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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  June 28, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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this is a live look at sfo, where i expect delays to develop due to low clouds and the rain on the way. it's already falling in sonoma county. i'll show it to you on live doppler7 h.d. let you know if there is any records to this rain. as it moves across the bay area today. >> things looking good at the bay bridge toll plaza. traffic is light. the metering lights are off. >> i'm amy hollyfield live in walnut creek where police arrested two people who tried to kill last night. that story is straight ahead. >> i'm terry mcsweeney live in the newsroom. it looks like california lawmakers will approve a budget today. the budget to cut a lot of education and if the forecasts are wrong, could mean more cuts a few months from now. what's in it for you? the story coming up in a couple of minutes. >> good morning, everybody. tuesday morning.
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5:00 a.m. thank you so much for joining us. i'm eric thomas. >> i'm kristen sze. the bay area is bracing for something we don't see often. >> the possibility of rain in late june. 28th of june right now. we're having rain right now. look on the map behind mike. >> live doppler7 h.d., cranking on top of st. helena. let me get out of the way to see the sea. ranch, from cloverdale, bodega bay, that's where we have the likelihood of light rain now. the whole line is marching east to southeast. eventually, this entire cold front in the wet weather with it will make it in the south bay by the evening hours. look for bull income the north bay and the rest of us in the peninsula and the east bay hills will have the drizzle to con tepid with. heavy rain to -- contend
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with. and heavy rain is to the north. we have record heat in the forecast. but now, danielle has traffic. >> thank you, mike. we'll head to the north bay where this is a live look in san rafael, 101 at lucas valley. the taillights are headed in the northbound direction. traffic moves well in both directions. golden gate bridge, things checking in, problem-free as you make your way across the span. eric, kristen? >> thank you, danielle. we begin with breaking news. police in normally quiet walnut creek just arrested two suspects believed to be responsible for stabbing right outside a car wash last night. abc7's amy hollyfield is live at the scene on north main street. amy, how many people were stabbed? >> three people were stabbed, kristen. this is definitely a city not known for violence. it didn't happen very late at night and it was in a busy area. it happened in the park lot of the walnut creek car wash, next door to a wendy's fast food. there is an apartment building behind the car wash. we are on busy north main
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street. police say it happened at 8:45 last night. two people were taken to the hospital with stab wounds. they were attacked here in the walnut creek car wash parking lot. witnesses say there was a huge fight that broke out between five people. police launched an intense search last night. and now have announced they arrested two people. some residents in the apartment say they heard the yelling and the arguing right before the stabbing. this comes as a shock to people who live in this area. people say violence here is so uncommon that some were quick to conclude that the victims weren't randomly attacked, though police have not said. >> nothing like that ever happens around here. it's quiet. i don't know. had to do something. >> it's pretty good area. it's definitely upper-middle. definitely out of the ordinary. >> reporter: police arrested jorge and rojelio from
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walnut creek who are book on assault with deadly weapon and held with $50,000 bail. two of the victims were taken to the hospital and underwent surgery last night. we're told they are in stable condition. a third victim was okay. he was hurt but refused treatment at the scene. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> thank you. . california has a new budget deal one the governor and democratic lawmakers can both agree on. republicans don't like it though it calls for deep spending cuts like they've been calling for all this time. terry mcsweeney will explain. >> reporter: it relies on billions of additional revenue. two weeks ago, the governor vetoed a democratic plan because it relied on accounting gimmicks. this new one assumes that the state will bring in extra $4 billion in revenues. revenues have been running
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higher than expected in recent months but if it's wrong, k-12 schools could see billion dollars in cut and school transportation could see $250 million in cuts. health and human services and state universities could lose $200 million each. >> they get to decide what is cut and decide which programs do or don't exist. their decision. if schools close for a week it's their decisions rather than making cuts in other places that would make more sense. >> budget highlights, redevelopment agencies are eliminated. there is sales tax on online retailers. vehicle registration fees going up $12. deep cult to higher education. no public employee pension reform, something republicans wanted. we'll know by january if the anticipated revenues are a reality. that is when additional cuts would be made if necessary. live in the newsroom, terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. >> thank you.
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in oakland, the mayor and city council reached tentative agreement with the police union and other employee group to close a $58 million budget deficit. the city council will discuss the labor negotiations in a closed meeting this morning. then hold a hearing on city hall this evening. the "oakland tribune" reports the police officer union, firefighterune on and other employee groups agreed to pay 9% of the pension plan. member of each union needs to approve a deal. agreement could save the city $40 million a year and help prevent deep cuts in the city services. the driving record of the man behind the wheel of the truck that slammed into an emeryville amtrak train on friday includes several violations. 43-year-old lawrence valley had been cited for speeding four time since 2008, including three for driving a school bus over the speed limit in california. investigators say it was driving over the speed limit when he hit the train
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killing himself and at least five other people. investigators are also analyzing his cell phone data from the moments immediately preceding the wreck. >> many cases in the laboratory, we can download other information beyond was he in fact using it. was he preparing a text message. was he using it for any other purposes? >> ntsb investigators expect to remain at the crash scene for four to six days and expect to issue preliminary report in 30 days. >> we're getting our first look at bryan stow inside dodger stadium the night he was attacked. tmz posted this video on the website. it shows a man wearing a blue dodger jersey, pointing at stow who is seated -- you can see him there. stow holds up his hands, defensively, as the other man makes his way back to his seat. his cousin said he thinks the man was trying to bait stow in a confrontation. >> what i heard is the gal that shot the video said
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that bryan stow was telling the guy respect the game, respect the game. >> the lapd released a statement saying it's investigating whether the video is relevant to the parking lot attack, which took place apparently after this was shot. tmz says the fan is not the lapd's prime suspect. giovanni ramirez. bryan stow remains in serious condition at san francisco general hospital. abercrombie & fitch is being sued for religious discrimination after a san mateo woman says she was fired because of her head scarf, didn't meet the company's look policy. she worked for the hollister shore in the hillsdale shopping center and said in february of 2010, two corporate managers asked her to remove the scarf at work. she refused and for that, she was first suspended and then fired. >> nothing like this has ever happened to me.
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when i was hired no one had a problem with it. >> they violated the state and civil rights laws. >> abercrombie & fitch said in a statement they comply with the law regarding reasonable religious accommodation. >> let's take a live look outside. the bay bridge still looks okay. not that wet yet but it will get damp. >> the camera looks fuzzy, sometimes is an indication of moisture. mike? >> there is drizzle around the bay area this morning. good morning. the bulk of the moisture, the live doppler7 h.d. showing it up in the northwest corner of sonoma county. let me get out of the way. sea ranch, cloverdale, to windsor, and forestville and bodega bay. occidental road will get wet. fullman road, coleman valley road. getting wet. a look at the system. impressive. nice comma shape showing up there. that is the system that will roll over our neighborhood
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today. it will bring rain to all of our neighborhood. some could be record-setting. 60 in antioch, mountain view and redwood city. everybody else to mid-to-upper 50s. by the afternoon, most of rus in mid-to-upper 60s. along the coast to san francisco, and the last area to see the rain, antioch, livermore, fremont, palo alto, san jose. down to morgan hill. will be in the low to mid-70s. the accuweather seven-day forecast -- rain stays in the north bay in the morning hours and by noon it will start to move through the bay and south bay. scattered showers possibly tonight and then look how quickly the heat builds. another heat wave for holiday weekend. danielle has a look at traffic. good morning. >> good morning, mike. as mike mentioned the roadways will be slick and wet today. do allow yourself extra time if you are headed out the door. also, a little extra space between you and the other drivers on the roadways. a live look in san jose. 101 at 880. traffic is moving well in both directions. make a way to berkeley where we had an earlier accident,
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80 at gillman. since then, awful the lanes have been reopened. traffic moves well through the area now. if you want to avoid the roadways, check in with mass transit. ace train number one is running seven minutes late. bart, caltrain and muni all checking in, problem-free. kristen, eric? >> thanks a lot, danielle. 5:11 now. >> still ahead, gas prices drop nationally for the seventh week in a row. we have the morning's america's money next. >> the help alameda county approved for thousands of former employees. >> high cost of higher education. look at some ways that california colleges can cut spending and still get more bang for the buck.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. good morning. topping america's money. good news from europe and it's helping out the financial markets. french banks are giving greece more time to pay off the debt so it appears a wide-spread debt crisis can be averted and that is boosting markets overseas and the u.s. for the seventh week in a row, gas prices are down 8 cents in the past week. the average is now $3.57 a gallon. you can thank falling oil prices. starting today, it's illegal to sell drop-side cribs, even at a yard sale. they have a rail to be raised or lowered but they have been blamed for death of several dozen infants. apple says they might -- analyst says apple might
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release two iphones, one the iphone 5 and the other lower cost iphone 4 available without a contract. that could help apple pick up the business that blackberry and nokia are losing. that's america's money. i'm peggy bunker. 5:15. good morning. employees of the former nummi plant has access to stress counseling and me tall health services for another year if they need it. the auto plant shut down in april of last year and the county received $10 million in federal and state grants to retrain the dislocated nummi workers. alameda county officials say more than 3,500 former nummi employees have enrolled in that project. 300 jobs will be available at the next hire event in solano county today. the employers will be there include the center for children and families. st. helena hospital center grow technology and the umpqua bank. it's a free job fare by abc7 an job journal. it's from noon until 4:00.
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many of us may know that cost of a college education has risen dramatically over the past several years. according to a report from our media partner california watch, one reason for the spiralling cost is the amount many universities spend on research. abc7's lyanne melendez has more. >> reporter: public universities have tried almost everything to cut cost. some imposed furlough days, eliminated staff positions and done away with sports programs. but the american enterprise institute based in washington, d.c., suggests other strategies. such as reducing the amount of funding for research. california watch, the non-profit center for investigative reporting. >> the finding was really, you know, everybody talks about football, and everybody talks about the gourmet foods served in the dining hall. that is not really the way that the colleges are going to cut costs. they need to target some of the core academic stuff, which includes research.
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>> the study acknowledges research is essential at some top universities, such as, stanford and public universities. >> they're under a great deal of stress but the country cannot afford to back away from fundamental research. >> reporter: u.c. berkeley spends more than $700 million, one-third of the budget on research. but the study found teachers at other less reputable universities are spending too much time doing research and less time in the classroom. >> one of the things they were looking at was the fact that with typical course load for faculty used to be 12 units for semester. now it's six units per semester because most get releases from research. >> reporter: the study questions whether some universities are really serving the needs of their students. lyanne melendez, abc7 news. all right. 5:17. >> mike has been researching where the rain is. >> who is getting it first?
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north bay? >> of course. north bay getting it now. northwest corner of sonoma county, about to move to marin county. all of us will get rain by the end of the day. look at what is going on. 5:18 on tuesday. drizzle possible around the bay area. until organized wet weather gets here. you can see the low clouds hanging around. as we look back from emeryville to san francisco. now coming off the golden gate, some of the drizzle is moistening the roads right there. we talk to danielle in a minute to find out if there are hot spots besides the mass transit delay, she is working on right now. the past three hours on the live doppler7 h.d. you can see the rain back-building. that means it's building to the south and west along the cold front. that's why i think everybody is going to get rain. even a little bit more in south bay than we talked about yesterday. for now, dress for temperatures in the mid-to-upper 50s. 60 in antioch, mountain view, redwood city. monterey bay, inland, low to mid-50s. wet and cool day, with thunder possible time to
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time. showers taper overnight and heat wave will roll in for the holiday weekend. most of the rain from north bay to heart of the bay. temperatures in 60s, heading to east bay valley and south bay. low to mid-70s. you are the last one to see the organized rain. mid-to-upper 60s in the bay. mid-to-upper 70s with the scattered showers. the organized wet weather may not make it to the neighborhood. after the sun sets. showers are likely, early at the marlins-a's game. 7:05 first pitch. 58 to 55. there may be a rain delay but they should get the game. in 61 in fairfield and 60 in antioch. tonight, in the 50s. cooler than this morning. you still see radar returns. the showers will taper overnight. steadiest rain, moving along the cold front. the cold front is moving right along the coast down to san francisco. here we are at 7:00. the most organized wet weather in the north bay and morning to noon. it starts to move in the heart of the bay.
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then just slowly slides down in the south bay by 5:00. by 9:00, it's over. then scattered showers in the overnight hours. check out the updated rainfall totals once we get past the sunshine tomorrow afternoon. i will show you those. here we go. the green is over an inch. there are parts of extreme north bay mountains that may get up to an inch. most of the north bay, .4 to.8. around the bay, itself, .1 to quarter of an inch. south bay, few drops and even up to .1 of rain. we may turn off the sprinkler system for a day or two. once the rain passes so does cooler weather. temperatures are 10 degrees warmer tomorrow, 10 degrees warmer saturday. look at the upper 90s to near 100 over the holiday weekend. 90 around the bay, to close to 70 at the coast. have a great day. be careful once it rains. danielle has delays. >> thank you, mike. ace train number one off to a slow start. they are running seven minutes late at this time. caltrain, muni, bart,
5:21 am
though, all checking in problem free. let's head outside right now, live look at the san mateo bridge. there we go. taillights in the westbound direction from hayward to foster city. quick, about 14-minute ride. at the bay bridge toll plaza, traffic is light. metering lights are off. it looks like you have a nice ride as you make your way to san francisco. for the latest traffic, go to click on the bay area traffic link. eric, kristen? >> all right, danielle. thanks a lot. 5:21. >> next, screening ordeal. what this elderly woman wore through airport security that required her to change her wardrobe. talk about a stand-up guy. the new record just set in hawaii. she notices when my skin's rough.
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good morning. it's 5:27 on tuesday morning. live look from on top of mount tam here. you can see lots of clouds for the bay area today. and we've got some light rain already. more moving in right now, as we speak. as mike mentioned, a one-day event. we have a big change, dramatic one for the fourth of july weekend. we'll talk all about that coming up. the t.s.a. is defending itself for having an elderly woman removed her diaper before boarding a flight. security inspector noted something suspicious in 95-year-old lena's diaper when she entered a security checkpoint june 18 at an airport in northern florida. the diaper was soiled. her daughter said the inspector couldn't identify the item and told her mom to go to the restroom and take
5:25 am
the diaper off. >> it bothered my daughter more than it did me, because i guess i'm too old to care. >> she suffers from leukemia and was flying to michigan. the mother and daughter made their flight. the t.s.a. said the inspector did nothing wrong and every person must be screened. shifting gears now. a hawaii man completed the 300-crossing from the big island to kauai aboard a stand-up crossing board. bart spent five days and nights on 14-foot paddleboard. it required 250,000 paddle strokes. the 41-year-old says it was something he was inspired to do. a lot of standing. >> a lot of standing. a lot of rowing. >> yeah. >> oh, my. >> congratulations. great view all the way, though. 5:25 now. next at 5:30 -- update on the condition of a bay area teenager whose
5:26 am
adventure in the stand was nearly fatal. >> i'm terry mcsweeney live in the newsroom. after the posturing and the lack of persuading, california appears to be on the verge of a budget agreement with lots of new cuts and farewell to old taxes. the story on the way. . next at 5:30 in the east bay -- walnut creek arrested two people for multiple stabbing outside a car wash. >> a look at high temperatures across the country. 114 in phoenix sticks out. as does 101 in dallas. minneapolis is 77. low to mid-80s around boston and new york. 69 in seattle. 73 in portland. no flight arrival delays in philadelphia. otherwise, all the airports on time right now. that will change with the rain coming to san francisco. check out the flight tracker anytime.
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good morning to you. here is a live look at some of the clouds that are filtering through the bay. some of these dropping drizzle, but the big story is the wet weather falling right now in the north bay. the record rain is going to come to your neighborhood. i'll tell you when and how much to expect. here is a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. getting a bit busier out there. still no backup at the paygate and metering lights are off. >> i'm amy hollyfield. live in walnut creek. where two people are in the hospital after being stabbed last night. and two people have been arrested. update coming up. i'm terry mcsweeney live in the newsroom. it looks like california will have a new budget baiter today and governor brown did -- new budget later today. governor brown did it with rosy projections and no republican support. i'll tell you what is in it and not in it for you. >> good tuesday morning. 5:29 a.m. thank you for joining us. i'm eric thomas. >> i'm kristen sze. june is trying hard to set record for rain, huh? >> yes. >> making a major comeback today beginning this
5:30 am
morning. >> mike nicco is checking the radar. is this a one and done, one day and it's gone? >> i think so. impressive storm, one day. and then scattered showers tonight. by tomorrow afternoon, gone. out here and sunshine is back in the forecast. let me get out of the way to see all of live doppler7 h.d. cloverdale, windsor, down to santa rosa and over to bodega bay and almost inverness where the rain shield is right now. king ridge road, main street, and guerneville getting a little wet weather. it's very light right now. but you can see an impressive shield of rain taking over all of northern california. this is slowly sliding southeast. so the bulk of the rain this morning is going to fall in the north bay. by noon it will move through heart of the bay. by the afternoon, it's in the south bay and tapering rather quickly. rain definitely on the way. see if we can find -- see if it's causing any traffic problems. here is danielle. >> thank you, mike. well, the roadway is looking pretty good so far. the wet conditions haven't
5:31 am
caused any accidents or spin-outs. we are getting report of debris westbound 580 as we're approach north livermore avenue. causing people to tap brakes a bit. look at the drive-time, westbound 580 from 205 to the dublin interchange. 20-minute ride. on the east shore freeway from the carquinez bridge to the maze, 18 minutes. eric? >> all right. thank you very much, danielle. 5:31 now. walnut creek police arrested two suspects who they say stabbed three people last night. it all started with an argument outside a car wash on north main street. abc7's amy hollyfield is live in walnut creek with more on the story. amy, that is not an area where they are used to violence. >> reporter: not at all. this is a surprise to people in the area. the two men who are in jail have the same last name. possibly brothers. they're from here in walnut creek. two men are in the hospital this morning. it all started right here in the parking lot of this car wash. the walnut creek car wash. it was 8:45 last night here on busy north main street.
5:32 am
two victims were taken to the hospital with stab wounds. a third person was stabbed. but he refused medical treatment. police say a fight broke out here at the walnut creek car wash. people in the apartment right next door say they heard arguing right before the stabbing happened. this is not what people in walnut creek are used to hearing about violence here is pretty rare. >> nothing like that ever happened around here. it's quiet. i don't know. had to do something. >> it's pretty good area. it's definitely upper-middle. it's definitely out of the ordinary. >> reporter: police have arrested jorge and rageilio argetta of walnut creek, arrested on suspicion of assault of a deadly weapon. in jail with $50,000 bail set. police have not said the motive behind the stabbing or what started the fight in the parking lot.
5:33 am
two victims went through surgery. the third person stabbed refused medical treatment. live in walnut creek, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> thanks a lot. a new budget breakthrough, no republican help needed. governor brown announces he agreed on a deficit-closing deal that democrats will vote on today. one that includes a sales tax on online retailers. terry mcsweeney has more details. >> reporter: democrats and republicans dislike and like something about the budget. brown vetoed a budget two weeks ago that had too many accounting gimmicks but he approved a veto that counts on dollars that might or might not happen. it's assuming $4 billion for the next fiscal year. it's based on higher than expected revenue figures in recent months and it signals that governor is giving up on a plan to let the voter decide fate of tax increases. he could not persuade four
5:34 am
republicans to go along with the idea to get it on the ballot. >> i thought we were getting close. if you look back, there is almost religious reluctance to deal with the state budget in a way that requires new revenues. >> reporter: highlights iffer you now. redevelopment agencies are eliminated. some say they will challenge that in court. sales tax on online retailers as kristen mentioned. vehicle registration will go up 12 dollars. this does not include extension of tax increases that republicans say means $1,000 per year to the average california family. if the $4 billion we talk about in revenues don't materialize, expect more cuts to school and health services. live in the newsroom, terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. >> thank you. 5:34. mount diablo schoolboard is expected to adopt $270 million budget. the schoolboard trustees will meet in concord to consider a budget to add another $3 million to a
5:35 am
solar energy project. and $5 million in high school improvements. the board is expected to approve six new school administrator positions. a 34-year-old mystery has been solved. yesterday, walnut creek police announced that the remains of ellen burleigh have been found in a creek bed near lake berryessa. in 2002, roger reece kibbe better known as the i-5 strangler confessed to killing the walnut creek 21-year-old in 1977. in 2009, kibbe took investigators to the same area but a bone was not found until earlier this year. dna confirmed the match. and police notified burleigh's family on friday. alamo teenager is in the hospital fighting for his life. after a church outing turned tragic last weekend. 17-year-old ryan buchanan was on an outing with church in santa cruz. he and another friend kevin dug sand tunnels on opposite
5:36 am
ends until they met 16 feet below the surface when the tunnels collapsed on them. dozens of people went to their aid. they dug kevin out in five minutes but it took 15 minutes to reach ryan. >> nothing short of a miracle. he was buried for 15 minutes. you know, it took almost ten minutes for him to -- for them to find a pulse. >> it obviously humbles you and you realize how tra jill it can be. >> the creekside community search in alamo held a prayer service for ryan last night and says it will continue holding them every night until he comes home. santa clara county will relaunch its boat inspection program at five reservoirs on july 1. inspectors will be looking for invasive quagga mussels at coyote, calero, stevens creek reservoirs. it can clog water pipe, ruin boat motors and threaten the ecosystem. they're a native of the ukraine and spread from one body of water the another attaching themselves to boats. there is a $7 inspection fee
5:37 am
by the way. boaters have the option of buying a $35 annual pass. 5:37, let's make it. rain in north bay. >> not talk about the rain. admire the gorgeous picture. >> gorgeous picture. >> beautiful. >> look at the sun shining through the clouds that will have the rain in them. >> mike, check in with you. >> are you finished having your ansel adam moment there? >> rain. >> rain. that is the big story. a look at live doppler7 h.d. we're up in sobastapol to santa rosa and bodega bay northward. you can see the rain falling from live doppler7 h.d. sitting atop of mount st. helena. a good vantage point there. check out the area of low pressure. look at it spinning. it looks like december or february or january for that matter. but this is late june. an impressive system that could bring record-setting
5:38 am
rain to the area. from 8:00 until noon, look for best chance of measurable rain in north bay moving to san francisco with drizzle along the coast in some of the higher elevations. we have the temperatures, in the mid-to-upper 50s through the 8:00 hour. notice some areas don't change much by noon. still in the mid-to-upper 50s raining in the north bay, san francisco, and half moon bay, as you head farther east, to the south, we are in upper 60s to low 70s. you are the last ones to receive the rain and take it to the afternoon hours. by 4:00, you can see the healthier amount of rain moving through heart of the bay and moving to the central valley. temperatures from 61 in san rafael to 71 in san jose. livermore, and antioch. once the cold front moves through, scattered shower will taper. cooler in the afternoon. heat is on everywhere, away from the coast for the holiday weekend. good morning, danielle. >> good morning, mike. well, the roadways off to a good start this morning. here is a live look at the golden gate bridge, where traffic is moving at the
5:39 am
limit as you make your way across the span. to san mateo bridge. no problems to report. taillights in the westbound direction from hayward to foster city. over at the bay bridge toll plaza, metering lights still off. getting a bit busier out there. as mike mentioned, the roadways will be slick and wet today. so please drive carefully. eric, kristen? >> all right, thanks a lot. 5:39. still ahead. former illinois governor rod blagojevich says he is stunned after learning that a jury convicted him on 17 corruption charges. also -- >> iran fires more than a dozen missile tests to find out why a revolutionary guard commanderer claims the country already has the ability to strike u.s. and israeli targets. >> thousands of residents are evacuated in new mexico, as a wildfire gets closer to the los alamos nuclear lab. ♪ it's the way you bring out the sun ♪
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. 5:42 now. take you to greece where some developing news, you are looking live at athens where riot police in full riot gear, you see them there, have been clashing with young people, hurling rocks near the greek finance ministry. police are trying to quell the anger sparked by a general strike that started today, as parliament debated new cost-cutting measures. the latest austerity measures must pass in two parliamentary votes wednesday and thursday.
5:43 am
if greece is to receive bail-out funds from the e.u. the european union. and the international monetary fund. we're sorry about losing the picture there. the money is supposed to keep greece from becoming the first euro zone nation to default on its debts. union are furious at the government's new euro $28 billion austerity program will slap taxes on minimum wage earners and other struggling greeks. iran is flexing its military muscle this morning, firing off mid-range missiles and threatping it has the ability to reach even farther. this video here was broadcast on iranian tv. the country is kicking off ten days of war game, firing weapons that reportedly have the ability to reach israel and u.s. bases in the middle east. today, it fired 14 missiles. iran is locked in the standoff with a west over nuclear programs. it conducts war games several times a year to show its military capability. former illinois governor rod blagojevich faces up to
5:44 am
15 years in prison after a jury convicted him on 17 out of 20 corruption charges. >> i frankly am stunned. there is not much left to say other than we want to get home to our little girls and then try to start things out. >> this was the second time blagojevich was tried on the charges. the first trial ended with a jury deadlocked on all but one count lying to the f.b.i. yesterday, the jury convicted blagojevich on a wide range of corruption charges including trying to sell president barack obama's vacated senate seat. thousands of people have evacuated los alamos, new mexico, this morning as a fast-growing wildfire heads toward the town and the sprawling nuclear laboratory. the shots show the los alamos nuclear lab and the fire ranging nearby. officials say all hazardous and radioactive materials are being protected. the 44,000-acre fire began sunday in the santa fe national forest. 12,000 residents have been
5:45 am
evacuated. it's 5:45, let's make it. you can get money back if you bought rice crispies lately. the bloomberg business report is straight ahead. absolute just horror. who in my neighborhood could be doing something like this? >> neighbors in oakland are just shocked after learning somebody in the area is targeting a protected species of bird. yesterday, it was bachmann in iowa. today it's palin. i'm john hendren. i'll have more on that coming up. [ male announcer ] using frontline plus
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all right. welcome back. a look at the live doppler7 h.d. you can see the rain falling from the north bay, all the way up toward about chico, reading, crescent city, eureka. flooding in the sierra. i have don't think this will cause problems as far as that's concerned as it will fall apart after it moves south of us. tahoe is 70. 94 in fresno. 110 in palm springs. afternoon sunshine, 82 in l.a. kristen? >> thanks a lot. 5:48. you can tell the 2012 presidential race is heating up, because it's crowded in iowa today. newly announced candidate michele bachmann and speculative candidate sarah palin are both there along with president obama. abc's john hendren has more. >> reporter: for michele bachmann, the path to the white house cuts through iowa. >> i stand here in the midst
5:49 am
of many friends, and many family members to announce formally my candidacy for president of the united states. [ applause ] >> reporter: but bachmann's day was yesterday. today belongs to her tea party rival, sarah palin, in pela, iowa for the debut of "undefeated." a documentary of her career some call a feature-length campaign ad. >> tea party americans, you're winning. >> reporter: yet, bachmann is being taken seriously and in iowa she has a homefield advantage. she was raised in this house in waterloo. >> we cannot afford four more years of barack obama. [ applause ] >> reporter: the latest iowa poll shows 65% of iowanses have a favorable view of bachmann. just 12% negative. making her considerably more popular here than sarah palin. still not in the race. >> she is a fiscal conservative, a social conservative and a tea party. three main elements that primary voters and the caucus-goers are looking
5:50 am
for. >> reporter: she is having to live down some fiery rhetoric, like this comment about barack obama. >> i'm very concerned he may have anti-american views. >> reporter: that prompted chris wallace of "fox news sunday" to ask this. >> are you a flake? >> i think that would be insulting to say something like that. >> reporter: wallace later apologized, another sign that bachmann is being taken more seriously than ever. iowa is getting down-right crowded. president obama stops in bettendorf today to talk manufacturering jobs. john hendren, abc news, washington. a san francisco community group is trying to push the idea of a free muni system. the group called power today will ask riders at mission and geneva whether they would like muni to be free. they plan to display the results in two large jars marked yes and no. power members say thousands of san franciscans, especially low-income families and students rely on public transit but they can't afford the recent fare increases. well, today's rain, will it set records?
5:51 am
mark yes or no? >> yes, absolutely. it may cause muni to run a little behind. think about that while you're outside. look outside. 5:51. a beautiful sunrise. if you are between the cloud deck, lower clouds there, you can see hugging the bay. upper clouds moving in ahead of the next system as we look from mount -- mount tamalpais. look at the low colloids and drizzle along the coast. this is the south end of the golden gate bridge. live doppler7 h.d., you can see from cloverdale still to inverness and wind somewhere, almost to santa rosa and ronart park. the shield of wet weather that could create record rainfall for this june 28. all right. talk about the temperatures. still 60 in antioch, mountain view, redwood city. rest of us to mid-to-upper 50s. cloudy in monterey bay and inland. low to mid-50s. the highlights, wet and cool today. thunder is possible out of some of the storms. the showers will taper
5:52 am
overnight. once a slow and cold front passes, the high pressure builds in to bring us another heat wave. one that could be just as strong as the last one we lived through. it may go all the way out to our beaches. for today, look where 70s are. antioch, livermore, fremont, palo alto. the last areas to receive the rain. everywhere else in the mid-to-upper 60s. upper 50s to low 60s along the coast to downtown san francisco. just scattered showers around the monterey bay, mid-to-upper 60s. same inland with the mid-to-upper 70s. if you are heading to the game, the showers are likely during the first part of it, 7:05 of it first pitch. the marlins are in town to take on the a's. temperature is 58 dropping to 55. a cool shower. tonight, you can see the showers tapering. upper 40s to clover clover, santa rosa. low to mid-50s for the rest of us. here is what is happening. a very, very powerful system, especially for late june. sliding down the coast. now this cold front is kicking up the moisture and creating some of the heavy rains from 7:00 until noon. you can see it rolling through the individual
5:53 am
storms. southwest to northeast. as the whole shield moves from northwest to southeast. by noon, it's moving in the heart of the bay in the afternoon hours it will move to the east bay. and the south bay. by 6:00 or 7:00, it starts to taper. 11:00, it's over. overnight, a few scattered showers. by tomorrow afternoon, sunshine returns. the air is actually cool behind this front. temperatures will be below average again on wednesday now. looking at the rainfall totals, up in the north bay. up to three-quarters of an inch. inch in some of the mountains. we could have a quarter of an inch around the bay and ten in the south bay. the accuweather seven-day forecast. temperatures tomorrow just as cool, probably not as cool as today. thursday, big jump. biggest jump, saturday, sunday, monday over the holiday weekend. it may touch 70 at the coast. we have triple digits inland. turn it over to danielle. she has a new accident to tell you about. >> that's right, mike. this is westbound 580 as you are approaching 680. a couple of cars and a big rig got into it.
5:54 am
c.h.p. is on the scene. hopefully they can get it cleared quickly, as this is in the commute direction. see how it's affecting the ride from 205 to dublin interchange. 25-minute trip. headed from westbound to antioch, 242, 17 minutes. ace train is running eight minutes behind the rest of the mass transis it looking good. for the latest traffic, go to click on the bay area traffic link. eric, kristen? >> danielle, thanks a lot. citi bank accuses a former employee transferring millions of dollars to his own account. >> jane king has the bloomberg business report. >> good morning. citigroup is having a hard time. lately. the bank is busy reimbursing thousands of customers after they lost about $3 million to thieves who hacked in their way to the customer accounts. now, it's dealing with an inside job. former citigroup v.p. accused of embezzling $19 million from the bank to
5:55 am
transfer money from city account to his private account at j.p. morgan chase. investors today looking at report of home prices from case-shiller and keeping an eye on greek efforts to avoid greek default. if greek defaults and italy and spain follow, it could result in losses for the u.s. money market mutual funds according to an exec at it the mutual fund manager vanguard. but it's helping the s&p snap a three-game losing streak yesterday. did you purchase kellogg, rice crispies or cocoa crispies between june 1? if you did, you may redeem. the deal is part of a settlement after class action lawsuit that claimed the product falsely improved the immune system. i'm jane king with the bloomberg business report. 5:55 now. in the east bay, two peregrine falcons are recovering after being shot with a pellet gun. this one at the wildlife museum in walnut creek and
5:56 am
her 3-month-old daughter were shot earlier this month in oakland. both had to undergo surgery to repair broken wings. the falcons are now able to eat on their own. >> just really fantastic birds. that someone would shoot these, two birds, is really criminal. it's unconscionable. >> wildlife officials believe the falcons were shot at different times because they were discovered ten days apart. when healthy, the falcons nest by the fruitvale drawbridge. there is $1,000 reward in the case. if you have an infant, listen to this one. this morning a federal ban of drop-side baby cribs goes into effect. they have a side rail that moves up and down. the rails can detach and babies have become trapped. a new federal rule bans the manufacturering sale or resale of the drop-side baby cribs. they're blamed for 32 deaths and suspected in 14 others. the new rule mandates more rig louse safety test -- rigorous safety tests for
5:57 am
all cribs. just ahead on abc7 news at 6:00 a.m. -- we have more on the advice citibank is giving customers about the hacking of credit card accounts. why a group of online activists says they plan to shut down websites this morning in tourist-rich orlando, florida. i'm terry mcsweeney live in the newsroom. it looks like california will get a budget today. there is something in it for democrats and republicans and something for both to not like as well. i'll tell you about it and see how you like it coming up. these sweehoney clustery things have fiber?
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