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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  June 15, 2011 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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good morning, america. and breaking news, a tense standoff as the men who helped the u.s. take down osama bin laden are arrested in pakistan. >> terror on the tracks. a tore risk plan to blow up a train derailed at the last minute. the inside story of the sabotage plot. supermarket showdown. the screaming match over frozen food that led to a slap-down. why these two women landed in court and what they say now. and one of the world's richest party girls is about to buy hollywood's grandest house from the staircase inspired from "gone with the wind" to its own bowling alley, we go inside.
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that is a lot of house for a 22-year-old. >> i would agree with you there. what would a 22-year-old need with all that. >> happy wednesday. a lot to get to this morning. look at these pictures. we're seeing and hearing for the first time from the former mistress of arnold schwarzenegger. here seeing the pictures of her son, as well. she is sharing now her story how maria shriver suspected that this boy did belong to arnold and how she broke down and how the housekeeper finally broke down and told her. >> as she said she apparently was suspicious for quite some time before finding out around the holidays. the latest on the casey anthony trial, the prosecution about to wrap up its case and her mother was back on the stand. as she left she mouthed the words "i love you" to her daughter. >> the prosecution about to rest its case. "show me the money". we started it out yesterday. such a big reaction from you overnight. hundreds of thousands on the
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website talking about unclaimed millions that are out there waiting for you. today, billions. >> it's something that i think a lot of us don't realize, you know, savings bonds and we forget about it. this is real money we're talking about. let's turn to the breaking news. nick schifrin in islamabad, pakistan, now where he's tracking the latest on the informants who helped take down bin laden. good morning, nick. >> reporter: good morning, robin. it seems that pakistan's premiere spy agency, the isi is going after the very people who helped the u.s. find the world's most wanted man. the isi has rounded up a handful of people who helped the cia find osama bin laden. just about 90 miles from here. among those rounded up include a doctor who was an active duty major in the pakistani military and that is deeply embarrassing that one of the military members here for the military was working for the cia. now, the army says it denies that story and says no major has been picked up. another person who has been picked up is the owner of the
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safe house that the cia used to spy on bin laden. that safe house according to a pakistani intelligence official only a few hundred yards away from bin laden's compound. now, the cia and isi have viewed each other with a lot of mistrust since the raid happened and this will only increase that mistrust and increase the feeling that the cia and isi aren't working together toward the same goal. george? >> that's right, nick. last week a u.s. official was asked are the pakistanis cooperating, one to ten, he said only three cooperate in the fight against terrorism. in that raid it turned up evidence he wanted to attack trains here in the united states and so now amtrak is putting new security measures in place today after also uncovering a plot to derail a freight train. pierre thomas has been tracking the details. pierre. >> reporter: george, thousands of amtrak passengers across this country especially here in the northeast are going to be seeing stepped up security. the reason, they feel terrorists
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and criminals may try to sabotage the rails. residents of sleepily men low, iowa, are reeling after discovering a horrific plan. saboteurs broke a lock off a train shifting station and shifted the tracks rigging them. the apparent goal which the fbi is investigating ig night ray potential inferno and environmental disaster. >> they were here all morning and they were taking fingerprints and so forth where the damage occurred. >> reporter: while they do not suspect terrorism, sources tell abc news it is a sobering remind their trains are vulnerable targets. just last month we learned osama bin laden was urging operatives to derail a passenger train on the tenth anniversary of 9/11. >> the recent events after the death of bin laden serve as a stark reminder that these threats continue to be viable and that a new twist was added that terrorists are considering derailing trains. >> reporter: now amtrak is increasing security along its
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more than 20,000 miles of rail with a particular focus on its busiest route, the northeast corridor. passengers will see more patrols on bridge, tunnels and the areas surround tracks. expanded air and water patrols near the rail and amtrak is working to add more sensors and cameras to monitor for intrusion. officials say this threat is real, that they race to try to close gaps identified by the terrorists as priority targets. robin. >> all right, pierre, thank you. we turn to a abc news investigation of a major candidate. newt gingrich. it raises questions about links between a charitable organization he founded and whether he used it to promote his career and its bank account and our brian ross has much more on this. good morning, brian. >> reporter:. this year's race for president winning no longer seems to be everything. especially for newt gingrich who has used his run for president as a kind of savvy marketing campaign built around his political persona. in the last five years gingrich
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has lived a life of luxury built around his empire including millions of dollars in private jet travel paid for with donations to a political group he founded even though he claims to live on a tight budget. >> what i'm telling you is we are very frugal. >> reporter: gingrich's frugal lifestyle includes a million dollar home in suburban washington, loads of tiffany jewelry for his wife and in the middle of the campaign a cruise in the greek aisles ending up on tmz all of which led his entire staff to resign raising the question of whether he's serious about running for president. >> you can do very well by running for president. you don't always have to win. >> reporter: also raising questions from independent watchdog groups is the operation of a charity gingrich founded called renewing american leadership. its website contained ads for gingrich's books taken down after we asked about them and posts his positions on political hot button issues. >> it's not clear that it actually is a charity and you
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have an organization that looks like he's mixing public purpose and his own private/political interests. >> reporter: in fact, the charity says it bought his books to give to those who sent donations with no discount in the price. >> my concern was is there any way we can get these a lot cheaper and we couldn't and we didn't. >> reporter: and a recent audit discovered that the charity paid one of gingrich's for profit companies more than $200,000. the charity says the money was used to pay his then press secretary rick tyler who was also the director of the charity until he resigned in march. tyler made the decision to buy the gingrich books with charity funds. >> it makes one think that it's really existing to promote his business and personal interests rather than a public benefit purpose. >> reporter: it was not something gingrich wanted to talk about when we caught up with him leaving a speech. >> i'm not concerned about that. the american people aren't concerned about that. try covering the speech. >> are you not concerned about the fact that your charity you
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founded has given $200,000 to your own company? >> reporter: well, gingrich's new spokesperson told us gingrich had done nothing in violation of the law and that our report was a little more than some inane accounting issue but the allegations are remarkably similar to what happened in 1997 when gingrich then speaker of the house was sensored by congress and fined $300,000 for using a charity to advance his political career, the same allegation being made now. >> that it was in '97. thank you. >> thank you. to the latest on arnold schwarzenegger. his former housekeeper and mistress is breaking her silence posing with her son in "hello" magazine and how she broke down and confessed to maria about the affair. >> reporter: for 14 years housekeeper mildred baena harbored a secret she knew would be devastating to the woman she worked for every day but in the end the boy's looks gave his father away. the physical similarities too
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tough to ignore. baena told "hello" magazine that maria shriver expected the truth as early as last summer and say "i'm here if you need to talk." i sensed something was up. i have so much love and respect for maria, she said. in her first interview since the scandal broke, the 50-year-old former housekeeper told "hello" that shriver confronted her directly just before christmas. baena said she burst that tear, fell to her knees and confessed everything. she was so strong referring to shriver, she cried with me and told me to get off my knees. we held each other and i told her it wasn't arnie's fault, that it takes two. baena seen here in a photo obtained by tmz told "hello" she and schwarzenegger only had a few sexual encounters not a lengthy affair and said the boy, joseph, learned his father's identity a year ago when his grandmother spilled the beans and said joseph was pleased and
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schwarzenegger only learned the full truth recently. maybe as joseph got older and began to look like him he wondered but he never said anything to me. astonishingly baena said shriver insisted she stay on as housekeeper through the holidays rejecting her offer to quit on the spot, the former housekeeper and her son are now in hiding holding up for now at a hotel in phoenix. for "good morning america," david wright, abc news, los angeles. >> still in hiding. baena's lawyer is saying she took no money for this from the magazine. >> all right, but it's not surprising that she said maria shriver handled it with such compassion and grace. we'll see. now to the new sunscreen guidelines that may change the way you spend time in the sun. melanoma is the most common form of cancer here in the u.s. cases rose, though, by 45% between 1992 and 2004. now, label also have to reveal whether sunscreen really protects against the rays that cause cancer. our dr. richard besser is in
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miami beach appropriately enough with more on this. hello, dr. "b." >> hey, robin. you know, robin, the new regulations don't take effect until next summer aimed at giving consumers the protection they thought they were getting already. after 30 years of debate and hundreds of thousands of new melanoma diagnoses, the fda has agreed on a clear new system to label sunscreens and tell you what they can and cannot do. among the changes, labels will no longer be able to claim a sunscreen is waterproof or sweatproof. the fda says there's no such thing. and in order to claim it protects against skin cancer a sunscreen will now be required to block both uvb and uva rays. and have an spf of at least 15. >> any sunscreen that is not broad spectrum or that is broad spectrum but is lower than 15 will be required to have a warning statement. >> reporter: for years the government only required sunscreens to have uvb
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protection. that's what the spf number refers to. it can burn the surface of the skin and cause cancer but uva rays are just as dangerous. even with the new labeling it's still buyer beware until the new rules effect. "consumer reports" studied them and the uva rays that penetrate deeper in skin and found that not all protected as promised. the good news, more people are aware of the dangers of the sun than ever before. this says it's waterproof. how long can you be in the water and not have to reapply? >> all day, like five hours at least. >> reporter: actually when you get out of the water, you should put it on again. spf 8. >> 8. >> reporter: does this pretext you from aging, cancer, both or neither? >> neither. >> reporter: correct. what number does it have to be to start to provide you -- >> 15. >> reporter: 15. you're like an expert.
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robin, until the new rules take effect you can't be sure from reading the label alone that you're getting that complete uva protection. if you go to our website,, we have a list of all the consumer reports products that provide that protection. >> what should we do in the meantime, rich? >> i would use one of those products but there's more than that. if you go in the water, make sure you reapply as soon as you come out. with the new regulations they're going to give you the number of minutes that you have from putting it on to when you need to reapply and that's either 40 minutes or 80 minutes. >> with this rise, 45%, this raised a lot of eye many brows and people had a false sense of security with what they were slapping on. these new requirements, how will that help going forward? >> well, it will definitely help by providing that complete uva/uvb protection, but you have to use the product. if you don't use it, you're not going to get the protection, and that's one of the problem. >> all right. well, slap some on there at the beach, dr. "b." thanks very much. >> i will today.
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>> let's get a check of the morning's other major stories. you loved the shirt. >> the park shirt. that was -- he was a man about town and the park, yeah. robin and george, good morning to you and to all of you. islamic militants in yemen launched a surprise attack at dawn today taking over a part of a key city in the south and with the country's political crisis apparently deepening, the u.s. is now building a new air base in the region to launch attacks on al qaeda in case yemen's government falls into unfriendly hands. meanwhile, a congressional report this morning is condemning a federal program that allowed military-style weapons to flow illegally into mexico. the goal was to track the guns to gang leaders, but few arrests were, in fact, made and two of those guns actually turned up at the murder scene of a border patrol agent in arizona. meanwhile, authorities in louisiana are trying to figure out what caused a series of explosions that set off this massive fire at a chemical plant that forced a dozen residents nearby to evacuate though
7:15 am
thankfully no one was hurt. a big move by one of the biggest school districts in the country. l.a. unified is banning chocolate and strawberry flavored milk from cafeterias in the hopes of fighting child obesity and obesity, one reason behind the troubling reversal in life expectancy. nationwide a baby born today can expect to live 78 years and 2 months. that is a record. however, a new report has found that life span is decreasing across a large swath of the south with men in parts of mississippi not expected to see their 66th birthdays. and finally, a home improvement job that went off the rails. look at the massive crane moving a hot tub into place in minnesota and, oh, yes. down went the hot tub and the crane as you can see. jackknifing the truck, roof and chimney on that house, gone.
7:16 am
though here's the thing. after realizing no one was hurt and thankfully no one was, the homeowner reportedly wasn't even upset. repairs are being made. the hot tub is, in fact, in place. >> it's in place. that's where it's supposed to be? like over the fence. >> a win/win. i think it was the crane. it was the crane. >> got you. >> it's win/win. >> that guy had a great insurance policy. hey, sam. >> also they're happy about their new convertible garage. the garage that comes off -- let's get to the boards. one or two things going on. temperatures in the 40s in some locations into the northeast, a big change from the last couple of weeks so get ready when you step out the door, a7 in new york. 59 in washington. richmond starting at 60 degrees but that cooler air is a little further north. heavy rain today. some is thunderstorm action. some is just rain in places for minneapolis to iowa. certainly don't need anymore. there is a lot of flooding along the missouri river. st. louis is getting heavy rain, chicago you're getting some,
7:17 am
nashville, louisville in the eastern edge of pennsylvania we'll see some. first, this morning here's our stormiest cities on the board all brought to you by walgreens.
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>> next half hour we'll look at the west coast. george, san francisco has been below normal since may 5th. >> wow. we've got a story, sam, that may be a first. two women face to face, toe to toe at trader joe's fighting over the last box of frozen tofu. they're in court making headlines and andrea canning has the story. >> reporter: there are certain things that just get women fired up. in the '80s classic "dynasty" the catfights were over men, nasty gossip ignited this scene on "the real housewives of orange county." [ bleep ]. >> reporter: who could forget the annual running of the brides. >> hit in the eye with a hanger. >> reporter: but a brawl over
7:19 am
vegan pad thai with tofu, yes, it led to the slap heard around the supermarket. what did she say to you over and over again? >> you f'ing "b" word. >> reporter: they faced off in court. dr. kathleen london, a medical contributor for fox news versus opera singer marcela capriero. she said it was justified, her slap. there are people watching who say you just can't slap someone when you're upset over things that are happening in a grocery store. >> when somebody continues to come at you and at you and at you, the law permits the use of reasonable physical force. >> reporter: the fight started because the doctor's sons were getting food out of the freezer at the same time capriero's husband was reaching for the frozen thai dinner. >> he said how kids never say
7:20 am
excuse me. >> she first was saying to her husband they're rude, go away and then said she was going to hit me. >> reporter: how much of your behavior was driven by the fact that you're a mom? >> 100% why i said anything to this man who is yelling at my child, you know, you want to protect your children. >> reporter: are you ready to put this behind you? >> absolutely. in fact, i was ready six months ago to put it mind me but unfortunately we find ourselves here today. >> the big lesson to me is take a breath. >> the doctor said she was in pain for days but the defense argued back that the day after the incident she sweeted she ran thr three miles, biked 16 miles and appeared on "the joy behar show." >> everyone is taking a breath while we wait for the verdict. andrea canning, thanks very much. a day of high emotion coming up in the casey anthony murder trial as the prosecution gets ready to rest, the photo that brought her mother to the brink of a breakdown. plus, a peek inside the
7:21 am
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reason one of the suspects shot the man. no word on the description of the suspects. >> let's check out the bay bridge toll plaza, backed up to the 880 overcrossing and earlier accident blocked a couple lanes for almost 20 minutes. westbound 4 is a crawl right now out of antioch all the way to willow pass road. that drive time for you from lone tree way to 242 is slow 37 minutes. >> when we come back, mike has a >> when we come back, mike has a look at the forecacacacacacacaca
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this was such a heart-wrenching scene in the casey anthony trial yesterday. her mother mouthing "i love you" across the courtroom to her daughter. you see her reaction. the latest on cindy anthony's powerful testimony and casey's reaction in just a moment. as we say good morning, america. on this wednesday morning. >> what that must be like for the mother and father to essentially be testifying against their daughter. >> well, after the things she has said about the father and the brother. >> it is something else. and we also have an incredible medical story today. a real breakthrough on the frontiers of medicine. a mother helping her daughter give birth by donating her womb to her daughter. it's a revolutionary, new medical technology. and we'll talk about it in just a bit.
7:31 am
and the global party girl who has purchased one of the country's biggest, most expensive crash pads ever. and a bowling alley -- you know i was a state bowling champ when i was 12 years old. little-known fact. the race car heiress setting up shop at the spelling mansion. >> ought to install a bowling alley here. >> could we? that would be great. we're going to begin with the latest in the casey anthony trial. prosecutors could rest as early as today. ashleigh banfield joins us now from orlando. good morning, ashleigh. >> reporter: good morning, george. it's hard to believe. but we're at day 30 since this trial with jury selection actually began. and the prosecutors are wrapping this up without calling some of the key witnesses they talked about in opening. casey's cellmate, her boyfriend and the man that found the remains. they've been building a huge circumstantial case. but the question is, is it enough to prove murder? the case against casey is wrapping up with emotion and forensics. >> i'm a crime scene
7:32 am
investigator with the orange county sheriff's office. >> reporter: the heart-shaped stickers that were found in the home were unsealed on the stand. as was the muddy heart-shaped sticker that was found near caylee's remains. >> we have a question from the jury. can we see exhibit 313? >> reporter: the jury passed around the muddy sticker noting it was raised and puffy, unlike the stickers found in the house. >> you didn't find anything like that at the anthony home, did you? >> no. >> reporter: and casey's mother returned to the stand. >> cynthia anthony. >> reporter: a woman torn between a defense that paints her husband as a child molester and prosecutors who say her daughter is a baby killer. seeing this picture clearly struck a chord. >> i don't ever remember seeing that shirt. >> reporter: on her way past her daughter she mouthed the words "i love you." but from behind the defense table casey seemed to shrug it off. the final witness, casey's tattoo artist. >> did you ask her what she wanted done? >> bella vita, and a feminine,
7:33 am
tight font. >> is it customary they get tattoos to remember loved ones that have passed? >> they do, yes. >> reporter: bella vita, beautiful life. shown to a jury that casey hopes will spare her life. and, george, a little later in this courtroom, we're expecting a bit of a language debate over what that really means. is it the literal translation, beautiful life? or a colloquial translation, the good life? it could make a lot of difference. >> thanks very much. let's bring in the rest of our trial team, nancy grace from "the nancy grace show" on hln and our "gma" legal analyst dan abrams. thanks for coming back today. we begin with that extraordinary moment when cindy got off the stand. >> well, it was an extraordinary moment. that's a good way to put it. cindy had been breaking down on the stand, crying a river.
7:34 am
and in stark contrast, it was such a dichotomy because tot mom, casey anthony, sat there looking, let me say, bored and ill about the whole thing while her mother broke down over caylee. when cindy came down off the witness stand, this is now the third time she's had to endure the cross-examination. she turned to tot mom and said -- tot mom looked away with a little roll of the eyes. and i don't know if the jury saw it. everyone else in the courtroom did. >> yeah, that was some reaction. you mentioned casey looked ill, dan, maybe she looked ill or upset because the testimony of her mom. again, so devastating. talking about the items that were taken out of the house. >> well, and this testimony, this time, was also about what items were missing from the house. and the goal here was to link the scene where the body was found back to the home. >> so, you have the winnie the pooh blanket, a teddy bear. >> a bag, et cetera. all items that cindy anthony
7:35 am
says were missing from the house and which prosecutors say there were remnants of at the crime scene. so, prosecutors would tell you we have pretty definitively linked the scene where the body was found back to the home. the issue, of course, is of the defense saying okay. fair enough. but george anthony was the one who they say disposed of the body. and so, wouldn't be that surprising that items from the home were later found at the scene. >> and, nancy, ashleigh mentioned it in her tag. the significance of the translation of this tattoo, bella vita. >> yes, absolutely. and what's also significant about that tattoo that tot mom got in the weeks to days after caylee goes missing is that we found out yesterday on the stand that after she got the tattoo, the people in the tattoo parlor were familiar with caylee. she had brought her in there several times. tot mom, after she gets the tattoo says, hey, let's have a pizza party. and she springs for everybody in the tattoo parlor to have pizza
7:36 am
and stays around to eat pizza. the translation for the back tattoo, the good life, could be construed by the state to mean now she's going to have the good single life. the defense will probably try to use it to their advantage saying it was more of a tribute to the daughter that she already knew was dead. and back to that scenario about the items from the home being there at the crime scene, they divvied it up between george anthony and roy kronk as to who staged the scene. it was never said in opening statement that george anthony staged a scene. in fact, they say roy kronk left the scene where caylee was found. so, what? roy kronk, the meter reader breaks in the house and gets all her winnie the pooh stuff and leaves it at the scene? no. >> this is one of the problems for the defense is you have to somehow figure out what did george anthony do? and what did the meter reader do? which, again, brings you back to
7:37 am
the question of, why did they feel the need to go after both of them in this way? as opposed to simply saying, look, we don't know. there was an accident. et cetera. >> but that's the problem. >> right. >> that's the problem, dan. they got to figure it out. if it's the truth, there is nothing to figure out. and this is a technical move by the state not to call kronk. now, the defense has got to call him. and under florida law they lose final closing argument. >> that's why you both have said in the end the defense is probably going to have to put casey up on the stand even though that's a difficult move. dan and nancy, thanks very much. time, now, for the weather and sam champion. >> hey, george. we'll start with norman, oklahoma, near oklahoma city, very powerful thunderstorms in that area. did some damage. but took all the boats in this area and blew them up to the side. took down power lines. blew trucks off the road. 70-mile-per-hour winds just outside of oklahoma city. here's the oklahoma city five-day. we generally believe here you're in fairly good shape. 92 on wednesday. 93. then you go up to about 99 on
7:38 am
saturday. but cooling off by the time we get into sunday. here's a look at where the strong to severe storms will be rolling today in the bright red zone from indianapolis to nashville. memphis, you're involved in that. paducah, kentucky, getting storms today, as well. west coast, as we mentioned, drier finally. l.a., you're at about 70 degrees almost. i think it's 68, 71 degrees, right all that weather was brought to you by the chrysler town and country. george? >> okay, sam. thank you. coming up, megadeal for a megamansion. the global party girl, getting ready to call this hollywood palace home. you'll find them with their heads down,
7:39 am
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after two years on the market with a price tag of $150 million, candy spelling's megamansion is finally under contract and the lucky buyer who can afford the most expensive home in the u.s. is just 22 years old so if you had a million dollar, would you buy this home? chris connelly has the story and joins us this morning from l.a. good morning, chris. >> reporter: good morning, robin. it's not exactly a charming fixer-upper with great potential, although the prospective buyer is getting a break. all when most at that age are just graduating college. so where were you at 22? probably not making a beeline for the spelling mapgs but the 123-room behemoth even excessive by the rarefied standards of hollywood real estate is said to be in the sights of 22-year-old british racing heiress petra
7:44 am
ecclestone. this chateau in hombley hills needs an owner to mind her manners. >> it is one of the most spectacular and most legendary hopes in all of the country. >> reporter: from the hedges to the pool, to the tennis court where snow was once famously delivered for sledding at tori spelling's birthday party. the exterior alone is staggering. inside the stupendous staircase is a tribute to "gone with the wind." the massive kitchen boasts the real deal in stainless deal. a chandelier to swing from above the dining room. that's the breakfast, uh, nook. way larger than life living room. by the numbers it's 57,000 square feet of space make it bigger than the white house's 55,000. its 14 bedrooms are more than twice as many as the playboy mansion's 6. admittedly its 27 bathrooms
7:45 am
can't compete with buckingham palace's 78 but there must be room for improvement because there is a room for everything else from china to gift wrapping to flower cutting. the garage space for 100 cars. plus it's got its very own bowling alley. daughter of billionaire formula one boss bernie ecclestone, petra is a former fashion designer who told a british publication she bought her $91 million london residence because i need a garden for my dogs. >> she's newly engaged. she's going to have a new husband, a new life and a spectacular new home. >> reporter: but buying a place like this one at age 22, that's a whole other animal. i'm still psyched about the bowling alley. you know, excessive spending is nothing new for this family. at petra's engagement party her father had rihanna flown in by helicopter to entertain the guests. i have a feeling the song "shut up and drive" was on the set.
7:46 am
>> but only 14 bedrooms. as big as that place is, that's it? >> maybe you can get a few ton down in one of the living rooms for a slumber party. caramel corn, yeah, you know, just kind of make it your own. >> sam got a big chuckle. what did you say -- called it a chateau over the top? >> yes, i did, indeed. it's quite a building. it's, you know, it should spruce up any neighborhood. >> hey, chris, thanks for having a lot of fun vent appreciate it. have a good day in l.a. coming up, live television can be a dangerous place. don't we know it especially when it comes to telling a joke. when trying to be funny goes really wrong. ♪
7:47 am
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so skin can replenish itself. tv. the dalai lama and just bombs. take a look. >> the dalai lama walks into a pizza shop -- pizza.
7:51 am
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7:56 am
today is the deadline for the california legislature to pass a budget for the state. democrats in sacramento are rushing to work out a deal that could be approved by a majority vote without republican support. lawmakers stand to lose their salaries for every day a spending plan isn't passed. >> above average temperatures. look at all the sunshine. 65 in half moon bay, low 90s in east bay valleys. cooling trend hits tomorrow about 10-12 degrees cooler by friday.
7:57 am
>> slow traffic on the dumbarton bridge, accident around the toll lane. bay bridge toll plaza backed up to the maze. to the maze. >> news continues now with "good
7:58 am
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and i am a phoenix. [ male announcer ] find your program at >> announcer: from abc news live in times square, wednesday, june 15th, 2011, this is "good morning america" with robin roberts and george stephanopoulos. yesterday we brought you millions. today it's time to cash in on billions. we're going to tell you how to get your share of all that, so much unclaimed money out there, and it's part of our series "show you the money." >> and it's your money. >> it is your money. this morning savings bonds, all the secrets to savings bonds coming up. also this morning still to come, real drama for the teen mom reality star. we're talking about amber portwood. she was rushed to the hospital, and we're going to check in on the latest setback for this very young mom and our lifestyle anchor lara spencer, you have an interesting story too. >> it really is.
8:01 am
a mom giving her daughter a chance at motherhood, listen to this, through a womb transplant. her daughter would be the first using the same womb to give birth that she was carried in. >> unbelievable. >> if it works -- >> it's an experimental stage. >> we'll explain. >> you know, you have something very special coming up on fatherhood. >> i am looking forward to this. tomorrow i'm going to travel to the white house for a very permanent conversation with president obama about fatherhood. he's going to share the lessons that he's learned and we're going to ask questions from a little league dad, little leaguers -- >> questions from all over. >> yeah, from all over to ask him about fatherhood, and, you know, the book he wrote too about his dad. tweet me your questions for the president, and i'll share them with him. but now -- oh, i love that. >> get a nest. >> the dalai lama walks into a pizza place and -- >> ba-dum-dum. >> still on that one. >> let's just be one with
8:02 am
everything, shall we, folks. we begin with another look to the blow to the crushing and increasingly crumbling u.s./pakistan alliance. they arrested several people, all pakistanis, who worked with the cia to hunt down osama bin laden. now, one of the men arrested actually owned the safe house used by the cia to watch bin laden's compound. meanwhile, amtrak is increasing security because of concern about terrorists and criminals sabotaging the rails. a rail switching box in iowa was recently sabotaged. apparently in an attempt to derail a train carrying ethanol. a worker caught it in time and terrorism has been ruled out. but after osama bin laden's journals did reveal a plot to attack trains, amtrak is now expanding its patrols. meanwhile, an employee at u.s. airways is under arrest accused of illegally hitching a ride on a flight from tampa to charlotte by hiding in the plane's cargo area. once in charlotte, the mechanic then bought a ticket to
8:03 am
pittsburgh where he was taken into custody. the tsa is now investigating. meanwhile, the wildfire burning in eastern arizona has grown into the state's largest ever. investigators are questioning two people whose campfire may have started it all. the fire has burned some 700 square miles. and now here's diane sawyer with a preview of tonight's "world news." diane? >> hey, josh, good wednesday morning to you. coming up on "world news," the question of insomnia, nearly four in ten have it. what does taking sleeping pills do to you over time and does cooling down your head be the answer you're looking for. it's all tonight on "world news." this one has everybody yapping so we'll have it for you. heavy melting snow obviously has rivers running high out of the rockies and a group of geese found out the very hard way. take a look. here we go. some geese and some goslings do
8:04 am
appear to be swimming, just minding their own business when they catch one. look at this nice little -- a little break. yeah, whitewater and rapids and despite the presence of wings that would allow them to simply fly away, instead, they drop into the tube, and i can tell you there's no bliss quite like dropping into the tube albeit not in the river on the rockies. >> some talented geese there. >> i wasn't sure about the geese. what did you guys think of the geese? i wasn't sure. i went back and forth on the geese. >> i thought you were going to do another joke. i thought it was like the dalai lama, there were a couple of geese and some -- >> i tried to pun it up for george but i thought sometimes you have to leave well enough alone. >> i think the picture carried it. sam? >> am i too late to say hello, dolly? i don't know if i'm too late. i don't know. maybe it was. we've got a plant in the audience.
8:05 am
wait a minute. there's something going on here. show that sign, please, ma'am. and tell me your name. >> crystal from staten island. >> all right, crystal, you know that marcus is over there, though. get a picture of marcus. marcus is my studio producer. it is marcus' birthday. happy birthday, marcus. >> okay. >> all: happy birthday, marcus. >> okay, see, there was a plant. i didn't write that sign. somehow this is destined to happen. let's get to the boards. a bunch of things going on this morning. as you look outside wls is providing this view. and you know what, if you're not watching wls in chicago, just don't even bother turning on the tv set because they know everything about chicago including the fact there is heavy rain in the area. look at this. more than 2 inches is likely in that area today. some will be in thunderstorms farther to the south but that's just some very heavy rain today. on the west coast we're glad to say things are drying out a little bit. it's a little bit more comfortable. l.a. comes in at 71 degree today. san antonio, still hot. who is here, somebody from texas, right around here. you know galveston needs the rain, so does san antonio.
8:06 am
>> so but outside for barry manilow, a big crowd because it's barry's what? >> barry's birthday on friday. >> on friday. barry didn't say that this morning when i saw him. george, back inside. >> happy birthday, barry, too. now we're going to turn to the troubled star of the mtv reality show "teen mom." amber portwood has been hospitalized after an apparent suicide attempt. juju is back with us and i guess
8:07 am
amber was found unconscious thanks to a tip from the baby's dad. >> yes, and this is the boyfriend that she's been in trouble with for beating up on. she'd reportedly been fighting on the phone with her baby daddy gary shirley. after threatening to kill herself, he called a relative to ask if they'd check this on her and that's when someone dialed 911. >> get the [ bleep ] out. >> i am leaving. i'm keeping her. >> get out. >> i'm keeping her. >> reporter: the latest twist for teen mom wild child amber portwood now reportedly includes attempted suicide. >> if there were a checklist for a tabloid celebrity, amber portwood has made her way through it pretty quickly. >> reporter: according to police she was taken to the hospital tuesday morning after threatening to take her life. this comes just a week after she pleaded guilty to domestic violence charges after slapping and punching her ex-fiance gary shirley and losing custody of her 2-year-old daughter leah all captured on mtv's hit show. "star" magazine reports amber admitted to taking pills, and when paramedics arrived, they found the teen
8:08 am
star drifting in and out of consciousness. the magazine also says the rescuers removed a rope from around her neck but according to police in anderson, indiana, portwood did not appear to be injured and was taken to a local hospital for further evaluation. >> what's happened now with amber is just adding fuel to the fire. from mtv's perspective this may be disturbing but will probably make for good television. >> reporter: mtv released this statement saying "our understanding is that amber has been admitted to a local hospital, but we have not been able to confirm the accuracy of any reports being circulated and are waiting for further details." on again/off again boyfriend gary shirley reportedly visited amber in the hospital. he then raised speculation about the reality star's motivation by tweeting "never cheated on amber. she may have thought i did, but haven't. i will always love and respect her even if we aren't together." >> as awful as these things may be, there's a hook that viewers can't get enough of. >> and, of course, it turns out the third season of the hit show "teen mom" begins july 5th on
8:09 am
mtv, and despite all the bad behavior or perhaps because of it, the show is a smash hit, and the young moms are now tabloid cover girls with six-figure salaries. >> oh, just shocking. >> just shocking. >> okay, juju, thanks very much. lara? >> all right, george, thank you. >> here's a look at what's coming up on the "gma" morning menu. show me the money, what you need to know to cash in big. plus, a medical milestone, a womb transplant from a mother to her daughter. my report from the new frontier of fertility. and criminal critters. the sneakiest animal thieves on the planet caught in the act. that and more coming up on "good morning america." "gma's" morning menu is brought to you by neutrogena, rapid wrinkle repair. proven to smooth wrinkles in just one week. with heart-related chest pain or a heart attack known as acs, you may not want to face the fact that you're at greater risk of a heart attack or stroke.
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you make it special. pure hershey's. >> ah, jerry maguire would be proud. it is time to show you the money. where is it? it's hiding in forgotten unredeemed savings bonds. there were $16 billion worth of them out there that have already reached their maximum value but have not been claimed that our consumer correspondent elisabeth leamy is back to tell us how we can cash in. this was huge yesterday when you did it, eli. >> here we go again. you may wonder how somebody could lose track of an investment like this but the thing is, it takes savings bonds 20 to 40 years to mature. so people sometimes just forget about them. but it is worth checking because the average successful search turns up bonds worth about a thousand dollars. like this.
8:15 am
♪ bonds get freedom that's what i'm selling bonds today ♪ >> jerry williams of pennsylvania remembers seeing patriotic promotional ads like this as a girl. ♪ some today >> reporter: so when she became a young working woman she started buying savings bonds. it was like an old-fashioned 401(k). >> it's just been a blessing in our lives. >> reporter: when jerry saw a "gma" link about unclaimed savings bonds she didn't think she'd find any because she had always kept hers in this safe and thought she cashed them all in. >> and i thought, oh, well, i'll just do it anyway. bang, there it was. and it was a thrill. >> reporter: the treasury department was about to show jerry the money. >> you don't think even for one moment i'd force you or anyone to buy savings bonds. >> count me in, father. i'll buy. >> reporter: count me in is what lorraine silva and 70 others said when the treasury department was looking for volunteers to help reunite citizens with their savings bonds.
8:16 am
>> it's very rewarding to feel that you've done something to make somebody happy and perhaps change their life in some way. >> reporter: in some cases bonds are so old that workers have to search microfilm archives for documentation. >> i wonder if they sell savings bonds to horses. >> reporter: the government's savings bonds push was such a success that it takes a million microfilm reels in a room the length of a football field to hold all of the records. sure enough, some of those records were jerry's. >> hello, jerrold dean. >> reporter: when lorraine called with the good news jerry was stunned. she had invested $50 and figured she'd get 100 back but got 521 instead, ten times her original investment. >> i thought, i'm just going to plant flowers. >> reporter: $500. >> $500 worth of planting. i'm just planting them. >> reporter: that would make a beautiful ending to the story but there's more. i suggest jerry search for
8:17 am
savings bonds in her husband's name. >> so i did that, pop. here's john's. >> reporter: what do you think of that? >> i got to thank you for that. >> reporter: and then while we were at jerry's house she found still more unredeemed savings bonds for her daughter. you found another one for becky. come here, becky. becky continues the tradition buying savings bonds for her son. >> it'll be exciting to see if my son actually ever has the same excitement, lost money that's found. >> reporter: in the end, the williams received checks for a total of $924. >> how about that? huh. >> if you are now inspired to check for savings bonds in your family's name it's easy. we will link you to a free site run by the treasury department that gives pretty much instant results. >> wonderful. one was a thousand dollars there but what's the largest amount -- >> amazing. somebody out there has 13,000 bonds waiting worth $2.5
8:18 am
million. >> million? >> yes, yes. whoever they are -- >> how do we check? >> exactly, really. >> my goodness and something about found money that makes you feel so good. thank you so much, eli. if you're inspired to check, you better be inspired to check your savings bonds in your family's name. it is easy. go to our website and we'll have all the details for you. you sent in hundreds of questions about how to find your unclaimed cash and posted answers online, again, you can find it all. lara. >> that is great news. doctors have transplanted heart, kidneys, but there's never been a successful transplant of a uterus. two women in europe are hoping to become the first to donate and receive a transplanted womb and they already share a special bond. like so many mothers around the world, eva ottosson says she and the daughter she gave birth to share the most intimate of
8:19 am
bonds. >> during the pregnancy she was using my lungs, she was using my heart, she was using my kidneys, she was using pretty much every part of me. >> reporter: that was 25 years ago. now this 56-year-old mom says she wants to share another part of herself with her adult daughter, the very womb she once grew in. >> i happen to have a womb that i'm not using anymore. she doesn't have any. she needs one. >> reporter: her daughter who wants to remain anonymous for now desperately wants to have a baby. but she was born without a uterus and other reproductive organs. it's called mrkh syndrome and 1 out of 5,000 women have it. >> for her it's always been if she wants children she has to adopt. >> reporter: until now. eva and her daughter are part of cutting-edge medicine in sweden where they say they can successfully do this.
8:20 am
>> we are looking at mothers that are done with their pregnancies and want to donate the uterus to their daughters. >> reporter: here's how it works. a healthy uterus and attached blood vessels have taken from one woman and implanted into another using common in vitro techniques, her own eggs fertilized and implanted in the new womb where the baby grows as normal. >> we would like to restrict the procedure for one or maybe two children and then the uterus will be removed and, of course, we don't want too many side effects due to medication to the mother. >> reporter: dr. dell priori is the head researcher here in the u.s. >> it's fairly functional in terms of carrying a pregnancy into the 50s. >> reporter: he says science has come a long way since the first attempt was unsuccessful ten years ago in saudi arabia. >> since then there's been some progress on surgical techniques
8:21 am
that the swedish group, uk and our group have done. >> reporter: as with any major transplant surgery there are still risks. >> might be an increased risk of certain cancers given the association of infections and cervical cancer. >> reporter: still, eva and her daughter say it is worth trying. >> my hope and my dream and my goal is that i think i share it with my daughter and her boyfriend is to make a success for them but also make it available for other women who are in the situation. >> reporter: and her daughter told the british newspaper "the telegraph," "it would mean the world for me for this to work and to have children. i'm trying thought to get my hopes up and not be disappointed." as to those who say it sounds like science fix or why not choose surrogacy instead -- >> they are just renting out a space. i'd rather give mine away. >> reporter: if they are sclektd for the final clinical trial
8:22 am
surgery eva could be welcoming her first grandchild by fall. >> if i don't try it when i have this option, i will probably regret it for the rest of my life. >> eva and her daughter are more than 3,000 potential pore/daughter pairs. if they're chosen they will likely get this procedure next spring. robin. >> we heard the daughter says she doesn't want to get her hopes up. i know it's hard not to. what else did she say. >> she is a biology teacher so she's incredibly realistic and looks at it like an organ as any other and loves that it's her mom. mostly worried about her mom, not herself. >> a lot will be watching. thanks for bringing it to us, lara. >> big shift in gears to monkey business. animals caught red-handed in the act of stealing. john berman has been tracking down the furry thieves helping themselves to everything in sight. >> animals seem so cute. your pets so friendly, but what are they up to when you're not looking? the answer, they're up to no
8:23 am
good. astounding feats of villainy all caught in the act. lock your door, grab your underwear and for goodness sake hide your drink because these animals are giving larceny a whole new meaning. breaking and entering. >> no. >> reporter: shoplifting. >> big dog sort of let it go. >> reporter: burglary. even public drunkenness. america's most wanted meets wild kingdom. a menagerie of misdemeanors, furry felonies, august caught on tape. on st. kits, the monkey, legend is they first developed a taste for alcohol hundreds of years ago while enjoying the fermented sugar cane. now they've become stealthy bandits and don't just steal, they drink. way too much.
8:24 am
monkey drunks. at least they keep their mayhem outside. not so this one raccoon wrecking crew. >> get out! >> reporter: meet willie. he was so cute when this man -- >> willie -- >> reporter: juan carlos rescued him from the wild as an abandoned baby. willie was nursed back to health inside the house until the house couldn't handle him anymore. check out this not so welcome surprise when juan carlos returned from vacation. >> you little -- come here. get out. >> reporter: but when it comes to criminal mischief there is one animal that takes the cake. well, the cake, the towel, the car wash sponge, the goggles, even a size 38 bra. >> look at all this stuff you stole.
8:25 am
yes, you're a thieving cat. remember when you told that ball? >> here's the sponge. >> reporter: you washed the car with that. all this, the loot of perhaps the most prolific cat burglar ever. meet dusty. the klepto kitty who has become something of a national celebrity. >> hi there, dusty. >> reporter: for almost four years dusty's owners, jean chu and her husband jim noticed the strangest items showing up around their northern california home. and neighbors have noticed stuff missing. amazing stuff. jean began cataloging the enormous take from dusty's escapades, pore than 600 items so jean and jim set up a reverse yard sale to give as much as they could back. the neighbors had fun. but dusty, he didn't look happy. you don't want to give that stuff up, did you, buddy? he's upset just talking about it.
8:26 am
>> reporter: so far the only thing that has stopped dusty in his tracks, check out this video of dusty caught red-handed when suddenly a girl cat named chloe. he didn't want to look bad for the ladies. if you want to see more of cats like dusty check out must love cats a s on animal planet. they said if they locked him up he'd get anxious and depressed. >> you're kidding me? >> that's what they said. >> okay. thanks a lot. you can see more of john's report on a special "20/20, "caught in the act." 10:00, 9:00 central. ♪ she was a schoolgirl >> barry manilow singing live.
8:27 am
police are searching for two men who robbed and shot a man as he was walking away from the hayward bart station late last night. a man and woman were leaving the bart station along tennison road when two men approached them demanding a purse and wallet. they handed them over but one of the suspects shot the man. he is in stable condition and no word yet on a description of the suspects. >> let's get an update on your morning commute with frances dinglasan. >> good morning. new crash reported right at the bay bridge toll plaza. it is backed up to the foot of the maze right now. san mateo bridge just crowded westbound but still flowing well and in san jose, northbound 280
8:28 am
slows from highway 87 up to cupertino. thank you. meteorologist mike nicco has the
8:29 am
check out the temperatures, surge to go up in antioch and 70 in fairfieldfield. but another day of above averages temperatures. spread from 55 to half moon bay. even 90s in the east bay valleys
8:30 am
and santa rosa. accu-weather seven-day forecast, ♪ you know i can't smile without you i can't smile without you ♪ ♪ can't laugh can't sing i just can't smile without you ♪ the one, the only barry manilow live here in times square. his first original music in ten years, and i asked people their favorite songs and that's one of them "i can't smile without you." >> how can you not sway when you hear this song? >> first "gma" ever -- probably
8:31 am
about ten years ago and i danced with diane to barry manilow. >> really. >> first and last. >> find that tape. we have half an hour to find that piece of tape. barry manilow will be performing live coming up in this half hour. >> also, very excited about three gorgeous ladies joining us here in times square, heating up times square, i dare say, they're going to talk about the new season of "hot in cleveland" and they are. >> they are. also, mario batali, our friend mario batali is right here. and he has got a father's day feast you're not going to want to miss. good to see you, mario. he is. >> sam, you got a beautiful day here. >> i know. come on. it is gorgeous. so much better than yesterday. even josh gave me a little -- >> i love it. thank you for this. i appreciate it. >> let's go to the boards. one or two things going on. because you may not be with us this morning. i don't know why you wouldn't be. but miami, take a look at the sun this morning.
8:32 am
we did not doctor this video. it's showing up kind of a bright red, and there's a little smoky haze there because if you go to the graphics, there are more than 300 fires burning in the state of florida right now. along with those fires that are burning farther west, did you know most of the state of florida is in drought at some level and some parts are in exceptional drought. these hot temperatures in the 90s will just make that situation worse. there are a lot of small fires popping up during the day today. there could be one or two scattered sprinkles or showers into florida and into the southeast. that line of rain will go all the way around the great lakes and in some cases it will be heavy rain, chicagoland earlier we showed you. you'll get some heavy rain. could be more than a couple inches. in the red zone, the scattered storms and thundershowers they'll be potent and powerful during the day but we are very prou
8:33 am
>> there is lots of action in times square including mario's mixed grill. going on. oh, lara. >> oh, sammy. i'm out of breath. i was hoping you'd talk a little longer. so i just ran upstairs because, well, it's a little warm in the studio. not only from the run, betty white, as you guys know, warmed things up when she visited us on monday. now look at these three beautiful ladies, my friends, the stars of "hot in cleveland," just turning up those flames. valerie bertinelli, jane leeves and wendie malick play three l.a. transplants like myself who are now living the good life in the midwest, and they're here this morning to tell us what's coming up on the third season. i can't believe it. >> yeah. >> time flies when you're having fun. >> it really does. this time last year the show had just premiered and now we're heading into season three. it's incredible. >> do you have as much fun as it looks because i crack up watching. i'm waiting for you guys to sort of crack. >> yeah. >> i think we have the longest blooper reel in
8:34 am
the history of sitcoms because we do so much cracking up. >> a third of every show. >> and i think you and i are probably the worst because we can't look at each other. >> we have to look over each other's heads. >> betty on monday said she feels so blessed and to hear that from the legendary betty white, i can't imagine what it must be like to watch her in action. >> i think -- but i think that's something we share is this sense of gratitude that this is happening to us now. we sort of all were so lucky to have had great series under our belts, but to have done it now in a show about four women of a certain age is like so unexpected and fabulous. >> it's sort of like a little master class getting to work with betty because she's got little touches that she does in ways that she says lines that you wouldn't think would be said that way. she's pretty amazing. >> gets away with murder. >> she really does with that cute little face. >> i can't remember if it was betty that outed jane or -- >> what? >> i read it somewhere else, but you -- yes, so we're clear, let
8:35 am
me be clear that she said that you are the one who sort of just can't keep it together. >> yes. >> well, she does her own stuff. >> i also love to get other people, you know, and i can just get betty with a no industrial nostril flair and then she's gone and i can look at that -- >> you twinkle, i'm gone. >> the show is about three women who leave l.a. behind and are really living a better life, i dare say, in the midwest and i'm from l.a. i absolutely love it but as l.a. girls, do you think the concept -- is there something in that? >> absolutely, yes. >> definitely. >> you sort of reach a certain age, and you do find yourself becoming slightly invisible, you know. >> the older you get. >> the older you get, you know, and so definitely there's something to that. >> it's also the possibility of reinventing yourself at any stage in your life. you know, there are always second, third, fourth, eight
8:36 am
chances and they're all possible. you just have to keep showing up and making yourself available to them. >> really quickly, betty white looks phenomenal, i mean 90 years old. >> in january. >> she's only 89. >> oh, in january. in january she's 90. but she's made no bones about the fact that she doesn't eat perfectly. >> dreadful. dreadful. red licorice, hot dogs, french fries and a diet coke. i'm like, why bother? >> if you could tell our viewers -- oh, i wanted to give you this quiz but what's your naughty betty white sort of snack because you all look at the nominal. >> when i turn 80 that's when i'm going to start eating like that. that's when i figure i can do it. >> i like potato chips. >> savory. >> i want to tell everybody, you guys are about to go to cleveland to get the key to the city. >> yes. >> we want to make sure you know enough about that city. are you ready? can we dim the lights and get into quiz show mode? oh, take a deep breath, girls. ready. not a lot of time on the clock here. which of the great lakes does cleveland border?
8:37 am
>> erie. >> erie. >> oh, i'm very sorry, ladies. it is lake superior. >> no. >> oh, we didn't let you finish the question then. >> you need to settle down, don't you? >> it's lake erie. it's lake erie. >> trach a breath. quickly, which of these actresses is really from cleveland? is it teri hatcher or halle berry? >> halle berry. >> and the answer is halle berry. >> drew carey. >> oh, you just -- you know what, they put up the wrong question. cleveland has many famous sports teams and some other known teams, as well. what sports does the cleveland crush play? >> hockey? >> you're the -- >> not that one -- i'm a browns fan. >> it's lingerie football. come on. >> oh. that's why. >> and finally, i want to remind everybody that after you go get the key to the city, we all can watch you guys. you're back on the air premiering tonight. >> tonight. >> tonight. >> on tv land. >> every wednesday. >> and trust me when i tell you, they are as much fun in person, on the air, you guys are great. it's really a joy always having you. thank you so much.
8:38 am
>> thank you. >> thank you. >> all right, coming up next, another fun friend, mario batali's delicious feast for father's day. >> i love him. >> come on down.
8:39 am
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father's day just a few days away so we bring mario batali in for a father's day feast and you've got one for us. >> got it going on. >> tell us what you got. >> my favorite thing to eat as a
8:41 am
father is a mixed grill because i like lots of different things off the grill. nice little simple antipasto is bruschetta. buy yourself nice country bread with thick, crisp truft and throw it on the grill. >> just put it on. >> absolutely nothing before it goes on, gets a nice dry toast and crust like this. then what you do is you take a whole garlic clove, peel it and almost like you're doing sandpaper just rub it on it like that and already we have something that with just a little bit of extra virgin ol little oil would be a taste. but, no, that's not enough. we're taking fava beans, pea, grilled asparagus and mix it with extra virgin olive oil. >> do you have a favorite. >> from tuscany. this is from sardinia and i love it. it's all about two kinds of oil. cook with one and finish with one. finishing ones are a little more expensive. i'll take some fresh mozzarella.
8:42 am
i'll take some basil and tear it up, a pinch of dried oregano. when you use dried herbs squeeze them through your fingers to extract those oils. then a little bit of sliced garlic. and toss it around. now, at this point and i'll add a little more chili flakes. you take the grilled toast off or toaster out of the broiler, and then just spoon that over like so and you are in father's day heaven. >> ready to go. >> fava beans are perfectly in season. >> really good. >> now, there's other things we made and i like a mixed grill that shows a bunch of things, marinated thicken thighs with the bones in them. two kinds of sausages, bratwurst. >> i've never seen that big one. >> it's often served boil with a little mashed potatoes and balsamic vinegar.
8:43 am
these are all available at our new crazy beer oasis in italy with -- >> italian beer garden. >> it's not a garden. everybody is expecting it to be -- it's a fancy restaurant in the sky. >> got to check it out and make a bunch of herbs and capers and anchovies and drizzle it over like so enour in heaven. not a dad in this world that wouldn't be ecstatic over this. >> so good. >> oh, wow. >> not too bad, right? how do you do this? >> you take basil, parsley, caper, a little bit of bread crumb, anchovies, yes or no, a little garlic, put it in a food process or mortar and pestle. the bread crumbs give it the interesting texture. >> you can use it on almost anything you grill. >> exactly and as a matter of
8:44 am
fact we use it for bread and dipping and grilled vegetables. do a whole mess of grilled vejs tables and on a platter like that and a lot of times you won't even notice there's no meat on the table. >> the flavoring, is that -- >> a touch of cooking spice but what gives it that lip-smacking fattiness they use the outside skin of the pork leg for pro-shootty and grind it up and has a collageny thing. >> how you celebrate? >> i'll be -- traditionally we go out to the food and wine classic out in aspen and blue brunch at the top of the mountain and drink a beer or seven-up with my kids. >> mario, thanks a lot. happy father's day. >> happy father's day to you. recipes on our website, abcnews.c ♪ ♪ >>
8:45 am
purina cat chow helps you well-being. we're all striving for it. nurture it in your cat with a full family of excellent nutrition and helpful resources. purina cat chow. share a better life.
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8:47 am
i've been waiting to say this, he writes the songs that make the whole world sing and now for the first time in ten years our good friend barry manilow has written and recorded new songs for all of us to sing along with. he is a legend and he is out with his first album of original music in a decade. it is called "15 minutes" and he is going to give us a bit of a sample this morning. you are a dear. everyone around here, you've been here for a couple of hours and you are such a gentleman. >> thank you. >> just lovely having you. >> i love coming here. i do. it feels like i'm home. i mean how many times have we done this? i've been making a lot of albums. that's why. i always have something to show you over the last eight, ten years. >> you've sold over 80 million albums worldwide but made us wait for the original music. why so long. >> i was having a grade run with
8:48 am
decade album, '60s, '70s an and '80s and the love song one from last year but i missed songwriting. i just missed it. as soon as i could i started to come up with an idea to write an album about it. >> "15 minutes." >> i didn't want to write an album of 12 nice songs but challenge myself and do something a little more interesting than just writing, oh, i miss you, i love you so. i've got so many albums with that so i tackled an idea. i tackled an idea. >> this idea because it's a famous phrase, everyone is going to be famous in their life for 15 minutes. >> right. >> so what was it about that that -- >> it's about fame. it's about, you know, what happ happens? especially these days these young people became famous overnight and how do they handle it. it knocked me down. i wasn't 15. i was like going on 30 and this fame thing hit me, you know, and i had to pull myself together. we watched -- my partner and
8:49 am
nick anderson and i watched britney spears get hounded by the paparazzi. couldn't go to starbuck, couldn't live her life. that didn't happen to me when i was starting off but it did -- it does to these young people and i said, well, you know, maybe that's an interesting idea to write songs about. >> it's great and have you handled it so well and when i tweeted people, i said tell me your favorite barry manilow song, cannot pick one. it just goes on and on and now we have new music so -- better put your ears in. >> so i can hear. >> now performing the song "bring on tomorrow" from "15 minutes," the icon barry manilow. ♪ ♪ sleep baby sleep
8:50 am
lose yesterday's blues ♪ ♪ when you're ready for morning have i got news ♪ ♪ our ship's in the harbor the street's turning gold ♪ ♪ whatever you're dreaming it's no longer on hold ♪ ♪ dream baby dream while you were asleep ♪ ♪ i had mountains to climb and a promise to keep ♪ ♪ now home is the hunter and holding the prize ♪ ♪ i'm waiting to tell you when you open your eyes ♪ ♪ bring on tomorrow
8:51 am
for me and for you ♪ ♪ we hung on through dark hours dawn's overdue ♪ ♪ bring on tomorrow and show me the sun ♪ ♪ we'll live it together 'cause you are the one ♪ ♪ smile baby smile through canyons of night ♪ ♪ but you'll really be smiling by morning's light ♪ ♪ they told us we're crazy they promised i'd lose ♪ ♪ forgive and forget them they're yesterday's news ♪ ♪ bring on tomorrow
8:52 am
for me and for you ♪ ♪ we hung on through dark hours dawn's overdue ♪ ♪ bring on tomorrow and show me the sun ♪ ♪ we'll live it together 'cause you're the one ♪ ♪ without you it's nothing why else would i climb ♪ ♪ together forever hearts beating in time ♪ ♪ oh bring on tomorrow for me and for you ♪ ♪ we hung on through dark hours dawn's overdue ♪ ♪ bring on tomorrow and show me the sun ♪
8:53 am
♪ we'll live it together 'cause you are the one ♪ ♪ you are the one [ applause ]ng
8:54 am
grime from out of the porous caverns of grout takes the right tools, but it also takes a gentle, caring touch. before you can deep clean, you learn to get a feel for its trouble spots.
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8:56 am
wonderful way to start the day with barry manilow. >> thanks for coming back. >> "15 minutes" and happy early birthday coming up on friday. >> it is. i'm kind of looking forward to it. >> happy birthday. >> good-bye, everybody.
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
san francisco mayor ed lee is set to sign a measure offering on massive redevelopment project for treasure island. they approved the $1.5 billion plan yesterday. the project will include 8,000 housing units along with retail and office space. meteorologist mike nicco is here now with a quick look at the bay area forecast. >> we'll take a look at warm temperatures. 90s inland and some up in the north bay. temperatures by tomorrow into friday ten degrees cooler. >> big delays for this time in the morning, northbound 880. jammed from 238 because of an earlier stall. bay


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