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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  June 17, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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i use the power of nature. [ male announcer ] introducing icy hot naturals with natural menthol. that gets icy to dull pain, hot to relax it away fast. new icy hot naturals. homeowners are already lining up outside the san jose convention center for the next suction days. thousands will get help to readjust their mortgages. also family and friends of a nursing student will begin a three-day search for her this morning and they are asking for volunteers to help. >> here is a live look downtown san francisco. it's another cooler than average afternoon. a warming trend is on the way and it starts on father's day and it will be just as hot and last longer. >> possibly big delays on muni once again this morning. there is an injury crash on
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livermore on westbound 580. update on both of those. . >> a lot going on. i'm eric thomas. we'll start with going right at frances what could be a rough ride. muni is still trying to put things back together with electrical wires. one of the busy lines. >> we heard from the spokesperson, for passengers still plan on delay free on the "n" judah line. here is the commute for muni riders where people were stranded, thousands were caught in this mess. they were crowd order to buses when under ground light rail service came to a stop yesterday afternoon. it was caused by a train that damaged overhead equipment and
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pulled down 500 feet of wire and support. they are still working to make repairs. "k", "l" and "m" lines were disrupted but they were restored. for this morning, they are going to have bus shuttles in place for part of the "n" judah line and the "j" church line and that means possible big delays again for muni passengers again this morning. commuters plan ahead. we'll keep you updated. >> homeowners have already started lining up in san jose to take advantage of free assistance to avoid foreclosure. one man made sure he was the first in line outside the san jose convention center. the neighborhood assistance corporation of america or naca is hosting it. representatives from several major lenders will be on hand. the idea is on help homeowners
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lower their monthly payments. >> it's not for people just in foreclosures but for people that have an unaffordable moral. so if you are late or current or things are going to get tougher, you should come down here and help save your home. >> chase is holding a similar event for its customers that need mortgage help. that will be at santa clara marriott. hours and documents you need to bring for both of them on our website. just click on see it on tv. >> in just under three hours, family and friends of a missing nursing student and hayward place will begin a three-day search to find her. they are asking volunteers to come out and help today. le vanished after she went to get something in her car. police say they found evidence in her car that suggests she was murdered. le's cellphone appears to have been used after her
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disappearance and information obtained from the phone will help in search efforts. >> from the phone forensics, f.b.i. and independent contractor as well as our own personnel in house have all come up with ideas what the phone forensics mean and we're following up with that. >> le's extended family from san diego has come up to help with the search. the gathering at a buddhist church in hayward on cypress avenue. find details on our website court documents say the man arrested for the murder of a san jose bomb whose body was found in a garbage bag has confessed to the killing. he is scheduled to enter a formal plea on june 27 to a single murder count. he is charged with killing
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46-year-old woman on whose body was discovered in a sunnyvale neighborhood june 5th. police filed documents indicated the suspect confessed and they also say they have physical evidence and phone records linking him to the murder. >> man who confessed to gunning down chauncey bailey and 2nd man in 2007 says he is sorry for the pain he caused. brousard admitted killing both men and says it was the orders of yousef bey. according to a report by the chauncey bailey project. broussard wants to tell the families i don't expect them to forgive me. hope they hear me. i know it was morally wrong. he will be sentenced on august 12th.
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>> south bay fire officials are responding to a new grand jury report that calls on the fire department to cut back on sending fire trucks to emergency medical calls to save money. watchdog panel found that 70% of the county's fire calls are medical emergencies and just 4% are fire related. firefighters respond as if they are headed to fire. they working on plan to cut back to sending fire trucks to minor emergency calls starting on july 1st. >> i've been engaged a our union has been working with on looking forealternatives for medical aid and we think we have some good success. >> san jose firefighters union says put morgue private ambulances into service would end up being more costly. >> time for a check on the forecast and what a difference a day makes.
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this morning is cool. >> the kids weren't nearly as irritable during baseball practice yesterday. here is a look why. the wind is coming straight down from the northwest. area of cold air and it takes off all the way up into montana. we'll be stuck in that today and tomorrow. visibility, everybody up except half moon bay. 62 in antioch and the rest of us in the 50s right now. by the afternoon hours, low to mid-50s along the coast. patchy clouds into downtown san francisco. mid to upper 60s in richmond and only, rest of bay shore low to mid-70s. you can see low to mid-80s in the east bay valleys and santa rosa around 82 degrees. monterey bay, low to mid-60s for you.
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sale thing for salinas and mid to upper 70s of morgan hill and gilroy. seven-day forecast tomorrow we lose about four more degrees. coolest day in the forecast, by monday and tuesday, it will be about 10-12 degrees warmer with above average temperatures most of next week. here is frances. good morning. we heard from paul rosen and telling people expect delays on "n" judah and "j" church lines as they continue to repair the subway service system, that tunnel there. here is a look at westbound 580 in livermore. an earlier crash cleared at livermore. drive times have improved. they are down to 22 minutes. westbound 580 from 205 to 680, delay free as you make your way
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out towards san leandro. >> just about 5:09 and still ahead, technology that apple is working on that could prevent you in taking photos with your iphone and you could be paying top money for beauty products, some say are misleading and paying extra to be green but is the utility company giving you what they promised? ♪
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. good morning, toppings america's money. capital one is acquiring img direct a major bank for about $9 billion. that will make capital one the fifth alarmingest bank. toyota is expected to resume production in north america. >> no wonder sales are down, fewer high school students are drinking the carbonated beverages. sodas are down. >> and one final gamble, at harris casino hotel. they bought furnishings from the
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las vegas landmark. i'm peggy bunker. >> time is 5:13. >> an oakland based environmental group is suing two cosmetic companies for labeling them organic and the group says they are not. it can cost two to four times with similar products without the organic label. many of those products are deceptive. >> this is a deodorant and it contains a couple ingredients, these are ingredients that are listed as potential health hazards. >> the lawsuit names 25 companies. we've posted the names of those companies named in the suit on our website at look under 7 on your side. >> pg&e's climate smart environmental campaign allows customers to pay green but is the utility giving what the
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customers promised? our media partner media watch has been looking at the climate smart program and what it found is that customers may not be getting what they paid for. >> pg&e's website claims the climate smart program is way for customers off set carbon footprint. for $60 a years they go toward projects. >> we can use it to slow down levels. >> as it turns out taxpayers have already paid to protect and selectively log this 24,000 acre forest. they provided virginia based conservation fund with nearly $50 million in loans and grants to taxpayer funded bond money. the fund is a nonprofit to invest in environmental projects. california watch reporter
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uncovered the story. >> they realized they could make more money by selling. >> that angers the group. >> it sounds like double counting. >> turn executive director has long questioned the climate smart program. he worries that the 30,000 residents and business customers enrolled in the program are being taken advantage of. >> all pg&e has done is paid for a project that is already protected. >> the san francisco based utility says customers can be assured that they are investing in things that make a difference in the environment. >> it requires only to invest in projects where the benefit of the mitigation measures will be in the future, going forward. it's very important those measures have not already been
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implemented. >> they say the contribution allows the fund to continue to protect the forest. though they aren't doing anything illegal, critics of pg&e say it can do a better job. >> we think it would make a lot of sense and be smart for them to take initiatives and do the right thing without being forced to. >> that was dan ashley for reporting. for more on the report. check out our website or apple may be working on software to keep users from illegally recording concert video. tell you more about that story coming up. meteorologist mike nicco, why don't we do some weather right now. >> i would say that is great idea. >> that is it for this year. no more great ideas. >> you are so modest. >> you can see some of the clouds developing around the
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coast and that will continue as we look down from mount tamalpais this morning looking down on sausalito and barely see san francisco off in the distance. show you the dramatic cooling we saw three degrees around the coast and ten degrees in redwood city and exactly 10 degrees in concord and 9 degrees and we lost 20 degrees in san rafael. that was the biggest drop from 90 to 70. today we'll be pretty close. 52 in antioch. we have low to mid 50s discuss about everywhere else. so highlights, three things i want you to know, it's going sunny, cooler than average temperatures today. more clouds tonight and that will help tomorrow be the coolest afternoon. warming trend for father's day when you are grilling for him -- it will be warmer outside. you can see the clouds and watch
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how they build up through the 7:00 and 8:00 hour and retreat back around noon and slowly dissipate to partly cloudy conditions. even a few 50s where it will be still be cloudy. 70s around the bay, 80s inland and 90s still staying away today. mid to upper 70s down in the south bay with los gatos around 78 degrees. low to mid-70s on the peninsula, 73 in palo alto and 68 in millbrae. some of the cooler spots around the coast. mid-50s downtown san francisco and sausalito, upper 50s to near 60s along your beaches and petaluma northward, 70s to low 80s. mid to upper 60s most of east bay shore. castro valley newark and fremont low 70s. livermore, sell degrees today. 72 in hollister but mid to upper
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70s morgan hill and gilroy. low to mid-50s around the breezy monterey bay. bay bridge series starting at the coliseum, 62 dropping down to about 58 by the time the game is over. tonight's temperatures pretty mild low to mid-50s, mid to upper 40s. 58 in antioch. one of warm spots. check out tomorrow's temperatures about 4 degrees cooler than today. 6 degrees and that is how much we add to sunday's forecast. once we get into next week, near 70 along the coast and 80 around the bay and near 90 inland. have a great weekend and happy father's day. i noticed you said, people cook for you. muni is expecting delays and "n" judah or "j" church lines they are still trying to do emergency repairs for that tunnel behind
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church right behind the safeway there and that is going to impact the "n" line and "j" church line and there are shuttle buses in place this morning. check out and live camera shot. golden gate bridge, traffic is fine out of marin county and you won't find any problems in the south bay. here is live shot of 101 and 880 interchange. get the latest information whenever you want by going to our website at apple may be working a software that keeps users from illegally recording concert systems. it would detect data around the environment. if they detect an iphone camera it could disable recording.
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apple have applied for on the system. >> still ahead, dining with the commander in chief. how you can win a sit down with president obama for just five dollars. >> plus,.... >> how berkeley made a trip to the whole foods into an internet sensation. [ female announcer ] if soap dries itself,
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good friday morning. 5:24 on the morning news, a cooler morning from emeryville camera as i looks across the bay toward the bay bridge. no problems reported there but there are delays reported on muni this morning. frances is keeping track of them. she'll bring you the latest coming up in a couple of minutes. >> in the news, an eastern china more rain is pouring down in the region where flooded river is at the highest level more than 50 years. flooding in china has left more than 170 people dead or missing, it's forced more than 100,000 people to leave their homes along the yangze river and the
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rains are expected to continue. landslides crushed part of a rail line stranding some 5,000 passengers on four trains overnight. >> sometimes when you enter a five dollar raffle, sometimes a free trip but one raffle could land you a dinner with the president. the barack obama reelection campaign is raffling off dinners for four lucky winners, minimum donation is five dollars. it will cover the flight and dinner that apparently be a, quote, casual meal among friends. a berkeley rapper has back viral video star with a music video called keeping it real shot at whole foods. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> that berkeley high grad david
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whitman, known as dj dave to make a video on health nuts like himself. ♪ ♪ >> the video is made by creative group fog and smog based out of los angeles. >> next at 5:30, frustrated homeowners struggling with hair mortgages have a place to go for help today. also, two more suspicious fires have some contra costa homeowners keeping watch for an arsonist. >> here is a look at those temperatures across the country. high temperatures are building through the midwest with 92 in st. louis. 76 in boston, phoenix 105 and j.f.k. the only airport having
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delays this morning and flight departure delays. go to flight tracker at go to flight tracker at [ tab pops ] ♪ whatever lola wants ♪ ♪ lola gets ♪ and, little man, little lola wants you ♪ [ cellphone dings ] [ cellphones ringing ] [ women screaming ] one diet pepsi, please. ♪ make up your mind to have ahh. ♪ what's going on over there? ♪
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plan on big delays if you are a muni rider on the "n" or "j" line. i'll have details coming up. >> family and friends of missing nursing student of michelle le are asking for volunteers to help search for her. >> thousands of homeowners are expected to show up at the san jose convention center to help them with their mortgages. >> and thousands of dads are looking for good weather this weekend and think we'll have it. temperatures will be on the decline and then warmer weather is on the way and we will see the 90s for a longer time in the accu-weather seven-day forecast.
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>> just about 5:30 on this friday. i'm eric thomas. first up, let's go back to frances to check on the latest on muni which has been experiencing delays. >> emergency repairs continue for that tunnel that impacts the "n" and "j" lines. this happened yesterday. people were crowd order the buses when the underground light rail service came to a complete stop. this was a train damaged overhead equipment and it dragged down wires and pulled down support. so crews are still at the scene trying to do the repair work. right now this is the latest we have from a spokesperson, the "n" and "j" subway system lines are not working so they will have extra bus shuttles in place along market street for the "n"
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judah and "j" church passengers that will take you out to embarcadero. they don't have an expected time to be completely repaired but they will keep it posted and they hope to have it repaired sometime this morning. >> keep us informed. thank you very much. relatives of a missing nursing student will spend a weekend searching for her in the hayward area and asking for her help. plenty of volunteers in the search for michelle le that vanished from a kierz hospital in hayward three weeks ago. terry mcsweeney is live in hayward. >> reporter: the search is going to begin at this buddhist church on cypress avenue. volunteers are asked to come down here 18 years of age or older to start the search for 26-year-old michelle le. take a look at a picture of the missing woman. she was last seen three weeks ago at kaiser hospital in
5:32 am
hidden. 25 people have been questioned in this case. no arrests, no sign of le and this is a homicide investigation. last week. investigators have searched southern alameda county but the search is going to be in specific locations and not going to be random, it's going to be based on evidence including cellphone, call times and contact numbers. >> from our phone forensics, f.b.i. as well as an independent contractor our own personnel all come up with ideas what the phone forensics mean and we're following up with that. >> le's family put out the call with a formal announcement yesterday. people that come down to this buddhist church is going to get training in how to go about this search. they will be getting that from a
5:33 am
polly klass the girl that was killed back in 1993. make sure you wear a long sleeve shirt, long pants and closed shoes. the address on cypress avenue, what to wear, go to click on see it on tv. again, 8:00 to 5:00 today, tomorrow and sunday the search for missing michelle le. >> a small group of homeowners is camped out this morning in hopes of bringing down the mortgages and even saving their homes. camp site is the sidewalk outside the san jose convention center where lenders and financial advisors will hold workshops starting today.
5:34 am
amy hollyfield is live in san jose. one family has a nine-year-old out there, spent the night out on the sidewalk. it's cold out there. the family says they are desperate to get help with their mortgage payments. first person in line got there at ago yesterday this afternoon. they are waiting for the naca representatives. they will have representatives from 14 banks and three major investors. the plan is to help homeowners figure out a way to lower their mortgage payments. the session is free and giving homeowners hope. >> we didn't know where to turn to. there were other programs. we didn't know where the programs were. we heard they were doing this, like who are these people and
5:35 am
how do we get in touch with them? then we would look into it, another dead-end. >> naca representatives say most homeowners get their payments lowered by hundreds of dollars. right there on the spot. they are going to be here in san jose from friday through wednesday starting today all the way through wednesday, from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. their goal is to see everyone that shows up so they don't think they have to turn people away and don't feel like you need to camp out on the sidewalk. although is clear indication of just how desperate people feel. for the fifth time in just two weeks, firefighters have put out a suspicious fire burning in an antioch park. investigators are looking closely at one acre grass fire that broke out about 7:30 last night. another fire broke out in a
5:36 am
country manor park and a threatened homes. they are the latest that have nearby residents on edge. officials say it strongly suggests arson. >> all of them are within eye sight of each other. it's very suspicious and we are actively investigating to determine who is responsible for this. so far they have no details. just a vague report of kids running away from a fire last week. neighbors are asking to keep an eye out on anything suspicious. >> the contra costa d.a. is deciding whether to file charges guns a new mexico state football player for. 20-year-old deshon marman was released from jail last night. he was arrested on wednesday in a dispute with u.s. airways over wearing pants too low.
5:37 am
it escalated to the point where they made a citizen's arrest for trespassing. his attorney says u.s. airways was out of zblein it boils down to racism because they were scared of him because he was big black with dreads. his underwear was covering his private areas but his pants were below his shorts. so was in full view of the traveling public. >> arresting officers scuffled with him and they want charges brought against him. his mom says he was emotionally fragile after attending a funeral in san francisco of a close friend. state comptroller is reviewing governor brown's veto. he'll determine whether lawmakers met the deadline to pass a spending plan in order to keep their paychecks coming. brown angered members of both parties when he vetoed the
5:38 am
budget. he says the package would have added to the $10 billion debt because it included borrowing billions of dollars and relied on creative accounting. >> the fact is california has been living beyond its means for the better part of a decade. we have to readjust what we spend to what taxpayers give us. >> the action yesterday was unnecessary. we took a multiphased approach. >> governor brown says he would once again to reach a compromise to extend tax increases that are set to expire at the end of the month. 5:38. good friday morning. dads, this is your weekend. mike is here with the forecast. >> it is a little cool. here is the reason why. look at the right turn the jetstream, just a beeline straight south into the bay
5:39 am
area. this is called a trough of low pressure. this is where the coldest of the air is. winds are coming right off the ocean and through our neighborhoods and that is why we're cooler this morning and why we'll be cooler yet this afternoon. look at the temperatures. half moon bay, 7 degrees warmer and one to 11 degrees cooler. so that lower start along with the sea breeze that will continue means you have cooler than average temperatures this afternoon. even with a lot of sunshine. it's 8:00, 40s around half moon bay, santa rosa rest of us in the 50s. by noon, look for clouds to remain out at the coast where you are in the mid to upper 50s. 70s showing up inland. by 4:00, warmest weather, east bay valleys, upper 70s to low 80s. upper 50s to low 70s through the bay shore. half moon bay and san francisco, hugging that 60-degree mark. coolest day tomorrow because we'll have more clouds in the morning and then about 10-12
5:40 am
degrees warmer by tuesday. good morning. we might be hearing good news from muni. i'm waiting back from the spokesperson, but apparently they are testing some of the "n" and "j" trains to go through that tunnel. behind debose and church. they are still telling passengers to expect delays and bus shuttles in place for both those lines. i did want to mention, however, that the "k", "l" and "m" lines are running normally. >> elsewhere, new crash reported in san jose. southbound 17, right here at 880 -- or 880 and 280. that is 880. it looks like it's there. blinking lights but so far not causing delays. >> it's 5:40. still ahead the allegations facing a charity program.
5:41 am
why critics say it's profiting from the donations at the expense of local libraries. search for a couple wanted for stealing a baby. the baby is fine but police need your help in finding the suspects.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld.
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morgan hill police are hoping that surveillance video will help catch two people take a vehicle with a baby inside. the baby was unharmed. they traced 33-year-old person and another person to a store where police say they used a credit card taken from the car. they can be seen entering and exiting the store with the child. the pair is believed to be driving a 1988 dark blue toyota camry license plate on your screen controversy in the east bay overuse had books and donation bins that say those books will
5:45 am
be used for charity. they may not be. >> reporter: the signs say books for charity, specifically for local schools but a local group, sons of the lafayette library say the big blue bins represent unwelcome competition, by donations to raise money positive for their library. >> i heard some information about the organization that they really don't give very much to charity. >> the bin has a sticker that said that has a connection with thrift recycling management. they service the bins themselves. according to the website, the companies is the largest sell are of used books like on and 25 of the books
5:46 am
collected in the bins don't end up at nonprofits at all but rather at trmfor sale on the internet. >> all i can tell you -- >> a spokesperson that is not the arrangement here into the bay area. >> the agreement is that all books will be donated unless they are too torn or tattered. in that case they will be recycling. recycled. >> here safeway is working with an organization called reading partners. >> these books are going back to the local community. they are going to students that need books who want books and don't generally have access to books. it is full speed ahead for toyota. bloomberg business report coming up. >> workers put finishing touches on the memorial to passengers of a san francisco bound plane that crashed on 9/11. plus, a bay area unwelcome. a republican presidential candidate is the target of a
5:47 am
protest in san francisco. and a website has harry potter fans in great anticipation. what j.k. rowling says he won't be announcing.
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and now it has 40% fewer calories than most regular soda brands. sunnyd! ♪ make today a sunny day! drink up and download free music! find out more at we have upper 80s and 90 ins from know. more cloud and afternoon sunshine and cooler around san diego and l.a. sunny and warm 98 in palm
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springs. heading to the sierra, watch out for flooding around yosemite. temperatures in the mid to upper 70s there. upper 50s with mainly sunny conditions tomorrow. first phase of 9/11 memorial to honor those killed on san francisco bound flight 93 is nearing completion. workers are still finishing up the memorial in pennsylvania. it will be dedicated on the upcoming tenth anniversary of the attacks. it's designed to let the public get close to the crash site without disturbing it. a marble wall will bear the people that were killed in the crash. they fought with the hijackers possibly preventing it from striking the white house or the u.s. capitol. >> time to check in with mike for a look at the forecast. a little cool out this morning. what a beautiful pick of the sunrise. some of the clouds could spill
5:51 am
into the bay next couple of hours. it will sunny and cooler than average day. taking a look, you can see from three degrees cooler at half moon bay, to 20 degrees cooler in san rafael. that was the difference between wednesday's high and yesterday's high. 6-12 degree range we talked about. for today, if you are stepping out right now, we have 51 in antioch, a cool 49 in santa rosa and everybody else in the low to mid-50s. we have low to mid-50s around the monterey bay and inland also. here are the three highlights for this 7-day forecast. sunny, cooler than average highs today and tomorrow because we'll have more clouds tonight and that will slow the sunshine warming trend tomorrow. tomorrow will be the coolest day in the forecast. warming trend starts on father's day and heat is in the forecast. low to mid-70s around the east bay valleys. 80 in danville. temperatures are running pretty close to yesterday.
5:52 am
mid to upper 50s all the way down to san leandro and hayward. mid to upper 70s in the south bay with santa clara around 74 degrees. 68 in millbrae, throw mid-80s along the peninsula eechblt some 50s showing up along the coast today where clouds will be stubborn around daly city. mit mid-50s south san francisco and sausalito. upper 70s to low 80s in the valleys. 72 in hollister but mid to upper 70s gilroy and morgan hill. bay bridge series is back, at the coliseum, it will be cool for the giants and a's, 62 dropping down to 58. as far as temperatures tonight, mainly in the 50s, cooler in santa rosa and cloverdale, mid to upper 30s, look at the cloud cover that is reason why we'll
5:53 am
be cooler than today. you psych the cold air diving down from alaska. we're in the bottom of this trough. that is whener the cold air is developing. we have a pretty tight greed yent from the high pressure to the west and low pressure to the east. it's coming right off the ocean and cooler tomorrow. we'll reverse that on sunday and look at monday, tuesday and wednesday, low 90s inland and near around the bay and may touch 70 around the coast next week. we've been talking muni delays all morning due to damage that happened yesterday and that impacted the "n" and "j" lines, bus shuttles for the subway service on those lines but we're waiting to hear the latest from paul rose and they expect service to be restored this morning. we'll keep you posted as soon as we hear that inbound trains are running again on "n" judah and
5:54 am
"j" church lines. "k", "l" and "m" lines are running normally. >> and "h" train is number one couple minutes late. there is an injury crash reported in san jose, southbound 17 past 280 and 880 we have a live shot in the area. it's all green right here and traffic looks like it's flowing well southbound heading into the santa cruz mountains. some emergency vehicles and not slowing down anyone at this point. get the latest traffic by going to it's 5:54. krispy kreme, remember them, trying to make a comeback. here is this morning's bloomberg business report. >> good morning. krispy kreme adding oatmeal and
5:55 am
fruit juice to their menu. meantime. they have agreed to buy operations of img. it would make capital one the sixth largest lender. and toyota they say the recovery is going faster in north american auto plants will return to normal in september. uncle sam still wants you, but employment is still high but the pentagon recruitment has plunged since the 2008 peak. >> at the new york stock exchange, the bloomberg business report. a book signing in san francisco didn't go as planned for republican presidential candidate tim pawlenty. two members of the activist group code pink dumped it will are on the table where he was signing copies of his book
5:56 am
courage to stand yesterday. he posted this video on youtube. one of the activist repeatedly asked to stand for reproductive and gay rights. democrats are seizing on off the cuff moment by presidential candidate mitt romney during a campaign appearance in florida. he talked with out of work floridians. >> my story, i'm also unemployed. >> the crowd didn't mind the comment but democrats say he is out of touch. >> a new website caused a stir among harry potter fans. it just reads coming soon and is signed by harry potter author j.k. rowling. it connected you with a youtube page with the announcement with a countdown clock sent for june
5:57 am
23rd. a spokesperson says it is not directly related to the final potter movie which comes out next month. just ahead, help for homeowners, the workshop where hundreds of homeowners are hoping to walk away with a more affordable mortgage. >> i'm terry mcsweeney live in hayward where the family of a missing woman is asking you to come out and look for her this weekend. the latest on the search and investigation into the disappearance of michelle le coming up in a live report.
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