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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  June 27, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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good morning. i'm amy hollyfield, live in the newsroom. a big decision is expected today from the u.s. supreme court regarding violent video games. a decision six years in the making. preview coming up. >> hundreds of volunteers are hitting the street of santa clara county this morning, to start counting the number of homeless people and create a registry. >> good morning to you. waking up, clouds around the bay area. sea breeze is back. seasonal day today with sunshine. remember that rain we talked about last week? i'll show you who is going to get it tomorrow and to a lesser extent on wednesday. >> a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza, where the metering lights are off. traffic moves well across the upper and the lower deck. >> 5:00 on monday. thank you so much for joining us. nice to have you. nice to be back.
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>> nice to have you back. what did you bring us? >> i have it back here. i'll have to pass it around. >> of course she does. >> yeah. thank you for joining us. i'm kristen sze. >> i'm eric thomas. good to have you back. >> thank you. >> in the news, kids, parents, video game sellers are watching the supreme court. high court is expected to rule on a california law that bans the sale of violent video games to children. amy hollyfield is live in newsroom. amy, the video game industry would like to tell us this is a first amendment case. >> yeah. they say governments can't buy who buys comic books and movies so they shouldn't restrict who buys video games. federal judges have agreed. they struck down the law saying it violates first amendment free speech rights. lawyers for california argue states can restrict the sale of pornography. so why not violent video games? state senator leland yee of san francisco authored the bill in 2005 and he says he is cautiously optimistic about today's ruling. he believes children should be protected and parents
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should have the tool to keep them from the harmful effects of ultra violent video games. the supreme court justices seem split in november when they listen to the argument. some seemed hesitant to carve out this exception to the first amendment. others argued parents need some help protecting their kids. senator yee scheduled a news conference for this morning, where he will react to the ruling. how is he so sure it will come today? it's the last day of the court's session. many will be watching. the gaming industry brought in about $18 billion last year. live in the newsroom, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> amy, thanks a lot. union city police are investigating a shooting at a home where two murders have taken place in the last year. witnesses tell officers a man walked up to the 22-year-old victim and opened fire on him around 8:30 last night. the gunman remains at large. we are told the victim had to have surgery. it happened at a home on whipple road near union city border with hayward. the same location where
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someone was murdered last month. another murder took place last september. police have made an arrest in september case. they don't know if the incidents are related. >> in nevada, amtrak says five people are still unaccounted for from friday's deadly crash. man working for nevada trucking company drove his big rig through a desert crossing gate and in to two double-decker train cars. the fiery crash killed him and five people on the train. authorities did not find additional victims in the wreckage. yesterday, one of those killed was the veteran train conductor laurette lee whose family lives in concord. >> she was comfortable being a conductor. she liked that position. she's good at it. >> a very big person, a big voice. a heart three times bigger than her voice. she looked out for everyone. >> federal investigators are looking at a number of factors that may have played a role in the crash,
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fatigue, distracted driving and drugs and alcohol. they are looking in the john davis trucking company, which employed the driver. officials say that company was cited repeatedly by nevada authorities for safety violations. >> the coast guard plans to resume the search after sunrise for a missing boaters in tomales bay. the man fell out of a small aluminum boat around 3:30 yesterday afternoon near dillon beach. the man's empty boat turned up on the shore. searchers looked for him before sunset until 9:00 last night. they believe he was not wearing a life vest. a 7-year-old san francisco boy suffered serious injuries tubingen lake sonoma. it happened saturday while the intertube was towed by a boat. the sonoma county sheriff department says the tow rope got tangled and the boy was pulled in the propeller. he suffered severe cuts to both legs and was bleeding badly. he was taken to santa rosa memorial hospital for surgery. it's unknown what condition
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he is currently in. more than 500 volunteers will hit the street of santa clara county at dawn to count the number of homeless people. as they've done in the past years, they will create a registry as part of the housing 1,000 campaign. the three-day project is a joint effort by santa clara county, the city of san jose, and several homeless advocate groups. the campaign's goal is to get 1,000 chronically homeless people in silicon valley in to permanent homes by 2013. campaign organizers say they are currently about 7,000 homeless people in santa clara county. a foster city woman plans to go forward today with a lawsuit against abercrombie & fitch for firing her over her religious head scarf. as we first told you about hani last year, she says she was fired from abercrombie hollister store in san mateo when she refused to stop wearing her hijab. it's a religious requirement. they are suing on her behalf.
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the equal employment opportunity commission also filed suit. tens of thousands of people lined market street to celebrate gay pride this weekend. they cheered for the marchers and also new york state decision to legalize same-sex marriage last friday. abc7's cecilia vega has more on the festivities. [ cheering ] >> reporter: if it was possible for the celebration to become more celebratory, the new york passage of same-sex marriage last week managed to accomplish that. >> keep going. more states. >> reporter: if ever there was a day in san francisco where just about anything goes, this is it. clothes or not. on a float. or on a bike. dancing, or just plain watching. it's the 41st annual gay pride parade. in all its feathered and rain bow glory. >> today we love new york
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because of the events of this weekend. we love san francisco but we want to love san francisco more. c'mon people, of california. the time is now. let's do it already. >> it may look like a wild party but it comes with a serious theme. this year's message no bullying. and many people here say they wish they heard that message years earlier. >> i think it's a great theme. it's very important. because there is so much helplessness and greater risk for teens and young adults, who are coming up. lesbian, gays, transgender. >> while san francisco politicians were out in force, the parade celebrity grand marshal chas bono won over the crowd. >> i support it 100%. >> i do, too. >> tell me why. >> because i'm one of them, so. >> okay. >> i think people should just like be open to new ideas, not just judge people by the way they look and how they act. >> as new york goes, this crowd hopes so goes california. for this generation, and the next. >> it's about time.
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it's time to end discrimination, no matter where it may be. >> all of that after financial troubles threatened to shut the event down this year. vendors, money and the volunteers came through and san francisco police say san francisco gave pride for the 41st -- san francisco gay pride for the 41st year was a success. reporting in san francisco, cecilia vega, abc7 news. >> all right. 5:08 now. your question was? >> it was so sunny where i was yesterday. but what is up with the winds in her shot? >> tell us more. >> san francisco in the summertime. always breezy there. it will be that way again today. >> wow. >> then it will be rainy. >> oh, you're not done. >> yes. not going to rain everywhere, but we have good rain falling in the north bay. possibly down to san francisco tomorrow. talk about today first, show you the high clouds. these will stream in heading to the afternoon hours. still a bright day. it will be breezy, as breezy as you saw yesterday in the afternoon hours. 60 in antioch right now. everybody else, leaving the house, in the 50s.
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by the afternoon hours you can see the clouds up against the coach. temperatures in the low to mid-60s. half moon bay, and san francisco. 67 in richmond. 70 in oakland. mid-to-upper 70s for the rest of the bay shore to the south bay. upper 70s to low 80s in north bay valley. if you live in the east bay valley, low to mid-80s. temperatures look like yesterday. we'll have the mid-to-upper 60s around monterey, inland to salinas. 79 in hollister. low to mid-80s around morgan hill and gilroy. lot of sunshine for you. tomorrow, we turntables on june. we bring showers in the forecast. temperatures are step degrees cooler than today. the showers will linger through wednesday, and the bulk of the rain will fall tomorrow. it will be hot heading into the weekend. good morning. >> thank you, mike. good morning. take a live look outside at san rafael. here is 101, where traffic is moving great in both directions at lucas valley road. headed over to the east bay. we have an accident. this is on the port chicago highway onramp to eastbound highway 4. c.h.p. remains on the scene, but this is not affecting
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your commute along westbound highway 4 from lone tree to 242. a quick 13-minute trip. your ride along 101 from 280 on up to the 237 interchange, about a ten-minute trip. eric, kristen? >> all right, danielle. thanks a lot. 5:10. still ahead -- the obama administration considers requiring u.s. auto makers to nearly double the average fuel efficiency. the morning's moneyscope report is next. >> also, how activists in santa cruz county say they plan to try to stop the installation of smart meters this morning. >> the fuel of the future. the bay area lab that is taking steps toward pumping solar energies in our cars. #t#tt
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. good morning. topping america's money, the world's central banks are proposing new rules to get major institutions to insure themselves and require them to set aside capital for insurance in case of a sudden failure. the obama administration wants auto makers to double the fuel efficiency. this morning's "wall street journal" reports the administration may require auto makers to raise their fuel economy to 56 miles a gallon by 2025. two natural gas wells in northern pennsylvania are producing enough gas each day to power 1,000 homes for a year. the wells are in the gas-rich marcelis shale formation. there is wide-spread concern that drilling there threatens the northeast drinking water. "cars 2" spent the opening weekend as america's top
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movie, taking in $56 million. "bad teacher" was second. opponents against pg&e's installation of smart meters in santa cruz county are planning a protest today in capitola. the new meter, they say, are health hazard and not welcome in their community. opponents of the wireless smart meters expect pg&e to roll out trucks to install the meters and they say they will be there to protest the move. the utility company says the customers can get on a delay list and hold off on smart meter installation until the california public utilities commission makes decision on radio off option. you probably noticed that gas prices have been going down. according to the latest lundberg survey, the average price dropped 11 cents in the past few weeks. in california, the average price for regular is $3.82
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now. the lowest average price in the state is $3.75 in fresno. the highest price, $3.86 in san francisco. >> different kind of fuel here. imagine pumping a solar-based fuel in your tank. stanford researchers are taking the first step toward making that a reality with a solar panel to make hydrogen and with report on the drive to discover solar gas tank. >> there are times you have extra sunlight and you don't need the electricity. we need fuel to store electricity. we need fuel. >> what if you could submerge solar panels in water to turn the water in to hydrogen instantly? that's what is going on in this lab at stanford university. we've all done the experiment in school. you put two wires in h2o and the "h" comes out of one side and the "o" out of the other. but it's not very efficient. it takes more energy to do this than you get back out
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of the gases. using a solar panel is a little better but still inefficient. until you put the solar panel in to the water. now you're cooking with gas. >> but for just a minute. the oxygen in the water soon eats away the photo cells, showing up as the blue spots. >> if it's not detected, we found they last tens of minutes at best. >> so grad students borrowed clever technology from computer chip makers. >> my colleague paul mcintyre took a technique used in semi-industry conductor and put ultra thin and uniform layer of titani titanium dioxide on the surface. >> a few atoms thick, the way intel does on theed a vanced trick. that did the trick. more development is needed before this is commercialized. >> this is just one piece of what would be a system for generating solar-based fuel. >> but it appears that we will be able to pump solar
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energy directly in to fuel tankses. isn't that a gas? with the next step in energy, richard hart, abc7 news. >> prototype aircraft powered sewly by the sun -- s oley by the sun made the air flight. it's on the wings that generate 40 horsepowers, the pow they're most scooters use. in the flight, it took five hours to travel from brussels to paris. another 11 hours circling over the airport waiting for wind conditions to settle down to safely land. >> i hope clouds don't come in. it could pose a problem. 40 horsepower, managed to fly that plane. >> i know. you were asking about souvenirs, take your pick. in different colors. >> wow! >> nice! >> how did we know? >> i expect you to sport these sometime this week. >> it goes with what you're
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wearing. >> one on top. >> no time right now. we have weather to do, right? >> while you're doing the weather, i'll check them out. >> i guess. let's talk about what is going on outside. good morning to you. there we go. >> ooh, i like that one. >> look at s.f.o. i'm sure was a wonderful flight back in for you. saturday you came in? >> yeah. >> a little jetlagged. >> gave you a day to try to recuperate and get back on this schedule. >> good morning. 5:18. kristen is back. we're going to have fun poking fun at her all morning. we have two weeks worth of -- >> i wouldn't expect anything less. >> two weeks worth built up. all seriousness, nothing at sfo. low clouds. if any flight arrival delays develop, let you know and check out the flight tracker at let's move on and talk about the temperatures. 60 in antioch. 50 in santa rosa for extremes. everybody else is in between the two. monterey bay and upland, the low to -- inland, the low to mid-50s. highlight, mostly sunny and mild. not too cold.
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not too hot. it is going to be just right. for those who like it mild. rain tomorrow. showers on wednesday. yeah, they're still in the forecast. bay area, we'll have heat this weekend. while the coast, that's where you want to go to escape. mild there. 81 in los gatos today. warm spot in the south bay. we have sunshine in mid-to-upper 70s elsewhere. upper 70s to the low 80s through most of the peninsula. the farther north you go, san mateo and millbrae, low to mid-70s. over at the coast, we have pockets of sunshine. 62 at half moon bay. sunset, warmer spots. you can see daily city. 60 degrees. as you head to the north bay valley, the mid-to- -- i should say the upper 70 to low 80s. 73 at saucelito. ten degrees cooler at the beaches than that. 67 in richmond. berkeley, 69. low to mid-70s for the rest of the east bay shore. to east bay valley, low to mid-80s today. match it with morgan hill and gilroy. 79 at hollister. from salinas to monterey
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bay, we have the mid-to-upper 60s. tonight, cloudy. look at the light rainfall in north bay. drizzle along the coast and in the east bay hills tonight and tomorrow. we have temperatures in the 50s. mid-60s around fairfield and antioch. here is what we're looking at. one area of high pressure barely holding on to the forecast. keeping us dry today. this is the cold front that is going to come in tomorrow. before it does, enjoy today's sunshine and high clouds. rain is likely, especially across the north bay tomorrow. look at how it pans out. 5:00 in the morning, watch the light rain in north bay. drizzle along the coast to east bay hills. by noon, best chance of rain moving through north bay. hitting the heart of the bay. look at the system. it just falls apart as it tries to head to south bay. by 6:00, pretty much over. there you see the scattered showers through wednesday. the accuweather seven-day forecast -- the big picture for everybody, the cooler weather tomorrow and wednesday. before the temperatures are about 20 degrees warmer away
5:21 am
from the coast. through the holiday weekend. have a great day. here's -- >> danielle. >> danielle. >> here i am. good morning. a live look outside. this is the san mateo bridge. taillights are headed in the westbound direction from hayward to foster city. nice trip. 14 minutes. head on over to the golden gate bridge. live look. traffic flows freely in both directions as you make your way across the span. things are looking good at the bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights still off. you every in for a nice ride making your way across the upper deck to san francisco. eric? oh, and for the latest traffic, go to click on the bay area traffic link. eric, kristen? >> danielle, thanks so much. 5:21. >> next, why a group of hackers responsible for cyber attacks on f.b.i. and c.i.a. site is disbanding. >> we have new pictures of
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notorious mobster whitey bulger as a tourist visiting ironically alcatraz. i'm a dancer. and until now, my feet showed it.
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welcome back. 5:24. the u.s. depart of justice is investigating retail chain home depot of possible violation of the buy american act. a san francisco attorney also filed a lawsuit against home depot claiming the company provides chinese-made products in violation of the act. the 1933 law is aimed at protecting u.s. jobs. it requires that all materials using construction of public projects originate
5:25 am
in the u.s. or designated countries. home depot is accused of providing chinese-made products to government customers. company spokesman says home depot, "would never knowingly sell prohibited goods under any circumstances." . a group of well-known hacker are disbanding. it carried out cyber ail tacks op major -- attacks on major websites like f.b.i. and c.i.a. websites and released private data of law enforcement officers in arizona. the attacks led to an f.b.i. investigation. while rival hackers posted the names and chat logs of some members. one member told the "associated press" the group is dissolving not because they are afraid of law enforcement but instead, they're getting bored. new photos from the "new york post" show notorious mobster whitey bulger as a tourist visiting san francisco. the photo shows bulger and his then girlfriend posing at photo booth outside a
5:26 am
ca -- alcatraz. ironically, bulger was a prisoner on alcatraz early in his criminal career. he did time from 1959 to 1963 for federal armed robbery charge. he was arrested in santa monica last week. 5:26 now. next at 5:30 -- good news for tourists. cable cars will be running again through the streets of san francisco. >> would you like the government deciding what your kids can and can't buy? the u.s. supreme court will issue a ruling on the sale of violent video games today. i'm amy hollyfield. more on the issue up next. >> also next at 5:30 -- investigators are looking for answers in the amtrak train crash. while the conductor's family speaks out. >> a look at the high temperatures for today. across the country. if you are leaving us, go to phoenix and enjoy 115-degree heat. it's going to be hot and
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humid everywhere outside of minnesota, great falls, seattle, where we have the mid-to-upper 70s. if you are traveling by air, all the major airports are running on time. if delays develop, i'll have them. you can, too. with the flight tracker. ♪ it's the way you bring out the sun ♪
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good morning. i'm amy hollyfield live in the newsroom. the u.s. supreme court court waited until the last minute but justices are expected to issue a ruling today whether minors can buy video games. >> union city police investigate a shooting that left a 21-year-old man in critical condition. detectives say it happened at the same exact location where there has been two murders in the past ten months. here is a live look down from mount tamalpais at the low clouds that are hanging around. after today, the big story, remember the rain we talked about? it's still in the forecast. i'll tell you where it will fall and how much to expect. >> tourists will like this.
5:30 am
>> if you are headed to the city today, live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights are off. >> twice i've done that now! the cable car service on california line will be back in service today after being closed for major repairs since january. second apology, danielle. sorry about stepping on you. >> the tourists like the fact there is not much traffic out there at bay bridge toll plaza just like those who live here. >> not right now, anyway. if they're up early. i'm eric thomas. >> i'm kristen sze. thank you for joining us. california should find out today whether the law banning anyone under 18 from buying or respecting video games -- renting video games passes the u.s. constitution test. they are expected to issue a ruling in the final day of the session. amy hollyfield has a closer look. >> reporter: the law spent six years caught up in the courts. it was passed in 2005. state senator leeland yee authored the bill and scheduled a news conference for this morning to react to the decision. he says he is cautiously
5:31 am
optimistic the judges will "help protect our children from the harmful effects of ultra violent video games." federal judges struck down the law declaring it violates the first amendment free speech rights. they argue that it's similar to the past mission guided efforts -- misguided efforts to protect children from comic book, music and movies. attorney for the state of california argue state should be able to ban the sale of video games to children just as they can restrict the sale of pornography. the supreme court justices seem closely split when they heard the argument in november. some argue that parents need help protecting children from violent games. others seem reluctant to carve out an exception to the first amendment. they waited until the last minute to decide. this is the last day of their session. more than 46 million american households have at least one video game system. the industry pulled in about $18 billion last year. so a lot is at stake today.
5:32 am
what do you think? weigh in on the abc7 facebook page or twitter account. i would love to hear your thoughts. live in the newsroom, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> amy, thank you. 5:32. union city police hope witnesses will come forward and tell them more about the shooting of a 21-year-old man, a man walked up to the victim and began shooting at him in front of the home on whipple road. around 8:30 last night. the victim under went surgery for his wounds. two murders have taken place at the same location. one last month and one in september of last year. police have made an arrest in the september case. but they don't know if the three crimes are related. amtrak says five people are still unaccounted for from last friday deadly crash caused by a big rig running in an amtrak train in nevada. the fiery crash killed at least six people. one of them was a veteran train conductor whose family lives in concord. abc7's lilian kim has more. >> reporter: laurette lee died in the amtrak crash in
5:33 am
nevada. she was the conductor on the train and her children say it was a job she loved. >> she was comfortable being a conductor. she liked the position and she was very good at it. >> reporter: the train left chicago on the way to emeryville when a tractor-trailer smashed through the crossing gate and in to two double-decker amtrak cars. the truck driver died and so did five people aboard the train. >> we're still kind of expecting to be able to say no, that wasn't my momma's train. this time it was. it's hard. it's not something you wish on anybody. >> reporter: investigators with the national transportation safety board were back at crash site. they are looking for evidence to help them figure out why the driver slammed in to the train. they say visibility on that day was excellent. the crossing gate and warning lights were working. should have been seen from well over a half-mile away. >> at this point, the team
5:34 am
is still working on the vehicle. that was part of the tires and brakes are a focus. >> reporter: investigators will also visit john davis trucking the company that employed the driver. the ntsb says since september, the company has had seven violations from 19 random roadside inspections. in one case, the tires on a tractor-trailer were so bald it was immediately taken off the road. but lee's children say they haven't been focussing much on the investigation. their thoughts are with their mother. >> she was a very big person, and a very big voice, and a heart about three times bigger than her voice. she looked out for everyone. >> investigators are looking at a number of other factors that may have played a role in the crash. including fatigue, driver inattention in drugs and alcohol. in the newsroom, lilian kim, abc7 news. 5:34 now. this morning, one of san francisco's rolling land
5:35 am
marks will be back on the streets. a ribbon cutting is set at 10:00 to mark the completion of the california cable car line improvement project. the line that runs along california street from drum to van ness has been out of service since january for repairs and system upgrades. during the work, crews repaved 17 blocks of california street. >> thousands celebrated gay pride along market street in san francisco. [ cheering ] the dikes on bike led the 41st annual gay pride parade. it attracted folks from the bay area and across the nation. they not only cheered for each other but also for new york state decision to legalize same-sex marriage. >> today we love new york. because of the events of this weekend. we also love san francisco, but we want to love san francisco more, so c'mon people of california. the time is now. let's do it already. >> celebrity grand marshal chas bono and others issued
5:36 am
this year's theme "no bullying." san francisco mayor and other politicians also joined the party and moved toward civic center. 5:36. as you saw, the weather was nice for. that it was windy in spots. >> breezy in spots. see if we have something similar to that today. what do you think? >> the sea breeze will kick up faster in the afternoon hours, as the trough of low pressure starts to slide down toward us. it increased depth of the marine layer. that is why we are seeing more clouds. good morning. talk about the forecast. break it down to three segments. first, 8:00, where we have the clouds around the bay and the coast. temperatures in the 50s, stretching from 451 in half moon -- 51 in half moon bay. by afternoon, most of the clouds pull back to the coast. we have sunshine and you will see the low to mid-70s inland. upper 60s to low 70s around the palo alto, fremont, south bay. low 60s along the coast in san francisco and oakland. then we start to see the high clouds roll in from
5:37 am
that area of wet weather coming our way for tomorrow. we'll go mostly sunny this afternoon. 80 at 4:00 in antioch. livermore. we have mid-to-upper 70s in the south bay. also the north bay valleys with the upper 60s to mid-70s around the bay shore. low to mid-50s from half moon bay to san francisco. a look at our accuweather seven-day forecast -- we have a chance of rain tomorrow. some linkering shower -- lingering showers wednesday. cool weather is the big story. all of lus get that. not all of us will get the rain. look how warm it will be over the holiday weekend. good morning. how is traffic? >> well, mike, traffic is looking good out there. a live look in san jose. 280 at highway 17. look at that, folks. traffic moves well in both directions. head over to the east shore freeway. here is interstate 80 at university. things starting to fill up out there. but still traffic at the limit. we'll do a quick drive time. here is your live along westbound 4 from lone tree to 242. starting to get sluggish.
5:38 am
the ride along westbound 580 from 205 to the dublin interchange, 23 minutes. eric, kristen? >> thanks so much. 5:38. >> still ahead -- ready to run. republican congresswoman and tea party favorite michele bachmann is expected to begin her presidential campaign this morning. find out what voters think of her in iowa where the nation's first republican presidential contest is held. the president's latest strategy to find common ground in the contentious debate over the natititititititi
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. 5:41 on monday morning. in iowa, republican congresswoman and tea party favorite michele bachmann is expected to kick off her presidential campaign today. the iowa caucus poll shows bachmann and former massachusetts governor mitt romney are statistically tied among voters in the nation's first g.o.p. contest. in an appearance on "fox news sunday" host chris wallace asked bachmann a surprisingly blunt question. >> are you a flake? >> well, i think that would be insulting to say something like that, because i'm a serious person. >> but you understand when i say that, that's what the rap on you is? >> well, wallace later apologized in a fox news video. bachmann will make her official announcement today in her hometown of waterloo iowa. president obama will meet separately with democratic and republican
5:42 am
senate leaders today to find common ground in a contentious debate over raising the nation's debt ceiling. their goal is to jumpstart talks that broke down last week when republicans walked away from the bargaining table in an impasse over new taxes. democrats want to increase the amount of money the government can borrow to pay bills. while republicans favor less government spending. g.o.p. leaders incyst there will be no deal on debt ceiling that includes new taxes. the current debt creeling is $14.3 trillion. the government is expected to run out of money to pay the bills on august 2. the obama administration is considering requiring u.s. auto makers to double the average fuel economy of the cars they make. the "wall street journal" reports this proposal would require companies that make cars that get 56 miles per gallon by 2025. u.s. auto makers say that would raise the price of a new car by thousands of dollars. the obama administration already passed legislation that requires all new cars to average 35 miles per
5:43 am
gallon by 2016. 5:42 now. light up and pay up. macy's charging workers who smoke more for their health coverage. the bloomberg business report is coming up. the next generation helmet for fighter pilots. a south bay company's new technology that helps pilots quickly find and process information. >> nearly two dozen states are coping with rising floodwaters. i'm john hendren. i'm john hendren. i'll
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welcome back. california forecast at 5:46 on monday. we have flooding in yosemite. right now, live doppler7 h.d. is quiet. rain is possible later today around eureka. still hot in the central valley from low 90s, chico and sacramento, to near 100 in fresno. 75 with sunshine in tahoe. 84 in l.a. 111, hot spot, in palm springs. kristen? >> all right, mike. thanks a lot. 5:46. people in minot, north dakota, started to think of rebuilding now that the floodwaters crested but flooding persists in other part of the midwest. abc's john hendren explains. >> reporter: two dozen states are dealing with floodwaters. in minot, high waters driven 11,000 people from the homes. >> it's easy to close the doors and say i'm going home. i thought about that. we'll go home tonight but i
5:47 am
don't have a home anymore. >> peak two feet lower than expected but nearly 13 feet above flood stage and it will stay near that level for days. >> when you see your house and you know it's not just your basement, it's your house. i'm sorry. >> reporter: river hit the peak on sunday, flooding more than 4,000 homes. >> basically, i got back from a year deployment from afghanistan. and coming back to this, this is honestly, to me, this is worst than being over there. >> why is that? >> you have no control. >> in nebraska, nuclear power plant is surrounded by water from the flooded missouri river but officials say there is no immediate danger. of the thousands in the flooded region, fema says few, 375 homes have flood insurance. stores here are rationing bottled water. but hope is not in short supply. >> failure is not an option.
5:48 am
remember? we go on. we stay strong. we stay, we stay lions and we go on. >> john hendren, abc news. >> a woman with a lot of determination there. good luck. >> yeah. 5:48 now. check our weather. >> all right. looks cloudy behind us in the picture. sure enough, we have some of the marine layer clouds around. some of the parts, some parts of the bay area. but it is a very shallow layer. as we look down from mount tamalpais, we can see the sun coming up from our thin layer of home, if you will, this morning. talk about the temperatures. they haven't moved much at all. we're still 50 at santa rosa for the cool spot. still 60 for antioch in the warm spot. between n between, we have low to mid-50s. mostly sunny this afternoon. temperatures are mild. it feels pretty good to be out. won't be too hot or too chilly. breezy as the afternoon unfolds along the coast and bay shoreline.
5:49 am
rain comes in the forecast tomorrow. it lingers in the form of showers wednesday. we have real heat coming for this weekend. for today though, temperatures close to average. mid-to-upper 70s in south bay. 81 in los gatos. 81 in los altos. most of the peninsula is mid-to-upper 70s. 71 is the cool spot in millbrae as you get a breeze in the san bruno gap. low 60s along the coast today. daly city about 60. a little warmer on the bay side, though. 65 in downtown. 68 in south san francisco. your beaches in the north bay, you will see the sunshine. low to mid-60s here. as you head inland, upper 70s to low 80s. 73 in saucelito. mainly low to mid-70s throughout the east bay shore. berkeley and richmond, a little short. upper 60s you can see the high clouds and sunshine in the east bay valley with the low to mid-80s for you. we have mid-80s in gilroy. low 80s in morgan hill. 79 in holster.
5:50 am
back to monterey bay, upper 60s. tonight, the clouds will roll in. upper 50s to mid-60s. drizzle around the coast. the east bay hills, and even up in the north bay mountains. but it looks like the better chance of live rain will move in a little after that. let's set the stage here. cold front. low, all hanging out, coming down from the gulf of alaska. it looks pressure the shield. it comes in tomorrow. high pressure will hold to keep us dry. the low will come in and brings rain likely to the north bay. it will spend a lot of energy just making its way down here. this doesn't happen often this time of the year. 5:00 in the morning, you can see the best chance of any organized rain in the north bay. that's where it will be through the morning hours. by noon, moves from 80 to sacramento. then it watches out. even the south bay left with nothing by 5:00. as we head to the overnight hours, you can see a few scattered showers. the best chance of those will be over the water.
5:51 am
even decreasing clouds as we head to wednesday afternoon. it's going to be cooler for all of us tomorrow. ten degrees cooler. five to ten degrees cooler by today. by the weekend, we'll have the upper 80s to mid-90s around the bay inland. cool at the coast, mid-60s. have a great day. danielle has traffic. >> thank you, mike. all right. take a live look outside. golden gate bridge, foggy out there. speed moving at the limit as you make your way across the span. over on the east shore freeway, this is 80 at university. the headlights are headed in the westbound direction. as you make your way on the bay bridge toll plaza. things still looking good. metering lights are off. you're in for a smooth ride making your way across the upper deck to san francisco. for the latest traffic, go to click on the bay area traffic link. eric, kristen? >> all right, thanks a lot. 5:51. >> macy's is hoping to snuff out smoker's desire to
5:52 am
smoke. >> jane king has the bloomberg business report. >> good morning. macy's telling workers to quit smoking or it will cost them. the retailer plans to charge employees who smoke tobacco $35 more a month for health coverage. companies are already charging some who smoke much more. there are companies who are refusing to hire smokers altogether. home depot under investigation for possibly violating the buy american act. a.p. says they are looking in whether they sold chinese made products to government agencies that were supposed to stick to products from the u.s. or designated countries. u.s. mayor wants to make new york city the destination for gay weddings. the nyc i do campaign will bring in additional tourism dollars. they legalized gay marriage friday. investors today checking out report on personal income and spending. greece is in day one of a
5:53 am
three-day debate on spending cuts that could determine if they get the aid they need to avoid default. lower close for stocks friday as concern about the european debt crisis intensified. a new study don't assume moving in with your boyfriend and girlfriend will make you well off. unless you have a college degree and don't have kids, moving in together has no apparent economic benefit at all. at the new york stock exchange, i'm jane king with the bloomberg business report. 5:53 now. despite the success of missile-carrying drone aircraft, the next generation of fighter plane will need a pilot. that pilot will need to quickly find and process information. south bay company is helping them do just that by putting op a helmet. ♪ ♪ >> 25 years ago when the f-14 fighter and tom cruise's haircut were state-of-the-art, everything maverick needed to know was
5:54 am
on the mounted heads-up display. it was very useful, but you had to be looking straight ahead. flash forward to today. when for the first time in decades, the pentagon's newest fighter won't even have a heads-up display. >> today's pilot has information center. within the cockpit, and what we do is we now make that information flow directly to the pilot's eyes. so he never has to look inside. >> san jose based vision system international made helmet-mounted information centers for 15 years. the one i'm wearing is for the navy's current f-18 hornet fighter. looking through it, you can turn your head in any direction with key information like altitude, air speed, and radar tracking projected right on the visor. this helmet for the f-35 fighter is a quantum leap ahead. >> he can pull up the radar image and pull up the
5:55 am
electrooptical aperture system information. he can freeze that in different point in space. >> translated into english, do you remember the computer in the movie "minority report"? cops could grab images with their hands, pull them in, move them around, freeze them on one side and come back to them? with the helmet, the pilot can do much of the same with his eyes, including walking on fighter to file missile. he can data link with other aircraft the see what they are looking at. the system costs $140,000. since the air force, navy and marine corps are all buying the airplane, that could mean significant numbers sold. the success of unmanned drone aircraft point to a future with few and maybe no-manned fighters. >> even says the f-35 will be the last manned fighter aircraft for the foreseeable future. we have applications for helmets for even drone use. >> yeah. the drone operators would wear a helmet that operates
5:56 am
much the same manner. they would be able to scan the skies for hundreds of miles around. but since the drones are remote control the operator doesn't need to be on the same continent. the morning, pakistani intelligence says u.s.-drone fired missiles hit a pick-up truck in afghanistan killing eight alleged militants. they say the attack occurred in an area hit twice before by suspected u.s. drones in recent months. do you know what the single biggest energy hog in your home is? this could surprise you. they find the set-top cable boxes consume more power than a new refrigerator. the study found the box consumed $3 billion in electricity per year and 66% of that power is wasted when no one is watching. or shows aren't being recorded. the bigger problem is the boxes are perpetually powered on. no u.s. company has developed a standby mode to reduce the electricity consumption. 5:56.
5:57 am
just ahead on abc7 news at 6:00 a.m. -- which state now allows driverless cars to use the highways? we have the answer in our tech bites report. >> plus, latest from the nevada desert, where five people remain unaccounted for in an amtrak train crash. it was a crash in which the train never made it to emeryville. california law will get the u.s. supreme court attention today. what will the justices have to say about who can buy violent video games? a look at the issue up next. has the average guy on the street ever lifted a gravy
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