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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  June 16, 2011 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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good morning, america. on the west coast. congressman anthony weiner will reseen today. abc news has just learned that congressman anthony weiner of new york, caught up in the sexting scandal. facing growing calls from leading members of congress to resign. he will resign. he is telling friends he will resign. this comes before a meeting of the democratic caucus in the house today. set to take action again. congressman weiner facing pressure from his friends. from his family.
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from his colleagues in congress. he has decided to resign. i want to bring in my capitol hill correspondent, jonathan karl, with the latest on this. hey, jon. >> reporter: hey, george. this comes after this incredible pressure being brought down to bear on weiner. as you mention, the democratic leadership was threatening to take away his committee assignments. they were talking about going further and actually kicking him out of the democratic caucus in the house. those two moves would have meant if weiner would have wanted to come back to congress, he would be coming back with virtually no power and no party, really. >> as you know, jon, he wanted to hold out against the system. didn't want to resign. this has been going on about three weeks now. started to break over the memorial day weekend. i remember well when you interviewed him. and the first round of interviews coming out of this one, saying he was the victim here. he had no intention of resigning. but this pressure has continued to build with more and more information. more and more photos, coming out. >> reporter: it has.
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every day, there was another element to the scandal. the latest, when we saw the photographs he had taken of himself in the members-only house gym. by the way, beyond the lewd nature of the photos, that's a place that says no cameras. members aren't allowed to take pictures of any kind, let alone the kind that anthony weiner was taking. right until the end, he was saying he did nothing to break house rules. he did nothing to break the law. and he thought he didn't need to resign. but obviously, it was made clear to him he could not come back. >> he couldn't keep on going. he would have faced an ethics investigation, partly because it was taken inside the house gym. and he may have used house phones or computers to have the communications. that could have dragged out for months. and this was something clearly that the democratic party just didn't want to be saddled with. even president obama, forced to comment on it earlier in the week. he didn't call directly for
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congressman weiner to resign. but if it were he, he would resign. >> reporter: yeah. you had the president. you had the chairwoman of the democratic party, nancy pelosi, the leader in the house. even some of his colleagues in the new york delegation. the one thing anthony weiner kept on pointing to, i'm told in private conversation, even in the last few days, was his poll in the state of new york, the city of new york, in his district, showing that new yorkers did not think he should resign. of course, new yorkers may have thought one thing in his district. but his colleagues in congress thought quite differently. >> even those polls might have changed over time. let me bring in jake tapper on this, as well. jake, you have news on how the congressman begn to communicate this to his colleagues. >> that's right, george. last night, president obama hosted a picnic for members of congress. it was a bipartisan affair. while minority leader, nancy pelosi, and congressman, steve israel, who is a friend of weiner's, and was at weiner's wedding to huma last year, he is
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also a congressman and head of the democratic campaign committee, congressman weiner called pelosi and steve israel to tell them he had made the decision he will resign. and he will announce his resignation today. as you and jonathan talking about, this has been a huge distraction for the democratic party. members of congress felt that they had some momentum. they won that election, that special election in new york. and the only good poll numbers, really, in the abc news/"washington post" poll last week, were numbers indicating that president obama and the democrats had really made some points with the american people, when it came to attacking the republicans' medicare proposal, in the midst of this momentum, the scandal broke. and really was a huge distraction for everyone, even those not involved. >> no question about it. the congressman wanted to make a final decision before his wife, huma abedin, we're showing her there, hillary clinton's personal aide for more than a decade, until she got back.
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he had originally been telling friends she wanted him to say. but this is putting her in a more and more uncomfortable situation, especially because we learned over the course of the last three weeks that she's pregnant. >> when you listen to the calls from democratic leaders, about congressman weiner's resignation, how pelosi and the democratic leadership wanted him to resign, they were talking about what's best for congressman weiner's family. he needs to step back. and he needs to be with them. he needs to take them into consideration. that was clearly something that the democrats were trying to convey to congressman weiner. this is not only hurting you and your career. it's hurting your pregnant wife. >> that was something he was also hearing from his close friends. jake tapper, jon karl, thank you so much. congressman anthony weiner has resigned. now, let's get to the other breaking news, the riots in vancouver, after the canucks lost the stanley cup.
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josh elliott has that. >> as we can see, it was a terrifying scene in vancouver. angry fans pouring out into the streets. emotions heightened as four stabbings in its result were reported. the scene, so die yatic and violent, ambulances couldn't get through to help those injured. vancouver, transformed into a war zone. fires erupted in busy downtown intersections. flames shot 30 feet into the air. storefronts smashed by looters grabbing everything in sight, as people dangled from light poles. while police in full force struggled to contain the crowd with tear gas. two of their cruisers set ablaze. the city's mayor described the participants as hooligans. the reason for all of this chaos? a hockey game lost by the hometown canucks to the visiting boston bruins. >> for the first time in 39 years, the boston bruins have won the stanley cup.
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>> reporter: it was the seventh and last game of hockey's stanley cup finals. a winner-take-all end to what had been a brutal series. and that intensity, exacerbated first by last night's loss, and the riotous result left the city broken and burning. >> this isn't the reputation we want. this is not what the people want. >> reporter: are you embarrassed? >> i'm embarrassed. >> we have reports of more than 100 people that have been treated for exposure to tear gas. and police aren't saying just how many people they have arrested. of course, if you remember, vancouver erupted in similar riots in 1994, the last time the team, robin, lost game seven of a stanley cup final. >> it's so tough to lose at home like that. no excuse. and unfortunately, the ugly side that we sometimes see in sports. josh, thanks. >> thanks, guys. also breaking overnight, official word from al qaeda that osama bin laden has been replaced by his longtime deputy ayman al zawahiri. jim sciutto joins us with more
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on this. and, jim, the al qaeda statement gave no details about how zawahiri was chosen simply saying that it was a tribute to al qaeda martyrs. >> reporter: good morning. zawahiri's delay in taking over, six weeks since bin laden's death, is telling us that there may have been disputes within the organization over his leadership. that he had to resolve. we know that he antagonized other factions in that organization. i spoke this morning with a former al qaeda member, longtime zawahiri associate who since turned against the organization. and he said that zawahiri lacked the popularity that bin laden had both inside and outside the organization. but that he's intelligent, more intelligent than bin laden, some say. and, george, a supreme organizer for war. [ speaking a foreign language ] >> reporter: his fight against america is extremely personal. his wife and three daughters believed killed in a u.s. air strike in afghanistan in december 2001. he pioneered the use of suicide
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bombings, the worldwide network of independent terror cells that have spread al qaeda's reach, and organized the deadliest, most brutal terror attacks. the '98 bombings of u.s. embassies in africa. the 2000 bombing of "the uss cole," and most unforgetibly, the 9/11 attacks. from an upper class egyptian family would worked for bin laden for decades said to be the micro manager of the pair. the two first crossed paths in the late 1980s when he reportedly provided medical care to bin laden and other fighters in afghanistan, battling soviet forces. at the age of 15 he gathered his first underground cell, high school students to oppose the egyptian government. continuing his militant activities, while earning his medical degree. serving three years in an egyptian prison. after linking up with bin laden
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they founded a safe haven in afghanistan. and on sunday he celebrates his 60th birthday. this may be a weakness for zawahiri. he's not seen as a front line fighter, more the professor of the organization, an organizer and that, george, may make it difficult for zawahiri to truly fill his shoes. >> okay, jim. thanks. robin, we also have exclusive information on this. >> that's really troubling, george. more intelligence emerging that bin laden urged al qaeda operatives in yemen to attack here in the u.s. pierre thomas has been digging into whether the orders of the terrorist mastermind are being put into action. pierre? >> reporter: robin, newly discovered intelligence from the bin laden files is providing more evidence that the threat from al qaeda in yemen is a clear and present danger. abc news has learned that bin laden repeatedly urged senior al qaeda operatives in yemen to attack the u.s. homeland. the communications were discovered in the treasure trove of information recovered from bin laden's compound. and officials tell us that the intelligence continues to flow in, that the yemen al qaeda affiliate is actively planning
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new plots targeting the u.s. chairman of the house intelligence committee issued this warning to the american public in an exclusive abc news interview. >> al qaeda in the arabian peninsula is strictly or has been strictly focused on attacks in the united states homeland. this morning, when you're over your breakfast cereal, there is somebody in al qaeda in the arabian peninsula planning another attack against the united states. >> reporter: one of the group's leaders is anwar al awlaki, an american cleric, who sources say is pushing the organization to conduct as many attacks aimed at the u.s. as possible in rapid succession. and he says al awlaki has a very specific plan. >> he is really reaching out to english speakers, to people that hold the right kind of paperwork or passports that can get into the country. >> reporter: al awlaki was in direct contact with the ft. hood shooter before the 2009 shooting
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massacre. a little over a month later awlaki's yemeni group sent the underwear bomber to blow up a plane and ten months later they tried to blow up u.s. cargo planes with printer bombs. >> they're impressive and getting more innovative. that makes them incredibly dangerous. >> reporter: they believe it has given al qaeda more space to plan attacks against the u.s. in the coming days, expect more missile and drone attacks aimed at yemen. >> okay, pierre. thanks very much. let's get the rest of the morning's news from josh elliott. good morning, josh. >> we're going to begin with the river on the brink. rising missouri river is about to pour into a town on the missouri river. the town's only hope, a quickly-built makeshift levee. our barbara pinto is there. and she has the latest. good morning, barbara. >> reporter: good morning, josh. it is eerie to watch this wall of water move in, as the town scrambles to protect itself. you can see the missouri river,
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already up on this new levee. and the heavy equipment, shoring up this 14-foot wall of iowa farm dirt. it is this town's last and only hope. the foloodwaters are expected t move in even higher today. 1,000 people live in this town. hundreds have left already. all of them praying that this wall of dirt will be enough to save their town. the water could be higher if for weeks. josh? >> barbara pinto, in hamburg, iowa. earlier this week, it was the senate. and this morning, it appears the cia's website has been hacked by the same group that also claimed attacks on sony and the pbs. the cia admit there's were problems with its public site. but says that no classified information was stolen. meanwhile, five months after being shot, congresswoman gabrielle giffords has been released from a houston hospital. she'll continue outpatient rehab. doctors say she can walk and talk. but does have a long way to go in her recovery.
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they say interaction with her friends and family will be key. and good luck to the congresswoman. meanwhile, on capitol hill, house democrats are expected to meet today to discuss possible punishment for congressman anthony wiener in the wake of his sexting scandal. weiner refuses to resign, as house leaders could take away his powerful committee assignments. and former presidential candidate, john edwards' mug shot has been released, showing him smiling hen he was booked for allegedly using campaign funds to cover up his affair. today, a judge will hear arguments on whether edwards should have to testify about a sex tape. and the number of home foreclosure filings dropped last month to the lowest level since 2006. but not exactly good news, as banks are delaying foreclosures until they can sell the houses they've already foreclosed upon. and it is a show that everyone saw. well, except us here in the united states. the longest lunar eclipse in
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almost 11 years. visible on all continents, except north america last nights. some saw a moon with a reddish glow disappear on the earth's shadow. the color called by ash from that volcano erupting in chile. ash, robin. and perhaps -- >> magma. >> thank you. >> you're allowing me to say that because he doesn't want me to mention it on twitter. he picked vancouver to win the stanley cup. i picked boston. he thinks that magma will keep me -- >> you know, you try not to bring it with you to work in the morning. and look what happens. robin roberts happens. i'll tell you what. >> i almost forgave you. >> just not picking. >> i'm going to las vegas this weekend. i'm hot, baby. i'm hot. >> what's the market doing today? how about you, sam? >> we'll start with the numbers that are in today, robin. this is why the headlines and weather have been the way they have been all spring long.
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take a look at the area, wetter than normal. wettest on record. driest on record and it'll explain why the flooding is now going on in the northwest from iowa on into the mountains. why earlier we had floods in the mississippi river valley because we had the wettest spring on record there. and why those fires are going from arizona on into texas because we've had the driest spring on record there. here's where the rain continues for the next 24 or 48 hours. this is a big, heavy hit of rain. basically from western virginia all the way into we think iowa, as well. so, more rain in the areas that it's flooding. this is likely to be going on for a couple of days.
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that u.v. index was brought to you by hallmark. george? >> thanks, sam. now, to that bizarre plot to kill singer, joss stone. two men arrested for the crime after being spotted near the star's secluded home in southern england with swords, rope and a body bag in their car. nick watt joins us from london with more on this. hey, nick. >> reporter: good morning, george. well, just a couple of weeks ago, joss stone appeared on a celebrity rich list in a newspaper. apparently she is worth nearly $50 million. and it looks like her wealth and
7:18 am
fame might have made her a target. ♪ she's an english country girl with a voice from a different time and place. and she was, so it seems, the target of a terrifying kidnap plot. a plot foiled at the 11th hour when neighbors noticed two men in a red car acting suspiciously near her home. officers swooped and apparently found in that car weapons, including a sword, rope, maps of the area, plans of stone's house and a body bag. stone, clearly rattled, is trying to remain calm. i'd like to thank everyone for their concern, she said in a statement. but i'm absolutely fine. and i'm getting on with life as normal. >> hey. how are you doing? >> reporter: joss stone rose to stardom as a teenager. her debut album, "the soul sessions," went multiplatinum.
7:19 am
a grammy winner, sold 11 million albums worldwide and in the process has become a good friend of prince william. she sang at a concert honoring his mother and was invited to his wedding. but despite the fame and fortune, stone keeps a low profile and still lives here in the little village where she grew up. >> i'm outraged. i went to school with joss stone. and i live locally. and to hear something like that is shocking. you know what i mean, especially around here. you don't usually get that kind of thing. >> reporter: police say there is no evidence of a broader plot, no obvious ties with organized crime. but they're taking no chances. security remains very tight around the singer's home. now, the two men in that car were arrested. they have just appeared in court this morning. and they are charged with conspiracy to commit robbery and grievous bodily harm. george? >> okay, nick. thanks very much. >> she's been here on this program before. so extremely talented. glad that she's okay. we have a follow-up on that smack-down between the two moms in the frozen food aisle of a new york grocery store. opera singer marcella caprario
7:20 am
who literally slapped dr. kathleen london, was found not guilty. it all started when the doctor's son got in the way of the opera singer's husband as he was reaching for something in an aisle. the singer insists she acted in self-defense. >> let's get out of here. >> exactly. coming up, the latest on the murder trial of casey anthony. as the prosecution rests, the defense announces a surprise witness. plus, how one family's dream house that was an incredible deal turned into a creepy, crawly nightmare. from glamour shots to mug shots. another socialite accused of shoplifting an $11,000 scarf. seeshlite accused
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asked him to pull up his pants and he has been charged with trespassing and resisting arrest. bay bridge toll plaza is pretty light. barely backed up to the end of the parking lot but a new stall is westbound in the caldecott tunnel. we'll show you more live shots. westbound 80 slow through richmond and berkeley because of a much earlier car fire so the drive dime is 20 minutes from the carquinez bridge. >> when we come back, mike will have the bay area forecast.
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check out the beautiful picture all the way out to ocean beach. hazy sunshine and changes on the way and drop temperatures about 5-12 degrees. pretty warm in concord, antioch at 69. rest of us in the low to mid-50s. low to mid-50s along the coast. low to mid-70s around the bay shore.
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well, it's going to be a big day ahead in the death penalty trial of casey anthony. the prosecution has rested. it's the defense's turn now. and they've already made a surprise move. a new person added to the witness list. what could this man here mean to the case? we will find out. >> that is the big question, whether or not they'll allow him to be the witness. we'll get into that this morning. also, a scene straight out of a horror movie. look at this. a house infested with thousands of snakes. we'll get into why these homeowners found themselves living an absolute nightmare. >> all righty there. and the latest in our "show me the money" series. we've gotten a huge response. and we have more ways, more places where you could be cashing in. >> elisabeth leamy will be here with that.
7:31 am
first, in the casey anthony trial, a new phase begins, as casey's lawyers will call their first witness. ashleigh banfield will be there for us. they dropped the bombshell after the prosecution rested and added a brand-new witness to the list. >> reporter: that's right. a voice we were not expecting to hear at all. guess what, george. there was another voice we did not expect to hear. as the prosecution closed out, casey herself spoke in court. for the first time since the evidence began piling up against casey anthony, she stood up and spoke to the court. it was a simple answer to a simple question about her bella vita tattoo. >> this italian phrase translates to beautiful life. and, miss anthony, do you concur with the stipulation? >> yes, sir. >> reporter: and with that. >> at this point the prosecution would rest. >> reporter: it was a quick day for the jury in court. total time, four minutes. but the defense was not about to proceed without a fight and
7:32 am
asked the judge to acquit casey, saying the circumstantial evidence just wasn't strong enough. >> there was no chloroform related to the death of this child. and as important that anything had to do with casey marie anthony. there is no evidence of that. you can't even guess that far. >> reporter: the prosecution fought back. >> this was an intentional act by the defendant designed to cause the child's death. >> reporter: in the end, the judge decided -- >> these are strictly questions for the jury to decide. >> reporter: and in a surprise move, the defense announced a brand-new witness, vasco thompson, a convicted kidnapper the defense says had phone contact with george anthony the day before caylee was reported missing. in response, casey's father said, he does not know vasco thompson. but thompson may join a long line of witnesses who either helped casey anthony beat the
7:33 am
rap against her or helped the state secure the death penalty for her. and i had to do some quick math this morning. the prosecution's case, 18 days, 59 witnesses and 323 pieces of evidence. so, we'll start all over as the first witness takes the stand today. george, they started lining up at 10:30 last night to get into court -- i just have never seen anything like this. >> earlier and earlier, okay. ashleigh, thanks very much. let's bring in the rest of our trial team now. nancy grace host of "nancy grace" on hln and legal analyst dan abrams. thank you for both of you joining us again. nancy, let's start out. vasco thompson, who is he? why would the defense want to call him? >> well, he's a 52-year-old felon. he has a kidnapping conviction, several probation -- parole violation and another arrest. this is who he is. his phone number pops up on george -- father george anthony's cell phone about four to five times around the time caylee was reported missing.
7:34 am
this is what i think they're going to do, george. they've got george anthony in their crosshairs. they're going to bring on or suggest -- make suggestions about thompson to suggest that george somehow utilized him in his plot to hide the body. that along with george's alleged suicide attempt, the other woman claiming george told her this was an accident that snowballed out of control, the protester that he pushed off his yard. put it together and they'll taint george anthony as the bad guy. the point, focus on george, focus off tot mom. >> trying to put george on trial. dan, is it a foregone conclusion the judge will allow this witness to testify? >> not necessarily. and you have to remember that in high-profile cases, you often see people come out of the woodwork. people see that the case is on television. they say, aha. i have something interesting to add to this case. i'm not necessarily saying
7:35 am
that's what happened here. the defense is saying their investigators turned up this witness. but very often that can mean that someone literally came forward after watching the case and suddenly, at the last, minute offers up some testimony. so even the defense team is saying -- >> his phone number is on the cell records. >> but they're saying -- >> the judge is going to let it in. >> the defense is saying they want to talk to him. the defense is even saying they want to talk to him. they want to figure out exactly what he would say and whether it would be relevant in the context of the case. >> let me ask you both now -- >> that's another angle, dan. there's another angle. very quickly, i'll make my point. this is what they could do. they could raise the specter with george anthony on the stand. hey, who's this guy? didn't he kidnap somebody? isn't he a convicted felon? why are you calling him? instead of bringing on vasco thompson to say the truth, i'm the plumber, i'm the sewer guy, they could raise the specter in the courtroom and let the jury imagine that he somehow had something to do with caylee's
7:36 am
body. juries love conspiracies. they could come up with theories we never heard of. >> dan, we saw ashleigh say there's been more than 300 pieces of evidence put out by the prosecution. the defense begins its case today. what should they focus in on? what was the weakest part of the prosecution's case? >> in my view, the cause of death. i think that if the defense is smart, they will focus a lot on trying to say that prosecutors can't prove beyond a reasonable doubt that this was murder. meaning, even if you reject the whole theory about george anthony, if these jurors believe that the prosecution has not proven beyond a reasonable doubt that caylee was murdered, and they believe there is reasonable doubt that maybe there was some sort of accident and then some sort of crazy cover-up, that could be an acquittal. so, that's where i think the defense team really needs to focus its attention rather than on george anthony because that's their best hope.
7:37 am
>> nancy, ten seconds left. do you agree with that? >> i think that they may do that. but the defense has flown in the face of conventional legal wisdom from the get-go. so, i think they're going to do everything like bizarro world. the opposite of what we think they should do. here's the word to the wise. the judge will allow vasco thompson if the defense wants it or will face reversible error on appeal. >> you make me laugh. i was playing the opposite game with my kids last night. that's what it made me think of. thanks very much. let's go to sam champion with the weather. good morning, sam. >> good morning, george. let's go to where the thunderstorms are popping. two zones. one from the dakotas and goes down into north texas and moves towards missouri, as well. that's likely to be a hot spot and then, this zone right here in the mid-atlantic. these will be rolling for awhile. gusty winds, even a little hail involved this that. and the heat stays on in the south. i have a feeling we won't get a break. patterns just don't look like they'll dip cool air from any direction in places like dallas. oklahoma city, 98 by saturday.
7:38 am
memphis staying in the 90s, as well. jacksonville looking at the 90s. so, the big board shows you the cold air holding in the west and all of america's weather was brought to you by amazon. george? >> thank you, sam. coming up, snake pit. the real estate nightmare that drove a family from their dream house.
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and i'll be heading to the white house shortly. we're back, though, at 7:43. coming up at 7: 43. what was supposed to be a dream house for an idaho family, turned into a real life house of horrors. the family was forced to abandon the home after they discovered it was infested with snake, we're talking hundreds and hundreds of them. neal karlinsky is live from the snake pit in rexburg, idaho. good morning, neal. >> reporter: robin, good morning. this would make anyone's real estate nightmare top ten list. they do, in fact, call this place the snake house. and with good reason. the last family to live here lasted only three months. they say the place is filled with snakes. they're even crawling inside the walls. >> why did it have to be snakes? >> reporter: they were indiana jones' only weakness. and "snakes on a plane," well, samuel l. jackson said it best. >> there are [ bleep ]snakes on this [ bleep ] plane. >> reporter: now, imagine lying
7:44 am
in your own bed, worrying about snakes crawling under the covers. and what you get isn't a horror movie but ben and amber sessions' life. >> it was a nightmare. >> reporter: when they bought this five-bedroom house in rural idaho it seemed like an incredible deal, until they started finding snakes slithering everywhere. in the walls, on the floor, in their garbage. >> you could hear, if you can imagine, scales against the back of sheetrock. it was pretty eerie. >> reporter: wildlife biologists say the real intruder is the house built square on top of a snake den where the serpents sleep, breed and multiply by the hundreds with no way out but up through the house. the previous owners had the same problem and sued. but the sessions say they had no idea even though they signed these documents disclosing a possible snake problem. >> we were told that a previous owner was just trying to make up a story so they didn't have to pay their mortgage. >> reporter: the animal planet show "infested" has recorded homeowners suffering similar nightmares with raccoons, spiders and bedbugs.
7:45 am
in this case, the sessions and their three kids were forced out of their dream home and into bankruptcy. >> this is a buyer beware nation. and you have to do your research because if you don't do the research, you end up with a house full of snakes. >> reporter: the sessions say their big concern is that someone else will wind up inside this house. it was put back on the market at a reduced price after they moved out. but word got around. it's now been taken back by the bank. bank officials won't say what they'll do with it. as for the sessions they do not plan to sue because they can't afford it. robin? >> bless their hearts. and if people didn't know about the house before, they know about it now. it's on "good morning america." >> reporter: they sure do. >> we really hope that family, everything works out for them. neal, thank you. coming up, the big cat snack. the toddler that looked so tasty to a lion. all caught on tape. come on back.
7:46 am
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7:50 am
♪ in the jungle the mighty jungle ♪ "around the watercooler," a hungry lion meets a happy toddler. but where are the parents? david wright has the story. >> reporter: a lion named angie and a toddler named trent. or from the lion's perspective, a snack. >> try harder. >> reporter: thank god for that two inches of plexiglas. >> obviously, a lion going after your kid, even with two-inch-thick glass in between can still be a little nerve-racking. >> oh. >> reporter: turns out, lion baiting is fast becoming its own subcategory on youtube. people who posted this video clearly sympathized with the cat. the lion was being harassed by a lot of small children and their parents, they write. he tried to pounce on them. it was awesome. as for trent's encounter, one
7:51 am
lion expert told us, the video is exactly what it seems to be. the lion's ultimate goal is to eat, she explains. a small child resembling prey would be a perfectly sensible option. >> i was definitely intimidated. just seemed like natural mother instinct to kind of want to pull him out of there. but -- >> seemed to be having fun. >> reporter: "good morning america," david wright, abc news, los angeles. >> you should hear these parents on the couch right now. >> oh, man. >> what price youtube video. seriously. >> just pull him out of the way. poor little thing. >> "good morning america's" "around the watercooler," brought to you by pradaxa. to you by pradaxa. by a heartroblem. today we ha to reduce the risk of a stroke caused by a clot. in a clinical trial, pradaxa 150 mg reduced stroke risk 35% more than warfarin.
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membership rewards points from american express. they're a social currency. with endless possibilities. coming up on "gma," ryan and tatum o'neal, live.
7:56 am
man who oversees taxi fleet and rest of muni's system is stepping down. he is leaving at the end of most of the time critics say he has done little to improve muni. he says he is proud of his accomplishments. he will leave with a $380,000 severance package. >> 5-12 degrees cooler today. it will be cool are through the weekend but heat returns monday and tuesday. >> slow traffic in marin county, southbound at spencer, servicing
7:57 am
on the shoulder and it is creating sluggish traffic but it is recovering. also north 101 in san jose there is an didn't slowing things down and a new one just reported north 101 at 880. an injury is reported in that one. >> thank you.
7:58 am
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♪ are you ready to find more money you didn't even know you had? it's our "show me the money" series. all week long, we've been getting such a great response as people find they can claim property, claim cash, they had no idea they had. new places to cash in. almost $15,000. >> we have to find more money for you this morning. also, we are looking forward to this. a revealing, live, rare interview 25 years in the making. tatum and ryan o'neal right there. not too close on the couch right
8:01 am
now. >> there you go. >> feel the love. >> talking about their relationship and the tough road to reconciliation. and really looking forward to spending some time. >> we are looking forward to that. also coming up, we sent one of our "gma" dads, cameron mathison, on a little assignment to help ambush some fashion-challenged fathers. yes, they are out there. he got them ready for the big day sunday. and we'll show you the spectacular results. mom jean, there are dad jeans, too. and we'll try to -- >> these two dads are sharp. >> i'm not allowed to buy jeans on my own. no way. >> they don't trust you. >> no one here trusts me. >> it can go awry very quickly. so, we'll try to help. right after the show, going to white house. >> love you guys. but i'm going to cut out early. i have an exclusive and intimate conversation coming up with president obama opening up about fatherhood. we know he has written about it. his father was absent for the majority of his life. but he's going to talk about the lessons he's learned. and we'll bring that to you
8:02 am
tomorrow. but first let's get back over to josh, the dapper josh elliott. >> robin, thank you very much. good morning to you, george and to you, lara. more on the breaking news of the morning, new york congressman, anthony weiner, is set to resign this afternoon, in the wake of that sexting scandal. weiner called house speaker, nancy pelosi, late last night, while she attended a white house picnic. pressure on weiner mounted in recent days, with pressure on both sides, saying the scandal was disrupting work in washington and diverting attention from the important issues of the country. weiner's decision may have been finalized when his wife returned home from an overseas trip. and at least four stabbings have been reported after the violent riots that spread across vancouver last night, following the city hockey team's loss to boston in the stanley cup finals. fires erupted, some 30 feet high. police cars burned. looters broke store windows.
8:03 am
and more than 100 people had to be treated for exposure to tear gas. meanwhile, the other major riot in the news today is being watched by financial markets here and around the world this morning, as the government of greece is on the verge of collapse. one day after police clashed with protesters angry over budget cuts. fears that greece will default on its debt while requiring another bailout could push stocks down again on wall street today. meanwhile, an al qaeda website says the terror group has appointed osama bin laden's successor. he is ayman al zawahiri, a 59-year-old egyptian doctor and bin laden's longtime number two. now, here's our diane sawyer, talking about your money on tonight's "world news." diane? >> hey, josh. hope it's a great morning for you. and in these tough economic times, we wanted to know, how many taxpayer dollars are being spent on the big perks for congress? those two gyms, swimming pool, basketball.
8:04 am
well, at first, they told us it was national security. but tonight, we're going to get an answer on "world news." >> thank you, diane. finally, who can forget lady gaga's meat dress. you remember this? last year's mtv video music awards. just horrible to see all over again. it didn't wind up anywhere near a barbecue, however. no, the barbecue beauty of sorts was dried out. and today, it's going on display at the rock 'n' roll hall of fame in cleveland. it has been painted to look fresh. they said, and i do quote, it had a beef jerky look, while it was dehydrated. not surprising. had she wore that for the summer concert series, we could have rolled it over to the barbecue pit. and look what would have happened there. >> i'm not going to respond. >> i know.
8:05 am
>> i'm just not even going to >> i'm going straight there. >> really? >> yeah. >> it would be that compelling for you. >> i am so there. thank you, josh, for that. >> sometimes we should back up and let those two go at it. let's get -- where are you, sam? >> hey, we're just talking with the crowd. good morning. robin, george, doing something i've never done before. and it's all megan's idea, right? >> yeah. woo. >> where are you from? >> corona, california. >> we're actually sitting up. we're actually sitting up on the banister here. i never thought about sitting here before. you look so comfortable. i'm -- like, i'm going to sit with megan. >> i'm good. so thanks for joining me. >> all right. thanks for letting me join you, megan. let's get to the boards. one or two things going on we want to talk about as you head outside your doors. is it as beautiful there as it is in times square? not in jacksonville today. there's a big smoke issue. can you see the smoke in the sky there. there's more than 300 fires burning in the state of florida. we'll show you that direction the smoke, pushing it right out in the atlantic. but today that wind goes backwards. so, all of that will push into northern georgia, or southern georgia and north florida. here's the area of high pressure
8:06 am
moving into the northeast. and it is gorgeous during the day. although some showers will probably start to kick in and think it will go downhill wi folks from wisconsin, west virginia, all here to see us in times square. george? robin? >> welcome to them. thank you, sam. now, to the story of new york socialite once close to prince andrew. she has a mug shot after stealing an $11,000 fur lined
8:07 am
scarf from a luxury store. you look at this and wonder. she is beautiful, rich, well-connected. why would she steal? andrea canning has the story. >> reporter: they're beautiful and rich, from paris hilton to newcomer petra ecclestone who just bought the $85 million spelling mansion. >> meet petra, hollywood's new it girl. >> reporter: they're the new celebrity but this socialite who hobnobs with new york's elite just made the front page for all the wrong reasons. >> socialite is under arrest. >> reporter: no hair and makeup for this mug shot. and missing from the photo, the $11,000 scarf she had just been arrested for stealing. that's right. $11,000 for one scarf. you could buy this new car for less. it all happened at richards, a tony department store in affluence greenwich, connecticut. security inside the store called police who nabbed her on the sidewalk. but why would someone who prides herself on being part of the in crowd risk it all by stealing a
8:08 am
scarf? >> people are still shocked that these women who seem to have the perfect life would get into this kind of trouble. but it shouldn't be so shocking. these are women who are trying to fill the emptiness that they have inside with objects. >> reporter: her alleged crime has put her among a-listers with sticky fingers. lindsay lohan pled no contest to shoplifting this necklace, as seen on this video provided by "entertainment tonight." and who could forget winona ryder stealing over $5,000 worth of clothes from a saks department store? >> it's an adrenaline rush. some kind of void in your life. something that you feel that you were entitled to, you don't have it. so, you're going to take something else that is somebody else's. >> reporter: as for beata boman she tells police she was planning on returning the $11,000 scarf all along. making this one very expensive lesson. andrea canning, new york. >> i'll say.
8:09 am
now to lara for "the morning menu." >> here's a look at what's head on "the morning menu," a family reunion. tatum o'neal and her father ryan join us live to talk about their 25-year rift and how they reconnected. plus, "show me the money." a huge response when we found people cash. we want to help you, too. stay tuned. a denim makeover for dads just in the nick of time for father's day. all coming up on "gma." of a ki. and now, you have the power... [ giggling ] to help significantly extend his healthy years. a groundbreaking 14-year study by purina... proves that puppy chow, then dog chow nutrition, fed properly over a lifetime, can help extend his lovable antics..., up to 1.8 healthy years. [ barks ] long live your buddy. oh, max!
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♪ looking forward to your first cup ♪ morning! big day, huh? thank you. ♪ oh that mountain grown taste, ♪ ♪ just what you need ♪ for the big race. daughter: morning mom! are you excited? ♪ as you finish every mile... ♪ how rewarding are those smiles... ♪ [ cheers from the crowd ] ♪ the best part of wakin' up... ♪ mommy, you did it! ♪ is folgers in your cup. i sure hope you were with us earlier this week when tatum
8:14 am
o'neal was with us to tell us how she found her way back to her family in her brand-new book that is out now, being very well received. this morning she's back. and this time she brought her father ryan o'neal with her. two hollywood stars reunited after years of estrangement. they'll join us live in just a moment. but let's take a look back at how they put together the pieces of their relationship. for most of tatum o'neal's adolescent years, father, ryan o'neal, played her real-life leading man. she was constantly at his side while her mother, actress joanna moore, battled drug addiction. when they so memorably shared the big screen. >> you my pa, that would be different. >> i ain't your pa. >> reporter: they became hollywood's dynamic father/daughter duo. but when tatum was 17, ryan's relationship with farrah fawcett brought their bond. and a 25-year grudge soon began. >> very broken family. very broken family. >> reporter: now, ryan and tatum
8:15 am
are making their debut on the road to reconciliation. >> he's getting older. he's battled leukemia. and how would i feel if my father were to get sick or die. >> it's sad. i don't know my own daughter. i don't. i'd like to. >> reporter: nothing from their stormy history is out of bounds. >> i'm sorry. i went to farrah's. she needed me. >> but we needed you, too. >> reporter: they're trying to heal the past while still dealing with a rocky present. >> it's because of me? >> yeah. >> i just don't want to pretend anymore. >> i don't want to give up what's left of my heart and have her flee again. >> great pictures there. and joining us now ryan o'neal, his daughter tatum starring in a new docu-series, "ryan & tatum: the o'neals." it premieres sunday on own. great to have you here. very touching to see you all both in that piece looking at pictures that you hadn't seen. >> some i never saw.
8:16 am
>> yeah. why did you want to do this, ryan? did you have to be talked into this? >> no. no. it was a way back. there weren't that many paths. this looked promising because we work well together. we have a history. and i thought maybe we could make more history. >> and for you, tatum? >> it seemed like the best -- the only way maybe. so, without like -- we do work well together. let's have that conversation in a work setting. and we will sort of find our way back that way. it is what -- it's -- relationships are tricky. >> i know -- >> family ones, you know? >> we talked about that earlier and you wrote about it so well. okay, i want to show you something. some people will look at the body language right now and wonder -- >> figure there's too much room. >> yeah.
8:17 am
>> how are things today? >> i wanted to have an armrest. >> he saw howard stern and that's the problem. >> i didn't see it. >> heard about it. >> what happened on howard stern? >> he just tried to break us up. >> you're very sensitive to that. >> i'm sensitive. i wish i was less sensitive. >> so, something was said and didn't sit too well with you, ryan. >> they didn't say exactly. they just said don't listen to it. >> okay. >> what is it that pulled you guys apart 25 years ago? i know you have different sides to the story. so -- >> well, then let's hear mine. >> perfect. i'm perfect with that. >> ryan, you want to go first? >> what's your side? yeah, tell everybody your side. >> why you were estranged for 25 years. >> pride. in one word. i thought i had all the pride. it turned out, no.
8:18 am
there's someone with more than me. and that was -- that broke our communication, which was vital to any relationship. we didn't have it. and so, we drifted. we drifted away from each other. unhappily, of course. there was always something wrong with my life without her in it. and -- >> and true of you, too. >> and it's less now. it's -- it's challenging. but it's worth it to see her back in the fold. >> and have her back in -- >> have her back. >> have your little girl back again. >> absolutely. she's still my girl. >> tatum, what was it for you? why do you think that for so long? and why -- how much did you actually communicate over those two decades? >> periodically. i would say not very often. really, i sort of talk about them a little bit in my book.
8:19 am
it just -- if you're a part, you're apart. and he has his reasons. and i have my reasons. and i was sort of suffering with my addiction. i came back to him once in 2002. we got together for the "paper moon" 30th anniversary. and there are times we got together. he got to know like my kids at that event. and i think that just -- >> farrah got sick and she was -- >> then farrah passed and that sort of was the last thing to kind of sort of help to soften my resolve and try to make a relationship work and to try to bridge that bond back to him. and that was before even the show was sort of a possibility. >> and as we've shared with you before, ryan, we're very sorry about the passing. >> me, too. >> of farrah. >> and i know it's been very hard on you. i have to say there's going to be drama in the program. that's a given. but there were some lighter moments. i want to play a bit of a clip --
8:20 am
>> i hope there is. >> your birthday, tatum. and you couldn't remember it was 15 or 16th birthday -- >> when i had a thousand people up at our house. >> yeah. let's take a look. "ryan & tatum: the o'neals." >> how many? >> we had a party and invited a couple hundred people. and a couple thousand came. >> oh, my god. i remember. >> 16 or 15. >> i have to sit down. >> sit down for that one. >> yeah, i remember brooke shields came. >> michael jackson -- >> michael was there. >> michael was there. and it was just the craziest birthday. and i just remember going, where were you, dad? where were you at that party? you were at the -- >> in those days, i used to just put my head in the sand. >> put your head in the sand. >> is that what you used to do back in the day. >> yeah. i was covered in it, sand. >> and now? >> it's gone. it's gone now. sharp reality, works better. >> good for you. tatum, what are you hoping for? what do you want? what do you need? >> i don't know that i need
8:21 am
anything anymore. i think i'm kind of good. i think that it's just trying to sort of live as best i can with as much love in the equation as possible. and to be as generous of spirit as i can really. that's my hope is to kind of continue to share what i've -- what i have a sort of finally -- the good that i finally feel. with my dad. with my kids. with my work. with the show. and just sort of have it be kind of familial or family and kind of pull us together, because i feel like, you know, i've gone from -- come from hell and back, if you will. so, it's just a nice feeling to know that i have a parent that he's in my life. that we've done this show. that we are trying even if there's people out there that are trying to break us up, we're trying. >> i love how your dad is looking at you right now. >> he's like what is she going to say.
8:22 am
>> no, you're so much more articulate than i am. that's always kind of a -- i remember when i was the articulate one. and now suddenly i've just passed the -- >> is there trust there? because i have to say when you all have been talking to one another or talking about each other and talking right now, you kind of look -- yeah, that was a loving look you gave her right then. but there's been like tatum said, not quite sure what the other is going to say. and it's a very tenuous situation between you two. >> it is. of course, it is. i'm so sensitive. just goes with the territory, i guess. but i'll tell you, gradually, i'm less so. and the sky's the limit. we have lots of time to recover our -- >> watch the show. >> your expressions are -- >> watch the show because there's a lot there. it's a work in progress. we are trying.
8:23 am
>> as a lot of families are. as a -- >> you think so? >> yes. >> well, that's -- then if we're -- it can encourage people to close up -- >> or open up. >> open up. that would be good. that would be -- that would be the reason we did the show and actually. >> i hope it does help. well, ryan and tatum, thank you. >> thanks for having us. >> work in progress. >> yeah. >> as a lot of us and appreciate you opening up. >> thank you, robin. >> and being here and "ryan & tatum: the o'neals" premieres sunday, june 19th. >> good job, dad. >> on own. >> george? >> a lot of people will be watching. now, to our continuing series, "show me the money." all this week, elisabeth leamy has been giving you the secrets to claiming money you never knew you had. and the response overwhelming. "gma" viewers are cashing in. and eli has their stories. >> reporter: we showed you the secret room brimming with boxes of your unclaimed money. we showed you how to logon and get your share of 16 billion in unredeemed savings bonds.
8:24 am
>> hey, how's about that, huh? >> reporter: and now "gma" viewers all across the country are saying -- >> show me the money. >> reporter: d'anne john tells us, i found money for my sister, my mom, my mother-in-law, nephew and my husband. i love "gma." and how about latonya davison. i was owed $60 from an old cell phone account. the state of florida has it. it's legit. time to put down the coffee and listen. as tina percy miller says, this is no joke. and eli joins me from chicago to answer more of your questions. we're getting so many. let's get right to it. starting with sandra. she wrote, i had a bank account in my maiden name that i never closed. how do i begin to search? >> the most basic search you can
8:25 am
do is at a website called there is a big map there. click on a state to search it. she should search every single state where she has ever lived and the state where the bank is based because sometimes the money goes there and everybody should always search every name they've ever been known by. this especially applies to women who change their names when they get married. >> and mary in alabama builds on that. she says, i've lived in several states. how can i claim for unclaimed funds in many states? >> if you want to search many states at the same time, there's another free website called, where you can do that. there's a drop-down menu. you choose all states. there's not 50. not all participate. check those. if you've lived in any of them go back to >> a question related to the story we first brought you. she e-mailed us saying, my dad passed away approximately 11 years ago.
8:26 am
and i'm not sure if he left unclaimed funds. how do i go about finding funds he pay have left? >> you'll use the same websites. but you'll need some identifying information to know it's your dad and his money. his social security number. and even more so, you'll need every past address he lived at that you can get your hands on. if you find something, you're, of course, going to have to prove you're the rightful heir and you'll need a death certificate in order to prove he has passed away. >> george from chicago, my mother bought savings bonds for me. i can't find the paperwork. what can i do to locate the bonds? is there a central location where i can find them? >> quick, fast, easy website run by the treasury department called cute name. put in your social security and the social of the person who gave you the bond and see if there's anything that's there. >> that's easy. an easy way to find some money. great information. coming up, our ambush help for fashion-challenged fathers. cameron mathison hits the malls to help our dads looking for denim.
8:27 am
passenger from an sfo flight will be in court this afternoon facing criminal charges after he would not pull up his pants. deshon marman was dressed in saggy pants style popular with young people. a flight attendant asked him to pull up his pants and he refused and he has been charged with resisting arrest. let's get an update on morning commute with frances dinglasan. >> good morning. traffic is slow in two spots in san jose on north 101. one at hellier and we'll show you a live shot past 880.
8:28 am
this is why traffic is light and at the bay bridge toll plaza, only fastrak lanes that are backed up to west grand. >> meteorologist mike nicco has
8:29 am
here is look what is going on. low to mid 60s inland and 70 at antioch. cooler weather today, about 5-12
8:30 am
degrees cooler and low 80s inland. cooling transited continues through saturday. look for heat again monday and tuesday. ♪ who says you're not perfect who says you're not perfect ♪ selena gomez. boy, she is making a lot of headlines right now. always so hot. and she's going to be here for our summer concert series live tomorrow in central park. >> we are looking forward to having selena. >> oh, yeah. better believe it. >> 8-year-old and 6-year-old, selena gomez. >> wants to meet her so bad. >> huge. >> huge. >> i hope so too, lara. also, we've got some fashionable men in our midst, don't we, lara? >> absolutely. >> absolutely. >> sam is not wearing his flops but -- >> looking good.
8:31 am
>> cameron mathison also knows how to dress. so, i'd say there's some fathers out there that are a little challenged when it comes to getting the right jeans. and so, cameron mathison will do a little patrol to help the dads as we look ahead to father's day on sunday, of course. >> absolutely. and if you love to eat sweets, well, we're going to show you how you can have your cake and eat it, too. we're going with the minis, the mini versions of your favorite treats. this is tough investigative journalism. we'll taste them for you. >> i want some of that blizzard. >> you can have anything you want, stephanopoulos. speaking of that, can i show you? dorothy? this is my sister. look what she has in her hands. look what she has. she has george -- >> thank you. >> did you get that at a yard sale? >> could you show people the book? >> george's book that she got at a yard sale. you like that. >> i do. that makes me love you more. >> yummy right there. >> oh, great. no gray.
8:32 am
>> i think i can get him to sign it for you. first the weather. sam? >> this has turned into a push for george's book. let's bring it back to number one, ladies and gentlemen. let's put it right back there on the top of the amazon list. how are you, by the way? >> doing well. >> you know i'm crazy about the whole fam. one or two things going on. by the way, we'll show you our twitter pictures first. see if you don't notice -- this is the first time i've said this phrase, goose butts on television. looking at the lower right-hand screen from wichita, kansas and i swear that to me is a goose butt. i'm just saying. let me know if you think that's what it is. the heat rolling from midland, 103. phoenix, 104. this is of great concern because all across the deep south we've been looking at these temperatures. from texas going through louisiana, going through florida, as well. and i don't think this heat is going away. and we don't see any break in it at all. and it's been awfully early heat. and it's been constant heat. and it's really getting into a
8:33 am
tough situation there because, as we get into july and august, those temperatures will likely get even a little stronger. that's where the storms are rolling in those areas shaded in red. keep tuned to your loc lara, this is -- i know you got a lot coming up, including the deserts that i'm eating right now. but who is that with you right now? >> larry, larry the cable guy. >> hi. >> and we're here to talk about your new movie. although i saw you trying to -- >> i was going to get some oreo cookies. i'm wasting away. >> i see that. >> they got all this food over here.
8:34 am
it's not fair. listen, i want to say how special this is. i am wearing the john lasitter pullover. first time i've had sleeves. look at this. >> it's beautiful. >> it's slimming. that's why i like it. it's slimming. look at this. >> that is a wonderful father's day -- we have a feature on father's day fashion. you might want to mention it. >> or you might want to put me in the magazines and catalogs. >> speaking of "cars." lease talk about the movie. "cars 2." this is mater. >> so happy. >> let's take a look. >> greatest movie of all-time. here it is. >> i thought you were supposed to be making me a disguise. >> disguise program initiated. >> cool. hey, make me a german truck. make me a monster struck. >> okay. >> check it out i'm wearing materhosen. >> i have no gas. now make me a taco truck. >> funny car.
8:35 am
>> the idea is to keep a low profile, mater. >> you guys, larry has been having some oreos. we'll get you some milk. >> this is unbelievable. i love "gma." it's unbelievable. >> you know what, the least we could do for you. you've come from radio. how much fun is it to get in that booth and play mater? >> man, it was awesome. the cool thing about it, it's -- it's just cool to be in a pixar movie. a lot of -- everybody wants to be in a pixar movie. not only did i get one. but now, i've got two. and it's a franchise movie. and it's awesome. when i'm in the booth, it's she and john lassiter. i can always tell when i do it good. oh, that's it. i like that. so, just a lot of fun and "cars 2" is action-packed from the beginning to the end. a lot of heart, a lot of soul and everything mater says is funny, i guarantee it. >> i love mater. i have to admit he's my favorite character.
8:36 am
larry, thanks for joining us. "cars 2," out june 24th. unbelievable. >> all right. let's toss to you. >> you too, larry. now, to a remarkable story about a triumph over tragedy. a young beauty queen caught in a terrible accident. and her long and difficult journey back to success on the pageant stage. it was a moment of sheer terror, twisted, mangled car on fire, upside down in a ravine. trapped inside, a 20-year-old young woman fighting for her life. it was a turn no one could have seen coming for madeline mitchell, the pretty alabama girl who loved horses and cheerleading and most of all beauty pageants. what did pageants mean to you? >> well, the girls in the pageant just seemed to be such role models for everyone.
8:37 am
and i always looked up to them and i thought, you know, one day i want to be that girl. >> reporter: in september of 2008 madeline was living her dream, about to compete in the miss alabama usa pageant when tragedy struck. >> i was on my way home and lost control of my car. and i went off a 40-foot ravine and my car caught on fire. i remember everything from the accident. and it was horrible. i did not think that i was going to live. i was just praying to god that a miracle would happen. >> reporter: that miracle arrived in the person of walmart truck driver gary llewellyn who happened upon the scene just seconds later to find madeline's car in flames. >> i stopped. jump out, grab my fire extinguisher. go down there and put the fire out. i just knew it was bad because every time we'd try to move her, she would scream. >> he kept reassuring me, we are going to get you to the hospital. we will get you out of here. >> reporter: rescue workers air lifted madeline to the university of alabama hospital. >> she was having trouble breathing.
8:38 am
and her lungs were punctured. i was just saying prayers constantly. >> reporter: for 12 days madeline lay in a coma. thoughts of pageants replaced by her parents' hope that she would merely survive. >> john was leaning over her bed. he kept saying over and over, daddy's here. daddy's here. >> still gets me choked up. >> reporter: finally she opened her eyes. who was in the room? >> my father. and he said tears just rolled out of my eyes. and you know, i asked him, i said am i going to be able to compete in the pageant? of course, he just held my hand and said, not this year. >> reporter: when you see her, what do you think? >> i think that i'm a very
8:39 am
strong person. a very strong person. the doctors had told my parents they didn't even know if i would be able to walk again. >> reporter: she did walk again. but not without months of struggle. her right leg was shattered in 12 places. but left unbroken was the dream that had seemed all but lost, to be miss alabama usa. >> she just wouldn't take no for an answer. as quick as she got able, she started preparing. >> reporter: this past november that dream at long last was realized. >> miss alabama, usa, madeline mitchell. >> she's had a lot of trials and tribulations. if she can do that, she can do anything. >> i can't describe to you what i felt. because some people had told me i would never be able to compete again because i had so many scars. >> reporter: scars and all she's now looking ahead to the next crown, as she competes this
8:40 am
sunday to be the next miss usa. come the night of miss usa, what will be a success in your eyes? >> a success in my eyes would just be to get out there and do my best. >> reporter: an almost perfect ending to a remarkable story of recovery. remember the hero truck driver? we thought madeline should see him one more time for good luck. >> oh, my god. how are you? thanks again. thank you so much. >> what's it like? >> it's awesome. it's awesome. i mean, he saved my life. it's awesome. it's awesome feeling. i can't describe it. words can't describe it. >> i'm so proud of her. i mean, it's wonderful to say
8:41 am
where she was that night to here. >> reporter: madeline, what are you going to take away from this experience that you've had? >> win or lose, i have accomplished so many things in this last year. hopefully be a great educator, teacher. and encourage all my students to fulfill their dreams and believe in themselves. and keep going with what they believe in. >> and you can watch madeline compete in the miss usa pageant this sunday. still to come here, a father's day fashion makeover. cameron mathison helping some dads find the right dad jeans. come on back.
8:42 am
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8:44 am
♪ in our countdown to father's day, one more way to make dad less embarrassing, replace the dad's jeans. president obama caught some flack for the pair he wore the all-star game. so, we asked cameron mathison to give them some help. good morning, cam. >> good morning, george. it's true. some of us dads definitely need a denim adjustment. so, i teamed up with style expert suze yalof schwartz. and we hit the grove, l.a.'s big outdoor mall to stage a denim
8:45 am
intervention. jeans are everywhere you look. you call each other and say let's put on the black jeans? >> it's just fashion. >> reporter: how do you get those over your ankle in the morning? you guys look too good. we have to find someone who needs more help. it wasn't long before we found dads in need of a denim intervention and a father's day makeover. we were ready to ambush dad number one. michael, father of three, diagnosis, pants from another time. carpenter jeans. suze was ready to give him a little dose of fashion therapy. you need to come with us. >> you need to go to 2011 instead of 1973. >> reporter: i just listen to her. off to j. crew where the rest of our denim intervention team was waiting. can you come with me? come on. all right. good luck. >> thank you. >> reporter: suze, take it away. >> we could do the plaid vibe that you're going with which i'm saying no. i say we take you to a whole other place.
8:46 am
i think we'll need to change the shoes too. sorry. we're not on a hike. >> reporter: suze consulted with the story, hands him his new outfit. dad number one behind closed doors. getting the father's day makeover from head to toe. >> michael, let's see. wow. >> good-bye carpenter jeans. say hello to the new michael. ahoy, matey. >> wait, where is cameron? he's got to see this. cameron, hey, what are you doing? >> reporter: i was looking for you over there -- i couldn't -- i can't believe you're wearing the same thing. >> dude, you look good. >> reporter: what are the odds of that? >> no idea. >> reporter: you look fantastic. you look in the mirror dressed like this, what do you think? >> who is that guy? what do you think? >> great. >> reporter: have you ever seen your daddy wear white jeans before? happy father's day. >> thank you. >> reporter: on to intervention number two. >> excuse me for a second. are you a dad? we didn't even have to leave the
8:47 am
store to find our second dad. diagnosis, old and washed out. >> old-school levis. i've had them for almost ten years. >> it should be crisp or have something textural which makes it modern right now. these kind of washed out denims are fine. but they're not fashion. >> reporter: solution, skinny jeans. look at the new brad. >> look at you. >> i feel like more chic. i feel like sophisticated a little. before i felt like rugged and relaxed. i mean i still feel relaxed but i can go denim. >> you look amazing. >> reporter: we headed back outside on our mission in search of father number three. a dad in bad jeans. where, oh, where could he be? i was hoping to find a dad that was celebrating father's day for the first time. >> and is wearing the worst jeans. >> reporter: are you thinking of the same person? >> our sound man.
8:48 am
our audio man, chris. >> we're doing a denim intervention. you're a new dad. you have no time. your leg is here. >> hold on, wait. say that again. all right. >> let's do it. >> reporter: diagnosis, bad baggy look and the "s" curve at the hem. well, on chris, we kind of lost count. >> one, not one. two, three, four ss. >> reporter: test one, test two. >> the most important thing is the rear end of these pants. i don't think the camera can capture the flatness. can you turn around for a second? >> in my defense, i did inherited that. >> look at chris now. pretty spiffy and a nice neat look. >> because of the belt it gives the illusion of a more rounded rear end and tapered leg. >> reporter: you look good, man. you would wear this. i know you now working with you and i know you would wear this. >> i never would have thought it but i would wear it. >> reporter: mission accomplished. three dads, three better dressed dads, all ready for father's day. group hug. >> group hug. >> reporter: happy father's day.
8:49 am
definitely need to thank j. crew and the grove for helping us with our makeovers. i should also say that the outfits were our treat. we didn't stick those poor, ambushed fathers with the tab, i promise. as for our sound man chris, he is celebrating his very first father's day with 7-month-old little girl, victory, and wife, tiffany. happy father's day, chris and to all you dads out there including george. >> happy father's day to you, too. plus, chris gets a new pair of jeans, too. thanks a lot, cameron. coming up, super small is the next big thing in deserts. ♪ lollipop lollipop
8:50 am
go! go! completing an atm deposit in record time...
8:51 am
that's a step forward. go! go! with deposit friendly atms, you can make ultra fast, secure deposits with no slips or envelopes. take a step forward and chase what matters. welcome back, everybody. question for you guys. is bigger really better? >> yes. >> no. not if you believe in the latest trend in snacking. it's the -- yeah, it's the mini -- >> yeah. >> it's the mini dessert. a way to enjoy your favorite treat. you just are chuckling.
8:52 am
>> i love this, though. >> mini treats give you all the flavor and deliciousness but obviously not the caloric, you know, problem. >> great idea. >> so, starbucks all over this trend. and we'll sample a bunch of them and starbucks has these cake pops. we love the idea of. they come in tiramisu, birthday cake, my daughter's favorite, and rocky road. and are very low in calories but you get a real cake sensation and not a big deal. also on the bandwagon is our friend, dairy queen. the blizzard. 1985 the blizzard came out. and they decided that, you know, less may be more. they've got this new mini out. now, sammy, guess how many calories a medium blizzard has? >> i bet that thing is -- >> try to guess how many calories. >> oh, i'll guess 380 to 470. >> you can go on -- get a mini and only have 200 calories. so, great thank you. >> josh, the main -- the big cupcakes.
8:53 am
why do i want to say doughnuts? are 460. because i want one. what do you think the little ones are? >> i'm going to say 175. >> 200. >> no, they're about 100 calorie. >> oh, that's great. >> all right. so, what, i have the -- >> this is a big old -- this is the great wall of chocolate from p.f. chang, meant to serve four. 360, how many -- >> that's not 360. >> that's 360. >> we'll be right back. memememei you're gonna want mr. fuzzyman even more now that we've discovered beneful playful life. with real, wholesome ingredients like beef, egg, and even oatmeal.
8:54 am
extra protein for strong muscles. so you're ready for anything. you think you're getting spoiled. but it's so good for you, too. [ female announcer ] beneful playful life. healthful, flavorful, beneful. dream big. beneful is awarding a $500,000 makeover for one very lucky dog park. ♪
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membership rewards points from american express. the social currency. big day tomorrow. robin's exclusive interview with president obama. >> and selena gomez. get ready to rock with us in central park. ab
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
pg&e says it's going to begin widespread installation of smart meters in santa cruz county at the end of this month. the california puc is still deciding if some customers can opt out of the controversial meters. >> it's going to be 5-12 degrees cooler and low to mid 50s into downtown san francisco. low 70s around the bay shore. heat returns monday and tuesday. >> an awful ride in san jose, north 101. earlier accident at 880 has been out there for an hour and sig alert has


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