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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  July 12, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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good morning, i'm sue hall. we've got a sig alert going for you this morning, with road closures in daly city leads to a car that hit a pedestrian. we'll have details coming up. >> i'm amy hollyfield live in oakland where bart officials and citizens will begin looking into an officer-involved shooting. just as public outrage over the shooting starts to build. i'm nick smith live at san francisco state and at california state university could be a lot more expensive if the board has its way. i'll have a live report. and good morning to you. here is a look at embarcadero where it's breezy and cool a little bit of drizzle this morning. you'll find a lot of it. that is why we're calling it january in july.
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it's cold this afternoon compared to average. we'll talk about how long it will last. good morning. i'm terry mcsweeney in for eric thomas. >> i'm kristen sze. the highway patrol is on the scene of a big accident on interstate 280. chp has issued a sig laertd. >> good morning. we have an issue behind me a live shot there. we've got a sig alert in effect this morning, roadway is shut down. this was video taken earlier this morning. 280 northbound at 19th street off-ramp. it remains closed while the officers and officials do their investigation. a car versus a pedestrian there. did not fare well for the pedestrian. 19th off-ramp remains closed at this hour while the investigation is ongoing. your alternate route would be junipero sierra boulevard. we do have a high wind advisory on the bay bridge.
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our top story, reviews get underway on the controversial bart police shooting that killed a man at a san francisco station. last night ang bring gri protestors managed to shut down three stations during the commute. amy hollyfield is live at the civic center with the very latest. >> we are in oakland at the kaiser center. this is where the reviews will get underway. there will be bart officials looking into this and a citizen review board and have public outrage to answer to. protestors forced the closure of three bart stations yesterday. they are calling attention to the shooting of a transient that happened last week. bart is promising a thorough investigation but some protestors are demanding that bart police be disbanded. >> bart's conduct is outrageous, these people don't have any business going in public and killing people.
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>> we want transparency and honesty and integrity in the process. >> bart police shot and killed 45-year-old charles hill at the civic center on july 3rd at 9:45 at night. police say he was armed with a knife and a broken bottle and he was aggressive, possibly drunk and one of the officers suffered cuts to his arm. there are several investigations going on. bart police and san francisco police are conducting their own separate investigations. there is also a new independent police auditor who will be looking into it and a new citizen review board will also investigate. those two new layers of accountability were created after the shooting death of oscar grant. he was shot in the back and he was unarmed. thanks very much. a fire inside a san pablo apartment building sent a baby to the hospital.
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firefighters rescued the child's mother, there was a small fire that started with food left on the stove. apartment was filled with smoke around 2:00 this morning. they put on the fire in 15 minutes and treated the mother and the infant for smoke inhalation. the baby went to a local hospital to be checked by doctors. >> they are asking for the public's help on who set a fire that heavily damaged a school classroom. skyline elementary school's classroom was deliberately set. one of the fires burned through the classroom wall and nobody was hurt. >> california state university governing board is meeting to consider another hefty tuition hike for the fall semester. nick smith is still adjusting for an increase to the campus system. >> absolutely.
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it could be a lot more expensive this year if the board has their way. the board of trustees will meet in long beach to consider a plan to raise tuition by 12%. this would be in addition to 10% increase for the 23-campus cal system. take the previously approved 10% and 12% hike, students would be paying $1200 a year more raising the annual tuition by $3588 to $5,472 this will not include room, board or campus fees. now, the csu system isn't alone. u.c. students face a 9.6% hike if they make an approved increase this thursday. it could be the ninth fee increase in eight years. us a might expect, both boards
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cite budget woes. cal state system administrators say the increase is necessary because the newly approved state budget reduces the funding by $650 million or more than 20%. now, today, csu students plan to rally outside the board meeting and protest. we expect to hear more from students and faculty today. contra costa city council is set to voted on implementing a day time curfew for students, would it apply to all students during regular school hours. if they are not in a class and caught in a public place they could be fined as much as $500 depending on how many times they violated the curfew, parents could also be fined if they know their children are not in school.
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they are investigating whether to men they just arrested may have cloning atm cards may have done it in other cities. they were seen around citibank atms. men fled when police arrived and they caught them and found loaded firearms and huge amount of cash and hundreds of cloned access cards. the men are being held in county jail. anyone with information is being asked to call pleasant hill police. >> they want to ban beer laced with caffeine. it's passed to the state senate. it would out law the drinks in california. they say the caffeine masks the high alcohol content. opponents of the measure note that other drinks like irish coffee say those are different and no one is proposing a ban on
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them. >> they want to ask a county if they want to break away from california and form their own state. it calls for creating south california. from san diego to orange county to the south. riverside county supervisor believes that california is too big to govern. spokesman for governor brown called it a supremely ridiculous waste of time. >> the battle begins anew. >> we'll see which cities we get to keep. it's 5:09. and a little southern california weather right now. >> he is talking more about the drizzle. >> that is probably is what they wanted. up in the sierra there, yeah, i bet. here is a look at the area of low pressure bringing us the onshore flow making it feels like a january morning, the drizzle and clouds and
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temperatures and winds are gusty like sfo about 12 miles an hour. fairfield 17. so you have the good onshore flow. sea breeze that will keep us cooler than average, about 10-19 degrees cooler than average today. right now you step outside, we're in the 50s with 52 in san rafael. cool spot all the way up to 58 in fremont. as on we head into the afternoon hours, these clouds will be really stubborn. looks at parts of bay from lumbar ton bridge not even getting out of clouds. mid to upper 50s to you. partly cloudy conditions in east bay valleys, a little more than 77 in antioch. we'll be around 70 in the south bay. mid-60s to mid-70s in the north bay valleys. look at that, half moon bay, 57 degrees. around monterey bay, 50s inland and 70s with a lot of cloud cover in your neighborhoods also. it gets cooler tomorrow and thursday before warming trend takes us back to average monday of next week.
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developing story happening in daly city this is a fatal accident. a car and pedestrian you can see. this is video from earlier overnight. this is right at the on-ramp to northbound 280 at 101, 19th avenue off-ramp remains closed as the ongoing investigation is happening. alternate route would be junipero sierra boulevard. this is a map. because 19th off-ramp remains closed. high winds making an advisory in effect for the bay bridge. public transit is all on time, no problems there and bay bridge toll plaza, even though high winds, no problems there. thanks very much. >> bright idea or a bad one? still ahead, new bill looking to keep very popular light bulbs from being pulled of all store
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shelves. >> and growing hacking scandal in britain. it grows to include more newspapers. >> also san jose prepares to cut a lot of jobs at cisco. >> and goats? these are cows, battle over four-legged firefighters and what it may cost neighbors in an east bay community.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. the phone hacking scandal in
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britain involved with newspapers owned by rupert murdoch is spreading. gordon brown accused of newspapers of employing criminals to obtain confidential information about his family and others. before brown took office in 2006 he and his wife discovered their infant had cystic fibrosis. the newspaper is accused of containing confidential information to break the story. >> they told me the story about medical conditions and this story, i was in tears. >> he told the bbc, they obtained confidential information on bank account and legal files. "good morning america" will have more on the widening scandal coming up at 7:00. >> back here. tech giant cisco confirmed that will be laying off employees next month.
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bloomberg reports that they on could cut as many as 10,000 jobs or 13% of its work force. san jose based company reported about $8 billion in profit last year but had a series of disappointing earnings. in a statement. they announced they will cut billion dollars which will include layoffs. >> congress is taking up a bill that may decide the fate of incandescent light bulbs. they pushing legislation that will overturn measures in the energy act requiring more efficient versions of the light bulb. they claim the new standards are a symbol of an overreaching federal government and have a right to buy the old-fashioned bulbs if they want to. in walnut creek, it's goats versus cows. which animal should graze on the hillside. homes are threatened by dry
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grass during fire season. >> they recommend the commission support the decision to remove cattle grazing from the weed abate baited. strategy. >> but they want the cows back on the 175 acre open space region where late seasonal rains have made taller than average vegetation. she raised cat. >> will i have direct knowledge and how economically can eat grass down to an acceptable level. i can also say -- >> the city is paying $5800 to hire a herd of goats to colorado control the ridge line. but it used to receive $2,000 from a cattle rancher john hoover to paid the city to graze his cattle here. >> how y would a city entitle in funds turn down a service that would naturally take care of the need that made the open space area safe?
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>> but bob britain says the residents are overreacting. he claims this kind of vegetation poses little threat. >> grasses that we're talking about is very low fuel loads and they burn very fast. it's almost like tissue paper. >> in the end they decided that the goats were satisfying the fire district's requirement. >> whether the goats stay or the cows come home is a decision the city council will have to finalize. i'm alan wang, "abc 7 news." >>. >> and cows after they are done eating they encourage more grass growing. [ laughter ] >> the environmental impact study. did it talk about the release of methane, which animal releases
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more. >> and we're moving along. >> absolutely. >> 5:00 18 1:18. >> you have to keep us in line. >> one produces more methane gas let's move on. looking down from mount tamalpais, real thick cloud cover, a lot of drizzle to be had this morning flight arrival delays in sfo are inevitable. check out flight tracker at temperature time, 52 in san rafael, cool spot. still 57 in antioch and 58 in fremont. some of the warmer areas, and 51 in los gatos. around the monterey bay, a lot of 55 and 57s. cooler today, cloudy, more drizzle tonight. there is a hint way out in the forecast that the end of the 7 day of more seasonable
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temperatures but that is monday through wednesday of next week. san francisco 8 degrees cooler than average. oakland 10. napa 11, san jose 13. redwood city 15. livermore, 19 degrees cooler than where we should be. here is the reason, onshore flow sea breeze. look at 12:00, it's still hanging around the east bay valleys out of south bay and north bay valleys. very strong around the bay and out to the coast. it will hang around the bay for the better part of today. farther away you go less likely you will see that up the marin county coast. 50s and 70s that is all we can mugster today. so 57 in sunnyvale and 73 in los gatos. on the peninsula, mid to upper 60s until millbrae, 62.
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mid to upper 50s, breezy drizzle kind of a raw day. near 60 in downtown south san francisco. mid to upper 50s through most of the valleys. napa and sonoma, that is, i made a new word. until you get to union city, upper 50s antioch and brentwood, let's stop right there. let's move on. this whole forecast is moving on wednesday and thursday, temperatures will be coolest, sunday and monday, that is when summer is back in the forecast. good morning. do you have an update? >> i do have an update. good news, this shot here, this is video earlier of a problem we had in daly city. sig alert, lanes reopened, 19th
5:21 am
avenue off-ramp has been reopened. what happened overnight a car hit a pedestrian right there at that off-ramp near san francisco state. there is a fatal accident. investigation is just wrapped up. so 19th avenue is reopened. overnight road work, slow for the cones. high winds on the bay bridge this morning as well with the high wind advisory in effect. is the website, go for all the information before you leave the house. click on bay area traffic. 5:21. >> coming up next, new rules you need to know about that can get i a free copy of your credit score. >> a former governor is dimming a toe back into the acting pool. >> and hold on to your seats, we'll take you for a ride on the world's tallest roller coaster.
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switching to progressive could mean hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. welcome back. it may be easier for you to get your hands on the credit score. new rules will go into place will require banks to tell you your score if they reject your credit card or loan application. they also have to explain other factors considered in their decision. it applies to get loans or credit cards but with bad rates. people who get the best terms won't be entitled to the free credit score. >> we are learning more about the habits of ipad users. a study finds most owners, 51% use their apple ipads in the comfort of comfort of couch.
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17% use it in the bedroom. also, ipad owners most frequently use the web browser, safari, and "new york times" 13%. 41% use it to read newspapers, 39% use it to read books. >> you will be able to see zbf schwarzenegger to play in a movie. a western entitled the last stand. he put his acting comeback on on hold in may after it was revealed that he fathered a child with housekeeper. >> the world's largest roller coaster is now open for business it climbs 1 they feet. >> wow!
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>> and rather than straight down it doesn't make it any less terrifying. kind afternoon way to do it a bit of sensation with no other stuff. >> 5:26. next at 5:30. san mateo firefighters don't have to leave their fire stations and respond to an overnight accident. what police say led to this unusual scene. >> pressure is mounting against bart. the agency is promising a thorough investigation into an officer-involved shooting but protestors still want to be heard. the story is coming up. >> and they said they are sorry but now they say they shouldn't have to pay. who pg&e says who is really to blame for the san bruno pipeline explosion. >> you are traveling to the midwest or even the east, look at this sticky air, 92 in boston
5:27 am
100 in d.c., st. louis and dallas. much cooler in seattle and portland, 70 there. good news, nothing is going on in our major airlines but several of them could be threatened by severe weather from denver to charlotte. "abc 7 news" find our flight tracker. -- abc7neweweweweweweweweweweww
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good morning, i'm amy hollyfield live in oakland where bart officials are insisting their investigation into an officer-involved shooting will be thorough just as protestors are getting their message out. >> also this morning, firefighters on the peninsula get an unexpected wake-up call. a car crashes into a fire station door. >> and summer has come crashing to a halt. look at sfo where we expect
5:30 am
delays. it feels like january in july w very camp for your morning commute and cooler temperatures the next couple of days. >> good morning. i'm sue hall. we had an earlier sig alert in daly city. i'll have details coming up. >> and pg&e begins making legal maneuvers to avoid paying settlements to the deadline pipeline explosion in san bruno. utility says they are not to blame for the blast. >> good morning. it's 5:30. i'm kristen sze. >> i'm terry mcsweeney in for eric thomas. >> two separate investigations will begin in the last week's fatal shooting of a man by bart police officers. >> it shut down three bart stations in san francisco. >> amy hollyfield joins us from bart headquarters where the investigation will get underway. >> reporter: these are two new layers of accountability. there the citizen review board and new police independent auditor.
5:31 am
they were both created after the 2009 shooting death of oscar grant. he was shot in the back and he was unarmed. public outrage over this new officer-involved shooting is building. protestors angrily and loudly made a scene last night. three stations had to be shut down. they are upset over the death of a trance yent at the hands of bart police and they want the police department disbanded. >> to all the families that have been killed by law enforcement. nobody seems to cover this. >> two independent bodies is going to make sure they cross every t and dot every i, if they don't you will hear about it. >> here bart officers were involved in the shooting death of charles hill. officers say he was armed with a knife and a broken bottle and he was aggressive. san francisco police are looking
5:32 am
into it conducting their own criminal investigation. so is bart police and today, you can add two more to the list. citizens review board and independent police audit. bart officials say this incident will be scrutinized. amy hollyfield, "abc 7 news." it wasn't a fire alarm that woke up the crew at san mateo fire station late last night but a crash at the front door. an suv that apparently came off of highway 92 plowed right into one of two rolling doors at. >> this believe the woman behind the wheel may have been driving under the influence. she was taken away in an ambulance with what appeared to be non life-threatening injuries. meanwhile, extensive repairs will have to be made on that door. pg&e is now taking legal maneuvers to avoid paying settlements to avoid paying
5:33 am
settlements in lawsuits in the deadly pipeline explosion in san bruno. san francisco chronicle reports that pegs should not have to pay damages because the blast was caused by a third petition. the state of the art pipeline, pg&e says it's standard part of the pro l process. >> no man died when a charter fishing boat erik capsized. a navy deep water dive team is about to search the wreckage of boat. a sacramento based coastguard c-130 crew will conduct an eighth day from searching from the air. >> kidnapping and rape survivor jaycee dugard memoir, a stolen life goes on sale today.
5:34 am
its amazon's number one best-seller. dugard described how she survived 18 years in captivity. she was kidnapped from her lake tahoe neighborhood by philip and nancy garrido. since the interview millions of people have responded with e-mails admiring her strength and courage and also expressing outrage that it went unnoticed by authorities that were assigned to monitor philip garrido. >> it seems impossible that no one knew that you were there. >> you would think that, you know, the authorities would know more than they did. i hate to point fingers and blame but there is oversight that sticks out. >> during the interview she spoke to some of the parole
5:35 am
agents over time. we will rebroadcast the interview with dugard this saturday night at 9:00. >> they have helped double the reward being information for missing student michelle le. reward stands now at $100,000 police are investigating her disappearance as a homicide. her family believes she may still be alive. they have searches planned for this friday and saturday. wants california voters to decide if a new sales tax on purchases should be overturned. they have filed a petition to get the tax on the ballot. amazon collects tax from people who buy in the state. we want to give you a reason to get up and go this morning, let's talk about the drizzle and
5:36 am
cool temperatures out there. >> i mean it's july. >> yeah, it's back to the future. it's january, that is what it feels like. good morning, drizzle, cool conditions and wind blowing off the ocean and due to this area of low pressure, spinning over this counterclockwise fashion and it's sinking to the south and it's coming at us. this isn't the depth of the coolness yet but tomorrow and thursday. check out the winds, blowing out of fairfield and west at sfo at 12. that is where this is blowing right now and reason why all of us under cloud cover and dealing with patchy drizzle even into the east bay valleys. temperatures are 1 degree warmer in san francisco, fremont, napa and santa rosa than yesterday. at 8:00, still in the 50s, still cloudy everywhere and drizzle falling. we may never get out of the
5:37 am
drizzle in san francisco today. as we head to noon, clouds into the south bay and maybe napa up in the valley there, temperatures in the 50s and 60s. then by 4:00, we're in the 50s and 60s around the bay. a few 70s inland and even cooler tomorrow and thursday. good morning, sue. >> we have an update for you on the situation, earlier sig alert in daly city has been lifted and the 19th avenue off off-ramp from 280 has been reopened. a car hit a pedestrian. it was a fatal accident and an investigation just wrapped up. so once again, 19th avenue off-ramp remains reopened from northbound 280. some emergency crews are still on the scene. overnight road work, in san rafael, it's moving well from lucas valley road. it's moving well. it's a souvenir, a cat that
5:38 am
stole the show at home run derby. >> and parking is going up. how technology is deciding what you pay to park above ground.
5:39 am
5:40 am
>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. it's 5:40. another baseball fan goes over the edge but this time didn't
5:41 am
fall to his death as a texas rangers fan did last thursday. this video shows keith car michael during the home run derby standing on top of a table. he leaned over to catch a bill and lost his balance head first over the railing. a friend grabbed his legs and arms keeping him from plunging. new parking rates are in effect in san francisco. rates are set block by block. jonathan bloom has the story. >> this is ridiculous. this worse enough. >> when you park on the streets of san francisco, it seems like a quarter doesn't go very far. >> it takes about ten minutes of my meter time putting in all the coins. >> some neighborhoods it will take more coins to park including this block. it's part of the park can program that sets the price
5:42 am
based on supply and demand. key to the program is these sensors embedded in the pavement under each parking space. they talk to that meter to keep track when the parking space is in use and when it isn't. >> they will collect the data and use a formula to decide whether the parking goes up and down. it can rise a quarter or drop by 50 cents. in first round of adjustments, most meters will n these neighborhoods will go up but at fisherman's wharf they will get cheaper in the morning, prices around at&t park will drop. in the mission district they will go up during the weekend. >> they say it will give customers one more reason to shop someplace else. >> you raise the prices on top of it. i don't know. it seems out of control. >> but a driver says the price difference doesn't matter since the new meters take plastic.
5:43 am
>> i use my card and park where i want to park. you don't think about it. >> reporter: anheuser-busch wants to trademark area codes. bloomberg business report is coming up. >> and first lady betty ford, a tribute to her and big hand she had in planning her own memorial service. >> today's meeting of the white house, can it bring about a deal? more on that story coming up. >> and what will make today's excursion outside the space station one for the history books. >> we know about salt being bad for our health, now there may be an easy
5:44 am
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welcome back. live doppler 7-hd where we're looking at absolutely nothing. it is quiet once again, let's show you the forecast for this afternoon. look like sunshine around palm springs, cooling is hitting fresno at 91. 80 in chico with sunshine. mid-70s around tahoe. 80 in yosemite. cloudy 80 in big sur. first lady michelle obama along with several first ladies
5:47 am
and presidents are remembering betty ford. she died at the age of 93. memorial services at the church and palm desert begin this morning with a private ceremony with family members only and then another service will be held for invited guests and dignitaries. also secretary of state hillary clinton nancy reagan and bill clinton and george w. bush will be there, as well. public service begins around 5:00 p.m. >> congressional leaders will city down to try to reach an agreement in raising the debt ceiling. a meeting yesterday showed no sign of progress. sessions will be an everyday affair until there is an agreement. >> reporter: the stalemate over the deficit continues. today president obama sits down again with deeply divided congressional leaders.
5:48 am
he gave them a homework assignment, come back to the white house with a plan that increases the total deficit reduction from $1.7 trillion to $2.4 trillion. that figure could get republicans on board as on long as tax increases aren't part of the deal. president obama ruled out a temporary measure to raise the debt ceiling. he is pushing for a bigger deficit deal, $4 trillion. the clock is tucking. moody's has threatened to downgrade the u.s. credit rating before the government actually defaults. >> this is something we're all going feel. financial markets would roll over. we would feel in our retirement accounts, college saving accounts but the flow of credit could come to a screeching halt. >> atlantis astronauts are about to begin the last spacewalk of
5:49 am
the shuttle here this morning. two of them will be venturing out to retrieve a broken ammonia pump. two spacewalkers will also install a refueling experimented on 245-mile high outpost. they? >> concerned about the spacecraft having to dodge space debris. this is the final shuttle flight and added an extra day to the mission and scheduled to be back on earth on july 22nd. >> and to dodge the drizzle out there it would be few till. >> we have more than yesterday and it is more widespread this morning. here is a look what is going on. 5:49. terry is always waiting on every word he says, you never know. 5:50. i hang on what you say, too, i
5:50 am
really do. not as crazy as terry. 5:50 this morning and looking southeast you can see the bay bridge this morning but can't see much else because of the drizzle and low visibility. let's go with the temperatures, still in the 50s, 52 in san rafael and 57 in san jose. monterey bay an inland, 55, 56 and 57 degrees. the clouds will be more stubborn than yesterday. breeze is coming off the ocean that will aid the cooling and cooler by a couple degrees than yesterday. cloudy but more widespread drizzle tonight. we get to the end of the forecast, hints of warmer weather next week. for today big story, how much cooler we are than average. 8 degrees in san francisco. everybody else in double-digit fritz oakland to 10, livermore 19 degrees cooler than average.
5:51 am
sunset a lot of us won't see it at 8:32 because the clouds will be that stubborn. they will be spilling into the east bay valleys keeping us to the upper 50s along the corridor and low to mid-70s in concord to pittsburg to upper 70s to antioch and brentwood. clouds will dominate the east bay shore today, kleo to mid-60s until you get to sunshine around castro valley, union city and fremont and newark, mid to upper 50s there. one of sunny spots, south bay, upper 60s to low 70s with san jose. clouds to the peninsula low to mid-50s, a little more sunshine, palo alto upper 50s to near 70. breezy, raw drizzle, mid to upper 50s for you. downtown san francisco, cloudy, near 60 degrees. we'll have mid to upper 60s through the north bay valleys. some of those areas will clear out first, low to mid-70s. 50 at monterey but upper 50s for
5:52 am
santa cruz and watsonville. for tonight, we're looking at clouds once again, drizzle just about everywhere, temperatures in the 50s until you get to santa rosa at about 48 degrees. almost looks like a winter storm coming down from the gulf of alaska. that is why it feels like january outside and this low will come our way and bring the coolest weather tomorrow and thursday. still very cool on friday, especially noticed warming on saturday and sunday and monday when temperatures be back to average. we have an update at an earlier accident in daly city we'll get to that in just a minute. we'll take you around the bay area. this is walnut creek, southbound 680 at you immediate to north main. moving at the limit so far this morning, don't want san jose to feel left out. this is 280 toward 17 and traffic is very light at this hour. to the bay bridge, no delays at the toll plaza, metering lights remain off at this hour.
5:53 am
we still do have a high wind advisory on the span so just be forewarned. go to for all our information and click on bay area traffic. sorry guys. >> sue, thanks very much. anheuser-busch is popping the cap on a new plan to attract more urban consumers. good morning. taking applications for area codes from 15 u.s. cities. the beer maker may be trying to build on 312 made by an island brand and giving beer a local flavor. and they are stepping up the hispanic community. anheuser-busch sponsoring pit bulls tour.
5:54 am
>> starbucks adding a little international flavor to the menu. rolling out meals today. chicken wraps and sesami noodle that contain fewer than 500 calories. u.s.a. says the miniature desserts are exceeding expectations. i'm jane king from the bloomberg business report. >> u.s. officials are investigating a hacking group's claim that it stole 90,000 military e-mails and addresses. these are addresses and passwords belonging to the government's homeland security consultant bruce hamilton or defense contractor such as lockheed martin. they are made up of a members known for a recent hack on government and corporations. no comment from the government. >> the justice department says it will begin requiring firearms
5:55 am
dealers in california and other border states with mexico to alert officials any time they sell more than two semi-automatic rifles to someone in a gief five-day period. they say federal officials the new requirement will help authorities detect and disrupt border smuggling gun operations. it will affect some 7,000 dealers. they are highly sought after by drug traffickers. we're learning more about some of the attempts the u.s. government made to track down osama bin laden. the british paper guardian says the c.i.a. organized a fake program in the town where it believed he was hiding in an attempt to get a deal from his family. they say c.i.a. agents recruited a local doctor to orgt than drive.
5:56 am
the doctor has since been arrested by pakistan for cooperating with americans. u.s. officials are trying to intervene on his behalf. >> health news about salt. a new study from cdc found that most at risk from too much salf intake may be those that eat too little potassium. those diets of both nutrients, researchers think potassium rich foods, bananas and broccoli and spinach may help neutralize the effects of sodium. >> a proposal that is being voted on as the governor is describing as a, quote, supremely ridiculous waste of time. >> and the cost of cutting, a proposal being considered that parents could be paying if your kids are caught cutting class. >> bart police say one thing and eyewitness say another and
5:57 am
protestors are outraged and want some answers. i'm amy hollyfield, an explanation is coming up. [ female announcer ] they've been off limits to dieters
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