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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  July 9, 2011 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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good morning, america. this morning, betty ford, one of america's most popular and boldly outspoken first ladies has died. we're going to take a look back at her public struggle with addiction, her impact as a champion for breast cancer treatment and her tireless and sometimes controversial advocacy for women's rights. stunning setback. a shockingly bad jobs report jolts washington and wall street. barely any new jobs were created last month. with the economy apparently stuck in neutral and unemployment climbing, can anything be done? rejected. another round of family drama in the casey anthony case. she snubs her mother when she comes to visit casey in jail. we'll tell you who she did agree to see. and william and kate take america.
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the royals have landed in the united states, and we are live in los angeles as hollywood's royalty gets ready to meet actual royalty. which "a" listers are set to meet the future king and queen? and just what will kate wear tonight on the red carpet? hello, everybody. i'm dan harris in new york. i want to say good morning again to all of you and also to my co-anchor bianna golodryga who is in los angeles. hey, bianna. >> good morning, dan. well, we are here to celebrate the arrival of two of the most famous tourists in america right now. of course, i'm talking about prince william and his new wife catherine. they landed here last evening, but, of course, we know it's also a day where coast to coast we are remembering a courageous and trail blazing woman.
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>> that's right, bianna. former first lady betty ford died last night. she was 93 years old. she was one of the most popular first ladies in recent history and in many ways she revolutionized the job. the tributes are pouring in this morning. president obama praising mrs. ford for her "courage and compassion," and former president clinton saying mrs. ford was a "remarkable woman whose legacy will live on in people around the country whose lives are longer and better because of her work." bianna? >> that's right, dan. she had a huge impact on so many people. mrs. ford was open about her struggle with breast cancer and her addiction to alcohol and pills. the kind of talk that wasn't heard of back then. we will get to all of that, but i want to take a moment to explain where i am right now. we're inside the historic belasco theatre in downtown los
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angeles, dan, where just hours from now many of hollywood's biggest stars will be here. tom hanks, steven spielberg, barbra streisand and nicole kidman. as you can she they're furiously cleaning the theater and all the "a" list celebrities coming out to meet them. but, dan, we do want to begin with betty ford. >> looking forward to all of your reporting this morning, bianna, but we do, as you said, want to start with betty ford. she said she never wanted to be first lady, but as long as she had the job, she figured she might as well have a good time doing it. betty ford certainly had an impact shocking some people with her honesty and then after leaving the white house, engaging in groundbreaking work in drug and alcohol addiction that saved countless lives. it is perhaps for her candor that she will be most remembered. >> i am a very grateful recovering alcohohic. >> reporter: a bold public crusader first lady elisabeth betty ford lived in the white house in an era which she was expected to serve tea and host luncheons, but instead she fought for women's rights and spoke openly about her battle with breast cancer.
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>> women no longer are ashamed of having mastectomies. >> reporter: and later her struggle with alcohol and painkillers forever changed the way americans talked about addiction. >> my husband in a very loving way put his arm around me, and he said, you know, mom, we love you too much to let this happen. >> reporter: she founded the betty ford center in 1982. she considered it her lifetime achievement, but her life was not always in the spotlight. she was born in chicago in 1918. she was the daughter of a salesman with a passion for dancing and dreams of making it in new york city. after divorcing her first husband in her early 20s, betty met a navy lieutenant who would change everything. a year later she became mrs. gerald ford. just two weeks before he began his first term in congress. in 1973 president nixon selected ford as his vice president. just ten months later, he was catapulted to the presidency after nixon resigned in the wake of the watergate scandal.
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>> i, gerald r. ford, do solemnly swear -- >> reporter: from that day on the 38th president and his first lady worked hard to restore the country's faith in the presidency. she shocked the nation by talking about abortion rights and premarital sex. she also admitted that she planned on sharing a bed with her husband d the white house. above all, betty was a devoted wife, even speaking for gerald when his voice failed him during his concession speech to jimmy carter in 1976. >> may god bless you and your family as you undertake your new responsibilities. signed, gerry ford. >> reporter: and in 2006 when her husband was laid to rest, it was betty who was still by his side. betty ford spent her final years in her h he in rancho mirage, california. she and gerald were the first presidential couple to live into their 90s. she was 93 years old.
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abc news political commentator cokie roberts is a longtime friend of betty ford's and will, in fact, be a eulogist at her funeral, and she joins us from washington this morning. cokie, good morning to you. >> hi, how are you, dan? >> we really appreciate you joining us. you said betty ford affected the lives of more americans than some presidents did. can you explain what you mean by that? >> as you said in her obituary, she by talking about breast cancer and then by founding the betty ford center, she really has saved, saved thousands of lives. women really started going and getting breast checkups because betty ford said publicly that she had breast cancer. and it was at a time -- you know, now everybody runs and has pink ribbons and all of that, and everybody talks about it, but at t t time it was very much a verboten thing to do, and she, by bringing it out into the open, found somewhat to her surprise that women all over the country started having checkups,
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and that has literally saved lives. breast cancer awareness month, october every year. that was betty ford's doing. >> then, of course, there was her work on alcohol and drugs. >> absolutely. i mean the betty ford center, of course, is iconic, and the number of lives that have been saved there is countless. >> now, she did say some controversial things including harrison prather are telling barbara walters in a famous interview that she supported abortion rights saying if she was younger, she could imagine smoking marijuana, saying that she was going to sleep in the same bed as her husband, which was sort of a taboo issue at the time. was she truly controversy at the time or was she fearless? >> she wasn't fearless but she didn't have any interest in dissembling, and, of course, it was also a time right after the nixon presidency when there was such a sense that the white house was just full of lies that she wanted to change that image, but it was also just her
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personality. she was completely normal and wonderfully so and very funny, and she didn't see any reason not to say what she thought. and, of course, it got political operatives all upset, and they worried about the party base and all that, but she didn't care about that. she felt the important thing was to say what she believed, and i suspect that she did better with the american people for that. her approval rating was very high, and it was because she did seem like a regular person because, in fact, she is/was a regular person. >> as you said, she was very popular. cokie roberts, so terrific to have you, especially given your history with this woman. we appreciate your time this morning. >> nice to be with you. >> bianna, over to you. all right, dan. we want to turn to the economy now and the surprisingly weak june jobs report. just 18,000 jobs were added last
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month, the fewest in nine months, and the unemployment rate rose to 9.2%, the highest it's been all year. there are now a whopping 14 million people out of work, and abc's david kerley has details from washington. good morning, david. quite a setback. economists were hoping well north of 100,000 jobs would have been added last month. >> reporter: you know, bianna, one economist called this a body blow to the economy because earlier this year, job growth was finally hitting its stride but the last two months have been anemic. in fact, you could call last month's job report dismal. in louisville, kentucky, hundreds lined up for a job. >> it's real tough. >> it's been very difficult. >> reporter: they hope to be one of the lucky ones to get 1 of 1,800 jobs. >> i've been here since 4:30. >> reporter: the entire country only added ten times that number of jobs in june. even economists were shocked. >> i felt it in my gut. it was absolutely incredible disappointment. this is a stage in the game where we should be see jobs picking up at a 200,000 pace.
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>> reporter: instead 200,000 joined the unemployment lines. and there are these numbers. more than 14 million americans out of work. the average time out of work, 40 weeks, the longest in more than 60 years. >> okay. >> reporter: why? businesses like john helling's two new york clothing stores are spooked and don't want to add workers. >> i don't think i want to expand my business when i see that, when i see no growth in employment. >> reporter: there w w little the president could say. >> our economy as a whole e st isn't producing nearly enough jobs for everybody who is looking. >> reporter: the hope among the president's economic advisers, that this is just a slow patch in a slow recovery. some are wondering whether this is the new normal. is this where we're e ing to be as far as jobs growth? >> i really don't think it's a new normal. i think if you get the growth rate back to a reasonable level, like what we had prior to these head winds, we actually do start putting jobs on the board. >> reporter: the administration used the dismal numbers to call
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on congress to pass infrastructure spending. extending the payroll tax cut and approving trade agreements. a lot of talk. that doesn't mean much to those waiting in line in louisville to apply for that auto job. >> all you can do is hope and pray. that you'll get a job. >> reporter: the fear is that that dismal jobs report will bleed over into big negotiations over debt and deficit reduction, and there was a sense yesterday that the two sides were getting a bit more polarized, thth republicans pushing and the democrats pulling in totally opposite directions. the negotiations start again here at the white house tomorrow with the president. dan? >> aside from those political wranglings, we have to remember that there are real people behind those dismal numbers. david kerley, thank you for your reportrtg this morning. and now to that horrible accident at the texas rangers game. a fan died after falling while trying to catch a ball that was tossed into the stands by a player. now major league baseball has issued a statement saying "our players are encouraged to be fan friendly, and we will carefully
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review t ts incident with our clubs to continue to ensure a safe environment for our fans." here's abc's barbara pinto with more on this. >> reporter: it is the ultimate ballpark souvenir, but at what price? one dad's request turned into a tragic accident. >> behind me i heard somebody say, hey, hamilton, how about the next one, you know. i got the next one and threw it in that direction. >> reporter: shannon stone, a texas firefighter, with his 6-year-old son cooper at his side reached out to catch the ball, but he reached too far tumbling over a railing 20 feet head first onto concrete below. he was bleeding badly and worried about his little boy. >> he raised his head up, and he said, "i need to check on my son." >> reporter: later stone suffered a fatal heart attack. his family issued this handwritten statement saying "the stone family is devastated by this tragedy. e family appreciates your
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thoughts, kind words, prayers and ask that you respect their privacy during this difficult time." there is also concern for josh hamimion, the player who tossed that ball. he's battled his way back from addiction and now this. >> i can't imagine how the whole family is feeling, and my heart and my sympathies and my prayers go out to them. >> reporter: at last night's game with flags flying at half-staff, players and fans paid silent tribute. >> we ask that all fans please rise and please remove your caps. >> reporter: this isn't the first accident here. last year another fan fell reaching for a ball and fractured his skull. now shannon stone, who brought his son here to make a happy memory, has left him with an unimaginable one instead. for "good morning america," barbara pinto, abc news. such a tough story. let's check the morning's other top stories with ron claiborne. >> good morning, dan. bianna missing. good morning everyone. media mogul rupert murdoch
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is in damage control mode this morning over the growing phone hacking scandal at one of his british newspapers. murdoch arrives in london today. reporters for the 168-year-old "news of the world" are accused of hacking cell phones of crime victims, celebrities and politicians. three people have now been arrested, and the weekly tabloid is ceasing publication tomorrow. the obama administration is sending a strong signal to support for anti-government protesters in syria. the ambassador, the u.s. ambassador to syria met demonstrators on the streets of the besieged city friday. hundreds of thousands of protesters greeted him with roses and olive branches. and citizens of the world's newest nation were literally dancing in the streets. early this morning south sudan is celebrating its independence from sudan after decades of civil war. south sudan is expected next week to become the 193rd country recognized by the united nations. and astronauts aboard the space shuttle "atlantis" will spend most of their first full day in space checking for damage. the liftoff of nasa's final space shuttle went
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off without a hitch. there was a two-minute delay to check out launchpad equipment. a crowd of almost a million people turned out to watch that launch. and casey anthony appears to be snubbing her mother. visitation records at her jail show that anthony denied a video visit request from her mother just days after she was acquitted of murdering her 2-year-old daughter. she did accept visits from members of her own legal defense team. anthony is set to be released a week from tomorrow. a dispute over andy warhol portrait of farrah fawcett appears to be headed to court. the university of texas is suing her longtime companion ryan o'neal, actor, to get him to hand it over to the university. fawcett left it to her alma mater in her will. it was recently spotted on a reality tv show hanging in o'neal's house valued at $30 million. and, finally, why spend thousandndon a wedding dress when you can make your own for a few bucks, dan? well, you wouldn't wear one, of course. a michigan woman has won the
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seventh annual toilet paper wedding dress contest. her creation -- >> seventh annual, yeah. >> seventh annual, yeah. her creation was made from four rolls of toilet paper. we don't know what brand. hot glue and tacking tape and she won a thousand bucks, not bad. >> those are quite elaborate. >> yea. pretty good-looking actually. >> thank you, ron. let's check the weather now with stephanie roberts who is from her tampa station wfts. would you wear one of those? >> until it rains. i mean, then you have a problem. you got to look at it from the weather point of view. good morning, everybody. if you're waking up this morning and you've got gray skies, even some scattered showers up in eastern new england, do not worry, all of this pushing to the east just in time for an absolutely gorgeous-looking saturday. that definitely was not the case in bethesda. last night the heavy rains
7:17 am
without power. you can see downed trees. throughout the day drier air moving in but watching for the threat of severe storms >> now let's go back to bianna in los angeles. stephanie, thank you. well, this is it. the weekend royal watchers in the u.s. have been waiting for it. prince william and catherine are finally in america. they are here in los angeles
7:18 am
where just hours from now, they'll be attending a black-tie event celebrating british film and television right here at the belasco theatre where we are this morning. and abc's bob woodruff has been with the royals every step along the way on their north american tour and they have taken north america by storm. >> it's been unbelievable. this will be the spot, you know, tonight where we'll do all this. the british royalty with the celebrities right here in hollywood and it's been such a huge success. nine days ininanada all the way from the east coast almost to the west coast, we've been with them every day. people have been lining the streets, cheering for them. the question is, is that going to happen here, as well, and itit's already beginning to hav begun. when prince william and kate arrived ininos angeles, they were driven through the city. outside the beverly hilton hotel fans have been waiting for hours infatuated with this couple particularly kate. >> her transformation from a commoner to a royal is just like any girl's fantasy. >> reporter: next, cocktail reception at the garden at the house of britain's consul general. the duchess of cambridge wearing a maja green silk dress s diane
7:19 am
von furstenberg, american designer, joined her husband, the prince, to talk with celebrities including english soccer star david beckham. later today, the royals will head for a little polo. fans paying between $400 and $4,000 for a seat at the charity tournament then off to downtown l.a. to pay tribute to british film and a chance to rub elbows with hollywood stars, tom hanks and nicole kidman among the guests. >> suddenly this young couple comes into town and has sort of stolen the limelight. >> reporter: tonight at this historic theater, the royal couple will join with the british academy of film and television arts to recognize future british stars. >> it's going to be a fabulous event to introduce 42 brits who we think are going to be names that you're going to be hearing a lot more of. >> this is originally -- >> reporter: names like gareth
7:20 am
edwards, first time feature director of the brtiish cult hit "monsters." he hopesesrince william could star in his next suit. >> i'll be scanning him for his measurements to see if he can fit in that rubber suit because i think he'd make a really good godzilla. is it treason to say that? >> reporter: so tonight as the royal couple take on hollywood, who will emerge most celebrated? our favorite actors or the duke and duchess of cambridge? only the paparazzi know for sure. now, i should tell you right now i'm going to head out now to santa barbara, as you know, the polo and racket club and william is going to be playing. kate is not going to be playing but she's going to be giving the trophy to the winner. i'm not going to play. i'm not allowed in, but i did hear that you donate about $100,000 that you can play. >> oh, fantastic. >> so give me that. >> i'll write you a check after the show. >> and i heard you can play. >> there's nothing regal or royal about my polo skills, but we're going to get into some of that later on in the show. bob, thanks so much for coming in. good to see you.
7:21 am
>> it's been great. bob, the prince plays polo for a charity later today. i hopped on a horse. there you see me to try my luck at playing the sport of kings. let's hope i don't lose my day job any time soon. >> dan? >> you look pretty good, bianna. we'll get into that coming up. one, two, three, come on! when i say mango, you say pineapple! mango!o! [ crowd ] pineapple! mango! [ crowd ] pineapple! when i say pineapple, you say mango! pineapple! [ crowd ] mango! pineapple! [ crowd ] mango! now freeze! [ male announcer ] introducing the new mango pineapple real fruit smoothie from mccafé. bursting with fresh flavors, perfectly blended with ice and low-fat yogurt. when i say mmm, y'all say ahh! mmm! [ crowd ] ahh! mmm! [ crowd ] ahh! [ male announcer ] the simple joy of a real fruit experience. with less chronic low back pain. imagine living your life with less chronic osteoarthritis pain.
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♪ the glamorous ♪ the glamorous glamorous life so they are the most famous tourists in los angeles right now. no, i'm not talking about dan and ron. i'm talking about william and kate. they are finally here in america, in l.a. and good morning, america, i'm bianna golodryga in los angeles. where just hours from now prince william and princess catherere will be in this theater, the belasco in downtown los angeles. dan, can you feel the excitement? >> i can. it's palpable. i got to tell you, my wife wants to know what's kate going to be wearing tonight? >> i am wanting to know that as well and we're going to be talking to katie nicholl. she'll be with us talking to us joining us about this great trip they've d in north america, really taking canada and now the u.s. by storm. >> and you are inside the theater where all this is going
7:31 am
to be taking place. >> this is the belasco theatre. we wanted to go inside the theater, but they're cleaning up because, of course, we're hours away from the big event. there will be some "a" listers. hollywood royalty meeting with actual royalty. we'll be looking forward to that. we'll be covering that extensively tonight. >> i got to give you some props. you are went above and beyond. you risked life and limb to cover the polo angle of this visit. we know that the prince is going to be playing some polo later. you got some lessons. i understand it was a little dicey. >> just call me self-deprecating bianna. there was nothing regal about my polo skills, dan, so we'll get into that later as you'll see. >> i cannot wait to see that video. thank you, bianna. also coming up this half h hr, fascinating stories of survival. check out this video of a car accident. there's an suv that's going to enter the frame here and slam into a pedestrian crossing the street. now, it looks like this person
7:32 am
could never survive, but he did. how? we'll tell you coming up, but first let's start it off with bianna in los angeles. that's right, dan. we do want to begin with more on the life and legacy of former first lady betty ford. she died last night at the age of 93. and her public struggle with and recovery from drug and alcohol addiction led to the opening of possibly the best-known rehab clinic in the country. it was nearly 33 years ago that betty ford left the white house, checked into rehab and lat announced to the world that she was struggling with alcohol dependence. >> today i am a very grateful recovering alcoholic. and i know firsthand that treatment does work. >> reporter: an outspoken advocate for women's health, in 1982 she would go on to found and raise money for the nonprofit addiction treatment clinic in the california desert that now bears her name. the center's goal, treatment without shame. >> somehow it was all right for
7:33 am
men to kind of kick back and sow their wild oats, but as far as women were concerned, it was a real stigma. >> reporter: she helped erase the stigma associated with people suffering from alcohol dependency. it would become betty ford's greatest legacy. since then the clinic has treated more than 90,000 patients including celebrities like lindsay lohan, billy joel, elizabeth taylor and kelsey grammer. >> it takes a sense of community and love and sense of faith to actually overcome this disease. >> reporter: the betty ford center would launch the medical careers of hundreds of men and women who now specialize in addiction. >> i was so inspired that people, who though they were in hollywood or though they were high in the political field or the white house were able to deal with diseases and disorders and real-life issues that they themselves had an onus. >> reporter: at 93 betty ford will be remembered as a pioneer who redefined the role of first lady. and we want to go back to new york and ron claiborne with a
7:34 am
look at the morning's other headlines. good morning to you, ron. >> hey, good morning, bianna. good morning, everyone. in the news oil giant bp is arguing that victims of last year's gulf oil spill should not be paid any more for claims for future losses. bp says that the areas affected by the spill have recovered and the economy is growing in that area. police near buffalo, new york, are investigating the death of a disabled army veteran who was thrown from a 200-foot tall roller coaster on friday. the 29-year-old vet had lost his legs while being deployed in iraq. a few members of patti labelle's entourage have been charged with assaulting a west point cadet a houston airport in march. the cadet suffered a concussion and other injuries. and labelle was nearby when the incident occurred. finally, an 11-year-old boy appears to have a magnetic personality literally. the so-called magnet boy has been seen on television with spoons, scissors and other items stuck to his body. it is time now for for the weather and stephanie roberts from our tampa affiliate,
7:35 am
wfts. the rays are playing the yankees tonight so check them out, stephanie. >> yes, they are. a washout last night with rain in new york. we want to start with the southern plains. heat is a big issue. seven states under heat advisories again for today. in fact, i want to take you live to dallas. temperatures have been in the triple digits for eight consecutive days. we do have a little cloud cover right now in dallas. temperatures in the upper 80s but once again look at the forecast for dallas. five more days of heat, no break in sight. and thth are definitely looking at a very extended heat streak there. some of that heat is going to get up into the middle of the country today. it is cool and comfortable in the northwest. >> this weather report has been
7:36 am
>> this weather report has been brought to you by purina. bianna? >> stephanie, thank you. well, tonight hollywood is going to learn a thing or two about real star power. "a" list celebrities will be lining up here at the belasco theatre for a chance to meet the duke and duchess of cambridge. william and kate are final in the u.s. on their last stop of hair north american tour and our royal correspondent and the author of "the making of a royal romance" katie n nholl has been with them every step of the way. >> lovely to be with you. >> how significant is this encounter celebrities we're going to see tonight and obviously royals, kate and will? >> i don't think it getstsny bigger than this. i mean these are our "a" list celebrities, and it's going to be wonderful because i think they'll outshine the likes of nicole kidman, barbra streisand sitting on the top table. i think they'll outshihi them. there's something very magical about this couple. they were at the consul general's house last night for a reception. a garden party for 2020people.
7:37 am
and steven frye said the reason they're so special is they bring fairy dust. and the words fairy and fairy tale, every person said it's a real-life fairy tale romance and i think it's captured the hearts of everyone, hollywood, but the world over. >> the world over. they're under a microscope here. what do you think was the most memorable moment of theieinorth american tour so far? >> well, it kicked off in canada, in ottawa, and it ended in calgary. but for me the real highlight was canada bay because there was such a sense of pride and a sea of canadian flags and union jacks and seeing kate step out in that fabulous cream dress and her red fascinator hat and watching them up there as a married couple and as ambassadors for great britain, i felt hugely proud and for me that was my highlight because it was just so special. >> and she did look stunning. as we know, she's not traveling with a stylist. she's picking out her own wardrobe. she hasn't missed a beat here. what can we expect to see her wear tonight? >> i wonder if shehel go for a british designer.
7:38 am
last night she wore diane won furstenberg and earlier in the day she wore an unknown british designer. what she seems to do is what the late princess of wales did, use fashion as sending a message by wearing fashion. in canada she wore erdem, a command everybody designer so i put my money that it's on a british designer. >> dan, there you have it. she brought 40 dresses with her and everyone is expecting this dress to be the one that captivates the world. dan, i know you'll be waiting with excitement. bated breath. bianna, thank you very much. i want to tell you what's coming up next here on the broadcast this morning.. an incredible survival story, in fact, several of them. people in terrifying accidents who lived to tell the tale. how did they do it? keep it here. keep it here. 3 o'clock. my daily meeting with a salty snack
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>>e, imagine, if you will, walking across the street looking around and seeing an suv barreling at you or riding in a helicopter when the engine suddenly malfunctions, and the chopper starts plunging to earth. well, you probably think, this is it, i'm a goner. but sometimes luck intervenes. call it cheating death or, if you like, a miracle. a parachute malfunctions, a car crash, a chopper down. shocking accidents all caught on tape and featured in the national g ggraphic channel's new series "the indestructibles," but will there be survivors? scott techmeyer was on his way
7:43 am
to work when he was struck by colliding cars. >> i remember seeing that suv rolling, and then he was just gone. >> scott suffered massive injuries and remained in a coma for four w wks, and then he slowly fought to get his life back. >> that's why at the hospital they called him the miracle man. >> reporter: now six years later, tim leggett, a crash reconstruction expert, unveils why scott was able to survive. >> that's why i got 16 broken bones instead of a coffin. i would have never guessed. never. >> reporter: now take a look at this news helicopter and its unstable descent that eventually ends when it hits a building and splits in two. >> it was a little busy that day. i remember there being two shootings in brooklyn, very close to each other. it was a big story going on. >> reporter: all the stations were covering the story including pilot russ mowry and reporter andrew torres and another chopper spots
7:44 am
russ and andrew's chopper. >> and someone says, something is wrong with chopper 4. >> i remember watching it seeing the tops of the buildings, and then the next thing i remember is the shot sort of went haywire, was sort of jerky and then it started going to hash and just flickering, and then it just went black. >> i think it was only 2 1/2 minutes, and it felt like the e rest of my life waiting to see some movement inside that aircraft. >> reporter: and suddenly there was. >> it was like a total miracle when you see the door open, and andrew just kind of gets out. >> reporter: rescuers then struggle to free the pilot. >> i shouldn't have lived. i should not -- it's nuts, but that's what happened. >> reporter: so how did they survive? the answers appear six years later when they returned to the scene. crash investigator tim royce tells them it was an unusual series of events, and russ' cool-headed maneuvering that saved their lives. and luck, i would say. >> yeah. >> quite a bit of luck involves. "the indestructibles" premieres tomorrow night sunday july 10th on the national geographic
7:45 am
channel. i'll be checking it out. >> yeah, those are incredible stories. >> really. >> speaking of indestructibles, our own little indestructible coming up on "gma." bianna golodryga risking life and limb learning how to play polo in order to cover the royal polo match later today. keep it here. polo match later today. keep it here. smoky eyes look amazing. but creating them? that's a whole different story. almay intense i-color smoky-i kit. first, sweep the smoky-i color across your lid. then, add the crease accentuating shade... and a highlight under your brow. only from almay. only for me.
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well, prince william and catherine are headed to santa barbara today for a charity polo match. kate will present the winners with the trophy, and william will be playing. well, i wanted to get an idea of how their day will go, so guess what i did? i saddled up for a private polo lesson. it's called the sport of kings,
7:49 am
but here this man rules. a man who looks great on a horse and good in just about anything else. nacho figueras is a champion polo player, the face of ralph lauren and today -- >> try to, okay. okay. good job. that was pretty good. >> my personal polo instructor. >> you're going to hold the reins with your left hand because when you play polo, you can only use your right hand. okay. so always use your left hand. >> do you want to hear a helmet? >> you think i should wear a helmet? >> i think you should wear a helmet for safety. >> it's not a complicated game. think of it like hockey on a field while riding a horse. two teams, a ball and two goals on either side of the field. polo 101. >> polo 101, exactly. >> the horse is like -- >> i want to put the ball in front of you. hold on. >> i'm sorry. >> okay, okay. let's go. i'll go beside you. here we go.
7:50 am
>> there you go. see. you hit it first t te. >> i was determined not to embarrass myself. >> okay, we go. >> okay. >> first i had to convince my trusty steed tupo that i was in control, and then i had to hit the ball while riding. oh. i missed the ball. come on, tupo. let's go. >> keep going. >> okay. >> let's go, tupo. it's you and me buddy. come on. come on. let's go.. >> put the reins forward. yeah. >> oh. oh, i missed it. >> keep going. there you go. again. there you go. see. >> that felt good. >> yeah. perfect. >> oop. >> keep going. keep going. keep going.
7:51 am
>> i'm going to fall off the horse. >> no, you keep going. if you hit it great, if not, i'll pass it back to you. well done, perfect. three in a row. >> i think i'm getting the hang of this, at least until i look over and see nacho galloping with one of our cameras in his mouth.h. >> i'll give you this back, okay. >> but this is about me. nacho, for my first lesson, how would you say i did? >> i think you did very well. you caught the rhythm. you need to practice more on the horse, but i think that you were wonderful. >> but could i take on a royal? figueras has played with prince william and prince harry at an annual classic in new yorkrk >> they're very talented players. william is more -- he plays more like in a back position and d re like calm and cool and collected and plays very well, and harry is more up front and -- >> aggressive. >> -- more aggressive. >> it's his character, it seems. so i have an anchor that
7:52 am
sometimes struggles with hand/eye coordination, balance, timing, anchor dan harris. do you have any advice for him? >> dan, no chance. >> you know, i wasn't even there to defend myself. i hasn't even there to defend myself. but that was beautiful. >> i take you everywhere i go. you're always with me, dan. i don't think there's polo in either one of our futures. but i did dress the part. remember when we were fascinated with fascinators for the last six months. well, if i can't play the game, i can at least dress appropriate for a polo match. here's a fascinator, i'm wearing a dress, and you're supposed to wear wedges, which i'm wearing. >> excellent, bianna. i think you did very well on that horse, by the way. and we'll be righthtack. >> thanks. 'll be right back. >> thanks. [ female announcer ] add whole grains to yourur mornig
7:53 am
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thanks for watching, everybody. david muir has "world news later" today, and bianna golodryga is back in l.a. tomorrow morning. we'll see you later. good saturday morning, let's start with a check of weather. here a lisa argen. >> good morning. we've got the marine layer, mount tam about 1500 feet deep and looking at a cooler day all around the bay. 53 in san francisco as well as fremont with numbers in the mid and upper 50s in the south half
7:57 am
of the bay. we are cooler this morning, as much as 35-6 degrees cooler by the delta and 5-6 degrees cooler around san jose. trough of low pressure that will be parked around the north coastguard for the next several case. as it remains there, it will usher in that cooler air but start out progressively cloudier day by day. we're getting partly cloudy skies early in san francisco and at sfo 38 minute delays on arriving flights. our temperatures cooler than where we should, 63 downtown. 76 in fremont and warming up to the mid-80s in inland valleys. that is going to be down several degrees from yesterday, about 10 degrees cooler than yesterday. headed to the giants game, temperatures will be starting out in the 60s dropping throughout the day, kind of breezy with sunshine and look ahead, mid-80s warmest inland
7:58 am
valleys and cool further to the early to middle part of next week, as much as 15 degrees below average. coming up next at 8:00, missed opportunities on a staggering scale. a new report about how many times jaycee dugard could have times jaycee dugard could have been saved and a family vacation [ kimberly ] when i was 19, i found myself alone with two children and no way to support them. people told me i wasn't going to do anything. and i just decided i have more to offer than that. i put myself through nursing school, and then i decided to go get a doctorate degree. university of phoenix gave me the knowledge to make a difference in people's lives. my name is dr. kimberly horton. i manage a network of over a thousand nurses, and i am a phoenix. [ male announcer ] find your program at
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