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tv   ABC 7 Morning News at 430AM  ABC  June 17, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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wonderful friday. family and friends of a missing nursing student will begin a three-day search for her and asking for volunteers. also investigators in antioch are looking for a string of suspicious fires. >> i'm frances dinglasan. bay bridge toll plaza, but i'll have an update on muni. >> no clouds and a little cooler this morning. we'll talk about a cooler than average forecast and then the heat is back and hangs around longer this time. >> and the sale of an auto
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planted has cost a city thousands of dollars. >> we have developing news out of virginia where authorities have closed roads leading to the pentagon because of a suspicious vehicle. this is a live look at the scene in arlington, virginia. you can see an off-ramp is blocked to vehicles. they spotted the car about an hour ago. folks going to the pentagon can't go off there as they normally do. there is no indication what it was that raised the concern of authorities but a bomb squad is reported to be at the scene. state and federal authorities are there at the scene. back here in the bay area, family and friends are michelle le are hoping for a large turnout for her. she disappeared three weeks ago while training at kaiser hospital in hayward.
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>> family members stood with a plea to the public, hem them find michelle. >> in this goes out to the public help to help us bring michelle home to us. >> she was last seen just before her break at kaiser hospital in hayward. police say they have questioned as many as 25 people but yet to make an arrest what they now believe is murder case. family is still hoping to find her alive. >> if it was your daughter, your friend you wouldn't give up hope. >> investigators already searched miles of the canyon in southern alameda but found nothing. they want covered specific spots including the cellphone records.
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>> from our phone forensics, f.b.i. and independent contractor as well as our own personnel in house what the phone forensics mean and with aer following up with had a. >> the extended family have come up for help with the search. they are training the volunteers expected to show up. >> it not over until it's over. >> for details on where to report, go to >> firefighters put out a suspicious fire burning in an and the yak park. they worked to get out a grass fire and then another fire broke out three hours earlier.
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a fire threatened homes. officials say they are seeing a pattern that strongly suggests arson. >> in all of them, they were eyesight of each over and we are actively investigating to determine who is responsible for this. >> so far they have no details, just a vague report of kids running away from a fire last week. police are stepping up patrols and neighbors are being asked to keep an eye out for anything suspicious. >> muni is hoping this morning's commute will go a lot smoother following a snafu yesterday. frances has the latest for us. >> muni is expected to begin normal service around judah and church are running again after thousands of riders were caught in a mess. people crowded on to buses when under ground light rail service came to a complete stop
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yesterday afternoon. a train with damaged equipment entered the church. it dragged down wires and pulled down support. crews made repairs but other lines were digs erupted but they were back in service by late afternoon. keep posted on the commute and send me a tweet to frances. >> we apologize for that picture at the end. contra costa d.a. is deciding whether to file charges begins a new mexico football player that was removed from a plane for refusing to pull up his sagging pants. deshon marman was arrested wednesday night. he wore his pants too low and the captain ordinary him off the
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plane and his attorney says u.s. airways was way out of line. >> it boils down to racism. they were cared of him, he was like a big black man and in their eyes he was a terrorist. >> his pants were below his shorts. >> arresting officers scuffled with him and they want some of the charges brought against him. his mother says that he was emotionally fragile after attending a funeral of a close friend. >> the man suspected of robbing a woman in her home was arrested. they arrested anymore on tuesday after they found him hiding in a doghouse. the victim recorded a robbery with a cellphone. police say it is mcdaniel.
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the victim returned moments later and raped him. he is a transient with 11 prior convictions with burglary, theft and assault. >> newly released documents reveals more details against the suspected serial killer, joseph naso. they claim that pantyhose used to strangle one of victims, also in the paper, prosecutors contend that naso kept a manned written list of ten locations and he kept photographs and news clippings related to four women he is charged with killing. 77-year-old naso is representing himself. he has pleaded not guilty to the charges. >> state comptroller is reviewing the veto passed by the democratic legislative majority. he will determine if lawmakers met the deadline in order to prevent losing their pay.
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brown vetoed the package yesterday. he says it would added to the debt because it included borrowing billions of dollars. >> the fact is california has been living beyond its means for the better part of a decade. we have to readjust. >> the action today was completely a mystery. >> governor brown says he would try to reach again a compromise to extend a series of tax increases that are set to expire at the end of the month. fremont city council has approved a new budgeted for the first time this year. it reflects a drop of 600,000 drop in property tax values owned by the nummi plant.
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it generated annual tax revenue before it was shut down. fremont officials expect to get $900,000 in revenue from the property after it was divided and sold separately to tesla motors and union pacific. >> 4:39. let's find out what the weather is going to be like father's day weekend. >> good morning. we made it to friday. have a holiday weekend and looks like the weather is going to change for the warmer for dad. here is a look at northwesterly wind. bottom of the trough, cool breeze and knocked our temperatures to about 6-17 degrees cooler than the day before. we are stuck and see the west winds blowing through and south winds blowing through the san ramon valley and we're going to have cooler weather today. if you look outside right now. only half moon bay, 9 degrees warmer and everyone else about
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1-10 degrees cooler. we're starting lower and we're going to end up lower this afternoon. few clouds around the coast and 49 at half moon bay. mid to upper 50s for the rest of us a lot of sunshine around the lunch hour. temperatures will be hanging around the upper 50s to midst 60s for the bay and as we head toward 4:00, look for a few clouds around the coast. 51 in san francisco. upper 50s and 70s bay shore. near 80 in north bay and east bay valleys. 90s return on monday and hang around for four days with 80s around the bay and near 70 at the coast. >> an early morning injury accident, livermore westbound 580 at north livermore. chp is at the scene and we'll try to find out which lanes are blocked but things are slowing down and all drive times for
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drivers out of the altamont pass light traffic across san mateo bridge and no problems as you make your way westbound. still ahead. allegations facing a charity book program. why critics say it's profiting from the donations at the expense of local libraries and a search for a couple and for stealing a baby. police now need your help in finding the suspects.
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good morning. a friday morning and you are looking at traffic on the bay bridge. you see those taillights headed westbound, things are moving along fine. no problems here. frances dinglasan is keeping track of the traffic and the rest of the bay area. >> in the news, morgan hill
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police are hoping will catch two people that took a vehicle with a baby inside. authorities traced 33-year-old and another man where police say had he used a credit card taken from the pair. they can be seeing entering and exiting the store. they took the car which the owner left outside a bank. they are believed 1988 toyota camry on your screen. >> there is controversy in the east bay overuse had books and donation bins that say the books will be used for charity. they may not be. laura anthony has the story from lafayette. >> the signs say books for charity. specifically for local schools but a local group, the sons of
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the lafayette library that they represent unwelcome competition. that is by donations to used bookstore that raises money for their library. >> i have heard some information about the organization that they really don't give very much to charity. >> the bin sticker that reads, a for profit company called thrift recycling management. they manages and services the bins themselves. according to the website, it's the largest seller of used books on internet sites like and 25% of books collected in the bins don't end up in nonprofits at all but rather at trm for sale on the internet. >> all i can say --
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>> they say that is not the arrangement here in the bay area. >> all books will be donated unless they are too torn or tattered in that case they will be recycling. >> here, safeway is working with an organization called reading partners. >> these books are going back to the local community, going to student that need books and don't generally have access to books. coming up, honoring the heroes of flight 93. workers put the finishing touches on a memorial of the san francisco bound plane that crashed on september 11th. >> also the resignation of congressman anthony weiner, why president obama says he did the right thing. >> and a republican presidential candidate is target of a protest in san francisco. >> and westbound has harry potter fans in great anticipation.
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fiber beyo recognition. fibeone. here is the high temperatures across the country. 72 in portland, upper 70s fargo and minneapolis, boston and new york, you want the heat, southward. low to mid 90s and 105 in phoenix. good news, most of the airports running on time. we do have flight departure delays out of j.f.k. and severe weather in the heart land. possible delays later today. look for the flight tracker any time you travel. >> it's 4:49. first phase of 9/11 memorial to honor those killed on flight 93 is now nearing completion. it will be dedicating on the tenth anniversary of the attacks. it's designed the public to get
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close to the crash site. a marble ball will bear those killed in the crash. they fought with the hijackers preventing it from striking the white house or the u.s. capitol. >> democrats are trying to move forward and put the weiner scandle behind them. he stepped down and democrats breathed a sigh of relief. >> he announced his resignation thursday afternoon following the sexting scandal. >> i'm announcing my resignation from congress. >> so my colleagues can get back to work, my neighbors can choose a new representative and most importantly that my wife and i can continue to heal from the damage i have caused. >> in an interview airing this morning, president said weiner
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did the right thing. >> i wish representative weiner and his wife well. it's been a tough incident for them. i am confident they will refocus and he'll refocus and be able to bounce back. >> while many congressional districts were supportive. >> his colleagues in congress are ready to put the distraction behind them. >> as usual we're here to talk about jobs and protecting medicare. if you are here to ask a question about congressman weiner. i won't be answering any. >> the departure will help them focus on the republican proposal to privatize medicare.
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>> it's 4:51 on this friday morning. it's always good to say friday morning. >> your famous ribs i always hear about. >> i don't know what you are talking about. >> looking in downtown san francisco, got a holiday weekend one of the lesser holidays but let's try to hype it up a little bit. it is clear and cool this morning. remember that dramatic drop we talked about yesterday. in san rafael, it dropped to 90 and only on 70 on thursday. a lot of double digits, livermore 12 degrees to 82. napa 13 degrees down to 76. even san francisco lost 7 degrees down to 64. if you are stepping out, you can see it's cool once again, a lot
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of 50s and 52 in antioch and monterey bay and inland, throw mid 50s. highlights, starting today cooler than afternoon temperatures. more clouds tomorrow and coolest in the afternoon, warming trend begins on father's day and it hangs around twice as long as it did earlier this week. start in the east bay valleys, find the warmest weather, 78 in dublin and everybody else in the low to mid 50s. we have low 70s, hercules and castro valley, newark and fremont. everybody else in the low to mid 50s around the east bay shore. mid to upper 70s with coupe teen other and san jose around 75 degrees. 68 in millbrae and low to mid-80s for the rest of peninsula. 60 at half moon bay, 59 in daly city. mid-60s for downtown and south san francisco. mid-60s in sausalito with 50 in stinson beach and 58 in bodega
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bay. low to mid-60s around the monterey bay and looks like low to mid-70s for hollister and morgan hill. cooler weather continues to move into the central valley, down in the upper 80s around chico and 90 in fresno and palm springs are feeling the cooler weather, down to 98 degrees. 69 in tahoe. let's talk about the bay bridge series, giants are taking on the a's this weekend. 7 7:05 first pitch. temperature will more cloud cover should be in the mid-50s. >> we're in the bottom of a bowl of colder air right now. this is going to hang around one more day and then this high pressure will start to move in. look at the warming trend, 6 degrees warmer on sunday and 6 degrees warmer by tuesday. low 90s inland and near 80
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around the bay and mid to upper 50s around the coast. here is frances with muni delays. >> yes, we just heard from a spokesperson that they said for riders to expect delays on the "m" line and the "j" church line this morning. so they are still trying to repairs and problems in that tunnel. basically there will be shuttles in place on the "n" judah line and the "j" church line. you'll have to use bus shuttles and then you can transfer to the under ground metro muni system once you head towards van ness. and livermore, there is a crash but not blocking any lanes. there is slowing in the area. here is the drive times. it's slow on westbound 580. from 205 to 680 its 27 minutes.
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go to our website at a book signing in san francisco didn't go as planned for candidate tim pawlenty. two members of liberal activist group code pink dumped litter on the table. they posted this video on youtube. one of activists asked him where he was for gay rights. he oppose oh opposes giving rights as the domestic partners. >> mitt romney during a campaign appearance in florida he talked to out of work floridians. >> the crowd didn't seem to
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mind. democrats say the comments show the multimillionaire is out of touch. >> a new website is causing a stir among harry potter fans. website potter and is signed by harry potter author j.k. rowling. by clicking on the owls, there is a youtube page by j.k. rowling with a countdown clock. a spokesperson says it's not a new book and not directly related to the final potter movie which comes out next month. >> camped out to save their homes. next at 5:00 a.m., workshop today where thousands of struggling homeowners hope to walk away with more affordable mortgages. pg&e's campaign let customers to stay green but is the utility
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