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tv   ABC 7 News at 5PM  ABC  July 25, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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probably accidental, that the gun probably went off after he was shot in the leg by officers. and harding's mother flew in from chick dhik to attend today. >> i'm angry. i'm hurt and i want the truth. i want justice to be dub. >> based on the police department's shifting stories, conflicting statements, allegations and claims and retractions, that the truth seems to be far from at hand. >> police say the ballistics analysis shows the fatal bullet came from a 380 caliber gun not have a 40 caliber side arm police are issued. so far the gun is missing. police say they know who took it z they're looking for it. now, the mother of kenneth harding said that she rejects any notion her son was on the run. she says that he was going to attend college in the fall and
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that he was here in san francisco to promote his music career as a rapper. police did respond to these statements, they did talk to abc 7 news and response, police told us they have been transskpairnt it's police chief's policy to information as quickly as possible to the community. and they say sometimes, that means they make mistakes. they say the balance liftics test is scientific and the medical examiner came out with the findings, not police. >> thank you. this controversy is not dying down. and brian stow wasn't the only one that, is what prosecutors are saying. the suspects accused of his brutal beating appeared in l.a. court today. investigators say the men targeted other giants fans as well. and wayne freedman is here now with that and other developments.
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>> there is a report in "los angeles times" that the suspects bragged about the attack and when prosecutors filed their bail motion it contained another tidbit that one suspect warned witnesses to not provide information about the crime to authorities. the judge would not allow cameras today but that did not stop reporters and artists from getting a good look at the men. they faye charges of assault and battery and causing mayhem. the question, are the charges too light? dean johnson thinks so. >> to me, there should be two additional charges, wuj wun being aggravated mayhem, the other, torture. both charges carry a life sentence. if anyone deserves a life sentence it's people who beat up brian stow. >> by now, most people know the back story. he remains in serious condition at san francisco general hospital with brain injuries. until we spoke with his family today, they did not know that
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the arraignment had been postponed until august 10th. the district attorney's office told us as the investigation continues, there is a possibility of stronger charges. and as for previous reports show's assailants cutoff his ears and tong, those are descriptions following a legal complaint describing mayhem. >> the d.a.complained in terms of the statutory language. that doesn't mean the d.a.thinks that all of those things happened oo. and there was one other bit of late news out of los angeles today nchl a press conference, lapd said that on opening night in los angeles, brian stow may not have been the only giants fan to suffer at the hands of those suspects. >> we believe these two individuals may have assaulted other people at the stadium. so we're hoping anyone who has videotape or anyone with information about that, spishlsly anyone in giants attire, please contact us.
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>> you might wonder hout lapd found the suspects. the "los angeles times" reports doreen sanchez implicated both her brother and also marvin norwood. she was tlrk they say and was arrested last week, then questioned and released. she has not been charged. she's likely to receive immune any return for her testimony. >> and wayne, thank you. and more police will be out on the streets of east palo alto part of a crack down against a surge of violent crime there. the police chief said he's canceling some vacation days and increasing patrols after four people were killed in the past two weeks. police are looking for three men, possibly connected with two murders. a 19-year-old and 24-year-old. a third suspect is already in jail. the trio is accused of violent crime sprees from east palo alto to colorado. tips from the community led police to these guys.
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>> now, this counsel... nor the police department, nor the community itself will allow these shootings to continue unanswered. >> police say the men may be linked to the most recent murder in east palo alto that happened last night. one person died during a double shooting. m 8áné)n÷ and se admitted carrying out the deadly rampage. but pleaded not guilty during his first court appearance. he yernted a plea saying he did it to save europe from muslim immigration. the 32-year-old told a judge he expects to he spend his flif prison and claims there are two more cells working with him. and today, his father saying he's ashamed and disgusted by his son's acts. he receivered all contact with his son, 16 years ago. meantime, norwegians observed a moment of silence nationwide for the 76 victims.
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police have down graded the death toll from 93, lowering the number pechl killed at the yuchblg camp from 86 to 68. >> and a bay area teenager is recovering from a bear attack tonight. he was mauled during a trip to alaska. laura anthony reports on the attack and program that took him to the ream yont yoet wilderness. >> a lot of hugs and kiss autos she is cooking for her grandson victor martin. the 18-year-old sur prifed a bear attack in alaska. >> you talked to him today? >> yes. >> what did he say? >> he's ready to come home. he was having pain in his legs. >> martin and six others were attacked by a grizzly with her cubs. the seven were in the third week of a 30 day wilderness survival course offered by a wyoming based national outdoor leadership school. >> he helped himself and came
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back for other children. >> he attends richmond leadership school. he was chosen to receive a $4,000 scholarship for the program. >> we had three students participate the year before and came back as leaders on campus. i think it's incredible opportunity for them. >> 11 hours per day, uphill. >> martin's 15-year-old cousin left after six days. >> it seemed cool to go camping but after a while sleeping intents and eating outside, having to do everything outside. i don't like it no more. >> despite what happened to victor, fellow campers on the trip, the principal here at the richmond leadership school says she's a strong supporter of the wilderness program. >> would you hesitate to recommend knit future? >> not at all. >> a spokesperson told abc 7 there will be a thorough review of the alaska insy dwent a goal of managing risk,
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while still achieving educational aids of the program. >> and president obama will address the nation in less than an hour, at 6:00 tonight on the debt reduction talks. congressional leaders unveiled new reduction plans. the senate majority leader's plan would cut the deficit by $2.7 trillion extending the borrowing authority throughout next year. house speaker john boehner is offering a short term plan cutting $1 trillion in spending. >> we believe that it's a responsible plan meeting our obligations to american people and preserves full faith and credit of the united states government. >> this satisfies democrat core principal business protecting medicare and social security and a long term extension of the debt ceiling that the markets are looking for. >> president obama addressed the debt issue in a speech
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before a latino rights group, insisting on a balance add approach, one where wealthyest americans may what he calls their fair share. president obama will address the nation at 6:00 p.m. tonight. we're going bring you that live right here on abc 7. >> construction of a new air traffic control tower at oakland international airport is on toeld hold tonight due to congress's failure to fund the faa. the last funding bill expeerd -- ism pired on midnight, friday, resulting in a partial shut down, now, construction projects at 19 airports including a $31 million project in oakland are in jeopardy. transportation secretary ray lahood says he's depanding action from congress. >> thousands of construction workers around the country and hundreds of construction workers in california that have lost their jobs because congress has not taken action.
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>> air traffic controllers are still on the job, but thousands of other faa employees are furloughed. also means several federal taxes have expire bud a number of air carriers increased fares offsetting any savings for passengers. >> and a lot more to bring you here today at 5:00. coming up ux the governor signs a least controversial california dream act bill saying there is a hint he'll do with a second bill. >> and a win, win on the peninsula. a solution is found to save an old oak tree. >> i'm spencer christian. we have fog at the coast now. but there is a sustained warm up coming our way. details in the accu-weather forecast coming up. >> and there is a study finding the best setting to watch 3 d video if you want to go easy on your eyes. the news continueseseseseseseses
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>> closed captioning brought to
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you by mancini sleepworld. today governor brown signed into law california dream act, that bill makes undocumented students eligible for privately funded scholar shipz if they attend three years of high school in the state. a more controversial version let's students apply for publicly funded scholar shipz is still being debated. earlier the president reaffirmed his support for the federal dream act, giving illegal immigrant status to undocumented students. >> and hope you're ready for football. the nfl is back in business. today nfl players association executive board and player reps from 32 teams approved a new collective bargaining agreement. so this deal ends a lockout impose bid owners more than four months ago. >> everybody works hard. everybody had a passion. everybody believes in this game of fwhoochblt we can do
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to make the game better. >> we're delight there'd san agreement going to serve the nfl. our players and teams and fans for many years still to come. >> and stuck it out to the end, fought our ground. we worked with the owners to get a deal we feel is fair for everybody. >> teams will be able to begin doing business with players tomorrow and many training camps, including raiders opening wednesday. the 49ers start on thursday, we're going to have reaction from local teams tonight at 6:00. >> and yet another solution is on the table to try to save a 300 year old oak tree. the 100 foot tree nicknamed granny is standing in the way of a new water pipeline. according to the san francisco public utilities commission. the utility moved in to cut down the oak. neighbors staged a protest, urge urging other alternatives. so the latest plan is to tunnel under the tree, finding
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someone to maintain both the tree and two acres surrounding it there. is a meeting scheduled to consider the matter. >> and a new study out of uc berkeley uncovers a down side to watching 3 d video found when test subjects watched they reported more eye strain. they also suffered less vision, clarity afterwards when watching two d video. also showing that 3 d video is more comfortable and viewed in movie theaters and uncomfortable in a living room. the research partially funded by samsung. those findings published in journal of vision. >> and it was nice, while it laftd but those falling gas prices are now reversing course. >> seemed inable. >> michael finney is here with that story. >> and i'm glad we got used to combining our trips. we're going to need to do it again. gas prices have been dropping.
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now, that you're taking your trip, they're climbing back up. average price of a gallon of gas jumped from -- jumped by nine cents two weeks, flaigswide now $3.70 per gallon in california. average state wide is $3.78. lowest price is 3.69s ndz fresno. bay area, highest price. $3.83 per gallon. a survey says consumers feel insecure about finances yet half are still not budgeting. the poll found 42% of the consumers admit they do not track monthly spending, more consumers believe they aren't saving enough. >> americans feelings of job security have hit the lowest point in a year. and americans are less comfortable with the amount of money they have in savings today than amount 12 months ago. >> and bank rate says stiblging to a budget will help insure a
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bigger saving as kt. >> if you're looking for a job, you might want to apply where they hire the most. usa today and standard and poor's put together a list with the most workers. here is the list. walmart 2.1 million employees, ibm, 436,000. ups, 400 and mcdonalds is next, then, coming in fifth is target. 355,000 employees. willy hut on, the bank robber said... >> yes. yes. >> i go there where the money is? i don't get a job. >> thanks michael. >> very much. >> sure. >> who do you think east bay top recyclers? three residents compete forward the title this morning. and to win they had to pick through a garbage can and
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select the recycling. >> we have people going out in the street, our crew and randomly selecting carts to identify who is doing a great job. and who is going to come down for a grand prize. >> you see how little garbage you have, it's kind of a reward. you go take a ban can out and there is only one bag, it's great. >> yes. she makes you feel like a slacker here. she's the co-winner, amy lee. she only produces one bag of actual garbage every two weeks. she and livermore's kristin kenzo won $500. congratulations. >> one bag? every two weeks? >> amazing. >> i don't know how. >> and let's talk about weather. hope you had a nice weekend. oo and today we had a mixed bag from weechblgd some locations were warmer today. others were cooler. and it will be in sync soon. there is a live view now from our east bay hills camera looking towards west and interesting view of low clouds
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and fog stacking up at the coast. you can see the top there. there is is a a cooling affect and you can see on our satellite close thup afternoon. clouds were cling together coast. cooler today than yesterday in parts of the south bay around the bay, along the coast and there are sports of the east bai. inland east bay and north bay were warmer today, here is a look. we have readings into 80s over in fairfield and livermore now. mid to upper 70s in parts of the north bai. low 70s into the south bay. and here is the 24 hour change. the negative numbers indicate how much cooler these locations in the south bay and around the bay except redwood city, are than they were at this hour yesterday. and of course, positive numbers in yellow state how much warmer locations are than they were this hour yesterday. so there is low clouds cloudz
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and fog tonight z little change, we can expect warmer weather later in the week and throughout the weekend. overnight tonight, low clouds and fog moving local lynnland we can expect low temperatures into mid-50s, narrow range about 54 and 56 in most locations. water vapor showing a trough in the jet stream. and this lifts out of the area, we'll see a gradual warm up tomorrow, and the next day. a more pronounced warm up. so watch here, 5:00 in the morning, until mid day, we'll see low clouds and in place as way from the coast z mainly 60s around the bay. 70s, 80s inland. high temperatures into mid to upper 70s, 76 in san jose. and palo alto and mountain view, upper 50s to low 60s on the coast. 65 degrees downtown tomorrow.
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and north bay, 81 jant rosa. near east bay, highs into upper 60s to low 70s, low to mid-80s inland. and near monterey bay, highs generally into 60s to about 70 around the bay, and then, we'll see mid-80s inland. here is the accu-weather forecast. by thursday, we'll he highs around 9 owe degrees at warmest, then low to mid-90s inland. highs into low 8 ows during that zpi. mid to upper 60s on the coast. it's going to be an area-wide warm up. and will be sustained for a few day autos thank you. >> okay oo. and never before seen rehearsal footage of michael jackson. why a judge wants to keep that it way, coming up. >> then at 6:00 the real fears of a looming debt deadline among local taxpayers and what happens to you if the government can't pay its bill. r
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you can see
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police say an autopsy on singer amy winehouse was inconclusive. winehouse's parents visited with mourners at a fan made memorial to thank them for their support. a spokesman says the funeral will be held tomorrow for family and close friends. winehouse found dead on saturday inside of her home. she was 27 years old. the five time grammy winner shot to stardom with her album "back to black". she spent years battling drug, alcohol addition as well as an eating disorder. >> and jurors hearing the
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michael jackson manslaughter trial will not see unreleased video from the final concert rehearsals. a judge ruled that video is not a clear indication of jackson's health in weeks before he died. the judge agreed with sony pictures arguing the clips have value and should not be shown without a compelling reason. michael jackson's family announced today that a michael forever tribute concert will be held on october 8th in cardiff, wales. >> coming up, a scoop for a pint for a pint campaign. >> how you can
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new tonight at 6:00 join us for live coverage of the president's address to the nation on america's debt crisis as well as house speaker john boehner's response z football is back. what players think of the developments including why quarterback alex smith asked
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mike shumann when shu broke the news to him z bay area scientists explore a hot spot, how their work could save the world's rain forests. its coming up at 6:00. right now back to dan and carolyn. >> thank you. and donate some blood get a treat. >> yes. even american red krogs needs to hold promotions to drum up bis this summer the agency is offering a free pint of bass kin robbins ice cream for anyone donating a pint of blood. red cross gets 40% of the stock on high school campuses, so the donations dry up during summer. >> the offer runs through the end of august. anyone interested in donating can caught 1-800-red cross or visit red cross blood-org. i've donated and you get a cookie. >> and that is going to do it for us. world news is up next. i'm carolyn tyler. >> i'm dan ashley. for spencer christian and all of us here, we'll see you again at 6:00.


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