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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  June 22, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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exactly what is appropriate attire to wear on a flight? one airline has passengers scratching their head about a decision they made. i'm nick smith. live at s.f.o. i'll have a report. >> i'm amy hollyfield live san francisco. the idea to ban circumcision in the city is now headed to court. the story coming up. >> a look at the ferry building. notice the flag. cooler weather on the way for some part of the bay. i'll show you where it's hot in the 90s and where you will get relief. >> all right. overturned crash in san jose northbound 87 at 280. still blocking the left lane. so we'll have an update on
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that. the bay bridge toll plaza. >> it is just about 5:01 on wednesday morning. we thank you so much for waking up early and joining us. i'm eric thomas. >> i'm karina rusk. yes, is it going to be hot -- it is going to be hot today but not as hot as yesterday. that exceeded everyone's expectations. unless you were listening to mike nicco. >> yeah, mike. cool off ahead of us? >> i think so. some of it on the coast in san francisco, but above average with 79 and 85 in oakland. wealth of 90s for the rest of the bay inland valleys of the north bay. the 101 in concord, which tied a record. 102 in antioch. 101 in livermore. well, the sea breeze as you saw is back with the flags on the ferry building. cooler weather for all of us. check out the 24-hour temperature change. 7 degrees cooler in concord. warm at 94. eight degrees cooler in oakland, santa rosa, fremont and san jose. nine degrees cooler. 11 degrees in san francisco. this is the beginning.
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5:01. jewish and muslim groups are going to court today to fight a proposed ban on circumcision in san francisco, which is on the november ballot to give the voters the final say. opponents don't believe it should get that far. amy hollyfield is live at san francisco city hall. >> they want to fight this out in a courtroom. they'll file a lawsuit in superior court in san francisco. then they'll hold a press conference on the steps of city hall. the initiative would make it a misdemeanor to circumcise males younger than 18. advocates got enough signatures from registered voters to put the issue on the november ballot. critics say this is a threat on religious freedoms. but that is not what today's lawsuit is going to go after. the lawsuit will claim initiative violates state law to prevent government from enacting restriction on
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medical procedures. supports believe it's important to ban circumcision because they say it's painful and cruel, but opponents say it's a common medical procedure. and city voters should not have a say. so before the ballot box we'll head to the courtroom. it will land san francisco in the national media again. the cable news love talking about the issue, it motivated a skit on the "daily show" on comedy central. live in san francisco, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. here is another story generating a lot of talk. new photo is raising question in the debate over the passenger clothing policy by major airline. u.s. airways policy flew in the spotlight last week when a passenger was asked to leave the plane because of sagging pants now. this. abc7's nick smith joins us now from s.f.o. with a photo adding controversy to the already hot topic. nick?
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>> u.s. airways made decisions that left some scratching their head. look at the photo and you will see why. this photo was provided by a passenger on a flight to phoenix. the passenger said other passengers complained about the man's attire, but that employees ignored their complaints. you may remember that six days ago, college football player deshon marman was arrested at sfo in a dispute that began because he tried to board a u.s. airways jet with sagging pants. u.s. airways spokeswoman valley confirmed she received the photo last week in san francisco but said the employees were correct not to ask the man to cover himself. she says the u.s. airways does not have a dress code policy beyond the need to cover private parts. according to a quote she gave the "san francisco chronicle" if they are not exposing their private parts, they're allowed to fly. she would not comment on the incident involving deshon marman and how he was
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removed from an albuquerque-bound flight after he allegedly declined the pilot's request to raise his pajama pants above mid-thigh level. now according to police, they say that the boxer shorts were the only thing exposed. marman's lawyer says marman was racially profiled, that because he was black, he was asked to adjust his attire. and that he was guilty of racial discrim nalgs. the u.s. airways spokesperson stressed he rewas removed because he refused request of an employee. nick smith, abc7 news. >> thank you. 5:05. newly released documents confirm pg&e crews install a pipeline that exploded in san bruno last september. the explosion and fire killed eight people and destroyed 38 homes. the new documents are part of 225,000 pages of information on the company in respops response --
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response to order. it was pg&e employees and not outside contractors who installed the compromise pipeline as part of a construction project 55 years ago. the records may increase pressure on the utility company to reveal more about the crew that did the work. >> san francisco police are still trying to identify the young man found dead off san francisco's marina green. investigators say he was stabbed to death and he appears to be 19 years old. a marina district resident called police monday night after seeing a trail of blood. police did a search but didn't find a body. they found a volvo two blocks away from the bay. they are looking for two men who neighbors say have been living in the car. the san francisco -- oops. sorry. >> board of supervisors. i'll pick it up there. san francisco board of supervisors voted not to extent a program designed to encourage police officers not to retire. deferred retirement option was approveded by voters in
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2008 as a three-year program intended to reduce the need to recruit, hire, train new police officers to meet staffing requirements. it was supposed to be cost neutral to the city. but the city controller's report in april found the program would cost $6 million a year if it were allowed to continue past the june 30 expiration date. under the program, officers 50 years or older could put money aside in a tax-deferred account. they would receive once they leave the force. well, firefighters are watching for flare-ups from a grass fire in the east bay that came close to home. the heat made fighting the blaze in bay point more difficult last night. flames threatened several homes and a condominium complex. firefighters raced to put it out but not before it scorch the fence. it does not appear to be related to recent suspicious fires in the area. >> budget cuts will be forcing staffing changes for cal fire. this season cal fire engines will carry three firefighters instead of four. governor brown has decided
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not to extent last year's exective order by then governor schwarzenegger. which budgeted the extra firefighter. local budget cuts and firefighter layoffs mean there might not be as much help from outside agencies. >> calima, the state what used to be o.e.s., has gone through an analysis statewide and they're predicting there could be a reduction in the number of departments who are able to send engines to large fires. >> the late spring rain has delayed the official start of the fire season to july 1. that means 2,000 seasonal firefighters won't be on duty as early as usual. that will save the state some money. any more days like yesterday and today and that grass is going to be drying out quickly. >> cool-off ahead. mike has more about that. >> yeah, but no rain in sight unfortunately. we could use both to keep the fire danger away. we get one of them. that is the cooler weather. we can see the winds out of s.f.o. at 10 miles per hour. to the southwest and
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fairfield at 16. that is when you know the sea breeze is slowly working its way through the bay area. only areas warmer are half moon bay and livermore. right now, the temperatures are 71 in antioch. low to mid-60s, fairfield, fremont, mountain view, los gatos. 67 in livermore. the rest of us in the mid-to-upper 50s. heading to the afternoon hours, look for clouds to stay at the coast. to give you 64 at half moon bay. mid-to-upper 70s rich monday, oakland, san mateo. mid-to-upper 80s from fremont, palo alto, southward to the south bay. through north bay valley. rather hot in the east bay valley with the mid-to-upper 90s. around monterey bay, we have the cloud cover here, too. keep temperatures in the low 70s. heading inland. 87 at hollister. the temperatures tumble tomorrow and friday and finish started. low to mid-80s inland saturday through tuesday. low 70s around the bay.
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and low 60s at the coast. franc frances, good news? >> yeah. the overturned crash at 87 has been cleared. we have a live shot at the scene of the accident. that is where the activity was. everything is gone. a few leftover flares. so no trouble now on northbound 87 as you make your way to the downtown area. check out another live shot of the golden gate bridge. as mike was mentioning, the cooldown. you can see the fog has returned. so far no, major problems out of marin county. but you might be surprised by the thick fog there across the span. also, check out 80 in berkeley. westbound drive-time, 18 minutes right now from the carquinez bridge. eric, karina? >> thank you. 5:10. >> still ahead, the decision federal reserve regulators are expected to make today that could impact the cost of borrowing money. >> unexpected request prosecutors are making in the barry bonds perjury case. >> san jose city leaders
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approve a budget. why few people are happy with it. >> the amazing cal bears keep hope alive at the college world series.
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switching to progressive could mean hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. >> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. welcome back. 5:13. the federal reserve has a lot to consider as it wraps up a two-day policy setting meeting today but it is expected to take no new steps to aid the u.s. recovery.
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the fed is likely to leave a key interest rate at record low near 0. the regulators are also expected to confirm plans to end a $600 million treasury bond buying program. the purchases were intended to lower rates on loans and encourage spending. >> the city of san jose has a new budget, a spending plan that nobody is happy with. the city council had to close the $115 million budget gap. it includes severe cut to city services, reduced library hours and 100 layoff in the police department. every employee takes a cut in pay and benefit and 500 positions will be eliminated. >> this is in addition to 800 people we cut out last year. >> the mayors and the allies reported against -- voted against other funds to pay for police and other neighborhood services. >> mayor reed wants a special election so the
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voters can decide on a ballot measure to reform the city pension program. he claims that puts a huge drain on san jose's coffers. 3,000 employees of santa clara county voted to keep fighting for contract. they voted for what union calls for concession and take-back. we're going to have to wait longer to find out if prosecutors plan to retry former giants slugger barry bonds. a judge scheduled a hearing for friday to set a trial date, but they asked a judge to postpone the hearing until august 26. in april, court convicted bonds of giving evasive testimony on grand jury but deadlocked on other perjury counts. prosecutors haven't publicly said whether they plan to retry the baseball all-time home run king. defense attorneys filed papers to have the conviction thrown out.
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okay. tomorrow's cal baseball team will try to stay alive in the college world series against virginia after beating texas a&m yesterday. they avanced in loser's bracket in omaha. cal's first college world series victory since 1980. they will have a rematch against the cavaliers who beat them on sunday. the game starts at 4:00 p.m. before yesterday's game, cal coach dave esker was named coach of year by the national collegiate baseball writers association. he is in his 12th year as cal head coach. he guided the team through the uncertainty of budget cuts. and the axing of the baseball program last september. cal's baseball program was reinstated in april after more than $9 million was raised. >> in donations. that was outside the school. i tell you that's a good coaching job if you go from a team being axed to the college world series. you've done well. >> hats off. >> it's impressive. temperatures still
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impressive. even after a cooldown. >> absolutely. >> hopefully no more rolling blackouts but it could be possible today. look outside and show what is going on. look at mount tamalpais. it's clear across most of the bay. but a different perspective will show you that the clouds are sneaking from the coast across san francisco. that is the return of the sea breeze. the marine layer. and what is going to be a cooling trend before all of us starting today. less hot today. it's still hot in some areas. it will be completely cooler by saturday. all right. talk about temperatures. leaving the house right now, we still have low to mid-60s. fairfield, concord, fremont, livermore, mountain view, los gatos. 68 in antioch. everybody else in mid-to-up 50s. around the monterey bay, we have more cloud cover. temperature in low to mid-50s. the highlights, not as hot today. we have clouds at the coast to keep you in the 60s. the clouds will overspread the neighborhood tonight and bring the temperatures down to the 50s for most areas.
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it will be comfortable tonight. sunny afternoons once the clouds give way. and the cooling trend through saturday. talk about the 24-hour temperature change. 72 degrees cooler in concord. eight in oakland. santa rosa. 9 in fremont and san jose. 11 in san francisco. then you will note that the days are getting shorter already. by two seconds but it is the trend of the season. start in the south bay. mid-to-upper 80s. most neighborhood, as you get closer to saratoga and los gatos i wouldn't be surprised if you see a 90 on the car thermometer. low to mid-80s most areas of the peninsula, but the farther north is more likely it will get you. low to mid-60s with a pocket of sunshine along the coast. downtown south san francisco near 70. 74 in saucelito. cooler, mid-60s at the beaches. low 80s in san rafael and vallejo. mid-to-upper 80s through the north bay valley. mid-to-upper 70s, rich monday, berkeley, oakland, hayward. everybody else in the low to
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mid-80s on the east bay shore. the warmer weather, mid-to-upper 90s in east bay valley. low to mid-90s, morgan hill, gilroy. to low 70s with clouds around most of the monterey bay. if you are heading to the game tonight, hopefully with the weather being different, so will the outcome. low clouds and breezy. 64 at 7:15. dropping to 58. temperatures, 49 at santa rosa tonight. mainly nerve the mid-to-upper 50s. a few low to mid-60s around fairfield and antioch. high pressure starting to slide to the east. this is the core of the warmer weather. the trough of low pressure kicking it away. with the trough, we see the return of the sea breeze. the temperatures drop, 7 to 11 degrees today. another six degrees tomorrow. another four degrees on friday. a couple of more on saturday. but saturday, sunday, monday, tuesday, temperature reconciliation comfortable and close to average for this time of the year. have a great day. frances with an update. >> i wanted to show you again how well traffic is flowing on north 87 in san jose. despite an earlier overturned crash. all that is left is one
5:20 am
leftover flare. the traffic is flowing well. no trouble at all in the south bay. check out the san mateo bridge. make your way to hayward, the connection ramp have been reopened following the overnight roadwork. eastbound traffic looking good. westbound delay free as well to foster city. contra costa county, everything flowing well as you make your way southbound. past the north main street to highway 24 and down through the san ramon valley and sunol grade. north bay commute also has been quiet. nice ride here. southbound. down to the very foggy golden gate bridge. you can get the latest traffic information. by going to our website er eric, karina? >> coming up next, the bank robber who says he wasn't in it for the money. >> also, the warning about what your chirp may be exposed to when they head to the local pool or water park to cool off. >> and the diploma mistake that has a school district going back to the dictionary.
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is needed to keep its sales. and that's "america's money," i'm peggy bunker.
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good morning. 5:23 on the abc7 morning
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news. somewhere out there in this murk, there is one of the world's most famous bridges. but it's a little hard to see right now at the golden gate bridge there, with that, what is that fog? low clouds? haze? mike will tell you what it is. coming up in a few minutes. >> a north carolina man admits to robbing a bank with the intention of going to jail to get the medical attention he needs. >> sort of a logical person. that was my logic. that's what i came up with. >> 59-year-old richard veron is unemploy and uninsured. he has a growth on his chest and two ruptured disks. he figured if he held up a bank he would get thrown in jail and be seen by a doctor. that is his logic. last week he walked in a bank unarmed and hand the teller a note that read this is a bank robbery. please only give me one dollar. he waited for police to arrive. the jail doctor accuses him of manipulating the system. he is getting the medical care he needs. warm weather means many
5:25 am
family are heading to the water parks but how safe is the water? this video is provided by researchers at the university of michigan. they found one-fourth of parents shower their children before allowing them into the pool. that means the remaining three-quarters of the youngsters could be releasing germs in the water. >> one of the things that is most common at water parks today is getting infection from contaminated water. well, how on earth to the organisms, did the germs get there? what i say to parents is it's from poop in the pool. >> oh, my. water parks routinely protect customers by using water filtration and high-level of chlorine, but researchers say it's not always enough. 5:25. another oh, my. a high school made embarrassing goof on the students' diplomas. the school in plymouth, massachusetts, gets an "f" in spelling. the words "for" and "and" were spelled wrong on all
5:26 am
the diplomas handed out the graduates. the administrators didn't notice the mistakes until the students pointed them out. the principal is taking full responsibility. they will receive new diplomas in the mail. presumably with everything spelled correctly. >> those were the easy words. spell check next time. 5:26. next at 5:30, drumming up new business. the bay area neighborhood offering its own debit card. >> president obama announces a major troop withdrawal in afghanistan. i'm john hendren. i'll have more on that coming up. >> new at 5:30, a med student facing deportation disaster. last-minute decision if she can stay in the country. >> if you are flying around the lower 48, 67 in seattle. 75 in portland. phoenix, 113. it's a dry heat. we have 90 in d.c. to 74 in boston. once you grab the steering wheel tell me it's a dry
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good morning. i'm amy hollyfield live in san francisco. it's a very personal issue. but it's headed to a public hearing. the issue of circumcision is now on its way to court. >> a live look from mount -- mount tamalpais. that is the sea breeze. >> an earlier accident in san jose has been cleared so right now, traffic is looking great all around the bay area. with no delays at the bay bridge toll plaza. this morning, the alameda city council approves a contract with firefighters despite angry protests. some residents say
5:30 am
firefighters are being paid too much. >> president obama set to announce today plans to withdrawal 10,000 u.s. forces from afghanistan within the next year. >> good morning. it's 5:30. i'm karina rusk. >> i'm eric thomas. we're hot! i don't mean that in the, you know, that way. i mean we are suffering from higher temperatures and we want them lower. >> okay. mike nicco, can he deliver? >> that's all you had to say. please. >> please. >> pretty please. >> okay. okay. yeah. >> absolutely. good morning. tough yesterday, wasn't it in with the temperatures reaching 101 in concord. and 102 over in antioch. and 101 in livermore. so yeah, it was a tough go for some folks. even with the mid-to-upper 90s around most of the bay. you see the sea breeze starting to develop around san francisco and 79 degrees and half moon bay and 67. that will push farther
5:31 am
inland. concord is seven degrees. oakland and santa rosa. eight, nine, fremont in san jose. a lot of the temperatures are above average. we will talk about how long it takes to get rid of 90s inland in a minute. karina has news. >> thank you, mike. there is new court action in san francisco today in an issue that is getting national attention. opponents of the november ballot initiative to ban circumcision in the city are filing a lawsuit. abc7's amy hollyfield joins us live from san francisco superior court with more on the lawsuit and also this is quite a debate. >> it is. local jews and muslims are coming together to fight this initiative today in court. but they aren't going after it on religious grounds. even though questions on the front have been raised. check out the comic strip. it's called "foreskin man" and features a blonde hero battling a jewish person who performs circumcision. created by the man who wrote
5:32 am
initiative to ban circumcision in san francisco. it's raising questions about a possible anti-semitic agenda. the group filing the lawsuit is going a different route. plaintiff says initiative violates a state law to prohibit local government from enacting restrictions on medical procedures. supporters say they are not anti-semitic. they just believe that circumcision is painful and cruel. that is why they got signatures to put the issue on the november ballot. the initiative would make at it misdemeanor to circumcise boys under the age of 18. some jews and muslims want it settled in court, not at the ballot box. that's why they will file a lawsuit in court and then they'll hold a press conference on the step of city hall. live in san francisco, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> all right, amy. thank you very much. 5:32. we should know more today about how giants' fan bryan stow is doing in the recovery from the brutal beating outside dodger
5:33 am
stadium. he has been in the coma since the march 31 attack in the stadium parking lot, following a giants-dodgers game. stow is now at san francisco general where he is listed in critical condition. the main suspect in the case, giovanni ramirez will spend the next ten months in custody. but only for a parole violation. the l.a. county d.a.'s office still hasn't charged him in the stow attack. ramirez says he was not at dodger stadium that night. tonight, president obama is preparing to announce to the nation this evening, the start of the drawdown in afghanistan. the military, political and financial implications in the u.s. and afghanistan are tremendous. abc's john hendren is more. >> reporter: the beginning of the opened the longest war in u.s. history. >> concerns among the american people who are tired of a decade of war. >> reporter: tonight after ten years in afghanistan, president obama outlines his man for a troop withdrawal. one that would mean more scenes like this. >> most amazing thing in the world. only rock stars walking
5:34 am
through here. >> it's been a decade of human sacrifice. more than 12,000 have been wounded and 1,500 americans have been killed. some are calling for a major drawdown. others saying too fast is too dangerous. when president obama took office there were 34,000 u.s. troops in afghanistan. there are now nearly 100,000. we will hear tonight that the end is in sight. >> the president is expected to announce his plan to pull out 30,000 troops by the end of 2012. with 5,000 likely due out this morning. and another 5,000 due out by spring. john hendren, abc news, washington. abc news will carry the president's announcement. you can see it here at abc7 tonight at 5:00. this morning, california lawmakers are feeling the fiscal pain of the budget battle. state comptroller john chiang is withholding the pay of all 120 members of
5:35 am
the legislature until they pass a balanced budget. he is enforcing proposition 25, which stops the salaries of lawmakers. once they miss the constitutional budget deadline. he says the spending plan they passed last week on a party line vote was off by nearly $2 billion. and governor brown vetoed it op friday. lawmakers will not get back the pay they are losing. it's 5:35. san jose state university officials have now set up a relief fund for the 28 residents who fraternity house was destroyed in a massive fire. investigators are still trying to determine the cause for yesterday's predawn blaze. inside the kappa sigma fraternity house on south 11 street. it began in a laundry room. damage is estimated at nearly $2 million. the university is offering to help the students find new places to live and will provide them with money for new clothing and replace some of their personal belongings. >> in alameda, city council adopted a union contract where the firefighters but with much scrutiny from
5:36 am
angry residents. it follows the controversial memorial day drowning of suicidal man off crown beach, as firefighters stood by and watched. they refused to save raymond zack because they say they were not recertified for water rescues. now some residents say they don't think the firefighters are worth the money they're being paid. >> going out, they didn't have to go out. they didn't have to get that near, but they should have started talking to them. >> the firefighters after three years of negotiations are willing to enter into contract with significant concessions. >> in the new unmcconnell tract the firefighters will not get a raise and they will have to contribute 2% more to your pension. new hires, will not get medical coverage when they retire. . 5:36. summer came in with an exclamation mark yesterday. >> it did. the good news is it will be warm, but not as warm and for not as long.
5:37 am
two seconds shorter. >> the days are already getting shorter. good observation. this is a look at what is going on. good morning, everybody. cooler weather and the winds coming ashore. that is a big difference from yesterday and today. it's just how far inland the winds go that takes away the heat. 3 degrees warmer in livermore. everybody else is two to seven degrees cooler. we have clouds around the coast. clouds around the bay shoreline. we have 60s in san jose. by noon, we have temperatures that are warmest the farthest inland. antioch at 90. 86 at concord. mid-to-upper 70s. low to mid-60s around the coast and oakland. notice the clouds are clinging to the coast in the afternoon hours. keeping you in the mid-60s. mid-to-upper 70s, oakland, san rafael. low to mid-80s through rest
5:38 am
of the bay shore and south bay. the temperatures are dropping seven to 11 degrees today. drop another, say four degrees tomorrow. and lose about four more on friday. temperatures will be close to average for saturday, sunday, monday and tuesday. with the morning clouds giving way to afternoon sunshine. find out if the fog is affecting your commute. >> proof that the cooling trend is on the way. the traffic is fine at marin county to san francisco. you will encounter more of the thick fog driving along highway 1 for pacifica. we will check out 101 on peninsula, where it's very quiet. you have a good ride right now through millbrae, northbound, san francisco, southbound to mountain view and down to san jose. where we have another live shot for you 101. so you have seen 101 in north bay. here it looks great in the south bay as well for headlights northbound.
5:39 am
no problems out of morgan hill and gilroy. eric, karina? >> thank you. we're coming up on 5:39. >> still ahead, the cost of parking is going up in downtown san jose. we will tell you by how much. >> also, keeping it local. the bay area community that has created the nation's first neighborhood debit card. >> and citizen firefighters versus the city of oakland. coming up, the threat some volunteers is receiving even if they want to practice their skills. [ diane lane ] is your anti-wrinkle cream gone... but not your wrinkles. new neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair. its retinol formula smoothes wrinkles in just one week. why wait if you don't have to.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. the time is 5:42. it will soon cost more to park in the san jose downtown gar rans. last night, the city council approved a series of rate hikes to take effect on july 1. $5 rate will be charged for garages at second and carlos, third and santa clara and fourth and saven fernando. the market in san pedro garage will charge $5 flat rate on saturday and sunday. parking rates will increase from 75 cents to $1 for every 20 minutes. >> a san francisco neighborhood has come up with a unique idea to lure people all over the city to shop in the community bernal heights now has its own debit card. john alston reports it's
5:43 am
believed to be the first of its kind in the nation. >> the summer solstice stroll in bernal heights, celebration of summer and a chance for neighbors to spend a little money. >> hi, how are you? >> good, how are you? >> business owners and shoppers are trying something new called bernal bucks. a pre-paid debit card that customers can use at neighborhood stores that take part in the program. shoppers get 5% back on every purchase. the money they build cup be used to buy things at any of the shops and restaurants in the bernal bucks program. >> we like our neighborhood. we're the kind of people that do a lot of shopping in the neighborhood. it seems like a good idea. >> the bernal business alliance want to lure shoppers away from the big chain store. >> it reflects our economic muscle. try to create incentives to keep our money more in our neighborhood. >> the debit card issued by the mission s.f. credit union. >> organizers say the
5:44 am
shoppers and store pay no fee. so far, 16 merchants signed up, including vega freeman who runs a restaurant on court land. >> we all think and assume and hope that we're mostly supported by the neighbors and people and residents of bernal. with the bernal bucks program we can hopefully do more. >> handful of people signed few debit card. organizers hope eventually 2,000 people will be on board. in san francisco, john alston, abc7 news. 5:44 now. details coming out this morning on the new iphone. the bloomberg business report is next. >> also, why one of the nation's oldest and most colorful parades will be missing some floats this year. >> these are the goggles that we have. >> plus, they've got the gear, but do they know how to use it? why concerned homeowners aren't getting the training they want from local firefighters. >> and the battle underway to stop deportation of a star medical student from the south bay.
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welcome back. 5:47. california forecast. still the big story across the state. the flooding in the sierra and now the heat in palm springs.
5:48 am
115 today. we'll still be over 100 in sacramento and fresno. near 100 in chico. yosemite, 91. warm in tahoe. 83 degrees there. look for cooling along the coast from the le to mid-70s around san diego and big sur. 78 in l.a. check out eureka, 59 degrees today. karina has more news. mike, it's 5:48. this morning, a premed student who is in the country illegally remains in the bay area. after receiving a last-minute stay on her scheduled deportation. 20-year-old mandeep chahal is currently in the premed honors program at u.c. davis. she graduated from los altos high school two years ago. i.c.e. agents and department of homeland security say chahal and her mother came to the u.s. illegally from india in 1997, seeking asylum. it was denied. yesterday, the federal agents granted chahal and her mother a temporary stay. >> he didn't break the law willfully. she was brought here.
5:49 am
she didn't know anything about it. she was coming to see dad. i don't think you can hold her culpable. >> thousands of chahal supporters have signed an online petition on facebook asking the government to keep her and her mother in the country. the two women still face being deported at any time despite the stay. for now, she can't return to u.c. davis. . the hot weather has residents of the oakland hill expressing frustration about a firefighting skill they learned but are no longer allowed to use. for years they were trained to hook up the own firefighters. it grew out of the hopelessness that many felt in the fire storm. in 2002, they banned ordinance banning private citizen opening firefighters. the ban was partially approved because of the east bay mud concern about several people opening hydrants to cool off on hot days. violators now face a $1,000 fine. the people that know how to hook these up to a
5:50 am
hydrant. they can just go ahead and do it. at least contain the fire. if they can't get it out. until the fire department arrives. we certainly appreciate the citizen interest, but the reality is that we don't want to put citizens in harm's way. >> fire officials say uncontrolled use of the hydrants can cause loss of pressure in the system and pose proms for firefighters responding to a larger emergency. >> it's not as hot near the water, it might be a gad idea today. >> swell. stilt in the 90s. by tomorrow, even in friday. turn the air conditioners off. if you can leave the windows open you should be able to cool the house enough you won't need to run the a.c.. a live look at some of the fog spilling through the marin headlands as we look for mount tamalpais. pushing across the golden gate bridge, which you can't see. you can barely see the sutro
5:51 am
tower on the right of the screen. look what it has done to temperatures. 68 in antioch. low to mid-60s, fairfield, concord, livermore, fremont. mountain view and los gatos. everybody else in the mid-to-upper 50s. santa rosa is cooler than that. 52 degrees. monterey bay, low clouds and temperatures in the low to mid-50s inland. not as hot today. it is mostly cloudy everywhere. bring temperatures to the 50s for all of us. the afternoon will follow cloudy mornings and the cooling trend will continue through saturday. for today, compared to average, we are still warmer in a lot of areas. san jose is 6. napa and oakland five. redwood city is two. san francisco, this is exactly the way it's supposed to be in the summertime. morning clouds and afternoon sunshine. 68 degrees. the sun sets at 8:35. take a look at the cloud
5:52 am
cover. notice how it gets thicker the next couple of hours before retreating to the coast by about, i'd say 11:00. hanging out there. because we have a sea breeze, the temperatures are from 5 to 15 degrees cooler today. it's still hot in the east bay valleys. with mid-to-upper 90s. definitely hear the air conditionering running again. hopefully not as many rolling blackouts as the last two days. mid-to-upper 70s rich monday, berkeley -- richmond, berkeley. low to mid-80s for the rest of the east bay shore. south bay, warm. upper 80s. 90 in saratoga and los gatos. mid-70s in millbrae. low to mid-80s the farther away from the san bruno gap and the sea breeze shooting through there. low to mid-60s along the coast today. downtown south san francisco, upper 60s. the mid-70s in saucelito. low 80s in vallejo. at the coast. low to mid-60s there. the clouds in monterey bay.
5:53 am
heading to the game. at&t park. low clouds and breezy. cooler than yesterday. 7:15, 64. dropping to 58. check out 49 in santa rosa. the mid-to-upper 50s for the rest of us. low to mid-60s around fairfield and antioch. tomorrow we will drop six degrees. another four degree drop friday. the temperatures are saturday, sunday, monday. close to average, morning clouds giving way to afternoon sunshine. low 60s at the coast. low 70s around the bay. low to mid-80s inland. have a great day. >> all right, still don't have many problems now on the freeway. this is 280 north of highway 17. northbound traffic there. you can see the clouds that mike is showing you. traffic is flowing well. westbound 80. westbound 580. it looks good as well. approaching the bay bridge.
5:54 am
mass transit report nothing delays. that is a good way to go. however, if you are heading out of real vista and taking the real mccoy ferry, it's out of service due to chemical problems until noon today. get the latest traffic information whenever you want it by going to the website >> sources tell bloomberg news the new iphone is coming out in september. and ford is getting, get this, inflatable seat belts. >> we want details on all of that. here is jane king with the bloomberg business report. >> the new iphone is coming. the new iphone is coming. apple is planning to introduce it in september. not in june or july. the new model has a stronger chip. a faster chip could help them compete with other new
5:55 am
products. ford adding blow-up belts to the back of the ford flex about lincoln vehicles. it's right now only in the 2011 explorer suv. ford says it's safer for young children and elderly. "l.a. times" is going to unveil a bigger prius in september with hatchback hybrid and designed to appeal to young families. i am jane king with the bloomberg business report. >> the economic down turp looks like a thorny problem for the annual rose parade. some critics say budget problems will force them to drop out of the new year's day event or scale back the floats. west covina is a city that says it won't have a float at all because it doesn't think it can raise enough money. long-time engrant glendale says budget crisis has them considering out of next year's parade. two new polls suggest
5:56 am
that fellow mormons jon huntsman and mitt romney share a handicap as they compete with other candidates if for 2012 republican presidential nomination. a fifth of republicans in a new gallup poll said they would not vote for mormon as president even if the candidate was qualified in other ways. in a pew research poll, with third of white evangelicals say mormon would be less than likely to get their vote. huntsman did not mention the mormon faith when he announced his capped dassy and -- candidacy. after decade of changing tires, bringing gasoline and dispatching tow trucks, triple-a is moving in the electric car era. they will launch a fleet of trucks. later this summer the fleets are charging trucks and will roll out in the other major
5:57 am
cities off. toe makers say -- auto makers say fear of being stranded without power is a major roadblock to people testing electric cars. just ahead on abc7 news at 6:00 a.m. -- a stick-up for a check-up. the extreme measures one man was willing to take to get medical care. >> the newly release document to end the debate over who installed a gas pipeline that rupture and killed eight people in san bruno. good morning. i'm nick smith. at sfo. take a look at this picture. i'll tell you about one airline decision to allow a passenger to fly in this state of dress and how that decision has left some scratching their heads.
5:58 am
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