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tv   ABC 7 Morning News at 430AM  ABC  June 24, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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good morning. i feel'm amy hollyfield live in the newsroom. wildfires, earthquakes, what are you afraid of? a report this morning about what your fellow californians have to say about their fears coming up. >> this morning, the ncaa is accusing u.s. airways of racial profiling for kicking a passenger off a plane at s.f.o. because of his saggy pants. >> here is a live look from downtown san francisco. a few clouds out there lingering. marine layer has kept us cool again in the overnight hours. it will keep us cool in the afternoon. talk about sunshine and the possibility of rain in the forecast. >> there is a lot of roadwork going on around the bay area, so even though it's friday light, i'll tell you where things could be
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slow. >> the san jose city council holds a special session today to take up the issue of soaring retirement benefits. they are pressuring the council negotiate reforms instead of a ballot initiative. good friday morning. 4:31. i'm eric thomas. thank you for joining us. kristen is off. californians fear earthquakes more than any other type of natural disaster and they believe a major quake will strike in the next decade. it comes as a 7.2 quake struck aleutian islands in alaska last night. most residents issued to higher ground after officials issued a tsunami warning. amy hollyfield has more with a field poll that details californias' fears about natural disaster. >> reporter: we have a lot to be afraid of, mudslide, wildfires, but the natural disaster that people most fear is earthquakes. most people are convinced the big one is coming soon.
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six and ten people think it will hit in the next ten years. they are probably right. there is a 99% chance california will have a quake with at least 6.7 magnitude in the next decade or two. they are worried about the hayward fault. here is the breakdown. 57% of californians see earthquakes as the top concern. wildfires came in second at 23%. they say wildfires scare them the most. the third listed is tsunami. 5% go on to say they're nervous about mudslides. the field poll was taken earlier in month. experts hope all of the anxiety over earthquakes will translate to people getting prepared and having earthquake kits in their homes and emergency plans in place. live in the newsroom, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> thank you very much. 4:32 now. the f.a.a. is investigating the cause of a crash of a small plane while it was on final approach to palo alto airport.
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it happened at 8:30 last night. all three people on board the single engine cessna managed to walk away from the wreckage. one of them was come plange of back pain. witness says the small plane lost power as it came in for landing. the palo alto fire chief said the plane flipped over on impact and remained completely intact. it had taken off from concord buchanan airport. the san jose city council is supposed to hold a special meeting moving forward with employees on retirement reform. the city council will defer until august a proposal by mayor chuck reed to declare a fiscal emergency to reign in skyrocketing cost in retirement benefit. his proposal calls for setting a limit on the limit. the city council is considering an election on the issue possibly next march. dozens of city workers demonstrated last night, some dressed as zombies saying they are the working dead. they want to use bargaining to solve problems rather than fiscal emergency or
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ballot box. the foreclosure crisis continues. to take a heavy toll in silicon valley. value of one-quarter of all properties in santa clara county are below the purchase price. almost 30% of single family homes and nearly half of all condos are under water. that is a loss on paper of an astounding $27 billion. less than 1% of all properties increased in assess value. owners of expensive homes are taking the hardest hit. >> i think it's because during the dot com boom and thereafter, people were simply overpaying for large properties. >> there is some good news. the santa clara county foreclosure rate is slowing and commercial real estate is showing gains. the naacp is protesting what it claims is racial profile by u.s. airways involving the arrest of a passenger wearing saggy pants. this morning, the san francisco chapter of the civil rights organization will hold a news conference to address the case of
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20-year-old deshon marman. he was arrested after he failed to pull up his sagging pants immediately after being asked to do so by flight attendants. the president of the san francisco branch of the naacp says marman was subjected to a double standard because he is african-american. many teens in san jose feel city and school leaders need to do more to stop gangs and violence. it comes as the city's murder total for this year exceeded killings for all of last year. abc7's lisa amin gulezian tells us more. >> stand few you have had a gun pointed at you or you were shot at. >> reporter: no misunderstanding the message that the san jose teenagers were sending to leaders in the city. violence is rising and they want it to stop. it doesn't take in account 27 homicides in san jose alone. >> i don't want us to become oakland. that's what i'm afraid of. >> reporter: while police
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continue to investigate the crimes the young people came up with their own solutions which include more supervision, more police protection and more programs. >> there needs to be more patrol officers, more police officers, more security. at malls at stuff. there has been a lot of fights. >> raise your hand if you do not feel safe in your school. >> reporter: the majority raised their hands but the e-side union high school district board member disagreed with their opinion. >> the fact they don't feel safe doesn't mean they're not safe. >> the comments are coming from kids who know. some are former gang members who are surrounded by violence and they're tired of it. they asked the panel of leaders to commit to their recommendations, only a few did. the city's police chief agreed more needs to be done. but he insists change is a two-way street. >> important for the safety of the community to come forward with information if they have it. >> reporter: you wouldn't expect young people to want more supervision, but
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everyone i spoke to said they are sure it will make a difference. in san jose, lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. the teens we spoke with also recommended that police officers smile more, because it would make them seem more approachable and help build trust. they recommend schools have a zero tolerance policy for anyone wearing gang colors. parents should be more strict giving the kids a 9:00 p.m. curfew. a big weekend in san francisco. when the pride celebration and parade fills the streets of the city. to kick it off, the leaders of the lgbt community threw a party in the city last night. they say there is much to celebrate this year. among the accomplishments, the repeal of "don't ask, don't tell," and continuing progress for same-sex marriage. >> we're in a great place in our movement. it doesn't mean that there won't be set-backs along the way, but we incredible momentum. a big part of that, too, is a shift in public opinion. >> this weekend will mark the 41st anniversary of san francisco's pride
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celebration. it will culminate with a parade on sunday. you can find a link to this weekend's pride events op our website just click on see it on tv. so, what is the weather going to be like for the parade and for this entire weekend? check in with mike to see. >> we'll have a lot of afternoon sunshine, eric. good morning to you. and it will be cooler than average. just about everywhere. here is the reason why. the onshore flow continuing. look how fast the winds are now. oakland gusting up to 28 miles per hour. concord gusting to 24. fairfield, 26. so we've got that wind shooting right through the golden gate. and right up 80 in to the central valley. now it's going to pull more clouds in as we head through morning hours also. we're not finished with the marine layer. it hasn't completely established itself yet. check out temperatures, 1 to 6 degrees cooler than yesterday. half moon bay we're the same. san jose, one degree warmer. break down this friday. you can see the temperatures in the 50s by 8:00 with
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partly sunny conditions. now the clouds will quickly retreat to the coast by noon. you will see the warming take place the farther inland you go. santa rosa, fairfield, antioch, livermore, san jose in 70s. we have 50s and 60s in the bay and to the coast. by 4:00, total sunshine. low to mid-60s around half moon bay, san francisco. upper 60s to low 70s along the bay shore. mid-70s in the south bay. low 80s in the east bay and north bay valleys. accuweather seven-day forecast -- the mild afternoons continue through sunday. even in to monday. cooling trend with a slight chance of rain early next week. good morning. >> good morning, mike. good morning, everyone. roadwork going on in south bay 101 from 37 to marrinwood. our fill-in stage manager john benninger through the area and says it's down to one lane.
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caltrain said they reduced the lane until 6:00 this morning. check out the san mateo bridge. in hayward, you've got the connection ramp closed right now. southbound 880 heading to eastbound 92. jackson. that is scheduled until 5:00 this morning. eric? >> frances, thank you. the time is 4:40. still ahead, dreaming of gold. lieutenant governor gavin newsom takes another stand at landing the olympics for california. the state's budget battle. how it could save you big bucks at the checkout in a few days. ♪
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good friday morning. yeah, we made it. friday, almost the weekend. you're looking traffic at the east bay. interstate 680 in the concord, walnut creek area. the north main exit here, somewhere.
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headlights coming toward you are northbound. the southbound taillights. everything looks fine right now. well, a year after helping to bring the america's cup to san francisco, lieutenant governor gavin newsom is setting his sights on something bigger. the former san francisco mayor is proposing that the golden state host the 2012 winter olympics in lake tahoe. newsom says the gains would be economic boom to the state as it was in vancouver last year. >> over 45,000 direct jobs were created in vancouver for the 2010 winter olympics, direct impact and infrastructure improvements that were fast tracked. that has become the legacy of the winter games. >> spencer: that is wishful thinking on my part. not 2012. it would be the 2022 olympics he is trying to draw. for it to be a reality, our bid would be select by the u.s. committee in 2013 and the international economic committee in 2015.
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temporary increase in california state sales tax is about to expire, but governor jerry brown wants to extent the tax beyond the end of the month to close the california budget deficit. abc7's capital correspondent nannette miranda explains from sacramento. >> reporter: californians might want to postpone major purchases another week. the temporary 1% sales tax increase enacted two years ago is scheduled to expire at the end of the month. board of equalization told businesses to adjust the cash registers to reflect the decrease starting july 1. because negotiations on the state budget are at a stand still, it appears more and more likely there won't be a deal in time to stop the tax decrease. >> republicans have no plan on extenting the taxes. or voting for new taxes. they will expire. >> reporter: governor brown, though, still has his hopes pinned on winning two republican votes in each house to continue those temporary tax hikes. what is known as plan "a." >> changes, sometimes they
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blow hot, sometimes they blow cold. i'm not giving up. i am going to keep working until we get the tax extensions and we will get them. >> with the lower sales tax rate around the corner, even democrats see the writing on the wall. >> is plan "a" dead? you know, i'll leave it to the governor to announce the wake and the funeral service. >> the board of equalization estimates the average california household will save $230 a year with a 1% decrease, but the state would collect $4.5 billion less in taxes and democrats say it could mean more cut to schools and public safety. in sacramento, nannette miranda, abc7 news. . it's 4:45 now. coming up, dispute at a fireworks stand turns explosive. you'll see it light up. two men now face terrorism charges for alleged attack on a seattle military site. i'm john hendren. i'll have more on that coming up. >> also a san francisco judge rules an attack on a
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transgender woman is not a hate crime. the reason the d.a. george gascon says he is wrong. why prosecutors decided not to file charges against a man accused of stealing a dog. [ male announcer ] you don't make the world's best chicken
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m. welcome back. 4:48. look at the travel forecast for most of the country. 60-degree weather in both corners, seattle and portland. toward boston. warm in d.c., 90. upper 90s around dallas, 109 in phoenix. good news, as far as any flight delays. we have arrival delays to philadelphia. all the other major airports are running on time. severe weather is possible across the midwest to the high plains. also along the eastern seaboard. the flight tracker is waiting for you at eric? >> mike, thank you very much. 4:48. a frightping incident at a
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florida fireworks stand. employee got in a fight with another worker yesterday and set off fireworks throwing them in a tent. a witness says at one point the suspect lilth the fuse on two fire -- lit the fuse on two firecrackers and threw them in the gas tanks of a car. luckily, it caused nod serious damage and no one was injured but frightening stuff. the suspect has been charged with arson. two americans are in custody in seattle accused of planning to massacre soldiers on the west coast. federal authorities say they are home group terrorists caught by the f.b.i. sting. abc john hendren has the latest. >> reporter: seattle authorities say it was meant to be a fort hood style massacre. two muslim converts were planning to attack center. the alleged ring leader changed his name from joseph anthony davis to abu khalid abdul-latif. his home was searched by police. police say the alleged
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accomplish domnigue known as walli muhahidh said why don't we go in there with guns blazing and just lay everybody down. >> the most serious threat since i have been here. i've been here three years. >> reporter: the authorities were tipped off by someone they tried to recruit. the f.b.i. informant claimed that davis admired the 2009 massacre at fort hood and angry over a case where five washington state soldiers are charged with killing three afghan civilians for sport last year. this is the eighth time in the last two years there were attacked planned or carried out on military sites in the united states. john hendren, abc news. 4:50 now. cal's baseball team will look forward to next year. after making the most out of what was supposed to be the golden bears last year. virginia eliminated the bears from the world series yesterday. cal's cinderella run came after the school decided to
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drop baseball and other sports to save money. baseball alums and faps premed millions in donations to keep the -- pledged millions in donations to keep the program alive. investment paying off. put in $9 million and get the college world series. how about that? 4:51. check the forecast now. it's been hot and it's been cooler. where are we now? s>> sounds like a katy perry song. >> doesn't it? i don't sing in that key. >> i don't either. trying to be hipper this morning. >> you did a great job, too. >> you like that one? >> i did. >> appreciate it. good morning, everybody. we made it to friday. a few clouds roaming across the bay. they will get thicker over the next couple of hours. hopefully we won't have flight arrival delays at sfo. we'll keep an eye on it, too. take a look at the temperatures. what to dress for when you step outside right now. 49 in santa rosa. we have low to mid-50s in other neighborhoods. upper 50s around antioch and
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san jose. we have cloudy conditions around monterey bay an inland with the temperatures in the low to mid-50s. highlight, three things to know heading to the weekend. sunny this afternoon, and cooler than yesterday. scattered low clouds and mild temperatures again tonight. maybe you slept really well after the hot nights getting back to 50s this morning. cooler than average. no heat wave in this forecast. fremont is 2 degrees warmer than yesterday. concord, oakland and san francisco, about the same. san jose and santa rosa is three degrees cooler. upper 70s in dublin, pleasanton. low to mid-80s we'll find on the map today. hercules, castro valley, union city, fremont. low to mid-70s. upper 60s for the rest of the east bay shore. a little spread in the south bay today, with the mid-70s
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around sunnyvale and milpitas. 80 in los gatos. low to mid-70s on the peninsula. 68 in millbrae. half moon bay, 60. the rest of the coast, pacifica, daily city, sunset in upper 60s. sunshine in san francisco. mid-60s for you. 67 in saucelito. to mid-to-upper 70s through most of the north bay valleys. the farther north you head, low to mid-80s from rose rose to -- santa rosa to ukiah. 60 at your beaches. clouds around monterey, carmel, pacific grove. near 60 for you. mid-to-upper 60s for the rest of the bay. upper 70 to low 80s inland. if you are travelling the state, a lot of sunshine. upper 80s around chico, sacramento. 74 in tahoe. 64 in yosemite. flooding continues. hot in palm springs and 107. bring it home tonight. you can see the cloud cover again. widespread. 47 at santa rosa. low 60s fairfield and antioch. low to mid-50s for the rest of us. as long as we have the low pressure to the east and
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high pressure to the west. the air flows from the high to low pressure to keep us steady sea breeze. the cooler than average afternoon temperatures. next week, watching a storm that could bring us rain and cooler weather for tuesday and wednesday. have a great weekend. frances? >> mike, the traffic is light right now. you do not want to drive in san francisco this afternoon. or this evening. it will be a mess out there. we have several things going on. first, we have the critical mass bike ride. that leads from justin hermann plaza at around 6:00, 6:15. in addition to that, there is the transgender march from dolores park to plaza. they will leave dolores park at 6:30. then we have the giants game as well at 7:15. you can imagine, traffic will just be jammed for the evening commute through the area. as we go outside, though, what you will find is light traffic right now. a live shot of 280 and
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highway 17. southbound 17 toward scotts valley, everything should be reopened in the next five minutes. we'll show you 101 in millbrae. if you are headed toward sfo, want to get out of town, no problems here northbound as you make your way to san francisco. get the latest traffic anytime by going to our website it's under the bay area traffic link. eric? >> frances, thank you very much. 4:55. authorities say a south san francisco man who forcibly took a woman's dog from her arms last week will not be prosecuted because the dog had actually belonged to him at one point. cynthia was walking her dog kel see on eucalyptus avenue last friday when a man walked up and took the k-9 claiming the dog was his. investigation revealed the dog actually was the man's lost pet from about a year ago. it turned up in an animal shelter where she adopted it and nursed it back to health. the man will have to pursue a civil case if he wants the dog pack.
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san francisco's d.a. will refile hate crime charges on two suspects in an attack against transgender woman. george gascon said he is disappointed with the judge's decision to dismiss the allegation. it happened near bart station 16 and mission. two men accused of robbing the victim of her cell phone and after learning of her sexual orientation, viciously attacking her. according to gascon, the suspects made homophobic remarks during and after the attack. >> we believe that we show if it had not involved a transgender woman, why the robbery may have occurred we don't believe the assault would have occurred. in the two suspects face charges of assault, robbery and violating the civil rights. a felony hate crime designation carries a stiffer sentence. the winkalboss twins are not dropping the legal dispute against facebook ceo mark zuckerberg after all. tyler and cameron, and a partner, filed a new motion
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in u.s. district court in massachusetts asking the court to determine whether facebook and zuckerberg intentionally or inadvertently suppressed evidence. the twins accused zuckerberg of stealing their idea to create social network. on wednesday, they dropped a similar case they pursued in ninth u.s. circuit court of appeals. no comment from facebook on the latest court action. 4:57 now. drivers on one of the busiest roads in the east bay will have to deal with a slow commute for a while longer. new on abc7 news at 5:00 -- court ruling in a tree bat that is delaying a major road-wideping project. >> reporter: living in california has positives but what makes you nervous about this place? earthquakes? wildfires? find out what your fellow californians said up next. >> a bay area school district will pay for a teenagers death. why keeping students safe near campus is as important as protecting them in their classrooms.
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