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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  June 21, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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i'm nick smith, live in san jose, where we have an active fire happening over our shoulder. i'll have a live report in a few minute and tell you how students have to evacuate a fraternity house in downtown san jose. >> i'm amy hollyfield live in the oakland hills where the fire threat is moderate. but today's high temperatures could change that. the story coming up. there is a live look downtown san francisco. you can already see some of the oranges and yellows of the impending sunrise. yeah. astronomical summer starts today. it will be the hottest day of the year. i'm show you where the wide-spread 100s will be. >> the full freeway closure in hayward in eastbound 92 should be clearing now. the next report, live shot of the bay bridge toll plaza showing light traffic around the bay area.
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>> astronomical summer with astronomical temperatures. it's also a spare the air day. we'll keep you informed about that, but we have breaking news. i'm eric thomas. >> i'm karina rusk. we have breaking news in san jose where firefighters are battling to control a fire at a fraternity house. it's on the campus of san jose state university. abc7's nick smith is on the scene with the latest. i still see flames, nick. >> karina, eric, i want to get to the pictures. want you to see what i see now. flames are bursting through the roof. downtown san jose, south of the campus. that is the kappa sigma fraternity house. you see the firefighters using ladders and shooting water to the building. we understand it started in the laundry room. i want to show you video of what we saw when we first arrived on the scene. as you can see, they evacuated and they didn't think it was as serious as it's become now. initially it was only a two-alarm. it's been elevated to
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three-alarm. once they attack the fire and break through the roof, the flames exploded. i want you to also know we had a chance to speak to the captain on the scene and he told us how he attacked the fire. >> they get on the roof, ventlation, get holes to get a place the fire to vent. to then we see the smoke to clear and see what we're attacking. that's what they are doing vent lating. up on the roof and a dangerous situation. they get up and cut the holes and get off, which is what they did. >> i want to come back here live. the pictures are amazing. i want you to see how the firefighters are attacking the blaze right now. what we plan to do is gather as much information as we can, so we can get it to you, eric, karina. we know that everyone has been evacuated from the building. we know most students are upset about how this all came about this morning. again, they didn't think it was as serious as it turned
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out to be. most were joking and laughing when they came out of the building but when they saw the flames they realized this is an emergency taking place. live, nick smith, abc7 news. >> dangerous for fraternity members and the firefighters battling the pledge. >> we have to worry about that fire, the structure fire. but we have to worry about the fire danger with the heat. >> fire danger is higher but we're not under a red flag warning. if something ignites, it will burn quickly. we won't have the winds to really spread it out. it's the lack of winds, one reason why yesterday was the hottest day of the year. we almost reached 100 in most east bay valley. mid-90s north bay. san francisco was 88. so yesterday was the hottest day of the year. today is supposed to be hotter. you can see where the temperatures are going to end up. the air is stagnant. we'll have poor air quality in east bay. look for triple digit in east bay valley. the rest of us are in 90s again. i have relief from the heat on the way. we'll talk about that in a
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minute. first, eric has news. >> you mentioned the poor air quality today. it will be the first spare the air day of the season. the weather conditions are also the same. it caused both incidents. to top it off, fire danger is on the rise in the bay area. amy hollyfield is more on that. amy? >> reporter: yeah, eric, check out the sign that says they are still at a moderate fire danger level. kind of surprising. i checked in with the fire station in oakland hills the fire officer here said well, we wait to hear from dispatch before we change it. there are some prep underway for fire season. goats are hard at work in the hills above oakland parkwood copped minimum. they're clear -- condominium. they're clearing out the brush. most homeowners are getting a late start for preparing this year. since we had late rains, people haven't started the brush clearing yet. they are not planning the
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inspections until tuesday. today's hot weather will be a good reminderi.'s time to get ready. >> fire season was uneventful which works in our favor. at the same time, people might let their guard down with the heavy rain and increase in vegetation. people have to be on their toes. >> oakland hills is one of the most vulnerable spots in the bay area. 1991, a fire burned 3700 homes. residents here know the importance of preparing. homeowners need to clear 30 feet of defensible space from around their house. of course, we had the late rains this year. so people are getting a late start. the firefighters here tell me this morning they aren't too worried. things are just getting started. they say they are trained and ready to go. so they are not concerned yet. they want people to be aware. fire season is here. live in oakland, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> exactly. some evidence in the danger out there is to the south of us.
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firefighters hope to contain a grass fire burning in kearn and san luis obispo county. the blaze between highway 101 and highway 5. steep rocky terrain is forcing firefighters to rely on hand crews and aerial tankers. bulldozers are being trucked in to help. it's 75% contained at this hour. no structures are being threatened. today, muni board of directors is expected to sign off on a controversial severance package for outgoing executive director nathaniel ford. his 2010 contract calls for $384,000 severance package. that included one-year salary, unpaid bonuses and three month of health coverage. the board asked them to step down last week. state senator leland ye running for san francisco mayor is expected to have a petition with 1,000 signature osposing what they call a backroom deal. lawyers for the maven that los angeles police say is a prime suspect in the beating of giants fan bryan stow plan to appeal a move
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to send him back to prison. parole commissioner revoked 31-year-old giovanni ramirez's parole and ordered him back to prison for ten months. police investigating the attack on stow outside dodger stadium arrested ramirez last month on a gun charge. prosecutors have not fired charges against ramirez in the stow attack. ramirez's attorney say they can prove the client is not involved in the beating. 5:07. a new report out this morning finds the bay area is among the top ten regions in the nation for car thefts. survey by the national insurance crime bureau finds three cities in the central valley -- fresno, modesto and bakersville -- are top three. the vallejo area is fifth. san francisco, oakland, fremont area are in ninth spot. overall, the report finds that car thefts are down for the seventh straight year in a row. 5:07 now. time for a look at weather. mike tells us it will be a hot one today. >> it is going to be hot, mike.
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how hot? >> it all depends where you are. it will be hot everywhere compared to average. just do you want 80s, 90s or the 100s? if you get to the coast, how about 70s there. good morning. a look at the 24-hour temperature change. some of it is cooler. san francisco, one degree cooler with santa rosa, fairfield, two, and antioch four. everybody else the same if not two to three degrees warmer. we are starting at a warmer level, which means if we get the same sunshine, the same conditions of yesterday, naturally this afternoon should be warmer than yesterday. 51 in half moon bay. 57 in san francisco. low to mid-60s to the north bay valley. to the east bay valley. upper 60s to mountain view and san jose. 74 in antioch. the warm spot, as it has been the last couple of mornings. east bay valley, that is the area since there were, i wouldn't call them brown-out, rolling brown-out yesterday. it could be the same today as we reach 100. we'll be in the low to mid-90s in fremont and palo alto down to the south bay. low to mid-90s through north bay valley.
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mid-to-upper 80s around san francisco, san mateo, oakland, richmond. mid-70s along the coast. the best place to beat the heat. spare the air is in the east bay valley. that is where we find the worst air quality today. cooling trend could drop us around 12 to 20 degrees by saturday. frances? >> hi, mike. take you back to hayward where there is a full freeway closure on eastbound 92 from hesparian to 880. traffic looks to be flowing well out there. not picking up slowing. check out a live shot of the san mateo bridge for those making your way to hayward. the traffic is light. eastbound, westbound 92. also delay free right now. in fact, there aren't any accidents reported around the bay area at all, at this point. head to the golden gate bridge next. so if you want cooler temperatures you can head to the beach. but don't forget, southbound, the great highway is closed for sand removal. traffic will be detoured on sunset. that continues all week until friday afternoon.
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eric, karina? >> no free rides, but a good reason to take public transit. 5:09. >> still ahead, the new bump in the road. stanford's plan to expand its medical center is hitting that bump in the road. >> also, the setback for a local woman leading a nationwide sex discrimination case against wal-mart. the vow she is making to other workers. >> why thousands of people collecting unemployment benefit will be saying goodbye to their checks.
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welcome back. 5:13. stanford university agreed to wait at least another month to get final approval for massive expansion of stanford hospital. the $5 billion project has been in the works for four years and was set to get that approval yesterday when an issue popped up. parents of children who received day care next to the proposed site raised concerns. they learned a nine-story parking garage would be built next to the daycare. it's so close that a classroom would be demolished to provide access to the site. congresswoman nancy pelosi and congressman george mill rer calling for massage of the paycheck fairness act following the supreme court ruling favoring wal-mart. miller issued a statement saying the ruling from the right wing court is another blow to woman's right to fair pay and fair treatment on the job. the wal-mart suit initiated by betty dukes. who works as a wal-mart greeter in contra costa
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county. the lawsuit claims that wal-mart systematically passes over women for promotions and she won the right to sue on behalf of up to 1.6 million other wal-mart workers. but yesterday's high court decision says they have to pursue their claims individually. >> i feel very optimistic that we will successfully go forward in our claims of sexual discrimination against wal-mart. in a statement, wal-mart says the company has a long history of providing advancement opportunities for female associates and made tremendous strides in developing women throughout the organization. beginning next month, state of california will no longer issue unemployment checks. instead, those on unemployment will be herbed e.b.t.s, they're electronic benefit transfer cards. prepaid debit cards. people getting unemployment checks will use the debit card in anyplace that visa debit card is accepted. >> once the money is there, you can let them have it, directly deposited from that account, directly to your
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checking account or savings account or do all of your benefit, some of your benefit. every two weeks or change it up a little bit. it's up to the customer. >> and that includes casinos and out-of-state. you may remember there was an uproar when welfare and food stamp debit cards were found used in casinos. it's gotten harder to beat the heat in oakland with dip in a public pool. budget cuts forced the closure of three public pools in oakland. including castlemont and mount clemons schools. the live oak pool at oakland high is set to close july 1. >> being able to swim is a life skill that all people should, you know, try to avail themselves of learning. to have beautiful pools in the oakland community that are not open and available to citizen and youth of the community is tragic.
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>> so capital mont is closed. different for richmond. this is the first city that the plunge indoor pool is in operation. it opened in awesome. kids lined up to get in with a 25-minute wait. no wonder. >> and we may hit triple digits today. >> yeah. interesting way to beat the heat. one of those days is today. take a look at what is going on. we have a little area of energy passing through the middle and upper part of the atmosphere. it will have minimal if any effect on the weather. we look eastbound from mount sutro. temperatures are 74 in antioch to 51 in half moon bay. low to mid-60s in other neighborhoods. upper 60s around mountain
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mountain and san jose. poor air quality, likely in the east bay valley. cooler by the weekend. as far as the 24-hour temperature change. two degrees warmer in concord. touch a century mark. oakland is one degree warmer with santa rosa. hayward is the same. san francisco could be two degrees cooler. but you don't notice the difference between 88 and 86. no. not in the city. the east bay is where we find the poor air quality. in the afternoon hours as the air is trapped in the valley. this is clear everywhere. the temperatures will warm quickly. we have a few 80s around the bay. further south around monterey, the sea breeze will kick in to keep you in lower 70s. we will watch the sea breeze move tomorrow.
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start to cool the neighborhood in the san francisco bay. mid-to-upper 90s in the south bay. 96 at san jose. low to mid-90s on most of the peninsula. millbrae, mid-to-upper 80s. low to mid-70s along the coast. daly city at 73. mid-80s downtown in south san francisco. saucelito. mid-to-upper 90s through the north bay valleys. low 70s at your beaches. upper 80s to low 90s. dublin and pleasanton upper 90s. triple digits in the east bay valley. mid-to-upper 90s in morgan hill and hollister. if you head to giants game, twins are in town. it will be sunny and the temperatures are going to be running in the low 80s. dropping in the low 70s. tonight. low to mid-60s. 50s in half moon bay and san francisco.
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the accuweather seven-day forecast, you see the cooling reaches the coast. some spills in the bay tomorrow. moves inland thursday and drops you eight degrees. we will drop another five to six degrees by the weekend. where temperatures are more comfortable. >> it's still cool on the road. no problem at the bay bridge toll plaza. on interstate 80 in berkeley, the drive-time is 18 minutes. easy ride. westbound 80 from berkeley to the carquinez bridge to the maze. hoping to get a live shot for you. the traffic is flowing well westbound. go to south bay. headlights are northbound there. accident free. roadwork is cleared. spare the air day, if you want to take mass transit, ace, muni, bart, caltrain report nothing delays.
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but they are not free. you can always get the latest on our website, eric, karina? >> thank you. 5:20. next, the thousands kicked off a website because of their looks. >> the danger you could be putting your health in by sitting at your job all day. >> plus, the summer meals. hundreds of east bay youngsters will be able to enjoy this summer. >> colorful support google is giving to gays and lesbians as they celebrate pride. ♪
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. welcome back. 5:23. it is a beautiful morning. soak in this shot. looking at mount tamalpais. beautiful, serene and almost cool looking. it won't be today, the first day of summer. it will ramp up. >> cool looking but won't be cool-feeling. as you said, we know that sitting for long hours at work year after year can contribute to heart disease but doctors warn it could contribute to colon cancer. researchers in australia followed nearly 1,000
5:24 am
workers from 2005 to 2007. they found people sitting ten or more years in sedentary jobs had greater risk of colon cancer or rectal cancer compared to people with active jobs. it's in the american journal of epidemiology. school is out for the summer but that is not stopping children in oakland from getting healthy meals. the city kicked off a free summer meals program. breakfast and lunch are served at 100 schools and other sites across the city. 20,000 oakland children rely on free or reduced cost meal in the school year. it includes fruit and veggies, like them or not. >> we ask them to take a bite or open it up. orange. maybe the orange they get is sweet. then they're like i want to eat the rest of it. >> tastes good. they're hooked. the meals are available monday through friday for anyone under 18. >> google is adding rainbow
5:25 am
to some search results in honor of gay pride month. it only appears in searching for terms like gay and lesbian or trans"jeopardy"er. the rainbow will appear through the end of the month. >> says it kicked out 30,000 people who weren't good looking enough to be on the site. the online dating website says people with sub stan dard looks snuck on the website with the help of a virus called shrek. shrek, of course, being the ugly, i guess, animated character who valued inner beauty. people voted on or not based on attractiveness. >> that's rude. >> i think so. >> 5:25 now. next at 5:30, firefighters are battling to control a blaze on the fa ternty of the campus of san jose state. we're live on the scene with the latest. >> it is going to be hot today. it's time to talk about
5:26 am
fires. is your home ready? i'm amy hollyfield. live report coming up. >> new this morning, the new trial date for the uc berkeley graduates accused of spying in iran. >> some of the hottest weather in the country can be found here at home. if you want heat and humidity, go to the eastern third of the country where we have 80s and 90s and the threat of severe weather. so favor, none of the airports in the lower 48 are affected. cincinnati, detroit, memphis, dallas, a lot of them could be. flight tracker,
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i'm nick smith live in san jose, where active fire caused evacuation of students from the san jose state university. i will have a live report
5:29 am
coming up and tell you about bus routes that have been affected. >> i'm amy hollyfield live in the oakland hills. a critical fire area. today high temperatures it will be reminder that time to get ready. the story coming up. >> the big story weatherwise. the scorching temperatures yesterday may have been the hottest day of the year. today will be hotter. we have poor air quality to go with it. i'll show you when the temperatures return to normal. >> if you are getting ready for work, still a good community right now. no trouble at the bay bridge toll plaza. only up with accident this morning. not causing problems. >> thank you for joining us. i'm eric thomas. >> i'm karina rusk. we have breaking news in san jose where the firefighters are trying to patrol a fire -- control a fire house at the fraternity house. >> they have been batting it for two hours. abc7's nick smith is on the scene with the latest for
5:30 am
us. nick? >> we are gathering information as we speak. the pictures are better than anything i can tell you. this is smoke billowing. i want to show you how it looked when we arrived. a student from the fraternity house called to report smoke and fire from the ventlation system. when san jose police department arrived, they attacked the fire on the second floor. they realized that there was a situation that caused for the evacuation of the building. >> we evacuated and we have no reported injuries. we did evacuate everybody out of the structure. working on coordinating housing and needs on that end. >> none of the students have been injured. none of the students need
5:31 am
additional housing. go back live to the picture. fire coming from the second floor of the building where they believe the laundry room is located. but fire departments do believe that they have the situation mostly under control. none of the students really want to talk to us right now. they thought the situation was less serious than it was when they first evacuated the building. the only injury we have an all right of is a firefighter who burned his hand. we know a couple of the buses have been affected that usually travel down 11 street. anyone needing to take bus 72 or 73 here in san jose, needs to know that that bus has been rerouted. again, i want you to look at the pictures. eric, karina, the situation is developing. i'll continue to follow the story and provide a live update in 30 minutes. >> thank you. yeah, we are still seeing flames on the roof there. so firefighters still have some work ahead of them. time now is 5:31. >> yesterday, was the hot e day of the year so far. right? we can do past tense on that
5:32 am
one. >> today we will top it with part of the bay area seeing the triple digits. mike, poor air quality as well. >> that is what happens when the air stagnates. we vent pollution in central valley so fresno and bakers feel have high rate of asthma and other problems like that. for us, not going to happen today. we'll keep it here. the temperatures you see yesterday. most of them are in the 90s. will be warmer. we have 89 in oakland. 88 in san francisco yesterday. cool spot is santa cruz. spare the air in east bay valley where it hits 100 today. widespread low to mid-90s throughout the bay. mid-to-upper 80s in san mateo and richmond. head to coast, mid-to-upper 70s is where it's cooler. >> karina, we are fortunate to have mike checking on this, because today's heat means high fire danger around the bay area. it's also the first spare the air day of the season. abc7's amy hollyfield is live now in oakland hills with more. amy, i see the moderate sign
5:33 am
behind you. >> get ready for it to change. they have a scientific method they use to calculate that. they get the burn index. that's how they decide what to change it. the reports come in starting at 10:00 in the morning. so go ahead and look for this to change very soon. there are some fire preps already under way in the oakland hills. you see the gets are hard at work. clearing away the brush in some spots. but some homeowners are trained to start fighting fire. until the pros can get on the scene. >> when a fire starts, if you can get it out within three or four minutes, off good chance of you can save it. that's one of the easiest time to put the fire out. exists right after it started. >> steve matthews knows how to hook up and use the fire hoses. he keeps in his garage. his home was one of the 3700 that burned. the huge fire of 1991. so he knows the importance
5:34 am
of being prepared. firefighters tell me it does feel like this season is off to a late start. people haven't started trimming their weeds back just yet. because of those late rains that we had. firefighters don't plan to start inspections until next tuesday. today's heat will be a shocking reminder that this season is here. it's intense. it's time to start get prepared. live this oakland, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> thank you very much. we're also following developing news in oakland, where a massive fire early this morning injured a firefighter. and gutted a victorian home. the fire started just after 2:00 a.m. at a home in 1700 block of the 23rd avenue. it took firefighters about an hour to get it knocked down. one firefighter suffered minor injuries. the homeowner told investigators it began as a small electrical fire and quickly got too big for her to put out. eight people lived in the house, including three children. no one was injured in the house.
5:35 am
the red cross is helping finding them new place to stay. new information from the release of the internal memo. the "san jose mercury news" reports that the memo shows utility was alerted 20 years years ago that the pipeline record keeping system was disorganized and out of date. the memo released by the state public utility commission yesterday was part of the investigation in september pipeline explosion in san bruno that killed eight people. pg&e's record and information coordinator in the 1990s had concerns the company needed to update the pipeline pressure records. but at the time, the utility didn't think it was a priority. the job was later eliminated. it may be hard to hail a cab this afternoon in san francisco. cabbies are planning to stage a to-hour strike beginning at noon. they plan to spend two hours circling city hall and n a protest against new regulations. they include one that allows cab companies to charge drivers a 5% fee on rides to
5:36 am
pay for by credit card. the municipality transportation agency is considering tracking cabs electronically and putting more cabs on the street. republican presidential hopeful mitt romney visits the bay area today. as part of a three-day fundraising campaign through the state. romney was in idaho falls attending a private fundraiser. among stop in california is a barbecue at the portola valley home of suns micro system cofounder scott mckneelly. he will hit sacramento, los angeles and orange county. the latest field poll shows romney holds a solid lead over the party rivals in california and is preferred by 25% of the republican voters. lawyer for the three american hikers charged with espionage in iran says a new hearing date of july 31 has been set in the case. shane bauer, josh fattal and sarah shourd were detained in late july of 2009 along the iran/iraq border. the three denied they were
5:37 am
spying. bauer and fattal remain in custody in tehran. shourd was released last year on a $500,000 bond and refused to return to iran for trial. iran has said it expects to make a final decision in the case by late august. it is 5:37. as soon as that sun fully rises, boy, it is going to be hot. >> yeah. hope your power doesn't go out today as ours did in my neighborhood for a couple of hours last night. mike? >> i got lucky i guess. at one point we accidently had the dishwasher on. i was like we should probably turn that off and wait until the sun sets before it starts cleaning. but that's what you have to do. sorry to hear that, eric. a look at what is going on. high pressure dominated the weather. because of that, we still have the calmness around. that is allowing the pollution to increase over east bay valley. that's why it's a spare the air day. it stagnates the air and keeps ocean water from moving in. most of us warmer than yesterday. except for san francisco, santa rosa, fairfield and antioch.
5:38 am
one to four degrees cooler. still, warm today. warmer than yesterday. 8:00, the sunshine. see the wealth of 60s. even 70s at firefield at #:00 in the morning. you know by noon with that start it will be hot. low to mid-90s in the east bay valley. near 90 in north bay valley. in south bay. with the mid-80s around fremont, palo alto. your lunchtime temperatures in oakland, san francisco, mid-to-upper 70s. half moon bay, 69. focus in on half moon bay. only 72 at 4:00. mid-80s around san francisco and oakland. low to mid-90s for the rest of the bay and north bay valley. upper 90s to near 10in east bay valley at 4:00. temperatures will hit the coast. cooling temperatures will tomorrow and around the bay. they move inland thursday. by saturday, sunday, monday, temperatures are back where they should be. good morning. >> good morning. so there is one accident reported in san jose northbound 280 at 880. but it doesn't look like it is blocking any lanes.
5:39 am
we have a live shot right here of that interchange. we can see the traffic is thering well. as you make your way out of the downtown area. that's northbound 280. on highway 17, out of the santa cruz mountains, there is roadwork scheduled to be block a lane in each direction. between summit road and bear creek road until 6:00 this morning. we'll go to the east bay next. show you a pretty good ride. interstate 80 in berkeley. still flowing well as you make your way westbound out of vallejo. you have been out as far as fairfield. 101 also problem-free. light traffic right now. traffic move northbound in san francisco. eric, karina? >> thank you. 5:39. >> still ahead, new tactic, the family of a missing bay area nursing student takes in an evideffort to find her. >> the new ord they're president obama is set to deliver on future of the u.s. troops in afghanistan.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. welcome back. 5:42 now. the family of missing student michele le is turning to a private investigator to help figure out what happened to her. she disappear more than three weeks ago from kaiser hospital hayward where she
5:43 am
was a nursing student. police are now investigating le's disappearance as a homicide, but her family believes she is still alive. the private investigator they hired is promising confidentiality and protection to anyone who may have been afraid to come forward until now. you will find his name, number and e-mail address at look under see it on tv. tomorrow, president obama is due to mark a major milestone in the afghanistan war as he announces how many troops will come home beginning next month. he will also outline how control of military operations will be handed over to the afghan army. abc's peggy bunker reports. >> with more than half of americans now saying the afghanistan war is not worth the cost. president obama is set to announce tomorrow how many of our troops will be coming home. >> the president is still in a process of finalizing the decision on the scope of the drawdown that will begin in july 2011. >> the decision is whether he should follow the
5:44 am
military's advice. >> if we accelerate withdrawal because we're war-weary, we will lose the war. >> or does he make a decision based on polls showing a war weary public? >> i think when you look at the situation on the ground in afghanistan, it's bleak. >> the size of the draw down has to be large enough to keep president promise to withdrawal troops and small enough to satisfy military commanderers worried that afghanistan is too fragile. >> diplomatic relations with the country remain tense after president karzai said the u.s. forces run the risk of becoming occupiers of the country. >> when i hear some of your leaders call us occupiers and likened to the brutal enemies of the afghan people, my people in turn are filled with confusion. they grow weary of our effort here. >> a modest drawdown would be no mar than 5,000 troops. with americans wanting less involvement and osama bin laden now dead, some are
5:45 am
calling for a larger number. suggesting that the president can decide on a number as high as 15,000 troops. peggy bunker, abc news. exactly 5:45. jack-in-the-box is pulling toys from its kids menu. >> the impact slowdown in travel will have on a business that took a chance. >> how your trash can be the fuel for the next flight you take out of town. >> scary warning that will soon be printed on every soon be printed on every
5:46 am
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. all right. welcome back. as you expect, live doppler7 h.d. quiet across the entire state. as heat is dominating. triple digits. chico, sacramento, fresno, 111 in palm springs. system of the heat is -- some of heat is leaking to l.a. at 81. tahoe at 83. 93 in yosemite. milder temperatures, san diego 71, big sur, 76. sunshine around eureka. 61. karina? >> mike, it's 5:48. plans are in the works to build a plant in gilroy to produce the first alternative jet fuel. approved for chemical aviation use in the country. the jet fuel will be processed by bioenergy company salina using agricultural and urban waste otherwise would be headed for landfill.
5:49 am
united, southwest, continental and fed exsigned letters of intent to use it. the new fuel wouldn't require changes to airport or the planes. >> it's drop in fuel. they can drop it in the jet. and the storage system and the airport, without having to change engines or storage facility. >> salinas biomass fuel plant expects to convert 550,000 metric ton of waste to 16 million gallons of fuel per year by 2015. well, it's win or go home for the cal baseball team as they take on texas a&m in the college world series beginning at 11:00 this morning. the bears will start freshman pitcher kyle porter. cal lost their opener in the college world series sunday falling to top ranked virginia 4-1. the bears had to fight through budget cuts and must-win games to get to the world series in omaha. no room for error now in this double elimination
5:50 am
tournament. so, it's been a cinderella trip for them, going from almost having the team, you know, eliminated. terminated, actually. >> yeah, they're good with the backs against the wall. root them on. right? >> yeah. taking on the aggies. texas a&m. fun game. >> call in, you know, hit-and-runs and stuff like that. >> when the bases are loaded and you have no out, you should bunt. >> good one. >> long story. >> i blew a game doing that. take a look outside showing you what is going on in the playoffs. yeah. rookie mistake on my part. kids still love me, i guess. a look at what is going on. you see the orange is developing. taking over and you can also see the pollution is causing a beautiful sunrise. the pollution is going to build up to possibly dangerous levels for those that are most susceptible to ground-base ozone. up next, beautiful sunrise looking from the sutro tower this morning. move on and talk about the temperatures.
5:51 am
they haven't moved much. still 51 in half moon bay. 57 in san francisco. with low to mid-60s until you get to mountain view and san jose. upper 60s, still 74 in antioch. we'll have the mid-to-upper 50s around the monterey bay and inland. much milder there. sunshine today. hottest day this year. i know i said that yesterday, didn't i? it isn't groundhogs day. we knew today would be hotter. poor air quality likely, as we talk about in the east bay valley. significantly cooler for all of us by saturday. compared to average today, look at this. 12 degrees warmer in redwood city. livermore, napa, san jose. 15. oakland and san francisco, 18 degrees warmer than we should be. the sun came up at 5:48. set at 8:35 on this longest day of the year. there you go. inland areas of the east bay. poor air quality is. moderate in santa clara valley. everybody else should be okay. even though it will look a little hazy and murky out there because of the pollution trapped by the high pressure that is stagnated the air and
5:52 am
created the conditions for the 100-degree temperatures throughout the east bay valley. we have upper 80s to mid-90s along the east bay shore. berkeley could be cooler at 86. mid-to-upper 90s around the south bay. 95 at cupertino. 97 at campbell. 99 at los gatos. we have mid-to-upper 80s around millbrae, san mateo. low to mid-90s for the rest of the peninsula. if you want relief from the heat, low to mid-70s along the coast today. mid-80s for downtown san francisco. saucelito. also heat relief at the north bay beaches. low to mid-70s there. while we have mid-to-upper 90s inland. we have the mid-to-upper 70s around the monterey bay. 82 in salinas. to mid-to-upper 90s inland. if you are traveling over at at&t park today, it will be warm by at&t pakistan dards. 74 degrees and sunshine. 7:15. dropping down to say a mild 66 by the time the game ends. most of us in the 60 again tonight. antioch could be warmer at 74. san francisco, cooler at 58.
5:53 am
a couple of areas of high pressure dominating the eastern pacific. and the western third of our country. because of that, it makes the heat peak today. because tomorrow, the sea breeze returns. the temperature drops # degrees around the bay and the coast. still hot inland. if we drop inland, 8 degrees thursday. by saturday, everybody drops about 12 to 20 degrees. have a great day. frances? >> for spare the air day, consider mass transit. again it's not free. the system report nothing delays right now. also we will head to the south bay. we have that breaking fire, breaking news about that fire, frat house fire on the san jose state university campus. so we've got streets blocked, south 11 street at east fernando street. nick smith is live at the scene. he is going to bring us a live report shortly. freeway traffic looking good in san jose. it's all pretty green out there. traffic is flowing well. show you another shot. 680 in walnut creek. southbound traffic looks
5:54 am
good. really the only slowing we're seeing now is westbound 4. through antioch. just a typical delay. of course, you can always find out what is going on for your route to work by going to our website eric, karina? >> okay. 5:54 right now. >> the big change on the menu at jack-in-the-box. here is jane king with the morning's bloomberg business report. >> good morning. jack-in-the-box pulling toys from the kids menu according to the restaurant news, which has pressure of activists seeing a link between fast food and child obesity had nothing to do with the move. toys had been included for two decades. airline and newspaper at the top of the list of companies people love to hate, according to the university of michigan customer satisfaction survey. among the airlines, delta cited as a least favorite. southwest, last major carrier that doesn't charge for a second checked bag fared better. if you are looking for bargain air care, don't count on jet blue big annual
5:55 am
sale. they will not offer the hugely popular all you can jet program this year. this is as the economy recovers and planes fill up again. for the past two years the program let fans book unlimited travel for a one-month period in september and october. dow jones says the airline is offering past participants 30% off round trip flights instead. at the new york stock exchange, i'm jane king with the bloomberg business report. >> a drop in the number of flights at mineta san jose international airport means six gates will close and probably two businesses as well. the media partner "mercury news" says san jose city council is set to vote to close the deli and a nearby newsstand sunset news. both are in little used parts of the airport. officials hope the closure will be temporary. >> our number one objective at the airport right now is to get more flights. and to get more airlines. so once we are successful at that and we have the need to open one or six of those gates, we can do so at a
5:56 am
moment's notice. >> the gates are set to be closed in terminal a-plus. located furtherest from the security checkpoint. the closures will not impact flight traffic. cigarette packs are about to get new labels with grim images details the health risks tobacco. they are expected to roll out nine new rolling labels. images include people dying of cancer. they're all designed to shock smokers to quitting and prevent others from starting. cigarette makers have until the fall of 2012 to comply. the national park service is celebrating the first day of summer with a freebie. allowing free entry today to every national park in the country. that means you can enjoy spectacular sites like the water falls in yosemite for free. the usual fee to enter the park is $20 a car. the heavy snow and runoff has rivers and streams in yosemite running full of water. that is a deal. >> yeah. 5:56 now. just ahead on abc7 news at
5:57 am
6:00 a.m. -- we'll continue to bring you the very latest on the massive fraternity house fire on the campus of san jose state. it's been burning for nearly three hours now. the oakland hills is considered a critical fire area. it's supposed to be very hot today. so why haven't people here started trimming back their weeds yet? i'm amy hollyfield. an explanation up next.
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