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tv   ABC 7 News  ABC  June 19, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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>> alan: investigators tonight are trying to determine if a fairfield pipe bombing suspect could be connected to a bombing in vacaville, where an explosive device in a newspaper blew up, terrorizing an entire community. this man was arrested, daniel garcia, at his fairfield home after a seven-hour standoff. john alston is in fairfield and spoke to his roommate? >> reporter: yes, and we got a look inside the house that police searched on thursday and
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yesterday after the standoff. we spoke the renter who lived there and some neighbors who say the pipe bop -- bomb suspect did strange things. with the choking smeal of tear gas in the asian jimmy hix showed us the home. broken glass covers the living room floor from the s.w.a.t. stand yawrvetion long with a search warrant allowing the police to search. >> did you ever see mr. garcia talk about pipe bombs. >> no, i depend. >> hix, who was arrested for obstruction of justice when he wouldn't come out, said he moved in eight days ago and barely knows garcia. >> doesn't look like a man would have anything to do with a pipe bomb. >> the police think otherwise. they surrounded the house for seven hours yesterday. garcia became a suspect after a pipe bomb exploded under a car in fairfield three weeks ago.
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police searched his home on thursday, when he wasn't there, discovering what they believed was pipe bomb. garcia returned yesterday, finally surrenders last knight -- last night at 8:30, after the police filled the home with tear gas. >> one up and down the street naked. >> the neighbor says he spoke with garcia last week. >> showed me a little experiment he was doing to generate electricity to his house so he wouldn't have to pay pg&e. he piekd up -- hook up a pipe. and a generator. >> they're investigating whether there was a connection with a bombing in march, when a man pegged up a newspaper and it exploded. >> maybe this will help kind of get some more clues as to what is going on, if they're relate or not. >> reporter: police say garcia
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has a criminal hoyt -- history. garcia is now in the solano county jail without bail. john alston. >> alan: a manhunt is now taking place in lake county for the suspect who killed a four-year-old child and shot five other people. it happened just before 11:00 last night in clear lake. investigators have served search warrants at several locations are and looking for kevin stone of clear lake. investigators are not releasing a motive or details. >> a father's day outing turned into a rescue mission today. the coast guard had to save a father and his two sons when they're boat capsized. the the it capsized in eight feet of water. they were teen the hospital for
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evaluation. the say say are not giving up. a third day of searching for missing nursing student michelle li has ended, and his family is still hopeful she will be found alime over the past three days, 450 volunteers searched glears and around niles canyon. >> an emotional day, especially today, father's day. we are coming together to help michelle come home. that's the biggest father's day present i would ever ask. >> alan: the family will organize more searches to help narrow down the job for law enforcement, possibly one as soon as next weekend. li was last seen on in hayward on may 27th. >> a woman considered the up official ambassador of san francisco's chinatown has died.
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shirley fong was an active member of the chinese culture center and the chinese historical society. fong owned a tour company and was one of the california delegates to the white house conference on travel and tourism, she is fondly remembered for her contributions to the chinese-american community and was the sister of ben fong. one of rock and roll's most famous saxophone players is being mourned today. clarence clemons was rememberedded at the stone pony in new jersey. the place where clemons, bruce springsteen and other e street band members got their musical start. clemons was a major influence in springsteen's life and music. he suffered a stroke at his home in florida last week. doctors say he died of
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complications from the stroke yesterday evening. he was 69 years old. tonight, those massive wildfires fuel by heat and drought are still roaring from arizona to florida. they're forcing thousands to evacuate their homes. here's the latest. >> reporter: ill winds and high temperatures are fanning wildfires across much of the southern united states. three dozen large fires are whipping through ten states, more than 1.2 million acres have burned. texas is get something of the worst of it. >> we really need rain. >> reporter: drought conditions are feeding the flames. >> it's dry out, and the smallest little fire with the wind, just like today, doesn't take long to spread fast. >> reporter: firefighters are struggling to stay ahead of the flames inch arizona, the wallow fire, the largest in state history, arizona senator john
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mccain touring the damage, even blamed illegal immigrants for start something fires but offered no proof, and a federal spokesman demade there was substantial evidence to support the claim. police are warning residents their homes could end up like these. now they face a stark decision whether to stay or evacuate. >> any neighbor and i could put out any little fires. >> but this man is on the move. >> hopefully be back here next week. i don't know. >> the scale of the charring can be seen even from space in the red areas in this nasa photo. the arizona flames are spreading into new mexico, which has its own blazes burning around santa fe. the wave of flames steppeds through georgia to florida, where 400 fires have scorched 300,000 acres. the 4.3 million acres lost to flames this year are 2-1/2 times the national average in ten years. >> alan: california's wildfire season officially began this
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past month. calling 'fire is now stocking seasonal stations and has activated crews. >> unite flights are finally getting back on track after a computer outage virtually shut down the airline. united says it does not expect to cancel anymore flights but delays might continue. the carrier cancelled 41 flights after its computer system went down four fire hours. united only says it was a network connectivity issue. >> u.s. airways' computer system in north carolina went down for more than three hours this morning. the airline is warning customers may encounter longer lines at the ticket counter and delays of up 0 to an hour. the outage has not caused any flights to be cancelled. today they brought in mow employees to carry luggage.
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finding in a report about the chaos in japanese after a tsunami slammed into a nuclear power plant. also. >> libyan officials accuse nato of killing civilians as moammar gadhafi's regime turns up the heat on rebel forces. >> leigh: what a warmup, as much as 20 degrees in some locations. get ready for some high heat the first part of the work weeeeeeee
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>> alan: a new report describes the early choose after a snap tsunami slammed into a nuclear power plant. the workers were unprepared and had to bring emergency gear and manuals for distant buildings and had to borrow equipment from a contractor. the report describes the heroic effort by the employees to keep the plant from melting down but precious time was lost because they were struggling with unfamiliar equipment and the fear of radiation exposure. >> libya's foreign minister is accusing nato of killing nine civilians. nato acknowledged its planes hit targets in tripoli and is investigating a strike on a house. while nato war planes have stepped up the war campaign, moammar gadhafi's regime unleeched a barrage of rockets and mortars on the front lines.
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rebels were rush to the hospital. >> today there is cases of injury, and about six people died, and the war is continuing. bombs here now. >> alan: doctors at the field hospital say the stopped counting the wounded because there were too many. up next, celebrating an historic day. hundreds take part in a june teeneth celebration, and leigh glaser with your work week forecast.
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an an motion. >> alan: police in south san francisco are looking for a man who robbed a woman of her dog. a man approached the victim and forcibly took her dog, a chihuahua and pomp -- pomeranian. anyone with information is asked to contact the police. >> thousands celebrated today at the annual juneteenth festival on fillmore street. they commemorate the end of slavery on june 19, 1855 in
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texas, two years after the emancipation proclamation. the festival runs until 7:00 p.m. governor jerry brown declared june 19th as june teen in the state of california. >> and happy father's day to all of you. >> leigh: same to you. pancakes and the whole thing? >> alan: and a bike ride. >> leigh: a lot of folks enjoying the weather. temperatures heating up. take a look at the sutro cam. top the north winds came in and pushed the fog off the coast so a lot of sunshine coastside as well. you can see diablo from san francisco today. here's current temperatures. 92 right now in antioch. 88 in livermore. 83 in napa. 69 right now in san francisco. 86 in redwood city. 81 in mountain view, and san
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jose right now, a little toasty at 85 goings. how much did you warm up today? check out santa rosa, up 26 degrees thanks to the wind shift out of the north. ten degrees in san francisco, oakland up 12. 13 in antioch, and san jose managed ten degrees warmer this afternoon and we're going to warm up even more so tomorrow. clear sky overnight. mild, especially inland, temperatures in the 60s. warm to hot tomorrow, and then inland temperatures as we head towards tuesday will climb near 100 degrees. >> go ahead and take you pack. this is this morning with patchy fog near the coast. the winds started to shift out of the north and push all the fog to the south, and that meant temperatures coming up. tonight we'll keep it mild. 64 overnight for antioch. 62 in concord. maybe also patchy fog near half moon bay, down toward santa
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cruz, and temperatures there will be in the mid-to-upper other 50s tonight. here's the setup for the next several days. high pressure building in, going to push the jet stream to the nompleght tuesday, we get into vying offshore winds and that's going to mean temperatures inland a little warmer than today, near 100. tomorrow morning, a little patchy fog. otherwise, clear skies. not a lot of onshore winds. more north to northeasterly winds, starting to set up, and that well push the heat up towards the north bay locations. east bay, 80s. 90s out towards interior east bay, even the chance of 70s near the coast. here's the hes tomorrow. 90, san jose, half moon bay, 68. in the north bay, 94 for santa rosa. 90 for napa. if you work outdoors, take
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frequent breaks. 84 tomorrow for oakland, interior east bay, going to start to get hot. 94 for concord. and look for 78 for santa cruz. the seven-day forecast. more high heat expected on tuesday. tuesday is the hottest day. 100 degrees inland. 90s around the bay. mid-70s on the coast. the sea breeze returns on thursday, friday, and saturday, and temperatures start to come down. watch out for the elderly and the kids and your pets. >> alan: the first time seeing 100? >> leigh: yes. a.l. >> alan: rick has been watching the u.s. open. >> the a's try to sweep, and at the u.s. open, record-seth day as rory mcilroy seals the dole atñññññññññññññññ
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>> this time there would be no melt down. after blowing a four streak lead on the masters, rory mcilroy completed a record-setting victory at the u.s. open. at 22, he becomes the youngest open champ since bobby jones in 1923. check out this approach on 4. it will spin back to within a couple feet. he birdied to go 16-under par. led by 10 at that point. then on the 214-yard par-3 10th, mcilroy with a 6-iron so accurate. his ball lands above the hole. back to the cup.
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it will stop just a few inches from being a hole-in-one. he would shoot a final round 2-under par 69. no one could mount a challenge but self played -- several played well. garcia tied for seventh. mcilroy would complete his wire-to-wire victory with this tap-in. his 16-under par breaks the u.s. record by a whopping four. it's macill's first major championship. >> i could have held a couple more putts today. overall the whole week has been incredible. i could not ask for much more, and just so happy to be holding this trophy. >> last month the giants swept a three-game series from the a's at at that time at that -- at&t. today oakland got a a chance to return the favor. it's 1-0.
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that would be the only run cahill would give up. got some help from the difference. the third, huff is robbed. matt cain was pitching a shutout until the sixth. coco crisp with the base hit. the game is tied. then in the 8th. a no-doubter, his first home run of the season, the difference, as the a's complete the sweep. at the college world series, cal took on virginia. the bears hoping their cinderella story would continue in omaha. this is cal's first trip there in 19 years. it was scoreless until the 7th. the cafes cavs ad ed two more. it's over his head. virginia would open up a 4-0
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lead. cal finally got on the board in the ninth. but the rally falls short as brandon cline comes in to shut the door, gets matthews to pop out and end the contest, the bears lose 4-1 but play again tuesday in this double elimination tournament. >> we got them right where we want them. from here on out, everyone is coming off a loss, and we're coming off a win. that's where we are at our best. might as well good with that. that's what i'm trying to convince our guys. >> play the winner of tonight's game between south carolina and texas a&m.
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>> alan: coming up at 6:00, a shark sighting at a marin county beach. park reason jersey order everybody out of the water. and one of those popular tourist cars flips over in san francisco. what led to that crash. >> join us at 6:00. and that does it for us here at 5:00. thanks for joining us. our next newscast at 6:00. and connect 24/7 at see you soon. captioned by closed captioning services inc.


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