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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  June 29, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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democrats and governor jerry brown. the governor expected to sign that legislation by friday. >> bart agrees to pay $1.3 million to the mother of oscar grant. the settlement resolves a wrongful death and civil rights suit filed by grant's family against the agency. good morning to you. a couple of weather headlines on this wednesday. it could be wet for some of us as we look at clouds that could drop a shower or two around the bay area. once we get past that, heat is on for the weekend. update on the warm temperatures. >> no problems to report at the bay bridge toll plaza. the metering lights are off and the traffic moving at the limit as you make your way across the upper and the lower deck. >> good start at 6:00. hope your morning is starting out well. thank you for joining us. i'm kristen sze. >> i'm terry mcsweeney. it has been a busy morning for the coast guard. it's had to rescue three men off waters off the cliff house. one in bad shape and now the focus shifts to the boat itself. amy hollyfield has the
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story. >> it's light outside and we can get a good look at the boat or what is left of it. most of it is submerged here in the ocean where 600 yards offshore at the cliffhouse restaurant. the coast guard now wants to head out there to see what they can recover. the three fishermen who were on board are okay. the boat capsized at 12:40 this morning. all three of the men went in the water. they had a life raft on board. the coast guard found them and they were floating safely. they were okay. they had 270 crab pots on board. 80 of those were full. they said the load shifted and it caused them to shift. >> we had a load of gear and it shifted on the deck. it went over and wouldn't come back. that's all of that, it happened real quick.
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>> they don't think weather was to blame. they say it was a clear night and they think it was a load shifting issue. just threw everything offbalance and tossed them overboard. the men are from arcada and they are okay. the coast guard says they're resting at the coast guard station and waiting for wife of one of the men to come pick them up now. they're interested in recovering what they can of the boat. most of is it submerged but they want to see what property they can get off of it. including possibly the crab that is on board. they are interested in making sure no fuel is leaking. obviously, overnight, very dark. they were focussed on getting the people, the three men safely to shore. now they will shift the focus to the boat on the water. live in san francisco, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> thank you. 6:02. governor brown is expected to sign the state budget soon. it passed the state legislature last night. because there is no tax increase or tax renewal, a simply majority vote was enough to pass.
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not a single republican vote was needed but there is something in the budget for each party to dislike. >> this will devastate further public education, the children. another $3 billion worth of cuts. >> this budget right now doesn't go far enough to correct what is wrong in california. it will be a relief to taxpayers if the actual tax, if the taxes go back to what they were before 2009. >> temporary taxes are set to expire on friday. the state sales tax would drop by 1% and the vehicle license tax would drop by half. the governor released a statement saying the lemousliture, "made tough choices and delivered an honest, balanced an on-time budget with painful cuts." if he signs it, as expected, it will be only the sixth time since 1991 that california has had a budget in place before the start of the fiscal year. oakland city council members have until friday to approve a budget that is facing a $58 million
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shortfall. the council met after announcing early they're the police officers association, firefighters union and three other employee groups had agreed to concessions. it includes asking the members to pay 9% of the pension cost. they considered a proposal to rehire 44 laidoff police officers but it wasn't clear if the money to do that would come from the sale of the henry j. kaiser convention center. that was also discussed. in san francisco, the mayor's office announced a tentative agreement with the police and fire unions over wage give-backs. that was requested by mayor ed lee. the "san francisco examiner" reports both unions are entitled to wage hikes in the next fiscal year. the tentative agreement is expected to include 3% raise on july 1. in return, they would increase the pension contributions by 3%. they would still get a 1% raise in the middle of the year. union members have to approve that agreement. the city is facing a $306 million deficit. settlement hearings between bart and the father
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and friends of oscar grant continue today. grant was shot and killed in 2009 by the bart police officer johannes mehserle. grant's mother received a seven-figure settlement from bart yesterday. abc7's lisa amin gulezian reports. >> reporter: bart paid oscar grant's mother wanda johnson $1.3 million in the wrongful death lawsuit she filed against a transit agency and its officers. >> no amount of mup would replace oscar. it wouldn't bring oscar back. >> what we are here for today is the whole bart accountable for its wrong that the employees brought on the family. >> a jury found former bart police officer johannes mehserle guilty of involuntary manslaughter. she was released from jail -- he was released from jail earlier in month. the settlement means johnson cannot seek further damages from bart, mehserle, other
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officers or their families. >> regardless of the settlement, it leaves the mother without her son. >> none of this stops other suits moving forward, including one filed by other men on the bart platform in that night's confrontation. >> we feel strongly that the department and the officers up there didn't do anything wrong with this, with the men. >> bart and its officers meantime have not admitted any wrongdoing. >> you can say legally i admit it or not. but the payment of the substantial amount of money is acknowledgment that the officer's conduct itself was wrong, inappropriate, and against the law. >> last year, oscar grant's daughter who is now seven received a settlement of $1.5 million. in the newsroom, lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. football player from ireland is in a coma in san francisco after an on-field incident in a game this past weekend. san francisco police are tying to figure out how 22-year-old mark mcgovern was injured.
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he came to the u.s. for the summer to play galic football, game that is a mixture of rugby and soccer with the san francisco galic association. he was hurt in a match saturday on treasure island and suffered a brain injury. the coach says the team identified the opposing player involved. san francisco police are looking for eyewitnesss. lake county residents might have been woken up by a 3.5-magnitude earthquake before 4:15 this morning. the tumbler was centered 20 miles north of santa rosa and no reports of any damage or injuries. >> yes. >> we have report of a serious warming trend coming to the bay area. just what i wanted to hear, actually. >> oh, yeah. ready for a heat wave? >> mike? >> it's coming for the holiday weekend. a nice time to be outside for everybody. if you need relief, you know where to head, to the coast. tracking radar returns. you can see it right there, to the north of santa rosa, hillsburg to ukiah.
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it's rotating to the south and east. and to the west, as you can see and southwest. we have changeable winds around the neighborhood. then they are gusty around 15 to 20 miles per hour in some areas. watch out for that as you are driving around high-profile vehicles this morning. we are in the mid-to-upper 50s if you leave the house now. another day of below-isolated temperatures, isolated showers possible in the north bay. these are rotating to the southeast and it could move in east bay valley. warmest. low to mid-70s there. mid-to-upper 60s for the bay shore. to north bay. upper 50s to low 60s along the coast in san francisco. monterey bay, partly sunny. inland, low the mid-70s. the accuweather seven-day forecast -- there is the warming trend. we will be in the mid-90s inland most of the weekend. the mid-to-upper 80s around the bay. comfortable 70s along the coast. good morning, danielle. >> good morning, mike.
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well, no problems if for north bay commute. 101 at lucas valley road, headlights are headed in the southbound commute direction. as you make your way to the golden gate bridge. traffic is flowing freely in both directions. as you make your way across the span. things still looking good at the bay bridge toll plaza. the metering lights are off. getting a bit busier out there. the speed is still moving at the limit across the upper deck to san francisco. kristen, terry? >> all right. thank you. drive time traffic available at >> all the time. 6:09 right now. >> just ahead, why mastercard says it experienced a website outage yesterday. >> the first lawsuit is filed last week's deadly amtrak crash near reno. >> tweet about this! the co-founder of san francisco based twitter says he is leaving the micro blogging site.
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6:13. welcome back. amtrak train attendant fired the first lawsuit over a crash of emeryville train that killed six people. woman from illinois filed a suit alleging negligence on part of the employer john davis trucking. speaking in excess of $10,000 for general damages. the truck slammed in the train on friday at a crossing in nevada. the lawsuit accuses valley of ignoring railroad crossing gates and warping signals -- warning signals. . mastercard is insisting
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the outal was not the work of hackers. mastercard says it was not the same denial of service attack encouraged in december? it happened after blocking payment to wikileaks. mastercard says the latest problem is caused at a problem at the internet provider. the man that sent out the first ever tweet is leaving the site he co-founded. isaac stone says he will work with twitter but now it's the get out of the way of the crew and leadership tea team. the 37-year-old stone has he wants to help schools, company advisory boards. >> mike joins us now to talk about a truly bizarre week of weather. >> yeah. i just tweeted about yesterday's record rainfall totals. put it on facebook and
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getting it with 1.03 inches. >> a nice picture looking from emtome the, what do you say? lit clouds. some are hanging around. every once in a while, the clouds may drop a shower or two around the bay area. that is what we we have to look forward to this afternoon. even with more sunshine starting to work its way to the forecast. let's talk about what is going on as far as our live doppler7 h.d. you can see a radar return bearing down on santa rosa. coming down 101. this is very light. temperatures are stuck in mid-50s everywhere. 53 to 56 degrees. around the monterey bay, we have same thing, 53 to 63. as you move inland.
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the isolated showers for a few. isolated. cool everywhere today. sunshine in the bay area. we see a heat wave from friday through tuesday. you want comfort, head to coast. it's pretty cool there. the water will be. six degrees cooler. look at san jose. redwood city, 12 to 16 degrees cooler than where we should be for this time of the year. look at what is going on. the area of pressure over the bay area. the storms develop on the north side. north bay has best chance to see a stray shower. down in south bay today. partly sunny.
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san jose at 70. mid-to-upper 60s. head to south bay. palo alto at 70. farther north, 62 at millbrae. upper 50s along the coast this afternoon. upper 50s at north bay. there is green around clear lake. east bay shore and low to mid-70s in east bay valley. 62 at monterey at 60 at carmel. mid-to-upper 60s around the monterey bay. the winds will relax and it will be cool. the marlins and a's play at game. tomorrow, clouds and low to mid-50s. the sunshine and temperatures are back to average. look how warm it is all through the holiday weekend. 70 at the coast. have great day.
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danielle? >> thank you. >> we have an accident in solano county. eastbound 80 as you approach pits cool road. this car slammed in a center divide and flipped in the medi median. fire crews are on the scene. none of lanes are blocked. you see flashing lights. visual distraction. check drive-time from antioch, in highway 4 to 242. over at the bay bridge toll plaza, the metering lights have just been turned on. you can see that traffic is starting to build beyond the west grand overcrossing. terry? kristen? >> thanks a lot. don't forget, you are looking for any kind of information, check the bay area traffic. >> update all the time.
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>> all kind of news. 6:18 now. coming up, a triumphant return. >> barry zito returns to the mound for the first time since april. a rare double-header. can i eat heart healthy without giving up taste?
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in today's tech bites, google is once again taking
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on facebook. it launched new social network of google plus. the part is the ability to put friends and family members to subgroups and locate people on the web and start video chats with them. as of now, google plus is only available to a small group of users. there is something new you can buy with credit card points. facebook ads. american express and facebook have a new plan for the amex customers to spend rewards point on online ads. it's primarily for small business owners but open to millions of other customers, too. with a touch of his ipad, pope benedict started up the vatican new online venture. he launched papal news and information site to help them communicate with the outside world. the pope sent his first tweet. those are the tech bites. 6:23 now. a person familiar with the major league baseball plan and the dodgers say they will probably try to seize the cash-strapped team.
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i would allow commissioner selig to take control of the team seeking chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. they must file a motion seeking termination of the franchise. the source says it is likely to happen but there is no timetable for the filing. yesterday the judge authorized them to enter into financing arrangement. the san francisco giants will try to improve on a season high seven-game win streak when they meet the cubs in chicago tonight. pitcher barry zito made a successful return to the line-up. he held them to two runs, over seven innings. ankle injury kept him on the sideline for two months. the second game they won 6-3. they won the opener 13-7. >> shaved a mustache and get a win. >> the cal bears baseball team will be honored at the oakland coliseum tonight between a's and marlins.
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they made it to the college world series for the first time in 1992 after battling back because of the budget cuts. top-seed virginia ended cal's cinderella run last week. cal coach was named coach of the year. second baseman was pac-ten player of the year. a's won yesterday beating marlins 1-nothing. >> you're right. >> so excited about that. >> aren't you? >> oh. okay. >> you were supposed to read. >> what a gentleman you are. >> waiting for you. 6:25. still ahead at 6:30 -- for only the sixth time in 20 years california starts fiscal year with a budget. >> that's after they passed a new budget without needing republican support. >> expert investigating last year's deadly san bruno pipeline now discounts the sewer work as the probable cause of the disaster. crab boat capsized
6:26 am
overnight and coast guard had to rescue three fishermen. the story of why the boat tipped over coming up. >> the only major airport with delays you guessed it. right here in the bay area. sfo. 30-minute flight arrival delays. flight tracker, for specific flights. [ man ] did we get anything good?
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it is 6:29. we are just about right now hitting the opening bell to start the trading day. bank of america is expected to begin trading up after an $8.5 billion settlement was announced over claims that it sold investors weak mortgage back securities that became worthless when the housing market crashed. k.b. home reports its losses more than doubled in the second quarter with fewer homes being built. we'll see how u.s. investors are reacting to the news coming up in a live report in 15 minutes. governor jerry brown is expected to sign the state budget soon. after months of frustration and negotiation, the budget passed the legislature late last night. abc7's john alston reports. >> aye. >> reporter: so it went. virtually every vote along party lines. one of the democrats who broke ranks and voted no on the main budget is senator leland yee of san francisco. >> this budget is going to devastate further public education, our schools, our
6:31 am
children. another $3 billion worth of cuts. in addition to that, we are going to look at the higher student fees. >> the u.c. and csu systems would lose $150 million. the state is anticipating an extra $4 billion in tax revenues but that has pitfalls, too. >> the anticipated re-knew does not turn up, we have severe cuts. >> because there are no tax increase, not a single republican vote was needed. majority vote was all that was needed. >> this doesn't go far enough to fix problems but it's of course a relief to taxpayers if taxes go back to what they were before 2009. >> the temporary taxes are set to expire on friday. the state sales tax would drop by 1%, and the vehicle license tax would drop by almost half. the drivers would have to pay extra $12 to register
6:32 am
their vehicles. >> i do anticipate the governor signing the budget. we stood together, sat together at his bench yesterday. he backed the plan. >> the governor released a statement saying the legislature made tough choices and delivered an honest, balanced an on-time budget with painful cuts. if he signs it as expected, it will be only the sixth time since 1991 that california has had a budget in place before the start of the fiscal year. in sacramento, john alston, abc7 news. three me are recovering this morning after frightening overnight ordeal. the coast guard had to rescue them after something happened on their crabbing boat off the coast of san francisco. abc7's amy hollyfield is live at ocean beach with the story. amy? >> kristen, the fishermen are okay. check out what is left of their boat. mostly submerged, you can just see the tail end of it here at ocean beach. the coast guard is now trying to figure out how to get to it. and recover what they can off of it. it's not as easy as you might think.
6:33 am
the fishermen are from arcada. they think the boat had a shift -- a load that shifted about 12:40 this morning and that's why it capsized. it had 270 crab pots on board. 80 of them were full. so they think that the load shifted. that is why it threw everything offbalance. why they ended up in the water. they were well prepared. when the coast guard found them, they were all okay. >> they had survival suits and they had a life raft. not sure if it automatically deployed or they deployed it themselves but they are lucky they had it. >> the fishermen said it happened very fast. they're now resting and waiting for the wife of one of the men to come and get them. i want to show you a live picture again of the boat. see the trail behind it? they think, the coast guard officers think it could be fuel. it's tough to say from this far off. we're 600 yards away from the boat. we're at the cliffhouse
6:34 am
restaurant. so it's just offshore from the restaurant. they think it possibly could be leaking fuel. they are concerned about that. the coast guard is now trying to find a contractor who can go out to the boat and get all of the fuel offloaded. get it out of the tanks. they call it stinging. get it off of there, just in case. they don't want more to go in the water. they'll see what other property they can recover. maybe the crab pots. so that is their focus this morning. now that it's light out. they are trying to get a contractor to go out there. overnight, they were trying to get the people safely to shore. it was dark. they could barely see anything. they just knew that the boat was somewhat submerged. now they gate better look at -- get a better look at it. live in san francisco, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> thanks a lot. 6:34. settlement talks continue today between bart and friends and father of oscar grant. the unarmed man shot and killed by a bart police officer in 2009. grant's mother wanda johnson accepted a $1.3 million
6:35 am
settlement from bart yesterday. last year, grant's daughter tatiana was awarded $1.5 million. johnson claimed bart and the officers wrongfully killed her son, violated her civil rights and used deadly force. >> no amount of money, you know, is going to bring oscar back. you can't pay, you know, for the loss of a loved one. >> it's a fair amount. it's expensive from the average passenger's point of view, but gentleman died because of bart's actions. >> bart attorney insist this is not an admission of fault by bart or any of the officers involved. former bart police officer johannes mehserle was released from jail earlier this month. after being found guilty last year of involuntary manslaughter. an expert investigating last year's deadly san bruno pipeline explosion is now discounting sewer work as the probable cause of the disaster. in an interview with the san
6:36 am
francisco chronicle, robert said the documents that pg&e released to the state last week made him reconsider his theory of who is to blame. they show that the utility greatly fluctuated the pressure in the gas pipeline. he says that alope could have created enough stress for the pipeline to fail. city of san bruno and the contractor claimed that the sewer work was done safely. >> a private company will return to lake merritt to finish cleaning up a fuel spill. the oakland fire department says 30 to 50 gallons of diesel spread across the portion of the lake yesterday afternoon. investigators say rain flushed the dees from the storm drain -- ceasal from the storm brain to the lake. they're trying to term where it came from. it produced a pun jent smell. clean-up crews spread boom across the lake to contain the fuel. they are watching for any impact on wildlife. from yesterday through sunday, we will go through three of the seasons around here. >> yeah. >> or maybe four. right? >> even a snow in tahoe. >> wild! >> it is crazy.
6:37 am
then it will get wildly hot for us. ready for that? >> mike? >> yeah, it would be a fair assessment. only thing we're not going to have is snow. >> okay. [ laughter ] >> maybe. >> yeah. even in sierra, mainly rain. cloverdale to fort ross, we have a lone shower moving through the northwest part of sonoma county. radar return around san carlos and woodside. heading along the skyline boulevard there. you can see maybe a little light shower also. but that is it. a look at the area of the low pressure rolling through the bay area right now. with the counterclockwise flow. we may see more of the showers wrap around the backside. and move from the northwest to southeast across the neighborhood today. big story, cool again and cooler than yesterday morning. everywhere except for half moon bay, san rafael and the temperatures are the same. the rest of us are one to six degrees cooler. mid-to-upper 50s under a mostly cloudy sky at 8:00.
6:38 am
we'll see the clouds break up toward the lunch hour. we'll have more sunshine. temperatures in the most part low to mid-60s. mid-to-upper 50s along the coast to san francisco. by the 4:00 hour, we see the clouds rebuild. scattered showers develop again. best chance up in the north bay. but again, with the southeasterly trajectory, they could move in east bay valley. warmest weather, upper 60s to low 70s. most of us in the mid-to-upper 60s. upper 50s to near 60 along the coast and in to san francisco. look at the accuweather seven-day forecast -- a few clouds tomorrow. and then temperatures warm back to average. everything you see from friday to tuesday, away from the coast is above average. you want relief from the heat over the hot holiday weekend? head to the coast. good morning, danielle. >> good morning, mike. we're still dealing with this accident out in solano county. eastbound 80. this is injury crash involving an overturned vehicle. so emergency crews are on the scene.
6:39 am
none of those lanes are blocked on 80. this is a visual distraction. drivers will probably start to tap on brakes to look as they make the way past the scene of that crash. head over to the bay bridge toll plaza where the metering lights are on. traffic is building. it's backed up to about the 880 overcrossing at this time. we do have a stalled vehicle out in the east bay. along westbound 580. just past grant line road. it's blocking some lanes through there. this will affect your ride on westbound 580. you make your way from 205 out toward the dublin interchange. kristen, terry? >> all right. 6:39 right now. >> trading is underway on wall street. we have a live report from the new york stock exchange. straight ahead, a live look at the big board. dow up 31 points. >> also the iteam with evidence of shocking abuse in america's pig farms. pork, that ends up on your dinner plate. the story you will see on 7
6:40 am
only. >> out-of-control wildfire thre threaten plutonium contamininininininininininininiú
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6:44 am
conditions at tahoe. 59. yosemite is 62. stray shower. stray shower possible around chico and sacramento. mid-70s there. 79 in fresno. still hot in palm springs, 98. very comfortable around san diego and l.a. afternoon sunshine and low to mid-70s. kristen? >> thank you. safeway and coastco say they -- costco say they're reconsidering purchases from a midwest pork supplier after iteam report on animal abuse allegations at the facility chains made a decision after seeing graphic video taken by an undercover animal rights activist. the activist worked for two months at iowa select farms in iowa. used a hidden camera to document conditions there. sows can be seen in gestation crates, 7-by-2 foot cages where they spent most of their lives and they can't turn around. costco and safeway sell iowa select farms pork. safeway halted purchases
6:45 am
pending the investigation. costco says the auditors are investigating and it will continue to push for all the suppliers to stop using the gestation crates. >> the animal handling problems we saw need to be addressed quickly because they're terrible. >> the activist says she has video of sows who have been bred so many times that their insides are literally falling out. workers killing the sickest piglets by slamming them on the ground. >> unfortunately, there are no federal laws to protect anim animals or their miserable lives while on the farm. >> the head of the california pork producer association forwarded us a statement from iowa select farms that reads in part, "they take any claims of animal neglect or abuse very seriously and those portions of the video that show violations will be dealt with quickly and appropriately." in greece this morning, members of parliament
6:46 am
approved a critical austerity bill. over the past few hours, demonstrators tried to stop lawmakers from even getting in greek parliament, leading to several injuries, mostly police officers. the vote clears the way for $12 billion loan from the european union and international monetary fund. it's sparked two-day strike that shut down most of the countries, and the measures include tax increase and steep spending cut to social programs. >> business news. bank of america is agreeing to a big settlement after investors claim the bank is responsible for mortgage fund losses. >> jane king has a report from the new york stock exchange. good morning, jane. >> hi, terry, kristen. good morning. bank of america on the up and up. the nation's biggest bank agreed to pay invessors more than $8 billion to settle claims it duped them in to buying mortgage-backed securities. the investors are the group of big dogs. black rock, pempco, federal reserve bank of new york. b-of-a with second quarter loss as a result. they like that the banks are
6:47 am
starting to put this particular issue behind it. we are seeing the shares up right now. the greek lawmakers approve an austerity plan, combination of taxes and the government cutback. the market is responding positively, though gains are muted so far. the silicon valley index is trading lower. google is making an attempt to push facebook out of the top stop of social networking arena. they're launching google plus, with streaming update, photo, messages and content from selected group of friends. part of the effort is lure web surfers to the own service and expand the ad sales. facebook trying something new. they are the reigning king of social media. they are experimenting with a real-time live feed. "los angeles times" says a small number of facebook users are testing it out. twitter cofounders are stepping away.
6:48 am
despite creating the site they're now going to focus time on new company to develop systems to improve the world. how would you like a pass to see as many movies as you want for $50 a month? a new service is offering that. you have to use a smart phone and there is an app. they are rolling this out in a private test in san francisco. plan to expand it to other markets this summer. live at the new york stock exchange, i'm jane king. bloomberg news. >> thank you very much. 6:48. there are worries of radioactive smoke in new mexico this morning as the firefighters battle a monster brush fire closing in on the los alamos nuclear laboratory. john hendren has more. >> reporter: out-of-control wildfire at the doorstep of the los alamos national laboratory threatens a dump site with 20,000 barrels of
6:49 am
waste contaminated with plutonium. >> we're worried about what happens when the fires go in the buildings and perhaps pop open many of the 55 gallon drums. >> lab authorities say they are taking every precaution. >> we have removed fuels from near the buildings. we have done the analysis, to understand what would happen to our buildings if a fire occurred. we made plans to deal with that. >> it has torched 30 buildings in the countriside and evacuated los alamos, town of 11,000. even for the evacuated, the danger isn't over. the fear is plutonium-tainted dust. the rest of the nuclear lab. lab authorities say the waste is stored on cement, away from grass and trees and the drums are desiped to withstand -- designed to withstand wildfires but if it gets closer we may get a white knuckle test if they hold up. john hendren, abc7 news. this just in. once again, mike nicco with the latest. he is at the computer to see
6:50 am
what is going on, high pressure system coast to coast. >> obsessive compulsive about getting the very latest information. lucky for us. >> yeah. he has his feet up over there with a cup of coffee, but we try to make it sound better. >> thanks. i'm napping during the show again. show you what is going on. now your turn to nap. 6:50 this morning. check out the various tower cams to see if we find a nice shot. this is what we came up with. it was worth me getting to the december about second or two late. what a beautiful picture. isn't that nice? isn't that absolutely gorgeous? look at the light, the clouds in the background, may drop sprinkle or two as we look southbound from marin this morning. very nice. move on and show what else is going on. there you go. the one low shower, fort ross, guerneville, santa rosa and possibly hillsburg in the way of that one. heavier rain, you can see in the sierra right now. as far as the temperatures, leave the house and dress
6:51 am
for mid-50s. same around monterey bay and inland. three things i want you to know before you head out the door. isolated showers are possible today. cooler weather is the dominant feature for all of us in the forecast. tomorrow, we have the clouds and sunshine. warming trend begins. in fact, if you are away from the coast friday through tuesday. we have summer heat for you. the summers will be above average. today, we do warm considerably in some areas like concord and santa rosa, eight to nine degrees warmer. lesser extent around santa rosa. three to four. fremont and san jose jump up one degree. 14 hours and 45 minutes of sunshine before setting at 8:36. temperatures from six to 16 degrees cooler than average. we should be in the mid-to-upper 80s in east bay valley. low to mid-70s today with a stray shower possible. mid-to-upper 60s along the east bay shore with oakland, union city and newark around 67 degrees. san jose is in the middle at
6:52 am
70. on the peninsula, the mid-to-upper 60s. cooler around millbrae at 62. cooler than that at the coast. upper 50s for you. downtown san francisco, and saucelito low 60s. upper 50s at the north bay beaches. mid-to-upper 60s in the valley. farther north you head, the more likely you will see a stray shower. since they are moving southeast, an or two may roam in your neighborhood, also. low to mid-70s. hollister, morgan hill. mid-to-upper 60s, watsonville, salinas. low 60s, carmel, pacific grove and monterey. if you are heading to the a's game no, rain delay tonight. 7:05 first pitch. clouds and breezes relax. 58 tonight dropping to 53. you can see the clouds hanging around. drizzle at the coast. the coolest weather, santa rosa and cloverdale, mid-to-upper 40s for you. rest of us in low to mid-50s. this area of low pressure moves away, still going to spark shower or two, with the counterclockwise flow. you can see why it moves from north bay to possibly
6:53 am
the east bay valley. past the low, the high pressure takes over. look at the heat over the weekend. away from the coast. in upper 80s around the bay, mid-90s inland. nice 70-degree weather by the beaches. have a great day. here is danielle. >> thank you, mike. all right. we're still seeing quiet ride through san jose. a live about at 101 at 880. where traffic is flowing freely in both directions. let's make the way to bay bridge toll plaza where the sun is out and shining making it difficult to see through the camera shot. but the metering lights are on. traffic backed up to about the 880 overcrossing. once you get past the metering lights, though, you are in for a nice ride across the upper deck to san francisco. go golden gate bridge, different story. light out there. cars moving at the limit making your way across the span. we do have an accident in fremont, southbound 680. it's all over in the center divide. the sensors are showing slow speeds as you approach scene
6:54 am
of the crash. avoid the roadways and check in with bart, mass transit, and caltrain all problem-pre. for latest traffic go to click on the bay area traffic link. terry? >> thank you, danielle. the maker of tylenol is recalling bottles of pain reliever because of a musty, moldy odor. the recall affects 60,000 bottles of tylenol extra strength caplets manufacturered in february of 2009. in the 225-count bottle. lot number aba-619. right there on the side of the bottle label. johnson & johnson says the tylenol could contain small amount of chemical found in chipping pal -- shipping pallets and it can cause temporary gastrointestinal syndromes. if tough tylenol, call the company for a refund. recapping the top stories. three crab fishermen are safe after the boat capsized off san francisco cliffhouse. they were pulled from the freezi freezing cold water by coast
6:55 am
guard rescue team. >> amy hollyfield has details. >> reporter: good morning, you can see the boat out there. offshore, few hundred yards offshore at the cliffhouse restaurant at ocean beach. partially submerged and the coast guards is trying to figure out how to get it out of there. the three fishermen on board are okay. the boat capsized 12 clven 40 this morning. they had a -- 12:40 this morning. they had a life raft on board. they said it happened so fast. they had 2 #0 crab pots on board. 80 of those were full. the load shifted sudply and caused them to tip. they don't think weather was to blame. they say it was clear and think it was just their load shifting. the men are from arcada and they're doing okay. they are interested in recovering what they can off the boat. the coast guard is industrying to get a contractor to go out there. the first order of business is get the fuel offboard before they start messing with anything else.
6:56 am
then they will try to recover what they can. then they will try to figure out how to get that boat out of the water. reporting live in san francisco, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> thanks a lot. checking our other top story. governor jerry brown is expected to sign the state's budget in the next day or two. the $86 billion measure passed the legislature last night without republican support. the spending plan includes cuts to education but no new taxes. it will not extend a temporary increase in state sales tax which will drop by 1% come friday. >> we won't be dropping when it comes to the temperatures, we're only going up. way up from here. >> how far up and when? mike nicco? >> well, early as today. we have could go one to nine degrees warmer than yesterday. still pretty cool by late june standards. one of the reasons why we have area of low pressure hanging around. threat of isolated shower moving right down 101 right now. we could have more develop during the afternoon hours. other than that, yeah, take a look at the temperatures. we'll be in the upper 50s to
6:57 am
low 60s along the coast of san francisco. mid-to-upper 60s until you get to east bay and south bay where you have the low 70s. temperatures this weekend are above average and hot away from the coast. danielle? >> all right, well, one last check of the bay bridge toll plaza. the metering lights are on. traffic backed up toward the 880 overcrossing. still dealing with a crash in fremont. all activity in the center divide but the speeds slow approaching the scene of that crash. >> all right, danielle. thanks for much. that is it for this edition of the abc7 morning news. we'll be back with the local update at 7:24. >> join us for midday news at 11:00 statement connected at why not one more look at the gorgeous shot? >> have a great dadadadadadadada
6:58 am
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