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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  June 10, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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good morning, i'm amy hollyfield live in san francisco where there will be a show of solidarity among firefighters that will shut down city streets and the freeway. this str coming up. >> reporter: i'm terry mcsweeney where the fire department has new explaining to do, talking about why firefighters weren't sent in to save a drowning man. >> here is a live look from downtown san francisco. nothing like what we're going to
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see next week. summer heat is in the forecast. >> we are following a crash along the east shore freeway involving a car on fire. we'll have details coming up. >> eric: it's 5:00 and lot going on this morning. >> kristen: topping our news, thousands of people from firefighters to the citizens they protect will be paying final respects to two san francisco firefighters. anthony valerio and vincent perez died fighting a house fire last week. the service will be held at st. mary's cathedral where amy hollyfield is live. >> reporter: the funeral is expected to be so huge. they will be shutting down city streets and a section of interstate 280. last night at st. mary's they had a more intimate ceremony, hundreds attended a vigil for the men.
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today, you'll see firefighters from across the country even from mexico and canada. the two firefighters were found on the floor together. they were the first to rush into a house fire in the diamond heights neighborhood last thursday. the fire chief has arranged for crews from throughout the bay area to fill in for those who are scheduled to work here in san francisco so the firefighters can attend the funeral. >> that is huge because they have never done that in the city before where we have other agencies coming in. so there is quite a lot of planning but i feel good that anybody is on duty could be here. san francisco's mayor ed lee that dealing with the deaths of these men has been the most difficult part of his job. he will be here along with the governor and lieutenant governor and nancy pelosi. it's scheduled to start at 12:30 and it's expected the cathedral will fill up pretty early so
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they have few rooms so they can watch on a television monitor. you can watch it right here on "abc 7 news." we will be carrying it live. >> eric: bart is reserving the last car of each train for visiting firefighters attending today's service. transit agency is asking the public to ride in the other cars. there will be number of road closures starting at 9:00 a.m. near the cathedral. after the funeral, a procession will head to cemetery in kolma where they will be laid to rest. interstate 280 south will be closed from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m. from the 101 split in san francisco to the serramonte exit. as you heard amy say, we'll carry the funeral services live in its entirety. coverage begins at noon. service will be streamed on
5:04 am >> new twist this morning in a case of man that drowned while alameda firefighters stood by and watched. one of the explanations doesn't hold water. >> reporter: alameda fire officials are could not commenting on this case but a new memo certainly suggests that someone should have been properly trained and certified to try to rescue a man who was drowning on the alameda shoreline back on may 30th. take a look at pictures from that day. you are going to be seeing police and fire officials on the shore, maybe they were caught up in this department red tape. they are on beach while a suicidal man wades into the water and stands there until he is overcome by the cold temperatures and drowns. this is man that tried suicide the exact same way before. no firefighter tried to help, water rescue training was dropped because of lack of money
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and attempting a water rescue without certification would open the city to possible lawsuits. take a look at this memo. we have been approved funding to recertify instructors and train new swimmers, but until the training is completed, no members may be used as rescue swimmers. training was scheduled to start 20-30 days of that memo. $20,000 needed for training is available and is being used right now to recertify swimmers. the chief has made a change in policy, but if there a water emergency, the senior firefighter on that scene will make a decision as to what to do. is. >> kristen: former leader of your black muslim bakery and an associate could spend the rest
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of their lives in prison after murdering chauncey bailey. they showed no emotion when the jury found them guilty yesterday. prosecutors say they wanted to kill bailey to keep him from publishing an investigative report on the bakery's financial troubles. >> he would be here if it wasn't if it didn't happen. ultimately they have to make a decision. i believe in my friend's innocence. >> it hinged on the testimony of the confessed shooter in this case, brou sard said they ordered him to kill bailey in august of 2007. >> next step in the process in criminal justice and justice for my client is through the process. >> our jury system is not going to stand for murdering a journal enlist this country. >> kristen: bey was also found guilty in two other murders.
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the jury was deadlocked on another count against him. first draft of redistricting maps that will determine california's congressional boundaries are due out today and they could cost lynn woolsey her seat. she represents marin and sausalito counties but they wanted to combine them into one big district stretching all the way to oregon border. if the new boundaries hold she would be forced to leave congress or mike thompson would take over that represents the current district. kathleen sebelius will visit san francisco general hospital. she will be joined by nancy pelosi as well as hospital officials and nurses. she has highlight, initiative
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for patient safety. it was launched in april with a goal of saving 60,000 lives over the next three years for preventable injuries in patient care. >> eric: time for a check on the forecast. you talked about the warmup this week and moving back on that a little bit. >> a setback but there will be step ahead. >> there will be minor fluctuations in the temperatures depending on how thick the morning marine layer. temperatures may drop a degree or two but the warming trend is still slated for next week. here is a look what is going on. deeper moisture in green, storms are passing to the north they reinforce the sea breeze and the morning marine layer, that is why we see the slighted fluctuation in temperatures. low to mid-50s for the rest of us san jose around 57 degrees and antioch 58 for the warm spot right now.
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antioch will reach 80 for one of the warm spots. you see temperatures running about 2 degrees cooler because clouds will take longer to get back to the coast. mid through upper 50s for most of bay shore. low to mid-70s in the north bay valleys. around monterey bay, a lot like yesterday. northerly wind will bring sunshine to santa cruz and 68 and keep monterey cloudy and 50. inland plenty of sunshine and mid to upper 70s. seven-day forecast, sea breeze could be a little bit stronger tomorrow and will drop temperatures one or two degrees. then we'll gain those back on sunday and warming trend for monday through thursday. we are following a crash along the east shore freeway, everything has been moved over to the shoulder here, it's not slowing down your eastbound commute. heading westbound on interstate 80, drive time from the carquinez bridge to the maze
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still a lighted 20 minutes. today's funeral procession for the two fallen firefighters will cause heavy traffic and delays, several areas be on the lookout starting around st. mary's cathedral. several road closures will be in effect, geary, webster and market. the funeral procession will be from colma and interstate 280 south will be closed from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m. to the serramonte exit and several muni lines will be affected, as well. for a complete listing to and the clothing line that brought together a world series champ and a top model in a famous lingerie shop. >> and change for the oakland
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a's that has cost a few head coaches job. >> and vandalism that is keeping a congregation busy. >> and coverage of service for the fallen san francisco firefighters will preempt the soap operas this afternoon. we will broadcast all my children and general hospital early tomorrow morning from 2:05 a.m. to 5:00 a.m.
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>> eric: just about 5:14. a major cleanup is under way at st. philip lutheran church in dublin following vandalism. someone saw somebody smash the windows with brick. he was not a member of the congregation but visited the church and seems to be mentally unstable. >> he had been here a couple of times in the past to pray. you could tell he wasn't all there kind of mentally. had issues going on. it didn't seem like he was a danger and then suddenly we had something like this happen. >> 36 windows were smashed. they hope to have the building repaired for sunday mass. >> caltrans have cleared the last of a series of landslides to big sur. caltrans has been working on this massive slide near the san
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obispo county line. they spent $5 million to remove the rocks and dirt and flew in equipment by helicopter. business owners say they are thrilled the road is finally open. >> oakland a's have lost ten games in a row. they fired the general manager after four and a half seasons. giants catcher bob melvin was in the dugout in chicago last night for the tenth straight defeat. melvin has been the manager of diamondbacks in his career. he was manager of year in 2007 when he led the d'backs to the western division title. >> this afternoon some of the most popular giants are unveiling jerseys and t-shirts they designed and doing a mini fashion show. tim lincecum, matt cain and cody
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ross designed their own. it's part of a new signature series with a major league baseball players' association. the t-shirts and jerseys will go on sale at at&t park during tonight's game against the reds and will be available online. three other teams have players participating in the players' choice signature. this a little different. brian wilson is helping victoria secrets launch a new clothing line. he was on market street with model. the promotion is for a new line of giant t-shirts, hood dies and sweats and, of course, underwear. >> we'll talk about that in a minute. you have a few hours to get on
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bid for lunch for rar ren buffet but current high bid is $2.3 million. proceeds goes to glide memorial church and programs to help the poor and homeless. last year the winners paid $2.6 million to dine and speak privately with the billionaire ceo of berkshire hathaway. it ends at 7:30 tonight. zblees. >> kristen: let's talk about investing into the weather forecast. tonight's game at at&t. >> hopefully the clouds will hold off in time for the fireworks. >> show you what is going on. good morning to you. coming up on 5:18. looking down from mount
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tamalpais. you can see it, sausalito would be right there staring right back at you. underneath the clouds, see holes developing, but cloud deck is more widespread and harder to retreat back to the coast. one the reasons we'll be slightly cooler than yesterday. temperatures right now, 48 with a little bit of fog in santa rosa. visibility in novato is less than a quarter mile. watch out for that fog on 101. low to mid-50s in most neighborhoods. san jose and antioch at 57. cloudy conditions and temperatures in the low to mid-50s around the monterey bay. stronger sea breeze today equals cooler temperatures. i think we'll stay pretty steady tomorrow and sunday. we may drop a couple degrees tomorrow but regain those on sunday. biggest warming trend will be next week. cloudy nights and patchy drizzle. that is about as heavy as it's going to get. temperatures will be held down a
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little bit because of cloud cover. yesterday it was back to the coast and 12:00 today, more like 12:00 to 1:00 and just losing one hour of sunshine can shave about two to three degrees on your afternoon temperatures. 50s around the coast and 70s will dominate inland neighborhoods. we'll have throw mid-70s in the south bay with saratoga and campbell around 73 degrees. menlo park, low 70s. mid to upper 60s. cloudy conditions along the coast and upper 50s for you. more sunshine around downtown san francisco, mid-60s. same thing in sausalito, san rafael, 69. beaches will see sunshine but kind of brisk. temperatures in the mid to upper 50s with low to mid-70s in the valleys. hercules and fremont around 70 and notice the 0's being pushed farther back in central valley. everybody else in the mid to upper 70s. mid to upper 70s, gilroy and hollister, sunshine and 68 in
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santa cruz. giants game tonight, clouds are going to roll in right as the game ends. let's hope we get it over quickly so we can see the fireworks. breezy and cool dropping down to 55. here is look what is going on as far as tonight. drizzle and cloudy and low to mid-50s in most neighborhoods. two degrees cooler tomorrow and 2 degrees warmer on sunday and 5-10 degrees by tuesday and wednesday. all of our earlier accidents have been cleared. road work that may slow you down. live look at bay bridge toll plaza, no delays heading into san francisco. heading out of san francisco on eastbound 80 you will find a few lanes are blocked around fourth street for road work. walnut creek, taillights are moving south, nice ride heading into san ramon valley.
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from danville into walnut creek a few pro lanes will be blocked due to road work. santa cruz mountains only one layup of traffic getting by and both directions of highway 17 for a repaving project. for the latest traffic updates go to and click on the traffic link. >> eric: next, slow progress, an update on gabrielle giffords. aides are saying she may never return to capitol hill. >> and tribute to elizabeth taylor has turned into a political battle. >> and trespassers offering a unique look at the aging mothball fleet. erica's money." i'm peggy bunker. @b@b@b@b@b@b@bb
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we have an update on gabrielle giffords. an aide says she struggles to communicate and it's unclear if she will be able to return to capitol hill. it's been five months since jaredloufner went on rampage they say that giffords uses hand gestures to communicate because she still struggles to find words and put totaling sentences. as for when the public might see her lawmaker will may be soon to
5:25 am
release a photo. >> a group in castro district has voted not to get involved in a gay pride grew. they own the flag that soars over harvey milk plaza. a controversy erupted when the association refused to lower the flag at half-staff when elizabeth taylor died. castro district urged residents to take their complaints straight to the board of supervisors. >> a small group of squatters armed with cameras spent several days and nights aboard ships in suisun bay. the man rode out at night past security and climbed on to the ship. but the photos which appear in the daily mail were taken over the course of two years. 70 ships make up the mothball
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fleet. many are slowly polluting the waters. they settled lawsuits brought by environmental groups and agreed to clean up the aging warships. whole fleet is expected to be gone by 2017. >> eric: these ships were supposed to be able to go back into service but some of them are not ready for that. >> the latest on a late night stabbing that left three people injured outside a mcdonald's restaurant. >> all the firefighters in san francisco will be off duty today so they can attend the funeral of two of their own. i'm amy hollyfield. i'll explain how the chief was able to arrange that coming up next. >> kristen: next at 5:30 construction work that a panel of investigators is pointing to as the possible cause of a san bruno pipeline explosion. check out the high temperatures this friday. mid to upper 60s in seattle and
5:27 am
portland. southern sections of our country still baking in 90-degree heat hundred and dry in phoenix. we do have flight arrival delays in chicago and philadelphia and more will develop this afternoon. check out flight tracker at
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bringing you the most convenient ways to pay. learn more at >> reporter: good morning, i'm amy hollyfield. live in san francisco where about 6,000 people are expected to gather for the funeral of two fallen firefighters. i'll have the story coming up. >> reporter: i'm terry mcsweeney in alameda where firefighters were tied up in red tape and did not respond to a drowning man. good morning, look at the
5:30 am
morning marine layer clouds. they are back. big story is how temperatures will kind of stay the same next couple days before launching into warmer than average weather next week. >> we are seeing slow speeds in the santa cruz mountains due to repaving. >> kristen: a lot going on. thanks for joining us, i'm kristen sze. i'm eric thomas. thousands of firefighters from all over north america will join local mourners at funeral services for two san francisco firefighters killed in the line of duty. up to 6,000 people will pay their last respects to anthony valerio and vincent perez. amy hollyfield is live at st. mary's cathedral. you mentioned that the fire chief has arranged it so almost all the firefighters can attend? >> every single one will be here if they want to come. it will be an incredible sight
5:31 am
of solidarity here. expect to see hundreds of fire trucks. governor is going to be here, lieutenant governor, nancy pelosi, it will shut down city streets and an section of interstate 280. but last night, hundreds of people gathered here for a vigil. it was a jointed service. today service will be an impressive show of solidarity. firefighters from as far away as canada and mexico have come to san francisco to remember lieutenant vincent perez and paramedic tony valerio. they were killed while fighting a fire. we spoke to a firefighter from l.a. he remembers when firefighters remembers his colleague's funeral a few months ago. >> i was say, wow, these guys came down when he died. it's important to me to do the same. >> we just want them not to be
5:32 am
forgotten. they will never be forgotten, i hope. san francisco understands this is what we do. this the risk that we take. we do not take that risk lightly nor do we bear that burden lightly. >> reporter: fire chief says crews throughout the bay area will be filling in for those that are scheduled to work today so they can attend the funeral. quite about bit of coordination to make that happen but the fire chief thinks it's important to say goodbye to the first san francisco firefighters to die in a fire in 16 years. >> kristen: bart will ask the public to ride in other cars. there will be number of road closures near the cathedral.
5:33 am
after the funeral a procession will held from the procession where they will be laid to rest in colma. we will carry the funeral service live in the entirety. our coverage will begin at noon. service will also be streamed at san jose police are looking for suspects and a motive after three men were stabbed in a fight near san jose state. they stumbled upon the victims around mcdonald's parking lot during a routine patrol last night. there is no word on how seriously wounded men are. just a month ago the san jose campus was rocked by a double-murder suicide. all this while us hundreds of san jose police officers face layoffs to balance the budget. >> kristen: new development this morning in a drowning of
5:34 am
suicidal man in alameda as firefighters watched. documents have surfaced that apparently contradict fire officials' claims that they had no funding to recertify firefighters for that type of rescue. terry mcsweeney is live to tell us all about it. >> reporter: the story has been that firefighters were prevented banned from doing their job because of red tape, now we're getting a memo that strongly suggests that red tape should not have been there in the first place. take a look at the scene, may 30th on the alameda shoreline. what is wrong with this picture? police and firefighters are standing on the beach while a man goes into the water and overcome by the frigid waters and drowns. policy was clear, no firefighters were allowed to help because according to interim chief, water rescue training was dropped because of lack of money and attempting a water rescue certification would have left the city open for possible lawsuits. take a look at this memo from march of 2009 from division
5:35 am
chief. it says, quote, we have been approved fund can to recertify instructors and train new swimmers, however until the training is completed, per osha requirements no members may be used as rescue swimmers. now our media partner contra costa times not only was that true in 2009 but right now, $20,000 is being spent to recertify firefighters to attempt water just. firefighters are now shifting their story a little bit saying the suicidal man was 6'3", weighing 300 pounds and possibly armed and dangerous. there is new policy in alameda, senior firefighter on the scene of a water rescue will make the decision as to who goes in if anyone. >> eric: this morning, a coalition of community groups in
5:36 am
oakland is planning to outline how they will respond when former bart police officer johannes mehserle is released. he will be free men less than a year after being convicted of involuntary manslaughter in the shooting death of unarmed bart passenger oscar grant. it happened back in 2009 on the platform at fruitvale bart. grant's family and many in the community wanted to see mehserle convicted of murder and spend more time in custody. last year some of the protests turned violent. a demonstration is being planned for sunday afternoon at fruitvale bart station. a vigil will be held in the san diego area where missing student michelle le went to high school. she disappeared two weeks from kaiser hospital in hayward. family and friends gathered in hayward to urge others to keep the search goig going. nearly a hundred people stood in silence to show support for the
5:37 am
family. >> we're still praying very hard for you. we know you are out there. we're going to find you and we're going to bring you home. >> kristen: evidence from le's car leads them to leave she has been murdered, friends continue to say they won't give up hope that she will be found alive. >> family and friends gathered for a memorial service for a three-month-old boy that was killed in gang-related shooting. two men opened fire the family inside the car. parents were wounded and they are recovering. friends say the boy's mother and father are devastated. >> it's part of the family. it's their son. >> they have arrested a 17-year-old for that tragic murder. they believe he and another
5:38 am
young man shot at the family mistaking them for rival gang members. prosecutors are trying him as an adult. >> kristen: contractor who replaced a sewer pipe in san bruno denies that his company had anything to do with the blast. a report ground shaking from the construction work could have caused stress that further weakened faulty welds in the pipe. it was done 16 months before the deadly blast. report says that a constituent surge triggered the explosion and fire. they criticized pg&e's role in inspecting the work. a pg&e representative wasn't on hand to supervise the work to determine the final cause still rests with the ntsb. it's report is expected this fall. mike warns us there could be fluctuations in the temperatures
5:39 am
this week. we're fluctuating. >> seems that way because it's happening right now. >> just a couple of degrees, it will be barely noticeable but temperatures will drop a little bit because the marine layer was a little more stout. you can see the low expensing through oregon. what it has done has made the sea breeze a little stronger and retreat back to the coast a little longer. you lose about two or three degrees. we do have some fog to talk about. novato less than a quarter mile visibility. everybody else doing okay as far as visibility goes. with the clouds, i expect flight arrival delays into sfo. 12 wind gusts in oakland and 25 around concord and fairfield.
5:40 am
temperatures today, under a cloudy sky, low to mid-50s. sunshine in our valleys by noon, mid to upper 50s. cloudy along the coast with mid to upper 50s around oakland. 4:00, clouds are back to the coastguard, mid to upper 60s and the bay shore and south bay. mid-70s in inland valleys. drop about two degrees tomorrow, gain those back on sunday and warming trend we talked about starts monday. i am happy to report no accidents blocking any lanes right now. let's start off in the south bay with live look at san jose, right at the 17 overcrossing, no delays in the downtown san jose area. through the santa cruz mountains you will find slow speeds due to a repaving project that has one lane of traffic getting by from summit to bear creek. should be cleared up around
5:41 am
6:00. drive times for your friday morning, so far it's friday light, westbound 4, 17 minutes and only 21 minutes to make your way through altamont pass on 580. don't count on lower stated taxes just yet. state lawmakers has a 11th hour plan to keep taxes higher a little while longer. >> and you may see broken street [ female announcer ] we invited real women to try new dove visible care creme body wash with nutrium moisture. after 1 week we took their close-ups. when they saw how much more beautiful their skin looked they had only one question... ♪ new dove visible care creme body wash. imagine what it can do if sto your skin.elf, but dove isn't soap. it contains pure 1/4 moisturizing cream because, everyday moisture is the key to beautiful skin.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. good friday morning, a new report finds transportation officials are falling behind in maintaining san francisco's traffic signals, street signs and pavement markings. auditors report was released and finds that paint and signal repair shops had three to six month bag logs. the department doesn't have a comprehensive scheduled maintenance program and mostly reacts to requests for service. they recommend the agency must meet federal minimum standards by 2015. >> kristen: state senate says they will meet through the weekend to hammer out a compromise on the budget. deadline is next wednesday for
5:45 am
lawmakers to come up with a balanced spending plan or their paychecks will stop coming. it's the current sales state tax rate and vehicle license fee and they will return to lower rates by the end of the month. governor brown wants them extended until september. democrats in both houses want them extended to schools so they have another year of funding. >> they have already made their plans for next year. teachers got layoff notices because they went out in march. >> kristen: meanwhile, republicans want the legislature to have more spending cuts or use an $6.35 billion in additional tax revenue to balance the budget until voters weigh in on extending the temporary taxes. >> eric: anyway, it's a lot of money.
5:46 am
ford is revving up the hybrid products and cost of a child is going up. >> and the eerie side to the deadly quake and tsunami that no one has seen until now. >> and bombshell developments for newt gingrich.
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looking back at live doppler 7-hd. it will be a quiet day across the state. clouds thick around eureka but still sunshine around big sur at 67. l.a. and san diego, afternoon sunshine mid to upper 50s. central valley mid to upper 80s there. tahoe for the weekend, we're going to have pretty nice weather as far as getting there and getting home. temperatures in mid 40s in the morning and mid to upper 60s in the afternoon. >> kristen: local boat owners are frustrated as they continue to wait to get their vessels surveyed and repaired from the damage caused by the tsunami that tore through santa cruz harbor. they report the only repaired yard in santa cruz harbor is
5:50 am
overwhelmed. about hundred boats were heavily damaged during the march 11 tsunami that was triggered by the powerful earthquake in japan. insurance adjusters say they can only handle a few boats at a time. >> we are getting a first look at remarkable underwater pictures from the devastation of the tsunami. they show twisted metal and furniture and also seeing in the water, cars, even photographs. the dive team is part of a japanese nonprofit that hopes to find missing victims among the wreckage. japanese officials estimate the number of dead and missing at more than 24,000 people. >> kristen: this morning, firefighters have announced they controlled 5% of the massive wildfire in arizona. more than 600 square miles of timber have now burned forcing thousands of people from their homes. more than 3,000 firefighters are
5:51 am
battling to get the flames under control. yesterday crews made a little progress by burning fuel on the morning flank of the wildfire. >> eric: time for a look ortd at our weather forecast. >> you have some clouds but it means afternoon sunshine can't be that far behind. a little bit of fluctuation before the big warming tornado this weekend. sfo right now, you can see it is fairly cloudy. let's see if there is any flight arrival delays, they usually announce them right around the time. looks like we're running on time chicago and philly, they have flight arrival delays. talk about the temperatures, pretty homogenized, fog around novato and visibility less quarter of a mile. low to mid-50s in most neighborhoods, san jose and antioch around 57. we have cloudy conditions around monterey bay and inland with low to mid-50s.
5:52 am
highlights, a stronger sea breeze, slightly cooler afternoon today, tomorrow to lesser extent on sunday. couple degrees. not a dramatic drop whatsoever. a warming trend still slated for monday, tuesday, wednesday and thursday of next week. for today, 80s have been pushed to antioch and brentwood. everybody else mid to upper 70s. we'll have 70 in hercules and fremont, rest of the east bay shore mid to upper 60s. we'll have low 70s for most of the peninsula but from san jose northbound, breeze coming through the san bruno gap will keep you to mid to upper 50s. mid to upper 50s around the coast. most of north bay valleys, low to mid-70s. at we're your beaches, mid to upper 50s.
5:53 am
clouds hanging around monterey, 60 for you and 68 in santa cruz to about 78 in gilroy. as we talked about around the state, it's going to be quiet away from the coast where clouds will keep places like big sur around 69. giants game, 7:15, breezy and cool, let's hope they score runs tonight. 60 dropping down to 55 and clouds will roll in as the fireworks go off. >> low to mid-50s and clouds will return and patchy drizzle possible. jetstream is to our north but close enough that it will steer some of those lows just close enough to keep the sea breeze strong throughout the weekend. then it pushes the storm track well to the north. that is when we get the bigger warming trend for monday through thursday, temperatures will be warmer than average. find out if it's friday light.
5:54 am
so far so good. bay bridge toll plaza, no delays right now making your way through the tolls and heading into san francisco. that won't be the case a little later today. today's funeral procession for the two fallen san francisco firefighters is expected to cause heavy traffic and delays. there is going to be a you in of road closures starting at 9:00 a.m. around st. mary's cathedral. after the funeral a procession will be held from the cathedral to holy cross cemetery on colma. several muni lines will be affected. for a complete list of road closures and mass transit, go to our website at pord is turning more
5:55 am
attention to hybrids. here is jane king with this morning's bloomberg business report. >> ford is going to build a hybrid minivan. plug in version and all part of ford's effort to triple hybrid production. >> cost of raising a child going up. they say middle income family might spend $227,000 by the time child born last year turns 18. watch out for a new atm machine that can tell if you are lying. they are testing an atm with a built in lie detector. they can make deposits and withdrawals and apply for a credit card. it uses a voice analysis. it measures nervous responses. i'm jane king with the bloomberg business report.
5:56 am
>> newt gingrich's senior staff has quit his campaign, spokesman campaign manager, senator stlat gist and more than a dozen aides. he learned about the mass resignations at his campaign headquarters in washington. the group cited differences over the direction of the campaign including his lack of campaigning and his wife's lead role in campaign decisions. he says he is still in the race and start his campaign anew sunday during a campaign event in los angeles. >> the families of two american hikers still held in iran on spying charges say their sons are being mistreated. the guards burned one down the stairs because he took extra food. they threw one against the wall so hard that his head started bleeding. fatel and bower have been held
5:57 am
for more than a year and a half. they were supposed to go on trial last month but it was suddenly postponed. >> eric: mexico's president felipe calderon will make the commencement address at stanford university. he was elected to a six-year term in 2006. the 120th commencement is sunday at 9:30 a.m. at stanford stadium. >> just ahead at 6:00, safer and cheaper medical care. new federal program that is bringing heavy hitters to a san francisco hospital today. >> eric: vandalism that will have members of an east bay church cleaning up for days. >> reporter: i'm amy hollyfield live in san francisco where there will be such an impressive show of solidarity among firefighters here today. it will shut down city streets and even part of the interstate. i'll explain coming up. ♪
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