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tv   America This Morning  ABC  July 14, 2011 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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making news this morning, tense times at the white house. >> deficit talks break down. the president and republicans at odds with no deal in sight. and now with the country's support for michele line. bachmann. the new poll showing her more popular than sarah palin who mamas a new announcement about her future. and even a former pock chief isn't free from an airport patdown. free good morning. call it whiplash at the white house. just days ago a deficit deal was said to be near,but late last night the biggest breakdown in the talks so far. >> indeed, a frustrated president obama abruptly ended the meeting saying this may bring my presidency down, but i
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will not yieie. >> now, the pressure to reach a deal is growing and the clock also winds down to the deadline. karen travers has the latest on these tense talks. karen, what is going on? >> reporter: good morning, peggy. good morning, daniel. frustrations are growing here in washington. yesterday president obama said enough is enough. republicans need to compromise or else the government is headed straight for default. in the nation's capital, the temperatures are soaring and tempers are flaring. president obama sits down again today with congressional leaders after yesterday's meet iing that sources from both parties say was the most tense yet. president obama got into a heated exchange over deficit cuts with house minority leader eric cantor. cantor again suggested a short-term increase to the nation's credit rating to avoid a default. a frustrated president obama issued a veto threat. don't call my bluff, he said, and walked out of the meeting. senate mortgage leader mitch mcconnell issued his own warning to republicans.
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failure to raise the debt ceiling could be a political disaster. >> i refuse to help barack obama get re-elected by marching republicans into a position where we have co-ownership of a bad economy. >> reporter: the contentious stalemate is already having serious implications. moody's credit agency said yesterday it's considering a possible downgrade to the nation's credit rating. >> i think it's fairly safe to say that the stock market would get hit. the bond market would get hit. the economy would get hit. >> reporter: paul rollins and jan marie are retirees in north carolina. living off their 401(k) fund and worrying i iwould take a second hit in four years. >> if we got hit the same way before, we would lose our house and we would be looking for a rental apartment in very short order. >> reporter: the president told congressional leaders they have until friday to decide whether a deal on deficit cuts is possible or whether it's time to focus on simply avoiding a default.t. peggy and daniel. >> all right.
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karen travers, thank you so much. new numbers this morning showing that republican michele bachmann is seeing a surge in support for her presidential run. in a new poll she is now a strong second to front-runner mitt romney. bachmann with 14% support up from 6% last month. still not yet in the race sarah palin. she has 12%. and it's still a question whether palin will actually run for presididt. she now says that she'll announce later this month or early next month what her plans will be. palin says there is no republican candidate at the moment that she can support. investigators in india say they're looking into every possible hostile group t tfind out who is responsible for the terrorist massacre in mumbai. three coordinated bombs exploded in the city's financial district at the peak of the evening rush. witnesses describe seeing people covered in blood frantically at least 17 people are dead. dozens more are injured. shock and grief are rippling through a tight-knit brooklyn new york community after the horrific murder of an 8-year-old boy. thousands of mourners turned out
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last night for his funeral after his dismembered remains were found earlier in the day. wabc jeff pegues has the very latest on the investigation and also the suspect who has confessed to the killing. >> reporter: as investigators press the suspect for answers, a law enforcement source characterizes levy aron's demeaner through it all as cold and showing a lack of emotion despite being arrested and now charged with the gruesome murder of 8-year-old leiby kletzky. right now investigators are building their case against him dressed in head to toe in hazardous material suits. among the items removed from the home, a section of a refrigerator perhaps one of the most important pieces of evidence. police say aron led them to what was inside. >> when detectives asked where the boy was, aron nodded toward the kitchen where detectives observed blood on the freezer handle of the refrigerator. some of the remains were in the freezer. >> r rorter: police also found body parts in a suitcase that was pulled from a dumpster.
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it is a nightmare ending to a 36-hour search for the missing little boy. >> has anyone seen a boy? >> reporter: the search began on monday in this jewish orthodox community. leiby was captured on surveillance tape walking to meet his mother. with his parents' blessing he set out alone to day camp. police say he got lost and asked levy aron for help. investigators say he ended up in aron's car and eventually in his home. police say the suspect has confessed to the brutal crime, but that hasn't stopped their investigation. they're looking into whether he could be tied to other missing persons cases. jeff pegues, abc news, new york. a texas mom is in trouble after leading police on a high-speed chase with her two little girls in the car. investigators say that the car hit speeds of more than 100 miles an hour through three counties before her car was disabled. they say the
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mother took the children from their legal guardian without permission. if you think only us little people have to suffer the indignities of airport security checks, take a look at this. the website tmz got a hold of this showing donald rumsfeld getting a full-on patdownt o'hare airport. he cooperated fully with the procedure. everybody's got to do it. >> putting his words in action, i suppose. taking a look at this morning's weather from around the nation, severe storms with a chance of tornadoes from denver to the dakotas and also western minnesota. showers and thunderstorms around the twin cities, des moines and kansas city. much-needed heavy rain from florida up to south carolina and scattered thunderstorms from texas to tennessee. monsoon rains again in the desert southwest and showers in the pacific northwest. >> and that means just 67 in seattle. 88 in salt lake city, triple digits in phoenix and dallas. 80s from kansas city to detroit. atlanta heats up to 96 and miami, 90. well, coming up on this thursday, an exciting new development in the fight against
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aids. and then desperate measures. should severely obese children be taken away from their parents? a new debate raging this morning. and it's not even in theaters yet, but it's already setting some pretty amazing records. muggles, are you ready? ccccccccc
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there is encououging news from the nation's top banker. ben bernanke says that the fed is ready to act if the economy gets weaker, but he told a house committee he does expect the economy to get
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stronger, and no fed moves are imminent. bernanke admits one speed bump for recovery is the housing market still. the foreclosure rate did fall 30% in the first half of the year compared to a year ago, but that's because of delays in processing foreclosures. the backlog pushes more sales of these discounted properties into next year keeping prices low and further delaying a housing recovery. most overseas markets slipped on thehe moody's threato downgrade the u.s. credit rating. tokyo's nikkei average lost 27 points today. hong kong's hang seng fell more than 100 points. in london the ftse opened higher. on wall street the dow gained 45 points yesterday. the nasdaq index was up 15 points. well, rupert murdoch isn't going to buy britain's sky tv network. lawmakers of allmajorbritain's r parties demanded he withdraw the bid as anger increases over employees of his newspapers hacked into voice mailboxes of the royal, even a a dnapped girl. there is a report the paper
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tried to hack into the voice mail of 9/11 victims in this country. members of congress are calling for investigation. well, sometimes if you want a job done right, you just have to get in there and do it yourself, and that may be why oprah winfrey has named herself chief executive and also chief creative officer of her cable network now that her own tv show has ended. ratings of the oprah winfrey network or own, have so far been pretty lackluster. the final harry potter doesn't open till midnight but has already sold $32 million in tickets. could mean one of the biggest openings ever. "deathly hallows: part 2" will be costs more for tickets. >> they're giving away special harry potter 3-d glasses. next on this thursday, the surge of pride for the women of the u.s. world cup team. now just one win away from another title. >> this is incredible. we'd love to see them take it all. also, the stars were out for
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putting distance between you and your depression, ask your doctor about adding seroquel xr. if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. well, you could say the minnesota vikings have gotten back their home field advantage. this time lapse video shows the inflation of the metrodome's new roof, which actually took about 45 minutes to go up. it's designed to better withstand storms like the blizzard that dumped 17 inches of snow and destroyed the old roof back in december. >> yeah, we did have a lot of know this year. that is for sure. on the roads let's take a look at your morning road conditions. we do have flooding on i-90 and 94 from minnesota to the dakotas. also on i-25 from cheyenne to albuquerque. wet on i-70 from denver to utah and on i-5 in the pacific northwest. rain drenches i-10 and 20 from houston totohreveport. and from miami to the carolinas. if you're taking to the skies airport delays are possible in atlanta, new orleans, denver and minneapolis.
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health officials in massachusetts have voted to drastically limit the kinds of food that kids can buy while they're at school. they're getting rid of sugary drinks and also food made with artificial sweeteners among other changes. >> exactly. it's all in an effort to battle childhood obesity and then there are two highly respected doctors that suggested obese kids be put in foster care. here's dan harris. >> reporter: harvard's dr. david ludwig, one of america's premiere childadd obesity experts, says in in a prestigious medical journal some carefully selected situations some of the 2 million extremely obese children should be taken from their parents. >> taking a child away from their parents is a drastic action, but when we have a 400-pound child with life-threatening complications, there may y t be any great choices. >> reporter: abc news heard from two dozezeexperts, and all but three of them disagreed
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including art kaplan. if you were a child who was morbidly obese and there was a risk that your life would be drastically shortened wouldn't you want someone to come and save you and rescue you? >> can't you get someone in this house and make this a safe place for me. can't you help my parents? >> reporter: in fact, that's what dr. ludwig proposes, before removing an obese child from his or her home, state officials would provide the parents with counseling and education. >> the state has no incentive to take a child away from their parents unnecessarily. >> reporter: but he cannot guarantee they won't, nor can he guarantee that a child sent into foster care will actually improve. when anna marie regino was taken from her parents in albuquerque, new mexico, she didn't improve at all. she was later returned to her parents and diagnosed with a genetic predisposition. >> it did more damage to my daughter. if they really did care about that child, they would take more effort to stay with the family.
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>eporter: dr. ludwig admits foster care is not a perfect option but he says one option we certainly do not have is inaction. dan harris, abc news, new york. researchers say they've reached a milestone in the battle against aids in africa. truvada, a drug already shown to help gay men also works for heterosexual men and women. the hiv toll in africa is staggering. more than 6 million people are already taking aids drugs, but 9 million more are on the waiting list. a legal loophole that is allowing an admitted child molester to watch child porn in jail has washington state authorities outraged. because weldon gilbert is acting as his own lawyer he is entitled to review the evidence, and that evidence includes more than 100 videos seized from his home showing gilbert's own acts of abuse. a man of accused of stalking halle berry remains in jail on $150,000 bail. richard franco pleaded not guilty to stalking but he was
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ordeded to stay at least 500 yards away from the oscar-winning star. franco was arrested on monday after allegedly showing up at her home three days in a row. in one instance berry said he was standing right outside her glass door. time for sports and a victory for the u.s. women's soccer team at the world cup. here's ducis rodgers. good morning, i'm ducis rodgers. team usa will play in sunday's final at the women's world cup. let's show you how the americans got there. taking on france, the u.s. 11-0-1 all time entering the match. ninth minute, no score. heather o'reilly with a cross to lauren cheney. what a nice pass and what a nice touch, usa up, 1-0. 33rd minute, france with a free kick. sonia bompastor hits the crossbar. oh, so close. it remains 1-0 at the half. we go to the second half.
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55th minute, bompastor crosses it in. the ball winds up in the net. take another look. hope solo gets caught out of position. game tied at 1. 66th minute, solo misplays the ball right to eugenie le sommer but her shot goes wide. the americans dodge another bullet. 79th minute, set piece for the americans, abby wambach, does it again with the head. usa a , 2-1. wambach ties the usa record for world cup goals with 12. 82nd minute, usa on the break. alex morgan chips it over the keeper, and lookie there, the u.s. goes on to win 3-1 to advance to the world cup final where they will face japan. you can watch that match, the world cup final, on espn.
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it comes your way sunday. coverage begins at 2:00 p.m. eastern. you can also watch online at >> well, i know where we'll be watching that game. >> yes, definitely watching that game. can't wait. they're the oscars of the sports world. espn's espywards complete with the red carpet fashion. >> if you can call it that. the espys were held in los angeles, and there is one standout this morning. take a look at this getup. this is san francisco giants star brian wilson best known for his beard. he was sporting the beard. he also rocked this spandex tux. during the preshow he talked about his attire. >> it's a onesie, so it's built-in gloves. they're a little dirty because i've been getting awkward on the carpet and my cougar cane, my plus one. >> he brought a cougar. he also said a onesie a man supplied the socks. >> a step up from a tux t-shirt.
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now a look ahead at the stories we'll be watching. the debt deadline looms and yesterday's meeting ended on a tense note when mr. obama walked out. the city of mumbai, india, is on a high alert after a terrorist massacre. three coordinated bombings tore through the financial district killing at least 17 people. investigators are combing the scenes and examining surveillance tapes for clues. former first lady betty ford is laid to rest today beside her husband at the presidential museum in grand rapids. an air force jet carrying her casket touched down yesterday afternoon. rory mcilroy is on his quest for a second major title as the british open gets under way today. the 22-year-old is favored to win after his u.s. open title on father's day. big day in hollywood, the 2011 primetime emmy nominations being announced in los angeles this morning. tune in to "good morning america" to see who gets the most nods. for everybody else getting ready to shut down one of l.a.'s
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finally, carmageddon. you could say, anticipating the apocalyptic traffic jam that could bring los angeles to a standstill even worse than
4:28 am
normal. >> you don't even need traffic to make it that badn l.a. a key stretch of the heavily traveled 405 is shutting down for road work. that means hundreds of thousands of drivers will be forced on to local streets turnrng them into virtual parking lots. here's abc's abbie boudreau. >> reporter: only in l.a. would a road closure have people talking about the end of the world. >> carmageddon. the 405 will be closed between the 10 and the 101. >> reporter: they're calling it carmageddon. an asphalt apocalypse. >> stay the hell away from the 405. >> reporter: this is the most congested highway for drivers in the country. on a typical weekend, 500,000 cars pack this road. but this weekend for 53 st hours, a 10n-mile stretch of it ill be closed. >> it's one of the most special moments in our lives. >> reporter: dalia and moshe didn't know about it when they began planning their wedding more than a year ago. all of their 120 guests are staying in marina del rey where
4:29 am
the couple lives. under normal circumstances the trip to their bel air ceremony would take only 20 minutes. but this weekend, a detour through crowded local streets, they're leaving three hours ahead of time to make sure they'll get there. >> i found out how much of the 405 wawagoing to be closed, and then we started freaking out. >> reporter: just to make sure people don't try to drive, police asked stars with giant twitter accounts to help get the word out. even eric estrada came out of retirement. >> so plan ahead. avoid the area, or just stay home. >> reporter: but dalia and msshe can't stay home. >> all i can do is cross my fingers and hope that everything is going to be okay. >> reporter: hoping for the guess just like everyone else in los angeles. abbie boudreau, abc news, marina del rey, california. >> now to avoid this problem some of the air carriers are stepping in. in fact, jetblue said for 4 bucks t ty would fly you from long beach to burbank which is kind of a short hop. ch or a helicopter service


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