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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  June 24, 2011 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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good morning, america. in plain sight. the stunning, new details about the secret life of america's most wanted mob boss. the guns whitey bulger stored inside his books. hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash inside his walls. how the feds finally nabbed him. what they're worried he'll say now. line of fire. a terror plot foiled to attack a west coast military base, using grenades in the cafeteria. how close did they get to pulling it off? casey anthony trial shocker. gasps in the courtroom as her mother drops a bombshell about what she was searching for online. >> i recall typing in the word chloroform. >> could this startling testimony save casey from conviction? our team is here to weigh in. superstar scare. justin bieber tackled at a
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jam-packed appearance. why beliebers were outraged. and what really happened. i want to jump in on that. e want to jump on top of the announcer. i want to assure all those justin bieber fans he's okay. and we hope you're having a happy friday. boy, this whitey bulger story is incredible. there's the mug shot right there. he and his girlfriend, catherine greig, likely in boston today. and after 16 years it all ended so fast. ads went up on daytime television. and within 24 hours the fbi had tricked bulger into leaving his apartment.
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and it is all over. and, robin, you'll talk to the fbi agent in charge in just a minute. >> almost a million dollars in hollowed out books. >> and guns. the latest on the casey anthony trial. a stunning day in court as her mother's revelations could change the whole course of this trial. were you with us yesterday? yeah, sparks were flying between our team, nancy and dan. well, they are back again today. >> they will be going at it all day. let's get right to the latest. david wright is outside the apartment in santa monica where he was caught. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning, george. this was the end of the line for whitey bulger. police say he and his girlfriend were living under the names of karl and carol gasco. they were model tenets. they lived here 15 years. they always paid the rent on time. and always in cash. bulger's 16 years on the run came to an end wednesday night, with a phone call and a lie. federal officers arranged for a call to bulger, to say his
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storage locker had been broken into. when he came to investigate, federal agents pounced. >> security concerns prompted agents to use a ruse to lure bulger out of his residence. when they sid, they took him into custody, without incident. >> reporter: inside they found more than $800,000 in cash stuffed into the walls and 30 firearms some hidden in hollowed out books, and a packed bag, in case a quick getaway was needed. the capture came after a publicity campaign involving billboards and psas that launched three days earlier. thanks to a crucial tip from a still unidentified source. at a hearing thursday bulger was asked if he read his indictment. and in a deep boston accent, mr. bulger responded, i got them all here. it'll take me a while to finish them all. and added, i know them all anyway.
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he never left the house without a hat and sunglasses. he went for walks twice a day at sunrise and sunset. >> my sense was she was a very kind and lovely person. and that he was a bit of a lunatic. >> reporter: the questions now is, will bulger start talking? will he reveal where bodies are buried? and who helped him stay on the run all these years? the families of his victims want answers. tom donahue was only a kid when his father was murdered. >> i was 8 years old when my father was snatched from me. and my whole life been living with this. no rest, no closure, constant down emotion. >> reporter: still, for him, bulger's arrest provides some sense of closure, at last. >> hard to describe the feeling we're going through right now. it's a good feeling. it's a feeling i haven't felt in a long time that they got him. they finally got that bastard. >> reporter: we still don't know who dropped a dime to the authorities to turn whitey bulger in. that public service announcement campaign ran in 14 cities. but not in los angeles. and the fbi is hinting the call may have come from somewhere
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else. at this hour, vehicles are gathering at the jailhouse to take whitey bulger to the airport. he's headed back to boston, where he could have a court appearance later today. robin? just moments ago, i spoke with the fbi agent in charge of the boston office, and u.s. attorney, cameron ortiz, about the tip that led to the capture of bulger where he had been hiding so long. >> most of our publicity in the past had been focused on bulger himself. and we thought by focusing upon catherine greig and targeting our campaign to individuals who might likely come in contact with her, was the most efficient way 06 undertaking this campaign. >> and you can confirm that the campaign did lead to the tip?
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>> yes, the campaign directly led to this tip, which resulted in the arrest of mr. bulger and ms. greig. >> there was a very hefty reward, $2.1 million. $2 million for bulger. $100,000 for the girlfriend. will the person who came forward receive the money? >> that's correct, robin. we will be in coordination with the justice department on that. and can't confirm anything in regard to that. but that's certainly a possibility. >> ms. ortiz, a lot of people are so relieved that both of them are -- have been captured. but also quite surprised that they were hiding in plain sight. an apartment there in santa monica after having sightings outside of the country. were you taken aback, too, that they were right there in california? >> i wasn't really totally taken aback. you know, sometimes it's very simple to deceive when you make yourself to be very average-looking, average couple
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together. and you just kind of sort of blend in with the community. and i think that they were able to do that especially as a couple. >> so, what happens now? what's the process now with him? >> what happens now is yesterday there was an initial appearance where they appear -- they were in a los angeles federal court. they both agreed to waive removal to massachusetts. we're expecting them hopefully later today. the logistics of their transportation is in the process. and so, they'll appear in the federal courthouse at boston, where they will be -- they'll have an initial appearance. and they will also have an arraignment on the charges they're facing. and the case will proceed forward. they'll be treated like any other defendant. they're presumed innocent. they have a right to trial. and so, the process will start. >> and can you take us through -- how this went down,
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if you will. that there are reports this morning that there was some sort of ruse. that an agent called mr. bulger in his apartment. said something that was in his storage locker. can you give us more details on what happened? >> once the tip was received, it went into our los angeles office. it was immediately relayed back here to boston, to the command post that we had set up in our boston office. the tip was vetted. once we found the tip to be credible, we sent information back out to our los angeles office. our los angeles office did a great job going out to the location and doing some further vetting of that information. and then, they were able to effect the arrest of mr. bulger and ms. greig by using a ruse. and both of those arrests were without incident. >> thank you both very much for your time this morning. >> thank you, robin. >> thank you very much, robin. >> take care. let's turn to the economy now. and a rollercoaster ride for the
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stock market thursday fueled by more signs that the economy just isn't picking up any steam. and new worries about washington's ability to deal with all of it. let's bring in bianna golodryga and jon karl to get both angles on that story. this all began with an announcement that the president along with 28 other nations will tap the strategic petroleum reserve. that's designed to bring down gas prices. >> it caught everybody by surprise. we can see immediate relief at the pump within the next few days. traditional rule of thumb every drop of oil by the dollar you can see them drop between 2 cents to 3 cents a gallon. we could see relief 10 cents to 15 cents. and some experts are saying it could go down to $3.40, now averaging at $3.60. that's significant. >> discouraging news. >> unemployment numbers were up. only 54,000 jobs were added this. could be a temporary sign but if we see these unemployment benefits start to rise again,
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then we could be in trouble. >> traders got that news, the dow was down almost 200. but it came back later in the day on reports that greece had some recovery plans. >> preliminary reports of an austerity report. >> jon, while that was happening our own debt talks in washington completely broke down because republicans walked out saying they're not going to agree to any tax increases. >> reporter: that's right, george. republican leaders walked out on this. they say that the white house and congressional democrats are insisting that any agreement to raise that debt ceiling include tax increases, rate increases. and republicans say even if the leaders agree to that, they couldn't pass tax increases in the house. so, it's an absolute nonstarter. >> meanwhile, the clock is ticking and the treasury secretary said we'll run out on our ability to borrow august 2nd. you have to come to some framework of a deal to get it done in time.
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all started again? >> you know, it's a really good question and not clear. it's going to go right now to the president and speaker of the house and the republican leader in the senate, mitch mcconnell. they have to come to an agreement. we've gone beyond these talks with vice president biden. but time is definitely running out. >> and saying the president will have to take any tax increases off the table to get it started. jon karl, thank you very much. robin? now to a terror plot stopped in its tracks. authorities say two men now under arrest were planning to attack a seattle military base. a plan eerily similar to the deadly ft. hood shootings. abc's brian ross has all the details and joins us from washington. good morning, brian. >> reporter: good morning, robin. well, this is at least the eighth time in the last two years that there have been attacks planned or carried out on u.s. military facilities in this country. the target this time was the military entrance processing station in seattle. target date, july 5th. according to the fbi, the accused attackers sought to
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determine how they could kill the most military personnel and escape or die as martyrs. the men discussed using fragmentation grenades in the facility's cafeteria as a way of maximizing casualties. >> these folks view our military as the enemy, as the arm of the u.s. government that is attacking their people abroad and killing them. and so, it's logical that they would be a huge target. >> reporter: authorities identified the two men arrested as both converts to islam, including the accused ringleader, 33-year-old abu khalid abdul latif, formerly known as joseph davis, who has posted a number of videos on youtube with rants against the u.s. military for their actions in islamic countries. >> the americans now, they're murdering and killing muslims. and we sit here and we do nothing. >> reporter: davis has a long criminal record and reportedly converted to islam while in
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prison in washington state. >> stop allowing these people to try to destroy islam in this way. >> reporter: the fbi says the men were modeling their planned attack on what happened in ft. hood, texas, where 13 people were killed. >> we must establish jihad. i don't care what anybody says about that. you can turn me in to the fbi. whatever. we need to establish with the tongue, with your heart and your happens. >> reporter: the two were arrested after they took several weapons from an fbi undercover, machine guns that had been disabled. and the fbi sent a warning to local law enforcement there may well be other plots like this in the works. americans inspired by al qaeda to carry out attacks on u.s. military installations and military leaders in this country, robin. >> all right. thank you, brian. appreciate it. let's turn to josh elliott on this friday morning for other developing stories. good morning, josh. >> good morning again to you,
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robin and george. we're going to begin with a shocker in that osama bin laden investigation, still undergoing. agents have found the cell phone of bin laden's trusted courier. and on that phone, according to "the new york times," they found contact information for a militant group linked to pakistan's spy agency. it is the latest indication that bin laden may have received high-level help from pakistan during his years there in hiding. some breaking news overnight from iraq. 4 bombs went off in baghdad killing at least 40 people. it's the worst violence in months and comes as u.s. forces now prepare to withdraw by year's end. and the evacuation zone has been expanded in minot, north dakota, this morning, where the souris river is expected to crest this weekend. six feet above the record set back in 1881. some areas of the city are already underwater. more than 10,000 people have fled their homes. and officials say there's nothing more they can do but wait for the river to rise and fall. and google may soon have a
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major legal fight on its hands. federal regulators are reportedly preparing to issue subpoenas. and they want to know if google manipulated search results to promote its own sites. look at this catch. divers were combing through a shipwreck off the coast and found this, an antique emerald ring believed to be some ten carats. >> how much? how much? >> wait for it. >> okay. >> sank with a spanish ship during a hurricane in 1622. and so you ask, robin, how much it's worth? how about a cool $500,000. >> do you know how much time i've spent in the florida keys? >> $500,000 isn't anything to sneeze about. but i was a little disappointed. we saw that treasure chest. i thought you were going to bring up the whole treasure chest. >> it's worth $500,000 and you're disappointed. >> very high on a friday. very high.
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let's get to the weather. sam, you're outside of san francisco. did you see these pictures he was tweeting last night? oh, what are you doing out there, sam? >> well, robin, i've planted a clue in the picture around me, as to why we're in emeryville. see if you can figure it out. let's get to the boards. one or two things we want to talk about. as you head outside your doors looking at thunderstorms. there's two zones today. one of them is right along the eastern seaboard, mid-atlantic, from raleigh back up to new york city. i know you're tired of storms. but storms are not done yet. they tend to go away by the weekend. rapid city, omaha, kansas city, memphis, right through america's heartland, these are some powerful storms, as well. elsewhere, the flooding that continues up into the dakotas, also through minnesota. there is more rain in that area. big-time snow melt. look at the number. 95 in denver.
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and we are live in emeryville,
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california, this morning. and, george, it's a remarkable place. we'll show you all the reasons in just a second. see if you can guess. >> i love that backdrop. okay, sam. thanks very much. now, to that scare for justin bieber, just down the street at macy's here in manhattan. his fans always create a little bit of mayhem. but this time, they got way too close. linsey davis is back with the story. hey, linsey. >> reporter: good morning, george. it happened right here on the sidewalk. now, initial reports were that a man jumped a barricade and tackled justin bieber to the ground. but turns out that's not quite how it happened. it all happened so fast. shrills with excitement quickly turns to shrieks of panic. a frenzy seems to follow justin bieber everywhere he goes. but this, this is more like chaos. before fists went flying outside of macy's flagship store, the international superstar had
7:19 am
grown women screaming on "the view." during that appearance he encouraged people to come to the macy's event. >> i'm doing a macy's event today. we're doing -- i launch my fragrance, which is called someday. >> reporter: instead of the fragrance, it's the fisticuffs that got people talking. it all started when he exited the store. police set up a pen for the pop star to wave to the crowd. but he unexpected walked down the barrier to greet his fans. that's when they pushed barricades over. initial reports of what happened next suggest bieber was attacked. but the man involved in the scuffle was actually part of his security detail. >> three guys were holding this guy back. and he was yelling at him. and he just went crazy. >> reporter: when the security guard refused to move when police tried to get the biebs back inside police wrestled guard to the ground. bieber's team called it a momentary well-intentioned misunderstanding. and he tweeted, today went well at macy's.
7:20 am
the fans were amazing. bieber's fans aren't always so amazing. his music created a loyal, often crazed, following. but the concert last summer a water bottle was hurled at him. during a performance in sydney he was pelted with eggs. and in liverpool, police initially threatened to arrest bieb if he went out on his balcony. they were afraid he might incite a riot. but had him go out in the hopes that the crowds would go away. they didn't. as far as what happened here in herald square, he was not attacked or injured. just pretty shaken up. and that security guard, he was issued a summons for disorderly conduct. robin and george? >> thanks for clearing that up. yesterday they were saying he was attacked. >> that was something for a few hours. >> glad he's okay. coming up, the stunning revelations of casey anthony's mother. could her testimony save her daughter from the death penalty? plus, what you need to know before you break out the barbecue. we'll show you why grilling can be so dangerous and how to stay
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and wound occupy its top. the three people on board managed to walk away from the wreckage. a witness says the small plane apparently lost power as it was coming in for a landing. >> let's find out what is going on traffic wise. >> busy friday this afternoon. so far the slow spot this morning is westbound 580 out of livermore because of an earlier crash but friday light traffic at the bay bridge toll plaza expecting to change this evening due to the giants game, the transgender march and also critical mass. >> thank you very much. mike will have a look at the weekend óóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóó
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can you see if there is a stain in the trunk of that car? >> explosive testimony from cindy anthony shocking the courtroom, stunning prosecutors. could casey anthony's mother take the death penalty off the table? >> we are going to put that question to our experts this morning. they are going to weigh in. and sparks likely to fly. nancy grace and dan abrams are there for that. >> in this corner, dan abrams. in this corner, nancy grace. also this morning, look what happened when this family's barbecue grill turned deadly. we're going to show you how to make sure you're not one of the thousands injured every year by grill fires. >> that's some important information. let's get right to that riveting day of testimony in the casey anthony trial.
7:31 am
ashleigh banfield was there when the shock wave hit. and she joins us from orlando. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, george. unbelievable day for the defense. really just astounding as cindy anthony got up on the stand and admitted to being the one who made a computer search for one of the most damning terms in the case. and it is not the first time she's been asked if she searched for chloroform. but it is the first time that she says she remembered doing it. as bombshell moments go, they don't get any bigger than this. >> do you recall doing any types of searches that might include chloroform? >> yes, i started looking up chlorophyll and that prompted me to look up chloroform. >> reporter: chloroform, a key element in the prosecution's case. if casey drugged her child and put duct tape on her face it's a premeditated first-degree murder. but if cindy did that search, it blows a hole in their case. >> i also ran a few other searches at the same time in
7:32 am
march, other things that we had in the house like acetone, hydrogen peroxide, rubbing alcohol. >> reporter: but the prosecution was having none of it. and right away went on the attack. >> did not search for self-defense. >> household weapons? >> i did not search for household weapons. >> neck-breaking? >> there was a youtube regarding a skateboarder. and i recall it saying a neck-breaking feat. >> reporter: but the prosecutor kept pushing about the exact time the searches were made. >> were you home on march 17th between 1:43 and 1:55 p.m.? >> if those computer entries were made, then i made them. >> so, it's your testimony today that it's possible that you were home on that day even though your work records reflect something differently? >> it's possible. >> were you or weren't you? >> reporter: and the grilling continued. >> did you type in to the search bar on google how to make chloroform?
7:33 am
>> i recall typing in the word chloroform. >> is this something that you're recalling now that you've changed your medication since july of 2009? >> reporter: it was a question that even shocked casey. and still, cindy wouldn't budge. >> in fact, i told you during my deposition 2009 that i made those searches. >> did you do 84 searches for the effects of chlorophyll on your animals? >> i didn't do 84 searches of anything. >> reporter: and cindy may be right. it turns out evidence that someone visited a website called sci-spot and looked at chloroform 84 times may have, in fact, been an record. >> how many times does it show that that website was visited. >> once, sir. >> so, myspace was visited 84 times according to the net analysis report? >> that's correct. >> reporter: still, somebody in the anthony home searched for
7:34 am
chloroform and went to myspace all within 20 seconds and cindy anthony didn't have a myspace account until 3 months later. all right. so, computer forensics can be pretty tricky stuff to navigate. i got this for you. juror number two is an i.t. expert. while juror number five does not own a computer. and, oh, to be a fly on the wall during these deliberations. >> oh, it would be fascinating. okay, ashleigh, thanks very much. let's bring in our team of experts. dan abrams, here in new york. and nancy grace, the host of "nancy grace" on hln in atlanta. nancy, let me begin with you. you heard the courtroom gasp when cindy anthony talked about chloroform. but was it really a game changer? >> well, i believe that for jurors that are predisposed to tot mom, casey anthony, i think it is a game-changer.
7:35 am
but anybody on that jury that's a mother or grandmother will probably feel the same way that i do. if my daughter, lucy, or my little boy were looking at the florida death penalty, if there were a way i could do it, i would say, here. here's my arm. go ahead. put the needle in and that's what we saw cindy anthony do yesterday. here's the big problem for me. we already know that on the state's witness list they've got the recordkeeper for cindy's work. if they have her computer records they're going to be able to show she was absolutely at work. and if the defense set her up for a perjury charge it's on them. >> yeah, i don't know that they'll actually end up charging her with perjury. but i agree with nancy on the fundamentals of how significant it is. it is more significant in regard of premeditation. this is a seven-count indictment. one is premeditated murder. the best evidence that the prosecutors have of that premeditation are the computer searches. if you're able to negate those computer searches in any way,
7:36 am
shape or form, you've done a good job of trying to have these jurors potentially focus on aggravated murder -- sorry, aggravated manslaughter as opposed to premeditated murder. >> that's why the prosecutor kept honing in on the idea that cindy's memory is getting better over time, which generally doesn't happen. >> look, that's one of the big problems. even if the jurors think that cindy anthony is lying, for exactly the reasons nancy laid out, i think the prosecutor was too harsh -- >> i got a bigger problem. >> let me finish -- >> those searches were erased, dan. out of 4 1/2 years of computer history, those searches were erased. only those searches out of 4 1/2 years of computer history. and, dan, come on. when was the last time you put a bookmark on something on your computer. these searches were bookmarked for whoever wanted to make chloroform wouldn't have to go through the search. >> there's a big difference between searching chloroform and how to make chloroform, which is one of the big distinctions here
7:37 am
in the case. >> but, nancy, on the prosecutor, a matter of pure technique. you're pointing out a lot of holes in the defense. did the prosecutor make cindy a little more sympathetic? >> well, by going after her that way, i think that they may. i think there would have been a more subtle way or more gentle way to go after her. but, look. here's the deal. when you are prosecuting a murder one case, and you have a witness take the stand that you believe is lying, you got to do what you got to do. it's basically take no enemies. >> i don't think -- no, no, when you got the mother of -- when you got the grandmother of the victim who's clearly a sympathetic figure, there is a way to ask these questions that you don't have to seem like you're going after her. you can say it in exactly the same way. you can challenge her on exactly the same points. but the tone was so aggressive. >> you mean more puzzled. >> exactly.
7:38 am
exactly and the prosecutor was so aggressive with cindy anthony that think there is the real risk of engendering a level of sympathy with her, even if the jurors don't necessarily believe everything she is saying. even if her memory has gotten better. >> that's what the defense did on her initial cross-exam. they treated cindy anthony like dirt. >> that's right. and at the time i said the same thing. at the time i said the same thing. i was critical of the way the defense went after her. >> but nobody thought she was lying under oath then, dan. >> no, right. look, because i think they have more against her now. the bottom line -- sorry, they have more to demonstrate that she -- when your memory gets better over time, and when you're able to offer this many more details over time, as to exactly how she was doing the search, when she was doing the searches, why she was -- >> you're right. the detail. when it came to neck-breaking, the way she explained it three
7:39 am
years later, she remembers, oh, yeah. a pop-up came up about a neck-breaking daredevil feat on skateboard. i don't remember a pop-up from yesterday. how does she remember a pop-up from three years later? >> look, we got some agreement from you guys today. we'll have to stop it there. i'm sure we'll have you back next week. now, out to sam with the weather in emeryville, california, the home of pixar. hey, sam. >> good morning, george. today is a pretty big day for a lot of families because the film "cars 2" opens during the day today. we'll show you some of the stars. they're going to be first-name stars by the time this movie is over. this is mater. he has real rust and dents and all. this is finn, the first time you'll see finn. in there and lightning mcqueen. and we'll talk more about all of this later on in this hour in the next half hour. to the boards and one or two things going on. as you get out the door, this is where storms are rolling today. these are some powerful thunderstorms in the northeast yesterday. they will be again today. boston comes in at about 63.
7:40 am
new york, 73. so, cool and damp and just kind of messy during the day today. we are live in emeryville, california. we'll talk a little bit about "cars 2" in the next hour. >> sam, thanks very much. when we come back, don't let this happen to you. what you need to know about summer grilling safety. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 without having to pay to access your own money. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 it'd be like every atm in the world was your atm. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 the schwab bank high yield investor checking® account. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 zero atm fees. a great interest rate. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 no minimums. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 and it's fdic-insured.
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official weekend of the summer, which means it's time to break out the grill for some barbecue. it's also time, though, to be careful. about 7,000 people are injured by grill fires every year. abc's elisabeth leamy has two dramatic demonstrations to show you the possible dangers. >> reporter: you're looking at a controlled catastrophe, a fire we set to show you what you can happen when you misuse a grill. like earlier this month in ohio. >> i need ems out here right away. >> reporter: the family left a charcoal grill out but still hot too close to the side of their house and the resulting fire killed them all. >> words cannot explain the loss
7:45 am
of a family like that. >> reporter: so we teamed up with underwriters laboratories to create two worst case scenarios with grills. one gas, one charcoal. tip one for gas grills, check for gas leaks by rubbing dish soap on the hoses and connections. >> so that's the propane forcing the bubbles out. >> that means the connection has to be tightened. >> reporter: never turn it on with the lid closed. >> you 0 have a huge buildup of gas ignite. >> we want to show you using a remote control a lab technician unleashes the lid. >> one. >> in a fraction of a second a fireball burns the hair off of the little girl mannequin. watch again in slow motion. this is what happens when explosive gas is trapped in your grill. tip one for charcoal grill, keep them at least ten feet away from your home.
7:46 am
>> get it as far away your home, garage or carport as possible. >> reporter: tip two, never leave a grill unattended. >> if anything happens, you should be able to get there quickly and take care of it. >> reporter: all right, so time to light this thing on fire. >> let's indite. >> ul lights the grill and at first all is well. but when firefighters simply flip the burgers and stoke the coals, it flares up into the hanging plants above. >> we just experienced a much bigger surge of heat. i'm going to step back. we're now about six minutes in and you can see that this would be a situation that would be hard to survive. just nine minutes after the flames first flare up into the flowers, the entire porch is consumed. ul's firefighters declare the scene unsafe and put the fire out. >> whew, our thanks to underwriters laboratories for those vital demonstrations. for more grill safety tips and advice for using tiki torches
7:47 am
and outdoor fire pits safely go to our website, they may not have always been the best of friends but why are george michael and elton john teaming up? the answer on lara's pop index. . you know that comes with a private island. really? no. it comes with a hat. you see, airline credit cards promise flights for 25,000 miles, but... [ man ] there's never any seats for 25,000 miles. frustrating, isn't it? but that won't happen with the capital one venture card. you can book any airline anytime. hey, i just said that. after all, isn't traveling hard enough? ow. [ male announcer ] to get the flights you want, sign up for a venture card at what's in your wallet? uh, it's okay. i've played a pilot before. jeremy, look at me. look at that smile. that is pudding face. you took my pudding! the evidence is hard to dispute. [ male announcer ] get your pudding face on with oh-so-cool and irresistible jell-o pudding.
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7:51 am
and coming up, cutting the cake to find out it you're having a girl or a boy. why they're getting the news not from their doctor but their baker. >> go with the flow. counting down to florence and the machine. live in central park coming up on "gma." at bayer, we've been relieving pain for over 100 years. and today, we're re-inventing aspirin for pain relief. with new extra-strength bayer advanced aspirin. it has microparticles so it enters the bloodstream faster and rushes relief right to the site of your tough pain. ♪ in fact, it's clinically proven
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7:56 am
beach will reopen today. life closed the popular county beach after a shark was seen. they have been ban today go into knee deep water. there was ten foot long great white sights. >> seven-day forecast, temperatures, low to mid-70s and around the bay. morning clouds give way to afternoon sunshine. chance of showers tuesday and
7:57 am
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♪ the dog days are over the dog days are done the horses are coming ♪ ♪ so you better run getting ready at the park. good morning, america. tgif. we're counting down for our big friday concert with florence and the machine. they're going to rock central park this morning. >> josh has been excited about this all week long. >> this is the one. from the beginning of the summer, this is the one. >> that tune is in your head. >> again and again. >> also, chris cuomo is going to be. we have a story about a schoolteacher who is also an nfl cheerleader. she says online gossip about her and the team's players have
8:01 am
ruined her reputation. and she's fighting back now. and, lara, you will make parents happy. >> this is a sweet story, oh, yeah, pun intended. new answer for parents-to-be that's never been sweeter. we'll take you inside the latest baby craze. gender reveal parties. these couples are going to find out if they're having a boy or a girl first time live when they slice into cake. >> what? >> we'll explain. we'll explain. >> all right. we're also going to hear from first lady michelle obama. she's in south africa. it's become a person pilgrimage, if you will. she's with nelson mandela. we foe that she's spent some time with him. a revealing one-on-one interview that david muir will bring to us in just a little bit. but first you have some news to deliver to us, josh. >> i sure do. we'll begin with that man who until wednesday was the nation's most wanted fugitive. he's being returned to boston this morning to face justice after 16 years on the run. agents have found $800,000 cash inside the santa monica apartment that mobster whitey bulger shared with his
8:02 am
girlfriend. they also found guns, 30 in all, some inside hollowed out books. bulger will answer to charges in connection with 19 murders and if he talks could disclose damaging details about how local and federal agents once protected him. the cell phone recovered in osama bin laden's compound is raising new questions today about whether authorities in pakistan supported him during his years in hiding there. that cell phone belonged to bin laden's courier and reportedly proves that he had been in touch with a militant group long associated with pakistan's spy agency. meanwhile, authorities in seattle have arrested two men accused of plotting to attack a military recruiting center using machine guns and hand grenades. the men had recently converted to islam and allegedly modeled their plot on the 2009 massacre at ft. hood, texas. and now to the web of lies and lawsuits entangling spider-man star tobey maguire. he's among several hollywood high rollers caught up in a multimillion dollar illegal poker scam. our andrea canning has the
8:03 am
story. >> reporter: you may know tobey maguire as spider-man, but he's also a superhero at the poker table. according to lawyers, maguire has won hundreds of thousands of dollars in a roving high stakes poker game. "star" magazine obtained this $70,000 check written to the actor, just part of his winnings, but it turns out the poker parter who gave him that check, former hollywood hedge fund manager, bradley ruderman, allegedly used stolen cash to repaid his gambling debts. ruderman was sentenced to over ten years in prison for embezzling more than $25 million from his clients in a ponzi scheme. $5.2 million, according to the fbi, went to cover his poker debts. now, tobey maguire and several other celebrities have been named in numerous lawsuits in an attempt to reclaim victims' money. >> the allegation is that they knew that they were playing in an illegal game and now that it turns out that the money they got for their winnings were from
8:04 am
the ill-gotten gains of a fraudster, it has to be returned. >> reporter: poker pro- dan bilzerian is named in the lawsuit. >> i only played with him once, but he wasn't very good. i mean, the more bad players there are in a game, the better. >> reporter: court documents allege there were other celebrity winners too like nick cassavettes who directed "the notebook" and "welcome back, kotter" star gabe kaplan. >> but perhaps in this high-stakes era here in hollywood that we've now uncovered, they might decide to chance their luck in a court of law. >> reporter: maguire's publicist had no comment, neither did the other celebrities involved but in a game of winner take all, it's safe to say the winners in this game weren't betting on this. for "good morning america," andrea canning, abc news. >> thank you, andrea. now, here's our diane sawyer with a preview of tonight's "world news" and one tale of a four-legged friend all over again. diane?
8:05 am
>> and a good friday morning to you, josh, and everybody at "gma." a puppy tonight on "world news," just 5 weeks old abandoned but then found by strangers who returned him to life with four joyful bionic paws, paws. you have to see it. it's coming up tonight on "world news." >> and so we shall. that is a look at the news at 5 past the hour. george and robin. >> all right, josh, thanks. ready for the buzziest showbiz news and trends? we know that you are because lara is at the big board. >> all right, you guys. now to the pop news index. it's your ultimate briefing on what's now, what's hot, what everybody will be talking about today, and we want to get started today with something we feel is inspired, george michael and elton john did let the sun go down on their friendship years ago, but after a decades-long feud, the two pop stars have apparently reconciled and were best friends until they had a public falling out over michael's drug use but after a
8:06 am
stint in prison and rehab last year, michael came around. in fact, it was just announced that he'll play a concert for the elton john aids foundation this november, and that deserves a couple of cheers. all right, next up, a few more big names also making some beautiful music together. pretty fabulous, in fact. jack white and stephen colbert the comedian debuted a new single by the rocker on his show last night called "charlene too i'm over you." colbert asked whi eed him to gue it would win him a grammy. the song, though, climbing the charts today. the man is multi-talented. next up, did you not get invited to the senate for seersucker thursday? well, never fear, we have pictures from this fabulous/slightly insane tradition where members of the senate report to work in their finest seersucker outfits. it follows a tradition started by senator trent lott in the '90s to mark the beginning of summer. nice to see they could all agree
8:07 am
at least on their outfits. finally, you know, i want to give that one a sound effect. darn it. i was going to give it the sizzling bacon because they look hot in that seersucker. all right. last up, do three reality show train wrecks, shall we say, make for good tv or a bad disaster? check out the names for this upcoming show on vh1, heidi montag, "bachelor" jake pavelka and danielle staub from "the real housewives of new jersey." the so-called reality stars will compete for the chance to run a west hollywood restaurant, but the real fireworks may be happening offscreen. tmz reporting that montag could only participate in the show if her husband, oh, yes, stayed away from the set entirely. wow. sounds like love is in the air. >> more fun with spence around. >> i know. let me tell you, i have interviewed him many times. he always makes it interestingment
8:08 am
>> i'm jealous of lara. i want those sound effects over here. >> george, hold on. i want to give you one. george, i'm out of here. >> heading to the park. aren't you, lara? >> heading to the park. let's go to sam who is out there in pixar studios. sam, you know how to sport a seersucker. >> hey, good morning, george. i have worn the summer weight fabric paired with flip-flop dockers. we are here in emeryville, california, at the home of pixar because "cars 2" opens today, and these folks are having a little party with us this morning. now lightning mcqueen, cars like this in case you think that they only live in the movie, this is a radio controlled model life-sized. giant lightning. go ahead, dave. make it walk a little bit, and we'll walk down with it. lightning can move and do an awful lot of cool things like the big engine roar. let's show you a clip. we can because we're a disney family, a little preview of what will happen in "cars." >> i will like it.
8:09 am
>> okay, and as the race takes off, it's like the world grand prix, and this is the car that takes on lightning in that. i actually love this movie. not only is it going to be fun for kid, but as an adult sitting there watching it, it was a really good time. let's get to the boards. there's one or two things we want to show you in case you're headed out the door and you don't know what the forecast is, that's why we're here. on the west coast this fog starts rolling in on the west coast of southern california. i think it was beautiful in san francisco yesterday but as we get over the next 48 hours, it's more likely this coastal fog will start to creep in. already we're getting some showers into seattle and portland area. big storms rumbling in the middle of the country and also in the mid-atlantic today so stay up with your local abc stations and you'll know exactly what's going
8:10 am
>> and we are back in emeryville which, by the way, if you like car, you need to be here. there's a big car show going on at the same time. here's what we have on your "gma" morning menu. we think of her as the first lady but she's also the first mom. in an interview with michelle obama, she tells us what her hopes are for her daughters. it's a story you're going to want to see. also, would you do this? what is a gender reveal party? what is that? would you go to a party, cut into a cake and find out with the rest of the crowd what the gender of your baby is? seems to be a new trend. and also this morning, the teacher who is also an nfl cheerleader. she's going to talk out about the online gossip that isn't much to cheer about all on "gma" ahead. stay with us.
8:11 am
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8:15 am
it's so itchy. thou art not funny. [ fife and drum corps plays ] america's" summer concert series presented by burger king. >> big crowd here in central park for florence and the machine, but first we're going to get to first lady michelle obama been traveling through africa all week long with first daughters sasha and malia and shared her feelings on this very special trip including what it was like to visit nelson mandela with weekend anchor david muir. >> reporter: it was a fitting signal of strength in a country so tested, mrs. obama side by
8:16 am
side with archbishop desmond tutu doing push-ups. tutu was a champion of racial equality during apartheid and another portrait, one would most find simply in a history book. nelson mandela. >> yes. >> what was it like in that room? >> surreal. something i never thought would happen in my lifetime for me. it was power full because his presence in and of itself is powerful. >> reporter: what did you say to him? >> i told him, you cannot imagine how important your legacy is to who i am, to who my husband is. i just said, thank you. thank you. thank you. >> reporter: you have so protected your daughters from the media glare and add mmirablo but when they read "the cat in the hat" there were not only so many children smiling there but around the world. >> too wet do go out, too cold
8:17 am
to play ball. >> no, no, make that cat go away. tell the cat in the hat you do not want to play. >> i look at them in the same way and think, wow, you guys have grown up and you're so poised and you're so sweet so there's that motherly side of me, but it's still always a balance between protecting them. they're here because it's june and they're not in school. >> those things should not be in this house. make them go. >> reporter: sasha might have a future. that dra natick flare there. >> yeah, sasha's got a little flavor. >> reporter: during our interview with the first lady a list we discovered by students of questions that they simply ran out of time to ask her. these are the questions that some of the young people had hoped to ask you downstairs. >> okay. >> reporter: what legacy do you and barack obama plan to leave behind but i liked this one. what advice will you give to your girls when they fall in
8:18 am
love? >> oh, wow. >> you're about to have a teenager, right. >> yes, she's there. i -- i would tell all young people, choose people who will lift you up, find people who will make you better. >> reporter: you said the president has made you better. >> yes. >> reporter: you said let's just for the record -- >> i haven't told him that so now it's on record. so he'll bring that up whenever i'm mad at him. of course, i've made him better. >> reporter: i heard it. of course that's on record too. for "good morning america," david muir, abc news, cape town, south africa. >> we have got it down on the record now but now let's go across the park. i got to find lara over there. >> hey, george, it's one of the most exciting and sweetest moments in a couple's life finding out whether or not you're having a boy or a girl. but now some couples are not doing that in a doctor's office. they're doing that with cake? we'll explain.
8:19 am
check it out. [ cheers and applause ] >> boy. >> reporter: it's a literal sweet start to one of life's sweetest moments. >> it's blue! >> reporter: they're call gender reveal parties and the idea is simple. the doctor puts the baby's sex into a sealed envelope. the parents take that envelope to their baker who creates a cake neutral on the outside but when you cut into it, surprise, it's pink or blue. >> we're having a girl! it's a play on the term bun in the oven many moms-to-be turning to the baker for that answer, boy or girl. >> you want to have a baby sister. >> reporter: no more finding out your baby's sex in a clinical doctor's office. this happy event is shared with
8:20 am
family and friends and usually a few tears of joy mixed in with a cake. we're about to throw our own gender reveal party with the greer family and the santalucia family each about to grow by one. katie and garrett got married last september and both wanted to start a family right away. >> i feel like this is a really genuine surprise and it's the one true surprise and i didn't really want to find out in a doctor's office by some doctor reading off the chart and saying, oh, it's a boy, have a good day. >> whatever makes her happy is good with me as long as it's healthy and hopefully a boy. >> reporter: nicole and shane have been together for four years but just tied the knot a few months ago. >> it's exciting. why put it off? >> i'm definitely excited we're having a baby. i can't wait to be a father. i know nicole is going to be a great mother. >> reporter: so what do katie and nicole think they're having. >> i've sworn since day one it
8:21 am
is a boy. if it's a girl, i will be floored. i will be beside myself. >> i'm hoping for a girl. i just think it would be fun to have a little mini-me. >> reporter: in a minute the cake will tell all. a sweet way of adding excitement to the process that is until the real excitement begins. [ baby crying ] >> it is the moment of truth. okay. here now with me, you made it clear you'd like to have a girl. >> i think it would be fun to have a mini-me to take with me when i get my nails done. >> and you? >> i'm good either way. >> you're here joined by your family. hang tight. let me introduce you guys. you are with your family, as well. >> yep. >> me and my dad and nancy and charlie. >> you're open -- >> he wants a boy. >> let's indite. are you ready. moment of truth. we'll find out what these guys are having, one, two, three. cut the cake.
8:22 am
>> oh, it's a girl. >> oh, my god. >> oh, my god. >> it's a girl. >> it's a girl. >> oh, my god. oh, my god. >> are you okay? two more powerful women in the world. back to you. >> oh, my god. >> oh, man, that was so great to see that. but, you know, the real question for viewers, "20/20's" chris cuomo. sarah jones, teacher during the week, nfl cheerleader on the weekends and her career ruined by a website. >> they're bulletin boards and say anything you want and sarah
8:23 am
is one of the victims of these situations. the question is, is it really wrong. on "20/20" we're taking a look at what happened to sarah jones and other things going on on in the internet so you can empower yourself to do something when we find them. looking at the world through the eyes of sarah jones, life seemed pretty good. >> my passion is teaching kids. i wake up every single day looking forward to going to work. >> reporter: when she's not in the classroom sarah pursues what some could call a weekend hobby or perhaps a dream come true. >> i'm an nfl cheerleader for the cincinnati bengals and this will be my sixth season with the bengals and i'm currently captain. ♪ american woman >> reporter: just when it seemed like life was grand sarah learned she was under attack online. a website had posted sarah's picture with an anonymous claim. she was dating the bengals kicker against team rules. even worse, the writer stated
8:24 am
she had leapt with other bengal players. >> i could not face my students, my faculty members, the school board because it's devastating to read those things about yourself. >> reporter: the comments were on the kind of internet bulletin board where anonymous critics can trash whomever they want. sarah said everything on the site about her was untrue. >> i think i sent 20 to 30 e-mails. i just wanted the pictures down. >> reporter: six weeks later a new picture appeared with more unsubstantiated assertions about her virtue. >> i literally broke down. i worked my buttoff to make sure i had a clean, great reputation and then it was ruined by one post. >> reporter: we called "" and met with its owner. he said has given him a major following online.
8:25 am
are you worried about hurting people. >> no. people put references to specific acts that very well could be untrue. >> who is to know what's real and what's fake? like there's truth. there could be truth behind there. >> reporter: you put it out there, you stand behind it. >> if they don't like it, they don't have to come to the site. at the same time, they're being published on the site by someone in their inner circle. >> reporter: in an age where the average teenager spends over four hours online every day the kids sarah teaches soon found out what was online about her. >> i think that i hit rock bottom when i had a student say that she would never learn from a slut like me again. >> reporter: would you do it the same way again. >> yeah, up probably would. >> reporter: you can't say you're sorry and then do it again. >> i'm not really sorry. >> reporter: the question is ouch of a sorry is it. legally these bulletin boards can operate and it's unclear whether or not there's any kind of responsibility to do what we
8:26 am
do every day and check our information. this is just one of the stories we look at tonight to try to teach people what's going on online and empower them to help themselves. >> all on "20/20" tonight at 10:00 eastern. weigh in on this. if you've been the victim of online gossip weigh in on our app, also when we come back, florence and the machine.
8:27 am
two workers were injured in a highway construction accident in pittsburg. it hooped highway 4 east of ench road. this is looking at the project of sky7hd. two subcontractors were hurt from a wall project. they went to the hospital with minor injuries. let's get an update on the friday morning commute. >> it is friday light at the bay bridge toll plaza. but things are jammed this afternoon and this evening. we have the giants game at 7:15. trand jechbder march heading towards the civic center and the critical mass bike ride, as
8:28 am
well. >> when we come back, mike is going tell us what the weather going tell us what the weather will be
8:29 am
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8:30 am
but a chance of showers on ♪ back for your mother back for your father sister and brother ♪ ♪ you can't carry it with you if you want to survive ♪ >> the dog days are over and so is the wait, florence and the machine taking over our stage for the summer concert series. >> this was the one to see. there is an ethereal fog today and it's very fitting and a great crowd. it's a great crowd. >> it's very moody. that's how we're trying to spin this. it's a little rainy but a great day here in central park. >> big movie coming up.
8:31 am
"horrible bosses." >> has anybody ever had one? >> no. >> no comment, never, never but we're going to talk to jason bateman and jason sudeikis, very funny and find out if they've ever had one. >> i snuck a copy last night. it's great. but first we got a big movie coming out this weekend in "cars 2" which is why sam is out there. >> good morning, everybody. we have a guest with us this morning. >> how are you? >> thank you. >> not only did you do this, you came up with the whole idea of a cars movie. >> my father was a parts manager in a chevrolet dealership in southern california where i grew up in whittier, california, so i always have loved cars because of that. and i just love animation and put the two -- thank you. put the two together so it's so much fun greeting characters
8:32 am
that are automobiles. >> it has been so much fun to be here. it's got to be the most creative place i've ever seen in my life. i've written up a little resume. >> thank you. you know what, we need weathermen here at pixar. >> i could wax the cars too, know when to bring them in. there's a car show going on at the same time. oh, here's a look at the picture, by the way. and the animation is so amazing. >> thank you. >> like they seem like people that you would know. >> well, you know when we make these films, these characters become like friends of ours, we know them so well and it is so exciting to bring these characters to life and we worked on this movie for three years at this studio. so exciting. today it's released to the country, to everybody -- >> i've seen it. it's a lot of fun. one or two things going on as you head out for your friday. the weekend getaway map tells you everything you want to know. basically those storms stay right in the middle of the
8:33 am
country. what you don't want to hear but a stationary system that stays put. the east coast will clear out ever so slightly. maybe a slight problem saturday morning but dries out in the latter part of the weekend and west coast is drier into the northwest so i think we'll have issues with coastal fog as we >> all right. i'm not the only guest. this is patricia. you won the online contest to be here. we're in a $2 million car right now, the whole trip to pixar studios. how does it feel? you got four kids. >> yes. it feels awesome. >> see if i remember how to
8:34 am
start it. oh, no, no. congratulations. >> thank you. >> for winning. you got your life in my hands. are you okay with that. >> i'm fine with that. >> let's see if we can actually do this. okay, george, back to you. see you later. >> all right. not a car like that. okay. we're going to get now -- sam is having so much fun but into one of the ultimate revenge fantasy, take out the bosses ruining your life, the premise of a great new movie "horrible bosses" and take a look at the buddies planning the plot. >> is that him? >> definitely a car. >> oh. looks like james bond. >> he really does, dude. >> i bet he carries one of those guns that you screw together. >> the coolest gun -- >> what if that is an undercover cop or a real thing he charges so much money he gets pissed off and kills us?
8:35 am
>> could that happen. >> got to let him in now. >> what's my hair? >> what do you mean how is your hair? >> here's the hapless hit men here. jason bateman, jason sue tayson. >> clearly you can see it's an "r." you put that up there. this is about three idiots -- >> 2 1/2. >> that we like to play. >> we don't like to work hard so we took the part and we think killing our boss will make the world a better place so, of course, we don't really succeed too well at that and that's why it's a comedy. >> you guys seem to have so much fun. have the three of you ever worked before? >> no, never again. >> we agreed on that. >> jason and i have. writer and actor when he was on is the snl." >> you guys never have. >> are you pitching us something? you got a script.
8:36 am
>> yeah. >> because we're available. >> i'll make some money on it so let's go do it. >> i heard they're remaking the remake of the three stooges movie. >> we can go on tape for that. >> maybe. yeah. >> okay, so who's -- i know you guys don't want to talk about the worst bosses you've had. of the three, who is the best boss? >> which one of us would be the best boss? >> i appreciate the twist on that, george. >> that would be the most fun. i don't know if that means i'd be the best for the company. >> the company would go out of business immediately. >> what a blow-out. >> we'd have a good time. >> it would be a hoot. >> a hoot and a half. >> you sort of make us get to work on time. >> you're very punctual. >> are you the adult in the group. >> that's because my wife is very punctual. if i don't leave the house with her she'll just leave me and then i'll go without plans. >> chris, are you married? >> charlie. >> yes, i am married.
8:37 am
>> chris is single as hell. >> no, i am married. >> i was just wondering what it was like and what your wife thought when she saw you and jennifer aniston naked. >> i don't -- you know -- uh -- i've been getting this one a lot. i'm not sure how to answer it. >> no, you can't tell. >> i think she's -- she's okay with it. i don't have any game so she's not too worried. >> well, she did something brand new. i've never see her in a role like this. >> she definitely goes off of her brand i guess they say and does things that people haven't seen her do or say things that people haven't heard her say so i think they're really going to like sdmrit a lot of fun. congratulation, guys. sorry, chris, chris, charlie. it comes out july 8th. jen is going to be here on monday. >> nice. >> and we'll be right back.
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
florence and the machine taking center stage. new album and here they are
8:41 am
singing "cosmic love." ♪ a falling star fell from your heart ♪ ♪ and landed in my eyes i screamed aloud ♪ ♪ as it tore through them and now it's left me blind ♪ ♪ the stars, the moon they have all been blown out ♪ ♪ you left me in the dark no dawn, no day ♪ ♪ i'm always in this twilight in the shadow of your heart ♪
8:42 am
♪ and in the dark i can hear your heartbeat ♪ ♪ i tried to find the sound but then it stopped ♪ ♪ and i was in the darkness so darkness i became ♪ ♪ the stars, the moon they have all been blown out ♪ ♪ you left me in the dark no dawn, no day ♪ ♪ i'm always in this twilight in the shadow of your heart ♪ ♪ i took the stars
8:43 am
from my eyes ♪ ♪ and then i made a map and knew that somehow ♪ ♪ i could find my way back then i heard ♪ ♪ your heart beating you were in the darkness, too ♪ ♪ so i stayed in the darkness with you ♪ ♪ the stars, the moon they have all been blown out ♪ ♪ you left me in the dark no dawn, no day ♪ ♪ i'm always in this twilight in the shadow of your heart ♪ ♪ the stars, the moon
8:44 am
they have all been blown out ♪ ♪ you left me in the dark and no dawn, no day ♪ ♪ i'm always in this twilight in the shadow of your heart ♪ ♪ of your heart
8:45 am
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denny's new tour of america menu. 50 star cuisine. the new tour of america menu. starting at $4.99. only at denny's. america's diner is always open.
8:47 am
good morning, america and we are back with florence and the machine. the crowd is great. you were just saying you love the way it looks out here. >> they're amazing. everyone, you look wonderful. i can see the people out there, the faces and flowers. amazing way to wake up. >> gorgeous, you've sold 2 million plus albums. your first album "lungs." in case you didn't know. and we're all wondering about the name, the machine, what is the machine? >> well, it's funny because it kind of started as a private joke between mean and isabella. this is isa the machine and i was florence robot. it was actually florence robot/isa machine and it's really long so we shortened it.
8:48 am
>> i love it. the other question backstage, there is a very mother earth feel on the stage. can you tell us about that. >> i think i got a fixation with flowers and fake flowers and don't know. i did have a big wreath made up that said florence but it was quite funeral. >> i'm going to have to agree with you on that, florence. all right. we want to get right to it. i think everybody is here excited to see you. excited to hear a certain song. are you ready to hear "dog days are over"? are you ready to sing it. everybody, florence and the machine. ♪ happiness hit her like a train on a track ♪ ♪ coming towards her stuck still no turning back ♪
8:49 am
♪ she hid around corners and she hid under beds ♪ ♪ she killed it with kisses and from it she fled ♪ ♪ with every bubble she sank with her drink ♪ ♪ and washed it away down the kitchen sink ♪ ♪ the dog days are over the dog days are done ♪ ♪ the horses are coming so you better run ♪ ♪ run fast for your mother run fast for your father ♪ ♪ run for your children for your sisters and brothers ♪ ♪ leave all your loving your loving behind ♪ ♪ you can't carry it with you if you want to survive ♪ ♪ the dog days are over the dog days are done ♪
8:50 am
♪ can you hear the horses? 'cause here they come ♪ ♪ and i never wanted anything from you ♪ ♪ except everything you had and what was left ♪ ♪ after that, too, oh happiness hit her ♪ ♪ like a bullet in the head struck from a great height ♪ ♪ by someone who should
8:51 am
know better than that ♪ ♪ the dog days are over the dog days are done ♪ ♪ can you hear the horses? 'cause here they come ♪ ♪ run fast for your mother run fast for your father ♪ ♪ run for your children for your sisters and brothers ♪ ♪ leave all your loving your loving behind ♪ ♪ you can't carry it with you if you want to survive ♪ ♪ the dog days are over the dog days are done ♪ ♪ can you hear the horses? 'cause here they come ♪ ♪ here they come
8:52 am
here they come ♪ ♪ so you better run [ cheers and applause ]
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
[ applause ] >> okay, everybody, wave bye to sam in california, "cars 2." thanks for coming out in this rain. thanks to florence and the machine for such a great time. >> how about one more song. >> "you've got the love." florence and the machine. ♪ sometimes i feel like throwing my hands ♪ ♪ up in the air i know i can count on you ♪ ♪ sometimes i feel like saying ♪ ♪ lord, i just don't care but you've got ♪
8:56 am
♪ the love i need to see me through ♪ ♪ sometimes it seems that the going is just too rough ♪ ♪ and things go wrong no matter what i do ♪ ♪ now and then it seems that life is just too much ♪ ♪ but you've got the love i need to see me through ♪ ♪ when food is gone you are my daily meal ♪ h@ switching to progressive could mean hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today.
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your home and auto policies and save.
8:59 am
don't worry, tiny people. flo is a gentle giant. bundle home and auto at the faa is investigating the cause of a small airplane crash. the went down in a marsh last night. as you can see from sky7hd. it flipped over. three people managed to walk away. mike is here with the look at the forecast. >> we'll see sunshine everywhere. good morning. 50 at the coast to mid-80s inland. temperatures will remain the same through monday and cooling trend with a chance of showers by wednesday. one of slower spots, not horrible, north 101 burlingame up toward sfo because of an earlier crash. and busy san francisco streets


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