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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  June 8, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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>> referee: good morning, i'm amy hollyfield. where the victims in the blast in san bruno will meet with the head of the n.t.s.b.. he is going to tour the neighborhood where it happened and search for answers into what caused the explosion. >> eric: also this morning, angry neighbors blast police and firefighters for failing to do enough to stop a man from drowning. they call for an independent investigation into what went wrong. >> kristen: and helping fund schools for the poor. >> it looks familiar. marine layer clouds are back. warming trend are on tap for us inland and tell you how hot. >> thank you so much for joining us. i'm kristen sze. >> eric: i'm eric thomas. in a few hours, a chief of the national transportation safety
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board will tour the site of san bruno pipeline and explosion. they are investigating the cause of blast that killed 8 people. >> this is the first visit to the scene but homes are still boarded up. there is still empty places that are fenced in. it killed 8 people and stroid destroyed 38 homes. the ntsb has not released the cause of the blast. the chief says the fire exposed a pattern of safety problems. she has hinted that reforms may be necessary. she will visit with pg&e today along with victims of the fire. the investigation has stumbled into some questions that are turning out to be tough to answer. the san francisco chronicle reported over the weekend that federal investigators can't even figure out where pg&e got the
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piece of pipe that ruptured. so that could explain why it's taking so long to make conclusions. likely hershman will have many questions for pg&e and face questions from the victims. live in san bruno, amy hollyfield, "abc 7 news". >> kristen: in san francisco, police are investigating the shooting of a suspected bank robber after officers killed a man in the haight district yesterday evening. f.b.i. tracked a southern california serial bank robber he was using add stolen bmw. investigators say the suspect tried to run over the officers but that is when the officers opened fire. police have not if he was armed at the time of the shooting or any evidence of past bank routines. alameda's mayor is calling for an independent investigation following the death of a suicidal man, he drowned on memorial day as firefighters police and watched from the
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shore for more than an hour. at hearing last night, residents accused the public safety agency of incompetence and heartlessness. >> it would be appropriate for this council to call for an independent review. >> the mayor's suggestion did little to restore the trust in their leaders. >> the independent investigation should be conducted by law enforcement, not by you. public's confidence in the fire department and police department have been shattered. >> fire officials say they called alameda county fire's rescue team to assist but in a written statement, the chief denied they were called. he pointed out what he considers obvious failures. >> there was no communication with the victim and no negotiating with the victim. >> they discounted the explanation that alameda firefighters were not
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recertified to conduct water just. >> for all the firefighters that were not recertified they should have brought it to the training division. >> not only did they make themselves a laughing stock of the nation they have failed to live up to the most basic expectations you have for them. >> i don't think the accusations are warranted. >> the council did not answer any questions and there was no explanation as to who would conduct this independent investigation or when it would occur. in fact some residents say they were so frustrated they walked out of the meeting. alan, wang, "abc 7 news". >> kristen: san francisco is paying a special tribute to two firefighters. coit tower was lit up in red in
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memory of the two firefighters. they died last thursday fighting a fire in the diamond heights neighborhood. ed lee shook hands with the families of two men as the giants dedicated their game at at&t park to the fallen firefighters. a memorial service is set for tomorrow night. vincent perez and valerio will be laid to rest on friday. >> they are looking for two teenage girls expected to lure two children into a van. an eight-year-old and nine can the children were walking when the teen suspects said said they had ceapd. they describe the first as an asian girl about 16 years old with short black hair. the other girl is described as white, also about 16 with straight, shoulder length blonde
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hair. muni officials the stolen cameras on buses a year and a half ago, accidents have dropped 50%. the camera is activated automatically. the idea is poor driving would be caught on video. it has helped them weed out bad drivers. paycheck for san jose city leader will be a little lighter. they will be cutting the paychecks and lowers the sailor from $127,000 to 114. councilmember pay will go from $90,000 to $81,000. they voted to cut pay and benefits for four city unions in an effort to help reduce the $115 million budget deficit. >> kristen: special election results. they voted against a measure that would have raised the sales
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tax. 57% of rejected measure "d" which would have raised sales tax 10.25%. they passed measure "c". measure "d" there will be no money to spend in those areas. >> in hercules, voters recalled two elected officials. 87% of voters wanted to out of the mayor and 80% are asking for city councilmember donald toomey. they were accused being involved with no bid contracts. toomey admitted to lying on his resume to having a college degree and an mba. >> no waiting on that forecast. let's check in with mike. let's see what is going on out there. >> no waiting on the marine
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layer this morning. >> south bay, it's running pretty well. ten miles an hour, down to 5 at half moon bay, 2347 novato so keeping the fog from forming but with the marine layer, i would expect flight arrival delays. check out flight tracker at, 24-hour temperature change, 78 degrees warmer in fairfield to about 4 degrees cooler in are hadwood city. but temperatures are pretty close to homogenized, 56 in mountain view. that is when you get it tends to keep in it a small range. you can see what the sunshine does, antioch, ukiah, cloverdale near 80 degrees there. mid to upper 70s in most of our than land valleys of the north bay and east bay with low to mid-70s fremont, palo alto down into the south bay and mid to upper 50s around the bay to low
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50s out along the coast. heading to the monterey bay, northerly wind will bring sunshine to santa cruz and watsonville but keep it cloudy around monterey. gilroy and hollister, mid to upper 70s. check out this accu-weather seven-day forecast, if that doesn't say things are back to normal, i don't know what does. thank you very much. >> it's 5:10. >> look at traffic now. >> chp is wrapping up a fatal accident on southbound 101 at the oregon expressway. that was reported about 2:48 a.m. a vehicle hit a pedestrian and an overturn vehicle involved. find a sequence of events but the coroner has been called to the scene. we hope to get back up to speed soon. we are waiting for the all clear from the chp. >> live look at the golden gate bridge, you see traffic
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non-exist techbt in the northbound direction coming southbound, a few lights and no back-up here at all. for the latest traffic information go to our website,, click on bay area traffic. you can do that 24 hours a day. >> the nation's to banker, why he thinks we're in for a turnaround. >> and the reason we may be getting a break at the gas pump. >> and the new reason to hate the signs of aging. how wrinkles may be linked to a serious health problem in women. ♪it's the way you bring out the sun♪ my mom makes any day sunny. sunnyd does, too. with 40% fewer calories than most regular soda brands. ♪
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. good morning, nation's top banker says the competent will improve this year. ben bernanke says the recent slow down is the result of temporary factors such as high gas prices and the japanese earthquake. >> americans borrowed more money in april but cut back on credit cards. >> gasoline near four dollars a gallon, ambiguous american muscle cars out sold other cars and reason is the scarcity of low gas cars. >> and rent a grandma and specializes in providing older women for domestic jobs. it's a no substitute for
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experience. >> that america's money. >> eric: almost 5:15. >> san francisco nannies are eligible for residential parking permits. they will give them a break when it comes to parking. the nannies will have to prove they have a young child and get half the neighbors to sign a petition. previously they had to move their car over two hours. gas is getting cheaper in california. statewide average went below $4 over the weekend. a drop in the oil market brought prices down nationwide. this is the first time that a gallon has averaged less than four dollars in california. >> eric: in medical news, intriguing new findings in osteoporosis. it's sometimes called a silent disease but jim avila reports
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how a simple look can hold vital clues. >> she peers into our mirror daily but to check the strength of her bones. rene doesn't have x-ray vision but part of a yale sponsored study of women that contends just like looking at the wrinkles on the surface of your face a doctor can see what is happening in the bones. >> you are kind of luckily can i. you don't have any wrinkles. >> overtanning won't alter the link. they measure natural wrinkles and deeper they are the bigger chance of bones disease a direct link between aging skin and aging skeleton. >> they have the same collagen, so when it breaks down and you use bone density. the collagen in the skin breaks
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down also and causes wrinkling and other changes. >> an important discovery that could eliminate the need for bone density testing that can cost $350 a patient. instead, post-menopausal women with heavy wrinkles would be identified as high risk by their doctors with the naked eye. >> those people that have a fair amount of wrinkles may have low bone density and might have benefits of being treated by early. >> just by looking? >> just by looking. >> women with osteo important eoz, suffer most of bone loss during the first ten years after menopause. clothes are getting tighter it doesn't necessarily mean you need to go on diet. researchers out of north carolina finds that hurry hip
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bones keep widening until we reach the age of 80. until now those extra inches came from fat. now you can explain it away as being big boned. >> mashed potatoes and gravy, it's my pelvic bone. >> maybe it's widening to hold all that. i didn't be too specific. but americans in general are all getting a little bit. >> talk about weather, good morning. >> no christmas cards for you. [ laughter ] >> come on. let's go outside. americans in general. i look you great big bear. we're looking down on mount tamalpais. marine layer is back and temperatures are going to be close to average today which
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means warmer weather, especially inland. let's talk about what is going on outside. we have low to mid-50s still around our neighborhoods and south of monterey bay and inland. morning clouds and give way to afternoon sunshine. it will be cloudy tonight. look for patchy drizzle along the coast in the higher elevations of the peninsula in the east bay hills like you are finding this morning. pattern holds all the way through the extended, delay free forecast. 73 in san jose and cupertino. on the peninsula, upper 50s millbrae, low 70s for everybody else. low 50s along the coast today. mid-60s in downtown and south san francisco. upper 60s sausalito and low to mid-70s in most of north bay valleys. hit santa rosa and cloverdale, upper 70s to near 80 degrees. sunshine and low 60s at your beaches. mid to upper 60s along the bay shore. hercules could hit 70 today. warm et weather inland, antioch
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and brentwood, near 80. rest of the east bay valleys and 60 in monterey and carmel. clouds are hanging around there but watsonville, 70 and mid to upper 70s morgan hill and hollister. at&t park, 12:45, temperature is 60 up to 64 degrees. most of the temperatures in the low to mid-50s. area of high pressure dominating the weather pattern pushing the storms to the north. because of that it will be a dry northwesterly wind, more normal for this time of year. don't see any changes in the accu-weather seven-day forecast. at the coast, low to mid-50s and around baited low to mid-70s and inland low to mid 80s.
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enjoy the honey do listed, no excuses. and traffic for commuters on the peninsula, all lanes have reopened. southbound 101 at the oregon expressway, embarcadero exit where there was an earlier accident and traffic is flowing smoothly now. no problems. also eastbound 4 right now, highway 4 at willow there has been an accident, westbound 4, live picture from 280 no delays and traffic is light. if you wanted more traffic information go to our website at next, what burger, a bay area county fair that is braying craze. >> and michelle obama gets a
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taste of the bay area next week. >> and coming up new machines that promise to take their games i'm peggy bunker. ♪
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first date finest: $33. ♪ having time on your side: priceless. mastercard paypass. bringing you the most convenient ways to pay. learn more at >> kristen: for gamers the electronic expo is like an early
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christmas. week long event in los angeles is the world's biggest trade fair for video games. nintendo and microsoft and sony unveil and biggest wii 2 a hybrid sony unveiled it's new system which will be successor to portable. the device allows to play games and do social networking on the go. it goes through the week. a bay area chef will be cooking for first lady obama. first lady is headlining two fund-raisers for her husband's presidential campaign in the east bay. the events will be catered by alice waters she will feature fresh local ingredients. she introduces young people to eat helpful fresh foods. and alice waters will not
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serve anything like this. a 625 pound hamburger. the grilling feat will be attempted at alameda county fair on july 2nd. they will cook up the greened beef patty on the world's largest barbecue. it contains 1,375,000 calories. proceeds will benefit the alameda food bank. officials will verify to what should be a new record. >> eric: they didn't mention the spatula. >> you have to cook it over low heat. ten hours cooking time. >> next at 5:30, the deadly bay area police shooting involving a suspected bank robber armed with a luxury car. residents of san bruno will be getting a visit by top
5:27 am
government official the first since the pipeline explosion nine months ago. also coming up, insettling being pulled from one bay area restaurant. nearly in two weeks we've been dealing with the heat. in the east, mid 90s. upper 50s around. >> but nothing going on around the major airports. is where you can find flight tracker.
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hi, i'm amy hollyfield. live in san bruno where residents are getting ready for
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a visit from the head of n.t.s.b. in a quest to figure out what caused the september explosion here. >> kristen: also in the news, san francisco police shoot and kill a man after he tries to hit officers with a vehicle. they say he was bank robbery suspect from southern california. >> and an independent investigation of police and firefighter response to a beach drowning. doesn't this look more like a june morning, marine clouds are back and that means so is our normal weather. who gets the warming trend today and how long it will last. >> eric: it is 5:30 a.m. on this wednesday. thanks for joining us. i'm eric thomas. >> kristen: i'm kristen sze. head of n.t.s.b. is set this morning to see for herself the site of the deadly pipeline explosion.
5:31 am
she and jackie speier will press pg&e for answers and assurances. i'm aim is live in san bruno with more. >> reporter: n.t.s.b. still hasn't housed with a caused the explosion that destroyed this neighborhood nine months ago, debra hershman will see the scene for herself. it will be the first time to see where the explosion happened killed 8 people. >> n.t.s.b. is expected to announce a cause later this year but even some basic questions are proving tough to answer. san francisco chronicle reported over the weekend that investigators can't figure out where pg&e got the piece of pipe that ruptured. the investigation is certainly taking a lot of time and today, they will be visit from the head of the n.t.s.b. she will meet with pg&e officials and also some of the victims. so still no conclusion to that
5:32 am
investigation but victims may get? answers as early as tomorrow. an independent panel that was set up to review the explosion is set to make a presentation before the puc and that is expected tomorrow morning. live in san bruno, amy hollyfield. >> eric: the mayor of alameda is calling for an independent investigation to look into the actions of police officers and firefighters who watched a suicidal man drown at an alameda beach on memorial day. mayor marie gilmore announced the probe at the meeting last night. nearly two dozen residents accused the safety agency of incompetence. firefighters say they had not been recertified to conduct water just because of budget cuts. >> public confidence of the fire department and police department has been shattered. >> there was no communication with the victim. no perimeter set. no negotiating with the victim.
5:33 am
the independent investigation should be conducted by law enforcement, not by you. >> eric: city officials did not indicate who would make the review of the incident. many of the residents say the incident leaves them wondering if the city's firefighters would be effective in a major disaster >> kristen: 17-year-old charged in a shooting death of a baby boy make his first court appearance today. the infant's parents were wounded in the attack. gunman mistook the couple for someone else. prosecutors are expected to decide today whether to charge the teenager as an adult. his name hasn't been released because he is a juvenile. >> eric: san francisco investigators are trying to determine if a suspected bank robber shot and killed in a confrontation with police last night had a gun.
5:34 am
they believe he was the southern california serial robber the f.b.i. had been looking for the john alston explains how they tracked him down. >> they had been staking out the bmw for several hours after getting a call from the f.b.i. about a southern california robbery suspect. when the suspect got in the car, about half a dozen plainclothes officers approached the vehicle. >> the suspect attempted to move the vehicle, the officers moved in. when they exited their vehicle the driver positioned his vehicles drove at the officers endangering their life put them in danger. they discharged their weapons in attempt to stop the suspect. >> multiple shots killed the suspect. they say the bmw was stolen from
5:35 am
pasadena on may 16. they believe it was wuised in a pair of bank robberies in irvine that took place 20 minutes apart. he was dubbed the gen x-bandit who threatened the tell where a gun and then sped away in a late model silver bmw. it's unknown if the man in the surveillance video is the same man that was shot to death by san francisco police on buena vista way. >> police have not said whether there was any evidence in the car of previous jobs. they went door to door or if they may have known the suspect. in san francisco, the board of supervisors have approved a plan to transform treasury island. opponents of the project claim it would harm the environment and make traffic problems worse.
5:36 am
city has been trying to redevelop the 400 acre island since the navy closed its base 14 years ago. a second vote on the plan is expected next week. >> eric: bay area toll authority will be installing cameras to catch cheaters that illegally use the toll plains between pleasanton and milpitas. they report more toll cheaters are using the lane without paying. the 14 mile express lane is free to carpoolers but open to single drivers that have to pay a fee based on congestion at the time. the toll is automatically charged to fastrak but they say it's too time-consuming for officers to catch the violators so cameras will be used. so smile, you're on camera. >> and weather is warming up.
5:37 am
today is the day. >> but not the moment. we have the marine layer going on right now. >> you saw the marine layer, those are back, our weather is back to normal. we have a northwesterly wind, you see the clearing along the coast and it should continue around the bay and most of us should see sunshine. visibility is relatively high, 10 miles. a little less up in the north bay valleys but marine layer clouds the threat is minimal this morning. 8:00, we'll go with mostly cloudy conditions, low to mid-50s, heading toward lunch, most areas clear out the first area, antioch, is at 69. mid to upper 60s in the east bay valleys with low to mid on 60s in the south bay. we'll in the mid to upper 50s around san francisco and oakland.
5:38 am
your temperature will start to drop around 4:00. low 50s around half moon bay. mid to upper 60s throughout the bay and low to mid-70s in the south bay and north bay. mid to upper 70s at 4:00 in the east bay valleys. accu-weather seven-day forecast, this pattern looks to hold steady all seven days of the forecast, no rain. temperatures around the coast low to mid-50s and low to mid-80s inland. >> frances is off today. all right. there we go. we're going to show with this map. 101 along the peninsula is recovering from that early morning fatal accident. southbound 101 at oregon expressway, three lanes were blocked but good news is all things are clear. take you live, toll plaza where metering lights are off and traffic is moving.
5:39 am
no backups no delays there. up in the north bay, san rafael, 101 near lucas valley, no delays to report. you see big gaps in the traffic so things are moving along just fine. update traffic 24 hours a day. go to and look under bay area traffic. a campaign to ban circumcision is sparking a controversy. why members of the jewish community say tactics are going too far. >> and restaurant is banned from selling one of the top specialties, tacos, grasshopper not that long ago, many families were priced out of an overheated housing market.
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but the times have changed. get the facts at it's a great place to see all the listings in thousands of cities and towns. with lots of houses to chose from and down-to-earth prices the dream of owning a home seems more attainable than ever. find out what an experienced re/max agent can do for you. nobody sells more real estate than re/max. visit today.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. grasshopper tacos are off the menu of a popular restaurant in san francisco's mission district. they have been a big hit. san francisco health department forced owners to take them off the menu because they are not fda approved and raised in the
5:43 am
u.s.. >> they have been doing that for decades but they are known for carrying high levels of lead. the owner is disappointed and owner says he might start raising his own grasshoppers. >> in november, san francisco voters will become the first in the nation to decide whether to outlaw circumcision for young boys, but now one of campaign tactics being used generating outrage in the jewish community. tear oh lynn tyler has the story. >> it's a comic strip, battling an evil monster. he is jewish person that performs circumcision. >> the director of the jewish relations council and showed us side by side comparisons of the comic strip and images the nazis
5:44 am
used. >> people have tried to prevent you from practicing our religion. circumcision is a fundamental. >> the creator was the creator of the ballot measure. he came from san diego to join this group of men to put a ban on november's ballot. he says foreskin man is doing what it's designed to do, shine a spotlight on a pro is says, the genital mutilation of children without their consent. mary scofield the leader of the anti-campaign believes the comic book goes too far. >> 180 degrees different from the direction we wanted to go in. i could understand why people could be offended and we never use them on our website. >> he says he would like to remove the cartoon. he says he had a no intention of
5:45 am
doing that. j, ask. men and coupon clipping. >> you do it more than you want to let it on, right? >> and more bargainings you might. >> and plan to redistrict plans that could cost a lawmaker her job. >> and heat wave that refuses to wait until summer.
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a live look at doppler and expected to be quiet across the state. warming trend will take place, low to mid-80s through the central valley. 56 in tahoe to 77 in yosemite. 70-degree temperatures in big sur and l.a. 77 with afternoon sunshine. >> kristen: in arizona, firefighters worked through night hoping to get the upper hand over the second largest wildfire in state history. they have ordered another 2,000 residents to evacuate. a total of 7,000 people have been ordered to leave since the fire started on may 29. fire pass has burned 486 square miles. that is more than twice the size of chicago.
5:49 am
>> eric: it's not officially summer yet but parts of the east coast is on alert for unseasonably warm temperatures. parts of midwest, minnesota and kentucky are battling historic heat. >> reporter: it's unseasonally thirst indicing record breaking car baking heat and in the northeast it's about to get worse. watches and advisories and alerts are posted all over the northeast as well as some areas of the midwest. >> it's so hot that the devil stopped me and asked me for a ride. >> reporter: excessive heat watch is in effect for the area around philadelphia. kids are getting out of school early because of the heat. it will reach in new england, some roads buckled from mississippi to new england. >> the heat emergency could last for days.
5:50 am
in southern minnesota it isn't hurting business at heating and air-conditioning companies. in chicago, temperatures haven't been this hot for five years, temperatures hit nearly hundred in sioux city iowa as they contend with midwest flooding. >> it makes it really hard, out here sandbagging for friends and family. it makes it hard. >> the week after next, summer begins for real. >> kristen: we are going to talk about this warmup. >> the warmup in minneapolis, that has the highest temperature since 1987. pretty warm weather there. it's going warm here. temperatures getting back to average and right now you see the clouds hanging over sfo. no flight arrival delays but with the marine clouds here and
5:51 am
reduced visibility it's a moment before they do. take a look at the temperatures and low to mid-50s except for san jose, 57. that is on the high end, redwood city 50 on the low end. inland, temperatures in the mid-50s. afternoon sunshine and warmer temperatures inland. it will be cloudy but patchy drizzle just like we're seeing with higher elevations. this pattern of clouds giving way to afternoon sunshine. here you look how deep the marine layer moves inland this morning and how quickly it retreats back to the coast, around 12:00 to 1:00. 50s at the coast and then 70s, 80s showing you in than the extreme east bay and north bay. antioch and brentwood around 80 degrees. mid to upper 60 70s for everybody else. look at hercules, castro valley and fremont around 70 degrees.
5:52 am
down in the south bay, low to mid-70s. los gatos, 75. san mateo millbrae, upper 60s for you. few clouds linger at the coast. low 50s in your neighborhood with mid-50s in downtown and south san francisco. low 50s along the north bay coast to 57 in sausalito. low to mid-70s in the north bay valleys. we talked about the farther you get in the warmer it gets, 78 in santa rosa and near 80 in ukiah. 51 in monterey. 59 in carmel. looks like the clouds will bank up your part of monterey bay and watsonville, 70. >> at the game today, it will be definitely sunny and slightly breezy, 60 up to 64 as we round out our three game set with the nationals at at&t park. tonight you see the clouds moving in, light drizzle possible.
5:53 am
it will be mild tomorrow morning temperatures in low to mommy 50s. seven-day forecast, look at that and when will rain be in the forecast? maybe october. all seven days, low to mid-80s and low to made 80s inland and low to mid-60s at the coast. >> looks like some are starting their summer early. no major accidents to report on the roadways. only hot spot is right here, westbound highway 4, antioch, a little slowing traffic there with the red and yellow. some some of usual slower speeds nothing major, westbound 580 through altamont pass, no delay right there. traffic sensors pretty much green. live look at san mateo bridge, you'll see a little overcast and drizzle but that is about all.
5:54 am
check out is the address if you need traffic information 24/7. >> eric: business information. huge number of employers may be planning on dropping health insurance. >> here is jane king. >> good morning, if you have health insurance you might want to use it while you can. a new study about a third of employers will stop offering health coverage in 2014. a much smaller number of companies as health coverage becomes widely available. >> retail federation says a record 95% say they were victim of organized crime this year. and you may soon be paying more for corn. corn prices are lie canly to go up even more. analyst say wet weather may shrink the inventory this season.
5:55 am
coupon clipping, new study says 87% of men spend three hours a week looking for coupons important saving. and they save $50 a week on clothes, groceries and dining out. if you park your car in or around san carlos, lock your car door and hide your valuables. that is the warning they are giving residents after a string of 36 auto break-ins since may. all of them took place west of el camino real and most of the cars were unlocked. a man has been charged with two of the robberies but they don't think he is responsible for all of them. >> kristen: complex process of redistricting could cost lynn woolsey her seat. a preliminary map shows her district would essentially disappear. she represents marin and sonoma
5:56 am
past sea ranch. but the commission is taking that district's coastal community and combining them in one district. woolsey will likely retire or run against mark thompson. >> what this commissioner has done, disenfranchise the voters of california's north coast for the next ten years. >> bay area is losing representation a result of the new census and changes in population. >> whether or not woolsey's seat will disappear is not certain right now. there will be hearings and revisions are expected. >> eric: do you like a big juicy burger? probably not this big. bay area county that is bringing in a crane to help set a record. >> kristen: latest developments to recall the hercules mayor and
5:57 am
a councilmember. an important government official will be here in san bruno to tour the scene where a pipeline exploded last september i'm amy hollyfield and that story coming up. ♪
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