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tv   ABC 7 News  ABC  June 26, 2011 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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good morning, thanks for joining us. i'm carolyn tyler. two teenagers are in custody in connection with a gun battle along market street in san francisco last night. five people were injured and investigators say four of them were innocent bystanders caught in the crossfire. it happened around 6:00 at market and jones street. tomas ramon picks it up from there. >> seven shots, just loud popping cracks. >> san francisco police say at least two gunman shot at each other from this store to a ciak ri on jones street where adam was at. >> i was sitting in the bakery and heard several shots ring owl
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and two girls ran into the baker ri. >> this shows one of victims placed in an ambulance. in all five people were shot, all in the lower extremities and none of the wounds is life-threatening. duran saw a wounded man on the sidewalk. >> he was just in shock laying there. >> they were adamant it was a gang shooting. >> it's gang-related and ongoing investigation. >> they detained a young man just after the shooting. they said the lights were close behind. >> he ran behind me and i see him like this with a hand motion and throw something inside the gated. >> they searched the area and transferred a gun that they believed he throw away. other police cars drove by to see if they could identify him as gunman. here eight juveniles were detained and one by one shown to
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witnesses in police cars. they combed market street for evidence. >> the wound had had nothing to do with the individuals who were shooting. they have one firearm that may have been used but they have no motive. in san francisco, "abc 7 news." a teenager is in critical condition this morning after a sand panel collapsed on him during a beach outing yesterday. he was buried in six feet of sand by the time lifeguards managed to dig him out. an air ambulance rushed him to valley medical center where doctors sedated him and they removed sand from his esophagus. a second teenager was pulled a foot below the surface and has been released from the hospital. they were visiting a beach near watsonville from a group of
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danville's creek side community church. grief counselors will meet at a nursing home in san jose one day after a fatal car accident. they believe a 90-year-old driver hit the accelerator instead of brake. a resident at the home died of their injuries. six others went to the hospital. lisa amin gulezian reports. >> i heard a really big noise. when i turned around to look at it the car was already halfway through the wall. it was pretty scary. >> it was 9:45 a.m. and class had just starred with some of the most vulnerable residents the elderly suffering from amends, suddenly 90-year-old
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visitor crashed into the room trying to park her car. they found no creob problems with the car. >> there is a lot of yelling, what was going on other than the noise. >> and then the realization that several people were hurt, some severely. an 88-year-old woman with dementia died from her injuries. >> it's bad for anybody but more so, i'm sure all my staff is going to be devastated. >> there was so much chaos, san jose emergency crews called for a back-up. a total of six ambulances showed up. >> i feel really bad. >> family and friends were on edge when they found out what happened. >> it wasn't that bad but everybody needed to be calmed down. >> her father live here. though he wasn't in the room when the car crashed. he now worries about his safety. >> it could have done a lot -- they could have put barriers in.
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they should have no parking lot at all. >> it didn't look like it was unsafe scene but a very bizarre occurrence. i don't think there was anything wrong with the building set up. >> san jose police say no charges will be filed against the driver and this has been ruled an accident. lisa amin gulezian, "abc 7 news." more than two dozen people remain unaccounted for after that fiery collision between a big rig and a bay area bound amtrak train in the nevada desert. the official death toll now stands at six. at least 20 people are injured. the count climbed after jeffers combed through burnt out passenger cars for the first time yesterday. it appears the convoy of three big rigs. other driver slowed as they prepared to stop at the crossing. the lead struck skidded had
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approaching the crossing but never stopped. >> vehicle factors, this focuses on vehicle records, truck equipment, whether the systems are all functioning properly, whether there are any recording devices that can provide data on the mechanical operation of the vehicle. dead kli the truck's driver, a amtrak conductor also died. n.t.s.b. suspects some of the people unaccounted got off at scheduled stops before the crash. investigators say that makes it harder to keep an exact passenger count on board that train. san francisco pride parade starts at 10:30 at market and beale streets. the street party kicked off yet with teak saturday, a march that ended in the heart of the castro. they have been organizing the party since 1998.
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friday's decision legalizing same-sex marriage in new york state is adding to the celebration. >> everybody is going to march down market street celebrating equality in new york and marriage equality, that in california. >> and despite the financial difficulties of the past year, organizers of this year's pride parade say it's going to be as big as ever. they commemorated gay pride weekend. it's a tribute to gay victims of the holocaust that were forced by nazi captures to wear the pink triangle. they have placed it on twin peaks before every pride parade since 1995. it's made of thousand of steel spikes that anchor the pink canvas. >> many americans are asking new york's decision has brought
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america to a tipping pointed where other states will allow other gay couples to tie the knot. new york's equality acted didn't just bring gay marriage to the empire state but it may be gaining traction at a national level. >> there is momentum and equality is an inevidence built and for us it's no longer a question, but it's a question of when and how. >> reporter: in new york some positive signs for proponents. the bill bafd with bipartisan support and with some big republican donors that supported the cause. both corporations and labor unions threw their support behind it. and more encouraging news. 53% of americans now say they support gay marriage. 15 years ago, 27% was in favor.
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>> it's increasing acceptance and increasing awareness and a dialogue we are having. >> but opponents say the fight is not over yet. those opposed are able to raise a lot of money, older americans that are much more likely to vote than younger votes. every time it's been voted by a stated it has lost. in california, voter referendums repealed same-sex marriage laws. and in 48 states they passed laws to a marriage been one man and one woman. prop 8 overturned gay marriage in california. no one knows how the high court will rule but one thing is clear american's attitudes continue to change. >> the shift has been broad-based. it's a remarkable societal evolution. it's reflective of the civil rights movement that is going on in this country.
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that was abc's t.j. winick living that report. president obama says his attitude in his words evolving and the gay marriage debated will be part of the republican presidential primary from now and continuing on in to 2012, especially when you consider iowa and new hampshire where the first two primaries are held both allow gay marriage. >> coming up next, notorious mobster, james whitey bolger faces justice in court after hiding out for the past 16 years. we are learning more about the tip that finally nabbed him. >> what president obama is doing tomorrow to try to head off the potential financial fallout
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potential financial fallout you can see
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president obama will meet one on one with senate majority leader mitch o'connell about raising the debt ceiling. they will try to jump started talks when republicans walked away from the bargaining table. >> we want to close the loophole up. we don't want to raise anybody's taxes. that has never been on the table. i want them to be honest with the people in what the discussions are about. >> the talks will continue and it's important to take advantage of this opportunity to do something really important to move the country in a different
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dredges. we've increased under this administration spending 35% in two and a half years. we need to stop that. >> the nation faces a countdown to august 12th when the federal government will run out of money to pay its bills. james whitey bolger is back behind bars in boston. and we are learning more about his life on the run for 16 years. rob nelson spoke to neighbors and some old friends. [ siren ] >> the infamous mob boss may be back in the arms of the law but one burning question looms. >> there are a lot of f.b.i. agents and other people retired. >> he is due back in court next week and many are wondering if there is anyone he'll take down with him. to f.b.i. agents that protected him for years. >> you have somebody out there committing capital crimes, murder. they are still acting as an
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informants. that is not on policy that should be practiced. >> two families finally face in person the man they reviled for years. >> the man that murdered my father is never an easy thing. >> back in santa monica where he hid hid it on for years, a more complicated picture is emerging where he gave neighbors a gift. giving one a flashlight and another one a light for his bike. but his afiction of dogs that was a glimpse that was far darker. >> anybody that puts a dog in a dumpster should be shot in the head. >> his new home, detention center outside boston where she under tight security and isolated 23 hours a day. the f.b.i. says a tipster that led them to his apartment
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recognized him him and his girlfriend from a recent tv campaign. there were people to be on lookout for bolger's girlfriend. lisa argen is here now and the weather is looking decent but there could be something else in the middle of the week. >> you can say that again. >> we're looking at beautiful conditions now. 2-4 degrees warmer than yesterday at this time. all that sunshine leading to a warmer couple of days but, middle of the week, dig out the umbrellas. we'll have the detailed forecast coming up. also coming up the latest from north dakota where thousands of home are threatened by floodwaters. ñ ñ ñ#iññññññññp
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. a little bit of good news for the residents of flood ravaged minot, north dakota. the national weather service says the storm had little effect. the river appears to be leveling off and is less than seven feet above flood stage. national guard is shoring up levees and hopes the city can ride the high watermark out without losing any more homes or businesses, 11,000 people have been ordered to evacuate and more than 4,000 homes have been flooded. we could get a little rain this
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week, believe it or not. >> i can hardly believe it. we do have beautiful conditions with a warmer day on tap. from sitro kaerm, look at all the sunshine in the city. the fog is clinging to the shoreline. it will stay there for a little bit before it clears on out. we'll look for temperatures warmer today, already we're at 62 in mountain view and 63 in concord. livermore, 62 for you and upper 50s in the north bay. 58 in redwood city. coastal clouds lingering a bit. warmer temperatures today and showers move in by tuesday and possibility of a thunderstorm headed our way. warmer air is coming into the delta and east bay valleys. lots of 70s around the bay, anywhere from 5-7 degrees warmer taking our numbers up to where they should be for today and tomorrow. here is a look at visible picture. the clouds firmly entrenched in
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santa cruz and hugging the san mateo coast. high pressure, fair weathermaker sweeping those clouds away from the coast from the north to the south. afternoon sea breeze and here is what is to come. if you have plans tuesday afternoon, a we move this forward you notice by tuesday that the cloudy skies, take a look. 2:00 in the afternoon. marin county, sonoma county and will continue advance to the east. rain headed our way to the tuesday evening commute. it looks consistent. the past several forecast models san francisco and then further into the evening hours, an area of low pressure lift outing and thunderstorm activity in the central valley. it looks like summer continues on that note. 80 in campbell. enjoying a warmup on the peninsula. 76 in menlo park. san francisco, beautiful day, 67 degrees. 81 in sonoma. 77 by water in vallejo and we're
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warming up in oakland, 72 and hayward 72. low to mid-80s and 84 in livermore and down by the monterey way, sun will be out around 11:00. so today, nice and mild. few more clouds around and we'll see more than usual low clouds. mid-level clouds and maybe even, can you believe it, some rain. >> i saw the big glob of green. it looks pretty widespread. >> this low could spread everywhere, the chance with the unstable air pushing in through in june. >> this has to be one for the record books. >> let's check out sports. lots to talk about this weekend. wimbledon tennis and mexico versus the u.s. shear shu starting things out off at at&t park. >> the giants won their fourth
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straight yesterday behind pitcher matt cain who was dealing and sanchez was on the dl with tendinitis. he was activated. beautiful day for sailing on the bay. cleveland was in town. in the fourth, cabrera is caught swinging and in the seventh, jack hannahan, no chance. bottom of seventh, cain helps his own, bobbles and second error of the inning. tony is in relief but he balks. tejada comes home from third. giants win it 1-0. >> that felt good. we worked both sides, try to keep them off balance.
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>> more often than not you have a starter, regardless of what the game entails, you are going to win. >> phillies are trying to put a lid on them. a's down 3-1. gee yeah, a solo shot and we're tied at 1. cahill pitched very well. great catch. now in the fourth, scott sizemore coming up with a clutch single and scores coco crisp. bailey gets brandon in the double play to end it. nice one and a's hold on for a 4-1 victory. >> yesterday in pasadena, mexico and the united states battle for the gold cup. meeting for their third straight year. americans were off to a great
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start. bradley was for the header and up 1-0. 15 minutes later, dempsey finds donovan finds the back of the net, 2-0. mexico ties it up. and second goal of the game it's now 3-2. later in the half. one of the best goals you'll ever see. just pulling this one out. look at this on the chip shot. mexico captures second gold cup with a 4-2 victory. >> at wimbledon, all the big ones were on the courted, federer advances to the final round and defending champ, nadal was defending. second set tie break, rafa with a tie-breaker. match point, nadal will mean his opponent in the fourth round on
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monday. also, yesterday, fifth seed sterling and 18-year-old australian, he comes up with the ace but it wouldn't be enough. a straight set victory. he is the youngest player to reach the fourth round in wimbledon in 21 years. >> serena williams taking on maria saralenko. she would win the set. same recipe. big serve and bigger forehand. serena rolls in straight sets. of course, nascar 350 another infineon. we'll have those highlights at 5:00. have a great day. >> up next at 9:30. a celebration after mexico's gold cup soccer victory that mike he just talked about.
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and pesky potholes. now a new survey shows where the worst potholes exist.
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welcome back. bay area roads are simply a mess with potholes. you probably hit one. newest pothole report says that things are getting worse. the survey shows the worse roads in rio vista, followed by sonoma st. helena and orinda. there you see the rest of the top ten. more from transportation reporter heather ishimaru. >> this the view from a rock ridge pothole that could be called a sinkhole. up the street loose rock prompted a resident to post a
9:31 am
note saying that public works have been asked to fix it. it's a hazards to cars, bicyclists and transit riders. >> it's pretty day. some days we're traveling in the buses it's really shaky. it's something that obviously we've fallen behind on. >> metropolitan annual commission's pothole report rates roads from 1-100. it's stalled at lackluster 66. regional target is 75. and rate of deterioration accelerates at 60. >> a dollar spent at 75, for instance, is going to cost $5 for more expensive repairs it falls below 60. residents of oakland whose pavement quality is among oakland's worst is the neighboring town of el cerrito.
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right across the border in richmond, also the worst on the report. a stretch of carlson boulevard is being replaced. >> it was so bad and carlson we'll stands out. >> pothole repair has been paid for by the gas tax but it hasn't gone up in 17 years. the city has found one solution. >> would you pay more to fix the pavement? >> certainly. >> something i could see being done. i would be more than happy to pay. >> in the c says to bring the entire bay area up to good pavement would require triple spending to a billion dollars annually. people living in san francisco's mission district
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took to the streets last night celebrating mexico's soccer victory winning the gold cup. people poured out of the bars to celebrate mexico's 4-2 victory over the united states. police were called in to keep an eye on things but everything was peaceful. the game was played at the rose bowl in pasadena. it was the second straight gold cup for mexico. >> a football game in pacifica was played in honor of a murdered teen member. david henderson was playing with the pacific islanders when he was shot in the bay view neighborhood last month. he was taken off life support june 6. friends and family held the football fund-raising game this weekend at terra nova high school. all proceeds from the event are going to the family.
9:34 am
>> police still don't have a motive or a suspect in henderson's murder. >> a passerby found a body of a partially decompose had man in fremont this weekend. it was discovered in alameda creek. fremont police say they have not identified the man and they are not sure exactly how he died. >> the search resumed for missing nursing student michelle le. more than a hundred volunteers searched the area around the kaiser hospital in hayward. tomorrow marks one month since le disappeared from the parking garage. her family has hired a private investigator even though hayward police are convinced she was murdered. they have identified dozens of persons of interest but so far, no enumerates have been made. >> a leading cancer organization is funding new research in the
9:35 am
bay area focusing on an especially deadly form of breast cancer. it takes a heavy toll on younger women as well as latinos and african-americans. >> shy cherishes every moment with her young family. she was given her daughters a shower when she made a discovery. >> grabbing some o'and brushed against the breast with my hand and i felt something hard. >> the diagnosis was triple negative breast cancer and aggressive form of the disease that often strikes younger women. it has particularly high mortality rate among african-american women. >> i was blind-sided and shot. i was 31 years old at the time. >> the triple negative refers to the three common proteins that chemotherapy zero in on on. without those targets the disease can be difficult to street. so she opted for an experimental
9:36 am
drug now in clinic trials. >> for me it worked. we'll see long term, but it worked really well during treatment. my tumor shrunk by 95%. >> but the effect of drugs are still unpredictable. what works for one woman may not work for another. so major research projects are now underway to better understand the disease. >> this is really been over the last few months very new. the goal is to really try and understand how to parse out triple negative cancer into its biological group because it's going down that route we can individualize cancer treatment. >> a cancer researcher at ucsf and part of a team that has been award add $6 million grant. she says they are looking at classes of immune cells called
9:37 am
macro phages. >> so we hope we can move them relatively soon in the treatment of cancer to treat this very aggressive form of the disease. >> in the meantime, shy has started a nonprofit called triple step that has raised a quarter of a million dollars. >> i think i'm going to fight this no matter what. >> we have links to triple step and the susan g. coleman foundation at these groups have a lot of information for breast cancer patients and their families. lisa is here with a lot of information about the weather that is ahead this week. >> we've got some warmer weather the first couple of days. you see the fog there just hugging the shoreline. numbers in the 60s. enjoy it. we have a mid-week surprise.
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hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. in many communities, churches provide the center of social activity but a proposed new church in downtown clayton is strongly opposed by some. ♪ >> in clayton, population 12,000 growth is a scary word. even if it's talk of a new church. >> the downtown integrity. what i'm saying the hometown
9:41 am
feel. >> the clayton community church wants to take the tiny store on main street and expand on the two and a half acre property. >> it takes away from the hometown feel. >> it wants 4 buildings including a sanctuary that sleeps 500. >> so the high school which is no longer do a school theater will be able to have performances there, as well. >> it has nothing to do with a church but it's a two-story building that will be obstruction of the view of everything. >> the church wanted single story buildings but the city is requiring two-story buildings with commercial space facing main street hiding the church offices in the back. >> the group that opposed the church called save our downtown warned of traffic problems along with endless gatherings and events. >> 76% of clayton voters halted construction on a gas station
9:42 am
but on camera they are excited about 700 churchgoers flooding the downtown area. >> for us this is an opportunity i think, take something that looks deserted and give it a really nice fresh feel. >> public will have several chances to comment before the city council makes a decision sometime in november. we hope you are enjoying the weather and lisa is here to explain some craziness in the middle of the week. >> cold front, a bona fide cold front. rain is going to move in on tuesday and we will see the chance in the peninsula. measurable rain, sunshine in santa cruz the last to clear the coast. a little hazy out there and cool. but we have sunshine to the north, from sutro tower you see the patchy fog that will stay at the coast keeping it cool there.
9:43 am
elsewhere we're in the 60s. livermore, 62. 63 in concord. lots of marine layer. we'll still have the sea breeze later on today but numbers come up 5-7 degrees. so the coastal clouds hugging the shoreline. warmer day today. tomorrow looks good. by tuesday. looks like a chance of showers and thunderstorms. warmer air is filtering through the bay. starting out 2-4 degrees warmer. 80s and far north bay and more 70s widespread around the bay. just maybe a few patches of fog down by davenport, further through salinas. this picture shows we are all clear. notice the fog will continue to sweep away from the coast today, compliments of a high pressure ridge to the north of us. temperatures right around normal. we'll look for this high to begin to weaken and be replaced
9:44 am
by an area of low pressure. this looks like a late spring season storm. here we go by midday early tuesday, we're looking at showers. by the evening commute, not only the north bay but looking at the peninsula, san francisco, possibility into the overnight hours. it should move on out of here quickly to the central valley. if you have plans on tuesday, definitely stay tuned because the timing of this could change as we get closer. 82 in los gatos. 76 in menlo park. and warm up to the 70s in san francisco. 70 in south city. 81 in sonoma. 64 at stinson. a beautiful day around san leandro. 63 for you. ten degrees warmer as we head out to the east. 83 in danville. accu-weather seven-day forecast
9:45 am
shows the ridge before the trough that is going to keep us warm and mild today and tomorrow. then the new improved seven-day where you see the rain. look after that, we are going to move on quickly and looks like warmth for the 4th of july. >> that is good news. hey, if it rains here the producer is wondering what happens in the sierra. will we get snow? >> it looks like thunderstorms. they've been overfished and repeatedly kicked out of their natural breeding ground. endangered coho salmon are making a comeback. jonathan bloom went along as a new batch of fish was released. these young salmon may have spent their first six months at a hatchery but they will spend
9:46 am
the rest of their lives in the wild. they have 60 pound backpacks and hike up the creek. this is private property. the owner bought it with one goal to make it back for salmon. >> why make the commitment? >> because i really believe in it. >> she had the help of more than 60 people that will help pay for the project no replace some of the salmon habitat when they built the warm springs dam. >> we have to try to repop late the coho streams as we can. >> but they have to do what logging and mining left behind. >> years ago, they left huge chunks of redwood lying all over the property. now it's the basis for the salmon habitat. this has been bolted the giant logs make good hiding places for young salmon to feed.
9:47 am
>> the habitat is working well. >> they shot a video of a wild salmon that swam up to this spot to spawn. that means they are making it to the ocean and surviving. >> it's very gratifying. it was a lot of hard work. >> there is more left to do. outs out of thousands of young salmon being released, only 4% will see the ocean. if only one make it back to spawn, biologists will call it a monumental success. >> don't go away, 7 on your side is next. >> there is a method of finding last minute summer travel bargains. we'll show you
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it's not too late to find good deals for your summer vacation. you have to know where to look. michael finney can help you out. >> demand for travel is taking off the recession forced many families to say closer to home but now, now people are ready for their dream vacation. >> it is going to be expensive. airfares are up 10-20%. >> chris is at travel rider and a director of a travel consulting group. bargain hunters just need to
9:51 am
strategize. >> you need to fish around for a really good deal and let that deal determine where i go. >> there is great amenities and best deals in off peak seasons. savings on a hotel room could be as much as 80%. >> there is a lot of activities in colorado, utah, rocky mountain area, river rafting, biking and hiking. >> arizona is known as a spring training or winter destination but aaa says why not in the summer, too. >> it sounds unusual in the summer but the prices in the summer are phenomenal compared to the winter. >> rates of the five dining in scottsdale is 169 in summer versus $500 in october. in off peak travel isn't appealing, perhaps hawaii will be. >> we found a hotel, a marriott
9:52 am
property plus airfare out of san francisco for $660 per person round trip. >> the bottom line, finding that bargain will take time and effort. >> the reality there is not one single great website. it pays to shop around. >> and there are links to many of those vacations mentioned in his report. go to >> up next the performance artist that amazing to watch. he will create a piece for don sanchez that unfolds before your eyes.
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here are the winning numbers from last night's super lotto plus. mega number 21. no one got all six numbers so the jackpot grows to $42 million
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on wednesday. if you missed england's royal wedding, don't worry there is still time to enjoy monaco's wedding. the prince is going marry. he is 20 years husband to her husband to be. albert is the son of prince rainier and actress grace kelly. he has acknowledged fathering two children out of wedlock. >> a colorado artist has made a creative niche. they call it art in action using just his hands he created a portrait for john lennon for don sanchez and he did it very quickly. >> he combines motion and explosion of lines, shapes and colors with music. brian olson can turn a canvas
9:56 am
into a work of art in less than five minutes. >> so they can experience what they would normally see on a gas ri wall. >> let us begin. music is john lennon, imagine the image of lennon. he will use both of his hands to create the work. >> i've got three brushes in each hand. i'm able to blend color. i'm able to enhance skin tone and create layers very quickly. >> he begin his career more than a dozen years ago. a lot of his work is on his website. he believes his art can inspire people and be creative. >> it's a moment in time. it's a creative expression. that is what i'm trying to share with my audience. it's not what you do but wait you do it that makes you an artist. it's the experience of the energy applied to your own life and being an artist. >> look at this. he finished the work in less
9:57 am
than four and a half minutes. >> my challenges are where can i take this from here? >> nice meeting you thanks very much. it's very dramatic. >> very cool. >> lisa argen is here with a final check of the weather. >> warming up out there today, beautiful with a lot of sunshine low 80s in concord. take a look. we've got rain coming our way on tuesday but we do have seven days, we're warm it up for the 4th. >> that is it for us. i'm carolyn tyler for lisa argen bye-bye.
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