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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  June 23, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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good morning. i'm amy hollyfield. live in san francisco, where barry bonds should find out today whether he will be retried on allegations that he lied to a federal grand jury. >> bart's late night service plan in is jeopardy. i'm live in fremont. i'll have that story and reaction from commuters. >> the big story weatherwise, the winds of change. they brought changes to the coast. and the bay shore yesterday.
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now they move inland. we'll talk about whether the temperatures will drop and if you need the air conditioner in the next several days. >> quiet morning traffic wise. no delays at the bay bridge toll plaza or anywhere else right now. >> it's 5:01 on the quiet, cool thursday morning. i'm karina rusk. >> i'm eric thomas. in the news this morning, home run king barry bonds will be in federal court in san francisco today demanding to know if prosecutors will retry him for perjury. a jury convicted him of obstruction of justice and deadlocked on other charges stemming from the alleged steroid use. abc7's amy hollyfield is live in san francisco with more on the story. amy? >> that first year he couldn't make up his mind. so should the prosecutors take the case to another jury or let it die? the government has said it needs more time to figure out what to do. but barry bonds' attorneys say they are going to force their hand. they say the trial needs to start 70 days after the mistrial.
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so they say it's time to decide and move on. the mistrial was in april and they deadlocked whether bonds died about taking steroids. the jury did convict him of obstruction of justice. he has one hearing ahead of him on that issue. today, a status hearing on whether he will be retried. that could mean we will hit reset on the case which has been ongoing for 3-1/2 years or the end could be in sight. what do you think? should he be retried or not? let me know on twitterer facebook page. i'd love to hear from you. live in san francisco, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> ica. thank you, amy. . a popular idea to run bart later on friday night is getting a yellow light. the proposal may come with too many tradeoffs when it comes to the impact on saturday service. abc7's nick smith joins us from a bart station in fremont with more.
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good morning, nick. >> good morning. bart late night service plan is in jeopardy. look at video of a board meeting. the bart board of director is scheduled to hold a meeting at 9:00 a.m. to discuss a plan to add later night service on the train on friday night. they're trying to extend train service an hour from midnight friday to 1:00 a.m. on saturday. begin train service an hour later on saturday. they say it must be coupled with a later start the following morn something crews have enough time to do the maintenance when trains are not running. in a sur ray last month, bart found early saturday riders as a group, larger percentage of them are lower income and minorities and on average they need the train to get to work on saturday morning.
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that same survey showed 81% of riders on friday night would appreciate the idea of later night service. the meeting should help figure out which way to move forward. live in fremont, nick smith, abc7 news. >> popular idea. thank you. a money shuffle will help a.c. transit avoid service cuts. the metropolitan transportation commission approved a bail-out in the amount of $24.5 million. they extended the lifeline yesterday for a.c. transit. the commission will reallocate federal funds intended to buy new buses and trains and i stead will use it to pay for operating cost. a.c. transit reduced service twice this year and decided to raise bus fares august 1. 5:04 now. president obama travels to fort drum to meet with soldiers from the tenth mountain division. it comes after he told the nation he is willing to bring service members home from afghanistan this
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summer. 10,000 u.s. troops will return home by the end of the year and total of 33,000 by next summer. hoover institution senior fellow thomas hendrickson says the u.s. risks being perceived as withdrawing under fire. >> our ban will take advantage of this, of course, for political reasons within the own country but to show they really are the victor. that americans are being chased off. that is an unfortunate perception. >> the president says the transition will be complete by 2014 and afghan people will be responsible for their own security. barbara lee will introduce legislation today aimed to make federal laws making marijuana illegal. it will limit it to interstate smuggling and the bill would let americans legally grow, use or sell marijuana in states that allow it without fear of federal prosecution.
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congresswoman lee backed previous marijuana reform evidents and says the war on drugs is costly in terms of dollars and human lives. san francisco police are asking for help to solve a murder in marina district. divers were back in the bay to look for evidence in the death of 20-year-old dennis noton of washington state. they are looking for two men who neighbors say were leaving the scene in a green volvo with a parking sticker from fort lewis, washington. police posted fliers throughout the neighborhood. they set up a tip line as well at the number on your screen. it's 415-575-4444. harold camp's radio show will go off the air this month. he is struggling to recover from a stroke on june 9. he predicted that the world
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would come to an end and his oakland based family radio has been airing shows he taped. the station plans to replace camping's open forum show with other programs. 5:07. cooler start to the day. that's nice to say. "a cooler start to the day." >> we have had a hot week. now we're getting relief. mike nicco is here to tell us about it. >> feel refreshing when you step outside this morning. good morning to you. temperatures in low 50s around santa rosach everybody else in mid-to-upper 50s. 64 in antioch. the reason why we have cooling, sea breeze is coming back. the winds coming off the ocean. cloud developing. that has kept us, well, cooler. will do so in the afternoon hours. 60 at half moon bay with clouds. mythed to upper 60s in richmond. low to upper 70s in the south bay. 74 in san rafael.
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most temperatures in knot bay are in the upper 70s to the mid-80s in santa rosa. head down to monterey bay. clouds around monterey and 60. 70 at santa cruz. upper 60s in watt sobville and salinas. cooler there. 79 at hollister. mid-80s for morgan hill and gilroy. the accuweather seven-day forecast -- temperatures hang out in the mid-to-upper 80s inland. a slight warming trend before the temperatures back off. close to average in the dry forecast. >> looking good. traffic is flowing well past the toll plaza. no troubles eastbound as well. check out san jose 101 shot next at 880 interchange. as you make your way northbound, the traffic is so light you won't encounter
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delays from gilroy up the peninsula to san francisco. mass transit system with no delay. for the real mccoy ferry out of rio vista, again, still having mechanic problems so there will be no service until saturday. other ferries report nothing problems or delays. >> thank you. 5:09. still ahead, secret poker game that may land some of hollywood's bigger stars in court. >> growing pains. the bay area community at odds over a plan to build a new church. >> throwing in the towel. long-running battle over facebook comes to an end. >> kickoff to one of the biggest annual fundraisers in the bay area. we have it all coming up.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. good morning. topping america's money, fed chairman ben bernanke says economic growth is slower than expected. he expects things to stay that way at least to 2012. the fed is not planning any policy changes and bern berp says interest rates will stay low. more money trouble at the post office which will stop putting money in the employee pension fund to save cash. people switching to e-mail cost it billions. new government statistics show more americans are
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working on the weekend than ever before. the survey found 35% of americans work on the weekends. that did include however games of golf with clients. i'm peggy bunker. >> that's work. spiderman toby mcguire and others are involved in a game of poker. they were gathered at a posh hollywood hotel but retterman is accused of using his clients' account money for gaming activity. to make it worse, he pled guilty to running illegal ponzi scheme. lawyers for the victims want the money back from the games. the suit also named comedian dave caplan. the legal dispute between facebook founder mark zuckerberg and two of his harvard classmates is over. twin brothers cameron and tyler winkalboss dropped a lawsuit that attempted to
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undo the $65 million settlement they agreed to in 2008. the case involved the movie "social network." the twins claimed they were deceived about the true value of facebook and claim they should have received much more stock in the company they did. but earlier this year, a judge ruled the twins' attorney should have done a better job determining how much facebook is worth. in many small towns the church is the center of social activity and often time the largest building. in one small town in the east bay, that is causing a fight. abc7's alan wang explains. >> in clayton, population 12,000. growth is a scary word. even if it's talk of a new church. the clayton community church wants to take the tiny church on main street and expand on the 2-1/2-acre property. >> it takes away from the hometown feel. >> i'm wants four buildings totalling 22,000 square
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feet, including a sanctuary that seats 500. >> so, the high school which is no longer able to do a school theater will be able to have performances there as well. >> it has nothing with the fact it's a church. it's a two-story building that will be abinstructing the view of everything. >> the churm wanted single story building bus the city is requiring two-story building with commercial building facing main street. the group that opposes the church warns of parking and traffic problems with endless gatherings and events. 76% of clay top voters halted construction on a gas station here. off-camera some business owners say they are excited about 700 church-goers flooding the downtown area. the public will have several chances to comment before the city council makes a decision sometime in november. in clayton, alan wang, abc7
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news. it's 5:15 now. the 25th annual aids walk in san francisco will be held next month. last night, hundreds of people gathered to honor the top per siptants. the kickoff was held at slide land to raise money and jep rate community support for the 10k walk. they were celebrated for their contribution. >> the walkers come from, they're your neighbors and the friends and colleagues and the teams of people affiliated with the local companies like blue shield of california and levi strauss. people that continue to participate year after year. >> they raised total of $74 million. abc7 is a sponsor of the event. our dan ashley hosted last night's event. the walk itself is set for july 17. it is 5:16. we don't know what the weather will be like for the walk but we know it is cooler today. >> absolutely. much cooler today. a nice day to get out and walk. not worry about the heat.
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>> yeah. >> look at what is going on. you may save money in the next few days if you live inland as the temperatures drop below the threshold levels that you will need air conditioner. look at mount tamalpais. underneath that, you can see how much cooler it is. the temperatures in the low to mid-50s in many area. upper 50s in mountain view and san jose. 62 in antioch. warm air on top of cold air and a stable atmosphere so marine cloud layer is developing as the moisture is trapped around 1,000 feet and below. cloudy conditions around monterey bay and inland with the low to mid-50s. the cooling moves deeper in the inland neighborhood. the clouds are near the coast and the rest of us should see sunshine. it's a pattern in the next several days, typical pattern with the morning clouds giving way to afternoon sunshine.
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because of that, we won't see tremendous swings of temperatures. two or three degrees every day is possible. we'll see a change in san francisco today. one degree warmer. same in santa rosa. two degrees cooler in fremont, oakland, or san jose. inland and concord is down nine degrees to the mid-80s. a look at the cloud cover and how extensive it is this morning through the morning rush hour until 11:00. then the clouds hang out along the peninsula coast. while north bay coast will see the sunshine. we'll still have 50s and 60s there. with 70s and 80s dominating the rest of the neighborhood. start in the south bay where we have a spread from 76 in sunnyvale and milpitas. 78 in san jose. 84 degrees in los gatos. a little bit of a spread on the peninsula from 71 in san mateo. 68 in millbrae. 78 in los altos. 57 in pacifica. upper 50s for daly city and sunset. mid-60s around downtown and south san francisco. near 60 in the north bay. even with the sunshine at
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your beaches. 68 in saucelito. to 80 in petaluma. to 84 in santa rosa and calistoga. over on the east bay shore, upper 60s for richmond, berkeley, hayward. east bay valley, mid-to-upper 80s for you. as we look around the monterey bay, we have 60 in monterey. mid-80s in the morgan hill and gilroy. afternoon game today. 12:45. sunny. yeah, get sun burned today and breezy. 61. warming up to 64 at at&t. as we play the rubber game between the twins. we won last night. i think 5-1. all right, here is a look at the temperatures. notice they go up tomorrow. down saturday, and sunday. up a little bit monday and tuesday. down wednesday. not big swings in temperature. enjoy the calmness of our forecast. frances? >> all right, mike. here is the coastal cooling you are talking about. low clouds over the golden gate bridge. but it's not quite fog level yet. so we can definitely still see across the span.
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traffic is light out of marin county in to san francisco. we will check out the oakland maze for you, and everything looks good. that's westbound 80 heading toward the bay bridge. westbound 580. you can see the bits of northbound 880 making its way toward the maze. we will check out the ride on the peninsula for you. so if you are headed toward sfo, 101 is fine northbound. southbound also. flowing well to san jose. a couple of drive times. no slowing really. westbound 80. as you make your way toward vallejo from highway 37 to the carquinez bridge is six minutes. you can always get more drive-times by going to our website it's under the bay area traffic link. eric, karina? >> all right. 5:20. >> it is indeed. next, a japanese naval ship makes a good will stop in san francisco. why it's here to say thanks. a giant surprise. how the world series champs
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pull out a win and put a huge smile on the face of a boy who lost his most prized possession.
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good thursday morning. 5:23 on the morning news. live look at san francisco international airport. you see low ceilings there. don't know if that is having any effect on arrivals or departures. mike nicco will know that information shortly. he will share it with you. he will tell you if there are any other trouble spots around the country when it comes to flying. >> a japanese naval ship is in san francisco as part of a good will tour to thank the united states for its help after the march 11 earthquake and tsunami. the j.s. kashima is dropped at pier 27 until tomorrow and open to anyone who wants an upclose look at the flight deck and the 76-millimeter rapid fire gun. it has 300 crew members and 100 cadets. >> all of the sailors are dressed exquisitely. either kind, courteous. >> a ship is here to
5:25 am
commemorate the 60th anniversary of the treaty of san francisco which was signed in 1951 at the war memorial opera house. a 4-year-old boy whose home was destroyed in a fire last weekend got a thrill at the giants game last night. 4-year-old zack brian is from el dor ra doe hills outside sacramento. he lost his treasured t-ball trophy and baseball gear in the fire. after hearing the news, the giants invited zack to come watch the team warm up on the field last night and lucille surprised him with a giant replacement trophy. >> gave me a nice trophy. >> it's a big trophy. what are you going to do with that? >> there is a baseball fan! zack also got a new mitt and autographed baseballs from the team and his family stayed to watch the game. >> kudos to the giants.
5:26 am
very nice. >> barry bonds heads back to federal court today. next at 5:30, the decision that could finally end the home run king federal legal woes. we have a live report. >> and a warning that san francisco fire chief is sounding if the city firefighters don't agree to forego pay raises. >> oakland fire department worker files a lawsuit against the city. coming up, serious accusation he is making about the medical care paramedics gave oscar grant. >> check out the high temperatures across the country. the you are leaving us and heading to phoenix, hot spot. 110. 90s around dallas and salt lake. washington, d.c. right at 90. otherwise it's comfortable. 70s and a few 60s around the rest of the country. we have flight arrival delays to new york. that is the only hot spot right now. low ceiling here, we should probably have them in san francisco, too. when they develop, i'll let you know or you can check the flight tracker on your own. it's at
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good morning. i'm amy hollyfield live in san francisco. where barry bonds will be back in court again. but, it could be one of the last times you hear us say that. details coming up. >> bart has plans to extent late-night service, but as you might expect, after a survey, those plans are posing a problem. i'm nick smith live in fremont. i'll have a live report. >> good morning. check out the clouds. marine layer in total control of the forecast. you may have noticed the cooling, even inland last night in the evening hours. wait until you see what it does for your temperatures today. the heat is gone. >> in oakland, drivers on 980 are calling the c.h.p. saying they can see smoke off the freeway. we'll get an update on that. but it's still light at the bay bridge toll plaza. >> we go from the heat is on to the heat is gone. i like that.
5:30 am
>> much more comfortable, huh? >> thank you for joining us. i'm eric thomas. >> i'm karina rusk. thank you very much for joining us this morning. barry bonds is scheduled to be back in federal court this morning to find out if there will be another inning in the perjury case against him. prosecutors are supposed to decide whether they are going to retry the former giant on charges he lied to a grand jury about performance enhancing drugs. abc7's amy hollyfield joins us now from federal court in san francisco. we should expect a decision today. right, amy? >> reporter: well, the prosecutors say they haven't decided but the defense says it's time to decide. they want to know whether the prosecutors are going to do this or not. they are tired of dragging it out. according to the federal law, they say they need to decide soon. so a judge called everyone to court to hash it out. a mistrial was declared in april when the jury deadlocked on whether he lied to a federal grand jury. bonds' attorneys are pointing to a federal law
5:31 am
that says trial should start within 70 days of mistrial. so they hope that prosecutors will throw their hands up and give in. bonds was convicted of obstructing justice. he is trying to get that conviction tossed out. he wants all of this behind him. today, he should find out whether he will be retried on the charges or if he can wrap it up. and move on. 3-1/2 years after the original indictment. abc7's amy hollyfield. 5:31. oakland fire department employee claims in a lawsuit that paramedics gave oscar grant inadequate care after he was shot by a former bart police officer. grant died five hours after johannes mehserle shot him in the back at the fruitvale bart station on new year's day 2009. sean gilliis fired a whistle blower lawsuit in alameda county superior court. he oversees medical training. and the lawsuit accuses the
5:32 am
fire department demoting and harassing him after reviewing grant's case. interim fire chief mark hoffman calls the accusatio accusations preposterous. mehserle was released after spending half of two-year sentence for involuntary manslaughter. berkeley police are asking for help to find a man hurt while running from officers. a woman reported a man prowling outside her window in the 2200 block of dwight way yesterday morning. when police approached the suspect, he ran off and partially impaled his leg as he climbed over a fence. the suspect is described as a black man between 19 and 22 years old. six feet tall between 185 and 195 pounds wearing a hooded t-shirt. police say he has severe puncture wounds to his left calf and thigh. well, it's back to the drawing board for bart's plan to run late night trains on friday to accommodate shift workers and people enjoying a night out.
5:33 am
an analysis says the tradeoff would be less service for minorities. nick smith is live at station in fremont to explain. nick? >> reporter: absolutely. eric, you know that bart knows they want to extend the hours. as you mentioned, they think the plan may be a problem. the bart board of directors are scheduled to meet this morning at 9:00 a.m. to discuss a plan to add late-night service on their trains on friday night. bart is proposing a pilot project to extend the train service an hour from midnight friday to 1:00 a.m. on saturday. and begin train service an hour later at 7:00 a.m. on saturday instead of 6:00 a.m. bart administrators say the later friday hours must be coupled with a later start the following morn something crews have enough time to do maintenance when the trains are not running. as you might expect, commuters themselves are divided. >> cow know on the weekends -- you know, on the weekends, it would be nice to stay out in the city and take bart home and don't worry about drinking and driving or anything like that. >> i don't think it's
5:34 am
necessary. it screws up saturdays. and people that work on saturdays. they got to wait another hour. that doesn't work right. >> in a survey last month, bart found early saturday riders as group had larger percentage of low income minorities on saturday. they also said they had no other way than bart to get to work. but that same survey said that 81% of friday night riders would love late night service. as you might expect, that meeting this morning will hope to hash out the differences. live in fremont, nick smith, abc7 news. >> okay. thank you, nick. the time is 5:34. president obama travels to fort drum, new york, today to meet with soldiers from the tenth mountain division. the trip follows the president's address to the nation last night when he announced the drawdown of u.s. troops in afghanistan. >> starting next month, we will be able to remove
5:35 am
10,000 of our troops from afghanistan by the end of this year. we will bring home a total of 33,000 troops by next summer. fully recovering the surge i announced at west point. >> right now, there are 100,000st troops in afghanistan. a lot of relief among military families that troops will soon be leaving. there is also concern. some are afraid after the withdrawal starts that those left behind could be left more vulnerable. we spoke to blue star moms in san jose. >> if they are going to get the ones out in spring next year, that is when the fighting is going on. heavy again. i want to make sure they're safe. not sure what to feel yet. >> accept i want it over. >> president obama says the transition process will be complete by 2014. and then the afghan people will be responsible for their own security. four san francisco neighborhoods may receive reduced fire department service under a worst case budget scenario. today, san francisco
5:36 am
examiner reports that the fire chief joanne hayes-white told the board of supervisors budget committee her department might have to institute rolling brown-outs but the city could avoid closing one engine company per day if firefighters forego a wage increase that is scheduled to kick in next month. discussions will continue between the firefighters union and the city. the brown-outs would effect the units and chinatown, western addition and richmond district. jerry hill and state regulators intend to press pg&e to reveal more about that crew that installed the san bruno pipeline that exploded last september. the blast and fire killed eight people and destroyed 38 homes. newly released documents this week show pg&e crews and not contractors installed that gas transmission line through san bruno in 1956. our media partner the "san jose mercury news" reports hill and regulators are concerned flawed pipes installed by that crew may lurk under more
5:37 am
neighborhoods in the bay area. 5:36. time for a check of the weather. often we go from very hot temperatures to cool like ones. accompanied by the gusty winds. find out if we are having that. >> we know the person to turn to. mike? >> we have the gusty winds. gusting around 30 miles per hour. around concord and also toward fairfield. that is a sign of yeah, the marine layer is back. it's pushing the cooler weather farther inland. in fact, here you go. 35 miles per hour in concord. 31 in fairfield. southwest and 15 in napa. calmer around the bay. 6 miles per hour at sfo. breath at hayward at 3 miles per hour. everybody else is relatively calm. san francisco, one degree warmer. napa, oakland, half moon bay. the same temperatures yesterday. but everybody else, two to ten degrees cooler. you will definitely notice it when you step outside. temperatures mainly in the mid-to-upper 50s with mostly cloudy conditions at 8:00 this morning. by noon, the clouds, though, they're back to the coast. where they will keep half moon bay around 57.
5:38 am
upper 50s around san francisco and oakland. mid-60s for the rest of the bay shore. low 70s as you head inland and in the south bay. by 4:00, we have low 80s in the east bay valley. even 80 in santa rosa. while everybody else is in the 70s in the north bay. we have upper 60s to low 70s in bay shore and 60 at half moon bay. temperatures today running cooler. especially inland than yesterday. we'll stay close to average the next seven days with the morning clouds giving way to afternoon sunshine. good morning, frances. >> good morning, mike. the road wok on highway 17 through the santa cruz mountains is scheduled in both directions until 6:00 this morning. that is from summit to bear creek road. here, you see part of highway 17. hitting 280. traffic light enough there. no problems as you make your way northbound out of san jose to cupertino. now, here is an update on that fire reported in oakland. apparently it's right here 980. 18th street at castro street. so we'll keep you posted on this.
5:39 am
not causing delays on 980. apparently drivers can see the smoke as they drive on that freeway stretch. eric, karina? >> thank you very much. 5:39. >> still ahead, candid cockpit. a pilot private rapt about flight attendants that was accidentally broadcast for everyone to hear. >> we're on pothole patrol. a new report reveals where you will find the roughest rides on the road. lilililililili
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. welcome back. 5:42. southwest airlines disciplined the pilot who went on a vulgar tirade inside cockpit of a flight with the microphone open on a march 25 flight from austin to san diego. the pilot want on an expletive-filled rant about the age, attractiveness and sexual orientation of flight attendants. airline crews and controllers heard it all over texas air space. >> over the top [bleep] homosexuals. >> in houston, which is easily one of the ugliest bases. i have mean, it's all this [bleep] old dudes and grannies. there is like maybe a handful of cute chicks. >> southwest says the unnamed pilot was temporarily suspended without pay. and took sensitivity
5:43 am
training before he was reentated. bay area roads are in bad shape and apparently getting worse. that is according to the annual bay area pothole report. it shows that the worst roads are in rio vista, followed by sonoma county, larkspur, st. helena and orinda. abc7's heather ishimaru has more. >> reporter: the metropolitan transportation commission's annual pothole report rates local roads on scale of 1 to 100. for the second year in a row, the bay area average is stalled at a lackluster 66. the mtc says the regional target is 75. and the rate of acceleration accelerates dramatically at 60. residents of oakland, whose pavement quality is among the bay area's worst only have neighboring town of el cerrito. where the dreamy new blacktop was paid for in large part by voters who approved a half-cent sales tax increase in 2008. right across the border in richmond, also among the worst on the mtc's report, a stretch of carlson boulevard is being replaced. >> carlson is as bad as it
5:44 am
gets i think. i haven't noticed tite bad else where in richmond. carlson is a stand-out. >> it's been paid for traditionally with the state gas tax but that hasn't gone up in 17 years. el cerrito has found one solution. >> would you be willing to pay more to fix pavement? >> certainly. something that i can specifically see being done as opposed to wastefulness. i would be more than happen to pay. >> the mtc says in order to bring the entire bay area up to good quality pavement would require tripling current spending from about $350 million to $1 billion annually. in oakland, heather ishimaru, abc7 news. it's 5:44 now. the tsa is changing its policy on security pat-downs on children. bloomberg business report is coming up. >> also, notorious gangster on the f.b.i. ten most wanted list is finally nabbed california. next, how the feds got their man.
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my mom makes any day sunny. sunnyd does, too. with 40% fewer calories than most regular soda brands. ♪ welcome back. check out the beautiful sunrise. if you were 2600 feet up on mount tamalpais you would
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enjoy 70 degrees tant beautiful sun rise. talk about what is going on across the state. flooding throughout yosemite and the southern part of the sierra because of the rabid snow melt. you can see the cooling move inland. upper 80s in chico and sacramento. it doesn't make it to fresno. 100 there. 108 in vegas. 111 in palm springing. we have low to mid-70s in san diego, l.a. and big sur. >> thank you. time is 5:38. the f.b.i. scratched a name off of its ten most wanted list after agents captured suspected boston gangster james whitey bulger. agents arrested the 81-year-old bulger and his long-time girlfriend kathryn at a home in santa monica yesterday. they both have been on the run since 1995. prosecutors suspect he played a role in at least 19 murders. pull pull's arrest came days after the f.b.i. launched a new campaign to find him earlier in week. he led the largely irish mob
5:49 am
called the winter hill game. injuried giants fan bryan stow continues to show signs of improvement nearly three months after he was brutally beaten outside doctor's stadium. stow's doctor at san francisco general hospital upgraded his condition from critical to serious. they have taken stow off two anti-seizure medication and reduced the dose of three others. he still faces another of obstacles. >> a long road to recovery from where we are. there are still many, many things that could go on with brian such as infections, such as disorders of too much water on the brain or hydrochephalis. there are many mings we have to be careful about. >> we hope that he returns to us the way he was prior to the event happening. >> doctors say stow is breathing without a ventilator. cal's baseball team will try to keep the magic going at the college world series in omaha today.
5:50 am
they will play virginia in another elimination game this afternoon at about 4:00. cal beat aggies of texas a&m 7-3 on tuesday to stay alive in the double elimination tournament. the run to omaha comes after supporters of the program raised $9 million in donations. as you remember, the university had to cut the baseball program because of budget cuts. so from worst or nothing to first. at least in our hearts. [ laughter ] good luck, bears. >> going good. we'll keep our fingers crossed. you have cooler weather for us. nice. >> you can see it outside behind us. open up the weather window. see it elsewhere, like the golden gate bridge where it started to get cloudy and more clouds are rolling in. at about a good clip at 20 to 25 miles per hour. they lowered over the last couple of hours also. you can see a lot of folks using the headlights this morning. though the sun came up. a few seconds ago. let's go back in time to yesterday. you can see where the biggest cooling was. exactly where we thought it,
5:51 am
along the coast and the peninsula. up 101. i have mean look at that. 20 degrees cooler. pacifica. 54 degrees. san jose, redwood city, san francisco. san rafael. santa rosa. napa. all 12 to 17 degrees cooler. even though we dropped seven degrees in concord, it was hot there in livermore. 94. guess what? you are going to see more cooling today. 62 in antioch right now. we have 50 in santa rosa. everybody else under cloudy sky in the mid-50s. we have cloudy conditions around the monterey by. inland. the low to mid-50s. the cooling moves inland. the clouds, though, they will retreat back to the coast. we have sunshine. we'll be stuck in the summer pattern in the next seven day. morning clouds followed by afternoon sunshine except for at the coast. that means nearly steady temperatures within two or three degrees every day. for today, we are one degree warmer at san francisco and santa rosa. two degrees cooler in fremont, oakland, four in san jose. the biggest drop in the east bay valleys. concord down 9 degrees to 85 today.
5:52 am
get 14 hours and 46 minutes and 46 seconds of sunshine as we lose five seconds of sunshine today. a look at the cloud cover. it's thick through the 9:00 hour. then it starts to retreat to the coast. it should get there by noon. hang around the peninsula coast and everyone else has sunshine. especially in the north bay beaches. 50s to 80s today. instead of the 70s to 100s we had a couple of days ago. start in east bay, where we'll find the warmest weather. we have 82 at dublin. we will warm through the mid-80s to 87 in brentwood. on the shoreside, richmond, berkeley, hayward, upper 60s for you. low to mid-70s elsewhere. castro valley and fremont, 74. sunnyvale, and milpitas, 76 to 79 at cupertino. spread across the south bay. closer to the bay water the cooler you will be. millbrae, 68. low to mid-70s most of the peninsula. could hit 78 in los altos. pacifica, daly city, sunset,
5:53 am
all in the upper 50s. the mid-60s downtown san francisco. sunshine with near 60 in bodega bay and stinson beach. nearly 80 in sonoma and petaluma. mid-80s in santa rosa. 60 at monterey. 70 in santa cruz. mid-60s for morgan hill and gilroy. have an afternoon game, 12:45. rubber match. we won one and lost one in the series. decides who wins the series. 12:45 at at&t park. jumping up to 64. tonight, comfort everywhere. turn the air conditioners off if you can and open the window and enjoy 50-degree lows. maybe cooler than that, 49 in santa rosa. you can see the temperatures are within two to four degrees every single day. pretty close to average with near 60 at theco. low to mid-70s at the bay. and low to mid-80s inland. have a great day. frances with update. we have delays? >> yeah. bart is reporting ten-minute delays for trains running through the rich monday station and the -- richmond
5:54 am
station and el cerrito track area. it's due to the track maintenance. freeways are looking good in the east bay with a live shot of interstate 80 in berkeley. headlights move westbound. that is university right there. you can see the traffic flowing well out of richmond to the bay bridge toll plaza. check out 680 in walnut creek. no trouble. southbound on the right there. from north main down to 24. and san ramon valley. also, just live shot of the san mateo bridge. where you see things look great here in both directions. that earlier fire in oakland that was reported near 980 has been -- [ inaudible ] you can get the latest information by going to the website >> thank you. 5:54. >> we have good news about parents and those who are worried about those airport pat-downs for their kids. >> here is jane king with the bloomberg business
5:55 am
report. >> good morning. the tsa changing its child pat-down policy. report security workers are told to make repeated attempts to screen young children before resorting to invasive pat-down. that's after a video of a 6--year-old girl getting a patdown at new orleans airport. they say they will cut back but not totally eliminate pat-down on kids. one-two punching for investors yesterday. the fed lowering the forecast for economic growth and indicating a plan to end the multibillion stimulus. that sent the stocks to a tail spin. today, the investors look for report on home sales and weekly unemployment claims. if you are unemployed and married and a guy, you may be headed for a divorce. that's according to a report of american journal of sociology. show men who are relatively happy in their marriage are more likely to leave when they find themselves out of work. women's job status play no obvious role in whether
5:56 am
partners initiate divorce. i'm jane king with the bloomberg business report. if you are trying to lose weight, experts recommend ditching the chips. they say it's worse for you than soda, candy or ice cream. according to the study in the new eng land journal of medicine if you eat one-ounce serving you will gain weight every year. some of san francisco top architects and eng nears have come up with a plan to fight hunger in the city. you can see the ca can-strutction project. it's made entirely of can of food. others includes a depiction of giants' closer brian wilson's beard. it will eventually distribute all the cans to needy people to chinatown, and other landmarks. this morning, harry potter fan learn the adventure of
5:57 am
the boy wizard as e-books in the fall. the author revealed it ends one of the longest hold-out against the digital publishing. she has also written about 18,000 new words of material about the boy wizard for the interactive site. pottermore will include information that the author has been hoarding for years about the book's characters and settings. >> there are people in the thomas family that can't wait. 5:57 now. just ahead on abc7 news at 6:00, the latest on the barry bonds perjury trial. >> we're going to find out why a federal judge is meeting with prosecutors and defense attorneys in a key conference. >> bart's late-night service plans could be put on hold. i'm nick smith live in fremont. i'll have a report coming up.
5:58 am
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