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tv   Nightline  ABC  July 1, 2011 11:35pm-12:00am PDT

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tonight on "nightline," releas released. a judge recorders the release of dominique strauss-kahn, after prosecutors reveal the maid who accused him of rape lied about a prior sexual attack. we've got the very latest. beyonce, unplugged. this morning, she rocked new york for the release of her new album, "4." but on her last world tour, the star took off her makeup, turned on a camera and got candid. >> why did god give me this life? >> tonight, she talks about life on the road. and, serious barbecue. from lamb chops to fish, it's all about being aatatot this weekend. barbecue. the grill master is in for tonight's plate list. >> announcer: from the global
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resources of abc news, with terry moran, cynthia mcfadden and bill weir in new york city, this is "nightline," july 1st, 2011. >> good evening, i'm terry moran. the sexual assault case against dominique strauss-kahn, the global banking titan, is one of these rare cases where the high profile and symbolic power to influence the way we think about our justice system as a whwhe, who would protect, who would punish. today, the whole case turned upside down. the prosecution is near collapse, the defendant is released from house arrest. we take a look at the stunning developments tonight for our series "crime and punishment." he walked out of the courthouse smiling. his glamorous wife right by his side. dominique strauss-kahn seemed like a new man. >> this defendant is charged with criminal sexual act in the first degree, attempted rape in
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the first degree. >> reporter: just sisi weeks ag, he looked like a broken man, hulking after a night in jail as he faced serious charges. but today, in court, the shocking reversal. prosecututs themselves publicly declared that new facts have come to light about strauss-kahn's accuser that have led them to doubt their own case. >> all of this has caused us to reassess the position we have about the strength of the case. >> reporter: strauss-kahn's were conditions he was released on his own recognizance. >> thank you, your honor. >> absolutely devastating day for thth prosecution. >> reporter: dan abrams, abc's legal affairs correspondent. >> these are prosecutors who a month ago were saying, this man is so dangerous, we are to keep him behind bars. we can't release him on bail. and now we're sasang, we don't have enough to hold him. >> reporter: what happened here? what happened was that
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prosecutors caught their own star witness in a series of lies and shady entanglements. according to a letter written by the prosecutors to strauss-kahn's lawyer, he lied on her asylum application. she lied about being gang-raped in her native country. she lied on her tax rererns,s, claiming another woman's child as her dependent. and most damningly, prosecutors say she lied about what she did immediately after strauss-kahn sexually assaulted her. >> the prosecutors are saying, when this initially happened, she said, i went into the hallway, i waited for him to get into the elevator and i reported it. now, she says, instead of cleaning another room, i started then i reported it.again and inconsistent statement about what she did immediately after the alleged attack is absolutely crippling to the prosecution. >> reporter: outside the
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courthouse, strauss-kahn's lawyers were ecstatic. >> we are absolutely convinced that while today is a first giant step in the right direction, the next step will lead to a complete dismissal of the charges. >> this is a sad day for sex crime victims everywhere. >> reporter: robin sax is a former sex crimes prosecutor in s angeles and a long-time victims advocate. >> the problem is that the investigators had to go prod and go through tons of information following already the filing of a case, which makes her look like she lied or attempted to hide the lies. that's what makes this case bad. >> reporter: and yet -- and yet. something happened in that hotel room. both sides acknowledge that strauss-kahn and the hotel housekeeper who has accused him, had a sexual encounter. was it consensual, as he says? or was it an assault? >> the only defense that dominique strauss-kahn has is that this sexual encounter was
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consensual. that is a lie. >> reporter: outside the courthouse today, ken thompson, clearly enraged about this turn of events, held a jaw-dropping press conference, where he laid out some of the most damning evidence in explicit detail. >> dominique strauss-kahn came out, running out of one of those rooms naked towards her. and he grabbed her breasts fi t first. and started to attack her. when she went to the hospital later that day, the nurses who examined her saw the bruises on her vagina that were caused by dom nuinique strauss-kahn's han and they took pictures of the bruises and the district attorney has those pictures. when he threw the victim to the floor, he tore a ligament in her shoulder. that is a medical fact.
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>> i still cannot reconcile how this man has a consensual act in five minutes of meeting a housekeeper with semen and dna on the walls and injury and be able to say nothing nefarious happened that day. >> reporter: and remember this? other women have come forward to claim strauss-kahn was sex unitly aggrereive with them, including this french writer, who spoke about it on tv. >> reporter: but the catalog of lies, the alleged victim in new york has told, makes almost any prosecution impossible. is this case over? >> i don't see how a case moves forward where the d.a.'s office doesn't believe the sinine most important witness in the case. >> reporter: he was smiling today. and with good reason.
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>> announcer: "nightline" continues from new york city with terry moran. >> singer and actress beyonce is one of the biggest stars on earth. but she continues to stretch her talent in unexpected directions.
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last year, for example, fresh off her "i am" world tour, she sat down with my co-anchor cynthia mcfadden to talk about the documentary she made and directed herself to capture life on the road. so, here is beyonce, in tonight's encore presentation. >> reporter: if anyone doubts whether beyonce, now almost 30, is still at the top of her game, just watch her concert this morning on "good morning america." ♪ who run the world >> reporter: at 7:00 a.m., new york's central park was overtaken by fans. all there to hear her belt out anthems of empowerment from her new album, "4." like the hit "who runs the world girls." and if any girl should know, it's beyonce, as we saw this past year, while touring the famously private star made a stunning decision.
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>> i'm in ethiopia. >> reporter: during her quite times on the road, she would turn a camera on herself and let the rest of us see the real woman behind the starar without makeup, without light, unplugged. >> and i'm fine. i miss my baby. i wanted the fans to be able to see what i see. it's a lot of things that i revealed about myself that i would have never given to a different director. >> reporter: so, what we see are some very tender moments between you and you. >> definitely. >> reporter: what was the hardest one to show the rest of us? well, there's one moment, i remember being in china and i was in this huge suite and i looked out of the window and it was just thousands of people walking and i couldn't believe my life. and i just -- i guess was a bit lonely and i wanted to talk to someone, so i opened up my computer, and i just talked.
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why did god give me this life? sometimes it's overwhelming. why did god give me my talent, my gift, my family? i know you're not supposed to question god. >> reporter: so what is your answer? >> i can't answer that. only god knows. and i don't take it for granted. >> reporter: she cut some of those raw moments into a film she's directed about the tour. listen to what she says while wearing one of the costumes from the show. >> it's going to be like, almost nine days without resting my voice and my body and my mind and i'm just really upset that i don't have anyone that's concerned about my body and my well being. >> reporter: you're saying, you know, i perform nine nights in a row. nobody cares about me. >> yeah. >> reporter: does it feel that way sometimes? >> i was delirious.
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and i just felt -- was feeling sorry and bad and i was like, you know, i need rest, i need someone to say stop. and in the end, cried because, clearly, i'm a human being and i bleed and i hurt and i fall and cry just like everyone else. >> doesn doesn't look real. i needs to look really like if y'all took a kak are out and look up and you see the stars. >> reporter: we do see you -- you're notot pussy cat. >> i'm not. >> reporter: we see lots of, no, no, no. >> you dare say -- no, let me funnish talking. this is not working. when it comes to my business and my work, i'm very prospective. i know you know. and i have my boundaries and things that i feel like, at this point, i've earned the right to have standards and i don't bend on them, at all. >> reporter: give viewers an idea of just how picky you are.
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the box of applications for the dancers. >> yes. >> reporter: yeah. ♪ i mean, you look at the dancers, they all look good to me. but nope, next. you were very fussy about hiring the dancers for the show. >> i need dancers that dance better than me. >> reporter: so, you're not threatened by people -- >> i want to be threatened. i want them to push me. i'm seeing in the intro -- >> reporter: she may be still getting her sea legs as a director, but making a smash hit song like "single ladies" is old hat. during the tour, beyonce held a contest to highlight some of the best copy cat dancers. i couldn't help but want to get in on the tact. >> start with the shoulders, kind of pop it a little bit. >> reporter: pop it?
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we got a personal note tonight. one of our beloved colleagues, sarah rosenberg, is leaving the program, after many years. well, our plate list series is her label of love. it's hers. so, tonight, here is one of her all-time favorite, and a timely one, at that, with barbecue guru
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adam perry lang. >> one of the reasons why i think i love butchering and meat so much, not because i like to would take me to this butcher shop on willis avenue in long island. every time i would walk in, they would give me a little slice of bologna. when i smell raw meat, my hair stands on end. there's something very chemical about it. first thing you do, you break up some herbs. in this case, marjoram. black pepper. you take olive oil. and then you put the chops in. and you really just kind of work it in. let it sit there for, like, two hours. flames happen. these look beautiful. got a lot of flavor on these babies.
11:57 pm
take the lamb chops. you should hear a sizzle. another trick, i take a brick, just wrap it with foil. place it right on top. more pressure on top of the lamb. i take a bundle of herbs, any herbs. sage, rosemary. and this way, i kind of best the lamb. then, i take a little salt and a glar lick clove and i work it into the cutting board. lemon zest, chopped red onion. d more olive oil. just cut some fresh herbs into it. italian flat leaf parsley. you take the lamb, put it right into that. you are good to go. this is an amazing recipe. guaranteed success. ah. sunday morning breakfast. it was a ritual. i would get up with my father. we would go to a place on the miracle mile and it was a little
11:58 pm
french place and we would -- it was exotic. that was exotic back then. to get the petit fours. it was like a whole ritual. i loved it. the sundays were the thing. and the food wasn't over the top, but it was really, like, a time when the family got together and it was just special. i'm going to make a compound butter or a flavored butter. start with lemon zest. chopped garlic. dill. just rough chop this. don't worry about the finesse. it's not necessary. take some softened tter. kind of pomade. just a touch of lemon juice for acidity. great, great thing to do. take your fish filet. place it on top of the board. then you just take this, place it right on top. use your fingers. don't t afraid. spread it on.
11:59 pm
oh, smells great. amazing. i'm going to take the lid. just goingngo let it cook. all right. ven minutes later, here we are. it's looking beautiful. i'm going to take a little bit of paprika at the end. fresh dill. olive oil. just keep it moist. and then cover it up again. five to seven minutes later, look at this. this is perfection. i love it. it's easy, easy to do. awesome. i am obsessed with learning, knowledge, the vibe, the buzz. everything about being in a restaurant kitchen. it's a place of real comfort for me. i've made some of the best friends of my life in the kitchen, because, you know, you're in there in the trenches and you are fighting it out. the thing i love most about it is really getting in that zone and getting


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