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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  June 14, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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good morning, i'm amy hollyfield live in berkeley where prep is underway for a visit from first lady michelle obama. >> and we should know within hours will send the bill back to square one. >> and apartment complex fire send neighbors running into the street. some of the people left homeless were victims of another fire just three weeks ago. >> let's check out the clouds this morning. they are far and few between. it will be hottest afternoon this week. we'll talk about a cooling trend if you are heading into the weekend also. >> everywhere around the bay area and live look at the bay bridge toll plaza and overnight
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road work in some locations and i'll have those details coming up. good morning. it is nice to be with you. >> i'm eric thomas. >> first lady michelle obama will be the first of two fund-raising stops in the bay area. the breakfast won't be cheap and republicans are already yelling foul not over the money being raised but they say the money being spent. >> reporter: the san francisco chronicle has an article with republicans questioning the use of taxpayer money for this trip. the other party says it's election season and this is what you have to get re-elected. you probably won't get a glimpse unless you are ready to spend money. this is more likely what you are to see. the fund-raiser in beverly hills
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attracted big stars. today it will cost you thousand dollars to have breakfast with michelle obama. alice waters will be there and planned the meal. she is a huge fan of mrs. obama's let's move campaign. mrs. obama will head over to san francisco for a luncheon. that a fund-raiser for her husband's campaign. he was here just six weeks ago doing the same thing. his event was much more expensive. lunch with her will cost about $2500. dinner with the president cost more like $35,000. having the first lady here at your hotel is very exciting for the claremont. we saw crews power washing the sidewalks. that was about 4:00 this morning in alameda county. bomb squad just arrived. so a lot goes in to preparing breakfast for the first lady.
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time right now, 5:02. we should know by the end of today if a federal judge will let stand a colleague's decision to overturn a ban on gay marriage. he says he'll rule quickly on the issue after hearing arguments yesterday. opponents of same-sex marriage that judge vaughn walker should have removed himself from the case because he in a same sex relationship and could benefit from the outcome but they could not provide any evidence that walker wants to get married but only that he is in a long term relationship. >> judges have a duty not only to apply the law without bias but to do so to avoid the way even appearance of i am pro. >> right we hope the judge that all judges are fair and impartial. >> the judge says this will the first time a same sex relationship is at issue for
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consideration whether to disqualify a judge in a decision. san leandro fire investigators are looking into how an apartment fire got started at about 6:30 last night. it damaged five units of the bellmark building and left more than a dozen residents without a home. alan wang reports, some of them were victims of another apartment building fire less than a month ago. >> the fire started in one of penthouse units on the fourth floor of the bellmark apartments in san leandro. >> it was pretty big fire. the flames were six to eight feet high. >> reporter: more than a hundred residents evacuated the 66-unit building around 6:30 this evening. >> if they didn't get to it, it was the way the flames were going it was going to fall down. >> residents were disforested but including a family that
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interviewed two weeks ago. >> you talked know to me the last fire. >> he and his family lost many of their belongings when the apartments went up may 24. >> i ran inside and do something. save some of my stuff won't get damaged again. >> you are in pretty good spirits. >> you know what, can you do. things happen. >> things happen. that is putting it lightly and altogether, five apartment units have been badly damaged and 14 people are homeless. red cross are making arrangements for them to stay. richmond firefighters are investigating a fire at a campus. the fire charred furniture inside a building at martin luther king elementary at about 8:30 last night.
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the building was scheduled to be demolished this summer. the school year ended last week and there is no word on the dollar amount of damage. >> the san jose police have until 9:00 this morning to accept or reject the 10% pay cut. city leaders say it will shave $15 million from a projected $115 million deficit this year. even with the pay cuts, 1s on officers will be laid off. if police rejected the proposal, 250 officers will lose their jobs. there has been 26 homicides so far this year, six more than last year. police say they need more officers on the street, not less not fewer but mayor says soaring retirement costs are forcing the city to do it. police say a 56-year-old special education teacher at a vallejo elementary school has been arrested on suspicion of
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raping a student. they have arrested jerry johnson in elk grove. he is accused of committing the assault during four hours. they say the victim is 18 years old but has the mentality of a seven-year-old. they say the disability makes the victim incapable of giving consent. this could be a sign of the tough economic times, the theft of comer wire is surging in antioch. thieves have stolen copper from 300 utility poles there this year compared to fewer than ten last year. one particularly brazen case, a 45-foot pole was chopped to the ground, a hand saw was left behind. the price of scrap copper is now about $4 a pound. san mateo county officials are asking a judge to dismiss a
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lawsuit that accuses the counties at large voting system of discriminating against minorities. san mateo is the only county in the state where members of the board of supervisors are not chosen to represent specific neighborhoods or districts. a group of asian-americans and latinos filed a voting rights lawsuit in april. media partner reports critics say the at large voting system dilutes the ability of minorities to elected representative candidates. an attorney for the county says the voting system is perfect amendment by the state constitution and supported by its residents. >> bart is getting you a chance to tell the than what quality the next general manager should have. full time general manager after dorothy dugger stepped down. she left that agency taking a $950,000 buyout package.
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they are searching for a new general manager. riders can go online and take a survey. find a link at click on see it on tv. >> time to check the weather forecast. could this be the hottest day of the week? >> that is what mike said yesterday. >> is that your story and you are sticking with it? >> hottest day of the week, absolutely. it starts today and ends tomorrow. it's kind after two-day event. you can see the clockwise flow, high pressure and offshore wind that is developing reason why the ocean cool of air will have a minimal effect on our weather if at all today. notice the winds, calm just about everywhere, and sfo about seven miles an hour. fairfield about 10. this was a typical morning with the marine layer clouds, we would have 20 wind at sfo and 25 up at fairfield as the winds
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would be shooting through the area. that one of the ways, today is going to be different than normal. low to mid-50s and upper 50s in mountain view and concord and 67 degrees in antioch. by the afternoon hours, along with livermore, fairfield and santa rosa, ukiah near 90. mid 80s in the south bay. probable mid on 50s along the coast. 68 in monterey but mid to upper 70s for most of the monterey bay accu-weather seven-day forecast, the heat will peak tomorrow. by thursday, a couple degrees cooler on friday and temperatures close to average with afternoon sunshine all the way through the weekend. >> still looking great. if you are heading towards antioch, we still have a full freeway closure on eastbound 4 right at leverage. detours are posted another
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connection ramp still blocked from overnight road work, north 680 through the dublin interchange to eastbound 580, pleasant ton toward livermore. that one is scheduled to be blocked in until 6:00 this morning. elsewhere, traffic is light out there. it's flowing well. here is a live shot of the san mateo bridge drive time is only 14 minutes from 880 to 101. we have a couple minor accidents but nothing slowing anyone down at this point. still ahead, facebook fatigue. where millions of users are logging off from the social networking could giant. >> and attention, subscribers why your television may be talking to you in the future. >> and the life of steve jobs in 32 pages, next a cartoon biography that is no joke.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. it is 5:14. new figures suggest facebook incredible growth in the united states may be leveling off. the site cites 7 million users in the u.s. and canada last month. the blog says the social network's growth in april and may was down nearly 50% of
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normal. facebook is questioning the accuracy of the data. they say the company is seeing strong growth in some regions brazil, india and indonesia. >> if are tv starts talking to you, you probably not insane the cable giant it plans to bring skype video phone calls later this year. subscribers will be able to rent a kit from comcast including a web cam and adapter that plugs into your tv. new remote controls will include a keyboard for typing your chat messages. trials of new device will begin over the negligence few months. >> get a free laptop. that is the message of a group of san francisco city college students is getting in their first week of summer school. high school grads are participating in the bridge to success program that hopes to
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motivate them to get a college degree and to enter the work force. >> things are changing so radical, if you don't have the tools you are going to live in, how are you going to compete? >> microsoft is donating software and $15,000 in computer. focuses on under represented and first generation high school grads. >> steve jobs is the subject of a new biography but not the kind you are probably used to. the publisher, blue water productions has produced a 32 page comic called steve jobs, cofounder of apple. it shows how the founder and. they are also doing other lady gaga and mark zuckerberg.
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jobs' biography will hit newsstands on august 24th. >> i thought he was an open book already. >> that is what he says. i don't think anybody can be hurt by a comic book. >> like a shore hero like mike nicco. >> we got to work for that. >> we're going to work on that. >> and work on the spandex. >> really? [ laughter ] >> people are eating at home. >> you might as well head off to work on time. clouds trying to spill over the marin headlands and trying to push through the golden gate. sun will come up in half an hour and we expect to be out of clouds and let the heat begin. talk temperatures, antioch down to 57 and the rest of us in the
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mid to upper 50s. we have mid 50s around the monterey bay into salinas and sea in gilroy. so highlights, sunny and warmest afternoon today and tomorrow. it will clear tonight and comfortable with 50s and 60s. so on you will be automobile to get free air-conditioning during the overnight hours. cooler thursday and once we drop down we'll plain off temperatures will stay steady but not much of a change but no violent swings. down in the south bay, 82 in milpitas to 86 in los gatos. on the peninsula, 83 in los altos and drop down, temperatures in 75 in millbrae. mid-60s along coast. even an upper 50 in the sunset district. 75 in sausalito. mid-60s at your beaches and then you see the upper 80s to near 90 degrees in the valleys. upper 70s to low 80s along the
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east bay shore. 89 in dublin. low 90s for the rest of the east bay valleys. morgan hill, gilroy, upper 80s. morgan hill, hollister upper 80s and gilroy, 90. excuse me. and high pressure look at the trip it's taking up towards us. halfway between here and hawaii and knocking on our doors and it's going to steer the wind offshore and steer away the cooling air at least today and tomorrow. it starts to come back thursday. we drop eight to ten degrees. temperatures remain close to average throughout the entire weekend. here is frances. what is going on in the east bay. >> road work on 680 stretch. live shot in walnut creek as you continue southbound past highway 24 and sycamore vld, up to three
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lanes had a may be blocked in both directions until 6:00 this morning. that includes northbound out of danville approaching highway 24. not causing a big delays at this point but something to look out for. 280 and 17 interchange, highway 17 out of santa cruz mountains, you might find lanes blocked near the summit that is scheduled to 6:00 at all. in the north bay, 101, traffic looks good southbound. no problems on the peninsula. get the latest traffic information whenever you want by going to our website at i think wonder woman had one of these, next, a transparent aircraft where passengers can see through the cabin walls. >> plus, a thriller of a deal -- how one of the best known
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jackets in pop music could be zblrs and home improvement project becomes a home repair project. ws
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good morning, 5:23. a live look from the sutro cam. toward the city of san francisco
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what you can see of it through the puffy clouds, low clouds and fog out that way or cool whip whatever it is this morning. check in with mike, what the temperatures will reach. and with frances with traffic. don't go away. airbus is showing the plane of the future. built on technology and some imagine augustation. you place your hand in front of the door. the plane recognizes you and shows you your seat and takes care of your luggage. work zone includes in-flight entertainment by heat of passengers bodies. the front area is social entertainment. another area of the plane emphasizes relaxation. massages and mood lighting. walls change and also can be
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transparent. target date for this fabulous plane is the year 2050. >> it will be cheap, that is all i got say about that. how much would you pay for the leather jacket michael jackson wore. they expect the jacket to bring in as much as $400,000 and goes on the block june 25th. second anniversary of his death. it was owned by a long time costume designer. they will donate proceeds to shambala wildlife sanctuary. >> this month, it felt like an astroid landing in minneapolis. they got a huge hole in their house. a crane was used to install a, and whole thing tipped over in an instant. watch this.
5:26 am
timber! electrician happened to be filming at the time. top of chimney was sliced. the company says, oops, there was a computer rer to blame -- error. >> they are paying for the damages and installation should be completed soon. he said he wanted no gimmicks to balance the state budget but governor brown made mai be changing heart. one time solution he is considering to is close a $10 billion budget gap. >> presidential candidates were in the same room but they didn't attack each other. i'm john-dron and i'll have more
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on that coming up. >> michelle obama is ready to raise money for her husband in the east bay this morning. coming up in a live report, where she is headed and why some republicans are criticizing the visit. >> nearly 50 degrees difference between boston and 56 in phoenix at lot of 70s and 80s along the gulf coast. looks like summer. delays are possible, denver, minneapolis, kansas city, chicago because of severe weather and flight departure delays out of philadelphia. but check out flight tracker at
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oh... and mussels. [ male announcer ] fresh butter taste with 70% less saturated fat than butter. [ kim ] you can have it all. [ male announcer ] spare toothbrush, just in case: $4. ♪ home cooked meal: $28. ♪ first date finest: $33. ♪ having time on your side: priceless. mastercard paypass. bringing you the most convenient ways to pay. learn more at good morning, i'm amy hollyfield live in berkeley, questions are being raised this morning over michelle obama's visit to the bay area and
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whether she should be paying for it. >> this president is declining >> they hammered president obama. potential presidential candidate face off in a gop debate. >> you are looking at a thin and late arriving marine layer clouds. they will be quickly scoured out by the sunshine, one of the warmest days tomorrow and cooling trend. >> enjoy a very quiet ride. still no delays at bay bridge toll plaza. road work and i'll have more details coming up. >> federal judge will decide by the end of the day to set aside another judge's ruling that nullifies california's ban on same-sex marriages. opponents say the judge should have revealed he in the same sex judge, the original judge that heard the case.
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>> it's 5:30. i'm eric thomas. >> and i'm carolyn tyler. >> first lady michelle obama visits the bay area this morning for two big tickets events. critics are go taxpayer money to support the first lady's expenses. amy hollyfield joins us live from the claremont home. this is the first stop for mrs. obama. >> she has had a business day ahead of her. republicans, they are quoted as saying taxpayers shouldn't be footing the bill since its fund-raising trip but democrats are saying she is popular and people want to see her and this is what reelection campaigns are all about. she is going to have a yummy meal, alice waters is preparing the meal. breakfast is schedule for 8:45
5:32 am
at claremont hotel in berkeley. to see her, it will cost you at least $1,000. then she will move on to san francisco for a luncheon at merchants exchange building. president obama was just here in the bay area sings week ago raising money in this liberal, friendly area. election is still a year and a half way but you can bet we can see more of these two. claremont is excited about the big visit. we saw them power washing the sidewalks and we had the bomb squad arriving on the scene about 30 minutes ago. a lot left to do before she arrives here in about three hours. live in berkeley, amy hollyfield "abc 7 news". it's 5:32. seven republican hopefuls gathered on stage for their first major presidential debate in a key early voting state of new hampshire. it was the first debate of the
5:33 am
season for front-runner mitt romney and newly declared candidate michele bachmann. his record was front and center for obama. >> seven republicans were in fire but the target was not in the stage. >> failure of leadership. >> this president has failed. >> president obama making stops in miami and north carolina defended his record as a tale of historic progress. >> we stabilized the economy, we prevented a financial meltdown, an economy that was shrinking is now growing. >> tea party favorite michele bachmann made the first headline. >> i -- filed my paperwork to seen the office. >> tim pawlenty who coined the phrase obamney care.
5:34 am
>> in the term obamney care was reflection of president's obamacare on massachusetts plan. >> if i'm elected president i will repeal obamacare and on my first day in office, i will grant a waiver to all 50 states for obamacare. >> the difference between romney's own universal health care plan is one that he will be likely have to explain as the campaign goes on. >> one candidate wasn't there was john huntsman, former utah governor and briefly ambassador to china. >> right now, san francisco arson investigators are looking into the cause of an early morning fire that damaged two western addition homes. eight people had to be evacuated. one of them won't be able to move back in. the fire begin around 1:00 this
5:35 am
morning behind a home on golden gate avenue near scott street. flames burned a secondly home was at the rear. fire started in an outdoor area between the two houses. investigators are calling it suspicious, no one was injured. investigators in san leandro are trying to determine the cause of an apartment fire that forced 14 people out of their homes. some of those neighbors were the victims of another fire just three weeks ago. flames erupted from a unit at bellmarks apartment on hayes street around 6:30 last night. the fire spread to four other apartments before they could get it under control. some of the displaced victims had relocated here after being burned out of another apartment complex on may 24. >> some of my stuff was damaged
5:36 am
again. >> it's happening again. that is when went through my mind. >> you look in good spirits? >> what can you do. things happen. >> the red cross is helping 14 residents including four children find temporary housing. other evacuated residents were able to return to their apartments before midnight. >> we should know by the end of today if a federal judge will overturn a colleague's decision to halt california's ban on same-sex marriage. the judge says he will rule quickly on the issue after hearing two hours of arguments yesterday. opponents of same-sex marriage judge vaughn walker should have removed him from the fais case because he is in the same sex relationship. they argued that walker is gay and they should decide cases on the law no matter what their
5:37 am
background. >> california's deadline is tomorrow and if there is no budget it means no paycheck for lawmakers. governor brown appears to be backing off of a gimmick free budget. brown is putting most of his efforts on extending temporary tax hikes. to get that done he needs a couple republicans to support a special election on the issue. >> the legislature has in its hands to do right by california. we cannot do it with just a majority party. we need four republican votes. >> the republicans now say they are willing to place the tax extensions on a ballot if there are reforms on business regulations and a spending tax. a warm wind today and tomorrow. >> mini heat wave. mike nicco is going to give us
5:38 am
all the details. >> couple days above average temperatures then we'll start to pull back as we head towards the weekend. good morning to you. here is a look at the marine layer. most of clouds over the ocean, thin line trying to move into the bay area. temperatures are already running ahead of 24 hours ago everywhere except for san francisco and half moon bay where we are one to two degrees cooler and san jose where we're the same. everybody else one to nine degrees warmer. 9:00 this morning, go with mostly sunny skies. upper 50s and 54 in antioch. sunshine everywhere even at the coast low to mid-60s and half moon bay and san francisco. upper 70s to low 80s in inland valleys and by 4:00 this afternoon, sunshine and probably
5:39 am
running the air conditioner, in the low 90s north bay. upper 70s throughout the bay shore, low 80s in the south bay and 70 around san francisco and 66 along the coast. accu-weather seven-day forecast, tomorrow may be hotter and drop 8 to 10 degrees by friday. with the warm temperatures, golden gate bridge this morning, traffic is light but just look out for that -- berkeley westbound traffic was a little slow right neither gilman where they had an earlier stall. fairfield, vacaville down to the bay bridge toll plaza. there is road work blocking a major intersection through dublin interchange. eastbound 580 is scheduled to be blocked until 6:00 this morning.
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>> still ahead, forced deal that has some workers talking strike. >> and america's cup organizers are lagging in their fund not that long ago, many families were priced out of an overheated housing market. but the times have changed. get the facts at it's a great place to see all the listings in thousands of cities and towns. with lots of houses to chose from and down-to-earth prices the dream of owning a home seems more attainable than ever. find out what an experienced re/max agent can do for you. nobody sells more real estate than re/max. visit today.
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it's 5:42. muni transit operators are weighing their next step after an arbitrator is forcing them to accept a contract. they have ruled a tentative agreement between union negotiators and the agency will become binding on july 1st. contract calls for a three-year wage freeze and gives mts manager more say on discipline and grievance issues. some workers say the imposition may lead to a work slow down. after a meeting yesterday. operators said no to as planned. america's cup competition may be a couple years away there is concern at city hall that san francisco may get stuck with a bill for millions of dollars. america's cup organizing committee has raised two of the $10 million.
5:44 am
if donations don't come in soon it would have to come out of the general fund. organizers say they are confident they will raise the money. the mayor says he is not worried. >> this is part excitement and organizing committee is just getting started. they will raise the money and recover contributions as well as cover the event. >> meantime, one of the training boats, capsized on a run in san francisco bay yesterday. some crew members ended up in the chilly bay waters. one crew member went to the hospital to get checked off after falling through a sail ring. there was a precursor late last week when one almost tipped over. >> consumers hit the pause button on video games. bloomberg business report is coming up. and annoying baggage fees, the billions airlines are making
5:45 am
from passengers at the ticket counter. plus the latest developments in the anthony weiner sexting scandal. congress launches an investigation and president obama gives the lawmakers some advice. and cure for india, it's all abou fresheni breath? that's easy. keeping teeth strong? that's tough. so our dentist recommended act. [ male announcer ] act mouthwash restores enamel
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there is absolutely no radar returns. warm weather everywhere. 52 in eureka. 58 in san diego. 71 in big sur and 75 in tahoe. 78 in l.a. mid 90s through the central valley to 108 in palm springs. >> that is what a warmup looks like on the big map. >> san francisco d.a.'s office will not seek the death penalty against six people charged in the fatal shooting of a german tourist. she was caught in the crossfire during a shootout between two suspected gangs near union square. seven suspects why arrested and the eighth remain at largest. two are being charged with accessories to the murder. >> airline passengers are paying much higher baggage fees this summer.
5:49 am
airlines say the fees they charge for luggage and other services is what is keeping them profitable but starting in august, a new rule will require to post those fees up front on their website before you buy your ticket. >> right now the airlines are already losing money as a whole. they would be deeper in the hole and probably requiring a bailout if we didn't have these fees. >> a new report says passengers forked over $5.7 billion last year in fees for baggage and reservation changes. that is 24% increase from the previous year. not going to say illegal annoying but it's annoying. [ laughter ] >> starting with the gray overcast but what happens later. >> because of that we'll see a lot of sunshine. as you can see from sutro overlooking this compressed
5:50 am
marine layer and sunshine is going to bring us some real warm temperatures. temperatures above average today anywhere from about i would say 5-15 degrees warmer than yesterday. so we'll start off what is happening right now. under partly cloudy sky. we have these temperatures have been running warmest around antioch. 70s about an hour ago. the heat has been keeping you warmer than everybody else. now you are down to about 57. but 50s are widespread and 50s around the monterey bay. let's talk about sunshine and the warmest afternoons are today and tomorrow. great things about this mini heat wave it's still going to be clear and comfortable tonight with temperatures in the 50s to low 60s. cooler weather will start on thursday. no wild swings in this seven-day forecast. here the 24-hour temperature change, 6 degrees warmer in
5:51 am
concord. 8 in santa rosa. san jose, oakland, san francisco 10-11 and fremont, 11 degrees. >> we'll see 50s at the ocean all the way to 90s inland valleys. widespread 90s in the east bay valleys so it might be the first day where we get to exercise our air conditioner and get it up and running. upper 70s to low 80s along east bay shore. we'll have mid-70s down in the south bay with saratoga and campbell around 85 degrees. mid-70s at millbrae to upper 70s menlo park. low 80s for the rest of peninsula. mid to upper 60s along coast today. low 70s in downtown south san francisco. quite a spread in the north bay, from 75 at sausalito to low to mid-80s as you head out from san
5:52 am
rafael to petaluma. upper 80s around sonoma. 25 degrees cooler at your beaches. upper 50s around monterey. to near 90 as you head inland. here is a look at the area of high pressure that mass moved quite a bit towards our neighborhoods. with it clockwise flow it's going to bring us that offshore wind, that warming land breeze that will push temperatures probably to the warmest levels tomorrow as we reach mid 90s inland and low 80s around the bay. about 8 to 10 degrees cooler by friday and temperatures hold near averages through the weekend. still looking pretty good. slowing westbound 4 out of antioch through altamont pass. check out 680 in walnut creek, things are flowing well southbound. as you make your way passed 24
5:53 am
danville there is some blians blocked but should be cleared in the next 8 minute. 80 in berkeley, westbound traffic is looking good. in the amy hollyfield where first lady is at claremont hold look for extra traffic in the area. on the peninsula, no trouble in millbrae, headlights move northbound and no systems reporting any delays. get the latest traffic information by going to our website at >> we're following breaking news in san jose where police are on the hunt for suspect after three people were shot overnight. they are releasing very few details but one person was had had live pictures of the scene and police presence and large police vehicle possibly a swat vehicle. shooting happened along the 1200 block of oxton drive overnight. we have a reporter on the way.
5:54 am
once again, three people were shot in this area overnight. this is in 1200 block of oxton drive. we have a reporter on the way to bring you more information as we get it. a plant and fertilizer company is hoping the medical marijuana business will sail to the high. >> miracle gro wants to get into the medical manner business. they want them to grow killer weed. medical manner is illegal under federal law but it is legal in more than 16 states. video sales crumbling to the lowest in five years. sales of the microsoft x-box
5:55 am
jumping almost 40%. in the meantime, hackers have broken into a game developer but along the computer network of the u.s. senate. >> free data service will be offering free service for a year. you sign up for the plan and it's only available on saturday the day before father's day. >> at the new york stock exchange i'm jane king with the bloomberg business report. >> disgraced congressman anthony weiner can count president obama as one of his critics. he says the new york democratic embarrassed himself and his wife and family and if we in weiner's shoes he would resign. he was resisted pressure to step down in the wake of his sexting scandal. house ethics committee is launching an inquiry into the congressman's action. they have granted weiner a two
5:56 am
week leave of absence to seek treatment. 49er great quarterback joe montana is recovering from a weekend accident at his ranch near calistoga. he tells mike shumann, he was riding all terrain vehicles after he had to ditch his after nearly rounding into one of his chin. he needed stitches over one eye. he is postponing the appearance before the santa clara city council. he wants to build a hotel and sports bar on city owned land near the proposed 49er stadium. >> a new study shows that apple topped the list contaminated with pesticides. they analyzed data and 92% of apples contain two more pesticides even after being watched and peeled. they believe more pesticides are being applied to apples to
5:57 am
extend their shelf-life. in addition to apples, top five fruits and vegetables most contaminated, celery, strawberries, peaches and spinach. if you are concerned about it. environmental working group suggests buying organic. >> insomnia, experts say cooling your brain can reduce the amount of time it takes to fall asleep. researchers discovered this by testing with tubes of circulating water at various temperatures on volunteers. it turns out cooler water slows metabolism in the frontal cortex. >> just ahead at 6:00 the latest on breaking news, three people shot in a san jose neighborhood overnight. why san jose police now have hours left to decide where the
5:58 am
cut hundred officers jobs and keep the money and cut a whole lot more jobs. >> the claremont hotel is getting a visit from a vip. details in a live report up next.
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