> an excessive heat watch is in effect for the area around philadelphia. school kids are getting off earlier because of the heat. it will reach all the way into new england. in the midwest some roads buckled. >> with temperatures topping hundred degrees, the heat emergency could last for days. >> in southern minnesota it isn't hurting business. >> temperatures haven't been that hot in chicago for five years. in iowa contends with midwest flooding. >> it makes it really hard because we're out there all the
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time sandbagging for friends and family. so it makes it hard with the heat. >> and week after next, summer begins for real. >> eric: 4:52. >> kristen: we're talking about a warmup but nothing like that. probably not this forecast but pretty close to average. spring is just now starting a is we get closer to summer. you can see as we look down from mount tamalpais this morning, the marine layer of clouds, is not very thick so all of us will see sunshine that will help bring the temperatures back in line. because of the blanket of clouds low to mid-50s everywhere. 51 in los gatos and redwood city to mountain view and san jose, 56 degrees. cloudy around the monterey bay, low to mid-50s for your neighborhoods also. morning clouds give way to afternoon sunshine, warmer
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inland, that is where the warming trend continues. it will cloudy tonight, patchy drizzle. i ran into a little bit driving through the east bay hills this morning. the pattern compared to what we've been going through, this is smooth sailing. clouds are back around 1:00 to the coast and coast will see sunshine. 50s and out into the bay, a lot of 70s developing and few 80s hanging on in the east bay valleys. let's start with antioch and brentwood, some of the warm weather, mid to upper 60s around the east bay shore with upper 60s to low 70s around the peninsula. low 60s around the coast. mid-60s in downtown san francisco. 57 in sausalito and low to mid-70s in the north bay valleys. 80 in ukiah. 59 in carmel.
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we'll see sunshine around santa cruz, near 70 for you. mid to upper 70s for gilroy and hollister. breezy at the park, 12:45 first pitch, 50 warming up to 54 degrees. low to mid-80s throughout the central valley. everybody at least 61 eureka. 92 in palm springs. bringing it back home tonight. see the drizzle that is possible. it gives you the idea you may run into once or twice and work the windshield wipers. we look at the pattern, high pressure is going to take over, pushing the storm track well to the north. that means, look how quiet this weather is. we're talking low to mid-50s along the coast. low to mid-80s throughout the
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bay nearing 80 by tuesday and low to mid-80s tuesday. >> let's begin with the hot spot this morning. this is fatal accident we've been following you southbound 101, oregon expressway, three lanes are closed because of a car overturned there and pedestrian that was hit and killed. opening time is scheduled for about 10 minutes from now, five minutes from now because it is 5:00 and at this point, they are waiting to see if there is a relationship between the overturned car and pedestrian that was hit and killed. >> actually we just got off the phone with highway patrol. they revised the opening time, it will be about ten minutes, between five and ten minutes the roadway will be reopened. also let's show you an accident
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we have one in the east bay, past willow past road, in the left lane it is blocked there. authorities are trying to clear that and get it open. you know how important eastbound 4, westbound 4 are in the morning commute. >> and quick look at the bay bridge toll plaza. traffic lights are still off and metering lights, any more information about traffic this morning, with frances dinglasan, go to our website at park your car in or around san carlos, lock your car door. that warning is coming from the san mateo county sheriff's department. we have an update with a string of 36 auto break-ins. all of them took place west of el camino real.
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a san francisco man has been charged with two of the robberies but they don't think he is responsible for all of them. complex process of redistricting could call lynn woolsey her seat. her district would essentially disappear. she represents marin and sonoma up to the coast but they are considering take that district coastal community and combining them into one big district stretching all the way to the oregon border. woolsey would likely retire. >> what this commissioner has done is disenfranchise the voters of california's north coast for the next ten years. >> the bay area is losing representation as a result of the new census and changes in population. >> whether or not the seat will disappear is not certain.
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>> eric: next, the next paycheck for the members of the san jose city council will be a little lighter. >> reporter: an important government official from washington, d.c. will visit the seen in san bruno where the pipeline exploded. i'm amy hollyfield, i'll have that story coming up. >> kristen: also what is making the buses a little safer. >> and wrinkles may be more than >> and wrinkles may be more than skin deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
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