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tv   America This Morning  ABC  June 24, 2011 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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making news in america this morning. lone wolves. two american, the feds say, were bent on terror. accused of planning to massacre soldiers here at home. and new details of bulger's bust. boston awaits the return in handcuffs this epic crime boss. teen titan tackled. justic justin bieber's scuffle in new york and a small misunderstanding. good morning, officials in seattle say they foiled homegrown terror mrochlt the target, members of the u.s. military. >> a confidential informant went straight to the police after being recruited to help out in the plot.
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john hendren is joining us now from washington with the new details. >> reporter: good morning. two men, those two you were just talking about face terrorism and weapons charges and police say their intent clear, mass murder. seattle authorities say it was meant to be a ft. hood-style massacre. two muslimonverts are charged with planning to attack a military processing center with machine guns and grenades to, quote, wake the muslims up. >> they intended a really deadly attack against our military institutions and i think it's a sad commentary our military puts itself on the line and risks their lives abroad. they should be safe at home. >> reporter: the alleged ringleader changed his name from joseph davis to abu khalid abdul latif. his home searched. >> i told them we don't have weapon in my house. >> reporter: police says his alleged accomplice frederick
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malinguez says why don't wee la everybody down. authorities tipped off by someone they tried to recruit secretly rendered the machine guns inoperable. they say davis admired the ft. hood massacre and was angry where fiveoldiers are charged with killing three afghans for sport last year. this is the eighth time there have been attacks planned or carried out in the united states. daniel and peggy? >> john, thank you so much. the other big story, new details on the arrest of mob boss whitey bulger. he and his girlfriend could be back if boston later today to face charges. >> his arrest came after he was lured out of his apartment by a call thaha his storage locker hd been broken into. david wright has more. >> reporter: it was the dillinger of our day. a gangster so wiley that in
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boston at least he became almost a folk hero. perhaps that's why the bearded bulger seemed to be smiling captured on camera right after the fbi finally knocked on his door. a door torent-controlled apartment here in santa monica >> the arrest marks the end of a long hunt for america's most- for one of america's most wanted men. >> reporter: investigators hauled out dozens of boxes of evidence including more than 60 weapons ranging from handguns to high-powered assault rifles and found $800,000 cash. bulger and his girlfriend catherere greig have lived in this building for 15 years as charles and carol gasko. barbara gluck lived down the hall for 15 years. >> he was impatient and full of
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rage. >> reporter: others described him as friendly enough but low key. >> seemed like they didn't want to make eye contact. >> reporter: he answered questions in a thick boston accent and agreed not to challenge his extradition. he may yet have other cacas to play. i'm david wright in santa monica. >> back in boston, word of bulger arrest quickly spread through the working class neighborhood where he ruled. the families of those who died at his hands say they're relieved he's been caught and tom donahue was just a boy when his father was gunned wn. >> i was 8 when he was snatched from me. constant down emotion. >> the feeling of satisfaction because they finally have apprehended a man that pulled the trigger that took my husband's life. >> still has tragedy tied to his name. he to the only killed people but took great pleasure in doing so.
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more of his ties to boston crime coming up. new queueions about osama n laden's ties to pakistan. a report in "the new york times" says that the cell phone of bin laden's courier which was recovered in last month's raid contained contacts to a militant group with links to pakistan's intelligence agency. there are indications bin laden used the group as part of his support network. officials say there is no smoking gun that pakistan's spy agency had protected bin laden. the same computer hacking group that went off sony and cia is claiming another attack. lowell security says it hacked into the files o arizona police's website claiming it's releasing intelligence bulletins and personal information about officers. the group says it targeted arizona because of its immigration policies. gay rights in focus last night in new york as president obama was holding his first fund-raiser for gay supporters and new york lawmakers were considering a same-sex marriage bill. he stopped short of endorsing
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gay marriage in his speech. >> i believe that discrimination because of somebody's sexual orientation or gender identity ran counter to who we are as a people. i believe that gay couples deserve the same leg rights as every other legal couple in this country. continue wrestling with the ers same-sex marriage bill. >> could come down to just a couple of vote. >> that's right. very closely watched. taking a look at this morning's weather from around the country, heavy rain, hail, gusty winds from raleigh to upstate new york. showers in new england and ohio valley. severe storms with a chance of tornadoes from cheyenne to nashville. showers and thunderstorms in the pacific northwest and northern rockies and pop-up showers along the gulf coast from texas to florida. >> 95 in dallas. 89 in new orleans and 78 here in new york and just 62 in boston. mostly 80s from minneapolis to kansas city, phoenix heats up to 109. salt lake city, 85 and boise,
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77. coming up this morning, the government's attempt to bring down gas prices even further which would be a nice little break. >> no complaints here. plus, nike's controversial new line of t-shirts. do they glamorize drug use. the corporate giant responds. and it was enough to scare the biebers everywhere, word that he was tackled but all just a misunderstanding.
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the obama administration is moving to keep gas prices lower. the administration is selling 30 million barrels of oil from the strategic petroleum reserve. it will be the largest move from the reserves ever and the idea to replace supplies disrupted. world markets are boosted. tokyo's nikkei average gained 80. hong kong's hang seng is up in late trading and in london the ftse opened pryor and the dow dropped almost 60 and the nasdaq index gained 17 points. . well, the european union says greece agreed to $5 billion more in budget cuts to get a financial bailout package. there are concerns if greece's economy collapses it could take europe and the world with it. the government is implementing new measures to make up the shortfall. even plans to tax minimum wage earners. federal government regulators are ready to hit
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google with a broad investigation. reports say that the regulators areooking into whether google abused itsance in internet searches and doing this by crowding out competitors in other areas sufficient as mapping. despite all of toyota's recalls and safety issues its lexus brand tops a new quality survey. j.d. power finds that their owners have the fewer complaints. honeymoon, second, acura, third. survey found all received new complaints about new technology systems. nike is defending its line of new t-shirts with phrases like dope or get high. skateboarder expressions, they're marketing to them and others who do extreme sports and boston's mayor asked the nike company to remove the t-shirts from its window. >> next, sunken treasure. recovered after 400 years lost
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activates sensory receptors. it helps block pain signals for deep penetrating relief you can feel precisely where you need it most. precise. only from the makers of tylenol. a florida man is facing arson charges after an explosive fight with his girlfriend, quite literally. guy folks was working at a fireworks tent when the altercation broke out. police say he began to light the fireworks he was supposed to be selling and even directed them at other employees and placed one in a gas tank which i don't recommend. >> not a good place to get in an argument. checking conditions on the roads,s,et on i-95 from maine to florida. from i-90 fromoston to florida and flooding from albany, new york, to the canadiaiaborder. slick on i-10 along the gulf coast and from missouri to colorado. >> if you're flying, delays are
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possible from boston to charlotte plus memphis and kansas city. well, we turn back to one of our top story, the arrest of notorious mobster whitey bulger. >> yes, despite a worldwide manhunt he managed to elude capture for years living quietly inside california. >> investigators they say f fnd guns and hollowed out history books and cash stuffed in the walls. david wrath has more background. >> reporter: in boston whitey bulger is the stuff of legend. the archetype po irish mobster, even won the massachusetts lottery a few years before his indictment. >> everybody knew knew he ran the rackets but there was a myth in south boston. it was that whitey bulger never hurt anyone that didn't deserve it and the other myth was that he kept the drugs out of southie and they were just that, a myth. >> reporter: a myth worthy of a movie. >> makes me curious to see you in this neighborhood. >> reporter: martin scorsese
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based the jack nicholson character in "the departed" on whitey bulger. the mobster's younger brother billy for years was the most powerful democrat in the massachusetts statehouse. president of the senate. >> whitey bulger controlled the rackets in that part of town and his brother was one of the most powerfrf politicians in massachusetts. >> reporter: the fact that the two brothers kept in contact even after whitey went on the m would l ler prove an embarrassment for billy bulger, a congressional committee put him publicly on the hot seat. >> i know my brother stands accused of many things. serious crime, brutal crimes. i do still live in the hope that the worst of the charges against him will prove groundless. >> reporter: in another twist of the plot billy bulger's first campaigngnanager john connelly ended up joining the fbi. whitey bulger was his informant. a position he used to eliminate rival italian mobsters and consolidate his own grip on power.
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bulger's fbi handler john connelly was eventually put in jail himself. now bulger may be in a position to implicate other agents, as well. i'm david wright in santa monica. >> much more on the long legal road ahead for whitey bulger coming up on "good morning america." well, justin bieber's people are blaming a misunderstanding for the pandemonium that broke out during his visit in new york. it happened outside macy's in manhattan. police and security were rushing bieber away from a surging crowd when a man refused to step aside. he turned out to be a bieb bodyguard but got a ticket for disorder early conduct anyway. lindsay lohan got a turn talking to but wasn't returned to jail during a hearing. the judge chided her for hosting rooftop parties while she's on house arrest. but he said she had not violated any other rules of probation. well, the nba draft was last night but maybe most intriguing basketball story involves one of
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the league's veterans. ron artest of the lakers doesn't want to be ron artest anymore. he filed a petition to legally change his name to metta world peace. it will be considered. now baseball highlights. >> good morning, an embarrassment of riches so far for thele phillies and the vaughned pitching staff. cliff lee had a shutout on wednesday. roy oswalt getting the ball looking to sweep the cardinals. bottom of the first, john jay has other ideas. to deep right. solo bomb. the cards up 1-0. bottom of second, cards are up 2-0. based it up the gut and tony cruz comes on down. oswalt left the game after the second inning with lower back tightness. bottom of the eighth cards now 9-1. probably the biggest surprise of this baseball season, lance berkman, three-run shot, 18th
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homer of the season and cardinals win big, 12-2. 12 runs, 12 runs in the previous, four games combined. jim riggleman and his team looking to sweep the mariners. justin goes up in smoke. in the 6-3 double play. top of five, more from marquis. gutierrez to end the inning, marquis, three hit, did not allow an earned run. still corpsless, two on, none out for pudge rodriguez. tries to get him to third, not in time. jerry hairston jr., jack wilson, great stuff, throws home in time to get him and the game remains tieded well, will the song remain the same? the next is nix, danny espinosa tries to score from home. he scores the winning run but
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manager jim riggle messenger resigned after the game. you're up to date for now. >> catch of a lifetime off the keys. divers found an antique emerald ring worth an estimated 5$500 you,000. turned up while they were looking for treasure on a spanish ship that sank in 1622, unbelievably. the gem is believed to be ten carats. quite a m. up next the stories you'll follow later today including a critical vote in congress about our future involvement in libya. >> it is your penguin update. don't worry. we've got it. he swerved 2,000 miles off course. well, he's got a new home. what do you got? restrained driver... sir, can you hear me? just hold the bag. we need a portable x-ray, please! [ nurse ] i'm a nurse. i believe in the power of science and medicine.
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and now to a look ahead to the stories we'll be watching this friday. police are thanking an ex-con for tipping them off to a military plot. they say the informant provided vital information leading to the arrest of two men. captured mobster whitey boston as early as today to face a long list of charges. he and his girlfriend arrested in california after 16 years on the run. agents found $800,000 in his apartment. some of it hidden in the walls. president obama will be focusing on job creation. on his visit to pittsburgh today, he's announcing a half billion dollar investment in technology. the house votes on competing
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proposals that focus on the u.s. military role in libya. one would give the president limited authority to continue the mission against moammar gadhafi. the other would cut off funding for 9 mission. a swollen river running through north dakota is expected to break the all-time flooding record this weekend. more evacuations have been ordered in the city of minot. more than 10,000 people have already fled their homes. a lost emperor penguin that washed ashore in new zealand will be kept in a zoo. it was moved after they noticed its health was deteriorating. it's unclear how he made the journey from antarctica. just got a little lost. >> they're waiting for nature to take its course but if you see him not doing well. >> the beach is not his natural climate. >> and with everyone watching, probably a good move. >> for some of you local news is next. >> for everybody else the first lady shows off her fitness skills in south africa. push-ups, anyone.
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next on abc7 news at 4:30 -- californians worry that the next big quake is right around the corner. that is one result from a survey on how we feel about earthquakes and how much they scare us. the ncaa is protesting the arrest of a local athlete because of his saggy pants. and meteorologist mike nicco has a look at the forecast. >> watching scattered clouds this morning. cooler than average afternoon. chance of rain again in june? it's all right, well, first lady michelle obama had a captive audience. >> she does visit botswana
4:28 am
before leaving to johannesburg. david muir sat down to discuss everything with her. >> reporter: mrs. obama came here with a message for the young. that even after apartheid there's still history to be made. patience, she says, pointing to the man she met for the first time this week. nelson mandela. >> yes, yes. >> reporter: what was it like in that room? >> surreal, something i never thought would happen in my lifetime for me. it was powerful because his presence in and of itself is powerful. >> reporter: what did you say to him? >> i told him, you cannot imagine how important your legacy is to who i am, to who my husband is. i just said thank you. thank you. sasha and 12-year-old maly d yashgs a portrait most children only see in a book. you have so protected your daughters from the media glare and admirably so but when they read "the cat in the hat" there
4:29 am
were not only children smiling there but so many back home listening to their voices carefully. >> too cold to play ball. >> i look at them the same way and think, wow, you have grown up and you're so poise the and you're so sweet. >> reporter: if i could ask you personally, if you would like another four years to continue your work as first lady. >> i think there's so much more work to do. we've really just begun to lay the foundation. i want to make sure that there is a footing in them the same way my husband does so more time would be helpful. >> reporter: so you like the job. >> i love the job. >> reporter: david muir, abc news, cape town. >> she showed offuttness skills. >> she did several push-ups with ease at an event in cape town joined by south african archbishop desmond tutu. not bad for the first lady or a


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