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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  June 20, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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an early morning blaze in sunnyvale responds with four different agencies to that fire. i'm nick smith live in sunnyvale. i'll have a live report coming up. i'm amy hollyfield live in san francisco. a hearing today will determine whether the man suspected of beating giants fan bryan stow will go free. i'll have that story coming up. good morning. check out the lack of clouds this morning. the big story weatherwise, remember the heat we talked about last week? it's going to be hotter than i thought. i'll show you when the triple digits get here and where they will hit. ace train number one already running eight minutes late. and stall has been reported just past the bay bridge toll plaza, but you can see here. i don't think this will cause a problem. we'll keep track of the ace train delays this morning.
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>> excellent. good morning. i'm karina rusk. >> i'm eric thomas. topping the news this morning, firefighters in sunnyvale are still putting out hot spots from a big stubborn apartment house fire. the blaze sent one person to the hospital. abc7's nick smith is live at the scene. do they know what started it yet? >> eric, we don't know what started the fire. but we do have good news. we know that the fire is completely out now. chief pick told me moments ago that one of the issues that they had concerns around was the location of the building. in fact, i'll play some sound for you. >> yeah, because of the roof -- [ no audio ] >> cause of the location of the building, eric, we understand that they had difficulty reaching some of the hot spots. now, what had happened here, earlier this morning, right around 2:00 a.m. the call came in for a fire
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here at 639 caliente. four units were engulfed in flames. that caused them to ask for a little bit of help. four different agency responded. one person was taken to the hospital, like you said. earlier. one person was taken to the hospital. but that is the only report of a serious injury that we have. we spoke to an eyewitness who saw the fire and he immediately started breaking windows and calling out for people to wake up. get out. get out of the building. we believe that that also helped to save lives and prevent any serious injuries from happening. the chief told me they have the fire out now. what they're doing now is starting to clean up process here. but eric, we understand that only one person at this time has been taken to the hospital. with non-life threatening injuries. and we're live near sunnyvale. back to you. >> all right. thank you, nick. in hours there is an important court appearance for the suspect in the beating of giants fan bryan stow. this comes as stow's young
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children spent an emotional father's day at the hospital. abc7's amy hollyfield joins us now live from san francisco general where stow is getting treatment. amy? >> the kids said they made a collage for his father for the hotel room. they usually spend father's day at a giants game with him. he is here under heavy sedation to prevent seizures from the brain injury. the man suspected of beating him is aggressively defending himself. they've released this picture of giovanni ramirez with hair. they say this is what he looked like at the time of the attack. he was bald when he was arrested and had his mugshot taken. with the bald head he resemble the sketch police have of the suspect. stow is in critical, but stable condition, and police believe they have found the man who beat him. but they are looking for another man and a woman who drove the car. but, ramirez has not been charged in the case. he is held on suspicion of a parole violation.
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police say they found a gun in the laundry basket at his home when he was arrested. he's a convicted felon. not allowed to have a gun. so there will be a hearing today to determine if he violated the parole. if they decide he did not, he will be set free from jail. live in san francisco, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> thank you very much. 5:04 now. the family of missing nursing student michele le says they plan to organize more searches for her. le's family and friends along with 450 volunteers searched nearly 30 areas in and around niles canyon over the weekend. her family says they still think police is alive despite police are classifying the police as homicide. le's father holds out hope for a miracle reunion. >> it's such an emotional day, especially today. we all come to the area. to help michele come home. that is the biggest present
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i would have asked from her. >> le was last seen may 27 when she took a break from a clip call rotation at -- clinical rotation at kaiser hospital in hayward. shark warnings are on the coast after helicopter crew spotted a great white shark near stinson beach this weekend. yesterday, mile north of the beach. 200 to 300 yards offshore. the warning means people using the southern marrin county beaches are not allowed to venture more than knee-deep in the water. it will remain in place until thursday if no more shark sightings occur. they moved quickly to get people out of the water yesterday. >> it was pretty dramatic. the beach was completely empty of the water in five minutes. >> i wanted to go boogie boarding but we couldn't. my mom is like don't go past your ankles. i'm like c'mon! >> workers at one surf and kayiac store that rents out
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surfboards hope water restrictions won't last beyond thursday. the company relies for most of the weekend for the business. sad news to report about peregrine falcon chicks. they say the 2-year-old chicks didn't survive a cold wet storm that hit weekend of june 4-5. highway department had camera focussed on the nest and called in biologist. spokesperson said nothing could be done in time to save the chicks. pg&e plans to test natural pipeline in union city today so residents may smell gas vented from the system. as part of pg&e's distribution system after the last september san bruno explosion killed eight people and destroyed 38 homes. the testing involving filling a section of pipe with water. pressurizing it to a much higher level than the pipe will ever operate with natural gas. then monitoring the pipe for at least eight hours. this morning, the second harvest food bank of santa clara and san mateo counties
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is unwrapping its largest corporation gift ever. last fall we showed you the solar panel installed to roof of the building donated by cypress city conductor. that was just a start. now the company donated 75,000-square foot building on the campus of food bank. that is estimated to be worth $9 million. congratulations. >> yeah. quite an impressive gift. the numbers are impressive when it comes to the temperatures going up. >> you bet. especially what, tomorrow and wednesday? >> yeah, i think tomorrow will be the hottest day with the first widespread chance at 100 degrees this year. good morning. welcome to monday. a look at what is going on. marine layer clouds to the north. winds are calm in most areas. we have a slight west wind around 7 miles per hour at sfo. oakland, a breath at 3. southeast at napa at 7.
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fairfield, northerly wind at 6. otherwise everybody is calm this morning. temperatures when you leave the house, a lot of low to mid-60s. the exception, even warmer. 79 in antioch right now. 70 in los gatos. 50 in half moon bay. upper 50s for san francisco. and napa. our destination this afternoon, about 70 in half moon bay. 78 in san francisco. low to mid-80s around richmond. oakland and san mateo. upper 80s and low 90s for the bay shore and south bay. low to mid-90s in north bay valley. mid-90s, widespread throughout the east bay valley. around monterey bay, monterey at 70. 78 at santa cruz. and salinas. 82 at watsonville. upper 80s to low 90s, morgan hill, gilroy and hollister. the accuweather seven-day forecast -- there you go. three days of heat. tomorrow, 100 inland. even widespread low 90s around the bay. check out the weekend, though. it will be 15 to 20 degrees cooler by saturday. and sunday.
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>> good morning. we get ready for warm-up. ace train number one running eight minutes late as it makes its way through the altamont pass. other mass transit system, no delay. so pretty much everywhere else it's looking good. in fact, we will go outside to show you a nice commute right now across the san mateo bridge. the drive-time is 14 minutes. as you make your way out of hayward from 880 to 101 in san mateo. also, show you another live shot of the golden gate bridge. where we have no problems at all out of marin county to san francisco. in fact, only one stall on the bay bridge. that is not slowing anyone down right now. eric, karina? >> all right. thank you very much. our time is 5:09. >> still ahead, how much more you can expect to pay if you are thinking of a flight this summer. >> also, the still unanswered question in the united airlines computer outage that stranded passengers. >> the team shangs on by a shoe -- hangs on by a shoe
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string. >> later, nasa shows off its replacement for the shuttle. [ male announcer ] you don't make the world's best chicken
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is getting a makeover. the "wall street journal" reports ford will spend $1 billion to develop new vehicles for the struggling lincoln brand. a ford official is quoted as calling at it last chance for lincoln. green lantern lit up the box office this weekend. superhero adventure debuted at number one and took in $53 million in sales. that is america's money. i'm peggy bunker. united says all of the flights are back to normal this morning after a computer outage disrupted flights all weekend. united was forced to cancel 41 flight and delay more than 100 others worldwide because of the outage. united will only say that the computer problem was caused by a network connectivity issue. in time for the busy summer travel season, prices are going up. in fact, the cost of flying is now higher than it was before the recession. with the average price of domestic ticket running about $247. that is 10% higher than it was a year ago.
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about $15 higher than it was before the recession. experts say higher fuel costs, increase demand and limited capacity are all to blame for the jump in prices. the organization that oversees the internet address system has voted to greatly expand the number of new website domains. the internet corporation for assigned names and numbers says that hundreds more suffixes could be created as early as late next year. the new demains could be categorize by subjects including industry, geography or include arabic, chinese or other written language. the groups willing to pay the fee can petition for new update to the current dot-com and dot-net addresses. >> at the college world series, cal has to beat texas a&m tomorrow. cal lost to top-seeded virginia in the opening game yesterday. the bears' first trip to the college world series in omaha since 1992. after their baseball program
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was very nearly dropped by the university earlier in year. cal trained 4-nothing and didn't score until the nineth inning. the final was 4-1. it's a double elimination tournament. cal cannot afford to lose another game. that is the bad news. good news, they're still in it. if you lose one, you're not out of it. >> so our fingers are crossed, right? >> fingers are crossed. one of the days, we have to have general manager mike nicco analyze it for you. >> i look forward to it. but for now you're ammizing the hot temperatures. >> something easier to do. see beheapind us the picture of the warm temperatures developing. warm is taking over for the cool colors of blue in the nighttime hours. we have blue on the map. half moon bay, the only area in the 40s. 46 degrees there.
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57 in san francisco. 59 in santa rosa. low to mid-60s in other neighborhood. los gatos at 68. antioch, 77 degrees now. none of the folks are running the air conditioners, going to have to pay pg&e a lot of money in the next couple of days. low to mid-50s around the monterey bay and inland. let's jump right in, maybe a pool if you can. it will be sunny today. with building warmth. even warmer than yesterday. it will be clear tonight. kind of breezy in the hills. that will keep the temperatures up. unlike last week, it will be a little stuffy, in the overnight hours. hard to get the house to cool down. the hottest will be tomorrow. tomorrow, summer begins tomorrow. yeah! astronomical summer. it's cooler toward the weekend. 5:00 this morning, look at this. nothing going on with the clear skies. we showed you on our various tower cams. thankfully, not a spare the air day right now. but we will keep an eye on tomorrow and wednesday with the stagnant air possibility
5:17 am
that we could have one. 70s at the beaches. 80s and 90s will dominate the rest of the neighborhood. we start in south bay, sunnyvale and milpitas, upper 80s. everybody else in the low 90s. san jose and saratoga. 90 degrees. millbrae, 82. mid-to-upper 80s, san mateo and menlo park. near 90 for everybody else on peninsula. half moon bay is 70. same for daly city and sunset. near 80 in downtown and south san francisco. 85 in saucelito. speaking of stinson beach, 74 there. 82 in richmond. mid-to-upper 80s through the east bay shore. mid-90s east bay valley. 70 in monterey. 82 in watsonville. possibly 92 in gilroy. check out the temperatures tonight. we'll still be in the 70s in antioch. we have a few 60s hanging around. most of us in the low to mid-60s. we have a few 50s hanging
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around like half moon bay, and san francisco and san rafael. all right. talk about what is going on. area of high pressure moving across the neighborhood. clockwise flow means we have a northerly, to northeasterly wind. that chases away that sea breeze and the cool air that it brings to the neighborhood. eventually the high will keep moving east. we will get on the backside of it. then the sea breeze will start to kick in. especially along the coast. wednesday. in to the bay thursday. inland by friday. saturday and sunday, we're all 15 to 20 degrees cooler. have a great day. frances? >> ace train number one reporting eight-minute delays. other mass transit systems on time. go outside to check out the live shot for you. starting off in contra costa county. 680 in walnut creek. still looking good this monday morning as you make your way southbound there. toward 24. at the bay bridge toll plaza, despite the earlier stall, there are still no delays here. now drivers are reported seeing smoke in san jose. as they were driving along
5:19 am
highway 87 near 280. the san jose fire department will check it out right now. we'll get you more details or we'll bring you them as soon as we get them. northbound 87 is flowing well to downtown area. of course, we always post the latest information on our website. you will find it under the bay area traffic link. eric, karina? >> thank you very much. our time is 5:19. >> coming up next, the accessory you'll now find missing in some cars sold in the u.s. >> also, the story of a bay area hero who stormed the cockpit of flight 93 on 9/11. it debuts on the big screen. >> nasa shows off the space shuttle replacement. next, first lucky people to get up-close look at the new spacecraft. impressive resume. thank you.
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good monday morning. 5:22. look at this gorgeous shot
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of the sun rising. taking a look from mount sutro looking down on san francisco. that is absolutely beautiful. hope your week is just as beautiful. >> more news for you. fans continue to converge on legendary rock 'n' roll nightclub to mourn the death and celebrate life of saxophonist clemons. this is where he and e-street band members got their musical start. [ music ] clemons played alongside springsteen and the e-street band and was a major influence in springsteen life and music. clemons suffered a stroke last week and died of complication from the stroke saturday night. he was 69 years old. almost ten years after the 9/11 terror attacks a story of a bay area hero has finally hit the big screen. los gatos native mark bingham was one of the
5:24 am
flight 93 passengers who stormed the cockpit and crashed the plane. their action ultimately prevented terrorists from striking a fourth target. the film "with you" debuted this weekend at the frame line film festival at the castro theater. it showcases gay-themed film. and the movie explores the relationship with his mother who became a gay rights activist after his death. >> he was a hero on 9/11 and it shows anyone can be a hero no, matter if you're gay or straight or whatever. >> the director you heard from was a high school friend of bingham. it took him nine years to make the film. it opens with a shot of bingham's mother in the field of shanksville, pennsylvania, where flight 93 went down. 5:24 now. buying a new car in the future may not include a spare tire in the trunk. a few years ago, virtually awe new vehicles came with spares, but the "l.a. times" reports 13% of the 1 million new vehicles sold in the u.s. last month did not
5:25 am
offer an extra tire as standard equipment. auto makers are saving money selling cars without a spare. the savings help them boost the vehicle gas mileage. some are including a flat tire repair kit instead. people in texas are getting a sneak peek of the spacecraft that will replace the shuttle. the latest creation is outside the history museum in austin. the spaceship known as orion will be safer than space shuttle. designed to take sfauts to mars and the moons. nasa expects to have human test flight in 2013. >> if that is a life-size model it looks small compared to the shuttle. next at 4:30 -- the sighting that had lifeguards ordering people out of the water on the marin coast. >> i'm nick smith in sunnyvale where an early morning apartment fire displaced several families. i'll have a live report. next at 5:30, a small
5:26 am
boat capsizes off the alameda coast. why this time, firefighters went in the water. >> a look at the temperatures across the country. the coolest, denver at 67. the warmest, of course, phoenix at 103. kind of steamy from dallas at 99, to atlanta at 90. not bad around new york, 79. portland is 77. we have airport delays already. flight arrival delays at chicago, o'hare, and midway. see the yellow area where the severe weather is possible. more delays expected. we'll have them with the flight tracker. you can too at
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5:28 am
an early morning apartment fire has december placed several families. i'm nick smith live in sunnyvale. i'll have a live report coming up. also this morning, a probation hearing today will determine if a man arrested in connection with the bryan
5:29 am
stow beating will remain behind bars or be released. >> a great white shark is found in the water off the marin coast. park rangers say knee-deep is as far as anyone will be allowed to go in the surf around stinson beach. >> to go along with that, hottest day of the year. today, tomorrow and wednesday. find other ways to stay cool when the temperatures reach 100 around parts of the bay. i'll show you where. >> san jose, a grass fire has been reported on northbound 87 near 280. drivers can see the smoke. check out the drive through the area. no delays in the bay bridge toll plaza. >> 5:29 on monday morning. the sun starting to rise in the east bank. you can see it. a warm day. i'm eric thomas. >> i'm karina rusk. good to be here. we begin with a developing news, stubborn fire has been burning for hours in sunnyvale. firefighters are facing challenges as they work to put out the flame at burning apartment complex.
5:30 am
abc7's nick smith joins us live from sunnyvale with the latest. several families affected here. >> it was a frightening scene, indeed. take a look at the video shot this morning. one person has been taken to the hospital because of injuries sustained from this early morning fire that started just before 2:00 a.m. now when firefighters arrived they say that it was fully involved three-alarm blaze. four agencies responded and we know that four apartment homes sustained extensive fire damage. the location of the building provided other challenges. >> because of the roof attic area, they are causing the problems. we have power line on both sides of the complex. that is hindering our ability to get to certain area of the apartment. >> he just reacted and it's not first time he dealt with this. he helped in another fire. i guess he's helping them. wanted to help them out. >> that eyewitness saw the blaze, started breaking
5:31 am
windows. started to scream to alert people. got people out of the building. we believe because of that it helped to reduce injuries now. the displaced residents are receiving information about temporary shelter and services. the sunnyvale fire department chief tells me that the blaze is completely out and they distinguished the hot spots. we're now watching them do a site check to make sure there are no other areas of concern. live in sunnyvale, nick smith, abc7 news. >> thank you. 5:31. firefighters are still trying to determine what caused a brush fire that came dangerously close to homes in benicia. it broke out on the onramp yesterday afternoon and spread across two acres of gas before firefighters got it surrounded. the fire scorched the fences of several homes and didn't damage any buildings. >> my mom went to wake up my brother. she was asleep.
5:32 am
she noticed that there was smoke across the street. we all paid attention to what was going on. we noticed that it was a blaze. and we didn't know what to do. we noticed it was coming closer. so the police came in and he told us all to evacuate. >> investigators are looking at whether someone throwing out a hot object may have sparked the blaze. >> hearing is scheduled in los angeles today to determine if parol should be revoked for giovanni ramirez, the suspect in the beating of giants fan bryan stow. the closed hearing involves an allegation of possession of a firearm by a felon. attorneys for ramirez say their client is innocent in stow's beating and they released a few photo of ramirez with dark hair. here is the dark-hair photo. the shaved head matches the composite photo that witness described to police. stow is treated at san francisco general and has
5:33 am
been in a coma for three months. in lake county, police are searching for a man investigators think played a role in the shooting death of a 4-year-old boy. he is among the six shooting victims police found in a home in the 14,000 block of lake shore drive in clearlake on saturday night. paramedics rushed the youngster to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. his parents are among the wounded. police are looking for 29-year-old kevin stone of clear lake. investigators did not release a motive. they're withholding the name of the victims as well. >> the coast guard rescued a father and two children after the boat capsized off the alameda shoreline. most of the boat was submerged in the bay with two or three feet of the bow out of the water three. alameda firefighters went in the water with boards to rescue them. they were close to the boaters when the coast guard arrived. the man, his son and daughter are doing okay. the fact that alameda firefighters took to the water may be the first sign
5:34 am
of changes coming to that department. you may remember they came under criticism for standing and washing op shore why a suicidal man drowned on crown memorial beach. at the time they cited lack of water rescue certification. shark warnings are posted along the marin coast after helicopter crew spotted a great white shark on stinson beach. yesterday the sighting was a mile north of stinson beach. it was 200 to 300 yards offshore. the warning means people using the southern county beaches cannot venture more than knee-deep in the water. the order will remain in place through thursday if no more shark sighting occur. san francisco's great highway along ocean beach will be closed this week. for a maintenance project. southbound lane of great highway between lincoln way will be shut down beginning at #:00 this morning until 3:00 friday afternoon. the department of public works will be relocating that sand that blows up
5:35 am
along the promenade from noriega street. they are planning to use heavy machinery to move 10,000 cubic yards of sand. motorists are advised to use sunset boulevard as alternate route. 5:35. living in the south bay and east bay, air conditioners will get a work-out for the next couple of days. >> mike nicco will tell us how hot it get. >> we could get to triple digits, if not today, tomorrow. it's probably the hottest day in the forecast. good morning. a look at the overall flow. the storm track north, offshore flow over the top of us. the cooler ocean air staying well away from all of to our neighborhood. even the coast in the next couple of days. we have visibility around four miles per hour at half moon bay. you can see the high pressure in the clear. unlimited visibility everywhere. so far, this air is clean air. not worried about spare the air day yet. we will keep an eye on it.
5:36 am
70 in antioch. 50 in half moon bay. up 50s in san francisco, napa. low to mid-60s for the rest of us. by the afternoon hours, 70 in half moon bay. mild spot. 78 in san francisco. low to mid-80s around oakland, richmond, san mateo. upper 80s to low 90s for the rest of the bay shore. low to mid-90s in the north bay valley with the mid-90s throughout the east bay valley. comfortable 70 in monterey. upper 70s to low 80s around santa cruz, watsonville and salinas. 80s to low 90s in hollister, morgan hill. tomorrow, astronomical summer starts and it will be the hottest day this year so far. a slight cooling, especially at the coast on wednesday. that will move in bay thursday. inland friday. before you know it, the weekend is here and it's 20 degrees cooler than today and tomorrow. >> hi, frances. >> there is a grass fire in
5:37 am
san jose on forthbound 87 approaching 280. firefighters are on the scene. this is live north 287 past 280. you can see the traffic is still flowing well. it will slow down approaching the scene. go to the map to show where it is. the live shot is actually right around here. the fire has been reported right in this area. the right lane is block aid pproaching 280. we'll keep track of delays as they develop. a delay right now. race train number one already running nine minutes late. >> thank you. 5:37. still ahead, the cost of capital punishment, a new report lays out the huge amount of money california has spent executing just a handful of death row inmates in the last 35 years. a look inside a bombing suspect house. a man police think could be linked to a bombing in vaca victim. -- vacaville. [ female announcer ] you use the healing power of touch every day.
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♪ now the healing power of touch just got more powerful. introducing precise from the makers of tylenol. precise pain relieving cream works quickly to activate sensory receptors. it helps block pain signals fast
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for relief you can feel precisely where you need it most. precise. only from the makers of tylenol. >> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. police are investigating a fairfield man for his possible involvement in pipe bomb attacks in fairfield and vacaville. his housemate tells abc7 news he has never seen any pipe bombs around the
5:41 am
property. police arrested daniel garza after a seven-hour standoff on saturday. officers first searched his home thursday when he wasn't there discovered what they believe was a pipe bomb. garcia, excuse me, returned on saturday, surrendering around 8:30 that evening. his roommate was arrested after refusing to come out. >> he doesn't look like a man who would have anything to do with a pipe bomb. >> now, hicks admits he barely knows the suspect. he moved in nine days ago. inside the home, there was broken glass and search warrant listing bomb making materials. garcia became a suspect after a pipe bomb exploded under a car three weeks ago. study shows taxpayers paid more than $4 billion to carry out 13 executions since legalized in 1978. that's $308 million per execution. the study was done by a senior judge on the u.s. 9th
5:42 am
circuit court and law school professor. they predict the cost of maintaining the death penalty until 2030. it will cost the state $9 billion. it's now 5:42. and buyers at an auction get an itch for marilyn monroe famous dress. police on the peninsula try to unravel a story behind a stolen dog. why the man was arrested even though he says the pooch was his. pool warning that parents need to hear as the hot summer months get underway. >> wildfires blaze across ten southwestern states. i'm john hendren. i will have more coming up. >> surprising source of pollution in san francisco bay a new survey turned up.
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come try the midwestern meat and potato sandwich from our new tour of america menu. only at denny's welcome back. live doppler 7 h.d. quiet across the entire state. we have the flooding in the sierra to contend with. as the snow melt with the temperatures. near 100 through the central valley. definitely getting to 100, 106 in palm springs. not bad around l.a. 76. 69 in san diego. 75 in big sur and tahoe. karina and eric has more news. >> thank you. 5:45 now. >> taking a look at the stories we're following for you. sunnyvale fire crews have an apartment building fire
5:46 am
under control after a damaged four units. at least one person was sent to the hospital this morning. the fire at caliente drive broke out before 2:00 this morning. fire crews from four agencies are putting out the hot spots. a hearing is scheduled in los angeles today to determine if parole should be revoked for giovanni ramirez, a suspect in the beating of giants fan bryan stow. attorneys for ramirez say their client is innocent in stow's beating. stow is being treated at san francisco general and been in a coma for three months. a shark sighting near stinson beach has lifeguards telling people they can only wade in the water knee-deep. a shark warning will expire thursday if no new sightings occur. the great white shark was spotted by helicopter crew. the latest coming up it at 6:00. 5:46. strong winds in the southwest forced thousands more residents to evacuate from several wildfires. extreme fire risk conditions are posted in seven states this morning.
5:47 am
and we're not especially halfway through the year. already, the acres burned from forest fires so far is equal to all of 2010. abc's john hendren has more. >> reporter: drought conditions are fanning the flames of raging wildfires throughout the southwest. >> we need rain. >> yes. >> we really need rain. >> reporter: three dozen massive wildfires are blazing through ten states. burning more than 1.2 million acres. among the hardest hit states, texas and arizona. >> it's dry out. smallest little fire with the wind. like today, it spreads fast. >> reporter: arizona senator john mccain blamed illegal immigrants for starting some of the fires tchls federal spokesman denied evidence to support that claim. >> our biggest challenge right now is drought conditions, extreme fire danger. >> 1,000 arizona firefighters are on the front lines battling two major wildfires that forced thousands from their homes. >> it looks like a war zone. it does. >> in texas, fire closed
5:48 am
i-45 the highway that links dallas and houston. >> the wind and humidity are not working in our favor. we didn't see humidity recovery until late, late last night. we have didn't get as much as we thought we would. so we have a lot of active fire here today. >> they evacuated fire prone regions throughout the southwest. not everyone is listening. >> we didn't leave until the fire is in the backyard for good. when we know it will hit the house, we'll leave. until then, we staying. >> reporter: in arizona, the largest fire in the state's history blackened half a million acres. an area the size of rhode island. john hendren, abc7 news. 5:48. our temperatures are warming up as well. >> i can't believe the triple digits on your map. mike nicco is here with hot temperatures. >> good time to go to the beach, knee-deep at the beach. maybe you can get all the way in the pool, though. here is a look outside at what is going on this morning. we have nice, beautiful sun
5:49 am
rise over mount tamalpais. look how calm the bay is. the winds are nearly non-existent. yesterday, we started a warming trend. we touched 90s in many areas because of sunshine you're seeing from mount sutro. the 90s show up around santa rosa, napa, east bay valley. and even in redwood city. we will build on the warmth today. a look at how warm is it in some areas. still as we come up on 5:50 this morning. 77 in antioch. 68 los gatos. a lot of low to mid-60s. we have comfortable conditions around san francisco and santa rosa. upper 50s. 46 at half moon bay. monterey bay, clear conditions and low to mid-50s. sunshine today. warmth will continue building on yesterday's highs. it will be clear tonight. breezy in the hills. not much relief in the overnight hours for the next two nights because breezes will keep temperatures up. the hottest day tomorrow. summer solstice tomorrow. that's good timing.
5:50 am
it will be cooler by the weekend. talk about the 24-hour temperature change. three degrees warmer at santa rosa. concord, oakland, san francisco. it looks like we'll have five to six as you head to san jose. and fremont. 14 hours, 46 minutes and 50 something seconds of sunshine. almost the longest day of the year. here we are looking at no clouds. no marine layer. nothing to stop the sunshine. 70s at the coast to 80s anded 90s for the rest of us. south bay, sunnyvale and milpitas to upper 80s low. to mid-90s everywhere else. 93 in los gatos. on the peninsula here, 82 in millbrae. 86 at san mateo. near 90, everybody else. pacifica is the cool spot on the coast. 68 with half moon bay. near 80 downtown in south san francisco. the north bay beaches. mid-70s for you. low to mid-90s through most of the valley. 89 in vallejo. low to mid-80s through most of the bay shore until you
5:51 am
get to union city, newark, castro valley and fremont. upper 80s for you. including hercules. low to mid-90s in the east bay valley. danville is warm spot at 95 degrees. practice will be fun today. 78 in santa cruz. a lot of water breaks. 82 at watsonville. 92 in gilroy. we have low to mid-60s around most of the neighborhood tonight. show a set-up. the high pressure going over the great basin. we get a downsloping land breeze. it's hot today and more so tomorrow. there is the triple dills inland for tuesday. we will be close on wednesday as the coast cools. we will hit inland by friday and saturday and sunday, 15 to 20-degree cooler than today. >> good morning. ace train number one ten minutes late in south bay. train number three is on
5:52 am
time. and other mass transit report nothing delays. however, through san jose. knotbound 87 -- northbound 87 is slow due to earlier grassfire. it's clear. a little slow is not bad. everywhere else, we see green. traffic is flowing well. if you make your way through the santa cruz mountain, northbound at the 17. new crash reported. roadwork going on as well. and that should be cleared in the next eight minute. you can always get the latest traffic information. 24/7. just go to the website it's under the bay area traffic link. karina? >> okay. it's 5:52 on monday morning. a 21-year-old woman from los angeles is the new miss usa. elissa companella top 5d field of 51 contestants. she began modelling at the age of 16.
5:53 am
she says she is a history geek. she answered a question about legalizing marijuana by saying she didn't think it should be fully legalized. she will represent the nation in this year's miss universe pageant. airlines are breathing a sigh of relief after a weekend of computer problems. >> indeed. here is carly carlin with the bloomberg business report. >> united airlines say things are back to normal after computer glitch friday. the airline blaming a network connectivity issue. u.s. airways operating normally now after recovering from a computer outage yesterday morning. the publisher of the video game sonic has been hacked. personal data of millions of users in europe have been compromised. if you are hoping to mail something to canada, you're out of luck. they're not accepting mail to canada because of the strike of the canadian
5:54 am
postal workers. you can get mail there if you play extra for global express service. tension over the greek debt problem. european government failed to agree on the release of a loan payment to save the government from defaulting on the debt. gains on s&p on friday. optimism that a deal would be worked out. some like it hot. the marilyn monroe dress she wore in "seven year itch" sell for $4.6 million according to reuters. it was part of auction of movie memorabilia collected by actress debbie reynolds. at the new york stock exchange, i'm callie carolyn with the bloomberg business report. a new report this morning shows a child dies every five days in portable pool in warm weather month. the study says 209 children under the age of 12 died and 35 nearly drown from 2001 to 2009. most were five years old or younger. the pools they were in
5:55 am
ranged from small wading pools to large inflatable ones. the study author called for protection devices for all portable pools in the u.s. it was conducted by researchers at nationwide children hospital in columbus. and independent safety consulting in maryland. results are in on a first of its kind survey that looks in the street trash that ends up in san francisco bay and sheds light where cities should compensate effort to move to comply with regional order to end all trash pollution in the bay by 2022. the group clean water action looked at the street trash in several bay area cities. the "san jose mercury news" report 19% of the trash was branded, most coming from mcdonald's, 7-eleven, starbucks and walgreens. 68% of the trash was impossible to trace such as napkin and snack wrappers. the number of cigarette butts was overwhelmed, so much that the group stopped counting them. despite san francisco's near obsession with
5:56 am
recycling a travel magazine rates the city as one of the dirtiest in america. editor of "travel and leisure" magazine ranked san francisco as the 12th dirtiest city in the u.s. ironically, the magazine ranked san francisco in the top ten for environmental friendliness and quality of life. in case you wanted to know, the dirtiest city in america is new orleans. followed by philadelphia and los angeles. south san francisco police are trying to unravel a strange story involving a stolen dog. cynthia was walking the dog kelsey on eucalyptus avenue when a man walked up and took the dog claiming it was his. the suspect did own the dog at one point but police say he abandoned it when he moved. she says she found the dog walking the street in october and brought him to the humane society and later adopted him. >> he was in bad, bad, bad shape. he was a little over two pounds. and he was a little over two
5:57 am
pounds. and that he was supposed to be six. and so, i never seen a dog. i know the neighborhood. i never seen the dog. >> it looks like a good fit now. police located the suspect and arrested him. he is in jail facing assault and robbery charges. just ahead on abc7 news at 6:00 a.m. -- the morning vote that means the internet is about to get a lot more web addresses. >> can you spare a spare? the former standard feature that apparently is not so standard on new cars. >> firefighters respond to a three-alarm blaze that involves four different agencies. and leaves several people -- [ inaudible ] one person taken to the hospital. i'm nick smith in sunnyvale. i'll have a live report.
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