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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100AM  ABC  July 12, 2011 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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the shooting death of a man on a bart platform in san francisco has prompted public outrage and several investigations. >> one of those is underway right now one day after a large protest disrupting bart service on the civic center platform where the victim was killed in a confrontation. amy hollyfield us from oakland with more. >> some of those protestors are here this morning, they not only demanding answers on the streets but also here in the boardroom.
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today's meeting is groundbreaking for two reasons. first, the people sitting on the front row, 11 people who are making up the first civilian review board. second reason bart is also using an independent police auditor. they are doing this so bart police won't be the only ones investigating bart police. these independent bodies will be looking into the incident. they have an angry public to answer to. there was a protest yesterday that shut down three bart stations in san francisco. protestors say they want bart police to disband. some their questions is why couldn't they use a taser on a man that was shot and killed last week. they are hopeful the new layers of accountability will get the questions answers. >> i wish something not quite as serious as this it's going test our program, it's going test whether we put the right model
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together. the whole world wants to see what they are going to do. are they going to be in lock step with the police. maybe it will be in lock step, maybe everything is the way it should be. >> reporter: bart added the new investigators in response to the shooting of oscar grant. johannes mehserle shot him in the back and grant was not armed they hope the public will be satisfied with all the parallel investigations going on the san francisco police department and bart police department and now starting today, we have a two separate bodies, civilian review board and police auditor. it's going to take time to get to answers and conclusions but bart officials wanted the public to know they are working on it. >> pg&e is taking new legal maneuvers to avoid paying
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victims of last september's deadly pipeline explosion. they have filed court documents and requesting a jury trial filed hundred lawsuits filed by victims. they say the pipeline blast was caused by third parties and outside contractors. they hint that pg&e plans to partially put the blame on the residents. pg&e says it's all a standard part of legal process. bay area school kids held a bake sale to help keep the search going for the northern fishermen lost in the gulf of mexico. these are six of the missing, the daughter of won one of them is a teacher in livermore. nick smith is there live. >> good morning. most of the survivors of that deadly if i can trip have returned to northern california but search efforts continue in the sea of cortez for the seven that remain missing and family
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members and loved ones of those people continue to keep this story in the public eye. take a look at this video. today administrators and students of the valley montessori held a bake sale. mandy whose teacher is one of the father one of the seven missing men. they range from toddlers to eighth graders they watched the story unfold in the media and wanted to do their part. >> they know the situation. they follow the news. their families also follow news and they understand that her father was on a fishing trip and the boat capsized and no one can find him. >> reporter: for the eighth consecutive day a coastguard plane participated that covered 1700 square miles. seven missing men have been missing since the boat sank in
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july 3rd in the sea of cortez. needless to say they are hoping the money they raise will help subsidize the cost of divers in the search effort. i want to learn more about the fishermen and efforts to help, go to our website at live in livermore, nick smith, "abc 7 news". >> board of trustees at california state university is voting on another tuition hike. they are considering raising tuition by 12% in the fall, that is on top of the previously approved 10% increase on the 23 campus system. if approved the annual tuition will increase by $588 to a total nearly $5500. students plan to rally outside the board meetings. the university of california trustees are voting today on a 10% hike on thursday.
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>> if you are looking for a job or a better job, san francisco is the place to be right now. a job fair cosponsored by abc7 begins in less than an hour and terry mcsweeney joins us live on market street. how many jobs are available? >> we're talking about 250 jobs and that is not the only good news. i am told the people that are going to be down here offering the jobs are very eager to fill the positions. opportunity down here on market straight. take a look at the companies just setting up inside. it goes from noon until 4:00 down on market street at eighth. bus drivers, payroll coordinators, data entry clerks, housing counselors. take a look at the map, unemployment statistics, marin and san mateo counties doing the best, highest unemployment from
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solano and contra costa counties. they say unemployment is dropping almost everywhere in the bay area that despite no job growth since april of last year and that there are discouraged workers that are not entering the labor force or people are going someplace else to find a job. joining me is the job fair coordinator. kathy, what can you tell someone who is coming down today they may get ahead of the competition. what do they need to do. >> please bring your resume. when you go to a booth, ask the employer what they are recruiting for. take down the name so can follow up with them later. ask them if they will be involved in the hiring process itself. anything you can find out before you leave. the good news is this year, 2011 of all the job fairs we've been doing, employers have been calling us after and said they
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made hires. one called and said they made 12 hires. please come out if you need a job. we have great variety of openings and technology position finance positions. >> thank you very much. good luck with the job fair. it's down here from noon until 4:00 right at eighth and market streets. two top republicans in congress say if a deal on the debt ceiling cannot be reached they are going to blame it on president obama. mitch mcconnell took the rhetoric to a new level say if a solution is unattainable as long as president obama is president. boehner says he will be responsible if it's not done. >> it's his problem and he needs to put his hand on the table.
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>> republicans insist they will not agree to any revenue increases. the administration says the republican plan to make seniors pay for more medicare without making wealthy americans higher taxes is unacceptable. >> it is unfair and untenable to ask middle-class americans to bear all of the burden. geithner says he is confident a deal will get done before august 2nd. hamid karzai says today reflects the suffering of all afghan people. his brother was shot by a bodyguard at his home. he was known as most powerful politician in southern afghanistan. he was also facing several corruption accusations. taliban has claimed responsibility for the assassination. officials have raised concern that it will lead to new fights who controls afghanistan's
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southern province. board of supervisors will vote today on a proposal to ask 12 other california bodies if they want to break away from california and form their own state. it calls for creating south california stretching from san diego and orange county into the south to mariposa county and riverside county supervisor jeff stone believes california has become too big to govern. a spokesman for the governor says it's a waste of everybody's time. >> peace and quiet, popular hotel chain unveils the first anti-snoring room. >> and first and last shuttle spacewalk is happening right now. >> and firefighters in one bay area station didn't have to go very far to respond to an overnight crash. what police say led to a crash
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right outside the firefighters'
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld you're looking live picture from nasa tv. its spacewalk, the final spacewalk of the space shuttle era. two astronauts and nasa tweeted four minutes ago what they are doing is fixing a ground wire. the walk is expected to end in
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about six hours. normally it would be shuttle astronauts but instead it's two space station residents. atlantis as a four man crew, smallest crew and they didn't have time to train for the walk. they are retrieving a pump and installing a robot experiment. the final mission of atlantis has been extended by a day and is expected to return july 21. a private funeral is just getting under way in southern california to tribute betty ford. michelle obama and hillary clinton and nancy reagan and george w. bush will be the dignitaries there later today. she died of natural causes last friday at the age of 93. she planned the ceremony before she died and she said for the
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people on the eulogy of a focus on on on alcohol abuse treatment. a suv plowed right into the fire station door on de anza boulevard. they believe the woman behind the wheel may have been driving under the influence. she went to the hospital with non life-threatening injuries. no firefighters were injured but the door needs some major repairs. >> oops. >> mike nicco with more on our summer weather. >> january in july, 22 states east of us under heat advisories. look what it is doing in sfo, nearly two hour flight delays. check out flight tracker and
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check out the forecast. >> and facebook gets into the fight to stop bullies. >> and white house ceremony to recognize a veteran for his recognize a veteran for his courageous actions in war. empty nest, new kitchen, new us? who are we? chic, modern, daring dinner-party hosts. that sounds dangerous, maybe we're more the tradiotional sunday brunch set? i'll expect slippers and a cocktail to be ready when i get home from work.
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right now president obama is about to award the medal of honor to an army ranger. only the second recipient of the wars in iraq and afghanistan. he was in a raid on taliban compound and we want to show you live pictures of the east room at the white house where the president is about to speak. he is the ninth service member to receive the nation's highest award of valor in the wars in iraq and afghanistan. >> and just before the break, you were talking about how many states in the heat wave?
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>> at least 22 and roads buckle and we understand the water pipes are breaking in oklahoma citi city because the demands for water several mains have broken like this one. 12 inch pipe that burst and look on how the water is shooting up 40 feet in the air. maybe they can charge money and called it old faithful of oklahoma but they definitely need the water to stay cool. it will last throughout the rest of the week and cool weather will last a lot longer, too. once we get the heat out of wear >> live look from mount tamalpais looking down on sausalito, tiburon and belvedere but a nice deck of clouds for the rest of us, covering for downtown san francisco. maybe a little drizzle in those clouds especially along the coast. satellite will show it's clearing out quicker in some areas, especially the north bay, east bay valleys still seeing
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clouds, south bay cleared out right now and still some in the monterey bay. temperatures, even cooler than they were yesterday. san rafael and concord and los gatos. mid to upper 50s. half moon bay, san francisco and oakland and fremont, rest of us in the 50s. 71 in los gatos. gilroy a little more sunshine and 65 right now. it's going to be breezy, clouds, more cooling again today. cloudy and expect more drizzle tonight into tomorrow morning and hint of the warmer weather next week at the end of the forecast. for today, 8 degrees cooler than average but look at only, napa, redwood city, all double-digits from 10-19 degrees cooler than it should be. east bay valleys, right along the san ramon valley, upper 50s and mid to upper 70s, pittsburgh and brentwood. see the clouds hugging down to san leandro and hayward, low to
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mid 50s and we have upper 50s to low 70s because of the extra sunshine in the south bay. peninsula where the clouds are, millbrae down to menlo park and redwood city low to mid-50s for you. mommy to upper 50s around the coast. low 50s in downtown south san francisco. mid-70s as you head northbound through the valleys. clouds around the monterey bay, low to mid-70s, morgan hill and hollister. central valley, sacramento on and chico about 80 degrees. clouds a lot of drizzle and temperatures in the 50s. seven-day forecast, that low pressure that is sitting up around seattle, that moves closer and trace cooler air for wednesday and thursday. it starts to move friday but not until saturday, especially monday temperatures warm back to where they should be. if you would like to support the aid walk with just five days
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away, it's scheduled for sunday in golden gate park, to register call 6125-walk or go on line to you can go online and donate. >> it's very easy to do. >> here is something else, facebook and time warner want to fight bullies. it's going to be featured online tv and radio and several u.s. magazines. they are hoping the popularity to raise awareness about bullying and to encourage more people to report abuses when they see them. facebook has more than 750 million users? >> if you hate your spouse's snoring, they may have the answer. they have unveiled a snore room.
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it has sound proof walls and white noise machine and anti-snoring pillow and even a bet rest that keeps the snorer that reduces the likelihood for snoring. it was tested in nine crown plaza hotels in europe. when will it come to the u.s.? officials are thinking about it. >> a lot people would like to have that. >> we have had much more for you harry potter one last time. we'll be right back.
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today at 4:00 and 5:00, beauty queen that is competing
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in a pageant and inspiring weight loss story. also san francisco supervisors weigh in on what they are doing to help to a local college kid that was hauled off to job. >> the most popular movie franchise. >> harry potter is not going away. there. harry potter and deadly hallow ii is the first 3-d film in the franchise. >> we're watching him grow up. >> mike will be right there. >> friday afternoon8x8x8x8x8x8xx
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