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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  June 20, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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in the headlines, firefighters from at least four bay area agencies are called to battle a stubborn overnight fire that sent at least one person to the hospital in sunnyvale. i'm amy hollyfield live in san francisco. a hearing today will determine whether the man suspected in beating giants fan bryan stow will go free. that story is coming up. >> stay out of the water as a shark sighting shuts down a popular north bay beach.
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it will be the warmest couple of days we have had this year. tough time to stay out of the beach if you want to stay cool. otherwise, we need the air conditioners. triple digits on the way. i'll show you when and where. >> ace train number one in the south bay, ten minutes late. train number three so far on time. looking good at the bay bridge toll plaza. it's 6:01. thanks for being up with us this morning. i'm karina rusk. >> thank you for getting up early and joining us. >> my pleasure. >> i'm eric thomas. topping the news this half hour, this morning one person in is in the hospital and several more are trying to find a place to live after massive overnight fire at sunnyvale apartment complex. it was so big, it took firefighters from four agencies more than two hours to knock it down. abc7's nick smith joins us live from sunnyvale with the latest. nick? >> eric, there is some good news. the fire has been contained. there are no more hot spots. if you look over my shoulder, red cross has arrived and firefighters are
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about to allow residents of the building back over to the property to retrieve some things but it will be a supervised escort. i want to show you video of the blaze this morning. one person has been taken to the hospital because of injuries sustained from the early morning fire that started before 2:00 a.m. when firefighters arrived they say it was fully involved three-alarm blaze. four different agencies responded. we know that at least four apartment homes have sustained extensive fire damage. again, here, we do know that people are being allowed to go back to the building. when we finish up this live hit with you now, we're going to follow some of the residents over. and speak with them directly. at 6:30, i'll have sound with someone who has been able to retrieve some things from the home. i'll send it back to you in studio. >> thank you very much. karina has more news for you now. this morning, the family of missing bay area nursing
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student le is vowing to continue a search after hundreds of volunteers failed to find a sign of her this weekend. michele le's family and friends and 450 volunteers conducted 30 searchs in and around niles canyon this weekend. le's father talked about how difficult the search has been. >> it's such an emotional day. especially today, father's day. we all come together. to help michelle. come home. that is the biggest father's day present i would have asked from her. >> le's family says they will work to organize more searches in hopes of narrowing down the area for law enforcement to search. le was last seen in hayward on may 27 when she took a break from clinical rotation at a hayward hospital. the hayward police said evidence leads them to believe she was killed. hours from now, a critical hear willing determine whether the only suspect arrested in connection with the beating attack on giants fan bryan
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stow will be released from a los angeles county jail. stow was attacked outside dodger stadium on opening day. abc7's amy hollyfield joins us live from san francisco general where stow remains in a coma. amy? >> a tough father's day for his family, eric. his kids made a collage for him. and put it in his hospital room. he is still here. san francisco general. under heavy sedation. they're trying to prevent seizures from happening, that are caused by the severe brain injury. bryan stow is in critical, but stable condition. he was attacked in march outside dodger stadium. the 42-year-old giant fan usually takes his kids to giants game on father's day. >> weird not having him by your side. >> i spend a lot of time with him so it's weird not going with him every weekend, or every thursday. it's really tough.
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>> reporter: we have a new picture of suspect giovanni ramirez. with hair. his attorney says this is how he looked at the time of the attack. when he was arrested, he was bald. which fits the description of the suspect given to police. ramirez has not been charged in the attack of stow. he is being held for a parole violation. police say they found a gun in the convicted felons home when they arrested him. the police have not charged him yet. but they do believe he is the man who attacked bryan stow. but there is a big hearing today to determine if he violated his parole. that is what he is held for. parole violation. not the attack on stow. so he could be released from jail today if it's determined he did not violate his parole. a big hearing today. being watched all the way from l.a. from here, and san francisco. live in san francisco, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> thank you. this morning, shark warnings are posted along
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the marrin coast after helicopter crew spotted a great white shark near stinson beach this weekend. yesterday, a sighting was north of stinson. 200 to 300 yards offshore. the warning say they're warned no to it go in past their knees, at least through thursday. i can be extented if more sharks are spotted. lifeguards rushed to get people out of water. after the warning came in. it was dramatic. the beach was empty of the water in five minutes. >> i really wanted to go boogie boarding but he couldn't. my mom is like don't go past your ankles. i'm like c'mon! >> listen to mom. workers at local surf store say they hope the warn willing be lifted before the weekend when they get most of their business. >> sad news to report about pair of peregrine falcon chicks nesting on the
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bridge. the chicks did not survive a cold wet storm that hit weekend of june 4-5. highway department had a camera focussed on the nest and called in biologist to keep an eye on the birds. spokesperson said nothing could be done in time to save the chicks. pg&e is warning residents in union city they may smell gas today as the utility pressure test natural gas pipelines. they're part of the state-ordered testing of pg&e's distribution system after last september's san bruno explosion which killed eight people and destroyed 38 homes. the section involves filling pipe with water and pressurizing it to a higher level that the pipe will op rate with natural gas. monitoring the pipe for eight hours. 6:07. >> go around and ask people if it's hot enough today you might get an answer you can't print in the newspaper or say on tv. >> especially in the south bay. mike nicco will use none of the words but he will tell us about the high temperatures. >> keep straight to the
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facts. ease us in the warming trend. good morning. summer starts tomorrow, astronomically. tomorrow will be the hottest day of the year, after today which is the hotest day so far. this is the darker greens and where the deeper moisture, well away from us. you note where the oranges are. that is driest air. that is moving toward us. half moon bay, two degrees cooler. everybody else warmer than 24 hours ago. from five degrees in san francisco. redwood city. six in oakland. ten in san jose at los gatos. fairfield, to 13 degrees. in antioch. the total sunshine will be higher this afternoon. 50 at half moon bay. upper 50s in san francisco and napa. low to mid-60s elsewhere. los gatos at 70. antioch at 79. that is right now. by the afternoon hours we'll have the mid-90s in the east
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bay valley. low to mid-90s north bay. mid-80 to 90 in bay shore. monterey, 70 to 82ia n watsonville. tomorrow, look at the triple digit inland. they will hang around wednesday. you will see 10 to 20 degrees cooler by saturday and sunday. >> ace train number one is running ten minutes late to south bay. train number three is on time. if you are thinking of driving through the altamont pass, not horrible. under the speed limit on section from westbound 580. 205 to 680, drive-time is 28 minutes. it's slow in antioch, of course. westbound 4, lone tree to 242, now 21 minutes. traffic is nice elsewhere. a nice shot of the golden gate bridge. traffic is flowing well in both directions. >> 6:09 right now.
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just ahead, fliers beware. computer trouble that could have travelers waiting longer than expected for planes to arrive today. check the tires. all of them. standard feature that is to longer so standard on u.s. vehicles anymore. >> why a man hired to impersonate barack obama was escorted off the stage by the republican event organizers who hired him.
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6:13. this morning, united flights are starting to get back on track after computer outage virtually shut the airline
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down this weekend. united says it does not expect to cancel more flights, but say the fliers can continue to expect delays. the carrier canceled 41 flights and delayed 100 worldwide after the computer system went down for five hours on friday. united will only say the computer problem was causedpy a, "network connectivity issue." u.s. airways passengers face possible delays after that airline computer system at its hub in north carolina went down for more than three hours yesterday. it is the second time the system crashed since friday. the airline is warning customers they may encounter longer lines at the ticket counter and delays of up to an hour. no word on what caused that computer clutch. president obama impressionist was yanked off the stage at the republican leadership conference in new orleans. what makes the story a bit more interesting is that he was yanked off by the same people who hired him for the gig. >> the economy is frail. it's barely moving.
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it's gasping for air. it desperately clinging to life. just like newt gingrich's campaign. >> reggie brown drew a huge round of applause from the crowd with jokes about president obama. his jokes about republicans were apparently not received as well. at one point, he was turned off and escorted off the stage. the rlc says brown was not pulled off because of the jokes about republicans. they say he is simply ran out of time. >> nothing funny about this. we're just going to let it go. nothing funny about the hot weather, right? >> no. the little league coach here was just talking about how lots of water breaks this afternoon. >> no, there will be. >> exactly. >> every five minutes i promise. take a look outside.
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this morning. 6:16, of course. the kids aren't used it to. if we're on a turf, it will be hotter. one day you have to listen to your body and drink a lot of fluids before you get thirsty, the saying is that if you get thirsty, it's too late. yeah, be careful. 6:16. not used to the violent temperature swings we'll have. a beautiful picture from sutro. marrin headlands. hit 90s in santa rosa, napa. east bay valley and redwood city. i expect more 90s to develop. even in the south bay. and part of the bay shoreline. if you want comfort right now, 46 degrees at half moon bay. 77 degrees in antioch. around monterey bay in inland. cooler for you. and the first highlight is clear tonight, but breezy in the hills. unlike last week, when temperatures dropped in the
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40s an 50s, we're stuff in 60s in many areas tonight. it will be harder to cool the house or the apartment or the condo or wherever you're staying in the overnight hours. hottest tomorrow. much cooler by the weekend. talk about the 24-hour temperature change. everybody going up. three degrees in concord. that should say that san jose is five. it looks like fremont will be six degrees warmer. today, one of the longest day of the year with 14 hours and 47 minutes of sunshine. note the cloud cover this morning. we have 70s at the coast. 80s and 90s for the rest of us. no sea breeze whatsoever to speak of. 89 in -- 88 in sunnyvale. 89 in milpitas. low to mid-90s for the rest of the south bay. we have 82 in millbrae. 86 in san mateo. upper 80s to low 90s for the rest of the peninsula. 68 at pacifica. notice half moon bay.
6:18 am
daly. sunset around 70. near 80 in downtown south san francisco. mid-to-upper 80s in saucelito and vallejo. low to mid-90s in nolt bay valley. mythed 60s at -- north bay valley. mid-60s at the beaches. we have mid-to-upper 80s in the east bay shore with the low to mid-90s in the east bay valley. low 90s around morgan hill, gilroy at 82. down to 70 at monterey and carmel. tonight, there is yellow on the map. throw to mid-60s. even 74 is as cool as we get in antioch tonight. tomorrow, 100-degree temperature inland with more low 90s around the bay. and mid-70s at the coast. notice cooling hits the coast on wednesday. it moves inland thursday. moves through the bay thursday and inland by friday. 15 to 20 degrees cooler by saturday and sunday. good morning, frances. >> good morning, mike. you will see bright sunshine at the bay bridge toll plaza. still delay-free. checking out the 680 ride. walnut creek, looks good. as you make your way
6:19 am
southbound, an accident has been reported. check out the north bay and 101 in san rafael. traffic is flowing well southbound there. past lucas valley road to the golden gate bridge. 101 looks great in millbrae. check out the south bay and show you 101 as well. so still problem and delay-free. northbound. out of morgan hill. up to mountain view. now, ace train number one, just getting in the south bay. ten minutes late. train number three is on time. other mass transit systems reporting no delays. get the latest traffic information anytime by going to our website karina? >> thank you, frances. before you buy your next new car, you might want to ask if it includes a spare tire.
6:20 am
"l.a. times" is reporting that 13% of the new vehicles in the u.s. last month did not offer extra tire as standard equipment. auto makers say they save money selling cars without an extra tire. some include flat tire repair kit. >> guess you won't kick that tire. it won't be there. 6:20 now. coming up, game over. for the second time in two months, subscribers to a major online video game service are being told that hackers may have their personal information. >> and the new creation that could have the blackberry users snipping their phones. we'll explain. [ lane ] here's the trouble with some anti-wrinkle creams. the cream disappears but your wrinkles don't. ♪ introducing neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair. it has the faste retinol formula available. in fact it's clinically prove toto smooth wrinkles in just one week. so all you have to is sit back
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first it was play station, now it's sega. the company is notifying users of the sega system that the online data base had been hacked. they stole e-mail addresses, names, berth day and password, but no payment information. at least 1.3 million customers are said to be affected worldwide. you may remember in may, more than 70 million sony play station users were told the personal and financial information had been compromised by hackers. at a meeting in singapore, the organization overseeing the internet addresses voted to expand and greatly expand the domain available. instead of dot com, the companies may be able to use their names or subjects.
6:25 am
but it won't come cheap. the fee to apply is $185,000. this may look weird but don't be surprised if you soon see people sniffing their blackberry. jelly belly has come out with scented cases for smart phones. there are five flavors or scents, i guess. strawberry cheesecake, berry cherry, licorice and berry blue. sadly, no blackberry scent for blackberry. the company is rolling out a line of jelly belly shape headphones. all the cases an ear buds will retail for 14.99 each and sold in various stores nationwide. >> okay. still ahead at 6:30, a record for giving. the bay area food bank that will get a $9 million donation today. south san francisco napping with a twist. the suspect who is facing charges for taking the pooch though the animal was his. the weekend arrest that could mean the police in vacaville found the man
6:26 am
responsible for several high profile bay area bombings. >> tough father's day at san francisco general hospital. where an injured giants fan is still in critical condition. i'm amy hollyfield. update up next. >> here is a look at the flight arrival delays in to both airports at chicago and the huge area of yellow is where the severe weather is possible today. check out our flight tracker.
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you can see >> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld.
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ding, ding, ding, ding. opening bell ringing on wall street. marking the start of the trading day. stock futures are pointing lower as worries grow about europe debt problem. greece needs more cash to avoid defaulting on the debt. we see how the u.s. investors are reacting in 15 minutes. two hours from now, a judge could release the only suspect arrested in connection with a beating attack on bryan stow. he was attacked outside dodger stadium on opening day. abc7's amy hollyfield joins us live from the san francisco general where stow is in a coma. amy? >> a tough father's day for the kids. they made a collage for him for his room. they usually go to a giants game with him on father's day. he is still in critical, but stable condition here at san francisco general. while his family waits for signs of his recovery, the
6:31 am
man suspected of beating him is still aggressively defending himself. his attorneys released a new picture. this is of giovanni ramirez. this is him with hair. attorney says this is what he looked like at the time of the attack. he was bald when arrested and had his mug shot taken. with the bald head, he really resembles the sketch police have of the suspect. stow is in critical, but stable condition. police believe that ramirez is the man who beat him. and that they say they are still looking for another man and a woman who drove the get-away car. but, giovanni ramirez has not been charged in the case. he is being held on the suspicion of parole violation. police say they found a gun in his laundry basket at his home when he was arrested. he is a convicted felon, so he is not allowed to have a firearm. there will be a hearing today on whether he violated his parole. if it's determined that he didn't, he will be set free from jail.
6:32 am
so, very important hearing today. it will be closely watched from all the way up here in san francisco. live in san francisco, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> amy, thank you very much. 6:32 now. in lake county, police are still searching for a man investigators think played a role in the shooting death of a 4-year-old boy. he is among six shooting victims police found in home of 14,000 block of lake shore drive in clear lake saturday night. paramedics rushed the youngster to the hospital where he died. his parents are among the wounded. now police are looking for 29-year-old kevin stone of clear lake. investigators have not revealed a motive for the shooting. they are withholding the name of victims. this morning, police are trying to determine if a fairfield man is responsible for a pipe bomb attack in fairfield and vacaville. his housemate tells abc7 news he has never seen pipe bombs around the property. police arrested daniel garcia after a seven-hour standoff on saturday.
6:33 am
officers first searched his home thursday, discovering what they believe was a pipe bomb, but not the suspect. this weekend, when police returned, he barricaded himself in his home for hours before finally surrendering after police fired tear gas. his roommate was also arrested after refusing to come out. >> i'm not trying to obstruct justice or anything like that, but he doesn't look like a man who would have anything to do with a pipe bomb. >> he admits he barely knows the suspect. he moved in just nine days ago. inside the home, there was broken glass and a search warrant listing bomb-making materials. police search began investigating garcia after a pipe bomb exploded under a car in fairfield three weeks ago. however, they are also trying to determine if he is tried to a pipe bomb attack in vacaville that blew part of an elder man's hand off. shark warnings are posted along the marrin coast after a helicopter crew sighted a great white shark near stinson beach. yesterday's sighting was a mile north of stinson beach.
6:34 am
200 to 300 yards offshore. the warning means people using southern marin county beaches are not allowed to venture more than knee deep in the water. the order will stay in place through thursday if no more shark sightings occur, the lifeguards at stinson beach moved quickly to get people out of the water yesterday. in it was pretty dramatic. the beach was completely empty of the water. like five minutes. >> i really wanted to go boogie boarding today. but we couldn't. because my mom is like don't go past your ankles. i'm like c'mon! >> mom knows best. while shark sightings are not uncommon, the actual attacks are rare. the shark research committee report five attacks in california last year. one was fatal. there have been 11 fatal shark attacks reported from california in the past 60 years. almost all of them involved great whites. ronart park police running extra patrols after
6:35 am
a jogger was assaulted there. the assault happened along five creek trail before 3:30 friday afternoon. 23-year-old ronart park woman was jogging on the trail when she says man jumped out of the bushes and told her to come here. when she didn't, he grabbed her arms and cut her with a boxcutter on the arm. six-inch laceration was left behind. the man described as white, 6'2", 30 years old and circular tattoo on his forearm. south san francisco police trying to unravel a bizarre story involving a stolen dog. cynthia was walking her dog kelsey on eucalyptus avenue on friday when a man walked up to her and took the dog. he claimed it was his. she called the police and filed a report. turns out the suspect did own the dog at one point. but police say he abandoned the dog when he moved. she says she found kelsey wandering the streets last october and brought him to the humane society and later adopted him.
6:36 am
>> he was in bad, bad, bad shape. he was a little over two pounds. he is a little over two pounds. he was supposed to be six. so i, i never seen a dog. i no te neighborhood. i never seen the dog. >> police located the suspect and arrested him. he is in jail facing assault and robbery charges. >> 6:36 now. what started off as a father's day trip ended with the coast guard rescuing a father and his two -- two children after the boat capsized. most of the boat was submerged in the bay with two or three feet of the bow sticking out of the water. three firefighters went in the water with boards to rescue people and were close to boaters when the coast guard arrived. they are all okay. the fact that alameda firefighters took to the water may be the first sign of changes coming to the department. you may remember the fire department came under criticism for standing and
6:37 am
watching on shore while a suicidal man drowned on crown memorial beach. at the time they cited a lack of water rescue certification. >> it's now time that the san francisco great highway along ocean beach will be closed for annual maintenance project. southbound lane between lincoln way will shut down from 8:00 until 3:00 friday afternoon. the department of public works will relocate 10,000 cubic feet of sand. all sand that has blown up along the promenade. drivers are advised to use sunset boulevard as an alternate route. this morning, the second harvest food bank of santa clara and san mateo county unwrapping the largest corporate gift ever. last fall, we showed you the solar panel that were donated by cypress semi-conductor but apparently that was just a start. now the company donated a
6:38 am
75,000 square foot building on the campus to the food bank. the gift is estimated to be worth $9 million. those solar panels earlier in installed will be getting a work-out. >> yes, they will. let's check in with mike for a look at temperatures and the amount of sunshine we'll get. >> total sunshine in 14 hours, 47 minutes. yeah, the longest two days of the year are today and tomorrow. so soak it up. use it. yeah, pg&e is going to have a lot of other people wanting some electricity as the heat will be on inland and the air conditioners will be running a lot today and tomorrow. all right. a look at the marin layer. notice where it isn't, along the california coast. up around the oregon and washington. staying well away from us. we have pretty calm conditions this morning. just a breath. only 3 miles per hour most of the winds. san jose, half moon bay. s.f.o. oakland. concord, fairfield and everybody else calm to maybe five miles per hour in santa rosa. visibility is pretty much unlimited, except we have haze along the coast.
6:39 am
half moon bay at 3 miles per hour. right now, no spare the air. the air is clean though it's hazy. at 8:00, total sunshine. 50 in san francisco. low to mid-60s for other neighborhood. 68 in antioch. noontime temperatures we will be flirting with the upper 80s to low 90s in north bay and east bay valley. low to mid-80s around the bay shore to down to san jose. mid-to-upper 70s around san francisco and oakland. by 4:00, half moon bay, the coolest spot. 69, 77 in san francisco. we'll have mid-to-upper 80s throughout the bay shore. low to mid-90s inland. today, tomorrow, and wednesday. three hottest days of the year. in fact, tuesday is the hottest day of the year as we reach 100 inland. guess what happens by the weekend? 15 to 20 degrees cooler. frances, you have an update? >> yeah. slowing on westbound 580 through the altamont pass. a couple of accidents along the way. one is past 205. and then it's slow through
6:40 am
livermore. another one westbound 580. at doherty. so, the drive time for the stretch of traffic out of tracy from 205 to 680, very slow. 39 minutes right now. also, sluggish to westbound 4. lone tree to 242. 22 minutes. if you are taking ace train, instead through the altamont pass, that is running two minutes late. ace train number three is running two minutes late. ace train number one getting in south bay now. at 10, 11 minutes late. southbound 680 at el, pentata. a woulder is reported and it's -- bolder is reported. it's causing two accidents. keep it in mind. traffic is flowing well through the bay area. bay bridge toll plaza, metering lights is now on and backed up to the west grand. eric, karina? >> frances. >> backup coming. it's 6:40. >> trading underway on wreelt. we have a live report from the new york stock exchange ahead. take you to new york for a live look at the big board.
6:41 am
you see the dow is off about eight points. >> also, trash trouble. the bay area city described as one of the 20 dirtiest in all of america. and the price of death. the new study showing the staggering cost of california death penalty. i'm nick smith in sunnyvale. where a three-alarm blaze sent one person to the hospital and used service and support of four agencies. agencies. i'll have a live report. ♪ [ female announcer ] wake up to black silk from folgers. bold flavor. exceptionally smooth. ok. what if i just had a small slice? i was good today, i deserve it! or, i could have a medium slice and some celery sticks and they would ccel each other out, right? or...ok. i could ha one large slice and jog in place as i eat it or...ok. how about one large slice while jogging in place
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all right. 6:45 on monday. we still have a clean live doppler7 h.d. across the entire state. still have flooding in yosemite, where the rapid snow melt continues with 89 degrees today. look at the near 100-degree temperatures through the central valley. 106 in palm springs. we have the mid-70s in tahoe. big sur. los angeles. 69 in san diego. 62 with a few clouds in eureka. eric has more news. >> thank you. 6:45. study of capital punishment in california shows taxpayers spent more than $4 billion. $4 billion to carry out 13 executions since they were legalized in 1978. that work out the $308 million per execution. the study was done by a senior judge on the u.s. ninth circuit and law school professor. they also predict the cost
6:46 am
of maintaining the death penalty until 2030 will cost the state $9 billion. immigrants are playing a huge role on the u.s. business scene, bigger than you think. >> business reporter joins us live with more. good morning. >> good morning. drag on the market this morning but we've opinion a little in flux. protests in europe are against austerity and the cut of the european union is failing to come up with an aid package that might have kept greece defaulting on the debt. the next meeting of the european leaders is early july. san francisco based wells fargo and bank of america among the bank stock. under pressure this morning as a result. let's check on the numbers. 15 minutes in the session right now. we are mixed but essentially flat right now. your bloomberg silicon valley index is fractionmly lower. before i go, i want to let
6:47 am
you in on an interesting fact. according to a new economic report, 40% of fortune 500 companies were found by immigrants or children. 90 by immigrants, 114 by their children. related to, this another interesting fact is that the revenue generated by the company is greater than the gdp of every country in the world with the exception of u.s., china and japan. that is business news live at the new york stock exchange. >> all right. thank you for that. 6:47 now. >> firefighters are still trying to determine what caused a brush fire that came dangerously close to homes in benicia. it broke out near interstate 780 at the east fifth street onramp yesterday afternoon. the flames spread across two acres of grass before firefighters had it surrounded. the fire scorched the fences of several homes but didn't damage any buildings. >> my mom went to wake up my brother. he was asleep. she noticed that there was smoke across the street.
6:48 am
so we all paid attention to what was going on. then we noticed that it was a blaze. we didn't know what to do. it was coming closer. the police came in and he told us to evacuate. >> investigators are looking at whether someone tossing out a hot object sparked the blaze. extreme fire risk conditions are posted in seven states this morning from utah to texas. colorado to oklahoma. and more evacuations have been ordered in arizona. three dozen massive wildfires are blazing through the southwest. they burned a combined 1.2 million acres of land. arizona and texas are among the hardest hit state. 1,000 firefighters are on the front lines in arizona alone. battling two major wildfires that forced thousands of people from their homes. one of the blazes spread to over half a million acres. it is the largest fire in arizona history. >> we're drying out and headed to the triple-digit
6:49 am
temperatures. or threat is rising as well. >> more in the overnight hours. winds are fastest then but during the day, that i're relatively calm. show you the u.s. drought monitor. to show how we're not in a drought. look at the d-4 drought to see how much of the south and southeast it takes. then you look at the age. that's agriculture, dry soil and hiydrological. talk about what is going on outside to see how clear it is. as we look for mount tamalpais this morning. the temperature running from 48 in half moon bay to 75 in antioch. much cooler and uniform around the monterey bay and inland. low to mid-50s. sunny today. building warmth. today and tomorrow are the hottest day is far this year. clear tonight and we will keep the temperatures up. we have cooler weather coming in for the weekend. temperatures today running from 9 to 13 degrees warmer than average.
6:50 am
the subsets at 8:35 this afternoon. east bay valley, low to mid-90s. low to mid-80s everywhere else. and upper 80s to low 90s in south bay. san jose and saratoga at 91. 90 at redwood city. palo alto. everybody else at mid-to-upper 80s. near 70 on the coast, daly city to 80 in downtown san francisco. mid-to-upper 80s. saucelito and vallejo. low to mid-90s. mid-70s at your beaches. 70 at monterey. near 80 in santa cruz and watsonville. 90 inland morgan hill, gilroy and hollister. tonight, temperatures don't cool much. that is the difference between this heat wave and last week. low to mid-60s in most neighborhood. we're watching an area of high pressure sinking in the great basin. we get an offshore wind that makes it hot inland and rather warm at the coast. today, we are in 90s. inland, tomorrow in the triple digits with low 90s around the bay. mid-70s at the coast. we will see the cooling hit
6:51 am
the coast on wednesday. move through bay on thursday. inland friday. saturday and sunday should be 15 to 20 degrees cooler. even the tiger sharks like to go out to the beach and get some sun. this is yesterday, though, at ocean beach. the good news, the shark did make it back to the ocean and did swim off safely. all right. you have weather or whether video, weather photos you would like to share, we'd love to see them. up load them to yourepor or e-mail them. >> cool picture. live shot of 680 in walnut creek. the traffic is slowing well. and make your way to danville. look out for debris. that is a bolder that caused a couple of accidents. berkeley, westbound traffic. more crowded now heading toward the bay bridge toll plaza. no problems on the east shore freeway. the bay bridge toll plaza backed up toward west grand. actually almost to 880 right now. in south bay, we will check out 280 and 17 interchange. so, no trouble here right
6:52 am
now. a slow ride on westbound 580 from tracy. check out drive time. over 40 minutes because of earlier accidents. we had a couple of new accidents reported on north 101 in the south bay. the drive-time is not horrible. 280 to 237 is 15 minutes. get more drive-time going to website click on the bay area traffic link. eric? >> all right. thank you very much. it's 6:52 now. despite san francisco's near obsession with recycling, a travel magazine rates the city as one of the dirtiest in america. the editors of "travel and leisure" magazine ranked san francisco as the 12th dirtiest city in the nation. ironically the magazine also ranked san francisco in the top ten for environmental friendliness and quality of life. go figure. the dirtiest city in america new orleans. followed by philadelphia,
6:53 am
and los angeles. new study suggests that food allergies affect more children than government health experts previously estimated. researchers say after studying more than 40,000 children, they determined that one in every 13 suffers from some type of food allergy. 40% of those had a severe reaction to certain foods. they also say peanuts and milk were the most common sources. no surprise there. if the study proves true, it would mean estimated 6 million u.s. kids have a food allergy, compared to the centers for disease control estimate of 3 million kids with food allergies. twice as many. the advocacy group funded study appears in the latest journal of pediatrics. recapping the top stories at 6:53. arson investigators are on the scene of an apartment building fire in sunnyvale that sent one person to the hospital. >> a lot of agencies involved. nick smith is live at the scene with details. >> if you look over my shoulders you can see the residents now are waiting to
6:54 am
possibly go back to their building and retrieve some of the items that were not damaged in the blaze. this three-alarm fire sent one person to the hospital and used service to support four different agencies. when firefighters arrived, they say that the positioning of power lines presented challenges in attacking the blaze. eyewitness received first aid to injuries that he sustained. when he attempted to alert occupants of a building yelling and breaking windows. now, displaced residents are receiving information about food, clothing, and tetch rare shelter -- temporary shelter. if you look at the camera shot from the mass cam, it helps to illustrate the challenges that the firefighters face when identifying and attacking the hot spots from the roof. now that the fire has been completely extinguished, some of the residents will be allowed to retrieve items from their home with the escort of a police official. that is what is happening over my shoulder right now. we go live to amy hollyfield in san francisco with our
6:55 am
other top story. >> good morning. we're at san francisco hospital where giants fan bryan stow is still in critical condition. his family will be watching a hearing closely this morning that will take place in l.a. and it could determine whether the man suspected of beating stow will be released from jail. his attorneys have released a new picture of him. this is giovanni ramirez with hair. the attorneys say this is how he looked when the attack happened. he was not bald like he was when he was arrested. as a bald man, he resembled this sketch of the suspect that police have. police do believe ramirez is the man who beat bryan stow. they have not charged him with the attack. he is being held on a parole violation. police say they found a gun in his home when they went to arrest him for the beating. so today, there will be a hearing on whether he violated his parole. he is a convicted felon. as a felon, he is not
6:56 am
allowed to have a gun. if the judge determines that he did not violate his parole, he will be released from jail. live in san francisco, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> okay. we'll be updating that hearing. thank you very much, amy. final check of weather and traffic. mike? >> talk about the temperatures. 57 in -- 75 in antioch. low to mid-50s for most of us. 49. micro climate, even in the morning hours we have 26-degree spread. that will be as impressive in the afternoon hours. as we go from 70 at half moon bay. 70 in san francisco. 85 in oakland. 91 at san jose. 95 at santa rosa, 96 in livermore. tonight, temperatures in the 60s again. not much relief from the heat. tomorrow, the hottest day of the year. and summer starts. frances? >> all right. we are looking forward to that. bay bridge toll plaza, backed up almost toward the 880 overcrossing. with all of the heat, a lot of folks may be heading to the beach. but keep in mind, the great
6:57 am
highway will be closed. it starts today at 8:00 a.m. for sand removal. closed all week until friday afternoon. so there could be a lot of extra traffic in the area. folks forget that the great highway is closed. ace train number one is in the south bay. but only one minute late. other mass transit system report nothing delays. enjoy the day. >> if you are going to stinson beach, only knee-deep. >> that does it for this edition of the abc7 morning news. we'll be back with a local update at 7:24. >> join us for the midday news at 11:00. stave connected 24/7 at enjoy the weather. it's going to be warm out there. stay cool. see you later.
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